Las Vegas Eyewitness, Who Exposed Multiple Shooters, Found Dead

Kymberley Suchomel, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting who claimed there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting, has been found dead.

Kymberley Suchomel, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting who claimed there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting, has been found dead. She was 28.

Suchomel was not injured during the shooting at the Route 91 music festival, and died suddenly in the early hours of Monday at her Apple Valley home, according to her grandmother, Julie Norton, who explained to SeaCoast Online that Kymberley must have died at some point during the four hours she was alone in the house.

Norton found Suchomel just after 8:30 a.m. when she arrived to care for her 3-year-old great-granddaughter. Suchomel’s husband Mike had left for work earlier that morning at 4:30 a.m.

Days after the shooting, Kymberley Suchomel explained to the Victorville Daily Press how she and her friends escaped with their lives as bullets rained down “from all angles” on the 20,000 concertgoers on Oct. 1.

Suchomel was also vocal about the fact there was “more than one gunman” involved in the attack, speaking out repeatedly and claiming that Las Vegas police and mainstream media were not providing the public with a truthful account of what happened.

Every single survivor I have talked to also remembers multiple shooters, and at least one from the ground- why aren’t we being taken more seriously? Tons of things don’t add up,” she wrote on Facebook.

I have been watching the news non-stop since I arrived back home to my family. And it just doesn’t make sense. The story that are feeding everyone doesn’t add up to our eyewitness accounts. There is something wrong with what they are saying & the evidence seems fake if you ask me.”

Explaining that she called her husband and grandmother to warn them she was in a shooting and might not make it out alive, Suchomel wrote, “The gunfire wasn’t stopping this whole time. It wasn’t ceasing. It wasn’t slowing down. And It was directly behind us, following us. Bullets were coming from every direction. Behind us, in front of us, to the side of us.

Local newspaper SeaCoast Online broke the news of Kymberley Suchomel’s sudden death.

But I know, I just know, that there was someone chasing us. The entire time I felt this way. The farther we got from the venue, the closer the gunfire got. I kept looking back expecting to see the gunmen- and I say MEN because there was more than one person. There was more than one gun firing.

“100% more than one.”

Kymberley Suchomel’s grandmother confirmed that she was in good health. Though she suffered from focal epilepsy, it is understood that the condition is rarely life threatening.

The news comes days after a Mandalay Bay valet, who parked Stephen Paddock’s car when he checked in, has mysteriously disappeared after giving an interview to mainstream media in which he insisted the suspected shooter was “a normal guy” and “didn’t have many bags.”

Valet disappeared

Chad Nishimura, a long term employee of Mandalay Bay, gave the interview to Moanike’ala Nabarro, a reporter for Hawaiian ABC affiliate, KITV4 News.

The article has now been deleted from the KITV4 News website after it appeared to go against the official narrative that “lone wolf” gunman Paddock managed to smuggle enough guns for a small army into his hotel suite completely unnoticed by staff or security personnel monitoring the hotel’s CCTV.

KITV4 have so far refused to explain why their article was suddenly scrubbed from their website, or if they were acting under outside orders.

Security guard disappeared

The news of Kymberley Suchomel’s sudden death also comes as Fox News reports that “hero” security guard Jesus Campos “disappeared” minutes before he was due to appear on Sean Hannity’s program as a featured guest.

The network is at a loss to explain Campos’s disappearance. Hannity did not mention Jesus Campos or his no-show during the program, and responded to queries on Twitter about what happened by saying “He cancelled.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    • Kristopher


      • Angie MacGeil

        Listen to the Taxi drivers video. That proves not an echo as far off shooting is a long burst and not a short one. At least 2, if not more. Why are stage crew phones wiped when returned? Why will others get back, wiped phones. Why is the Valet missing who reported he did not have many bags? Witness said she heard many guns, one felt close to her, has died. Another security guard seems to be missing as well. What’s going on?

    • lucy b

      People really died and were really injured …. so it’s not FAKE as you put it .. the “NEWS” and narrative might be fake but not the slaughter .

      • FFSwake up people wake up

        so people died big deal..what useful purpose did they serve?…. they were at a festival worshipping Bacchus…. if they weren’t there they wouldn’t have died.. moral of the story is… Friendship with the world is enmity with God.. don’t go to these events and you wont be as you so eloquently put it… slaughtered …lol

    • Well Done

      This event is “fake” in that there seems to be a constantly changing story, from so-called authorities. Suppressors and echos can be processed electronically. Analyses have already been done that prove at least 2 shooters. See Youtube “Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre”.

  • Jeremy Peace

    Wow, killed because she knew there was more than one shooter, this won’t be on MSM….

    • LA Chefs column

      According to this article, she died in her sleep. Moreover she had epilepsy, prone to seizures and was taking medicine for a pituitary tumor. So the timing of her death may have been noting more than coincidence.rather than some huge conspiracy.

      • Karissa Chris

        Thank you for standing up for my friend. This article is complete bs.

        • Shirley Mcmullan

          I’m so sorry for the losss of your friend. We’re you with her at the concert? Her article she wrote is truly scary as I’m sure it was for all there. We’re there multiple shooters? If there were the families of the victims deserve to know the truth.

          • Karissa Chris

            I was not at the concert but according to every story I’ve read from people whom were present, they claim multiple shooters. But my guess is this is from bullets bouncing off of objects and flying in all directions. Kym was not the only witness to go public with their story.

          • Shirley Mcmullan

            Tysm for getting back to me. There is more to this than they are telling us. I know, Kym was not alone with her horrifying report. Do you know any of her 4 friends who were with her? I have seen other videos and eye witnesses the same as you. I Understand what you are saying with all the horror it would be surreal.I have a hard time believing Paddock did this all by himself. as many of us do. Way too many conflicting Timelines. 3 so far.. I’m not a conspiracy theory nut but there are too many conflicting stories. May Kym R.I.P. I am truly sorry she is gone.

      • White Lightning

        Exactly but truth does not make for good news stories. Karissa so sorry for the loss of your friend.

      • Kris Lemaire-Hancock

        I agree and would bet that an autopsy will detect that she a seizure in her sleep! Nothing here folks, the echo due to all the tall hotels would give the impression of my than one shooter!!

      • ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

        Seizures / heart attacks can be caused

  • The Bibitor

    “Kymberley had epilepsy and she’s always been prone to seizures — she
    told her friend that she recently had three focal seizures,” Norton told
    the Daily Press. “I believe the stress from the shooting took her

    Julie Norton was her grandmother….correlation is not causation.

    • Lynn Hawkins

      I work for a school district with special education children and one child has focal epilepsy. This is not like the epliepsy that you are familiar with and is not life threatening! They need to do an autopsy on her and find out what caused her death.

      • Steven RG

        They will say she had a hear attack in her sleep and you will never know the details of the death nor will the public and if an autopsy is done rest assure it will be clean or a Dr. Will turn up dead.

        • Ashley Szalanski

          The family could hire someone to do an autopsy then release the results. After they change their name and move to another country, that is

          • nothingtoseeherefolks

            ok so you want them to kill her whole family…. what a stupid thing you are saying.. stupid human you.. as if they cant track them to another country…. ffs..

      • Dutch girl
        • Steph

          Scary! A CIA poison DART GUN that leaves no trace and mimics a heart attack.

          • DMCRN

            Shades of Scalia!

        • DMCRN


    • Steven RG

      Oh yeah than explain this? Why is her facebook post that was public detailing her ordeal suddenly being pulled. As of a few minutes ago?
      If it was a seizure or a non suspicious death why wasn’t her facebook left the fuck alone wouldnt her family have wanted her story known and shared??????

      • R W Lincoln

        That is the most convincing evidence of this whole story.

      • Shirley Mcmullan

        You would think so. But we don’t know them and how they feel

    • Betty Clift

      epilepsy …and seizures DOES not kill you….I should know I have this disorder. Unless you pass out and hit your head you cannot died from it! LEARN THE FACTS1

      • Ted Skibinski

        Research / It can and does kill some people .

    • DMCRN

      “Focal Seizures” doesn’t leave bullets behind…

  • kerkoff
    • Betty Clift

      You forgot HILLARY!

      • Madonna

        she works from home on a private server: no proof that she had anything to do with this or any other project.

  • Kristopher

    It was all fake, aaaaa FALSE FLAG. Look at the footage, fake, no screaming, Dr.’s have commented…obvious fake event. A gunshot injured patient does not behave like these “survivors,”

    • Steven RG

      I saw the dead. There was plenty of screaming in many of those videos you need to watch a few more. Also there are videos of Drs talking explaining the head wound injuries. So you need to tone it down with that kind of statement. Shit happened.

      • Nicholas Anderson

        Shut up Shill!!!

  • Leigh Foster McElroy

    Sounds like death by Hillary!!! WTF????

    • Betty Clift

      I said the same thing, McElroy!

  • Nicholas Anderson

    Let’s stop with the BS right now..crisis actors!!! There was no stephen paddock! Just like there weren’t any real bullets, or real injuries/deaths. The world is a stage, and the war for your mind is being waged through deception. This website, which I used to follow, has become just another gatekeeper of the truth, much like the disinformation on InfoWars, Rense, Activistpost, etc. This site always uses divide/conquer tactics, sensational and highly questionable stories, as well as deception to keep you, the “sheeple,” confused. Is it working? ARE YOU CONFUSED YET? Was it ISIS? Was it Antifa? Was it one shooter? Two shooters? (Hint: no shooters) Did the shooter use the secret Mandalay elevator?

    Some final thoughts on this crisis actor, 100% HOAX shooting:

    Route 9 1 on 10/1 = 9/11/01

    Did you see the black tetrahedron? (You know, that pyramid – the symbol for the elite, who control you?)

    A “paddock” literally means an ‘enclosure for animals’… think about it (cough cough, sheep!)

    Vegas hospital video shows crisis actors and NO BLOOD! (even a damn vampire would know it’s fake!!), and the live link video, which is supposed to be graphic, is absolutely laughable. (haha, oh to be a sheep!)

    It doesn’t take many sheep dogs to control an entire countryside of sheep


    This is subversion. Wake up! TIME FOR A PEACEFUL REVOLUTION!!!

    • Steven RG

      Actually buddy you are wrong there is a video that is far too graphic for the public I wouldn’t go searching for it and I wont put where I found it to save people what I saw but trust me there were indeed people shot and dead. Those 58 people definitely died man.
      What is sticking out now is the ties Jason Aldean seems to display.

      • Nicholas Anderson

        Shut up SHILL! You’re a disgrace to my fellow Americans

        • Julie Ottaway

          and you are quite insane. I had a friend that was there bozo, so maybe you are the disgrace.

        • amewhoricathecharade

          amewhoricans are a disgrace full stop… amewhorica is a total disgrace… what a disgusting country.. what a charade…. what a joke…

  • Iris J. McCallister

    Just like witnesses against Hillary

    • rocquedog

      The Clinton Crime Machine is behind this. It is a distraction to take the focus off of them and their foundation’s criminal actions. “Watch the other hand”.

  • Nikki6

    It says found dead, not found murdered. Come on people.

    • screamingmimi

      doesn’t mean it isn’t suspicious, esp. in light of the fact she was there, was running/being shot at, so was a witness to what what going on. There are ways of making deaths look “normal.” I’m not saying that what happened, but the more levels and layers that seem to come out about this event, the less inclined I am to believe anything that appears too “normal.”

      • JM55

        It is never normal for a 28 year old to suddenly die. Seizure activity rarely results in death. Something else happened to that young woman.

    • Steven RG

      You don’t find it at all suspicious that the survivors that were key eyewitnesses stating contrary to the official story are suddenly involved in a murder suicide and now dying in their sleep? Yeah I can hear you bahhing all the way over here. They are tying up lose ends. That is what operations like this do. Im sure when Rocky Palermo turns up dead from complications of his injuries to the hip…Everyone will ingnore that too…Its just a great big fucking coincidence that all the KEY EYEWITNESSES just suddenly decide after surviving a terrifying ordeal to just off and die. You would have to be an idiot to not see the connection here and the pattern which will continue quietly and not be publicized trust me.

      • Nicholas Anderson

        Shut up Shill… IT WAS ALL FAKE! Quit lying to my brothers and sisters!

        • Steven RG

          You know what.. I’m going to let you in on something. All you who claim no one died. Go to best gore type in Las Vegas shooting. Live with the memories of what you see and you’ll regret ever saying no one died. When you watch come back otherwise be silent and do not ever call me a liar.

    • Angie MacGeil

      Hillary style suicide?

  • KrimeKat

    wow this is . . . Wow

  • Smith Jones
  • DatBus

    If we don’t clean our our law enforcement institutions REALLY soon, we will lose our nation forever. I can’t believe we let it get this bad.

    • itswellandtrulyover

      wake up wanker….. its over.. amewhorica is fucked.. its over.. get used to it… it cant be repaired.. its over.. well and truly.. lol.. you dope

      • Todd Holmes

        Fuck you you prick. America is getting stronger by the day. What piece of shitt country do you live in?If your near the USA and specifically AZ I’ll meet you and show you how strong..beat you and your goat-loving ass within a inch of your life

        • supergun

          The “living dead” extreme iiberals have declared war on America.

          • DatBus

            And they want you to believe that they’ve won. But they haven’t. And they won’t.

          • supergun

            Excellent comment. America will always be a great place to live. Many people want to come here to live. We will always allow people to live amongst us who have different opinions,,,as long as they don’t infringe on us.

        • John Forrester

          You couldn’t knock a w an k out you fat waste of skin.

          • Todd Holmes

            From your absurd use of the English language, I see your a POS limey from across the “pond” All you little pond scum brain can process is “wankin” your little puds thru a magnifying glass. Your social governed country has a given the muslimes the opportunity to nearly overthrow your cities and towns. That will not happen here. We, as Americans keep our firearms ready and able to repel any threat. Foreign or domestic. What is happening here is a trickle down effect from 8 years of a traitor that weaseled his way to our highest office. I have little doubt that this tragedy in Vegas was the work of morons,financed by George Soros, that are intent on cramming socialism down our throats. Not happening! We WILL overcome and rid our country of the vermin that risk the sovereignty of this great nation.

          • Joe Palooka

            Too bad you couldn’t identify the vermin if you tried…here let me help.
            Christopher Bollyn The Dual Deception of 9-11 and the Fraudulent War on Terror

      • psychosally

        look forward to having you in my site pic-be glad to give you another eye in the middle of your forehead so you can see the error in your thinking,lol

      • Mark Gund

        Go fuck yourself, useless fucking punk….

    • DMCRN

      This ISN’T regular Law Enforcement…

      • DatBus

        The FBI and the local Vegas police dept are absolutely “regular law enforcement”.

  • screamingmimi

    EVERYTHING is so strange about this whole event, it’s making my neck hurt from news whiplash.

  • Susan Johnston

    If we all rise up, it’s game over for the evil globalist scum!

    • Ed Sargent

      We better do it soon, we are on a crash course with the FBI leading the way.

    • itswellandtrulyover

      wake up wanker…………………… its over.. amewhorica is fucked.. its over.. get used to it… it cant be repaired.. its over.. well and truly.. lol.. you dope


    Was her face covered by a pillow?

    • Karissa Chris

      Wtf is wrong with you?!

      • SFTOBEY

        Don’t ask stupid questions. If you remember correctly – or at all – THAT was how the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found.

  • A1234567Z

    The schools of the Gangsters have their own Jargon, Cooler move means A sleight of hand technique for exchanging a prestacked deck of cards for the one in play, and cop and blow means the hustlers or their shills to win and loose bets along with the marks to make play look natural.

  • emporium

    even her facebook post is now gone

  • Ira Wtcseventruth Steinhart

    Sandy Hook, Boston, Vegas, many others… all H.S.E.E.P. operations. The question is why, the answer is one word: CONTROL.

  • Michael F. Rose

    Well Guys, This all goes back to Hillary. FBI Special Agent Reynolds, you know the one always staring over the Sheriff’s shoulder, he is married to a woman named Megan. She just happens to be John Podesta’s Daughter. You know as in Hillary’s Campaign Chairman and known pedophile. ( See Wikileaks emails)

  • Wallace Jeaneene

    Military Brat Page On Facebook Has The Best Links!

  • Pat Glass

    I wonder where the valet is?

  • kurt blanchard

    Campos has been arrested as one of the other shooters. Video evidence from surveillance cameras caught him.

  • Steph

    OMG, her eyewittness account on her Facebook page is deleted…total dissapeared. I had posted her link of her eyewitness account of what happened at the concert. Now it’s blanc!!!

  • oilgamer

    totally informed,and efficient clean up campaign

  • Donald Robertson

    Who really owns that hotel? Cair? Or do they only have strong ties with it?

  • LA Chefs column

    According to this article, she died in her sleep. Moreover she had epilepsy, prone to seizures and was taking medicine for a pituitary tumor . So the timing of her death may have been noting more than coincidence.rather than some big conspiracy.

  • Waddymellons

    Fake news! No other news has this story!!!!

  • Angie MacGeil

    Inside job, FBI cover up. The LEFT, hard at work. Something has to be revealed that tells the story. Paddock still has no reason to do this. Was he a patsy? The guy that parked the car said as much. Why the cover up? Why are all the phones being returned are wiped of memory? To many why’s to be a normal mad shooting. Smells of Obama Red Flag events.

  • Karissa Chris

    How dare you exploit the death of a young mother! Kymberley had been dealing with epilepsy and some manageable health issues for the last few months. She had a seizure and was found dead according to the reports. As a friend of hers, how dare you. She has a grieving family and 3 year old daughter.

  • David Bybee

    fake site

  • ru
  • john vieira

    Whether or not she died from ‘natural causes’ does NOT detract from her statements…John Q public is being fed a lot of ‘phony baloney’….

  • Mickey Mouse

    Spent brass would be found in the concert area. Also add in the echo effect in the area due to the tall Manalay Bay building. It would be hard to pinpoint the exact area the breaking the sound barrier from a shot round would come from.

  • Truelitistnot

    JFK 26… well whatever number we are on now.

  • Linda Lewis


  • John Radogno

    Kimberley is NOT a witness to multiple shooters. Her description of what she saw and heard is no different than anybody else. Her conclusions are her opinion not fact. How could she possibly know, she had never been in a mass murder shooting before. She never states that she actually saw a second shooter and nobody else has either. Her story itself is proof that people were not having their cell phoned confiscated. There are no cell phone videos showing a second shooter and hundreds of people have their cell phones untouched by authorities. No bullets have been identified have yet to be found to come from other than Paddock’s gun, if some are found to differ, that would be evidence but as of now that has not happened. This hoax is incredibly cruel and disrespectful to the familys of those who lost loved ones and want to know the truth.

  • Lori

    Breitbart Disease.., if you know too much, you suddenly die!

  • ndelco

    Jesus Campos is not a security guard. Not listed on the government charts!…

  • ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    If the valet & security guard have disappeared or are changing their story, THAT is something.