4 Key Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses Are Now Missing Or Dead

Four key Las Vegas shooting witnesses are now missing or dead, raising the question about whether they have been silenced to avoid the truth coming out.

Four key Las Vegas shooting witnesses are now missing or dead, and they all have one thing in common – their version of events contradicts the official narrative.

Are they being silenced to stop the truth coming out?

Kymberley Suchomel, one of the key witnesses to the devastating Las Vegas shooting attack which left fifty-eight people dead and more than five hundred wounded, has been found dead in her home at the age of 28. The cause of her death has yet to be confirmed.

Kymberley Suchomel was one of the lucky attendees at the Route 91 music festival in Las Vegas who managed to escape the hail of bullets without being injured. Shortly after fleeing the scene with friends, she made a statement to mainstream media claiming that there were “multiple gunmen” firing weapons into the crowd and that she was chased by one such man.

When she was questioned on the veracity of her story, given the official story that there was only one gunman, she said that she was more than “100% sure” that she was right.


Kymberley gave a very detailed account of what she had seen in the days following the horrific event in which she questioned the official narrative being pushed relentlessly by the mainstream media, despite the fact it doesn’t make any sense.

Writing on Facebook, Kymberley said that she had been watching the news with her family constantly since she had arrived home. She said the official narrative contained blatant lies, and expressed frustration that mainstream media was silencing the voices of survivors.

More information about Kymberley Suchomel can be found here.


In a disturbing turn of events, it has emerged that Kymberley is not the only key witness to have died since the Las Vegas shooting.

1) John Beilman, who was wanted by federal agents following the discovery of a communications device in the hotel room of the officially identified shooter Stephen Paddock, killed both himself and his disabled daughter in an apparent murder-suicide.

2) Chad Nishimura, a Mandalay Bay valet who parked Paddock’s car when he arrived at the hotel, has also disappeared without trace after giving a statement to a Hawaiian mainstream news network, KITV4, about his brush with the killer. Nishimura directly contradicted the official narrative by claiming that Paddock arrived at the hotel with “not many bags” – certainly nowhere near enough to hold the amount of weapons and ammunition that was found in Paddock’s hotel suite.

3) It has also been revealed that “hero” security guard Jesus Campos has also gone missing. Fifteen minutes before his scheduled appearance on Fox News – his first media interview since the shooting – Campos supposedly ran away, and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

It has also been revealed that photos featuring Campos, published in mainstream media, are not real. After putting the photographs through forensic testing at FotoForensics.com, it is clear these photographs have been photoshopped, raising the question of whether “Jesus Campos, hero security guard” really exists.

Whether this series of disturbing deaths and disappearances are purely coincidental or whether there is something deeply sinister afoot has yet to be determined, but the response by law enforcement and mainstream media – in particular their refusal to address the questions that the informed public want answered – is leading many to arrive at the same conclusion.

There is a major cover up afoot.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • clarioncaller

    The FBI still are not able to take custody of Scott Edmisten, arrested in Tennessee by the State Police and found to have multiple weapons and ammo just like Paddock. Tennessee will not hand him over, and he’s singing like Ethel Merman.

    • mariner

      If he doesn’t sing the party song we’ll never find out what he sang.

    • Rhonda Parker

      Interesting – considering that receipts have now been pulled that show that Paddock reserved rooms over other venues like Lalapalooza, but bought a car for gf in Reno at same time SOMEONE checked in to room he reserved in Chicago.

      • Vox Populi

        Here is a clue: What country steals passports & ID’s from citizens of other countries and uses them for their assasins and secret agents to use? Which intelligence agency had a body double pretending to be Stephen Paddock? The same country that had a boy double for Mohammad Atta.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Bill and Hillary’s assassin’s are good at covering up their false flags.

  • Vox Populi

    What organization gives out awards to celebrate an individual, involved in a mass murder just 10 days after it happens, while the police are still piecing the details together? I say its scripted as part of the deception’

    • Cheryl Ling

      http://yournewswire.com/mandalay-bay-ceo-terror/ Baxter had done his research, while Soros, Murren made kzillions, Harvey Weinstein took a fall cuz his script failed, yikes. bad guy, Patsy,Paddock,vs good guy Jesus, the name of Savior, they, the deep state has declared war.
      killing more people in Sonoma County,Orange County, setting more than 14 fires, while Jerry Brown laughing to the bank, bilking taxpayers, Federal money 36 BILLION bloody dollars

  • Mike Smith

    WHY is this starting to smell like Smellary KILLinton?

    • Jeanette Eaton

      I thought the same thing ! I don’t know if she is involved in any way but things seem to be happening here just exactly like it h as done with the Clintons. At any rate, we all know that something is terribly wrong here and I don’t understand just how it is that they think that they can fool all of the people all of the time., I am not a gun expert or and expert at anything. really, and I am a 70 year old deaf grandma. But , I am not a stupid grandma and something stinks to high heaven here. And it really wouldn’t surprise me if Hilary did have her hand in this . In all probability , she didn’t, but it would not surprise me if she did . I am so glad that I am who I am and where I am …a little nobody that has not seen, heard , or been around anyone or anything that is incriminating because I would be afraid…..VERY AFRAID !

  • Jeremy Peace

    Hey where is the Mandalay security camera footage? They would show footage of any other crime?

  • Axiom Seer

    no one takes this disinfo site seriously

    • Mark Gerber

      Are you that naive, seriously? This country is in a world of hurt if they trust the government like you do and believe that main stream media should be taken seriously.

    • Chris King

      go back to politico and snopes… ya know, those “serious” sites you leftists enjoy.

    • Scott D

      You must work for the FBI or CIA

  • lynngirl42

    almost from the beginning, I smelled a rat… There are just too many inconsistancies in this story.

  • Alicia Osmera

    I don’t think we will ever know the truth.
    I feel the government (CIA and FBI) had something already going down and this is the perfect cover up for them to continue with whatever they were hiding in the hotel.

  • Liz14

    Thanks YourNewsWire for running this. I couldn’t remember the father and daughter’s names.
    Something really stinks! And all the other sites are running Weinstein.

  • Iatemine

    Missing witnesses = Government Conspiracy!

  • John Goad

    There is no conspiracy. The fact is that in the mayhem people reported hearing gunfire from different areas because the noise of gunfire was bouncing off buildings (can you say echo). While I was not at the concert myself, I do know a number of people that were at the concert, police officers and EMS people that were on the scene and all of them state that there were not multiple shooters.

    As far as the shooter “not having many bags” or questions as to how he got so many bags of guns up to the room? This is Vegas, we have tons of conventions that take place here all year long. People bring loads of bags to their rooms constantly, so a man bringing a bunch of bags to his room would not raise any eyebrows.

    While it is true that many things are covered up in Vegas to protect tourism (such as how many people commit suicide here as well as after a Mike Tyson fight, many years ago, shots were fired in the MGM Hotel. Employees were instructed that what they heard was Champagne corks, and if they told anyone otherwise they would be fired) there is no conspiracy here.

    Anyone can go on the Internet and state that these people have mysteriously died since. However has anyone checked out these claims, or do you just believe it because someone says so. Do some fact checking people, for example…check on the supposed “missing valet” guy, it’s total BS and has been debunked. Hitler told people that Jews were the cause of Germany’s problems…many people just believed it. Jim Jones told people they needed to drink the Kool-Aid and they believed it. Wake up America and do some research, don’t just believe everything you read or are told.