Landmark Slavery Lawsuit:14 Nations Suing Britain, France, Others

Landmark Slavery Lawsuit:14 Nations Suing Britain, France, Others

14 Caribbean nations are suing their former colonizers (including Britain, France, and the Netherlands) in a landmark lawsuit demanding reparations for the slavery trade.

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Fourteen Caribbean nations have resolved to sue their former colonizers — Britain, France and the Netherlands — for lingering harms that they attribute to the slave trade.

The AP reports that the leaders of the Caribbean Community, a regional consortium, adopted a 10-point plan that would seek an official apology, a cancelation of debts and assistance for cultural and educational institutions.

The regional consortium has hired British human rights firm Leigh Day to pursue the case. Leigh Day previously secured $21.5 million for Kenyans who were tortured under Britain’s colonial era government.

  • Belizean to the bone

    Hmmm … What do you think, Belize? Are you going to join them or are you waiting for military intervention by the British to help solve the border dispute? Interesting article. A few million dollars versus an intervention to end the border dispute. Sounds like the possibility for negotiations to occur. Instead of money, we can ask that they assist in ending the dispute. Just saying!