Las Vegas: Video Footage Confirms Multiple Shooters, Co-ordinated Attack

The mainstream media narrative about the Las Vegas shooting has been debunked by two explosive videos provided to Your News Wire that confirms there were multiple shooters involved in a co-ordinated attack.

The mainstream media narrative about the Las Vegas shooting has been debunked by two explosive videos provided to Your News Wire that confirm there were multiple shooters involved in a co-ordinated attack.

Both videos show gunfire originating from the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, much lower than the 32nd floor, where the mainstream media is claiming Stephen Paddock, a “lone wolf”, fired on the crowd using an automatic weapon.


You can clearly see shots being fired from the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay. #LasVegasShooting

Posted by The People's Voice on Monday, October 2, 2017

The mainstream media narrative regarding Paddock’s motives have also been debunked by FBI sources who reportedly claimed the shooter has links to Antifa as well as ISIS. But mainstream media is actively covering up the information, claiming Paddock had “no political or religious affiliations or interests.”

The fact is the Las Vegas shooting was clearly an co-ordinated false flag attack, orchestrated by Paddock as well as at least one other as yet unidentified gunman operating from the fourth floor of the hotel. The mass shooting and scores of dead will be used by the elite to further their nefarious agenda.

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Anybody who looks into the information available to them on the internet will arrive at the same conclusion. Unfortunately anybody who relies on mainstream media for their information will be force-fed a very different conclusion.


More evidence of a second shooter at the 4th floor window of the Mandalay Bay hotel. #LasVegasShooting

Posted by The People's Voice on Monday, October 2, 2017

The questions must be asked: why is the mainstream media covering for a mass murderer? Why are they attempting to rewrite his past and erase his political affiliations?

The answers are simple. The corporate media, controlled by a small, elite oligarchy, is operating on behalf of the New World Order, attempting to mislead the public into believing their enemies are their friends, and their friends are their enemies.

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It doesn’t suit the mainstream media’s agenda to have an Antifa member responsible for the worst mass shooting in American history. They are actively engaged in covering up this fact up so they can continue pushing the New World Order’s sick and twisted agenda.

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, was an Antifa member who carried out the worst mass shooting in American history in order to create further division in American society, push the country towards civil war, and further the agenda of the elites.

Official Antifa facebook page, Antifa Melbourne, congratulated Stephen Paddock after the bloodiest mass shooting in America’s history, before deleting the post after a torrent of criticism.


There is an active campaign to sow division and create chaos in the United States. Organized groups are working on behalf of global organizations with the most nefarious of goals. We need to wake up and stop believing everything fed to us by the mainstream media. They have proven themselves completely unreliable.

We need to stop hiding from the truth.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Paul Adams

    the end game is to seize guns, restrict gun ownership … ie. repeal 2A, so they can more easily control America

    • Alana Kay

      that is exactly what I thought.

    • J G SR

      you are 100% correct, Paul.

      • RevnantDream

        I figure its more than that. You know the MSM . They play hide the Muslims all the time

        • Shawn Ziegler

          It’s MSN first don’t make yourself sound dumber than you are. They control us already they don’t need your pea shooters you dumb hicks

          • Ted Jilek

            You are wrong, it It’s MSM not MSN. Which is what he was talking about. MSM stands for Main Stream Media. Please next time you want Rio correct someone, make sure you know what you’re talking about. It only makes you look like a “dumb hick”. SMFH

          • Mysteriously62

            Good one! Shawn must be a tree hugger

          • Freedom

            Uh, MSM refers to MAIN STREAM MEDIA. Who’s RIO? Who’s the dumb hick now? Why would you be so hateful ?

          • Big Mike

            I have your Freedom hanging, get on your knees and get to work.

          • Rachel Vaughan

            I love it!! What’s msn?

          • MSG RET JH

            Main Stream News maybe ???

          • Steve

            Demos causing hate because mama clinton lost there still crying a bunch of idiots I was a Democrat till 4 weeks ago no more hell no

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            they’re not there. we speak English in this country and I suggest you learn it

          • David H. Morganthall

            MSN REALLY? Now who’s dumb?

          • Lisa Cotita

            Don’t talk to people that way please.

          • JBartel

            Reading all of the above, you are doing to one another, just what the so called world government wants you to do. Fight with each other over silly things.

          • J.B. Frost

            Silly things? 58 confirmed dead and over 500 injured? Is silly?

          • JBartel

            I was not talking about the deaths. I was calling all the name calling silly things. We need to unite to help one another during this time.

          • MEL

            No, that’s NOT silly …. what’s silly is saying Paddock was a lone wolf gunman when nothing points in that direction (hell …. many aren’t even convinced if Paddock was one of the shooters period). And, if they wanted to prove to the public that he indeed was …. I suppose they would at least try … which they won’t …. they won’t discuss ANY of the discrepancies that are so obvious … they aren’t interviewing any witnesses at length … especially ones willing to tell the truth about multiple shooters.

            [I don’t know what happens to FBI or undercover CIA that die in the line of duty … or those that go into the witness protection plan …. if they have to assume the death of another person?]

            Or, if police and investigators just have it all wrong.

            If they wanted to call him the presumed shooter until the investigation was over that is one thing but, they’ve already got this Paddock guy on Wikipedia …. and listed as the largest mass shooter in US history. One without the investigation complete. And, second without proving he did it much less alone.

          • Big Mike

            You need to hush up. Get on your knees, and get to work. I’ll show you what that mouth is for.

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            you should know. I hear you’re pretty good at giving them mouth jobs especially since you have no teeth. I heard you bend over too

          • Big Mike

            I’ll tell you what Kathryn, once you get a taste of my meat, you’ll be back for more, GUARANTEED! !!!!

          • Shawn Ziegler

            Wow…..there are some fucking idiots here…..have fun together!

          • Manuel Override

            ya, sure enough, arrived the moment u showed up.

          • GregoryRomeu

            They might control you, little puppet!

          • David

            You are an absolute imbicile. Holy fu@k. MSM, means Main Stream Media, you poor dumb ba$tard.

          • Chuck Jansen II

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          • Randy

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          • Bill Martin

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          • Joe Sandy

            Didn’t know a 7.62 and a 556 was a pea shooter. What an idoit!

          • Rachel Vaughan

            Why would you ever feel the need to explain to this twat?!

          • Rachel Vaughan

            Well, you big, bad, giant word throwers must be afraid of us hicks or you wouldn’t be so violent, blocking freedom of speech and trying to end us. All you tests know is mummy and pappys dough. Get a job and join the world. As for “my/msn.” Ha,ha! In case you didn’t know, stupid! The two letters are next to each other.

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            I thought all you know is welfare and bridge cards and having babies you can’t feed or bathe

          • Rachel Vaughan

            Baaaaaaaaaa! Weetaud!!!!
            Oh, I’m sorry! I wasn’t politically correct in calling you a retard!!!

          • justified_injustice

            Actually they do need our “pea shooters” you ignorant sheep. Do some research. They may have the means to wipe us all off the face of the earth with a push of a button but that makes no sense. Why destroy that which you wish to control? To gain control you have to eliminate those who defend against being contolled. How do you do this? Remove their ability to defend themselves. That means your “pea shooters” gotta go. Well those who know better than to trust their safety and well being in the hands of anyone other than themselves. You can choose to be defensless all you want, but when it comes down to it, you will either be another ignorant victim blindly following the flock to slaughter, or one of the pea shooting hicks. I’d rather make a dumb descision on my own than be the fool who follows what others have chosen for me. I’ll keep my pea shooter regardless.

          • Daniel Smith

            City slicker or hick. Have read the Marx Manifesto?

          • meonthissite

            They don’t want to wipe us all out but they do want to control the population, that much is confirmed by the quotes.

          • Shawn Ziegler

            Really and you think your the line huh? If they want you gone you are gone period you are not stopping shit! You buck up they will send 100 after you if that’s not enough 1000. You actually think you are even a fucking speed bump in the road. You can’t defend yourself that’s a fucking illusion they could erase you and your whole stupid city and no one is coming to save you…..You are not doing shit with the weapons they allow you to keep fool!! A well armed force would run you and Mike the fuck over in about 2 seconds. What means could they wipe everyone out with the push of a button……and if they can you can do what? They control, own everything anyway you fool 96 percent of us fight for about 4 percent of the world’s wealth. They have it already where were you….lol Never seen anyone stop shit in 45 years on this planet and I don’t think pussies who talk about defending anything are worth a shit!

        • bgilman45

          MUSLIMS???????? ARE YOU HIGH????????
          And are you saying the Las Vegas Police, the Nevada State Police, the FBI and Homeland Security are all in on the conspiracy ????
          Because the Main Stream media just reports what law enforcement tells them.

          • Rachel Vaughan

            A little kid could see somethings not right. Have u ever been in the company of unlimited funds. The killary said of this world can’t have the violence of the left, exposed. This is nonsense! This guy either didn’t do it or we are not getting the entire story, cause the left is always right.

          • Steve Lees

            . . . And because Main Stream Media tells you that, makes it so? ROFLMAO@this_DumbAss! Thank you for PROVING THE POINT you ignorant Dumbocrat Fool!

          • Steve Lapointe

            another snowflake bought by the left wing (bgilman

          • rushrule

            The paranoia is strong with this one.

          • claram,

            Open your eyes halfwit. Its amazing ti me how people like you have zero ability to think for yourself. Go sit in front of cnn and wait for your instructions on what you should believe fir today

          • rushrule

            I don’t watch CNN you fucking whack job. Your whole fucking country is the laughing stock of the world, so just go crawl back into your little conspiracy theory hole and die.

          • MEL

            Well, do you at least watch FOX news? Yes, those paying attention realize that Hillary was about to destroy the country …. she didn’t win …. give us a minute to UNDO all the damage. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

          • rushrule

            I try to avoid anything to do with your country.

          • Sgt2U

            Except to belittle it and it’s people, eh?

          • rushrule

            It’s well deserved on this issue.

          • Sgt2U

            You might want to take a hard look at your leadership.

          • rushrule

            It’s not my leadership in question on this issue. We have adequate gun laws.

          • Sgt2U

            And a number of adequately stupid people if many are like you. Crawl back under you rock Sparky.

          • rushrule

            Always in kill mode, eh? Sad.

          • Sgt2U

            I’ve been trained, you on the other hand have been in stupi mode from your youth apparently. Were your parents hippies?

          • rushrule

            Trained to kill. There’s a noble profession. “What do you do for a living? I kill people.” Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah. American Psycho.

          • Sgt2U

            When and if the SHTF you are welcome to squat behind me and use my training to save your a$$. You’re welcome Sparky.

          • MEL

            After the last nine years I don’t blame you at all …. it’s completely changed and NOT for the better! Not every corner … but, places (areas/counties) that vote Democrat have become complete hell holes. The DNC has one giant angry pool of violent individuals for one reason or another.

          • Koviko

            Right? Where do these fuckheads even think their Muslim hatred began? The mainstream media ALWAYS reports on Islamic terrorism because it’s great for ratings.

          • MEL

            Bull shit …. people kept saying Muslim this Muslim that … I just laughed and wondered what the hell was a Muslim? F*** Mainstream media wasn’t even honest enough to report on Radical Muslims or Radicalization or Extremism or Terrorism or Terrorists.

            I caught on quickly when Democrats used lies and scare words like “Police Brutality and Racism” … while lawlessness was horrid. What the hell were they talking about? Statistics didn’t support that crap. That was quickly followed by Micah Xavier Johnson on top of a roof top shooting at police.

            TWELVE police officers were shot … 5 were killed …. largest mass shooting on officers in US history. Families lost their husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins, best friend …. AND … a mother lost her child … her son …. because the media and the government failed to be honest about what was really going on in this country.

            The problem wasn’t police brutality and racism …. the problem was “Anti-white Racism” and cop haters. Huge Difference. Why couldn’t they just be honest about what was going on before it all got out of control? We’re all adults … we can handle the truth.

            If they had been honest with the American people instead of just making up lies possible Johnson’s mother could have gotten him some mental health care and he might still be alive today. And, not shooting at anyone.

            Have our political parties always been this violent towards the American people? I can think of only two other times in American History …. maybe. Only this time it’s not the same people doing the dirty deed but, getting blamed because they always have in the past. People are just used to that mentality.

          • Koviko

            Mel: you’re an idiot. Just because you, personally, are a giant fucking idiot doesn’t invalidate my statement about people who are not giant fucking idiots.

          • MEL

            I’m far from being an idiot. I’m just 100% honest and more intelligent than most but, even if I weren’t intelligent I’m at least smart enough to be observant and honest. That’s the least I expect from you.

            Tell it to your friends …. hate groups have talked about this (mass shootings) for years ….

            Further more learn to read and comprehend. Invalidate your comment? How … I don’t even understand your comment …. you didn’t clarify.

            1) You said “they” … I have no idea by your comment who “they” refers to
            2) You said “Muslim hatred” … I clearly said in the past I didn’t even know what a Muslim was …. thus, impossible for there to be hatred for something which does not exist or no one mentions or explains what is meant by the word “Muslim”. Besides when it finally was mentioned during the Obama administration … Hillary said NOT to fear (the world is wrong) …. Remember?
            3) You’re presuming Muslims were involved or that people think Muslims were involved (if it were just radical Muslims I lean towards the news would have already reported; not ignore as usual).
            4) And, although some anti-police anti-military anti-white hate groups are also Muslim not all are?
            5) Obama, Hillary, the DNC and FAKE News MSM wouldn’t use the word “terrorists”. Tried to keep everyone in the dark. Americans probably had encounters with domestic terrorists for years and never knew because it was never defined by our leaders what one was or what to look out for.

            Sorry if the truth hurts …

          • Koviko

            Just as fucking retarded as the first time you commented. You’re joke, MEL.

          • RevnantDream
          • Rebecca Ann

            Its the government….are you that nieve to think there isnt something else at work. I read an article about a guy who was paid by the us government to paint anti american propoganda in foreign counties to sway voting…. they are capable of anything…

          • Jim Alan

            Be nice!

      • Rockie Wilbur Broaddus

        You are as stupid as Paul is.

      • Peggy Cox

        Sadly thats true. The reason why Obama and Hillary were angry with the Election was because they were all ready to be in full scope for the New World Order, and Trump totally blew them out of the Water. They won’t stop, but hopefully the rest of the world will figure this out and the mid term election will draw in better Republicans and get rid of the Rino’s and Progressives that were ready to ruin America as we know it. The big plan was to get rid of the so called peons and the Elite would rule the whole world.

        • willietrohut

          yeah, that’s crazy too

    • Azumpire

      That might have been true under obummer, but it failed.. Trump will NEVER authorize the seizing of our guns. Not while he is President. Just will not happen. But end game? After Trumps 2nd term? Maybe.

      • William PokerMonkey Souther

        or they “bump” Trump then make up the rules as they go. That’s my biggest fear.

        • andre

          the last thing they want to do is take a shot at Trump, if they miss and he lives, he will come at them and the people will be behind him as well’

          • John

            He serves his jewish masters.

          • Jw Ney

            Bigoted comment.

          • Fa Q (recently banned)

            Bigoted comments are when someone claims the POTUS is a Muslim from Kenya. But that’s ok right? Lol clowns

          • Sandi4TRUMP


          • Fa Q (recently banned)

            Not even Muslim LMFAO!!!!

          • DMikeS

            He is by muslim law. Any person born of a muslim father is a muslim according to muslim law. Look it up and quit making a fool of yourself in public.

          • Fa Q (recently banned)

            And by gay law written by the Greek founders of it, all white males are naturally gay. So what you’re saying is….

          • Not carlos danger its Clark G

            He was most likely born in Hawaii. He was Muslim but not strong.
            He is gay, but his wife really is female.

          • Kurt K

            Obama stated out of his own mouth that he was a Muslim in an interview with Stephanopoulos and George had to correct him. Sorry you do not make a mistake like that when it comes to your faith. If he wants to be a Muslim that is his right but why lie about it.
            As where he is from that is still a mystery. From his records in college he received $$$ from the US stating he was a foreign student but when ran for the Presidency he says he is a US born citizen. So if he is a natural born citizen of the US why did he lie on his paperwork to receive money to attend college?

          • Manuel Override

            nah, he was a muslim from Kenya. the truth cannot be bigoted. its bias.

          • DMikeS

            The media never covered the full story on Barry Barack Hussein Dunham Obama and the lies behind his candidacy.

          • M.D. Blake

            Did you just say anti-Semitic comments are not bigoted?

          • alysdexia

            bigot = by god; in other words: cretin, religionist, theist, jingoist.

          • junktex

            Well let’s say his globalist/Rothschild masters.

          • misterseer

            Go wash your camel.

          • GregoryRomeu

            John, did your mother give you permission to be on her computer?

          • DMikeS

            Nonsense. Another anti-semite. So shallow.

          • Bill Martin

            dumbass. Who do you serve your boyfriend?

          • Illumin X

            Like he came out at Rosie ? Thru Twitter ? HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      • Todis Fly

        He won’t see a second term!

        • Julia Clark

          it is not your decision.

        • robert owen

          Thanks, Nostradamus. We’ll call you if we need you.

      • tcdesalvo

        I don’t see them taking our guns. But they will do for guns what has been done for anything they want to limit sales on. They will tax the hell out of it. Millionaires like the Vegas shooter won’t be affected. But the average Joe forced to pay a 100% tax on long guns or ammo will be virtually priced out of the market. Stock up now, you may not be able to afford it in a couple of months.

      • Steve Long

        Do you really believe that Trump is his own man? Hahaha. Trump is just the new puppet. JFK was the last true American president/patriot to be president. Everything since his murder has been puppets. The NWO is far from a new phenomenon. Those bastards have been working nonstop since the 1930 to create a global government. JFK refused to play by their rules, so the world’s largest and most deadly terrorist group on earth, the CIA, sent George H.W. Bush in to oversee his assassination. Trump? Yes, I voted for him. But I’m under no illusions that he’s our savior. He’s just a little puppet that does the bidding for the globalist puppet masters. Same goes for every single member of Congress. Don’t doubt me.

        • Cate

          Ur wrong on this one steve! God placed Trump in office. He is there to fulfill Gods purpose, expose the evil, allow sinners to repent, Trump is exposing the trash! Dont doubt me! True Tea! Every member of congress if not a nwo puppet, trust me on that one!

          • David

            Mathew Chapter 5. If you can aoply just one of the Beatitudes to trump…. just one! We can pretend he is Christian. What Bible are you idiots reading?

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            I would say 4-9 for sure. I didn’t know the Beatitudes were the only measure for being a Christian.

          • David

            They definitely are not! Just basics.
            But trump lacks the humility for the most basic…. asking for FORGIVENESS! He blatantly told us he doesn’t.

          • aicrams

            David you’re the Holy Spirit? You’re judgement is counter-productive. Shut up and pray. 🙂

          • David

            Is this a serious statement or was it meant to be an insult.

            try harder.

          • stephencarlsbad

            David just wants to be the center of attention and tell everyone that they’re wrong and he’s right. He even assumes to know what God’s will is on any given subject just because he’s read the bible and professes to be the ideal Christian.
            Good one david.
            He’s completely narcissistic if you ask me…

          • Josie

            Really David. With a name such as yours I would think you knew that God uses many flawed people to do his bidding. Have you ever heard the true history of David? Lot? so many of them did some very disturbing and sinful (not my judgement) things in history. David took another’s wife and when he got her pregnant, sent her husband to the front where he would be sure to be killed. He also left the lord for about 18 months where during that time he sacked, killed and destroyed entire towns. Solomon, had 700 wives some of them were idolaters he went along. Lot had children by his daughters etc. You get the picture. I’m not excusing President Trumps life, we have all done things we shouldn’t have and perhaps we would change when we know better. Look at how this Presidency took place. And you don’t think God had a hand in this. WE have been given time to amend our ways and we will be tested again.

          • David

            Dont try to give me a Bible lesson! Of course I know my namesake. You forgot Paul who killed Christians before he became Jesus greatest disciple!

            I make my descisions on my knees.
            God never moved me to support Trump. No I ABSOLUTELY dont think GOD had a hand in it. Nor do I think GOD is in trump. I firmly believe free will got Trump elected.
            He is the exact opposite of our Savior.

            lol, I lead Bible study every other week and am still learning admittedly. But for you to hit me with the basics got a chuckle out of me!

          • Phil_J

            You are just another self righteous hypocrite.

          • David

            You get self righteousness from that? WoW!!

            How am I a hypocrite? Please, elaborate. I’m intrigued.

          • Paddy

            I got self righteous out of that as well, actually. How about, “Dont try to give me a Bible lesson!”. I´d call that pretty arrogant. Perhaps I should give you a bible lesson: Nothing happens without G-d´s will. The only free will you have is in choosing good versus wrong in every moment. All else is from G-d. Who had Joseph sold as a slave and imprisoned in Pharoah´s dungeon? Who was the “person” he “coincidentally” found in a field who told him where his brothers where? Groow up and learn to read Scripture instead of the Christian claptrap you´ve been fed on. Trump walked into the Presidency and beat every Republican candidate hands down. Like Obama he basically came from nowhere. No-one leads without G-d´s will and that includes even Obama, the man who filled the Whitehouse with radical Islamists and betrayed America in Benghazi, the man who set the M.E. on fire in the hope of unleashing radical Islam and the man who empowered Iran in the hope it would destroy Israel. Oh yes, he carried himself with dignity, but a hypocrite, liar and thief of taxpayers all the same.

          • David

            Okay, so saying I ADMITTEDLY have a lot to learn is self righteousness?

            I said the Sunday school teachings gave me a chuckle. I was completely light hearted.

            We go deep into study and just like here I am attacked for not thinking Trump was GODs will. I think you are self righteous for speaking in certainty about where GODS will begins and ends. Where do I find that in the scripture, seriously, would love to study it.

            Each voter had a choice at the ballot that is what I believe.

            I also think youre arrogant for telling me my to learn how to read scripture. How arrogant is that? You dont know my Spiritual upbringing.

            Just like many, you are angry with me for not voting Trump. We both
            made our choice. I’m stating my opinions and beliefs. I believe you attack me because you cant stand that a devout Christian and Veteran did not support Trump.

          • shirley doughty

            You area arrogant by ACTING arrogant to others because they may have voted for Trump. I prayed and read and researched all of the candidates and was lead by God to vote for Trump, not because he was perfect, but because like Paul, God is using him and turning him into a Christian. I see him getting better at his speeches and tweets, I see him praying, I see his true concern for his fellow citizens, and I see his love for this country. Just reading your posts here, it’ as if you are looking down and looking for faults in every answer. That’s not God like. You may be a very good Bible reading and believing person, but you, sir seem to have an arrogant problem as if you know more than all of the rest of us reading this thread. I asked God as I was praying about Trump as I was hesitant at first, and He told me to vote and He’d show us the good side of Trump. Trump is the only one to be strong enough to handle all of the obstruction, lies, slander, and pure hate than any other candidate. He’s doing a great job even with all of that, and look how well he’s done with the hurricanes and now the mass shooting. Just think what he could accomplish if just his party tried to work on his side. It’s a shame that besides Trey Gowdy, I don’t see many honest politicians in DC. God bles Trump, Pence, and Gowdy and their families.

          • David

            Did you see love when he visited PR today and told them he screwed up his budget ON CAMERA?

            Did you see love when he attacked then mocked the Mayor of London to push his agenda while INNOCENT blood was still warm in the streets from an attack? Imagine a world leader attacking the Mayor of Vegas moments after that phsyco killed INNOCENT people.

            Disgusting isnt it?

            Thats Trump and all his compassion.

          • alysdexia

            The NT says no one is good. Fuck off, cretinose liar.

          • alysdexia

            God isn’t even a name. Stop that, halfwit. The Abrahamic family tree of gods:

            j·hveh/logho has no idea what America or Americans are:

          • Roy Garrard

            If thats true and Im sure it is , then you should know better. And believing your telling the truth(and I do) then you know better. Isnt there some more passages that say something about honoring your leaders here on earth ?? Im sure you could quote those also !!!

          • David

            Yup, obey tjose who have rule over you.

            Im not disobeying him, I stated I prau for him to lead with wisdom. Doesnt mean I cant voice my opinion or pretend he has no faults.

          • alysdexia

            Free will is contradicted in Scripture by the passages on the good and bad trees and fruit, condemnation of other sects, curse of the fig tree, ten minas, and doomsday and in reality by the readiness potential that determines motor cortical actions.

            The “savior” (who falsified Isa 53 in six terms) instead did these crimes/sins: theft, vandalism, wrath, sabbath work, quackery, pretense, slander, false witness, prevarication, hýpocrity, sedition, self-incrimination, blasfemy.

          • David

            You might as well have written that in Aramaic. Have no clue what you mean. I study Bible, Josephus, Enoch and Dead Sea Scrolls and still that made no sense.

          • alysdexia

            Try biblical search engines, in multiple versions and languages too.

          • Ronny L Wilson

            i agree Josie …..king david was brutal …but he was under gods favor same as other have had if your under that protection dont mess with them …..some people will not see it that way but that is the way it is …..if god put his favor on you he will slay your enemies for you

          • Roy Garrard

            It is really very simple , 1. God did not give you nor I the right to judge anyone. And if it were me I wouldnt go runnin around saying others are evil and going to hell ,cause you might be next in line to hold the door open for Trump if he does show up there.

          • David

            Did I call anyone evil or say where their going in the afterlife? Im stating my opinion.

          • alysdexia

            God couldn’t teach you how to spell they’re.

          • David

            Grammar police in comnent sections are hilarious to me!

          • alysdexia

            Grammar is a barbarism for ghrammatics, another word for composition which includes font, format, handwriting, punctuation, the looks, whereas I correct diction which includes semantics, register, declension, placement, the meaning.

          • alysdexia

            “give..I”: hicktard, learn English.

          • stephencarlsbad

            Most non practicing christians don’t even know what asking for forgiveness is. Yet, they’re still Christians. Climb down off of your soap box. Being a preachy bible pounder doesn’t make you right…

          • David

            Wow. Divine forgiveness is the first step in any Christian religion. What is a non practicing Christian?

          • aicrams

            He says he is. Did you take Obamas word for it? He doesn’t have to be a Christian to do the right thing. Pray for him.

          • David

            I pray for all politicians. Just like I did for Obama even though I voted Mccain. I judge by action, not words. Obama carried himself like a Christian. Even while mock lynchings of his likeness, social media racist badgering to his wife and daughters was going on he remained poised. Even when Joe Wilson called him a liar during a live address he didnt lash out. Trump would have lost it!

            Trump berated him for years and Obama and Michele treated him nicely on inaguration day. They even recently released the hand written letter he wrote Trump encouraging him.

            Trump on the other hand mocks the London Mayor while innocent blood is still warm in the streets trying to justify his agenda! Sickening! Plus their is the whole not paying contractors what he owed and spending more than he owed on lawyers to those workers who refused the wooden nickel.

            Trump behaves like a hethen.

          • Zinnarae

            David you believe all that bullshit??? Your dumber than dirt.

          • Robert Colvin

            If you’re going to call someone “dumber than dirt”, make sure you say “you’re” and not “your”. LMBO

          • stephencarlsbad

            He spells phonetically…

          • David

            You see me engaging in intelligent conversation with those who disagree and choose to insult me?
            Go with GOD fellow American, I hope you find what you are looking for.

          • Meanpuppydog

            it is YOU’RE or YOU ARE dumber than dirt. NOT YOUR dumber than dirt you Jellybrain.

          • Zinnarae

            F u

          • Carol

            David you have a short memory………and please remove those rose colored glasses. Obama is funding and organizing for the global elite to take down this country. BTW he mocked Christians and the Bible the MSM just didn’t make a big deal of it. as usual.

          • David

            Please, in all seriousness, direct me to where he mocked Christians or the Bible.

            I dont do conspiracy theories, but the first part intrigued me. I cant believe no one threw that one at me all these years.

          • Roy Garrard

            One , stating that muslims followed a religion of peace(read the book yourself) bowing to a terrorist ! Its all out there bud do a little simple research yourself. If Carol were do do the research and hand it to you on a golden tray you would do like most liberals and call it all a lie made up to make Obama look bad. Sorry dude he did that to himself. And please dont take my word , be open ,minded and do the work.Until you do you will never believe anyone that is all to clear !!!

          • David

            Im no lib and I love facts. I base everything on facts and Faith in GOD. I asked for a source, you gave none.

          • Ronny L Wilson

            you must have been living in your bunker for the last 8 years ……please on the christmas or the bible issue ………..pull the hatch back over the hole ………

          • David

            So no source?

          • shirley doughty

            try google and you will find many instances of his mocking

          • cargo2326

            Exactly what are the Obummas doing now? Denigrating Trump at every turn!

          • David

            You call them out their name and expect me to take you seriously?

          • Bradley Fenton

            You’re a MORON. Obuthead is a MUSLIM ‘PARADING’ as a ‘Christian’. He’s a LIAR. A THIEF and a pathetic excuse for a human being. So is his BEARD of a FAKE WIFE for that matter. The WORST President in ALL of HISTORY.

          • David

            Juvenile insults? Sorry, I like intelligence in my conversation even if its an argument.

            Be well fellow American.

          • Shane

            Then you’re on the wrong site.

          • Trish P

            OK. I’ll rephrase for Bradley Fenton:
            You’re MISINFORMED. Obama is a Muslim “PARADING” as a Christian. He’s a proven LIAR:
            (“If you want your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period. If you want your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period…Families will save an average of $2500. Benghazi was caused by a video repeatedly (including at the U.N.). That iIlegals will not get benefits from the ACA. etc. etc. Was caught in his lie about his religion in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC before his first presidential election when he referred to…”My Muslim faith” before being corrected by Stephanopoulos. Right, like a Christian could accidentally refer to his Jewish faith, or a Jew to his Islamist faith. Lies throughout his 2 books (some of which he later admitted). Lies that his parents were at the Selma protest in the 60s. Lie that his mother was not able to get medical care for her cancer from her employer’s insurance company. Her company had full health care, which she received. He led people to believe this was a major reason why he was pushing his health care program to get it passed. (She was trying to get workers comp benefits for this.) That he was against same sex marriage, until after he was elected president. Then he and his administration lit up the White House in rainbow colors. He called a known Army deserter a hero and traded 5 top terrorists in Guatanamo Bay for this deserter.)

            He is a thief and a pathetic excuse for a human being. So is his wife who said she was never proud of her country before her husband was elected. Who sneered at this country over and over again. Who has shoulders the proportion of a man (3 heads wide, whearas a woman’s proportion is 2 heads wide)–with many photos showing suspicious appendages/areas of her body.

          • David

            Wow, you were doing good until you started body shaming!! I mean come on! I SERVED with many “manish” female Marines. Scuttlebutt proved they were women. M. Obama and her sex mean nothing to me. Just like Trump and his locker room talk. Non issues imho.

            It is what it is, I was talking about how I was affected by Obamas economy. Didnt say I loved every move he made, and for the 100 time, I did not vote for him!

            Every one of these dirty politicians lie, some more than others. You could make a list of every political figures lies. But if you are honest, trump has a hefty list himself. You deny that, you lose credibility. Trumps biggest lies were the ones about releasing his taxes, maybe thats a non issue to you.

            You definitely got me wanting to search for that interview!! Got a link? I gotta see it!! I cant believe I never heard about it. Link please….

          • Trish P

            Wasn’t body shaming. I was cleaning up what Bradley Fenton said about Michelle Obama. But I stated facts and observations. “Manish” female Marines, as you noticed, were likely transgender. So maybe a possibility alluded to by Bradley Fenton.

          • David

            Nope, good try.

          • raffaelecafagna

            David ; Americans are very upset and disturbed about Obama`s actions . Obama`s birth certificate ( original form from the hospital he was born ) does not exist , passport , travels , educations , etc . are not available .
            Please inform yourself .

          • David

            Some Americans are upset with every political figure and always will be. I didnt like every thing he did snd since everyone thinks I just hate Trump, Im very happy abouthim attacking illegal immigrantion. Not sure how I feel about DACA.

            I saw Trump say “Obama was ABSOLUTELY born in the United States” on camera in the D.C. Trump building.

            Also, just like Dems are being petty trying to nail anything that will stick to Trump. Republicans were trying to stick something on Obama. Arapio even sent an Officer to Hawaii to investigate!! Trump threw all his resources into it too. Whether true or not, I just cant see how our Intel let it go even before he ran for President.

          • raffaelecafagna

            Pelosi signed on it without doing any background checks as required by Law . Another problem is his S.S.# belonging to someone from Connecticut that moved to Hawaii . DACA are kids that came here at very young age by illegal parents . Obama again proposed this DACA and allowed the kids to stay here ; a Million or more received amnesty . Now 800.000 of them here from 25 to 32 years of age , some went to school , majority are dropout , turned into criminals and gangs . Now , what is the solution .?????? President Trump is not a bad person ; congress is the problem ; McConnell , Speaker Ryan , Pelosi , Schumer ,McCain and many more don’t want to work with the President . Sanctuary cities , why .??? The Law states : You can`t go to another country without permission . If I want to go to Mexico I have to have permission if not I will be in prison in Mexico .
            Our Laws are not respected . 40% of Tourists coming here , they stay ( Visa`s Overstay ) .
            Honestly I don`t know ; we have problems and congress is not doing his job .

          • David

            You are preaching to the crowd!! About the only thing I applaud Trump for proudly is immigration. Sanctuary cities are bull crap and need to be eradicated.

            But again, not sure about Daca. The ones who came over really young and “American” at heart and know nothing of their Country…. seems cruel. Are they really mostly dropouts and crimminals? Sources?
            Thats a broad brush brother.

          • David

            Source? Who signed off before his early political days? I’m sorry, this birther thing is weird. Too many people would have to be involed. And again, a BILLIONAIRE tried for years and proved nothing. An Arizona Sheriff spent State dollars trying to prove it and came up with nothing. Trump said he was born here and Arapio said he is starting it back up.

            If it was that simple, these men would have blown the whistle by now. They HATE Obama.

          • Roy Garrard

            How can anyone possibly explain (with a straight face) how obumtird and Helleray left office muti multi millionaires ??? Even at 400G’s a year it is just not possible !!! Helleray herself said she and Bubba cliton were broke when they left the whitehouse but now they have more money than they will ever be able to spend !! I know I know your simple minded reply is gonna be they wrote books and gave speeches , lmao , think real hard about that before you make an even bigger fool of yourself !!!

          • David

            I never said anything about finances and you cheapen your stance with childish name calling.

          • raffaelecafagna

            David , it is the Truth and nothing but the Truth . Please research it .

          • raffaelecafagna

            B.S. ; go get help , your brain ended under the left sole of your shoe .

          • David


            Be well!!

          • raffaelecafagna

            BLESS you to .

          • David


            Im getting attacked from all sides, lol! I love engaging with different views though.

            seriously, Be Blessed, friend

          • raffaelecafagna

            Yes you getting attacked from every corner because you posting fake stuff . Obama was the opposite of what you are thinking he just about destroyed this Nation . I don`t know if you remember : open border , illegals invading America from every corners , amnesty , DACA , a national deficit of $ 20 Trillion , any benefits you can think to illegals , 100.000 +++ refugees , bailouts to every company in the U.S. ,
            Paris climate change in $ Billions ; etc . etc . What I posted here is the Truth so help me GOD .
            There is much much more but here I will stop . Please inform yourself . Thanks and be safe always .

          • alysdexia

            The NT forbids oath taking. Stupid American politicians swear on the very thing that opposes them. Who are you to tell the god what to do? So if the god doesn’t help you, you and your god fail each other.

            The NT also says all men are liars. Theists certainly are.

          • fatheromallley

            What is the color of the sky in your world?
            Bowing to a Saudi Prince is “Presidential” and “carrying himself well”? Anti Cop Professor Gates incident, Ferguson, Baltimore, inviting BLM to the White House giving the lie “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” life? Anti cop, racist, bigoted Obama. See MSM criticize him ever? You sound like a cave dweller or living in Momma’s basement. 🙂

          • David

            President trump bowed to accept his gift too on Fox News if it matters. Yes Obama took heat, not as much as Trump though.

            As I stated, Im a USMC vet, Christian, raise a few head of cattle and Commercial mower employing 8 guys. I attend church and run Bible study every other week.

            I didnt vote for Obama just stated a few things in my unbias opinion.

            You have a blessed day fellow American.

          • stephencarlsbad

            Exactly! God is working though many vessels. David is blinded and has tunnel vision.

          • SanDiegoSteve

            God has historically used unbelievers and the ungodly to do His work.

          • David

            Agreed, but that doesn’t mean we should follow them. I made my choice through prayer, and I pray for all our leaders.

          • stephencarlsbad

            And Satan has historically worked through believers as well, if you know what I mean… (clears throat… david)

          • alysdexia

            No gods are in history.

          • SleepyAlligator

            Sounds like the definition of a cult leader.

          • Marilyn Sebastian

            God did not place Trump in office the republicans did along with help from Russia.

          • Sherry Kristoff


          • Dick Johnston

            Dang I want you when you talk like.. Gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.

          • disqus_AqnMOBHA7q

            women of God DO NOT speak to His children like this….. if you have a gift from God of prophecy and the prophetic then please ask Holy Spirit to take the lead…… Im praying for you to be an example of HIS love not of the enemys hate.

          • Sherry Kristoff

            YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME OR WHAT I DO. You NEED to pray!!!!

          • pattio666


          • robert owen

            You revealed all we need to know in your rant against Marilyn…and now you’re defending yourself in full cap mode. Are you sure that the voices in your head are from God?

          • Scott Gwin

            Pray? For what? To whom? Your god? That’s the trouble with so called “Christians”, you think the universe revolves around only you and your religion! I’ve got news for you….it doesn’t!

          • Mike Robertson

            stop whining

          • Ed Betterley

            We need to pray Donald resigns before he starts World War 3.

          • Big Mike

            You need to pray. Get on your knees, and pray to the 10 inch microphone. You will be anointed with special oil.

          • Shel Cowen

            AGREE 100%

          • Sherry Kristoff

            I will REPEAT what I said above. Believe what you want. God gave us free will. I am 70 years old and have been Catholic all my life. I have been through much that you CANNOT even imagine. I’ll repeat.I advise you to pray and that He will help you to stop doubting.

          • Chris L Barron

            I haven’t heard anyone here doubting God. We mostly just doubt you and the phony visions of a self proclaimed visionary. Let me speak clearly so you can understand completely. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY, IRREVERSIBLY, UNDOUBTEDLY FUCKING NUTS!!!

          • Steve Harmon

            Really? You now speak for God? You direct people how to act in God’s name? Careful, you appear to be just a little too full of yourself.

          • Stacy

            Thank you. <3

          • Jack Daniel

            you’re nuts

          • Sherry Kristoff

            Believe what you want to,but I’d advise you to pray

          • pattio666

            I’ll advise you to off yourself.

          • Ghost7Alpha

            You sound like a real winner.

          • Toni Smith-Cooper

            Your one sick puppy

          • Scott Gwin

            Are you serious? Telling someone to “off yourself”? What a douchebag!

          • Ed Betterley

            You may have good intentions and i will pray Jesus shows you the error in your belief in Donald as any sort of savior of the USA. .

          • Star

            LMAO… A Gift from GOD..?
            Sorry, can’t stop laughing.

          • Shel Cowen

            CLEARLY you don’t KNOW what being a GOOD Christian IS ABOUT! YOU DONT TALK LIKE THIS! SMH!

          • Toni Smith-Cooper

            No one is giving him a chance, they have been on his backside ever since he got into office. Obama brought all these terrorist into the states and now everyone is paying for it. And to the woman that claimed those people deserver what they got, should be threw in jail for terrorist threating. Those people where just trying to enjoy the music, it’s no different than the movie shooting….just bad people……just biblical

          • pattio666

            Holy shit, crazy pants! You are not selling your beloved president very well. Although you do act just like him… Fuck him, fuck you and fuck your GOD.

          • Steve Harmon

            Joke is on you, he’s your God as well. 🙂

          • Toni Smith-Cooper

            feel sorry for you when you die and come face to face with something you don’t believe in, will part for that last part

          • alysdexia

            Everyone has already been dead and known and needed no gods to be born. Wicked coward can only threaten nonbelievers after they die.

          • Stacy

            That’s your choice, and God will allow you to make that choice even though He is mourning for your soul. Hopefully you’ll pull it out, only He knows. Best of luck.

          • Sherry Kristoff

            God IS NOT mourning for my soul. Is He mourning for your’s???

          • Gemini1972


          • Sherry Kristoff

            God Bless You

          • Sherry Kristoff

            He is not just my God He is EVERYONE’S God. I pray that you’ll put your ignorance aside. God Bless you

          • alysdexia

            “God” translates Vulgate Deus when in Hellènic it was only in the lowercase “ho theos” for “the god”. Abrahamism plagiarized the pagan godheads of Ugaritic and Zoroastrian religions where there were as many gods for each day of the week. The original language of the OT reflects the plurality in the creation verses, and in translations use plural pronouns with later disguises like persons, sons, anghels, heavenly council, heavenly host. The Jewish and Muslim father gods differ thus: -allàh is a being of liht whereas dzhinn are beings of fire but j·hveh is a being of fire. The 12, not 10, commandments that Jews, Samaritans, Catholics, and Protestants each count differently in their 10 includes the one that j·hveh was the Israelites’ (not your) god and other that sin expires in a house after 5 generations so there was no need for a new covenant or redeemer. You’re a deluded hicktard who believes a foreign ancient stupid comic book is real; you endorse the NT or Gospels but don’t read or understand what it says:

          • robert owen

            Sherry; Why are you shouting? While I believe in “special gifts” I don’t believe you have one. Yes, God chose him because he is a willing vessel but you were just as surprised as the rest of us. We are IN the end times but don’t expect that to play out by your time table, either. Ignorant as Marilyn seems, she seems more sane than you.

          • Sherry Kristoff

            I am NOT SHOUTING That’s just something made up on the internet a long time ago. I just prefer using capital letters,MY CHOICE. YOU ARE VERY WRONG,I WAS NOT at all surprised that DJT was elected. I was able to change some peoples’s minds that were going to vote for hilLIARy. And those are just the people who told me that it was because of me that they voted for him. AND many others too that didn’t personally tell me. I KNOW that we ARE in end times BUT I DO NOT pretend to know when it will happen. ONLY GOD KNOWS. Just trying to pass along what I know in hope that people will pay attention and be ready with true and honest hearts,by praying. BTW I knew about President Trump and all the good that he has done for our country and it’s people for over 3 decades. It just doesn’t get reported because it would PROVE that people are WRONG ABOUT HIM. AS I’ve said believe what you want to,BUT I KNOW WHAT I KNOW. PRAY and GOD BLESS!!!

          • Beverly Snowshoes

            The people did not elect Trump. He lost by over 3 millions votes. The electorial college put Trump in office. FACT.

          • Sherry Kristoff

            You NEED to check your facts!!! A commission was formed to check into illegal voting and the results were that hilLIARy DID NOT win the popular vote after they threw out all the votes from illegals and dead people!!!! Check it out for yourself!!!

          • Sherry Kristoff

            I’d like to ask you a question since you’re liberal and voted for hilLIARy. Are you proud of her behavior now as she blames everyone but herself AND for how she’s inserting herself into everything such as her tweets about the Las Vegas massacre???

          • jmg09

            “He lost by over 3 millions (sic) votes.” No, he won. He didn’t lose anything.

            I don’t like Trump, but so many comments from the left like this are just embarrassing.

          • Ephraim Bander

            wrong, the people (american legal voters) elected Trump. This is the United States of America, not the united states of California and NY. The electoral college was put in place so the left on both coasts don’t control our great country. Each state has a number of electoral college votes, that is America. Iran, Iraq and the rest of the muslim world have dictators. Do your homework. California allowed and encouraged illegals to vote. That is NOT America. Don’t be a sheep.

          • Beverly Snowshoes

            NOPE, the people did NOT elect Trump. He lost by more than 3 million votes. The electorial College that got him in does NOT have millions of electorates. Dream on Ephraim.

          • Ephraim Bander

            In our constitution illegal non citizens votes don’t count. California alone allowed all illegal non citizens to vote. In addition our constitution created the electoral college to protect our republic from criminals like Jerry brown who break our laws. Thank You very much. Poor losers are common on the left.

          • Meanpuppydog

            that is right. and it has been done that way for hundreds of years. So, what is your point?
            If you do some research, 2 other Presidents did not win the popular vote but won the Electoral Votes.
            Are you smart enuff to find out which 2 presidents they were?

          • Beverly Snowshoes

            I’m not talking about past presidents. I’m talking about Trump. The people did NOT elect Trump. So Trump supporters need to quit saying Trump is president because the people voted him in. No they didn’t. That is my point. Are you smart enough to get it?

          • Chris L Barron

            Wow! I think we all are stupid in our own right, but you are off your FUCKING rocker!!! Everybody look at this crazy ass self proclaimed “Gift from God”, that calls old women “STUPID IGNORANT BITCH”. What a great example of a Christian you are!!! Lmao. Go back to your pit you crazy fuck, you are no better than members of ISIS. Wow just wow!!!!!!!!!!

          • Lindsay Jorgensen

            Wow! You’re nasty. No need to call an elder names like that. “Respect your elders”, ever heard of it?! Jerk.

          • Lindsay Jorgensen

            Wow! You’re nasty. No need to call an elder names like that. “Respect your elders”, ever heard of it?! Jerk.

          • Sherry Kristoff

            LOL!!!! I’m sure she’s NOT my elder!!! I’m 70 BUT I WILL call people out when they say ridiculous stupid things!!!!

          • Mike Robertson

            what school shooting do you speak of?

          • Lindsay Jorgensen

            Then you should know not to be an asshoke. You’re a believer in God?! With your mouth you can’t tell. If you were my grandma, and thank God you aren’t, is never let you around me children with your attitude. Nasty.

          • Big Mike

            You’re 70, wow!!! I bet you know how to take of a penis.

          • shirley doughty

            It’s even in the Bible to respect your elders. lol Perhaps Sherry has read it.

          • Scott Gwin

            You a just as crazy as the rest of the Bible thumpers! NO ONE will “know” when the end is near, but then again, if you actually read your Bible you’d already know that.

          • Danunize Lawson

            CHUMP was not chosen by God but the elite to push there evil agendas. CHUMP will not save you only God can. CHUMPS job is to further divide us and let as many poor people as possible die by natural disasters, man made diseases, and man made terror just like u see above. The elite really want blacks, whites, and Latinos to hate and kill each other, whole they continue to build there empires and pushing there agendas. Las Vegas will never be the same. There will be controll over what you could do so freely before….

          • Stacy

            I understand this stuff is upsetting, but this is just a really bad way of representing God. It’s this type of talk that has brought us here to this point and will bring us to much worse. Pattio666 is just yanking your chain and you’re diving right into its trap. I have dealt – and am still dealing – with my own anger and I will pass on that I have learned it’s from Satan. The names you are calling Marilyn are purely emotional. I stopped responding with that level of emotion and it has helped me to become more articulate. Use the words that express what you are really thinking rather than trying to hurt her the way she has hurt you. We all have to bear that hurt – He told us we would suffer for Him. Allow that pain but don’t serve it back! You are self-defeating and you are injuring the Body of Christ. It would be good if you deleted your post and started over, or not if you can’t respond without hatred. Also, self-proclaiming that you have a ‘gift from God’ to make yourself sound important or “bonafide” is HYPOCRICY. I urge you to go back into Bible study and stay in it – you obviously feel great passion for God and He needs you to KNOW this stuff. It’s your responsibility to KNOW AND UNDERSTAND.

          • Krystal Cannon

            So good Catholic people call others bitches for not agreeing with them. Anyone that believes Trump is a good President is crazy. He only wants to be a few peoples President. I know he certainly doesn’t want to represent me. He was just a vehicle to bring people like you out in the open. He is helping to create the division in our country. It only started with President Obama because people were pissed that he’s Black. God did not chose that lunatic, people like you did.

          • Justice Gorsuch

            Good thing Hillary and Bernie were standing by to unite us all! LOL dummy.

          • Katherine Wanamaker

            Sherry Kristoff please go get a real life you poor thing. You are not Joel Osteen…or then again maybe you are. Caps mean yelling… I guess your God is good with that. Calm down and take one of your chill pills.

          • Chris L Barron

            I believe in God and that Jesus died on the cross to save our souls, but What in the hell does Joel Olsteen have to do with this. Do you believe he is a prophet? A visionary? I prefer a possible fraudulent multimillionaire feeding on the emotions of the desperate!!!

          • Mike Robertson

            you look like shit. you will get shot. dont do it.

          • Michelle Hardy

            Bloody hell ur rude. Whatever happened 2 freedom of speech u bible
            bashing Troll..

          • Kelly Newman

            Such Christian advice

          • Conor Maguire

            Sherry…lets try and calm down and lower that blood pressure okay, remember what your therapist said about screaming at people about he-who-must-not-be-named

          • Ed Betterley

            Donald may be the anti-Christ to usher in the end times you are so right,a false God .

          • Kathryn Krupnik Gell

            Hi Sherry. I am not at all agreeing with Marilyn but surely you could have gotten your point across without the disrespectful and hateful comments you wrote above. Your attitude with your written speech makes you sound like one the democrats filled with hate.

          • Jan Beach

            proof????? there is NONE………

          • Tammy Black

            Oh please! Get off the Russia card! The people voted Trump into office because we are tired of the BS in this country! If the left wingers and Haters would give him a chance to do his job they may just see that he is what we need to pull us up from the debris Obama and other past president’s have buried us under! Y’all just might be quite happy with the outcome!

          • Sgt2U

            Problem is, the lefties don’t want him to succeed. If he does succeed their grand plans are out the window and they may never have as good a chance again.

          • David

            Im not a lefty. Im an Honorably discharged USMC Vet. I just dont trust a KNOWN scam artist and PROVEN pathological liar who blatantly transfers taxpayer money indirectly back to his pocket by taking weekly vacations to his properties.

            Hes a crook like he always has been.

          • Sept12

            He has to claim any and all use of his own personal property. Get a clue. Study up. Do some research. Stop the #FakeNews

          • David

            Fake News? Okay, sure bud.

            Jeez you are some intolerant folks.

          • Mike Lamb

            Its an intolerant world. Its a Mad Mad World. Everyone for themself, but claimed in the name of others.

          • irish19

            You’re missing a couple of “Mads” there I think.

          • Arch Stanton

            It’s a big dub-ya. I tell ya, it’s a big dub-ya! You’ll see it! A big…a big dub-ya!

          • Jw Ney

            Obama earned folks being intolerant of him. He divided the country and set race relations back 50 years.

          • David

            Because he said that crap about T.M.?

            Tom Brady just cracked and called Trump methods divisive.

            Tom Brady… One of Trump earliest supporters. look it up!


          • Trish P

            Before Obama there weren’t “Knock Out Games” happening all over the U.S. There weren’t roving gangs of black teens going in stores stealing. There wasn’t Black Lives Matter groups attacking police and screaming “Police are pigs. Fry ’em like bacon.” “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want ’em? Now!” Even in Minneapolis people used to be able to could go downtown in the evening and not worry about getting shot or attacked. In the last 7 or 8 years, no way. Now innocent bystanders have gotten shot during rush hour. Black Lives Matter groups have shut down major freeways and an international airport in Minneapolis. Obama was the instigator, with his buddy AG Erick Holder, accusing cops of “acting stupidly” with no facts. Later backing Trayvon Martin with no facts. Said if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. Backed Michael Brown, black Baltimore teen, who just strong-armed a store owner, stealing merchandise, then drove down the middle of a street, refusing to follow a policeman’s orders and later attacking him through his car window and trying to grab his weapon, Then later charging the officer (twice the size of the officer), making him fear for his life. Yet Obama and Holder defended him, sending the feds in to get the police in trouble. Obama sending representatives to both of their funerals. But Obama sent no one to the 5 Dallas cops’ funerals (who were assassinated by a BLM supporter).

          • Maureen Seifer

            Well said, thank you.

          • PNutButty

            And now we got racist neo nazi’s with tiki torches marching

          • Jw Ney

            Typical dismissive liberal to blind to see reality. If you cannot see what 8 years of change did to this country you are part of the problem Skippy.

          • David

            Im a liberal because I think trump is an incompetent buffoon?

          • Jw Ney

            Are you saying you are not?

          • David

            Nope. Every anti trumper isnt a liberal

          • Jw Ney

            Most are a few are libertarians.

          • David

            what last question?

          • David


            We we’re in recession 8 years ago with trump attacking O for years.

            YEARS. Obama wasnt attacking media. Even wheb Fox news attacked him relentlessly.

            They had mock lynchings and trashed his wife and kids calling them every racist name on the Planet.
            He remained CLASSY

          • David

            No you are. Im not the one supporting a KNOWN scam artist and PROVEN pathological liar.

          • David

            When did you do your military service? While everyone was mourning 9/11 I was extending my time in the USMC to go do something about it.

          • Richard Daugherty

            Obama was being controlled by the shadow government and the deep state just as they are controlling Trump now.

          • Gary Lynd

            Most news is fake. Especially that found on the internet.

          • Sandi4TRUMP


          • Vicki Childers Hadden

            +David you might as will let it go you can not win any more than Hillery had a chance to win. Did I spell Hillery right? I don’t Talk about her any more than I have to. I get sick to my stomach just thinking about her.
            Esp. if she was President. How could any body trust her?

          • Jennifer Day

            lol I cant stand her either! Its with an a. I HATE that I know that….

          • David

            Its not in his name anymore, lmao! Remember?

            Why are you fighting so hard, he goes to his properties every weekend because its lucrative

          • David

            No he doesnt its not technically his anymore, did you forget? One of his sons is in charge!

            I never once called Trump dumb.

            Sounds like you are the victim of fake news.Trump is putting taxpayer money in his pocket with every visit to a trump property thats why hes gone every weekend. Deal with, call it lies or fake if you choose. But I just cant pretend.

          • Sam Shaw – Post tenebras lux

            David – Do you think Obama and Hillay are honest politicians who cares for ppl? Why is media failing to report the good things Trump does. Did you hear about the incident where he delayed his take off when found out officer escorting his motorcade was hurt?
            Why is media not ripping the PR mayor for wearing heels while they ripped FLOTUS for doing same in TX?

          • David

            No!! All politicians are dirty, just a different level.

            Yes I saw the black officer receive the phone call in a neck brace on the gurney. I saw trump put the hat on one of my fellow Marines head. I saw the black child in Houston get a kiss from President Trump. I never once called him a racist or any of that crap.

            I see them and dont think much of it. Any POTUS would have done the same and no one would make a big deal. Trump has so many faults people raise these tiny acts as awesome.

            You are using lib busting “fake news” talk on me. I never said the media wasnt bias, none of that crap on Cnn or Fox news formed my opinions. Both are biased news stations. Pbs newshour is the most straightforward to me.

          • Sam Shaw – Post tenebras lux

            PBS and NPR used to be honest not so much in last few yrs of Obama and Trump.

          • Rockie Wilbur Broaddus

            Show me a photo that Obama ever went to Katrina or put his hat on a victim or ever gave any respect to any civil service worker, policeman, giving service in the line of duty. He did not. He disrespected the Marines and the rest of the servicemen attending him assigned to the whitehouse duty. I was in the Navy. I have a high school friend that was in the Navy assigned to the whitehouse duty under Reagan. I am also a retired police officer and a former K-9 handler of a explosives detection dog for the Topeka Police Dept. assigned detail to President Regan and President Bush visit to Alf Landon in Topeka. I tell you fellow brother in arms, understand that Trump is being more of a caring president, attending to more matters that make Americans feel like their government leaders understand and feel what is real in their world than anyone in government has recently. He is building up our Military from the terribly degraded state that Obama brought it down to and he has made the world respect us again [except that little fat fucker in NK]. You are a Marine? Get it together. Semper Fi.

          • JeriLynn Dringenberg

            Boy you sure are brain washed by the propaganda. Obama wasn’t president when Katrina happened.

          • Not carlos danger its Clark G

            Ya but, but, but…….but he was a senator……and thinking about being president!!!!

          • Illumin X

            You idiot. Katrina was during the Bush administration. OMG…just STFU.

          • Jennifer Day

            Ummmm Hellooooooo, Obama was not President during Katrina, not till years later, LMAO!!!!

          • Not carlos danger its Clark G

            te, he, he, he…..

          • Jennifer Day

            Trump however, not being the president, did go to visit…

          • PNutButty

            Did he throw them paper towels?

          • Dan Madrid

            you mean …white….americans…i dont trust this conman…you can if you want too……but not every marine agrees with your BS!

          • The Silicon Valley Story

            Please get this straight: Obama was not President during Katrina. 3 years after Katrina Obama became President. So no, you won’t find a pic of Obama at Katrina any more than we might find one of you.

          • David

            Nicely said

          • David

            Obama wasnt President when Katrina happend, Bush was!!

            My Lord, you people scream fake news and then try to pass real fake news as true!

            Trump brainwashed you well, lmao, Bush jr was President for Katrina! I saw that fake news piece that claimed Obama was golfing during Katrina! But Im the fake news believer!

            Obama came to Camp Pendlton Main Side and shook every Marines hand in my sons Company. We both still hated his guts then. But my son was very impressed. He was supposed to speak for 30 minutes and spoke over an hour. Obama didnt show up on the news either, if their was a photo opp, I never saw it. Saw no evidence of our military being degraded either. All my buddies still in under Obama never said a word, neither did my son.

            Im sorry, left or right propaganda dont work on me. But that doesnt mean I need to get anything together. Sorry you feel the way you do about me because I see Trump as a con artist enriching himself EVERY weekend.

            Finally tired of being treated like dirt because I dont worship Trump


          • Kathleen Elrod

            Obama was golfing when Louisiana flooded and did not stop his vaca, made no statements until days after even when locals were requesting help, but did suspend his vaca to campaign for Hillary.

          • PNutButty

            Obama wasn’t president when Katrina happened though. Bush Jr was.

          • CB

            No, not ANY POTUS would do that…Obama and neither Clinton ever did anything like that at any time. But I am glad you saw and acknowledge what Trump did. It means you are at least willing to listen and perhaps talk about things reasonably. We need to stop dividing and hating. Remember Edgar Allan Poe said, in summary, don’t believe anything you hear and nothing you read. Don’t trust the news or government because they will twist and lie with no remorse to get their agenda met.

          • David

            Im no liberal, Im a realist. Read my comments.

            Tom Brady called Trump divisive. He was one of Trumps earliest supporters.

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            Trump is divisive; he doesn’t kowtow to idiots.

          • David

            Tom Brady called him divisive.

          • Bos95

            PBS and CNN are bought and paid for by the government. PBS is a very left leaning station that receives grant money from the taxpayers. CNN just puts out bad fake news. And they have been caught doing it often.

          • David

            When has Fox News ever put out a horribly negative Trump story?
            When Trump leaned over to get that Chain from the Saudi King placed on his neck Pirro was motioning to cut away. Fox never replayed it.

            Then I switch to CNN and they are showing it over and over. Saying he bowed.

            Cnn is biased left, Fox is biased right. That is a great example right there I witnessed live.

            Why is it so hard to see the truth in that? Probably because you refuse too.

          • Bos95

            I don’t watch FOX either.

          • David

            Educate me.

            never heard of it.

          • Bos95

            I don’t know about cable but it is on channel 347 on Direct TV. It is new and has only been on air for about a year I think. They just report the news no left or right slant.

          • Kathleen Elrod

            PBS, where do they get their money?

          • trid2bnrml

            I’ll bet he’s not even a veteran.

          • Charles Cross

            No need for that. The man served and has been civil. He is entitled to his opinion without that crap. You don’t even use your name so why should anyone listen to a thing from you. If you can’t stand behind what you say well your useless.

          • David

            Usmc O351 1998 to 02
            1st Mar Div

            When and where did you Serve


          • CB

            And where is Obama and HRC with all this going on? Hmm? You haven’t heard or seen from them whatsoever. THAT is very telling. They’re both vipers and while you might not know the difference between a viper and a hog nose snake, well, just remember to not touch any of them if you don’t want to be bitten. One is poisonous and the other will just bite the heck out of you.. You need to follow the money and think who profits from this crap…and it all goes back to the elitist, leftist, lying sacks of doodoo like Obama and HRC. They are the devils tools and so proud of that fact.

          • shirley doughty

            we see and hear from Obama all of the time. he is running around after Trump trying to cause more trouble, He can’t understand that he is no longer president. He’s even telling these world leaders that Trump is only temporary he will be back soon. and oh Hillary Is too busy complaining about how everyone caused her to lose but herself. whine whine whine. They both want Trump out or/and dead so badly. They want this NWO and they can be on top of the world.

          • trid2bnrml

            “a KNOWN scam artist and PROVEN pathological liar who blatantly transfers taxpayer money indirectly back to her pocket” – You must mean HILLARY CLINTON. SHE HAS 40 YEARS OF PROVEN GRAFT, LIES AND MURDER.

          • David

            Nope, I talking about our current President. Truth is the truth. Every trip to one of his properties is very lucrative? Why cant you admit that?

          • Charles Cross

            David check it out. We have not payed a cent for his vacations. Maybe fuel not even sure on that. Sorry Sir but your wrong on this point. Have a great day.

          • David

            Source? If Trump was not making money he would sing it to the high heavans. Just like his salary. Give me one ctedible source. Just one.

            Just claiming something is true doesnt make it so. Especially when you say “maybe”

            Trump is too shrewd to let everyone eat and board free and if he was he would have told us a hundred and one times. Never once has he said.

            ONE. CREDIBLE. SOURCE.

          • Kathleen Elrod

            Sorry David but Trump has “let” people eat and board free- One homeless woman has been in one of his places for years. He put up (a black) famous singer when her family was killed for months at no charge. The ungrateful sorry excuse for a “friend” came out against him on race when he became president. He received the Elise Island award in the 80’s. The race baiting “reverends” “used” to be his friends and had business dealings with him. The man has been in on public stage for decades. And now they have a problem with him? Thank you for your service-many of my family have and are serving. I know the check that is being written by the individual, family and am great-full for their sacrifice.

          • David

            New Yorkers have called trump racist since he bought his way out of his first racial discrimination lawsuit.

            Trump is known as a crook all over New York because their friends and family were his victims. I couldnt imagine working for a billionaire, then get paid 60 percent of what was owed 3 months later or being sued if not accepting it. Watching him pay a team of lawyers instead of paying what was owed.

            I dont like race baiters either. But trump refused to denounce kkk or even the neo nazi attack he called “passionate supporters” until after the election.

            Trump and the Clintons were great friends and Donald turned on them.
            He called them great people the day after the election on 60 minutes then resumed his lies and attacks.

            Trump bragged that he could make money running for office now you pretend he isnt making money as President?

          • Ant Hony Jay

            Let us not forget the Trump University fiasco. But let’s all keep pretending like it’s okay that our POTUS scammed honest people out of what they thought was tuition for an education. Seems like a stand up guy!

          • Summer donahue

            You need to do your research for sure before you make alligations against our President of the United States. I think enough people do that already! The main stream media will have you believe anything. If you cant stand for something you will fall for anything! We do not pay for Trumps trips actually. He pays for them and owns the gold course he spends the moat time at. Need proo? No problem! I do my research…I do my research and I do not rely on on media. Most of it is all fake bs. These fake news storys are what have several people obviously like yourself believing absurd stories..A majority of which never happened..isn’t happening or going to happen. Also…you say the media has nothing to do with the claims you are making about us Americans as yourself paying for his queation to you is do you have proof to back up this claim you are seem to be so right and admiment about? Like actualy knowledge ok taxes…the real stories..on his vactions and tge fact that he doesnt even collect and or accept is 400k salary..instead donates it to needed areas of improvement here in the U.S. for example last quarter he donated it to the educational system. Or te fact that he has litterally accomplish or working towards the proper goals of accomplishing what he promised the American Citizens he would. He is making America great again and the good Citizens that are still out there that back him 100% are helping. The Chaos the neglect is from the liberals..the people who claim to be true patriots..these hate groups..I mean every hate group..the lazy americans living off the government..illegals who come here for free handouts…living off the government as well..this poc racist bs..and these days its them racist toward everyone else because sadly they for years have been taught the world owes them something..Not to mention all the chaos, lies, killings, protest..all this started 8 years ago….and got much worse if alot of it didnt start up because people were pissed Hillary I mean Killary for winning the election. The left wants everyone to believe these rediculous stories that honestly if you read between the lines you know is straight bullshit! This world is not in Chaos over Trump or anything Trump has done wrong. Infact, the world is in chaos because non Trump supporters that wouldnt even give the man the time of day he announced he was running acted like immature crybabies still do and they are ignorant uneducated selfish bias bigot snowflake racist! They are divinding this country. The left will have anyone believe anything..get over it move on sgeesh stop being lil cry babies for once! This shooting was devestating in Las Vegals it is a crime of pure evil! I wouldnt doubt it if the democrats snowflakes didnt have something to do with this. Do I know forsure No I do not. This is only a personal theory…and my point too…yours is only a theory you have no proof nor do I about this shooting being something set up through a lot more political bs than people may realize.

          • David

            Their is an official white house petition for trump to pay for his own vacations. Trump never denied it. If he was paying he would have said so. But neither he or his staff deny it.

          • shirley doughty

            well, so far he hasn’t gone on a vacation. Yes he has gone for weekends to his property, but so did most of the other presidents, and Bush even had a presidential office in hi ranch in Texas. Those are not vacations those are weekends off. and even Trump had meetings there and worked throughout them. So he can’t have a game of golf on his own course. Shoot Obama was all over the world on lavish vacations on our dime, and took anybody and every body with him, and played gold all of the time, and went to Hollywood constantly. He and Michelle once went to Hollywood on the same day, but took 2 jets cause they had different times to be there. Gee, couldn’t they have shared a jet4 and then found somewhere to stay till the other’s appointments. So guess only the fuel and SS protection has been used, and all of the presidents and families have had that. So why are everyone complaining about Trump. Trump has always done many good things for common people though out his life with no fan fare, but of course you are not going to believe that. again, I say you research it yourself and see. Trump is human and has made mistakes through out his life, but who hasn’t. I’m 70 and have made plenty, but he also has a good heart and helps many people without all the hoopla of the Obama’s or Hillary. Did either of them give a million dollar contribution to the hurricane benefits of their own money. oh, heck no they didn’t, and from what I heard about Haiti,, even money they collect for storm damages, they kept most of it. So exactly what VACATION has Trump been on for us to pay. trips to your own properties don’t count.

          • David

            I stopped at no vacation. He took a 17 day vacation a while back. If you start off lying about easily debunkable stuff Im sure you lied much more. Just the facts, my fellow American.

          • Beverly Snowshoes

            Do you actually believe the bullshit you just wrote Summer Donahue?

          • Greg Artz

            And what is Trump’s pay? Oh yes he doesn’t take a salary!

          • David

            He makes more than his salary with those weekend trips and I only saw him donate one check to Forestry Services.

          • Greg Artz

            Oh, it must be nice to be an insider that sees everything Trump does! And did you complain about all of Obama’s trips or any of the trips Moochelle took without him, a lot of them overseas!

          • David

            suck it up snowflake! trump is laziest most golf playing President ever.

            Here PR, take this golf trophy!!

          • David

            Obama didnt take nearly as many vacays as trump. His whole family in 8 years wont add up to 2 years of trump alone.

            Trump is raking in that dough every single weekend. Where is he now?

          • Greg Artz

            How convenient! You have selective recollection of events! Done with you and your stupidity!

          • David

            Truth hurts! trump laziest President Ever!

          • Donna

            Haha!! I was going to reply and say the same thing!!

          • Rockie Wilbur Broaddus


          • JeriLynn Dringenberg

            Problem with statement is that you are the liar. Forty years of investigations and nothing. Don’t start with Obama protected her crap, if that were able to happen, Trump wouldn’t be under investigation. Be so glad when that is over and he is Gone!

          • shirley doughty

            40 years of investigations and nothing. Only because anyone who got to close to Killary ended up dead by suicide with a couple of bullets in the back of their head or some other such horrible accident. They are all afraid of her.Well they haven’t found anything yet, and they even looked under his left sock for dirt. He ain’t going anywhere

          • Charles Cross

            He pays for his vacations himself. He also donated his pay. He payed most of his campaign himself. So how do you get he is doing what you claim. He also sent on million of his own money to Help hurricane victims. He is not a crook he is however very savy about making money. And is doing his best to make it for America. Dam people give the man a chance he has been President less than a yr. and quite fankly is not a politician and that is why we voted for him.

          • David

            One. credible. source.

            Trump would tell the world if he wasnt making this money.

            One. CREDIBLE. source.

            Ive asked another guy, nobody has a source. Trump made a huge deal about not taking a salary and did the photo op giving his first check to Forestry Services, saw that.

            One. CREDIBLE. source.

            You want it to be true, wanting it doesnt make it true.

          • Judy Wood Cunningham Cox

            So, you want someone to prove a negative??

          • David

            Nope, trump uses taxpayer money to fund his vacays, their is a White House Petition and he has never denied it!


          • David

            Nope. Just tell me why Trump attacks media to prove he is not lying but has never addressed who pays for his weekend vacations. Their is an official W.H. petition based on him paying for his weekly vacations and he has not addressed it.

            I ask for one spurce and all I get is attacked. No source yet. We the People are paying for his weekly vacations and that money gors in his pocket, yet everyone of his die hards denies it with no proof.

            SOURCE, or have a Blessed werk, fellow American.

          • shirley doughty

            why not look it up yourself. You have not given us any sources for your comments either.

          • David

            Just so you know. Their is a White House Petition for Trump to pay for his own vacations. Easy to find. If Trump were paying I’m sure he would destroy the lie. Plus multiple news sites are trying to pin the cost. Again, if he were paying, he would shove it right up every reporters behind. He never just sits back and takes it.

            Have a blessed evening my fellow American, Im going to do some night fire.

          • Judy Wood Cunningham Cox

            You are ridiculous. I’d gladly, as a taxpayer, pay for President Trump to vacation. All presidents deserve vacations as our leaders. Obama took that to the extreme and made how many trips to Hawaii and spent how many millions on the backs of the taxpayers? Where were you and your complaints then??

          • David

            Trump vacays every weekend and Profits. He bashed O for it and O didnt take one every weekend and the money didn’t go into his account

          • David

            By estimates on MULTIPLE sources without a single rebuttal from the W.H. Trump will spend more alone than Obama and family in 8 years.
            Is that fake news?

            AGAIN, not a peep from Trump who attacks media daily. Or his staff who viciously protects him or get fired.

          • shirley doughty

            maybe he doesn’t deny or admit anything, because he has more important things to do than worry about ALL the drivel that little people’s minds worry about when there are active shooters, hurricanes, and NK. He has a clear conscience about his weekend rest periods, in which he is still doing government business. He has NOT been on a vacation since he took office.

          • David

            Trump attacks media all the time. If he can prove them wrong he does. He went to war with CNN, so stop with the “no time to address it” crap. He even retweets memes of him fighting CNN. If he was paying he would swiftly prove it and any unbias mind knows it.

            Going golfing at his property is vacation, just visiting can be considered whatever you choose.
            Either way himself snd his whole enteroge has to eat and sleep. Taxpayer funds pay that.

            He took a 17 day vacation while the White House was being remodeled. Why do you guys just lie so much? Do you just make it up as you go?
            Cnn is very biased, but you are just plain lying.

          • shirley doughty

            and already done a lot more than the previous president helping this country and working on his campaign promises Too bad we can’t say the same thing about congress and their lack of work.

          • Lisa Cotita

            Yes exactly

          • Big Mike

            Lisa, shut your pie hole. When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.
            Now get on your knees and get to work!!!!

          • Kelly Pease

            Well said David hes a crook in fancy clothes and those are the worst ones ever

          • David

            Thank you.
            Seriously, may GOD Bless you more than you dream you deserve.

          • Terri Lang

            I dont know any vets that arent better informed and better judges of character than you sir

          • Mike Marcavage

            pathological liar is Hillary, oh and lets donate millions to the Clinton foundation tax free then donate it back to ourselves, they all do it and have been doing it for years, they don’t get rich being stupid.

          • @MadJewessWoman

            TOPIC is not Trump hate and delusion, topic:
            Las Vegas: Video Footage Confirms Multiple Shooters, Co-ordinated Attack

          • David

            Yup, but we are Americans, we can converse on whatever topic we choose. Its not North Korea…..


          • @MadJewessWoman

            Stay on topic.

          • Lisa Cotita

            Why are you so rude? I would pay more attention to what youre saying if you weren’t so harsh. Which is really weird watching you be rude and nasty while bashing the President for the same thing. Since you learn so much from actions, you should pay closer attention to your own.

          • David

            Whatever. You are mad at what Im saying. But I back every word. I have been called names and not once you see me engaging in juvenile name calling. I even applauded Trump for his awesome work with illegal aliens. The truth is not bashing.

            Be well, fellow American.

          • Gary Lynd

            No it does not… If there were multiple shooters wouldn’t there be windows that were broken ? OHHHHH maybe the shooter fixed them !!! One video with a light that flickers has you believing multiple shooters. Stars flicker too ! Maybe aliens are shooting at us !!!

          • Brad Vogt

            thats what i said where is the broken window ,and there is no broken windows on the 4th floor and there would have to be because the windows do not open there they are shatter proof glass which it clearly shows only windows that were out was where the shooter was, its a fake vid.

          • @MadJewessWoman

            ^^Conspiracy theorist^^

          • Mysteriously62

            I don’t care if you are a vet or not, you do NOT know what the good things he is doing because none of the media won’t be telling you. I am a high school drop out but I have had the great honor of meeting him way before he thought about running for President. While he is in Florida, at his house instead of expensive hotels he is working. He is a workoholic that is why he is and has what he does. You are talking about a guy that donates his salary quarterly instead of sticking it in his pocket. And a small fact…Obama had the largest Security force of ALL Presidents. Probably a slight of paranoia being black and all. and he had the fences modified around the grounds. When he visited his home, he didn’t work he played in Hawaii with a complete group of hanger-ons that we footed the bill for. Just saying, you do not know the man Trump!

          • David

            I know you dont, trump brainwashed you to attack all that oppose him. Im watching his DISGUSTING display in Puerto Rico right now.

            Were you proud when he attacked the Mayor of London when INNOCENT blood was still warm in the streets twisting that mans words to push his own agenda?

            Are you proud he makes more than his salary by pocketing taxpayer money every weekend? Imagine if a world leader attacked OUR President moments after the Vegas shooting!! No, imagine if they were mean and nasty as Trump was! Picture it!!

            Trumps security force is just as big, plus he has private security whether we pay or not I wont pretend to know.

            I dont know trump, I judge him by his actions. He told Puerto Rico they didnt have a real catastrophe and tossed paper towels and toilet paper at them. He told them their hurricane screwed up his budget.
            Why say that to a devistated island
            Full of AMERICANS? I served with Puerto Ricans they answered the call without being asked. Trump dodged the draft as many times as he went bankrupt and left blue collar workers flapping in the wind while he trotted of into the sunset without a care in the world.

            Trump is everything wrong with the Country I lost friends too, and he is playing with nuclear war like its a video game.

            You live in your trump fanasty. I will be a realist, in the Country I sacraficed for. I turned 18 in boot camp and was deployed before I was old enough to drink. I Served for your opinion and mine.

            Be Blessed, fellow American.

          • Mysteriously62

            We are completely on polar opposites. I believe he is one of the best Presidents in decades. And Obama was the worst. He doesn’t take taxpayer money. In fact he donates his quarterly salary. By LAW he has to take it. Trump has not stopped working in the 220+ days of his tenure. He may go to Mara-Lago but that is his home. And while there he has dignitaries from around the world there to do business. President Obama and Michelle went into the White House with about $800k in the bank. Somehow with a salary of $450k (?) per year he left the White House with $15 million in the bank. Plus he is traveling around the world with more Secret Service protecting him right now than Trump has and he is current President. Melania has 5 assistants, to where Michelle had over 20! I am not blinded at all. We just see things differently. God Bless to you as well.

          • David

            Trump has stopped working every single weekend. He made a spectacle of donating one check to Forestry Services, made sure it was a black guy too, lol. Not heard a word about any others.

            If trump werent stuffing his pockets he’d have said he was footing the bill after all the accusations of him indirectly putting taxpayer money into his own pockets. He attacks every story he doesnt like. Not a peep about this! Hes making a ton every weekend, far more thsn his salary.

          • infidel&glad

            Isn’t he working as President for nothing. As in give his pay check for President back?

          • David

            He publicized giving one back, but he makes more on his weekly trips to his own properties of taxpayer money.

          • Gary Lynd

            No argument there. So tell me are you saying Hillary wasn’t ? If not then why complain about Trump. If one really desires to complain, complain about the voting procedure and how in the hell did we get stuck with those two options. As I said you could have voted for hemorrhoids or instead you could vote for hemorrhoids. In either case you’re stuck with a pain in the ass.

          • David

            Im pissed too, I wanted Kasich. I honestly said Id only vote for HRC if she ran against trump in a nightmare scenario joke. Then the nightmare happend.

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            Actually no; or Hellery, Schumer, Pelousi etc would be bleating it 24/7.

          • David

            Is that supposed to be a coherant response?

          • Gary

            Your a vet? Sure you are. We believe you. Honestly. Pinky swear.

          • David

            USMC 0351 1st Mar Div

            Just because I dont feel the way you do does not make me a liar. If I was blindly supporting Trump you wouldnt question it. Such is life.

          • Dan Madrid

            and his use of the bankrupcy code.has to be fraud…..the rich bankrupt?….dont think so!

          • David Frank

            A, show me proof of what you are saying because what you said is false. Hate to call a Marine a veteran, but that’s what you did. He donated his paycheck to charities. He has given the military back their might and pride that Obama tried to reduce and remove. And as far as the WEEKLY vacations, he has spent more time in Houston, Florida, the Keys and now Las Vegas and Puerto Rico than anywhere else. And if he did go to his golf coarse or property, it wouldn’t cost him anything. Not like the Obamas who spent over 2 billion dollars in vacations in 8 years. And he isn’t a known SCAM artist. He took a $1000 dollar loan from his grandfather and turned it into multibillions. So you can throw out all the hate and spout lies if you would like. But the facts show them up in the light.

          • David

            Look, you can make believe all you want. Go to White House OFFICIAL website and you will see the petition for him to pay for his own vacations.
            Why would Trump not say so if he paid for his vacations with all that’s written about it? He attacks anything false written about him. He has never claimed once that he pays. Not once, EVER.

            Yes we saw his first check go to the Forestry Services. Nothing about any others that I know of.

            Trump University was a SCAM. Jeez, why lie? He settled the class action law suit out of court for 25 million.

            He did not take a thousand dollar loan from his Grandpa! Lol, his Dad was the mogul. Fred Trump. So that alone destroys part of your lie. I dont know how much he got from his Dad. Wall Street Journal proved it was at least 14 million through a casino liscense disclosure form in 1985 before he was a even a Candidate, so dont start the fake news crap. What he did with that loan is incredible. But your thousand dollar loan is a lie.

            Trump weekend vacations at his properties number well over 50 already.

            You are full of fake news. I have no clue where you get info from. But that whole post was false. Its not hate, its truth. Truth is what I seek and I dont just make crap up or go by hearsay, like it seems you do.

          • Tommy Helton

            So you didn’t pass the asvab and like Obummees trips to Hawaii

          • David

            lmao!! I scored well enough to be an 0411 Embark. I switched to grunt in boot camp, smart guy. But whatever you need to believe….

            Trump is on course to hit the golf course 100 times this year alone!! His spending will lapse Obama AND family 8 year mark in his first term. Not counting his family or his wife staying in trump tower. Trump will spend more than any president in vacations and most of it will go right back in his pocket. He told you himself he could make money running, why would that mind frame stop once in office?!!

            Con of the Century!!

          • Tommy Helton

            I would read my statistics again. Obama was a free spending president. The national debt reflects that

          • David

            And trump is on course to outdo the Obama FAMILY spending in a couple years. Not including his children. Plus he puts the bulk of it back into his pockets. You dont think he brings the crew to his properties every weekend because he misses the places do you?

            Obamas family spent on average with other first families. Most presidents double or nearly double the debt. Obama has 2 kids who stayed in WH and attended D.C. area schools. You are lying to yourself if you say trump and his family spend less.

          • Sgt2U

            First of all, thanks for your service son. You have the right to be on any side of the fence you want to be on, but the funny thing is, as I was reading your descriptive comment, I thought you were speaking of Hillary. I guess perspective changes on either side of the fence. Semper Fi!

          • JiimmyJohns

            HOW CAN YOU BE SO DENSE? How much more fucked up shit does Trump have to spew before you realize he’s a horrible person?

          • trid2bnrml


          • Sgt2U

            Didn’t take too long to learn what kind of person you are Sparky.

          • Sgt2U

            Didn’t take me long to realize you’re a horrible, vile person Skippy.

          • Sgt2U

            Seems like you still don’t realize how horrible a person Obama is.

          • Ed Betterley

            Trump is out of his league please this isn’t a coverup.

          • susan dyck

            good call

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            Obama was way out of his league…Trump is kicking ass when it comes to things that actually matter.

          • Dan Toural

            Their actions since inauguration day guarantees their reign is over. Do we really want these people to be our leaders? Trump WILL get re-elected, AND the seats of democrats will be filling up with Republicans, as time goes forward. The Dems have lost it FOREVER.

          • DMikeS

            Unfortunately, a lot of those “lefties” are RINO’s.

          • David

            Obama left this Country better off than he got it. 7 years of economic growth and steadily rising job numbers.

          • jmg09

            Obama did that? Which companies did he run? Who did he hire?

            Obama didn’t grow the economy any more than Trump is growing it now. The only thing a politician can do to grow the economy is get the hell out of the way. Obama didn’t do that. The economy grew in spite of Obama, is it naturally does. Had Obama gotten government out of the way, we wouldn’t have had such a horrendously slow recovery.

          • David

            Obama was still creating jobs after he left office! Ford said so themselves! He put that new plant into action in 2015. Again, trump tried to take credit for it and Ford said Obama did ot ON CAMERA. When people were blasting Obamas work as handouts he was growing the economy. Saying a President cant grow the economy is absolutely absurd.

            Not even the staunchest O hater can show proof that his stimulus package was not what drug us out the great recession!!

            He is credited with creating over 11 million jobs in 8 years
            and when he took office we were bleeding 800,000 jobs a month. It all started with the stimulus package he fought to get done. THEN he got out the way. No one can deny the results if being unbiased.

            I voted for Mccain btw!

          • David

            Im sorry that was THREE Ford plants and the way Obama got it done was
            a deal between Ford and the United Auto Workers Union. It created and retained 8,500 JOBS per Kelli Felker, spokesperson for ford.

            Trump being the lying, grubby crook he is tried to take credit for it.

          • Debbie Scroggins

            Trumps isn’t even taking a frikkin Pay check you Idiot

          • David

            But he does go to a property of his EVERY weekend and transfers taxpayer money indirectly back into his pocket. You realize how much money his properties make in a single weekend housing and feeding his team? Better than a Prez salary.

            Also, I saw the 1st one go to park services and havent heard anything about the rest of them.

          • Ed Betterley

            Too avoid a conflict of interest and financial betterment of himself Trump should stay at mom and pop hotels to avoid being tainted and having the opportunity to get another big donor.

          • David

            No, but he doesn’t need to leave every weekend. It not about any of that other crap. Its about blatantly enriching himself every weekend. We(myself included) bellyached about Obamas vacations and he wasnt gone every weekend or enriching himself. I dont do double standards.

          • danvail

            Doesn’t have to – he’s going to his properties every weekend charging us millions for his privilege.

          • Ed Betterley

            Trump also isn’t working and golfs way more then Obama ever did and his golf scores are higher .

          • Jana Radford

            Ahh, Debbie, using your favorite word again.

          • jmg09

            So many things wrong with this post.

            Corporate welfare does not create jobs, it only puts government in charge of picking winners and losers, instead of the free market. Ford praised Obama because they got handouts from the government. That’s a “seen” benefit, but what you’re missing is the “unseen” costs. The true result is Obama propped up a failed business plan. Why reward failure? Yes, it saved some jobs, but how many did it cost?

            Again, politicians do not create jobs. Period.

          • Ed Betterley

            Obama created the conditions for many jobs to survive that otherwise would have been gone over what the Bush administration did.

          • jmg09

            Obama picked winners and losers.

          • JB Whalen

            Ford Motor Company did not participate in the stimulus package bailout. It takes a special kind of brainwashed and blind follower to use the only American car company that took no “handouts” as an example of why they “praised” our President.

          • jmg09

            As I said, Ford benefited from corporate welfare.


          • tjs48180

            Of course there was a job increase, there was no where to go but up. He did not do anything special with Ford. They didn’t even take a government loan. Here is a quote from a Detroit local paper:
            Ford on Wednesday accused the Obama administration of playing “eleventh-hour politics”..

          • David

            Okay, I was just going by the interview and what Finkel said about the situation. I figured she, being a high level ford employee knew what she was talking about.

          • Conor Maguire

            All you’re doing when you reply David is showing us exactly why you joined the service. We’re sorry school didn’t work out for you and your house ran out of pop-up picture books. But I think hooked on phonics is having a sale.

          • Carol

            David again… you know that Ford is part of the global elite ????? Black youth unemployment was at 53% when o left office and we were down over 14 million, manufacturing & labor jobs, and replaced with only part-time jobs if at all.. Zero growth in new business because of the massive regulations he placed on small business. If the economy had recovered under o the Fed would have raised the interest rate….didn’t happen. o and his basket of deplorables were really good at cookin’ the books and the MSM helped them do it and covered it up. MSM and all media outlets are owned by 5 major corporations…..the global elite !!!

          • David

            Okay you win, the global elite are coming to get us!

            All I know is gas went down and my family home and property went back up. Most in the places I go went from not much work to steady work. Not part time. Mustve been different in your neck of the woods and I pray you get what you desire out of Trump.

          • Ed Betterley

            The US is struggling for many reasons and the economic policies of the rich have so much to do with it and the onslaught of global trade that won’t go away.Big business wanted this global trade .

          • Debbie Scroggins

            Do you not know how much money Obama gave that company that they NEVER paid back And Trump could do a hell of alot more if People would leave him alone

          • David

            Nobody but Congress can stop POTUS. Media cant stop him from doing his job. He chooses to go back and forth with these petty reporters. Bush jr. and Obama just let them talk, Prez could do the same.

          • Ed Betterley

            Trump can’t even work with his own people as he is a bully.

          • Meanpuppydog

            learn English. Every comment you make has errors. It is A LOT. A LOT. A LOT.. not alot.
            as in…. I HAVE A LOT of brains. or You have a lot of nothing.

          • Ed Betterley

            Saying anything good about Obama gets in the way of the vilification process that ignores facts and analysis too many embrace.

          • stevie six

            Ford Motor Company didn’t take stimulus money..

          • David

            It was an agreement with Auto workers union, sure I said that.

          • Ed Betterley

            Had the Obama administration not injected badly needed funds into the money supply as the economy was crashing and contracting the world would suffered a depression and then all bets are off with what that brings.

          • jmg09


          • aicrams

            You’re not a lefty? gimme a break

          • David

            Im a gun toting Usmc vet who grew up raising cattle in S. Louisiana.

          • stephencarlsbad

            Sure you are…

          • David

            0351 1998/02
            1st Mar Div

            13th Meu.

            No reason to lie over the interweb!!!

          • Jana Radford

            Are you a alt righty? This could be a fun game…righty, lefty, centrally, commie, fascist and more

          • Charles Duke

            David…..really? Doubled National debt over ALL other Presidents combined…Most individuals on welfare by Double…Lowest GDP Growth since the Great Depression, Almost Killed greatest Healthcare system in the world, Socialist, Muslim sympathizing Anti-American…That’s King Hussein’s legacy!

          • David

            Ecxept for Clinton EVERY single President doubled the National debt. Fact, research it.

            Also, as many sources prove trump skewered the numbers on gdp growth by putting annual numbers against quarterly numbers. That has to be what you are referring to.

            Healthcare is a tough one for me, I cursed ACA until he affected me directly. My VA obviously doesnt cover my sister who has been in and out of remission twice. I would have had a rough time after that hethen raised the price of her medicenes 500 percent. On the other hand I see people struggle with it. Its like its great for those in dire need but sucks for healthy Americans.

            Welfare, you win!

            The rest is just hate. I Served with Muslims on several deployments and most were more Patriotic than Christians. I see red, white and blue and bleed green. The only muslims I know personally were Marines and are good people and I would stand with them, am I a “muslim sympathizer” for that? Or does it make me anti-American to base my feeling for my fellow man on his character and not religion?

            Oh well, call me what you will and GOD bless. I sleep well at night.

          • tjs48180

            My sister died of cancer, before ACA. They had not problem putting her on medicaid immediately upon discovery of the tumors. There were programs available but Obama and crew decided to make people scared and tell them there wasn’t.

          • David

            Okay, thanks for info. I was just telling my story. Your sister doing well, I hope!!

          • stephencarlsbad

            His sister is dead you blind fool! Can’t you read?!

          • David

            I already fixed that, I wont stoop to petty name calling.

          • David

            Im so sorry!! I was doing too many things at once, Sorry for your loss.

            I hope you didnt think I was being an A.

          • Rykko

            I see the lefty comes out, not several comments above you said you were not a lefty but man all comments after is all over lefty so you lost all credibility Dave.

          • David

            Because Im unbiased? Because I dont pretend everything done by him was evil? Everything isnt black or white and I wont pretend it is.

          • SkepticalQuery

            You are not unbiased:
            “Ecxept for Clinton EVERY single President doubled the National debt. Fact, research it”
            If that were true, this graph would follow a geometric progression (Note: source Washington Post):

            And this chart would have all the lines around 100% (same source):

            Those are found on this page:

            They fact that you start off your comment by stating as flat fact something which is easily demonstrated to be false is telling. It is all too easy to find charts and data on the national debt.

          • David

            This has been gone over and over to death. I could start linking graphs too, all of them are a little different. Do real research and pull up multiple graphs, never stop at one source…. EVER. CNN doesnt have a monopoly on biased news.

            But even before Obama came in office Bush doubled the debt I remember well how Dems used it as cannon fodder. This is not strictly an Obama issue.
            But if you need it to be….

          • Gary Lynd

            You are so wrong…You are slightly off..I did research it as I research everything…24 presidents did not double it !!! OH and you trusted the Washington Post !!! LMAO…Use real data not second hand data !!

          • SkepticalQuery

            Odd, I chose WaPo because they are biased left. They would clearly be the most apt to skew the data in the direction David needs. So, yes, I agree, their data is through their lens, but even through their lens, the data doesn’t support David’s BS.

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            No….what he is referring to is Obama was the only POTUS to never reach 3% GDP EVER and it didn’t have a damn thing to do with Trump “skewering numbers”. It has to do with over taxation and regulation of business sending companies fleeing oversees because they can’t make money here anymore. Obama ruined the VA and our healthcare system not Trump.

          • Gary Lynd

            You have no clue !!! Why did major corporations ship jobs overseas ? Because a law was passed by our wonderful house and senate that allows firms to keep profits made overseas in off shore accounts that the USA will not tax. Presently about 2 trillion dollars in corporate profits sits off shore and has never been declared and taxed. BUT every now and then our country offers tax holidays where for one day they can bring it back free and clear (untaxed) Most of it ends up as bonuses for exec’s. Maybe someday you might truly understand business !!

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            I have no clue and you believe Obama was good fir this country. Not only are you clueless, you are delusional. You love the worst president we ever had just because he’s a democrat. You do realize this is no longer JFKs Democrat party? This is the far left cult. And they aren’t here to help you. Wake up already buddy

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            Hey clueless…I’m back. If your law is the reason business in leaving then why are they coming back now that Trump lowered taxation and regulation??? LOL!!! Your law still here…taxes and regulations lowered. Business coming back. It’s because you were dead wrong and I was correct! Maybe someday you will get the most basic understanding of economics! LOL!!!

          • danvail

            Greatest health care system in the world? When the 1700s

          • Ed Betterley

            I get the joke but even then the US never had the best health care system in the world.

          • Ed Betterley

            The debt rate slowed under Obama, the economy began a recovery after the depression Bush created.The US debt will continue upward under Donald also and at a greater per cent-age rate.Health care system moved to actually cover all people which is needed.A leader the world respected unlike Trump.Obama believed in social programs to help all not just the rich who have amassed more wealth since Ronnie Raygun then ever in US history and in doing so help wipe out the middle class.Supported all citizens rights not just the chosen few the elite wanted to.Obama was constantly under attack by lies about his birth by Donald and others and behaved with grace under pressure. Economy grew every year he was in.Wow you distort the truth to paint a false picture, and false reality, economics and analysis weren’t your strong points in school it is clear to see.Fake coverage isn’t needed.

          • Charles Cross

            Obama Bowed to me that is all i needed to see. The President of the Greatest Nation on Earth should never bow to anyone for any reason. He spewed his love for muslims or have you people forgotten. His cabinet was full of proven brotherhood members as I believe he is also. Why the United States voted anyone Named BARAC HUSSEIN OBAMA into office I will never know.

          • Jana Radford

            There you have it, in a nutshell, Charles has bought into the faux news on Obama, hook line and sinker. Not an original thought or knowledge in anything he says. Charles what is your source? I would love to know.

          • Vicki Childers Hadden

            I couldn’t of said it better myself. Educate David please. David better listen to Charles. He knows what he is talking about.

          • David

            I listen to everything and form an opinion. Why is that weird?

          • Kathleen Elrod

            ha ha ha ha, no you really believe that? 1% growth is not growth…increase debt (more then all the others combined) Check the work force numbers-the true measure of employment. Obama had BLM in the White House. He was/is the very description of decisive. “The cops acted stupidly” “If I had a son” both times he was WRONG. He is and has always been “just” a community organizer. A rabble rouser. He shows no signs of quitting. The thing he wanted most was to be a celebrity, all the talk shows, late night shows. Having a huge party every Wednesday at the White House with predominantly black entertainers. (no photos aloud-why would that be?) Trump has been in the lime light for over 30 years-Elise Island Awarded in 86′ etc.. but until he ran for President everyone wanted to be next to him. So that tells you what? He changed? or the Power that have been in control are now worried about their status quo?

          • David

            Okay, you hate Obama! I didnt vote for him but remained unbiased. All I know was we were in a horrible recession then after a year things picked back up. I cursed the stimulus package as handouts just like you probably did, but I cant argue with success.

            Sorry, I see no change in President Trump from Tv to the Office.

          • Kathleen Elrod

            Sorry I do not “hate” anyone. I am the type of person who “does” my research. Before I vote for anyone, I do my due diligence. From school board, Judges to Presidents. So I researched Obama’s records, what I could find of them. A person can not find his HS records. His college records were sealed. His law records sealed. Could find where he was a guest lecture at college-not a law professor. Where he sat second chair as a lawyer in one court room on one case. Found where he went to school as Barry in Indonesia, but no record of how he returned to the US. His Senate records were lost. But he did “vote” present 173 times. Co-authored a bill to allow doctors not to help babies that survived abortions. His book “Dreams of My Father” has more syntax in common with William Ayers writing then any other writing he has claimed. The list is expansive. Under Obama we as a nation were at rock bottom, we had no where to go but up, even in spite of every road block he put up. So I claim to be unbiased-I don’t look at what people are feeding us. I find where they get their information and back track until I run out of road. So thank you for your service and we will have to agree to disagree. From a “gun toting” raised in the boonies southern (way way south-as far south as you can get without swimming for Cuba) lady.

          • David

            I do my research as well, and I just dont understand how Obama could have got that far without our Intelligence catching it. An fbi applicant cant get a second interview with just one of those holes.

            It is what it is, Im just being unbiased and am being attacked from all angles even after I said I never voted for him. We are all in this together and I love each and every American and pray for our Nation.

          • Vicki Childers Hadden

            So good to read something from someone that does their research. All you wrote is true. I am like you in that I check out people that run for office. As best I can. But I do hate esp. Hillary. And before that her husband. Never liked either one of them. Don’t trust them. If I cannot trust someone I want nothing to do with them. Doesn’t matter who. But at my age I think I can feel any way I want. I am 77 years old and would like to leave this world a better place for my Grandkids and Great Grand kids. I feel I put up with Obama for 8 years they can put up with Trump for 8 years. And I hope he does good. And I think he could if the Left would give him a chance. Not to mention the Republicans in office like the senate and Congress etc. If Seems Like Sometimes they are working against him.

          • Charles Cross

            Want to see some real cia clinton espionage check out the Mena Connection. Now Tom Cruise in a movie with as one of the MAIN players in the murders and drug dealings, arms dealing etc that Clinton was messed up in. But he got to be president because he did it.

          • Jana Radford

            You must mean Barry Seal. Clinton was governor in AR when he lived there. But you are wrong about the rest. This was reagan’s doing along with Bush. Come on, you must know your history on Iran Contra stupidity. In fact if you read more on Barry, he was involved in the Bay of Pigs, running drugs in the 70’s. The movie only embellished certain facts, but the time line concerning TWA and the rest was off. Clinton has nothing to do with it. What was implied in the movie was the CIA pulling the strings including Clinton’s supposed call to the AG

          • Ed Betterley

            Many women never felt safe around Trump.

          • Bos95

            And how many women would that be exactly? Fake news anyone?

          • Debbie Scroggins

            OMG Your an Idiot

          • David

            I converse like a mature adult, if you feel the need for juvenille namecalling, have at it.

          • Kathy Smith

            omg, learn the difference between your and YOU’RE before you start calling names that you should apply to yourself!

          • Meanpuppydog

            No, YOU’RE the idiot. Or, YOU ARE the idiot.
            NOT YOUR AN IDIOT.

          • Jana Radford

            Debbie, do you have anything that remotely contributes to the conversation instead of calling names? Not much else to say to you.

          • Lewis Byron Chatellier Jr

            what growth??? there was no growth till Trump rolled back all the BS red tape…Obummer had 0 to do with the economy rite now…

          • David

            Okay, everything has been going up for 7 years. He took a COUNTRY in recession and made it better. Tjats how I saw it.

          • sportrac

            Where are these fake numbers your talking about . I do t know what planet you live on but he never got the job numbers up only down
            He created afairy take with companies that all went down the. drain. The economy he kept it down to drag this country down the man was a farce and was put in there to appease a few.

          • David

            Okay, my family land went up when he was in office.
            You dont have to insult me for giving my opinion. Im not attacking anyone.

          • Ed Betterley

            Fake news of the right once again that ignore the true story.

          • Vicki Childers Hadden

            David Now that is fake news. Obama started all this crap with racist problems. And did not raise jobs he lost jobs. And what Economic growth? Where do you get your information?

          • Ed Betterley

            Read credible sources, job growth every month under Obama.

          • George Whitney Sr

            Ed Betterley and David are the same progressive’s bot.

          • trid2bnrml

            do they pay you by the hour or by the comment?

          • David

            Oh come on, lol. I got rained out 2 days in a row… Im bored! I love arguing as long as folks can be mature.

            People always have different opinions. But since Soros and blm everybody is paid unless they agree. Whats the point? Election is over.

            First time I heard paid commenter though.

          • Jack Thompson

            Check your 401K lately ? If you don’t want the gains……I’ll take it. Do you have a 401K ? Sorry.

          • David

            Nope, self employed. All I know is we were hurting 8 years ago and property values were crap. Not anymore. My area slowly came back and people went back to work.

          • Matt B.

            Wake up!

          • David

            I am woke. Trump is a KNOWN scam artist and PROVEN pathological liar. You wake up and stop pretending Trump didnt tell you he would release his tax returns over and over.

            How are you comfortable with him reforming taxes when he repeatedly lied then refused to show his.

            But Im asleep?


          • We Con

            U can’t be fkn serious? He’s placed more debt on the american people then all of the other presidents combined, and that’s all the way back to George Washington!!

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            Obama was the first President to never reach 3% GDP. He is also the first to struggle out of a depression rather than to have a strong recovery. We are a house of cards that was ready to just implode had Hillary brought more far left economic insanity. Optimism about Trump is the only thing keeping the stock market at record highs and the things Trump is accomplishing are keeping it that way. The stock market sucked for 8 years under Obama….went through the roof as soon as he was gone and Trump took over. People who know a lot more than you about the economy had zero optimism under Obama and tons of it under Trump. If it were just based on Trump’s reputation for business alone it would be dead by now. It’s what he has done and what he is doing. His first 9 months were more productive than Obama’s 8 years of carnage on our economy.

          • Gary Lynd

            Yea and he doubled our national debt !!! Oh and rising job numbers ? But salaries dropping dramatically as any good job got shipped overseas.

          • Josie

            Thank You Tammy. It’s good to read clear common sense thinking. With so many haters and trolls around it keeps me wondering who’s nuts. Keep up the fight Patriot.

          • Jeff Mace

            if the Russian shoe fits. Obama was far better. Trump has been and continues to be an unmitigated disaster. Obama was busy digging us out of the debris…and doing a pretty decent job despite your types and your obstruction.

          • Lewis Byron Chatellier Jr

            You can’t talking about Barak Obama.. all that joker did is screw up the country and golf on the tax payers dime…

          • Ed Betterley

            Trump golfs more then Obama ever did.Fake right wing lies that have have been fed to the sheep you spew Lewis.

          • Lewis Byron Chatellier Jr

            Trump golfs correct he also is usually working too at his golf course… Also when he golfs it’s not on the tax payers some again his golf coarse… Can’t say he’s taking tax payer money to be paid to golf either he is donating is presidential pay to charity… beside he did more in his 8months the obummer did his whole 8yrs… probably would have more done to make America great again if the Dems would confirm his appointment and dems wouldn’t obstruct at every turn… but that’s a dream that will never happen to butt hurt to do their jobs…

          • Jeff Mace

            I think you’re talking about Trump…who has already golfed more than Obama…who actually didn’t screw up anything…sorry.

          • Conor Maguire

            “hi my name is yeefffff”, – how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck Jeff.

          • raffaelecafagna

            FOOL : $ 20 Trillion Deficit . You are very confused and Uninformed .

          • Joanne Verdill Young

            you are right on…..let this man do his job with out all the bullshit

          • JiimmyJohns

            How stupid ARE you?

          • Noah

            Absolutely not. The people did not put trump in office, the republicans did with there gerrymandering. He lost the popular vote. Trump is destroying America. You clearly have no understanding of economics. He will bring th economy to its knees. He’s a failure as a businessman. I know, my uncle was an executive at Trumps hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. He says trump is an incompetent idiot. He wrote a book about it called Trumped by jack Odonnell. Look it up.

          • Wil Smith

            wow!! you really believe that…uneducated, and “good ol american patriots” (undercover racist) voted Thump in to office. Make AMERICA Great Again…..Such B.S.

          • alsoagrandma

            Yeah right Tammy the disabled and elderly and poor are going to be happy.

          • JeriLynn Dringenberg

            You are tired of the BS? Trump creates more BS everyday!

          • Mitch Myrick

            Well look at that, Tammy’s a dumb cunt.

          • alysdexia

            The people = American minority

          • PNutButty

            Do his job what golfing? That’s all I see him do. Go to a disaster 2 weeks after it happened.

          • disqus_AqnMOBHA7q

            oh please

          • disqus_AqnMOBHA7q

            He did…. it was prophesied in 2007 by a man named Kim… google it

          • Bob Jones

            God did save us from Hillary and Marilyn you can believe what you want, but God did answer our prayers and that is why Trump is in the White House.

          • Ed Betterley

            God would have nothing to do with a man of Donald’s moral compass,unless you have a false God.

          • Ghost7Alpha

            Still much better than what was in there for the last eight years!!

          • Steve Harmon

            Russia??? Ahhhhhh ha ha ha, good one, a real knee slapper. Nope, sorry but the prospect of HRC and the border elected My President.

          • Scott Gwin

            Russia has NOTHING to do with our election. If you Still believe that crap, with zero proof, then you are part of the problem!

          • Gordon Andrew

            So you’re just going to ignore the whole if Hillary Clinton wins we will have war with Russia articles published at that time.

          • Scott Gwin

            You call that proof that Russia “interfered” with our election? Seriously, what PROOF has been shown? “If Hillary won we would have war with Russia” articles are hardly “proof” of anything!!!

          • Bobby Arnold

            stupid liberal bullshit

          • ajay

            Stupid does not even begin to explain that comment. Give up on the Russia thing sweetie, it is nothing more than a false narrative put out to deceive stupid people. AND you fell for it! Case proven.

          • Ed Betterley

            Facts say otherwise .

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            Bwahahahaha…you are really slow!!!

          • disqus_dK5xxGQD8Z

            You people need to find something new to bitch about. The Russian narrative is old, tired and put out to pasture.

          • Debi Haley Sindle

            russia was planning on Hildebeast taking the helm….they were all fooled!

          • SanDiegoSteve

            Where is the “laughing at the stupid comment” button on here?

          • carolchristine

            Seriously ? Liberal brainwashing is what happened to you

          • Sam Shaw – Post tenebras lux

            lol the invisible Russian?

          • Ellis Thorwaldson

            You’re an idiot marilyn!

          • stephencarlsbad

            I was a lifelong democrat and left the party to support Trump.
            The facts are: Those who voted for Obama put Trump in the Whitehouse. Without their vote, no one win the oval office. And we’re talking the rust belt and swing states.

          • Pbonz

            Explain help from Russia !

          • Scott ‘The Condor’ Strople


          • trid2bnrml

            shut up hillary. you lost – get over yourself. you will never be president.

          • Richard Foster

            Where is your proof that Russia Helped. Why didn’t you say anything about The owner of Facebook That sold adds to the Russians for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars. He ranks right up there with the major Leotards and Demorats players

          • raffaelecafagna

            FOOL and FULL of HATE .

          • Stocks420


          • Blaine Fillingim

            Your right Russian Oligarks meddled in the elections for Hillary the whole way. Until her ego was so overinflated the people turned on her criminal ass. So i guess in a round about way your right fucking Russia. Whew!

          • Bobby Hastings

            You win the dumbest comment of the day contest. The prize is …’re a dumbass

          • Steve Smith

            Maryland, think about it. The Clinton foundation. Canada. Out of reach for US regs on campaign contributions. Russia commits large donations to foundation. Other countries do the same as well as. Billionaires. Hillary is a sure thing, until she states core America are uneducated, deplorable people thereby igniting the Fuze for her loss as core America responded. Immediately upon her loss, Clinton foundation closes. No need for people to donate in exchange for political favors as she ain’t it. Not to mention bill Clinton receiving world record amounts to give speeches in……….RUSSIA,.,,,do you begin to see where this is going? To divert attention of Russian donations, false claims (now proven to be so) are made that Russia tampered with the election results. It worked! But the FBI you say….. who appointed Corey? OBAMA did, giving him a ten year contract th. Who enforced and controlled who is to be prosecuted and who wasn’t? AGAIN LYNCH APPOINTED BY CLINTON AND BEHOLDEN TO HIM AS WAS ERIC HOLDER. People don’t realize how close this country was to losing democracy. Congress was afraid to do anything. So your parroting what they spoon fed you has been proven false, my oh my, the media hasn’t uttered a Word! And you took it, hook line and sinker just as they wanted you to. If not for yourself, at least think before you formulate your conclusion, for the sake of your children and grandchildren

          • Rockie Wilbur Broaddus

            Stop that, Russia had nothing to do with it.

          • Mike Marcavage

            why would Russia help Trump for a year they tried to prove that and nothing, the one to start the rumor has recanted, not to mention they were getting their uranium from Hillary and that’s a proven fact of the millions she made from them.

          • Jw Ney

            Hillary was Russia’s friend for a price and you sadly are sipping liberal tea.

          • @MadJewessWoman

            you’re a moonbat

          • jack

            You my friend, dont know your scriptures. Daniel 4:17

            This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

          • David Antillon

            1 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. (Romans 13:1-2, ESV)

          • Mysteriously62

            If the FBI found all the information on this asshole homegrown terrorist in a matter of hours why haven’t they even got a smidgen,(obamas word) of evidence against Trump? They keep the liberals/Dems interested and controlled by the “Russia” thing. Some people just need to be told what to think

          • David Frank

            Show proof? There hasn’t been any proof except for the proof that Hilary’s people colluded with the Ukraine government and gave money for papers on the President.

          • Manuel Override

            god nor the republicans did. The republicans most def. did not. the american ppl did.

          • DMikeS

            Show me the proof when you have some. So far, it looks like the Russian’s were really helping the Dems. Look it up.

          • Ronald Pence

            You lost your credibility with the Russian mention. Just another parrots spewing lib nonsense. Any lie mentioned you spew out as truth.

          • Stacy

            He did place him in office but it’s not because he was worthy, it’s because it’s God’s plan in completing the Bible to the end through Revelations. Trump is NOT a Christian – let’s get that straight, and you’re lying to yourself or you’re misinformed if you say otherwise.

          • Stacy

            Everything is working through Him, for good.

          • Sherry Kristoff

            ABSOLUTELY Stacy!!!

          • Sherry Kristoff


          • pattio666


          • Stacy

            Oh, you think He’s listening to you? LMAO

          • Sherry Kristoff

            You do what you want. YOU’RE the one who will have to answer for it one day.

          • Chris L Barron
          • Sherry Kristoff

            If that makes you feel better,so be it. Attack me all you want to if it makes you feel better,but in the back of your mind you will remember things I’ve said. You’re NOT hurting me,you’re hurting YOURSELF.

          • alysdexia

            Prayer kills, murderer.

          • Zekedbone

            How do you know he’s not a child of God? Only God knows each persons heart so let’s let God judge President Trump. That’s our Master’s job not ours because we have no way of knowing.

          • Stacy

            I didn’t say he’s not a child of God. We are all God’s children. The way I get discernment is through the study of God’s Word. When you are familiar with God’s Word, you can see right through just about everyone and everything they do and say and it is our duty to call those things to light. Righteous judgment is our right and INTENDED by God. Sort of like you, you don’t understand what I’m saying because you have not spent time in your Bible so you cannot see what I’m seeing, and you’re taking my statements as a personal attack on you. I’m trying to let you see, but instead you are sitting in hypocritical judgment of me because you think that simply by calling yourself a Christian, you magically become one, and “I am attacking that”. This isn’t about you. I don’t even know you, and you don’t know me. If The Donald were a true Christ-ian, his line of thinking would not be on HIMSELF. He is CONSTANTLY thinking of himself, how he looks, how he can save face, etc, etc, etc. He only wants to be the big man. That’s all he seems to care about. For now, he is still working on his campaign promises, but that desire will pass and it will end up being ALL about him. That makes him dangerous and I’m most definitely not going to turn a blind eye and support every word out of his big mouth because I’m here to do God’s work, not Trump’s.

          • Sherry Kristoff

            You started out really well,BUT then you lost it. WHAT give you the right to say that President Trump is not a Christian???? As I said before I have known what this man has selflessly done for others for over 3 decades. He NEVER sought glory for these things,and that’s why SADLY people like you DO NOT know the REAL TRUTH about him. SAD

          • Michelle Hardy


          • alysdexia

            If you believe in the Gospels, cut your bollocks off, sell everything you own, drink poison, buy a sword and get yourself killed with it.

          • alysdexia

            A heart pumps blood. Primitive Hebrews had no word for mind so they said heart instead. If western culture were founded on Egyptian religion instead you’d say liver. Nonetheless explain why this god had to ask multiple times, wait for his mind to be changed, and send messengers to earth to find out what the Sodomites had done.

          • robert owen

            Trump is the only one who knows if he is Christian. You are in no position to judge. Funny how some people KNOW what they CAN’T possibly know.

          • Stacy

            Oh, like you?

          • alysdexia

            It’s Revelation, cretin, which wrote about events and failed 1950 years ago.

          • jmg09

            Is God registered to vote? I doubt he’s even a citizen. See, this is why we need voter ID laws.

          • Joe Reed

            So sinners can repent by calling the name Trump now?!?!? Wow. Thought Jesus claimed sole ownership of that right a few thousand years ago…when did it change???

          • aicrams

            Pray protection for President Trump his staff and family.

          • Meow

            Take your fake god somewhere else, your bullshit religion is the reason why people have been killing eachother for centuries.

          • Janel Kindberg

            That’s right Trump is no puppet,

          • Tami Decolonize

            god placed you here to make me laugh. LMAO

          • Louis Moffett

            if your ‘god’ put someone in place that calls white supremacists ‘very fine people’ then clearly your ‘god’ is a dead piece of shit that doesnt exist at all

          • danvail

            Let’s examine that God stuff. Are you freaking kidding me? If God supports a man that has been married three times – cheated on each – buys a paegent so he can spy on underage girls, gets caught on audio bragging about grabbing women genetalia cause he can. Cheated everyone he does business with – you have a whole different God than I do.

          • Lig_Patin

            God’s not that stupid to do that!

          • raffaelecafagna

            That is your Opinion . Are you Atheist .?????

          • Buddy Smith

            Figs do not grow from thorn trees…
            God Blessed America with President Donald J Trump!

          • Noah

            You have got to be kidding me. Trump supported by god. Wow your god is evil. Trump is a hate filled racist. You are a dangerous human.

          • Horst Manure

            Another God nutter get well soon,,Religion is the reason WE will never have peace,,

          • Ronald Nicholls

            you are mentally ill lady.

          • Hozey

            No,God did not place Trump in office. But better him than hillary.

          • Dan Madrid


          • TP82

            God didn’t put Trump into office. The general apathy of the American citizens who were entitled to vote, but chose not to is what put Trump into office.

            However, if God did put Trump into office, it is just yet another example of God’s sense of humour, right up there with the Platypus!

          • John Hick

            Hey Cate, and all you other right wing extremist religious zealots, have you ever actually read the bible? Maybe you should take a look at Mathew 7:1-6… I’m very sorry for you that you have broken God’s law and now will likely be doomed for eternity…

        • Dick Johnston

          Is that why he paid for his own campain? Is that why 1/2 of his party wants him gone?

          • Cheryl Russell

            Great answer Dick!!

          • Dick Johnston


          • SleepyAlligator

            He paid for part of his own campaign, but not 100% of it. Small individual contributions and large individual contributions played a part, too.

          • Mr.Conservative

            Sleepy go and check where those campaign individual contributions went, you will see they went to the republican party.

          • Rupert J. Cahill

            Only small. Of course the GOP paid in some towards the election. But his campaigne was his own and small doners, which oly#ly amounted to 4-5 million.

          • Dick Johnston

            Oh ok..and you voted for?

          • junktex


          • Dick Johnston

            Thats a pretty expensive and timely charade.

          • junktex

            Cost is no object to the globalists wanting to confiscate guns

          • Dick Johnston

            lol dont you think if that was the case it would of been Hillary they picked? I mean come on now, shes proven that she can be bought over and over again..

        • junktex

          Well said Steve,and true.

        • Rupert J. Cahill

          That is the reason the all hate Trump. They can’t control him. I don’t doubt you, I think you are delusional.

          • robert owen

            I agree.Wild card! He’s driving the NWO crazy. This is their time of weakness.

        • andre

          I only half agree with you. I say that they will go after Trump eventually. It took them over 2 years to go after Kennedy

        • Illa Ike

          Thank you

        • Sanford Joseph

          You are absolutely correct any news Trump as a politician outsider but if you look in his past Al Sharpton Muhammad Ali the clintons the bushes just to name a few of his colleagues people that believe he was sent here by God pretty much people believe it or not hoping to dream for their last round before they’re too old to do anything these guys jobs to get in there and BSS for two terms it’s 8 years after about three bullshitters we go from being 24 to 50 years and by then you’re too old to even want to do anything anymore listen up people Donald Trump hasn’t done anything is it is not being completed his agenda is getting nowhere I understand he uses the people’s voice the same beliefs however poverty is not diminishing and the cost of living is not going down and we are not making things better we have been under the control of the New World Order since Jimmy Carter years you might have heard of a thing called United Nations we believe that’s like us being a good guys it’s not that’s the New World Order council members laughing at us

          • Michael Moore

            that is one LONG sentence.

          • joe_per

            Are we too lazy to use periods/punctuation?

          • robert owen

            And it’s not over. He didn’t even use a period at the end.

          • robert owen

            You know that the punctuation keys don’t cost extra to use, right? That is the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever seen and I have NO idea what you meant by any of it. You probably should have stayed awake in 8th Grade English. On the bright side, your spelling seemed OK. I did get the idea that you MIGHT approve of the president, so I gave you a “like”.

        • robert owen

          I doubt you.MOST of what you say about a decades(centuries) long plan to dominate the world is true, I believe, but Trump is the wild card. His election win surprised the hell out of everybody, including those of us who voted for him. That’s why the Left has gone screaming nuts. I don’t agree that Kennedy was anything special and he was definitely NWO. His assassination was due to an internal struggle in the NWO. Reagan MAY have been another wild card. They didn’t like him either.

        • Steve Harmon

          Hmm, multi-billionaire puppet? Seriously? New tin foil coming your way Skippy.

        • Dave Bailey
        • Punk Rock Patriot

          Puppet for who??? Everyone is fighting him. Who would be pulling Trump’s strings? Soros and Obama and the Globalists??? I think not!

        • EME

          OMG! You’re in need of professional help! And for the record, JFK was far from a good president!

        • David White

          Thank you Steve. You are e 100% correct.

        • Josie

          YES 100% President Trump is his own man! Keep in mind “thou shall not bare false witness against thy neighbor”. This is a true leader and 100% behind the American People! Some of you are so used to listening to a liar you can’t tell the difference.

        • Ray Combs

          You are wrong about JFK, he like his brothers were globalist & whore dogs

        • hbrody

          Bullshit, you Soros lackey.

        • Kosenator

          Apparently JFK only became his own man after he realised via the Bay of Pigs, that being a puppet is not what he was voted for. And soon after that, he died.

        • Kenn Schubach

          I don’t doubt you, you’re completely wrong.

        • stephencarlsbad

          Sorry I cant agree with you on Trump being a puppet when Trump repeatedly and publicly smashed the Bush family during the election and thwarted a $1 billion dollar hostile takeover from the establishment during the election. You dont spend $1 billion trying to take down your own puppet.

        • J G SR

          sorry, I do.

        • Tahir Ahmad

          Very Well Said Steve and Explained – Thank You

        • Michael Wurm

          JFK? Are you kidding me? JFK was a puppet of his father and coward of a president. He abused the office left and right, while going after the very people his father begged to help him get elected. Those same people are the ones who took him out of office as well. Kennedy was a crap president who is only beloved by people of that era do to him being shot in public.

        • Stephen Breedlove

          youre so full of it you must reek like a seven day old diaper pale

        • henry frederick

          steven long you are fu-in idiot ,your theory and it is just that .Thought up by an imbecile that can’t find hisass with both hands and a roadmap. .

        • raffaelecafagna

          Only a leftist of your caliber can think as you .

        • Richard Foster

          I do Dough you

        • Steve Smith


        • Rockie Wilbur Broaddus

          I agree with what you stated about JFK and the rest of the puppets in gov’t, congress, but I am not convinced yet that Trump is under their control. I do not state for sure that he is not, I am saying I don’t think so. I believe because he is not in that circle, he is catching so much crap in the media and obstruction in the courts about immigration Executive orders and appointments to the federal courts. He would not be doing this if he was the NWO pawn. We are so close to the edge of going over economically, if he was on their side. he has only to hiccop and we are at the mercy of the globalist.

        • Mike Marcavage

          JFK lied and deceived the public as much as anyone else

        • Hannibalektr

          There has been more since Kennedy was assassinated. Jimmy Carter. Please watch these two videos. and

        • amuncat

          I voted for Trump because I knew a vote for Hillary would fast track the globalist agenda…Trump would at least slow it down! It was that simple! The Wall didn’t hurt!

        • barleywheets

          JFK you are kidding right? JFK was the puppet of the Pope and several others.

        • Richard Daugherty

          You are right. The CIA has full control over Trump. The CIA orchestrated the Mandalay Bay attack.

        • DMikeS

          Kennedy? PLEASE…. his father was a freakin’ bootlegger. That family was so deeply involved with organized crime that it’s hard to see how any of them got anywhere in government. Must be the “Camelot” BS.

      • junktex

        Trump is another globalist puppet.Your faith is misplaced.

        • Terry M. Stephens

          Get off Trump. All of you blaming Trump for everything must have loved how our country was being run under Obama. I am sick of all you idiots looking to blame Trump. He may not be the best choice but, he was better than the other one. Get behind your President or leave this country. We all got behind the last President even though he was attempting to become king. You are stupid and don’t deserve to be here if that is all you can say.

          • Nice_Cat

            We didn’t “all get behind the last President even though he was attempting to become king.” We gritted our teeth and waited it out, depending on our Constitution to make the wait bearable, but what we did NOT do was take to the streets and riot. Even knowing or suspecting with well-reasoned certainty that BHO’s re-election was the result of illegal voting, we did not riot. BHO did his worst but did not seek a third term except through Hillary. God took pity on us and we now have an American, and pro-America, President Trump.

          • Stacey

            Wow. One conspiracy theory after another on this page….Somebody get me some popcorn.LMFAO

          • robert owen

            Conspiracy is the nature of history. No war ever started by accident and no president ever stumbled into office. Anybody who walks around horse laughing at reasoned discussion about cause and effect MAY be a jackass. Oh yeah, grown ups don’t L their FAO……though it would be great if some of us could.

          • Tammy Black


          • Krystal Cannon

            Rofl. How was he trying to be king? Seriously, how? He tried to run the country very well. He succeeded with some things and others he couldn’t because those bigoted idiots in Congress couldn’t let him be great.

          • linda67

            No you are saying, not every one got behind Obama. Mitch McConnell said their job was to make Obama a one term President!

        • Sherry Kristoff

          YOU have NO RIGHT to tell someone that their faith is misplaced. GOD IS THE ONLY JUDGE!!!

          • Ghost7Alpha

            You sounded pretty judgmental when you called that elderly woman an ignorant bitch. Just saying.

          • Sherry Kristoff

            I have a right to my opinion just as you do. And that elderly woman as you call her is probably younger than I am or close to it. She can’t seem to use her brain to figure out that the Russia thing is just another Democratic HOAX!!!

        • robert owen

          Faith is for God, confidence is for people. Your opinion is misplaced.

          • junktex

            Many in America have misplaced their faith.They place their faith in government and it’s very corrupt minions.

      • Cousin

        lol, trump? are you sure he wont cave to these people, from his actions to date, I’m not

      • Nathan Rathbun

        Trump himself said they would be looking in to gun laws soon. He said this in response to the attack in Vegas.

      • Tark McCoy

        The Left is known for playing a mean game of Fabian creep, that’s for sure.

      • Beverly Snowshoes

        Obama never tried to take our guns Azumpire. It was a scare tactic to make people beilieve it to spend money on guns to enrich the NRA. LOL All those people suckered to spend all that money and Obama didn’t come for their guns. LOL

      • Mike De Fleuriot

        Hey you idiot, Remember when Obama came and took your guns away? Idiot! Anyway, Trump is going to wear orange that is for sure.

      • john lips

        trump is hillary clinton’s cousin and direct descendant of british royalty. he’s nwo royal bloodline.

      • J G SR

        The left does not believe Trump will complete one term….agree with William , except the method of choice is impeachment.

      • Sam Shaw – Post tenebras lux

        But it gives them the narrative, less than 12 hrs and every news on Yahoo, late night shows, Hillary did not miss a chance to attack #2A.
        Hillary was instantly talking about gun control.

        • raffaelecafagna

          Puke Pelosi tooooooooo.

      • Steve Smith

        NEVER for a moment feel your Second amendment is safe.

      • Lady Patriot

        The Second Amendment is a Constitutional right. No president can take that right away from Americans. However; Congress has the ability to, unless the Supreme Court rules against them.

      • william couch

        Oprah is thinking about running against him in 2020.

      • PNutButty

        Of course a guy like him wont

    • Adam12

      jacob shiff did this in 1916 russia. soros is the today jacob shiff. this is a false flag murder. they the hews did this in tasmania island in 1992 and they were successful in conficating guns. and THAT was a false flag done by rothclids hitmen, the MOSSAt. austraialia is under their tyrrany

      • Cate

        Agreed….altho 7ltimately God is in control!!

    • NotMarySue

      Changes to the Constitution must be ratified by the states, 2/3 I think… (not going to happen). Laws can be passed that restrict firearms to some extent, but it’s not likely that this changed the minds of intelligent voters.

      • Tracy Killeen Hines

        Killers don’t follow laws

    • john barleycorn
      • Don Dale

        And without the 2nd, we can just give up the rest!

    • Tracey Anne New

      I believe you are 100% correct in your assessment. Liberal elites couldn’t wait to echo the gun control issue…irregardless of the fact that Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the country that coincides with the highest number of shootings. The left wants to remove guns from potential victims and citizens who are willing to defend themselves and others…making it easier for the deep state and Democrat satanic elites to take control of the U.S. Las Vegas is a gun free zone and concert goers were prohibited from carrying weapons. Meanwhile, the shooters, whoever they were, had no problem disobeying those laws.

      • tazzanderson

        Nevada’s gun laws are among the most relaxed in the nation, and Las Vegas gun laws are only a little tighter than those for its home state. But can you carry your gun among the glitz and glamour of the high-rolling Las Vegas Strip? Yes, no, and it depends.

        Concealed-carry permits are relatively easy to get in Nevada, and metropolitan Las Vegas’s slightly tighter gun registration law carries grace periods that have the effect of protecting gun owners who visit or travel through Sin City. Nevada law exempts travelers coming into the state and traveling through Nevada from any gun registration requirements for 60 days

      • SleepyAlligator

        Ugh… irregardless isn’t a word.

        • JB Whalen

          HA! “irregardless” Love it!

    • OzzfestAmy Rae Yard

      As they distract us from their intentions in goverment and their neglectful spending habits; no one will question when money is being used and laundered through the system because it could be going to these situations whether it is or not. It is a deterrant to distract people from a agenda. It is slide of hand politics. It has an agenda. The media control based on fear

    • Tumblindice58

      Yeah otherwise it will be hard to get us in the Fema camps they have standing by for us!

    • David Zurnamer

      DJT will not let this happen!

    • Mike Oxhuge

      It’ll never happen!

    • April Reeves

      Or another thought: they want us to carry more, so we can shoot each other. Live in fear. Good way to delete the population.

      • SobawRF

        See, it is supposed to work the other way. With criminals knowing more people are carrying, they will be less likely to be, well, criminals because they never know if they will be facing an armed “victim” who won’t just be a victim. Or even armed bystanders that will stop them.

    • Terry M. Stephens

      First off guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If your going to eliminate guns then also eliminate cars. Drunk drivers kill more people every year than people with guns. READ the facts. Well hell lets just eliminate food also cause food kills people ( choking, over weight, Diabetes ect.) Think about what your saying before saying stupid crap. I will agree to restrict private individuals from obtaining full auto weapons but you cant restrict all firearms.

      • SobawRF

        Owning a fully automatic rifle is already illegal, unless you obtain a special permit from the ATF.

      • Tom Slaza

        Terry, agree 100%

    • Karen

      The left continues to push gun-control, but it’s obvious from these results that they don’t work. The rifles he had in his possession were already illegal. How can it be MORE illegal? It just shows that criminals don’t follow the laws.

      • disqus_AqnMOBHA7q

        he bought them legally, he was the one that altered them

    • LARRY

      You’re exactly right Paul, my thinking also.. gun control…would not surprise me if the Democrats and Soro didn’t have something to do with this.

    • Paul

      Don’t stop there Paul you are just scratching the surface.

    • tannerl91

      They only threaten to enact gun control laws, which always drives up demand for people to buy guns while they can. I’d like to see the portfolio of every government official and see if they have a lot of holdings in raw material suppliers for gun manufacturers or part ownership in some of the private gun manufacturers. They are using many tools to divide us and we’re playing right into it. Fox news isn’t on your side, NBC isn’t on your side, CNN isn’t on your side. The media is being used to divide us and make us pick sides. Fox is run by Jews too, just like Facebook and NBC. They, the elite rich, (Not your millionaires, not your lottery winners, not even your Mark Cubans or Donald Trumps have the kind of money I am referring to) make money off of war and making countries dependent on them for financing. Think of all the institutions that earn their livelihood, by keeping others broke. Banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, casinos, payday loan companies, the mainstream music labels that promote overspending and lavish lifestyles as acceptable in their lyrics, they are the ones keeping us in this vicious circle. The media wants to turn us into the American version of Sunnis and Shiites. Stop acting like police or military are the ones causing the problem, they merely are a broker used to effect the transactions and orders from their superiors. To change the way things are we need to overthrow and seize the estates of the wealthiest families. This isn’t a true free market system and it never will be if we aren’t truly a free nation. Politicians are puppets of the central bank, but how much they know is uncertain. They’re fine with their status quo. That’s what they do, the big banks and other big corporations give us enough false hope to keep playing their game a little longer until the next big war/their payday.

    • Doug Diamond

      You seriously think a criminal cares about gun laws? Hell no they get guns every where

    • Bobby Arnold

      I WILL NOT GIVE UP ANY OF MY GUNS…but I will give anyone who attempts it the lead first. then only from my cold dead hands….fuck the left – fuck pigslam – fuck ISIS – fuck the niggers of the BLM and NBPP & fuck the gun control grabbing left turds like Killery Clinton

      • Krystal Cannon

        Racists like you shouldn’t have guns though. You sound like a criminal thug.

      • linda67

        By your rhetoric it sounds like you might be one that shouldn’t have a gun! What has happened to people being able to have a different point of view and not be cursed and called names. Questioning someone’s Christian it is not for any of us to be doing, this is God’s job and I am sure he has a workout ahead of him. We all need to calm down and think and talk rationally

    • Rolando Alvarez

      You’re full of it sir guns from Europe and south america will continue to supply the blackmarket through Canada and Mexico you’re an idiot.

    • Janel Kindberg

      You are nuts!! Disarm ordinary citizens and give it to criminals, because you know they will have guns.

    • spooninleadstoforkin

      That’s exactly where this is headed.

    • Phil Thames


    • Ian Levinson

      Drug addicts and dealers have been getting ALL the drugs they want for years. Just making something illegal dose Not mean it’s going to work..

    • Jennifer

      all that’s going to do is keep us from protecting our family’s. The wrong will always have a way to get guns.

    • stephencarlsbad

      I wonder if scanning bags at all hotels is just the next step in their takeover.

    • Dmeche

      Think about this, why did he embark on a suicide mission? He had to know he stood little to no chance of escape. Why would someone throw their life away like this? Only ISIS and other islamic terrorist have that kind of devotion today. So said he has no ISIS ties. Then what is his reason? It is starting to look like he was the scapegoat and others, who got away, were involved. The unedited video surveillance recordings from the hotel would tell the truth. Will the public get to see them?

    • FredFlintstone

      Look for Mr. Paddock’s political alliances….there, you will find the answers. (don’t believe the MSM and his brother that he had no political ideology……his brother admits they didn’t talk much).

    • Angela Marie Morris

      You do realize Paul that most guns used in crimes,are bought black,market . and fyi one of the reasons the United States has never been,invaded is because. The invaiding country would be fighting both the military and the gun owners. Changing our constitution is not going to stop gun violence . and those against guns ,are probable the ones who are promoting things such as the lasvagus tragedy . be for gun control issues I did not here a lot about things like this . makes you wonder if they can’t win legally they will resort to violence to make a point. But I guess you would rather have a robber break in your home with you family there holding a gun bought on the black market , and you not have one because our constitutional rights were taken away. And watch him rape your wife and daughter .then,shoot your son for crying while I sit helplessly on the sidelines allowing this to happen because you do not want the right to bare arms to protect your family from the robber. Hmm. I do not personally like guns as my x pulled,one on me but it is my right to have one of u chooseand I don’t think,it should be taken away.

    • Tricia Morgan

      are we forgetting 9/11 .. they used box cutters .. they will find another weapon when they cant access a gun .. how about the bombs that ppl have made from fertilizer .. you gonna ban fertilizer? they find a way

      • raffaelecafagna

        Tricia Morgan ; there are something like 200.000.000 weapons in America . Americans will not comply .

    • raffaelecafagna

      Americans will not comply .

    • Bomau

      This is all part of the NWO to take control of us. Obama failed to take our weapons and Hillary said she would do it as President. But Soros , Hillary and Obama figure that forming all these terrorist groups well scare enough people to believe it’s a gun problem or start a war. Like one Navy Seal said ” it’s going to be a massacre and it won’t last long “. Along with the service, veteran, police and the people we will win.

    • Carl Dunn

      Please don’t fall for this very false scenario. If you want to look for a conspiracy let’s look at the affiliations of the investigating cops. The media can only report the information passed to them by cops. If there was a conspiracy cover up let’s go back to the Oklahoma Bombing. That was way too obvious. Majority of cops are very conservative and would not support antifa.

    • Me


    • actor44

      Bulls eye . All other rhetoric is obfuscation . Soviets Slaughtered 25 million in less than 5 years immediately following disarming Russian Citizens . Few Russians were Soviet rulers .

    • Rockie Wilbur Broaddus

      You are nuts, you cannot seize all guns. That is an idiot thought that if possible would take 150 years of intense war. The answer is to arm everyone to protect themselves. And the information coming out is that there were multiple shooters which makes much more since. This was an attack on America by {and ICIS is claiming responsibility] by the invasion on USA by muslim “migrants” who are really terrorists here to kill Americans and as noted by leftist media responses “country music lovers who Republicans who are carrying guns”. Wake TFU people. Us gun carrying Republicans are what is going to save you from the scorge you liberals have let into our country and made are making it a hellhole [like Europe] for all of us. This is going to stop. Gun control is not the answer. Chicago has more gun control than anywhere in the nation and more people are killed in Chicago than anywhere in the world. Gun control does not work. PERIOD.

      • Rockie Wilbur Broaddus

        We have let the enemy in among us. Disarming us is not the answer. There is a war coming onto our our land and there is not anything you can do about it except defend ourselves against it. You want to disarm us – FOOLS. I will never give up my arms. I am retired Navy and retired LEO and people like me and the veterans [people like you are trying to pass legislation to take arms away from] we are the only thing that stand between you and annihilation / loosing our freedom.

    • Michael

      You people are freakin idiots.

    • Mysteriously62

      You can not Repeal the 2nd Amendment. They have the strictest guns laws in Chicago, thanks to Obama HOWEVER it also has the highest black/black murders BY guns in the country. So apparently taking away my rights is not the answer.

    • Jim Gilchrist

      That is how Mexico has kept its population under thumb. Only cops and certain gov’t officials can have guns. Hmmmmm….so much for freedom and liberty there, eh?

      • Not carlos danger its Clark G

        Yah…..No on EVER gets shot in Mexico!!!

    • Not carlos danger its Clark G

      And they are sooooooo smart that they think Republicans are the ones that want gun control…….uh,….my God.

    • Adam Day

      Paul, normally I’d disagree with you and agree with the normal narrative (require background checks at gun shows, etc.) but this guy bought his guns legally, passed all background checks according to the gunshop owner. There is no law that would have prevented this sicko from doing this.

      I will disagree that the end-game is to seize guns. That will never happen.

    • GR Arnold

      You’re absolutely right too. Sad.

    • Joseph Conrad

      The BEST ‘End Game’ is to eliminate those FINANCING ANTIFA such as SOROS & the HRC Foundation & PAC.
      Since Bush Sr. Popped the Kennedy Brothers, the Fascist Wasp-Jew Neocons have been killing at Will.
      Now’s the time for Americans with Concerl & Carry to return the favor – up close & personal.

      • Not carlos danger its Clark G

        So you think people should murder others.

    • TP82

      So, if I’m reading your comment correctly Paul, you’re suggesting that this massacre is a big conspiracy by the anti-gun advocates to force the government to introduce sensible gun control measures??
      Just a little bit of a stretch there I think!

      Sounds more to me that you’re afraid that you’ll be required to hand in your fully automatic assault rifle and instead will have to resort to using a bolt action rifle to hunt bunnies…

    • GregoryRomeu

      22 Million Veterans state: “You will never take our guns away!”

      So, the, “end game” is more like burn up as many Billions of taxpayer dollars pissing and moaning back and forth about agendas that will NEVER be achieved, but the political hacks will keep getting away with blowing OUR money on their schedules, meetings, dinners, flights, etc. Etc. But we FAIL because the American citizens aren’t demanding these actors of being guilty of FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE with these lame agendas!

    • WickedRun Press

      Yep. That’s right. Put some tinfoil on your head fast. That way they can’t read your thoughts.

    • maria


    • alysdexia

      You think guns can beat tanks, missiles, artillery, jets, and bombs?

      You think guns can block bullets, heal wounds, or save lives?

      Does your first name refer to the size of your brain?

    • Thomas Gardinier

      Thanks, too bad things can’t get netted out all the time. Ambiguity is the power of an anarchist. No one has a clear delineation of the message because it incorporates buzz words that describe a different mantra.

    • jimn

      The end game is for this article to keep its readers misinformed.

    • jedmarum

      They’ll never get a repeal and they know it. That’s why they keep pushing more and more restrictions.

    • Linda Marie Stine

      Paul, you are EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!

    • bgilman45

      Youre a loon too Paul.
      The GOP controls both houses of congress and Trump is in the white house. That will never happen.
      Youre a crack pot.
      Go put your tinfoil hat back on before the illuminatti find you.

      • Paul Adams

        You should have seen what I was called during the election. But, it’s par for the course. When the left has no more arguments it uses the ultimate weapon: ridicule, as per Alinsky Rule #5. Btw, more people agree with me than agree with you. You need to come up withe a better strategy dog-face troll.

    • Jeff Taylor

      So China can more easily control America.

      • Paul Adams


    • Kathryn O’Connor

      all ammosexuals say this.

    • Kyle E. Wilson

      yeah it is time to restrict…we aren’t on the Game of Thrones fighting army of the dead you idiots.

      • Paul Adams

        another troll that gets paid food stamps

        • Kyle E. Wilson

          We are in the top 3% fyi…what does food stamps even have to with this debate? Kinda silly point to make lol; We wouldn’t need to put any gun control measures into place if the nation invested in more mental health services for all these crazy gun nuts

          • Paul Adams

            you wouldn’t be referring to Antifa and other groups that feel they are entitled to gun-down honest hard-working Christians, now would you? Or are you referring to the nut-jobs that incite violence like this woman Loretta Lynch > …. or are you referring to the Clinton Foundation that has funded Antifa? How about Soros? Any connections to him? Is he funding your counter-intel efforts? Because if there is a revolution, the first people to go will be the useful fools. That’s what happens in every communist takeover. When you figure out that they really want you out, too, that’s when your bosses take you out with the same guns you were protesting about. So think carefully before you choose sides. And since you can’t prove you’re in the top 3%, my sense is you make your living just protesting for the sake of protesting like a good commie.

    • R.S. Helms

      That is my studied opinion… as well Thank you Paul.

    • rushrule

      You people are fucked up.

    • PsykiskTestbild

      Here’s how it went down. Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Reid, and Clinton agreed to be players. They hired, direct from Israel(ex-Mossad), a 3 man hit team, and flew them out here (on Feinstein’s dime). Harry Reid, which LV is within his district, went ahead and made plans ahead of time with mandalay, since he has deep mob connections, to kill the cameras on floors 4-7 as well as 29 – 34. 3 Man hit team went to work, dressed as Mandalay Bay security guards(shooting white Christian Conservatives who are responsible for Trump being in office), one with an m60, another with a 308 variant, and the last guy of the 3 with a 249. Paddock was just in vegas having a good time and was a patsy. They keep claiming that he killed himself, but funny, his legs are underneath the rifle. So he killed himself, and then the rifle landed on the bipod overtop his legs? LMFAO?!?!?!?! After they were done, they simply stashed a bunch of regular sh*t that civilians can buy/purchase in the room with his body, and then key up Pelosi and Clinton who begin to froth at the mouth spewing anti-gun this/anti-gun that. When, at the end of the day, they were belt fed machine guns. The 3 killers are long gone now, or they are dead (Clinton likes to keep things clean and no witnesses, ever/Seth Rich ring any bells?), and now you have the bullshit force-fed narriative that the media is cramming down our throats. Queue up Kimmel, crying like a baby on national TV, to stir up more controversy. And that’s how it went down. Simply look to those that screamed for gun control first, those are the culprits, and those that are responsible for ~ 60 deaths.

    • Dino

      Funny how its being done during TRUMPS administration… NOT OBAMAS….like you RWNJ screamed LIBERALS would do….

    • Thomas Wolf Tompkins

      I live in canada we have very strict gun laws. I own a 303 rifle and a double barrel chrome shotgun. They were under our grandfather law of family ownership. Canada does not allow hand guns, assult guns at all. You can buy rifles for hunting single shot single load only. The problem I find in the USA is the 2A with that everyone can own a gun which means people are scared soo they buy guns. If no one owned a hand gun or assult guns then you would not have to buy guns for protection. Also in canada we don’t even sell bb guns that look like real guns or toy guns for kids.

    • Joel Bama Teague

      Take a look at this ex CIA whistle blower . Kevin Shipp I promise you’ll never think of our government the same way. There are very very evil things going on, and the CIA is running it via Rothchilds, Soros etc.

    • tom

      They already have enough guns to do that. The Pharma Mafia is what out to be in der Congressional investigation. Problem is, Pharma CONTROLS these sell-outs much to the detriment of the USA. All these mass shootings and one seemingly recurring theme- the use of mood-altering drugs.

    • MEL

      Who is “they”? The problem with that thought is that most people believe “they” means America or American government. That thought alone is nonsensical. Why do many believe evil exists only within the borders of the US?

      I wish people/liberals could open their eyes …. Black Supremacy Extremist are on the rise and Radicalized Muslim Terrorists have not backed down. CNN worked for months degrading this exact group of citizens; potential victims. CNN is owned by Prince Al-waleed. [The anti-police anti-military anti-white/racism needs to be admitted.]

      Anyone who supports confiscation of weapons after the Vegas event must be at the bottom of the evolution chain.

      If groups keep doing “this” to seize guns …. they’ll never be successful. It will only create the opposite affect. Thus, “they” could still be deep state DNC. I wouldn’t put it past some to be that loyal to a lost cause. They’ve been brainwashed so long that the “white man is the devil” LIE … that they fear the white man having a gun. Thus, the reason for making Paddock a patsy … to make it appear as if a evil devilish white man was responsible.

      CNN couldn’t wait to create more FAKE News and increase ratings. Probably thought they would gain a larger support for Democrats as well from the event …. especially, with the false hope that the law abiding citizens below would begin shooting each other in the chaos and confusion. Of course they didn’t. This was a country music fest not a rap concert.

      Only Islam and Anti-fa have taken claim …. and not convinced about either hate group.

  • Carol

    Well wasn’t that convenient to have the literature available in his room. The guy was a patsy plain and simple.

    • Nancy Asper Wasson

      What literature??

  • J G SR

    False Flag events do not discriminate on sex, age or number of fatalities- as long as agenda is pushed. #SandyHook.

  • Tall T

    Wtfalseflag! We are so fucking screwed. They won’t stop and people won’t turn from main stream. Turn off your TV it’s pointless

  • Marco Giordano

    Who believes this for a second? What guns at what range? And of course, the convenient suicide–saves setting up the scene at the hotel and the narrative goes down unimpeded 24/7–and, reliably, the sheep stampede. And who are those agents provocateurs in Melbourne? That rings fake too.

  • dtsing2

    It’s those people who legally own guns for their own protection who would turn them in, not the criminals. Criminals do not obey laws. They will still have firearms.

  • Terry

    I just watched the jfk tapes last night and the moment Jack Ruby shot the suspect there was no more case.It was over.Dead men tell no tales.This whole thing stinks.Those poor people were killed for a political move.This needs to end and the parties responsible need to HANG.

  • William PokerMonkey Souther

    The driver in the car? And those flashes coming from the fourth floor? There is a 2nd tower at Mandalay. That is the 2nd tower. And those flashes we see, I’m afraid…are the reflections of muzzle flashes coming from the 32nd floor of the other building.

    • Robert Watson

      If that were the case then the reflections would have moved to another room as the car moved the 75 or so feet that it drove…try again

      • Ray Sipka


      • Double Untoher

        absolutely correct, the flashes stays exactly the same position on the glass in both videos

      • Sh Ke Bob

        That depends on the distance between the two towers, and the distance between the viewer and the reflection.

        Nevertheless, I’d like to know why the sound of the gunshots stops before the light flashes stop if that is indeed muzzle flare we’re looking at. Is sound faster than light now?

  • Sean McCloy

    Lone gunman my ass hurts ! I heard 2 guns firing at the same time during the shooting from people cell recordings. Could that be the report of same weapon bouncing off buildings in the distance sure but I highly doubt it and this proves there was more than one gunman.

    • Rosech Levy

      There are different sounds from gun shots in the air, hitting wood or cement and losing power as they reach the targets. So, the mystery continues but we will want to the whole story as soon as possible. The deputy sheriff reiterated that only one shooter but with that many long guns in the room and lots of ammo, it seems more reasonable to assume there was more than one idiot murderer!

    • Sh Ke Bob

      It does sound like 2 rifles at first, but it’s possible the shooter was trying to use two at a time and then gave up and just used 1 at a time, because aside from that initial part where it sounds like 2, it only sounds like 1 from then on.

    • Kevin Geary

      It’s very common for people to hear multiple gun shots in environments where there are large reflective structures. Gun shot echos often create the effect of more than one shooter.

  • William Sotak

    WOW gun shots thru an UNBROKEN window!!!!! Amazing! I believe that is called a reflection!

    • Ray Sipka

      that’s right William! That’s what I noted.

    • David Nguyen

      Good catch. I almost believed it as well.

    • William Sotak Moron

      It was balcony not a window, you’ve obviously never stayed at Mandalay Bay Resort. Keep your uninformed comments to yourself inside your small, uneducated world. It’s the only place your opinion matters.

      • Kevin M

        There are no balconies at Mandalay Bay. I think your tinfoil hat is on to tight.

    • Sh Ke Bob

      Not to mention in that second video, the sound of gunshots ends but the light keeps flashing, so I guess sound is now faster than the speed of light in this alternate fact universe.

      • Jay

        your are deaf

        • Sh Ke Bob

          I’m neither deaf nor blind. Maybe you should watch the video more closely. There is a pause in the sound of gunfire, but the light keeps flashing.

          • Vin

            Yup, probable party strobe.

    • Blackfoot

      Just a couple of small questions from someone not in the know of reflections……..What are they reflections of? And they are reflecting light in a sporadic pattern suspiciously resembling gunfire from where?

  • Babies r Gross

    bwhahahahhaha!!! Comrade Dmitry!?! Blahahahahaa…. I’m pretty sure that legally you need a disclaimer on here saying that this is satire. Unfortunately that whole “dumb American” stereotype is very true and some people might believe this bullshit. Peace brother

  • Andrew

    The photo of Mandalay bay with the two windows knocked out doesn’t match the video. There is no neon sign in the photo and the two broken windows aren’t on the fourth floor.

    • Sh Ke Bob

      Thank you!

  • Chula Juana

    There were actually THREE shooters. The third was behind a wooden fence on a grassy knoll.

    • Mark Gruben

      Chula Juana – Oh, my. I love it. I mean, I HATE it. I mean, I love it. Oh…….well, you know what I mean!

  • Ray Sipka

    So Now they have guns that can shoot through glass? LOL

    • Jas Sanghera

      glass companies remove and replace glass all the time in highrises,it’s a common thing.

    • Karen Missing Christian Porter

      It was reported he had a special tool to break the glass

  • Adam12

    The Like Paul A said, the mission of the jerish bankster elite is to seize the guns and impose communist tyranny on the USA people. history repeats itself. Shiff did this in 1916 in Russia financed by the jeothish rothchilds and soros is the new shiff. Wait until their fellow tribesman schumer, feinstien, boxer and other jevvosh politicians preach gun confiscation. these fuckin people destoryed russia, they will destroy it here. they will puge the white male.

    • Rosech Levy

      Adam, they can try but they won’t win and might even wind up hanged for treason and I pray that this happen asap.

  • Charles Jones
  • Mark Gruben

    Interesting – this article used the phrase “nefarious agenda” and then “sick and twisted agenda” and then “nefarious goals.” But it doesn’t bother to say what that agenda is, or what those goals are. Is that just an oversight, or a “coincidence” or perhaps just conveniently left out? Of course, I realize that any number of comments below will comment on that agenda or those goals…..but that doesn’t answer my question: why did the ARTICLE not state what these are? Is there some reason we shouldn’t know from the “source”?

  • Aloon


  • Kathleen Marion

    I would say the bigger question here is why are the police only reporting that there was a lone gunman? Are they investigating the possibility of another shooter? We’re not hearing any information on this.

    • Rosech Levy

      Sheriff Lombardo mentioned they were, but the Deputy Sheriff is saying not. Easier to believe they are saying the latter to keep whoever else might be involved will think they are home free. Where and how did this man obtain a total of I believe 43 weapons and purchase a huge amount of ammo for them. Has to have some connections for sure.

    • Sh Ke Bob

      Initially they investigated the possibility of a second or third shooter, but it would be my guess they ruled that out not long after gaining access to the hotel room and seeing the 17 rifles and hundreds if not thousands of rounds of spent ammunition on the floor.

    • Sherry Kristoff

      I DON’T believe that there was only one shooter.

  • Liberalsareparasites

    The weapons he used are not readily available to the public .. he had no permits for these automatic machine guns… so where and how do you think they got here… across the border… he was not a lone wolf… he was affiliated with one group or another to gain such access to the ammunition and weapons… as far as this 4th floor bull.. it was a strobe light used by someone working with him… the window is not shot thru not broken out …and they do not open… so 4th floor shooter debunked… this was nothing more than a Trump hating …republican hating group killing innocent people for the far left crazies agenda. Point blank

    • Sh Ke Bob

      Semi auto assault rifles are pretty easily converted to full auto, no conspiracy required.

  • Todis Fly

    Looks like a reflection! The place is made of glass.

    • Tye Hill

      Hmmmmm? Reflection in only 1 window.

  • Julia Clark

    absolute BS. 4chan game play. Time to retire 4chan to the deep web.

  • MindFury

    The initial report was shooters at 4 diff locations

  • kunwil

    facts….the bullshit is too much, antifa isnt even a group it just means anti facsist…ISIS will claim anything…you stub your toe in the bathroom ISIS will claim they did it….maybe there were more shooters maybe it was a coordinated terror attack, that isnt the media’s fault that is what is called a “developing story”…the bs is too much here

    • Philippe Herman

      LOL and BLM isn’t a group either, KKK either… Suuuure, your logic seems flawless dude, keep going !

  • Jon Ciotti

    Some of you concerned about something happening to President Trump and 2nd amendment? Don’t worry. President Trump will add 1 or 2 more to the supreme court and that will protect us well after he is gone.

    • Sh Ke Bob

      Protect us from our right to be shot to death at concerts?

      • Deb

        Bobby Whelchel WORLD HISTORY OF GUN CONTROL.
        Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
        The Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
        China established gun control. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
        Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 6 to 7 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and 12 million Christians who were unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
        Cambodia established gun control. From 1975 to 1977, one million “educated” people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
        Guatemala established gun control. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
        Uganda established gun control. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

  • Keri Ann Where is this woman who said they were going to die that night……. no one reporting.

    • Karen Missing Christian Porter

      I saw that interview with the 21 year old birthday girl…she said the lady was older and Hispanic looking…fits the description of the shooter’s girlfriend.

  • Sheila McNary

    This is a FAKE NEWS story meant to inflame the readers and should be deleted!!!!!

    • Jay

      that why cnn while reporting it showed those flashes in their clip too?

  • Rochie blackborse

    Trump sold us out

  • Rochie blackborse

    Trump sold us out , civil war coming this month , info leak cia shooter and there was32 8 at roof top

    • Sh Ke Bob

      There will be no civil war this month.

  • Dash

    When we wake up WTF do we you do you idiot

  • Zach Samborski

    We are Doomed as a nation we are playing the perfect game to divide us. Pick a side left or right and Duke it out and give them what they want total control. The only real political agenda in this country is power and greed. It’s time to pull back the curtain and meet the wizard.

  • TotallyFedUp14

    They can only get the guns that they know about. No where in the 2nd does it say that I have to register my weapons. They will never get them. I could have some or I could not have any.. they will never know. That the mainstream media is reporting falsely is not surprising as they only report what they are fed to report. They have forgotten what it is to be investigative reporters. This was a planned attack and that is plain to see by anyone that has eyes. This is a terrorist attack plain and simple.

  • john barleycorn
  • winmatt53
  • Michelle Castañeda

    Check this video out of the shooting before it is taken down.

  • ◄Dave►

    That is some kind of strobe light, not muzzle flashes. I saw it, or something like it, during some live TV coverage, hours after the shooting was over. They were even discussing it, wondering what it was. ◄Dave►

  • Dmo

    By the look of the comments in response to this article, mine will not be much appreciated, but here it goes. I only see one window with gunfire. Not everything is a conspiracy. The Melbourne Antifa post are shit for brains anarchist only wishing their comments about “comrade” were true, cause they lack they have nothing else to add to their disgusting empty existence. Ignore them, please! Any one individual knows that the left will come out screaming gun control, they always do! It doesn’t work. Thats why they do it! They aren’t the left if they didn’t. Your gun rights are safe. If there are dual shooters, get a video that CLEARLY shows it. This was a sociopath that wanted to leave his mark for some twisted reason, he thought taking innocents would make him an important fixture in history.

  • Joe Ayers

    You conspiracy theory cum drinkers are all shit stains.

  • marykreutz

    Such a sad thing to spread this terrible lie, especially now. This has been proven to be false. This window wasn’t broken. It’s part of the hotel’s strobe lighting.The police are doing the investigation. Stop this hate. Stop the lies to spread the hate. Stop the hate. People died and over 500 were shot.

  • Michelle Pickens

    Well remember the San Bernardino shootings? After it wentire down all the news reports were that the police were looking for 3 suspects dressed on black and suddenly they caught a man and his wife in a shootout and it was all over. No mention if the 3rd suspect or a mention of the fact or we’re sorry we were reporting 3 suspects but it turns out thete were re only 2 just we got the 1 that did it and the 3rd person they were reporating on was by magic never mentioned ever again. Never talked about why they kept saying 3 suspects and ir turned magically became 2. These things are always fishy. Remember the Sandy Hook shooting? Besides Adam Lanka there were reports of another person dressed in camouflage in the woods by the school with a gun, but that story became a vanishing act real quick as well with no explanation of it just magically gone. It’s all very fishy!

  • SleepyAlligator

    How to save videos like this before they get buried?

  • Wink

    Globalists’ agenda has always been… will always be… to disarm the people so they can exterminate people enmass

  • Josh Tolley

    Nonsense. The sound doesn’t match the light. No broken windows there.
    This is a case of Trump derangement syndrome. Just run with that.

  • john barleycorn
  • Daniel Benitez

    Ok so we’re not supposed to believe the main stream media, but we’re supposed to believe this article that claims the guy is affiliated with Antifa without posting ANY proof or sources whatsoever..? Riiiiight. Moving on.


    THERE were no broken windows on the 4th floor people- AND that could be anything ranging from a bad light to a strobe light for a party… IT could also be a reflection…

  • InTheGame

    Hilarious how white people are trying to blame everybody but themselves. No it wasn’t antifa or it wasn’t the Philippine was one you! One of you gun toting trigger happy white privileged morons who probably lost.a bet and carried out the consequences! Stupid people do stupid things!

  • John Fedele

    I don’t believe Paddock even was A shooter….I believe he was a patsy. set up. Nothing adds up. a multi millionaire,no apparent ties to any political or religious groups, no note, no police record, and just so happens to kill himself before the cops arrive?Sorry, I’m not buying it.

  • Darryl Dickerson

    These conservative sites will always try to push a conspiracy. Did they replace the windows after shooting through them? They forgot the ones on the 32nd floor

  • Darryl Dickerson
    • Terry M. Stephens

      Of course it takes a racist to throw the race card. Get over it. It is not a racial issue. The racist one are the ones pushing that issue.

  • rs1123

    Let’s see… a carefully planned massive attack on a group that is very likely almost all Trump supporters… Oh, it’s just a random thing, sure it is. Sorry, not buying that.

  • Adriano Carvalho

    Bullshit! Everibody knows that the crowd people interest only in the media covering of the real facts on the eyes. The showtime! The reazons and the nocive powerfull behind the scennes doens’t matter. It’s a novel! Because these people can’t to do nothing against the superpowers of some entities, the owners of the world. Sorry! We are microbios…

  • TheCHIEF

    Who’s to say this Website isn’t completely full of it, pushing a conspiracy theory to spin everyone up? I DO NOT Trust the MSM, but the last few years has given more than enough reason to question EVERY Single thing we read on the internet. People just pick and choose which stories they want to believe, and usually it’s because it matches with the suspicions they had already, regardless of its validity.

  • thedyemaster . I can not believe they would write this whole story and not do there homework first. Check out the video , The fourth floor always had a strobe light stationary there . How can news get this messed up. See how easy news stories screw up.

  • thedyemaster .


  • Bradley Handicappuccino

    Actually, it’s all rapper Nelly’s fault as to why Trump is President. In 2000, Nelly came out with his hit song “Country Grammar”. In it he says, “…now I’m knocking like Jehovah; let me in now, let me in now / Bill Gates, DONALD TRUMP, let me in now…” Sixteen years later, Donald Trump is President. It’s the Butterfly Effect. Thanks Nelly. Thanks a lot.

  • hydiesel


  • Apat

    WAIT…were windows broken out on floors other than the two on the 32nd floor? How could they be shooting through windows that don’t open?

  • Douglas M. Green

    I have seen a third video that shows CNN footage where the same muzzle flashes from that spot on the fourth floor or so were clearly visible, and it was different footage. So that’s at least 3 separate videos showing the same thing.

    • Kevin Geary

      It looks to be a strobe light.

  • Bob Marks

    they already have a long list of bans they want sure was fast

  • SteveWarshaw

    that isn’t the muzzle flash from a rifle. FAKE NEWS

  • surfpunk

    Using murder of 50+ to justify gun ownership restrictions? Nope that doesn’t fly!

  • Dennis Humphries

    It doesn’t make sense. They would have had to burst a window out and no window was busted other than the 32nd floor. Something isn’t right

  • Lea

    It’s false news and media on the internet before you all fight and go crazy look at the address and number at bottom of page for this news media. Call the number it’s a google subscriber. They are doing it on purpose stop feeding into it and stop fighting each other.

  • skullnbones

    So then there is a window on the 4th flr broken too, right? Right?

  • David Earl

    FEMA is currently conducting an anti terroristm drill in Las Vegas

  • Shel Cowen

    The commentary here is UGLY! Christians talking like they are on this forum is APALLING! STOP THE HATE! I am SMH! This now is NOT about POLITICS ANYMORE! THIS NEEDS TO BE AMERICA COMING TOGETHER (whether they CHOOSE TO KNEEL OR STAND).. a family “divided” easily is DEFEATED! COME ON PEOPLE NOW!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? THESE PEOPLE ARE DEAD! HAVE SOME COUTH and some HEART! STOP THE HATE!!!

  • Citizen Quasar

    I think this was a false flag. It may have even been FAKE. The only way to tell is by examining the facts as they come in. I had already seen these videos. I am wondering though if the shooter on the fourth floor was actually a strobe light somebody had turned on.

  • suzy2

    What they don’t tell you. Isis told there would be this in Las Vegas. The shooter or shooters were hired by the Islamic Muslims. All part of Muslims plan

  • Stacy

    The end game is foretold in Revelations. Deny it if you want, it won’t change that fact – you’ll just be in denial. We will keep our right to arm ourselves until after the civil war is fought, then the guns WILL be taken, all will be forced to take a microchip and renounce God in order to maintain a ‘normal’ life in society and if you don’t, you will be sentenced to death. You would do yourself and your brethren right, right now, to give up the hope of maintaining the same (or as close to the) type of lifestyle you are currently enjoying for much longer because once the civil war starts, that is going to be a distant memory. All who took the chip will sit in hateful judgment of those who fought for their righteous convictions with guns, and our place will be solidified in universal history as you face God and his righteous soldiers in the battle between good and evil. It’s GOING to happen. You still have time.

  • suzy2

    This would have been fine if they shot in a crowd of Muslims, like when they go down streets and chant.

  • KCK

    Do the windows on the 4th floor open? If not, where’s the broken window?

  • Michael Moore

    the first video shows what looks like gunfire, but why isn’t the window broken?

  • Michael Brown

    It’s not the worst mass shooting ever on this land nor is it the worst mass murder ever. Their has been worse

  • Robert Run

    There is no such thing as an “official antifa” page or organization.. if someone is saying that they are part of some kind of govt. psyop. That group is not antifa.. also.. if you are considering the idea that yournewswire has any proof of their claims in general.. they never show any sources.. if you think this site has legit info, there might not be any help for you. the problem with these clickbait sites is you never know what’s real, so whether they happen to ever say something honest it’s just a small thing to suck you into their overall plan to screw your head up.

  • Michael Brown

    Blame it on Obama. Meanwhile Trump has done nothing but make it worse.At least Obama did do some things right. Trump has only spoiled the soup. A real piece of crap. He should die and go to hell

  • Sad people in this world

    we must stay woke they are trying to fool us but we not fools! #staywoke

  • Mickie Lynn McClinton

    What about the fact that he doesn’t take a paycheck for being POTUS? Or that he has more on his plate to deal with than the last 2 presidents put together. He accomplished more in his first hundred days than Obama did in 8 years. Demos just trying to keep us divided. United we stand divided we fall. We are the United States of America..see the pattern?

  • Steve Harmon

    If there was a second shooter, why haven’t we seen a broken out window on the 4th floor?

  • Ghost7Alpha

    I don’t believe those flashes were from gunfire. They didn’t sinc with the sound of gunfire at all. Especially in the second video. And in the second video they looked more like a camera strobe on a cell phone…white. muzzle flash is yellowish and not so pinpointed. And depending on his muzzle break, may have small flames coming out the sides.

  • Vic Pittman

    I think Paddock had the misfortune to have gotten a room that the killers wanted. I think he was killed and left to be the fall guy.

    • rs1123

      Typical liberal logic: look at the circumstances, look at the facts, then TURN THE OTHER WAY AND THINK UP SOMETHING CRAZY! I believe the cops searched his home and found more weapons. Why couldn’t “the killers” have used a different room? – I think there might have been 2 or 3 (hundred) that faced the same direction. He was in that room and shooting as the police arrived and nobody jumped out the window or otherwise left. Don’t get a job as a detective…

  • Brian C. Hoeck

    Is there evidence of a smashed/shot out window at Mandalay on any floor beside the 32nd? If not, how did an alleged accomplice shoot from another room on another floor?

  • Ghost7Alpha

    After reading down through these comments….why does EVERYTHING have to resort back to politics? Why do we have to be so divided when there has been so much pain in our country lately? We’ve had three hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, mass shootings…..and all you guys want to bitch about is how fucked up Trump is, or how bad Obama left us! Jesus Christ, GET OVER IT!!! We’ve got some picking up to do and we can’t do it when we’re fighting each other over the idiots in DC!! Damn!

  • Observing U


  • sean

    I have read a lot of stupid post by morons but the posts on this site are truly the best…two shooter, Trump is tough, god put Trump in office…this was a set up to take guns away…. it’s so sad that you idiots are not the victims of this mass shooting… it would have raised the average IQ of America.

    • Ghost7Alpha

      You just put yourself into that “stupid post” category with “it’s so sad that you idiots are not the victims of this mass shooting”. I don’t care who believes what…I wouldn’t wish that shit on anyone.

      • sean

        Idiots like that defend the guns but don’t care about the victims… the world would be better without them… sorry for the hard cold facts… stay in your safe space if you don’t like them.

        • Ghost7Alpha

          safe space??? Let me tell you about my safe spaces…I’ve spent two years in Iraq, a year in Afghanistan, a year in GITMO, 6 months in Honduras, and six months in Nicaragua. I don’t live in safe spaces you dumb shit. I’ve got 23 years in the military. I don’t look for safe spaces. You just need to educate yourself before you make REALLY ignorant statements. The world would be better without hate…period. But at least I’m out there doing something about it instead of sitting here being a keyboard ranger. Grow up.

          • sean

            Yup prior military during war and a contractor in Iraq and Kuwait…but I don’t have to brag about doing my time… I need to educate myself? These morons are saying that this shooting is s conspiracy to take away guns… if you agree with them the only person that needs and education is you..

          • Ghost7Alpha

            I said nothing about agreeing with a conspiracy. The original story is about multiple shooters, which I said wasn’t true and there are videos disproving the two videos that this pisspoor “news” site used to state such. In my opinion, I think it was a guy that had had enough and took it out on a bunch of innocent people. I don’t know why there always has to be this deep dark motive behind this kind of thing. What’s your take on it?

  • Linda White

    OMG..the loons are out today. Crazies who can’t believe their little world isn’t safe – they have guns, don’t they, so nothing can go wrong. IT’s not a cover up. It’s not a conspiracy. IF you believe it is, you are seriously mentally deranged. Fuck, the US is full of insane assholes – no wonder Trump got elected.

    • Tom

      What’s loony is believing whatever the government and the MSM tell you when they’ve been caught lying so many times we have trouble keeping count. Go back in your bubble.

  • Bill Boswell

    Plus, what about the news from Jason Chaffetz on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show that AG Sessions is not going after Clinton? This event has certainly kept that from splashing.

  • Punk Rock Patriot

    Screw “the crying libtard” Jimmy Kimmel!

  • Ghost7Alpha

    I don’t think that was muzzle flash for several reasons. There were no more broken windows, the flash didn’t sinc up with the sound of the gunshots, and it was white and pinpointed…kind of like a camera flash that may have been taking pictures of what was going on….or just taking pictures of the strip. Some phones strobe the flash before taking the picture to reduce red-eye. Besides, muzzle flash is more yellow than white. And it has more of a shape than just a dot. It also depends on what type of flash suppressor or muzzle break he has. He may even have small flames coming out the sides of the muzzle. But I really don’t think this was muzzle flash at all.

    • rs1123

      At that distance the flash isn’t going to sync up with the sound of the shots. The sound of the shots are going to run noticeably behind.

  • Anastasios Tsatsakis
    • Punk Rock Patriot

      It didn’t look big or bright enough for muzzle flash.

  • mary

    The cops are asking for all videos and phone videos to be handed in mr cops you are guilty of murder and you will be held accountable all the money they paid you wont save you the next person to be killed is you by your employer satan

  • tom club

    WTF this is complete bullshit trying to link this to ANTIFA. That is a KNOWN White Power “Antifa troll” account that posts all sorts of whack garbage, and you idiots believe everything you read…geez. #fakenews

    • Punk Rock Patriot

      Antifa scum don’t need fake news accounts to look bad…..they handle that on their own. Like when they beat and drag old lady’s on video for nothing more than holding an American flag.

      • Punk Rock Patriot

        More likely the work of the far left trying to misinform conservatives don’t you think?

  • Eric Boysen

    Everybody has their own theory on topics. But dig this, we don’t know who god places in our life intentionally, but just give praise. To every situation. Its hard sometimes i understand, butincluding myself, lets n ot adk gof why, but instead take everyday like its your last. We know Gods final plan, we know in the bible what end times are suppost to look like, so we know all this, but we are the reason why its ending. Im not perfect, and i cant stop time or go back in time,but lets think about God. God bless everyone of you. And if your heart is not right with the lord, please. Find someone to show you what you have to do to have etetnal life.

    The messagevim trying to get across is, we cant stop whats happening, this was all phrophecyed, there is a time to grieve for disasters, but we still have work to do for our God, so lets try not to get caught up with worldy things

  • Peter Anthony

    A very compelling argument. It’s still too early in the investigation to draw conclusions. These videos show why the police are asking for people who were taking videos to turn them in for review. I hope those who turn in their videos save copies first.

    • rs1123

      That is KEY. Don’t turn in a video that you haven’t already saved elsewhere. I don’t trust anyone to not try to destroy evidence of something, and I’m not even a conspiracy theorist. I’d never give away my only copy of such a video to anyone.

  • mary

    the cops are asking for video or phone footage to be handed in I wonder why

  • YoMomma

    If and I do mean IF there was a shooter on the 4th floor why aren’t the windows broken out ? Were they magic bullets that pass through glass ? The windows don’t open and there are no balconies.Was the shooter suspended by a rope ? The writer of this article is known to fabricate stories and twist half truths into whole lies so I call bullshit.

    • incog99

      If you look at the video, the shooter is standing on top of the entrance pillar on the roof outside. It looks like there are about 4 people up there, two helpers (loaders) and two shooters. The sounds of fire and the muzzle flash coordinate.

    • Punk Rock Patriot

      It’s a strobe light. It can be seen hours later in the same spot behind a FOX news reporter

  • incog99

    Make copies of those videos. Facebook will take them down. That IS the smoking gun.

  • Jo Anna Kalber

    Once again, Antifa rears it’s ugly head, right there along with George Soros to whom brainchild Antifa answers.
    When the heck is the government start censoring this guy or even better freezing his assets and taking away
    his citizenship. Things are getting ugly because they can.

    • incog99

      It wasn’t Antifa, that’s the ruse. It was people who want to remove all guns from our society most likely within the government.

      • rs1123

        Interesting that they target likely Trump supporters though, isn’t it?

        • incog99

          Why not? Makes it look more like Antifa. They don’t care about politics only their agenda. You assume psychopaths have feelings. Bad assumption.

  • James Steve Fair

    smh….. look at us… a time when we need to be united as american’s we instead continue to destroy everything we love and who we are. we are destroying what was built for us by our forefathers because we choose to blindly follow the examples set by those who now govern our broken home. we used to live by an oath or what was once referred to as a ‘pledge of allegiance’ that echoed these words ……united we stand…….divided we fall…….. remember? i know everyone remembers but everyone is so busy pointing fingers that there are no hands to repair what is damaged.And as i post this comment i do so with head hung low knowing that it will most likely be used to fuel the fire that is consuming us rather than putting it out. We are all being lied too… here are 2 videos showing gunfire coming from the 4th or 6th floor.. i know that there is still hope to fix our once great home but i can only show you the truth i leave you to decide how to feel about it…

    • James Steve Fair

      and before you comment about the flashing still happening but the sound had stopped understand weapons like the ones used use super sonic rounds meaning the bullets move faster than the sound they produce that combined with multiple shooters it would be very difficult to pinpoint which weapon was being heard and which one is visibly firing.

      • Punk Rock Patriot

        Considering there is video(look below) of a FOX reporter hours after the shooting with the same flashing light behind him on the 4th floor. It’s a strobe light or something like it. Not muzzle flash

        • James Steve Fair

          i would like to see the video. but i don’t for some reason can you try again. and even if it is what they have said it is everything prior to the part about the videos still rings true. we should carry and defend our brothers and sisters not shame them. BECAUSE WE ARE AMERICANS only if we stand by each other, if we don’t then we are just a bunch of people and that makes for nothing more than easy targets.

  • Punk Rock Patriot

    THIS IS FAKE! Look below someone posts a video of a FOX reporter with the same flashing going on in the background hours after the shooting. It’s just a strobe light or something and whoever is reporting this is a liar.

  • incog99

    Kennedy had similar problems within his government. The disobeyed him on the Bay of Pigs. True insubordination. If Trump finds out this was done by operatives within the government there will be heck to pay.

  • incog99

    Once we realize that the psychopaths are in charge in Washington, we will truly be able to drain the swamp.

  • Russell Huffman

    I hope you and your editor go straight to hell for publishing such lies and dribble. You are what’s wrong this country. You are uneducated and unqualified to be a journalist of any kind. POS

    • incog99

      On the CIA payroll? Working overtime?

  • Coach Campbell

    ANTIFA is destroying our country and the media doesn’t report it.

  • mary

    the powers that be are asking for videio and phone footage I wonder why

  • Mike Robertson

    who will fly a drone into a concert next? a drone carrying chemicals, biological or explosive weapons? sounds like that idea will cause more casualties than this one. Someone will make new headlines!

  • Mike Robertson


  • Bobby Lynn

    Good grief, those windows cannot be opened, so they must have had repair people on hand to replace those windows pretty darned fast.

    • jmg09


    • James Steve Fair

      i grew up in reno nevada and can assure you that the vast majority of hotel casino rooms allow the windows to open at least some of the way and some all the way. ESPECIALLY on the lowest floors because those are the rooms in which smoking is allowed .

      • James Steve Fair

        but think what you like like i said fuel to the fire. 90% of people will argue immediately it just what people do these days

  • jmg09

    That’s a reflection, not a second shooter.

  • Elisha

    The MSM and its minions are The Living Dead, as is Antifa and its cadre of maggots. These miscreants are already dead, so it’s a somewhat moot point as to what we’re to do with their carcasses. Let the dead bury its dead. Nevertheless, We The People can help facilitate the process………

  • conniemadagain

    Was there a window in the 4th floor where they claim a shooter? Was that window broken? Where are the pictures from that night or the day after? Just simple questions.

  • Cindy Martin

    Exactly where is the girlfriend “out of the country” Which country is she in, is anyone saying? And if she cared she’d be home. As for the 4th floor, I don’t see it in the pictures here, but open to the narrative since there have been reports of a man and woman running through the crowd saying You all are going to die tonight, until they were removed……they must have known something.

  • Annie Roth

    This is so stupid. It wasn’t MSM – it was the police, the FBI the ATF, et al that determined it was one shooter and reported that to the media. Are they all involved in a cover up, too? Paranoid, much?

  • Eileen K Jackson

    and swat blew open his door, but he was dead? Did the shooting stop, how long before, they never saw him shoot himself and they denied having killed him!

  • Josie

    It’s clearly from the 4th floor, but there aren’t any broken windows on the 4th floor! Another video shows it coming from above – that would prove more than one shooter! Good Lord save us.

  • Lawrence Nall

    Remember reading an article back in the 80’s from one news magazine, (Time, US News or one of these) about foreign investment and ownership of America. Related because Hawaii just stopped Ja[an from buying up any more of the state. As I recall, and my memory sucks, the article said that the Saudi’s were buying up the media here. Wonder if anyone has researched this recently?

  • LawrenceNeal

    ONE post about the subject, the rest about politics.

  • johnnykuliter

    Has the security tapes been collected for these three address in Las Vegas for unusal activity from Thursday of last week to this Monday? 711 Morgan Ave. : 3799 W Edward ave. : 4730 E Desert rd.

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    And here ya go morons. It was a strobe light in that window. Unless of course there was a shooter in that room that was still shooting while this report aired that could shoot through a windows without breaking the glass using one of those magical ‘silencers’ Clinton has been going on about.

  • Cynthia Ogden Chappell

    why aren’t there broken windows from that location

  • irtechie

    It’s on the web it must be true!
    Did you not see how one of the biggest Black Lives Matter instigators on Twitter was found to be posting from Russia?

    Does someone who can easily fake an account fool you so easily? It is possible it is true? Sure! Likely? Not at all.
    More than likely they are troll accounts trying to get the reaction you are giving. And while we do “respond” rather than vet and make sure we are spreading truths rather than rumor. It will prompt more of it.

    Time to wake up, we are the right side for a reason. Logic and detail instead of jumping to conclusions and emotion.

    When did we get easier to fool than the democrats.. I must have missed that meeting.

  • LuchaVa

    Unless those were magic bullets that went through windows this is fake news orr maaaaaaaaaaybe in all the chaos the govt replaced the broken window without anyone noticing a window replacement crew coming down the roof on a slow ass pulley system.

    The real story is he wired 100k to Asia for a mail order wife that ended up being a ladyboy and it drove him nuts.

  • Justin

    What a buncha f’n tin foil idiots. Its a glass freakin building.. Had that 4th floor blinking light been gun fire, thered be a gaping hole or severly cracked glass with fire light pouring out of it… Idiots

  • George C Foster


  • Mark Strouse

    That is not gunfire flashes…that is lights reflecting off the glass (mostly likely from the concert across the street) …how do I know this…The glass is in pristine shape before and after the flashes…and the window doesn’t open or close.

  • Justin

    So…. why do I not hear more than 1 gun in any of the 943652468568 video’s that are plastered throughout the internet… ????? Certainly 2 fully automatic rifles going off would make quite the racket, dont’cha think?

  • Mike Lashewitz

    You are welcome Kerry.

  • TrumpStar

    Is there a blown out window on the 4th floor? Otherwise the flashing light could be just a flashing light.

  • Dani Lafever Lafever

    Guns are not the problem! Evil does not exist within a gun! It exists in the minds and hearts of those who pull the trigger for the evil purpose!

  • Michael Vederman

    saw the ‘4th floor’ shooter videos, both, and believe it is a reflection of a
    light similar to those seen in the windows immediately to the left and
    up and down a floor. the fact is that window is on the cusp of something
    in the way between the window and the
    video shooter and the video shooter is moving somewhat. plus the video
    is digitally zoomed in and stabilization algorithms and the zooming can
    mimic exactly what is seen. all it takes is a little hand movement which
    every human provides while videoing.

    not to mention this is vegas, there are only about a million flashing lights reflecting off hotel lights all over the city. easy enough to recreate at night by anyone in vegas who recognizes where the cabbie was.

  • Vincent Larson

    This article is proof that, with a keyboard, just about anyone can call themselves a writer.

  • Adam

    Wow, this comments section is something else. You all busy yourselves praying, see what good that does you. I’ll be out here actually doing something, taking action. We’ll see how it turns out.

  • Julian Fries

    They’ll blame bump fire stocks, tannerite, magazines, red dot sights, everything but the deep state and marxist left islam. This is an operation against the white christian american, not a guy who snapped his cap.

  • White Lightning

    Anybody that believes this BS has problems. Please explain how they shot out of the 4th floor without breaking a window? That flashing is from the lights

  • Daniel

    Bush did 9/11

  • Alex Nguyen

    This is wrong. I have footage on my page that shows that these flashes were nothing more than reflections of vegas lights. AND to top it off I’ve stayed there numerous times while working the Iheart Festivals as content coordinator and seen these lights on every occasion I’ve been there.

  • LuchaVa

    Ladyboy theory is still alive, was his live in GF a ladyboy?

  • Shawn Earle

    Yes ISIS seldom sends in one man alone. I wonder if Hilary hired any of the shooters?

  • Kevin C Bender

    This website is also pushing a false narrative. This was a hoax, not a false flag. I suggest that everyone look up the definition of a false flag. There were no shooters, period! Just some crappy sound effects and bad acting. Nobody died and nobody was hurt. Any real researcher by now should know that this was a staged drill. Anyone who has served in the military, or who owns an AK or an AR should know what they sound like, and it sure as hell doesn’t sound like what’s in the video. Any site pushing NWO, Antifa, Civil War, multiple shooters, etc… is not to be trusted

  • Sallie Ann

    I figured this was a HOAX a long time ago….. There was also an ad
    wanting people to participate in CROWDS On DEMAND for something in Vegas
    about a week or go….hmmmmmm…. and the fact that most of the “sounds
    of gunfire” sounded oddly like an acustic tape playing instead of REAL
    gunfhire!!!! Remember the Mandalay Bay is OWNED BY MGM….duh. Aren’t
    they in the MOVIE business? hmmmmm? What part of this is REAL?
    NOTHING. No dead folks…no wounded folks… just more scare the sheet
    out of America so when their guns are taken away they’ll feel much
    safer……in a COMMUNIST run country.

    Am I supposed to believe that some 64 year old man lugged all that crap up 32 flites of stairs by
    himself? Just doing it once would probably have given this guy a
    coronary. And how did he manage to evade the 24/7 hotel security?
    And how did he check into the hotel using some woman’s ID? And only a
    pathetic audio tape of the supposed entry into the room by SWAT via
    police radio. I guess those cops in Vegas dont have enough money for
    body cams……..

    What part of this is REAL? NONE OF IT.

    And why didn’t all the women scream bloody murder when the supposed shots
    were fired? And WHY would it take cops 74 MINUTES from the time 911 was
    called to enter the room? What did they do…stop for coffee and

  • Mike

    Where is a picture of the broken out window in the 4th Floor? I haven’t seen one!

  • Dyno-Dean Lucas

    This is compelling, but we need to see the 4th floor window broken out to give this some substantiation. Otherwise this is just a theory with nothing concrete to support it.

  • John Alderson

    Wow never seen so many crazy people in one place. Peeps your as mad as a box of frogs

  • Brandi Williams

    Follow the money, Soros and Clinton ………………………..

  • Dippity Dude

    You people need to step up your electroconvulsive therapy schedule!

  • stretch

    The guy probably was a small arms dealer who received 100k up front.. Then was set up and killed.
    Where is the video of who brought in the weapons..

  • Frank Anderson

    Is that not the group who Hillary donated. $800,000.00 to from her Campaign Fund. Perhaps this is the reason for the coverup!

    • raffaelecafagna

      Yes , she gave that amount to antifa .

  • Patti Hacker

    Fake News! Fake News! How did a 4th-floor shooter manage to shoot from that floor without breaking the glass? There are NO broken windows on the 4th floor. Get a grip!

  • Annyoumns

    Fake news you should read what the fbi and atf says stop posting fake news

  • Annyoumns

    There is no multiple shooters Police hav confirm that get your facts straight

  • Tj Myers

    Like most of these mass shootings, there is always stories of more than one person. Like the Colorado theater shooting and someone letting him in and helping him get back out. The Florida shooting so many rounds is was proven it could NOT be one mobile man.. now this. We are supposed to believe a 64 year old well off, retired guy got 10-25 automatic guns, up on the 32 story 300+ feet high, not counting the 1000+ feet to the crowd. They show us pic of him dead, with AR type rifle 25 round mag and scope.. he would had to reload 50 some times, he had scope.. for what the sound of gun fire is just automatic.. he can’t aim at shit. ONE GUY… 64 years old.. common.

    They are pushing everyone into this state of panic and gun pulling… they are using your fear, your worry to control you and pit you against your other Americans. We want to look at what control looks like all together.. let’s take trip to Chicago, it’s really chill there now eh? NO it’s WORSE. Let’s look for simple gun control California.. better? NO WORSE.

    Stop letting people control your world, control you thoughts.. turn off the TV and simply think about this shit.

  • ms willy nilly

    You cant open the windows……….so why is there no broken glass on the 4th floor then. Hogwash

  • Helen Gallagher

    You Trump supporters are all completely nuts. Enjoy your tinfoil hats. Donald Trump is by far the biggest pvssy groping JOKE to ever enter the White House. NOTHING he promised you dummies he delivered. I laugh at all the times he said ‘He Alone’ would make America safe. Trump caused the worst mass shooting in the history of our country. Put a fork in orange fatso. He’s done.

    • raffaelecafagna

      And …… what are you .???? Uninformed , Confused , Brainwashed , Leftist scumbag with Zero Knowledge about anything only Insults ; did he grope you .?? Did he grope your stinking pVssy ?????? WE the People elected the President ; you and all your kind voted for that POS Traitor Born Liar hitllery . Dummy , retarded ignorant is you and a LOOOOOOOOOOOOSER .
      You are sick in the head and very deranged ; you are a fool full of hate . Cry and burn with rage .

  • Kevin Ward

    This horrible situation reminds me how much TV law enforcement shows do attempt to mirror reality. While its easy to say conspiracy, my guess is information here is being witheld from the media by the men and women who are responsibe to serve our greater good by not giving the guilty TMI, using the chaos to get top to bottom into this cases and doing everything possible to take all the time the guilty have left in our world and shove it into a passing nano second. Bless the lives this terriorism has tourtured, may the victums find hope with justice served.

  • Jonny Bernstein

    There were no broken windows on the fourth floor, and concert goers said there was a strobe light there all weekend.

  • John Thomas

    I just wished if people do not understand what the united states stand for just get the hell out its that simple………….problem solved and stay out

  • Allen Haney

    This is a bullshit story. There is no fire from the fourth floor. If you check the video its just reflective flash. (or worse doctored) I hate people who push stuff like this there is enough bad out there without just making stuff up to stir the pot.

  • Bendle Lee Beavis

    The Melbourne Antifa page is a satire/troll account. Any journalist who has done two minutes research will work this out. Using this as part if your argument shows how weak your theory is. How come none of the gunfire overlaps? Is that part of their plan too?

  • NONE

    Straight up FAKE NEWS.

  • Bigelvie

    Was there a self-healing glass in the 4th floor window” Did all the shell casing mysteriously disappear? Did the GSR clean itself up? Were the 4th floor maids in on this? Did they fumigate the room from the smell of gun powder? Did the maids pick up ALL the casing from an automatic firing AR-15? Did Baxter Dmitry talk to the people that had rooms on each side of the room that magically returned the inside to normal? Has Baxter Dmitry ever been is a combat area where an automatic weapon was fired? Does Baxter Dmitry know hot HOT a ejected casing is? Does Baxter Dmitry know that a hot round would leave slight damage to nylon carpet? Can he verify that there was damage to the suspected 4th floor room? FAKE NEWS. Another example of some journalist not knowing how “things” really work.

  • danvail

    I’m sure you have an explanation on how bullets went through a closed (they can’t be opened) window without breaking the glass. I won’t hold my breath.

  • Roger Clarke

    If there was another shooter why isn’t there a second window busted out ?

    • Angela Marie Morris

      Did u not look at the pic on this post there are two on the 32 floor one on side and front. And watch the videos some Windows may in fact partially open .

  • American Made

    Oh yeah making guns illegal will work, just like making drugs illegal is working..

  • ConradH

    So wait…most of you believe what you read on sites with disgusting amounts of clickbait like this one? For fucks sake some of you actually think Donald Trump is President because “God” put him there? Seriously? This can’t be real life…ugh…So many of ya’ll when I look at your profiles I just know you didn’t make it through high school…writing non-words like irregardless…spending all your time “researching” on the internet no less lol. It’s laughable. Little to no high school in easy as pie southern state public schools and just got the internet a few years ago and now you’re a “researcher”? Some of you are also visionaries and prophets now as well? Get real. Bet you paid for Trump U huh? Fuckin a…we’re doomed.

    • raffaelecafagna

      Indeed ………………you and your confused mentality are Doomed . Anyone has the right to an Opinion ; Freedom of Speech ; anyone has the right to BELIEVE and you don`t have no rights to tell someone about his faith and believing in God , Freedom of religion . What is wrong with believing that God put Trump as President ????????????????. Maybe it is offending you .!!!! What else .??????????? You may not believe in God ; so do I care or do WE care .????? No WE don`t and that is your choice and your Problem . Thanks .

      • ConradH

        Please tell me this is sarcasm. Lolol

  • Phillip King

    First off that first video is fake, why is no one talking in the background? Social media is just as fake as the news on tv. Pathetic people trying to stir shit up & it’s amazing how it all comes back to politics.

  • Ray_Sears

    The Tinfoil Hat Club Meeting Will Now Come To Order ! Our Next Point Of Order Will Be ” We Say EVERYTHING Is A Conspiracy Of The Z.O.G. GOVERNMENT To Limit Our Supply Of Tin Foil So They Can Control Us “

  • ConradH

    Why do the videos have no sound? How is this not just a video of a blinking light? Is this the kind of “research” ya’ll are into? Wow…I’m forever amazed by the simple power of suggestion. Even a seasoned bunch of researchers, visionaries, and most of you are no match for it.

  • Andrea J. Gentry-Seidl

    This is bullshit. Stop spreading lies and innuendos! I miss the Cronkites and Huntley Brinkley who knew how to be responsible journalists. Our country and safe democracy is in serious straits and 3/4 of the reason is all f this fake crap! Be humane and responsible. Let our fantastic police, FBI and ATF do their job and stop peppering the world with fake and totally factless crap.

  • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

    This is such utter bullshit. ANTIFA is completely against what ISIS stands for. Also, there is no official ANTIFA Facebook page…there is no centralized group of ANTIFA. They are local groups that join forces and they don’t necessarily work or coordinate with other groups. Nobody wants all of your damn guns. Nobody has a need or a right to own a bump stock to turn an AR 15 or AK 47 into an automatic weapon. Nobody knows this guys motivation, but one thing is for sure…the author of this is either fake, from Russia, or too stupid to research his conspiracy well enough to have it make sense.

  • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

    Riddle me this…if there were shots fired from the fourth floor, why are no windows missing in the minutes and hours after the shooting? I’ll wait…

    • Rupert Chappelle

      They windows are shown broken.

      Bet they repair those windows real quick.

      • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

        Oh, they do? But the windows on the upper floors are still broken. I’ve seen real video of the even, which this is not, and there are no broken windows on the lower floors, nor are they in the video.

        • Rupert Chappelle

          It is called EDITING.

          The news just doesn’t show those lower broken windows.

          I saw a few clips showing them on youtube.

          I doubt people are faking cell phone video.

          • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

            I’ve been looking at it all day and they’ve shown the whole thing. You think they’ve got the entire law enforcement and medical community of Las Vegas under control. Wow….that must be some amazing Kool-Aid.

          • Rupert Chappelle

            cell phones ARE the new kool aid.

          • Rupert Chappelle

            We fought a war, destroyed a country and lynched a leader, all for lies about WMD told to us by Mossad.

            And I bet you don’t know why, because you are not aware.

            Saddam Hussein wanted to be paid for his oil in EUROS instead DOLLARS.

            That is why we destroyed his country and murdered him.

            Gaddafi? He dared to compete with the IMF and offered money to African Countries at NO INTEREST – so Hillary destroyed a country and had Gaddafi stabbed in the ass and shot dead and then she laughed about it on TV.

            bet you didn’t know that either.

            Being ignorant pays.

      • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

        Also, that is not even the 4th floor. The hotel is I think 40 floors. You can look where the sign is and where this is and it would be more like the 10th or 12th floor. Also, it was a succession of flashes…shown over and over again. He just keeps looping them. You know what makes that kind of light flashing? A phone when you are taking pictures and have the flash on and you hold down the button to take tons of pictures at once. There are too many things that do not add up…the ideas in the article alone are stupid. AntiFa and ISIS are diametrically opposed.

  • Rupert Chappelle

    Ritual human sacrifice in front of a pyramid, an obelisk and a sphinx and the target area designated for HARVEST.


  • Mourning Warbler

    Maybe you’ve seen this already, but it is something to re-watch and share! “Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian World War II survivor, gives her account of Hitler’s takeover of Austria. The similarities to today’s left and their “progressive agenda”, are staggering!”

  • Kathy Smith

    It’s a refracted reflection from the shots being fired from the 34th floor. Probably refracting off of a car window or some other shiny object. There was one asshole shooting from the 34th floor. If you believe this bullshit conspiracy theory you might want to have your brain checked! Or, just maybe, there are magical windows that don’t shatter when they’re shot through on the 4th floor. FUCKING STUPID ARTICLE designed to stir shit up. Baxter Dmitry is a conspiracy theorist, and this video clearly shows a reflection.

  • David Carter

    Clearly Antifa or Hillary Clinton’s assassin’s at work trying to get their gun agenda pushed through Congress. The UN-arming of America is her plan so we can setup a Dictator at a later date. Strip Americans of their freedoms, set up a new Constitution. So yes, A complete overthrow of our current government. She has the liberal media and insiders from the CIA, NSA, FBI working for her.

  • stevie six

    What if Paddock wasn’t the other shooter? What if he was all ready dead and someone else was shooting from his room.

  • Jim Williams

    Yesterday around 5am eastern when the first came out on face book I watched it several times with head phones on and I heard 2 shooters, I even posted it and then my post did not show up. I know what auto fire sounds like and I know what 2 shooters sound like also. There were 2 shooters, 1 shooter with a bump fire AR15 can not fire like a full auto. I listened to the video about 6 times to make sure of what I was hearing.

  • M.J.Smith

    The obvious question is if someone were shooting from the 4th, 10th, or 12th floor (I’ve heard them all now), then are the windows broken out on those floors? Because I haven’t seen a good picture of that, but it would be hard to hide if they were broken out. We need to get to the truth and not all fall asleep and depend on the “official story.”

  • Eva Smith-Cotton

    The light flashing in that window is not gunfire. I was watching the news when a news reporter was wondering about that flashing and zoomed in after the shooting had ended. There was a flashing lights of some sort that he never figured out, but gunfire was over by a couple of hours at this point. It could have been a diversion of some kind I guess, but wasn’t gunfire.

  • Tommy Platinum

    Where’s the broken window, retards?
    Just say no to inbreeding. Fucking liars and twatwaffles.

  • Val Clarke Blaske Siago

    Amazing that those bullets came right through unbroken windows….

  • trid2bnrml

    We’re Still Playing Defense When We Should Be On Offense

  • Russell McAuley

    None of this really adds up.. I’m still trying to find out how a man with so little knowledge or fire arms and what not ended up with so many high tec guns none of these weapon are really run of the mill guns me and you can get sure a person can build one if they know what they looking for but how would he and the kind of money needed to get this stuff. Only a hand full of people have stuff like that and for some average joe to have very high end tec guns and explosives with no background what so ever from a retirement home.. Makes a person think a bit plus now it seems there was more then one person what another guy out of a retirement home.

  • Joe Rios

    Not convinced by this report! Shooter was shooting downwards from 32 floor. Therefore, it is highly probable that what you are actually see in is an sight angle reflection of rounds raining down against the totally glass facet. Police would have no reason to hide this if this were true that shots came from 4th floor too. Where’s are the broken glass windows windows? Fake News!!!!!

  • rick drury

    Or is this conspiracy theory doing just what it claims the other side is doing….creating a fear that would cause doubt in local officials…..hmmmmm?

  • DonColorado

    Do the windows open in that hotel? Windows on the 32nd floor were broken out.

  • Michael Bryan

    Fake fake there isn’t broken windows below the 32nd floor.

  • Snufy

    The NWO must be eliminated. They all need to be arrested and imprisoned. They are totally evil being power hungry, and are trying to destroy this country.

  • John Howell

    The flashes don’t match the sound. Not gunfire from that window. Something else

  • Charles Cross

    How did the windows get fixed if from the 4th floor? This is my only question of the video above.

    • M

      Yes this is clearly muzzle flash reflecting from the shooter who is on the 32nd floor.

      This is FAKE NEWS!

  • Lynn Kopa

    22,000 witnesses hat saw the shooter on the 32nd floor,. And some unknown blogger site from God knows who or where show videos of reflections of police lights reflecting off the UNBROKEN. mirror glass of the building. Come on people put a little thought into things. Just who is behind this fake news site? Parrinoia strikes deep

  • PizzaGod

    the flashing light is a different speed than the shooting. This is vegas, the city of lights.

  • Jim

    It’s the fucked up evil people. Guns or not we will always have these scum bags wanting to hurt Americans.

  • Robert Wurdack

    Why doesn’t the news media ask why the windows aren’t blown out on the fourth floor

  • Johnny Appleseed

    That melbourne antifa facebook post looks photoshopped. I mean I’ve never seen a facebook post with gray boxes around the words. There was definitely a second shooter, but the writer of this post obviously just wants to push some politcal agenda on to the reader.

  • Arch Stanton

    So where are the photos of the broken window on the 4th floor….or do those windows conveniently slide open and closed?

  • Whoisgod

    Iv seen a ton if videos of the shooting as it was happening and no one recored muzzle blast from he 32nd floor

  • George

    Lots of theories and foregone conclusions, but no proof.

  • watersisland

    So if there were multiple shooters, including the 4th floor, how did they shoot through the WINDOWS?

  • John J Johnson

    Uhhh, wouldn’t that 4th floor window have like a billion holes in it?

  • @MadJewessWoman

    I went out today and talked to average Joe’s and Jane’s.

    NOBODY believes the ‘official’ story of the LV shooting.


    Not ONE person I ran into believes the lying, Communist media re. Mandalay Bay.


    You’re getting SLOPPY.

    • watersisland

      Try stepping outside of your comfort zone; leave that psychiatric hospital and talk to sane people!

      • @MadJewessWoman

        Im American Iroquois. What has Russia to do with the issue here?

        • watersisland

          Yeah, and I’m Pocahontas’ grandson. Your divisive and clearly Russian video posts (East European – HA! — I’m well versed in Russian language and culture) make you a dead giveaway. Although I must say, even most other Russian posters aren’t as dumb sounding as you!

          • @MadJewessWoman

            I am American Iroquois and a Daughter of the American revolution.
            What has Russia to do with anything in this post?

  • Jeff Spradling

    Hmm. In the first video there is a video sign near where the shots appear to be coming from. In the video from the cab driver there is no sign.

  • ddobbz

    No broken glass means no shooting. None of the hotel rooms have windows that open or have a balcony.

  • Terry Becerra

    My OPINION ; Guns – Guns Laws- People are the issue..Handguns, Hunting Rifles yeah we can buy those all day. This is very normal. BUT ALLOWING A REGULAR JOE A REGULAR PERSON TO PURCHASE A FREAKING MACHINE GUN IS INSANE..AND THAT LAW NEEDS TO CHANGE.
    See no one cares about gun laws until it affects you & your family. Its not about democrats or republicans – it’s not the liberals or the conservatives. WE ARE ALL JUST PEOPLE..See they have CONDITIONED all of you to believe it’s either this or that, they have CONDITIONEDto pick a side..they have you CONDITIONED to black, white, brown, yellow….When I was growing up it was always little girls dont do things like that and boys are supposed to do this…This shit NEVER made sense to me at all. Little girls dont play football little girls dont become mechanics – boys arent suppose to play dress up little boys arent suppose to wear girls clothes…WTF man!!!! wake up…EVERYONE has their own mind their own things they want to do and it doesnt make it WRONG. We have always been divided. Most of us are just a product of what we were CONDITIONED to believe, CONDITIONED they way we think, CONDITIONED they way we live and dress…But Not me. I have my own beliefs, I do what I want out of life, Catholics don’t have abortions REALLY. I am a Catholic and you cant take that away from me but I do believe in abortions and divorce, I had one when I raped and NO CATHOLIC is going to tell me I’m wrong in fact NO BODY is going to tell me its WRONG. What is wrong is being raped and I shouldnt have to be an incubater for a baby that was brought into this world under those circumstances, and for someone to say OHHH NOOO your going to hell thats wrong.. NO YOUR going to hell for making someone feel that way (Like if we did something wrong) – We are just CONDITIONED to think this way and when someone thinks outside your box that makes them wrong…
    Here’s a good example. 1984-1990 this was the mind set of another woman too. True Story I used to work at a metal factory where we made military and sheriff badges, But I worked in the metal press room and I always loved mechanics always. So I started to hang with this dude Michael and I learned how to make dies, set up all the oil hydraulic machines, the fusion machine like a mini spot welders and boyyyy did I learn that stuff I was a sponge soaking it all up. But then the supervisor quit and I immediatley said I want that job, I can do it, Ive learned how to set up all these machines etc and (CONDITIONED Esther replied and giggled at me they don’t hire women supervisors for this department). I looked with surprise cause shit like that didnt make sense to me. ( I asked myself why not, I know all the machines very well) I could not grasp around my pretty little head IT’S CAUSE I WAS A WOMAN. so they hired some whity tighty OH but the company wanted ME to train him..OHHH HELL NO everytime he would come around me to learn I would stop what I was doing. Well he lasted all but 6 months and they fired him cause he was a damn douche bag. After re-applying again YES I did GET THE JOB. This company had been in business for over 30 years and I was the first WOMAN SUPERVISOR in the metal press room, and all the men who worked in this dept had missing fingers from being careless around the machines. Me I left with all my 10 fingers. The moral of the story is People are CONDITIONED to think this way.
    We all would like to think Nooooo we are so pasted these times but we are not IF anything we have gone BACKWARDS with the same ways of thinking. It first started when Obama was President cause the white & rich could not see past the color, Now that we have trump as president, things are just going backwards again and again, racism, hatred, white vs black vs brown vs yellow. And Really it’s not that we need more praying cause religion is a top reason for war and hate. What we need to do is step back and think to ourselves. It’s not about proving your right. Things need to change and fast.

    It does not matter if its FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN
    it’s MEDIA Propaganda, they will only show us what they are told to release. Every politician has a connection to the media. So media releases information that support their party!!! It’s all controlled.

  • Larry Ingham Sr.

    The whole thing is about the One World Order which George Soros is behind. Obama and Clinton were both financed by Soros and did what he told them to do. Soros is also funding the black hate movement.

  • Corey Gray

    Nope….what those videos show is a reflection of muzzle flash.
    It still proves a second shooter…but not in the Mandalay.

    Those windows are heavy one way glass specifically designed to prevent a despondent losing gambler from throwing a table through it, and following it out. They do not open. They do not replace easily or quickly. Cleaning up after an installation takes almost as long as an installation, and THEN you have to remove scaffolding and such.

    Even IF they COULD have replaced the window that fast, leaving no evidence immediately…any untrained eye would catch it…the new window would have suffered less sun damage, less abrasion from blown dust and sand, and less exposure to the staining of “city soot”…it would stand out like a sore thumb.

    This reflection could NOT be from Paddock’s firing position…angles are wrong for the 4th floor window to have ANY reflection in common with Paddock’s window (angled away from one another).

    The “pulses” of the flash also match the sound of firing heard when there were demonstrably no flashes coming from the 32nd floor. Second shooter.

    Three videos I’ve examined, released by the individuals, not through media sources, three different angles…since the window reflecting the muzzle flash is perpendicular to the ground, this means you can use “split the angle” to establish a line from each of those camera points to the shooter’s position…it appears this firing was coming from a lateral angle in the neighborhood of 27-31 degrees southwest of the Mandalay, orienting from the center of the venue. he elevation is more difficult, as I can’t ID the rifle by sound, so can’t look up a ballistic table for it to get an accurate parabolic to apply…but here’s about a 4 block lane through there that covered the venue, with several buildings they MIGHT have shot from inside or on top of.

    But what’s REALLY bothering me about this…

    It’s pretty solid, with this, that there were multiple shooters…some reports saying firing coming from at least 5 different places, only ones I’m confident enough of to say “were there” are Paddock, the “4th floor reflection shooter”, and the shooter near Aria (“confirmed” via multiple people actually finding some fresh brass the next day…and taking and posting pics…I accept these as “proof”, as they are multiple personal sources, multiple pictures, by individuals who have nothing to gain either way.)

    This means that there were shooters set up with elevated positions, with a planned crossfire, and coverage of PERFECT “kill chutes” (congestion areas forcing people to bunch up near entrances/exits)…someone who knows MILITARY shooting tactics…small unit tactics, at that, planned this, and told them how to set it up.

    S/he wasn’t one of the ones pulling the trigger…

    Think about it…if you know guns AT ALL, you know that shooting downhill, into a packed crowd, at full auto, for 10 minutes, even if he was so blind the crowd looked like an amoeba to him, and his firearm familiarity ended at “this is the dangerous end, pull this little lever to make it go bang”, he should have stacked one HELL of a lot more bodies than 60….multiple shooters being a solid belief, now…this means that two or more shooters ONLY got a number that SHOULD have been double what it was, had it been Paddock, alone.

    Which means none of these shooters understood how to USE the positions they’d been placed in, how to use “kill chutes”, or even how to keep yourself aimed at center mass, while firing off rips (loooong bursts are a bad idea…especially with the AK variants…little short bursts…which they were NOT doing)…which means, again, none of thee shooters had the knowledge or skills to have placed themselves as they MUST have…which mens someone else, who DID know these things (usually knowledge restricted to a specific kind of former or current soldier, as it’s not something MOST soldiers can ever use, and, if you tried to use those ideas, that way, with a standard infantry unit, you’d get them killed, instead…this is someone who understands operating in the field in units of 6 or less…basically, something that’s not useful at all until you’re talking at least airborne, and usually not until working with “specialists” like Rangers or “above”.)

    Which would mean this was a coordinated and planned attack by an organized group, deliberately “spending” one of their shooters, and PROBABLY having expected to “spend” more.

  • Zachary Cole Bowersock

    That Antifa page is fake. If you even had a slight clue about how the movement works you would know that the term “Official Antifa” makes no sense.

  • bb49

    Another B. S. story from a B. S. website.

  • Not carlos danger its Clark G


  • Not carlos danger its Clark G

    Because the illuminate who couldn’t take guns away when dems held the presidency, and both houses, but they think it will happen while Republicans control everything?

  • Not carlos danger its Clark G

    Because such powerful people got that way by risking EVERYTTHING, on ONE THING going wrong?

  • Not carlos danger its Clark G

    Because the largest mass shooting would NEVER be invested much!!!!

  • Gary Lynd

    My big question to all of you is just where do you get your info ? Media ? Oh so now you trust the media ? Another thing is gun ownership. OK so handguns may or may not be registered by everyone, rifles are not though. Do you really think a gun owner is just going to hand over their weapons ? My guess at the very least 75% will NOT no matter what laws are changed.

  • Nicholas Poe

    Free Download!!!! New Mula!!!
    #1 underground music!!!!

  • Ted Bates

    man that did this shooting was very rich and rich people can get
    anything regardless of laws. He owned a private plane. If he was unable
    to purchase guns, he could have used the ammonium nitrate that he DID
    have as a bomb. He could have loaded it into his plane and crashed it
    into the same group of people. He had no intention of living through the
    killings, so crashing the plane would have been easy. You cannot
    legislate evil out of existence.

  • Sandi4TRUMP


    • Richard Daugherty

      She should be in prison. She is a big part of this whole mess.

      • DMikeS

        Don’t forget Bill. He’s in it too.

        • Gary Lomiga

          Bill is just in there for the ladies lol

      • PNutButty

        He should be in prison too then

    • Kathy E Babilius

      To these evil people, people are expendable for their “better cause”

    • Rachel Vaughan

      I noticed that too.

  • Brad Vogt

    ok if it came from the 4th floor also where is the broken window in the day time and not just a night pic, the windows do not open there so it would have been broke like the other 1 was ,

  • Joe Ayers

    Fucking retards. There is video of the strobe light on the 4th floor going off long before Jason Aldean took the stage. Stupid cunts.

  • Richard Daugherty

    Seizing the guns in America would be impossible. No chance. Trump already wants to talk about it.It does seem as though Trump has had past dealings with George Soros. Time will tell I’am now skeptical.

  • Gary

    It was flashing before the sound of gunfire erupted. It’s a strobe light.

    • Winghunter

      That’s called the speed of light verses the speed of sound, genius.

      • Gary

        So you agree it was a strobe light? And the people who seen it flashing before Aldean even came to the stage? Boy are you ever a group think follower.

        • Winghunter

          It probably was but, ignoring my question mark denoting uncertainty is dishonest as hell where in there was no time mentioned, no witness statements available at the time I posted nor was the direction evident as the cabby obviously isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree.
          I’ll remember not to bother you while you’re abusing the privilege of being an AH.

        • Winghunter

          At the time immediately after the shooting where in I asked that question, was there any witness statements about that light? No, there wasn’t. Was there any way to establish more information from that terribly shot video? No, there wasn’t. STFU.

    • Not carlos danger its Clark G

      As a matter of fact, I just saw a video long before the shooting, and the flashing lights are doing the exact same thing.
      Some people have a need for conspiracy, then latch on to whatever they can to make it so.
      No amount of reality will pull them away from delusion

  • Rodney Pierce

    I have one question, where is the picture of the broken window? Did the guy shoot through a gun port? Why is there no broken glass there??

    • Not carlos danger its Clark G

      SHHhhhhhhh,,,,, They’ll wake up from their dream state. Let them keep on dreaming.

  • KD

    I agree. Las Vegas has looser gun laws and they want to unarmed that state to confiscate the land, there’s a few ranchers like the Bundys that they haven’t run off yet

  • Jayson Therres

    Gun control (disarm Americans )or for gun sales, (what seems to happen after one of these ).

  • Michael West

    Copied from another post: That wasn’t muzzle flash, on that lower floor…it was some kind of strobe light or alarm…it kept flashing all night and morning, while Fox News was broadcasting…with the hotel behind them. It was still flashing at 5am even. That was not the muzzle. My friends and family there at the festival, military combat vets and law enforcement, all said it was from up high somewhere around the corner of the hotel building that bullets were spraying from…which matches where the windows were blown out.

  • Karl Stephen McCann

    Ok I feel something is not right here and I have felt the same with Sandy Hook! But the strobe on, WHATEVER floor that was, is shown in 2 different videos where the gunfire was quiet and the light still flashed. The cab passenger video looks as it has stopped in sync with gunfire and it is at the same time they pass a tree. Other videos debunk it. Talk about the video of this guy transporting this arsenal into the hotel..It’s an EASY shut the f^(# up video for them to release. Like ANY shot of the pentagon plane indecent, which HAD to be caught on one of the many cameras ON the pentagon let alone the surrounding area, should have been! And THEY had the video for HOW LONG before the little tiny portion they released? We will see if it comes out and how long! Also how clear the image is! You can talk about window situation on the fourth floor(or whatever floor). None are broken, that we see. Could a diamond cutter have cut a circle out and they used that? Thats what the question is if we are talking about another floor having bullets spraying! If there are no windows broken or tampered with then that argument devalues the argument! Something is fish behind this but vouching for the people that are showing only the parts to pass their agenda isn’t helping solve the puzzle!

  • David Grumling

    What you are seeing is a reflection. The glass is still intact.

  • Tony White

    People that insist that there were multiple Shooters why no additional broken windows?

  • badster

    The 4th floor shooter was an ISIS soldier. ISIS claimed responsibility and they never lie about attacks they commit. I was listening to Vegas SWAT live on scanner…. they were searching the Mandalay, Bellagio and Luxor….. they were BOLO Arab Men by dispatcher… heard it with my own two ears.

    • badster

      all I can say is they better wear a helmet when they come to my door.

  • Richard smith

    I believe there is something wrong with this, yes there are several angles contradicting what was originally reported by the media. and now with this its something else to draw the nations attention away from the NFL and their whole fiasco with the national anthem and losing MILLIONS of dollars to americans that are unhappy with the course the players are taking with the anthem.

  • Steve S.

    You do realize that the video from the cab driver directly conflicts with you “smoking gun” video? From the cabby’s video, you see the light flashing before shots are fired and continues flashing when there are no shots. But your flagship video claims the flashes are audible shots fired and explains the time gap with distance from the shooter.

  • GregoryRomeu

    Oh hell yes they are! From politicians to all the anti and pro agenda groups, at OUR expense!

    However, the bottom line is, over 22 Million Veterans state: “You will never take our guns away!”

    • Melissa Grant

      They won’t but can try. How do they think gun control will stop these kind of things, I mean really. Most guns they use are illegally bought and brought in. Can’t just stop that but sure try. Leave the guns alone!!! 9/11/01 didn’t use guns either!!!

      • Kathy E Babilius

        Im thinkin NWO had something to with this because like ppl are saying, they were ready to pile on with we want your guns, as we know dems and libs hate us that have a stable mind.

    • Joe Capes

      Yes sir. Semper fi.

    • bgilman45

      No one wants your damned guns!
      But keeping them out of the hands of felons and the mentally ill MIGHT BE NICE!!!!!

      • Scott Davenport

        That’s YOUR agenda, and a noble one, but you discount the evil cockroaches that try to hijack your cause to achieve their nefarious end game….and you lib’s are playing right into this madness…..

        Anyone with good ol’ common sense can see thru these ignorant elite from a hundred miles away…..and we’ll be dealing with them with extreme prejudice before long it seems…..elites forget they are a bunch of weak cowards….

        • Rachel Vaughan


        • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

          I am curious how you will fight the current military since they will be the ones carrying out the nefarious plan of the government. I am honestly serious in asking you what you alone will do when “they” come for your guns. You may be able to get a few rounds off before they pick you off, but ultimately, you’re dead. You might even be able to seal yourself off in some sort of compound with other militants. With all of your legal weaponry, what chance would you have when the tanks come? All of this I say and ask knowing they are not coming for your guns. I have not heard a single Democrat or Republican or rich person or anyone from the Skull and Bones Society or the Illuminati say they want every gun. The only suggestion I have heard is a national system of registration so people can’t do what this Stephen guy did. He purchased 32 or 33 guns over a short period in October 2016. He went across states lines into California, Utah, and Texas. The other 20 or so guns he owned had been purchased over a 35 year period. People crack, for whatever reason. A national registry would allow gun sellers to know when something like this is happening and either deny them purchase or alert authorities. I know there are some extreme Lefties that think all guns are bad. Not all of us Democrats think that way. In fact, most do not. I don’t even have a problem with one or two AR 15 or AK 47…for whatever reason you want them. These bump stocks though…I don’t see a logical legal reason anyone would need to have one, much less 12, which is how many the LV shooter had in the room with him attached to guns so they would fire like an automatic weapon. Is it possible there was another shooter? Maybe, but it still doesn’t make a difference…either way, he or they had weapons that as of right now appear to all have been purchased legally. Do you really feel there should be zero regulation on gun ownership? Again, I am serious in my questions and am trying to see this from all sides.

          • Steve Lees

            . . . Tanya, there isn’t anyone saying there should not be any regulation on gun ownership (Gun Control) as there currently is gun control in place. The push by the Dumbocrats (I’m a registered Dem but please don’t tell anyone) is and has always been to remove our right to own and bear arms, as is provided in the Constitution to allow The People to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. If the radical left wing Dumbocrats, who in fact control the party, had their way about the issue no one but law enforcement and the military would be allowed to own guns. They have tried for years and continue to try and brainwash the public into believing that guns kill, which is a total load of crap! Guns don’t and never have killed, even in time of war on the battlefield GUNS DO NOT KILL! People Kill and they choose the means by which they are going to accomplish this, be it driving into a crowd of people with a 2 ton vehicle, bashing someone’s head in with a ball bat, slicing their throat with a pair of scissors, setting them on fire, it really doesn’t matter what the means if someone want to kill another person they will find a way to accomplish their desired outcome. Gun Control is nothing more than a platform for the Dumbocrats and another way to create DIVISION which is what the Dumbocrat party is all about! GET IT NOW?

          • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

            Steve, you are part of the reason why no one can have any sort of reasonable discussion. At no point did I use derogatory names to refer to you or other gun owners. I don’t understand why that is necessary in your mind, but whatever. I would actually like you to site instances where Democrats have worked on legislation, whether it made it to the floor or not, that would seek to take away all or even most of your guns. I need specific bills that I can find record of. If they have been secretly working on this, there should be some form of legislation to back up that claim.

          • headonstraight

            There have been no such bills, as you probably know, but that does not keep the ultra-pro gun crowd from blithering their complaints about gun control. Here is a significant element of the law on firearms, as iterated by the U.S. Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller, the Court’s most far-reaching decision on firearms in the modern era:

            “Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.”

          • PsykiskTestbild

            That’s because you are a dumbass. Therein you deserve every name thrown at you, ya f-ckin shithead.

          • Stephen Creech

            Tanya, I agree with most of what you’ve said. The bump stocks though, I don’t believe they ARE legal. They weren’t purchased legally because fully auto weapons are not legal. I’m no expert, mind you, but this is the way I understand it. I am curious about a second shooter though.

            I’m sure my statement will be enough to rile a bunch of warriors up to call me names while showing off how much they “know”. Too bad people can’t discuss a topic without all the hatred. That hatred is what is dividing this country. Try disagreeing without the vitriol. Maybe an answer will be found someday.

          • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

            They are legal. To be a “fully automatic” weapon, you must be able to pull the trigger once and hold it down, resulting in continuous fire. A semi-automatic gun requires that you pull the trigger multiple times- one for each fire of a round. A bump stock uses the recoil of the weapon to “pull the trigger” at a near automatic pace. Thus, they are legal…for now. I agree with you about the vitriol. The comments above to me are unnecessary and a sign that the person has no logical, intelligent argument. Therefore, they are ignored…at least by me.

      • Ricky Lafferty

        no one? Are you serious or just delusional!?

      • Thankyoulordiamretired

        your an idiot

      • junktex


      • DH

        Leave the mentally disabled out of it, they’re not the population that’s doing the murders (read around for the data). If a law abiding person with mental health concerns – like a woman, say, or a hunter – wants a reasonable firearm for protection or to provide food they should not have their rights (and their medical privacy) invaded/removed by big government.

        • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

          Stephen Paddock was reportedly prescribed anti-psychotic medication because he would lie in his bed writhing around screaming. So in some cases, the mentally ill are responsible for these murders. Columbine shooter suffered from depression. Sandy Hook shooter was awkward and a loner who blamed the principal of the school. I don’t know if he was ever diagnosed with depression or not. I know many gun owners think that someone is out to take all of their weapons, but as someone above stated, there has been no legislation to touch the weapons. I do know there are some on the way left that would seem to love it if there were no guns at all, but they live in a feckless fantasy of ideal land. I disagree with you on the checks for mental illness. Only certain ones would put you on the list, and the diagnosis would not be disclosed or explained. No one is talking about keeping guns from a woman or a hunter, but if said hunter is schizophrenic and out hunting one day and sees other hunters out in the trees and decides they are out to get him so he shoots them all, he should not have a weapon in his hand.

      • PsykiskTestbild

        Good luck with that one, dipshit.

    • Rachel Vaughan

      From my cold dead hands.

  • Rosche

    Because taking our guns is a process. If they were to say, “Okay everyone give me your guns,” there would be massive riots and protests. Instead, they slowly disqualify everyone from owning guns,starting with those with felony convictions, then with those convicted of certain misdemeanors, next with those who they determine to be mentally unfit…

    • Tucker

      The one disqualifying factor that the left is really obsessed with is anyone with White skin and male anatomy. I am sure I am not alone in noticing how unbelievably hysterical the left’s hatred for White males – and in particular, White Southern males – has steadily exploded since Trump managed to spank the evil Witch’s massive and prodigious communist fanny last November.

      But, much to the frustration of these hate filled communist liberals – the vast and overwhelming majority of those Second Amendment loving, gun owning White males are law abiding citizens and do not commit crimes that would give the libs the legal excuse to take away their gun rights. So, the left has to stage false flag shootings and find either some deranged White guy who’s on various psychotropic drugs and mentally ill – or, what looks to be the case here with Paddock – find some patsy who they will arrange to suicide after the fact – stage the shooting, and then plant evidence that pins the blame on their patsy. This then becomes an event that the left will try to use to get more gun bans and gun control laws passed that will primarily target law abiding White males who love guns and who usually have Southern accents.

      I remember after the Dylan Roof shooting in Charleston – some of the bolder lefties were actually screaming that all White males needed to be prohibited from owning guns. Yea, one stupid White kid who was on psychotropic drugs commits a crime with a gun – and all White males in America who are law abiding gun owners should be denied their Constitutional rights to own a firearm?

      Why not apply that logic to black males – who are 6% of the US population but who commit over 50% of all violent gun related crime? Take a look at Detroit’s murder rate – blacks slaughtering their fellow blacks – setting new records every weekend – why do we never hear any of these anti-gun leftists screaming that all black males need to be prohibited from owing guns?

      • Ann A. Jones

        Well said by a voice of reason. Oh, well, it means that we will both be called names and attacked all day. The truth needs to be told, though, even though many won’t listen. Thank you.

      • Andrew Stachura
      • Fa Q (recently banned)

        Yeah all those pro gun we’ll kick ass Americans ran scared when the bullets were flying. At least we know what’ll happen if there’s a civil war lol

        • Mysteriously62

          And you are going to tell me you would just stand there and not take cover? Now you are a special kind of stupid.

      • willietrohut

        You are kidding. Right? Nobody screamed “all white males” except in parody of you righties screaming “all muslims”. It was an ironic joke. You guys don’t get it. smh. Crazies.

    • Kathy E Babilius

      And a citizen bloodbath.

    • Fa Q (recently banned)

      They already over rode our constitutional right to searches without a warrant, why haven’t they done the same with guns. Could it be they’re making money off making you afraid that they’re going to take your guns? The sheep can’t see this as possible.

      • Tanya Gonzales Gumkowski

        That is absolutely true. The gun stocks skyrocket after each mass shooting. Reports go out on Faux News and Breitbart telling everyone they are going to come for their guns, so everyone goes out and buys more guns and more ammo. 300,000,000 owned by 3-5% of the population. I guarantee you the military has way more and if they ever really did want to come and take all the guns away, no gun owner would have a chance. Yeah, people would die, but ultimately so would all the gun owners. It’s not going to happen. I am as left as they get, and I have no desire or inclination for anyone to give up their guns. Maybe the only exception would be those diagnosed with depression, anti-social personality disorder, or schizophrenia as those are the mental illnesses that most often lead to non-religious mass murders.

    • PNutButty

      That’s what I think they wanted to do in the first place.

  • Fox Purtill

    With bullets that can travel through industrial storm-glass that needed a sledgehammer to break, and left no trace, AND fired though a large sigh that blocked 60% of the target AND hit targets that were through several brick walls at that height and would never have been able to see anyone on the concert area?

    That would be a pretty awesome weapon.

    It IS, however, a reflection from the track lighting used on the back side of the marquee light… The building was designed to reflect that back to the building to make it look brighter and can be seen from pretty much all the lower windows as you move around the building (I stayed there twice)

  • MCTomkat

    The same forces that created this false-flag event, also benefit by your hate against Antifa… or whatever other group you prefer to hate.

  • DMikeS

    You’ve been hearing it because it’s true. Armed citizens are FREE citizens. The founders knew this, and we need to remember it.

  • Tony D’Aprile

    No glass is broken on 4th floor….most likely reflections.

  • Tommy Goad

    The window you claim the second gunman was firing from was never broken as is seen the next day in footage of the hotel, these windows don’t open…

    But there was NO gunfire coming from the windows that were broken the next day… Something fishy for sure

  • stormy

    2 hours later!? Sounds like BS to me.

  • ksawatzke

    The worst massacre in the US happened in 1890 at Wounded Knee, just sayin

  • You are kidding right?

    How can any of you believe this. The officer is driving under the covered entrance of the hotel making an exit. The covered entrance has a metal roof. That is a reflection on the glass from the metal roof. Go ahead and pull up google satellite images and it’s even reflecting there. Not to mention there are no balconies at all at Mandalay bay unless you are in the restaurant. There are no other broken windows either. Whoever made this video is a fucking retard.

  • Bob Juniper

    Perhaps we are doing things in middle east that is unknown. It could be a covert war and this is the result.

  • Diane

    Are you telling me a facebook geek solved this before the FBI? If shots are coming from the 4th floor, than that means the window would have to be broke.

  • gmag39

    So much ignorance & idiocy in ONE PLACE! You guys need a new hobby and a shrink.

  • Tom Cook

    Two shooters

  • woodbeans

    I’ve stayed at this hotel, and I can tell you that the windows don’t open. If those were shots, why isn’t there a broken window? I think it is far more likely that those are flashes of reflected light…maybe even from the actual shots above that are reflecting off another surface close by?

  • Kevin John Broderick

    Magic 4th floor window repairs itself before anyone snapped a photo? Or do bullets pass through glass without breaking it?

  • Bill Martin

    Pick another term lefty. We all
    know snowflake means spineless,whiny,safe space looking,emasculated male or crazy ass female.

  • Melissa Grant

    Sad, before all this come out about another shooter, I seen a video and person recording didn’t realize it was on their video. It was on the left side from forth floor, and the top of video.

  • alysdexia

    no opening, no shooting

  • AmazedHuman

    Nobody with a working brain thinks that man named as the shooter is entirely responsible for this latest mass murder. Or even at all, at this point. There is NOTHING in that guy’s history pointing to something like this. Nothing. Supposedly he ‘vanished’ for 6 months according to his neighbors, and that’s plenty of time to be radicalized and turned into a terrorist, but even at that, he didn’t act alone there. No way in hell. However, here’s the kicker…once the FBI, as untrustworthy and corrupt as they now are gets involved, America will likely never learn the truth. And the liberal nutcases will latch on to this, as they do every other tragedy, to spout off about gun control. Ye Gods….pathetic, unintelligent reasoning to connect this with anything preventable by gun control. And yet, there they are. Incredible.

  • Koviko


    1. No 4th floor windows were broken.
    2. Police didn’t hear automatic gunfire on the 4th floor. They did on the 32nd.
    3. Why is there no muzzle light from the 32nd floor?
    4. There was flashing light on the 4th floor prior to the shooting.
    5. This is not the “mainstream media” sourcing this information. It is the LVMPD. You are claiming that the POLICE DEPARTMENT is covering up a second shooter.

    This whole article is a load of BULLSHIT.

    • WickedRun Press

      And this same flashing light was seen hours before the shooting started. The comment section is a dangerous place, but also shines a light into our pathetic species

  • WickedRun Press

    Never go to the comment section. You’ll lose faith in humans. But, too late, I did, and I’m amazed at what a pathetic species we are. This same flashing light can be seen hours before the shooting started.

  • Thomas Paine

    While I’m not convinced at all that it was a lone shooter If you believe what is being released to the public the story is that he was barricaded in the room so that would throw out the theory that he was being held captive while others in the room were shooting people also there are cameras everywhere in those hotels so unless the whole security detail in the Hotel was involved then video footage would have recorded anyone else moving in and out of there.

    Also.. There is a video circulating that appears to show muzzle flashes coming from the 3rd or 4th floor, but (And I’ve never stayed at that particular hotel) if that were the case then the glass would have been broken because apparently those windows do not open.

    I agree there are a lot of things that do not add up for instance.. It is now being reported that a “Hotel security Officer showed up and was shot in the leg by the perp and THAT’S when Police pinpointed the actual room.. Well if the shooting stopped in 11 minutes then why did it take Police an extra hour to show up after the last shot (Assuming the Security Officer was the last shot by the subject?

  • WickedRun Press
  • Disqus User

    people you know this website is a fake news site right?

    • Thomas Paine

      Snopes is the FAKE News.. Nice try idiot!

      • alysdexia

        no, you

  • William B

    I checked this story out on (the oldest (1994) and largest fact- checking site one the internet; and it’s FALSE. I suggest everyone do the same, don’t be gullible you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Think about it, why would all those news sources, the Las Vegas Police Dept, the FBI not report those facts? Besides there were no broken glass panels on any other floors, just a couple of fuzzy cellphone videos that showed blurry reflections.
    It’s sad that a “news source” would use the chaos generated from a very tragic situation to create fear promote its own conspiracy theories. Besides, this is too big of a tragedy witnessed by too many people to be “covered up”, if there is a terrorist connection it will be revealed by reliable sources. That’s my (researched) two cents.

  • Sandy Fletcher


    • Fa Q (recently banned)

      Nobody is trying to, they’re trying to take your money. And you’re handing it over lol good sheep

    • PNutButty

      Of course they wont. They want us to all die from the gun deaths instead. Also they wont take your guns because they value money over human lives.

  • AnneSeay

    There were no broken windows on any other floor other than 32 ………I believed there were more shooters till video shows entire hotel and the only windows broken were on 32 floor…..

  • Flapjack Matthews

    “The answers are simple. The corporate media, controlled by a small, elite oligarchy, is operating on behalf of the New World Order, attempting to mislead the public into believing their enemies are their friends, and their friends are their enemies.”

    You know, when you think about it, that’s actually very, very complex.

  • Kurt K

    Seriously, Your are about as ignorant as a thumb tack. Everyone on the left just spews any BS out of their mouth and hopes it sticks. No evidence but who cares.
    If lies are kept on being stated as the truth that is what most of Americans will believe even if it get retracted. There are two many sheep who just want to take the easy way and let others think for them.

    By the way here is the video of him stating it and George correcting him. Come with valid responses that can be backed up.

    As I stated before did not care he was a Muslim since in America you can be associated with whatever religion you desire. This is something no one would slip up on when talking about their faith. I just do not know why one would lie about something so trivial.

  • Chris Harris

    Okay ssssoooo no video proof? Fucking articles are useless

  • Kevin Carney

    BS. Edited video. Super easy to put a little flashing light into a video.

  • Kevin Carney

    ‘Second shooter’ had a spare window that he replaced when he was finished?

  • Kevin Carney

    Another video tracked down by social media users shows the same light flashing an hour before the shooting started — it can be seen twinkling on the right side of the screen in the below video as country band Big and Rich are singing “God Bless America” earlier in the night:

  • Joe Scott

    This is a complete cover up by the government If you listen to the shooting you can clearly hear there is more than one shooter firing at at same time. not to mention i seen the video from the female taxi driver and the video and audio show that there was a second shooter. This is a Deep State cover up and to disarm the American people just like Hitler did before starting WWII. How does a Socialist Regime get control of the people? Simple, Disarm them and tell them it’s for the greater good of the people!

  • Justin Hall

    This is horseshit, Baxter Dmitry is a shithead and should be swung by his ankles into a bathroom sink.

  • Brian Hanley

    What is wrong with you all? The window on 4th floor wasn’t broken! Do you think bullets go through magical glass that heals itself? Dear god what moronic idiocy. Obviously, nobody has fired a gun here. Hewwo? Go ahead and shoot through a window of your house or apartment. Tell me how that goes. D’oh.

    And you know the Mandalay hotel windows are reflective? So, from the ground, and the right position, muzzle flashes reflect. Find the position the videographer was in, take a laser pointer and aim it at the spot on that 4th floor window where these flashes appear and you will hit the 32nd floor inner window.

    The Mandalay, when it was first built, before they interfered with the reflecting sun, would concentrate sunlight on an area by the pool for a little while at the right time of day. It was a solar cooker that burned people.

    For god’s sake everyone – use your heads for something besides eyeball holders.

    • Joe Scott

      I`m an Audio engineer and i`m telling you that there is cross sound and i have fired many guns and can tell the difference of the sound from one to the other. you can break the sound down into a viewable wav and see the difference.

  • Starr Taylor

    The “shots” you see is actually a strobe light. It can be seen in another video that was taken of big and rich while the fan scanned the crowd. I also thought it was another gunman, until I seen the other video. I still think there were multiple gunman tho..

  • Christopher Merry

    So a flashing light = multiple shooters? 20 trillion blinking lights in Vegas. Plus, no windows missing on the fourth floor at the Mandalay, those windows do not open. You would have to smash it as the shooter did or remove it then replace it all without anyone knowing.

  • Kurt K

    Because he does not want the left to attack him. Do not care what Trump thinks, I am just stating facts. I do not care what one thinks, I gather my own facts to back up my thoughts.

    • Fa Q (recently banned)

      Really? Because he says alot of provoking things for the left to attack him.

      But in other words, you’re saying he can bend at other people’s will, AKA a puppet. Thanks for confirming that. What’s your address? I have some heavy duty tin foil for you lolololol

      • Kurt K

        Did not say he bends to others. There are things that everyone will say just to get someone to shut up and move to other things. As stated who cares what Obama’s religion is. As for the tinfoil I suggest you should use it yourself.
        I do not know way I try to talk to stupidity. I just can beat someone who is a professional at it like you.

        • Fa Q (recently banned)

          “I do not know way I try to talk to stupidity.”

          Yes, you did an excellent job at proving how smart you are. Proofreading isn’t necessary when you’re typing with emotion like you. All you did to show proof is show one video where he says he is Muslim. So there’s video and audio recording of trump condoning sexual assault on women and saying black people make his business look bad. So now you’re saying from one video recording we can determine everything about that person. Ok, thanks for proving my point again lol

          • Kurt K

            There you go again, making up just statements with nothing to back you. When did he say black people makes his business look bad. What he said about women was absolutely wrong. But as stated before I can not debate with stupidity because you are a professional at it. My last words to a moron like you.

          • Fa Q (recently banned)

            “I do not know way I try to talk to stupidity.”

            Yup, sure showed me how smart you are lololololol

          • Ed Betterley

            He thinks this way to prove his point but it only goes to show his bias and lack of intellectual depth.

  • Kerem Oner

    Their end game is confiscation of guns but it will never happen. That boat sailed 241 years ago. There are over 300 million firearms (of which 20+ million are semi auto rifles and 150,000 machine guns) and hundreds of billion rounds of ammo in the hands of 100 million people. There is no way they are getting any of that back (well some sheep would turn their weapons in but overwhelming majority will not).

  • Sarah

    Why isn’t the glass kicked out then?

    There can be multiple explanations for light being emitted from a hotel room window.

    Jesus people. I can’t handle the internet anymore.

  • ‘Johan Van Zyl’

    he was the fall guy

  • UnitedWeRize

    Its a distraction from the war we are creating – ya’ll are missing the big picture

  • Tommy Helton

    Nice a strobe light confirms a second shooter

  • Dave

    It is a strobe light…it was on an hour before any shooting started…

  • PNutButty

    All we hear is “they’re going to take our guns” yet no guns are taken. Nobody does anything. You can keep your guns. Just stop letting the crazies have them.

  • PNutButty

    Lol right on.

  • Danny Chelsea Wilmot

    You Americans are what’s wrong with America (FACT)

  • MyAKdream

    Isn’t a false flag incident one that is faked. There were an awful lot of videos, right after it started. The lying media I can believe. A false flag incident, not so sure.

  • Julio A. Rodriguez

    Hummmm! Interesting!

  • Hick

    Looks like a reflection bouncing off some other shiny surface.

  • David Mcandrew

    so if there was a shooter on the 4th floor he was also a window repair man who just happened to have a window in his room ; because the only missing windows are on the 32nd floor

  • W. Littrell

    Stricter gun laws will not stop the criminals or those who are hell bent on causing mass destruction in their wake. There is the black market as well as other ways to create weapons of mass destruction that people can use to cause this kind of trauma. Look at the OKC bombing. No gun was involved and many people died. Never blame the tool, blame the individual using the tool. We have an epidemic of obesity in this country should we ban silverware or grocery stores so people will not be able to eat themselves to death? Common sense should prevail. No one could have predicted what happened in Las Vegas. We could only respond to the action. Be proactive wherever you are and know where the exits are in the venues you decide to attend so you will have a fighting chance to be alive in the aftermath of any situation. One shooter multiple shooters it doesn’t matter. You are responsible for taking care of yourself and family. Get educated and don’t rely on the media to do the thinking for you.

  • Dave Keough

    Where’s Alex Jones when you need him? What’s that? He’s in New Town and Boston looking for proof of new conspiracy theories.

  • Trish P

    Obama ordered Fast & Furious as his plan to get U.S. citizens mad and demand gun control to bann the 2nd amendment. Sounds like you don’t even know what I’m talking about. AG Eric Holder perjured himself and got Obama to use executive privilege to hide emails and evidence. Holder was held in “Contempt of Congress” for this. He let Hillary Clinton use an illegal server and false email accounts and even sent her emails using HIS fake email name. So, yes, Obama is to blame for supporting the Arab Spring, giving arms to Syrian “fighters” who gave them to ISIS and all the shi….tty things that happened under Obama. He is responsible to not sending help to our Ambassador and staff in Benghazi with his stand down order and watched the intake in real time from a drone. Since seige was so long he could have gotten the military in there in time. It was his or Hillary’s decision to remove the military as guards of the embassy and place a private rag tag group that had members of Al Gaeda in it. They were not allowed to be armed. Can you believe it?! They ran at the first sign of trouble, leaving Ambassador Stevens to be tortured and murdered (and several others who were trying to protect him and the staff).

    Obama let Hillary sell U.S. uranium rights to a Canadian company (affiliated with Russia) that passed them off to Russia. She got a kickback of millions to her Clinton Foundation. Obama never held her account but supported her. Obama hosts BLM leaders in his White House (multiple times), had hundreds of meetings with IRS (resulting in targeting Conservative Groups), but claiming “there’s not a shred of evidence.” His ACA (so-called Affordable Care Act” that is unaffordable (and was never intended to save money–see its architect Prof. Jonathan Gruber’s videotapes where he admitted this; and also said U.S. congress and the people are “stupid”).

    • Fa Q (recently banned)

      Fast and furious was actually a sneaky way of selling guns to cartels, not for gun control so false.

      As far as the Benghazi emails holder bs, your own party investigated and unanimously concurred there’s no evidence.

      Try again lol

      • Trish P

        Not true. Are you saying Obama was selling guns to cartels? Maybe he was but Fast & Furious was a program ALLOWING guns to be sold and REQUIRING THEM NOT TO BE TRACKED. His ATF told agents they could NOT track the guns. In other words, letting them flow into Mexico to drug cartels. Why else would Obama and Holder do this? The only thing that makes sense is to cause mayhem and outrage U.S. citizens to demand gun control. No, my party did not concur there was no evidence. Hillary destroyed evidence, her emails, her 5 devices, had her IT guy use Bleachbit on her server. A little hard to convict when she destroys the evidence, don’t you think? Same with Holder and F&F, he kept claiming there weren’t emails re F&F, that he didn’t order guns NOT to be tracked, then some would be discovered, proving he lied. Then when he was being called on it, he had Obama use Executive Privilege to prevent the emails from being disclosed. For this the committee convicted him of “Contempt of Congress” for this obstruction. So you’re lying that Republicans unanimously concurred there’s no evidence. No, they were obstructed by Hillary Clinton, Eric Colder and Barack Obama.

        • Fa Q (recently banned)

          No, your confirmation bias wants to believe everything is about gun control.

          Reality, they let guns flow to the cartels to make sure they stay in business. Government is corrupt, that’s for sure. Only question is when will you snap out of your brainwashed state of mind and realize there isn’t different political parties, they all work for the same boss. This includes the messiah trump.

      • Scott Davenport

        Heyz, everyone…we really need to stop feeding this bottom feeder troll….he’s of the same mind as Soros’s and God says for us to avoid those with hardened hearts….they are a lost cause and will be dealt with… can’t talk sense into one so consumed with evil…..

        • Fa Q (recently banned)

          “He doesn’t agree with my opinion, aaahhhh!!! Soros!! Killary!! Libtard!! Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!”

          -brainwashed cuck sheep

  • JoAnn Dickinson

    Did it ever occur to any of you, this is a way to try to stifle freedom of speech and the right to protest by blaming Antifa? I fully agree that the government wants your guns but I also believe there is a double cross here too.

  • JewbixCube

    For people who strongly distrust the mainstream media but put faith in alternate news websites like this one, I ask you one question:

    When was the last time one of your alternate news sites posted a correction?

  • Dan Labelle

    Destroy the foundation and the building crumbles , The Trojan Horse was welcomed here, long before this present administration, , 2nd Amendment is part of our foundation ,just ask holocaust survivors about guns confiscated , and major media lies, and propaganda, forbidden freedom of speech , and eliminating Christian worship, just a fore taste of the evil that was overtaking any and all that dared to live in those days …….there’s some thing familiar trying to destroy us , they say peace , peace , but they divide and conquer, God is our only true refuge……….Judy

  • bgilman45

    Baxter is on crack.
    Those lights arent gunshots. They arent the flash from the muzzle of a gun. Anyone who has EVER seen gunfire from automatic or semi-automatic weapons can tell you that.
    Also, ANTIFA????????? Seriously????????
    This loon is trying to turn this into an antifa/anti-trump thing????????
    This shooter was a world class capitalist. He was a major gambler. He was as right wing as you can get.
    In fact, he was a high-roller …a one-percenter. That is how he got special privileges like a complimentary hotel room — a corner room no less — with a view of the strip.
    That said, this attack had ZERO to do with politics.
    He was insane. Period.

  • Ed Dunn

    Here is the problem with the video shown. The windows in the Mandala Hotel do not open. Some have suggested the flash was a reflection off the glass from a strobe light in the area.

  • aja

    10-12-17 science and meteor near earth.. Google it… Saw this today 10-04-17 there are some scary references about using it for a military exercise … Perfect cover for a gun grab. all the disasters happening since Katrina have been used as gun grabs. Also look for high up people with a lot of Moola leaving US before the 12th …. I know of some Millionaires that took off to Rome 5 days ago with return dates for the 13th and 14th….

  • Ronney McCarthy

    There is another video supposedly showing a shooter on the ground so now there are 3 shooters, lol

  • Mark Miller

    Sounds like another grassy knoll theory

  • Scott Davenport

    Keep holding on to your “yet” there, butterfly… a cold day in hell before that Witch ever becomes our leader, but you keep holding out that glimmer of hope. Satan has a cabinet position for ya, down there… 😉

    • Fa Q (recently banned)

      Yet?? Do you understand reading comprehension?

      Not she isn’t president yet, I said yet you’re still acting like she’s president.

      Now it makes sense why you’re bible thumping, critical thinking skills are completely absent. Lololololol

  • LEK56

    Move this to Youtube with the moon landing hoaxers and 9/11 truthers pronto. After you’re done sucking Alex Jone’s cock and fingering mass murderer Wayne LaPierre.

  • Phil McCracken

    Kill people with guns to protect them from guns, doesn’t make sense.

  • deelight821

    I don’t know about more than one shooter, but it sure did take the media away from the debacle in Puerto Rico, and the flooding and deaths in Texas and Florida. I don’t know who would want to do that,. But I can see how it COULD have been two shooters. Or maybe this guy was just framed altogether.

  • Ron

    You need to quit spreading gossip and lies. No shooter on the 4th. Unless he had magic bullets that could pass thru glass without breaking it.

  • Patti Melton

    If there were multiple shooters, they were on the 32nd floor and not the fourth. Two windows broken out on 32nd floor and no windows broken on fourth. Hotel did not have hurricane proof glass in the windows. Strobe light flashing is totally different to gun shots.

  • Rachel Vaughan

    Gun control, the democraps, Georgie & Killary. Of course they don’t want us to know. I didn’t even think he had done this but hearing the antics tie, etc, I can buy it.

  • Usmc8408

    Right, and then in the midst of all the chaos they were able to film the “2nd shooter” but no one could film the magical replacement of the broken window he fired out of. Or wait, maybe that was the only window in the whole place that was able to opened…what a coincidence!!

  • Patricia T.

    I am listening ONLY to live interviews with the Las Vegas police chief and the FBI officers who are conducting the investigation.

  • Dogmeat101

    Eh… The original of the first video from Snapchat doesn’t show these flashes. I don’t know about the second one.

  • Mysteriously62

    Never mind your banned!

  • James M Sarvis

    There was nothing to see, nothing to hear. everything is fine, take another orange pill and you will feel much better. Now move along and do not listen to the people with tinfoil hats.

  • Mysteriously62

    President Obama is and always will be a Muslim. When he bacame President he said he still needed to go to a few more states out of the “57”. A President of the United States should know there are only 50 states. However there are 57 in the Muslim world. I am a Christian and NEVER would I “accidentally” say I was anything else. It just doesn’t happen that way. We all know he is a liar..”Biggest Lie of 2009″…”If you like your Doctor you can keep your doctor”. He knew he was lying!!

    • Fa Q (recently banned)

      Yeah I’m a Christian too and NEVER would I “jokingly” say I grab women by the pussy whenever I want because I’m rich. It just doesn’t happen that way.

      Next lol

      • Mysteriously62

        But you are a pompous ass that thinks you know everything but you hide behind a keyboard. You are just out and out mean. Like I said I have never had the displeasure of speaking with someone so pompous. (Except my sister’s ex-husband and he is a lawyer)


        • Fa Q (recently banned)

          Yes I’m mean because I made you realize that you’re a selective Christian. You only apply your beliefs when it appeases your bias. You’re worse than an atheist.

          Next lol

          • Mysteriously62

            You have no idea about my religious beliefs and you know nothing about my life. I only know how rude you are on here so I cant imagine what you are like in real life. But then again maybe you are wussy that hides behind a keyboard. I am by no means biased. I just don’t like thugs, and you…..

          • Fa Q (recently banned)

            “I am a Christian and NEVER would…”

            Do you remember typing that or are you truly drunk all day and night? That’s how I know your religious beliefs. You’re 100% biased and damn dumb.

            Next lol

          • Mysteriously62

            Eff you…you are a miserable piece of crap that still hides behind a screen and keyboard. If we were face to face I would kill you with intelligence something you know nothing about, but I am done with you.

          • Fa Q (recently banned)

            What’s the difference between in person or killing me with intelligence on the keyboard??

            Seriously, you are damn dumb.

            Next lololololol

  • johnonthespot

    Bullshit. Why don’t you link to the videos taken at the concert the night before that show the SAME FLASHING LIGHT from the fourth floor? It was a malfunctioning security light. And how do you shoot through a window – that does not open – without breaking the glass? Anyone who thinks there was a second shooter on the fourth floor is a moron.

  • Ricky Lafferty

    when lies are touted and sworn to as the truth and the truth is prosecuted as lies or insane ravings–a false narrative declares racial inequity and persecution of minorities. Men lay with men and it is called normal, women lay with women and call it normal and heterosexuality is demonized by the news media whose job it has become to spread these lies mixed with just enough truth to make them believable to the rational mind. Abhorrent sexual behavior is even taught in pre-schools to indoctrinate and poison our children’s minds so the deviants can continue their nastiness calling it mainstream normal! Our nation’s history is being assaulted to erase any vestige of patriotism to enable a takeover of our collective values and moral tenor. Disrespect for the symbols of freedom are under assault by anarchists whose goal is the destruction of civilized society and a return to jungle law using African social cultures from
    African village societies proven to be a step back to the stone ages. We cannot, we must not allow these plans to overthrow our nation and government to succeed!

  • thatsnutty

    lets start with the facts. The motel has on camera multi people entering and leaving the rooms. There is more then one involved. The other facts is that antifa is not an antifascism group, they promote fascism, whether they are involved or not, is to be proven. Other funneling of money which is being proven. That a person with a $120,000 a year job can not afford a $30,000 a day gambling habit and be able to buy a million dollar arsenal of illegal weapons and ammo and explosive devices without some outside help. The money he got to kill others and himself, (which is being proven it was not self inflicted). The money came from the DNC to provide themselves with a foundation to start their fascist war against America. The democrats have proven to be murderers, liars and thieves. So there you have it. Crap is about to hit the fan of the democraps.

  • BT Kinard

    That’s a reflection of the police lights. It doesn’t match the sound. Light travels faster than sound. You would see flashes then hear the sound. It would not be at the same time. Also, there were no windows broken out at that height. This is trash.

  • Douglas E. De Blase scroll down to rich from big and rich singing good bless America. It was along time before any shooting ever happened and you see the flashing in the lower floor window even then

  • Ben

    There is more to this story, and under investigation by our intelligence agencies.

  • Enemas_of_the_State

    That is a light and had been flashing for hours prior to the shooting , conspiracy theory anyone ~ wow ~ how dumb ~ people will believe what they want to believe ~ If you look there are many of those flashing areas all over the hotel , taken by people that were there for the concert ~ There is video out there showing only one flashing coming from the 4th floor when in fact if you look at the video you can tell it is photoshopped ~ I mean really people ~

  • Whatever

    Hmmmm. Why weren’t the windows broken out on the fourth floor? Morons.

  • Whatever

    “Anybody who looks into the information available to them on the internet will arrive at the same conclusion.”

    I didn’t. Why don’t we see muzzle flash on both floors? Why were the windows broken out on just one floor? Armchair forensic investigators seem to think they know better than trained experts. Stop trying to make yourselves feel bigger and better than you are. You’re part of the problem.

  • Brit

    This is such crap. There were strobe lights that shown off the Mandalay Bay windows. Stop spreading bs when families are mourning their dead children, brothers, sisters, parents, and friends. Get a life!!

  • Mark G.

    That flashing is a reflection from a strobe or something else.I saw a video that showed it was there before the shooting.

  • AnonymousWitness

    The narrative now supports the more likely scenario that Paddock was set up. He had no motives. He was innocent. And like all the innocent victims of the shooting, he was murdered and used as a scapegoat. This has a 9/11 organised military feel to it already.

    At this point no enforcement agency in America is trustable. The FBI have made all sorts of claims about Trump but what have they done? How long does it take an entire team of lawyers to act if what they claim is true? So why should anyone believe what they say about Paddock? What EVIDENCE do they have?

  • junktex
  • John Carter Buckelew

    Two questions…1 If there were a second shooter on the fourth floor, why no broken glass ???…2 How can this Austrailian know there were multiple gunmen in the room if the only one shot on the 42nd. floor was a security guard ??.Listening to the audio, I hear no over lapping of weaponfire….
    I`m thinking THIS website is the one trying to divide us…Going to keep an eye on Dmitri (author of the article)…..

  • junktex
  • Kurt Ingram

    the window isnt even broke out for fucksake…ya wanna see something so bad ya cant see whats right in front of ya

  • Javier Serna

    My goodness look at yourselves, after everything that has happened and you people are still out there fighting amongst each other. What has happened to our United States . Its not the guns, those have always been here.

  • Amber M Penner

    Where are the photos of other windows being busted out? Hmmm you would think the window would have broke if someone was shooting from the 4th floor as well.

  • Michael Melnyk

    Please stop calling this “the worst mass shooting in American history”. While it is the worst in recent history, one needs to look at some of the massacres the occurred between 1850 and 1921. Look at the Clear Lake (1850), Sand Creek (1864) and Wounded Knee (1890) massacres as well as the Massacre in Elaine Arkansas (1919) and the Tulsa Race Riots (1921).

    Just because white people weren’t murdered doesn’t make these massacres any less heinous.

  • empiricist2

    Yes it takes a mass shooting to get guns controlled as in Australia. If there is a conspiracy to control guns, this would certainly fit in with it. Why control guns? Because this country is heading towards a financial collapse due to exponentially increasing debt which cannot continue. At some point the dollar will collapse and bring on economic disaster and people will have very little buying power, which could cause rebellion. (a la French Revolution). Could happen. People would be very hard to control if they have guns. Or gov’t control would be hard to keep. Congressmen would be fearing for their lives. They got us into this mess.

  • Patrick Keck

    So let me get this straight, you think Antifa (which I agree is a terrible organization) is responsible for this, and they are part of a larger picture scheme of the New World Order to divide the country. You also claim that the media (which I agree is also out to push a leftist agenda) is all part of this too, and acting on behalf of the NWO. However, instead of telling the truth about Antifa doing this, and really causing mass division and accomplishing everything you say this NWO is after, they are covering it up which also pushes the NWO agenda. That makes about as much sense as wiping before you take a dump. I mean read this article out loud to yourself and listen. Hopefully you will realize how stupid it is. The FACT is, that the flashing light on the 4th floor is a strobe light, that was seen in a video that happened before the shooting also. And furthermore, if this really was a conspiracy, why in the world would they take the risk of firing from another floor? I mean if they wanted to actually be believable, why would they not just do it from the two windows that were broken out??

  • Yes It Is Political

    No other broken windows, plus those flashes on 4th floor were happening prior to the shooting too. Sorry this storyline has been debunked because there are no other broken windows.

  • Jen White

    I just came for the comments ..need a laugh .

  • Amelia Leinhart

    Funny how the topic states this; “create further division in American society, push the country towards civil war.” At first I was like, nah. Then reading the comments. I see it.

  • Really?

    Clearly a reflection of police lights. And where’s the smashed out window?

  • Lowell

    Since light travels faster than sound, you would expect that the light flashes would precede the sound rather than follow it. And the light flashed would be as steady as the sound of gunfire.
    Also, was the fourth floor shooter using stealth bullets that can pass through glass without breaking it?

  • Maureen Leucart

    Where is the broken window on the 4th floor????

  • Karen Connolly-zitt

    Why is the window still intact on the fourth floor?

  • Darren Wolbers

    Why does the sound stop even after the lights continue to flash?

  • Sage1949

    I heard..Paddock is an FBI AGENT. Remember he worked for Lockheed Martin. Doing government contracts. FBI cover is what that was. FBI & He were doing some kind of illegal weapons deal to catch or watch where these illegal guns go…..The Perps found out he was undercover…killed him and they did the killing out the window. Framing Paddock and silencing the FBI. I heard the Local police know this but the FBI won’t let them expose it. How else did he get the guns into his room. How else would nobody be talking in the hotel. How come the video of him in hallway taking them into his room? Because it would show FBI men probably helping him, or something to that effect. It’s the same story as Benghazi. The Ambassador STAYED there as Hillary & OBama & he were making huge profits from gun smuggling. How else do you think some of these politicians become so wealthy? If you talk to the right service people you can find these things out. Alot know or suspect but don’t really want to know. So they stay away from finding out some of these things. JMO

  • Gravity

    Hey, this site says they may or may not be telling the truth!

  • Shaun Shuey

    You do realize a “false flag” entails no actual deaths right? Calling this a false flag incident is misleading.

  • Lawrence Rooks

    That was a strobe light that was caught on video long before the shooting began. What so apparent other gunfire sound is an echo.


    I don’t listen to anti-gun lectures from people who think its ok to kill a baby

  • Christopher R

    The world is in a mess; such a mess that it’s barely operating.

  • Dennis Humphries

    About the so called shooter on the 3 or 4th floor. There are none. It’s a reflection from the 32nd bouncing from one window to another. If there were more shooters on the 3 or 4 floor then there would have been windows busrdd out like on the 32nd floor. Come on people

  • mark4java

    The light was still flashing the next day. No broken windows. So the “second” shooter mysteriously shot through glass w/out breaking it. People who write this kind of stuff ought to face some sort of repercussions.

  • Ken L in Kelowna

    The Las Vegas shooting is another George Soros funded, New World Order strategic attack against democracy and liberty. Read CounterStrike by Kenneth R Loomis. The truth is there.

  • Cj’s Starry

    There are a lot of things not right about this. Many people died… It dose not get more permanent than
    that. Yes the Media lie’s… They have in the past and will keep doing so just
    to get us to watch. So, do not believe
    them… Some unsavory people have made
    comments about how this is a good thing white people have died, but did you all
    really look at the casualties. It just
    wasn’t white people out there. It was
    American’s of many colors. All just
    wanting to enjoy a concert in piece. All,
    laughing and having a good time. I get
    in the wrong hands Guns can be dangerous. But do not blame the Gun. Blame the system that allowed him to buy so
    many Simi Auto gun’s. Blame the system
    that allowed Stephen Paddock to buy a kit to make the guns fully
    automatic. If we tighten gun purchases
    and who can buy a gun and how many they can have that would help limit crazy
    people like this. Lets all remember “Stephen
    Paddock’s” as a sick, mentally ill person he was. Instead of fighting, lets work together to
    find better answers to this problem. Instead
    of Blame, lets find compromise… Instead
    on making raciest remarks lets help each other heal from this horrible tragedy!

  • Dino

    You tin foil hat wearing
    RWNJ morons wouldnt know the truth if it crawled up your asses and laid eggs!! Where is this “explosive video”??

  • Moss Limbayter

    1 – There were no broken windows on the 4th floor so did that “2nd shooter” have magic bullets that pass through glass without breaking it?

    2 – Another video tracked down by social media users shows the same light flashing from the 4th floor an hour before the shooting started — it can be seen twinkling on the right side of the screen in the below video as country band Big and Rich are singing “God Bless America” earlier in the night.

  • GregoryRomeu

    Don’t forget the THOUSANDS of guns that were ILLEGALLY sold to straw purchasers under the watchful eye of the BATFE and then found their way into Mexico?

    Operation Fast and Furious cost former Marine and U.S Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry his life!

  • Shawn Ziegler

    Listen dumb whore I have weapons plenty but listening to idiots talk about defending anything is fucking laughable.

  • Joel Bama Teague

    This has globalist written all over it . They are trying to take our guns away so they can control us just like Nazi Germany did . People are not going to give up their guns

  • MEL

    So, when this ‘author’ says there were: Political and Religious and Elites involved to push their narrative …. hopefully he wasn’t talking about Trump or Republicans … more like Democrats, Devil Worshiping (iluminati idiots) and Hillary and her posy. Oh, right and not just gun control …. but seize guns …. while ISIS attacks keep rising!

    Lord … will the Democrats make up their mind about their NWO desires …. half want Radical Islam extremists to succeed and half want Naked/Devil worshiping illuminati elites and extremists to succeed. All want murderous chaos and for the innocent to give up their guns. First, they make the police out to be the ‘bad’ guy … and now they want to scare everyone away from religion – keep them from going to church.

    Micah Xavier Johnson – Largest Mass Shooting on Police Officers in US history (Texas), Emanuel Samsons – shoots up Tennessee church (after weird Facebook rants), Las Vegas – Largest Mass Shooting in US History – shooters unknown.

    Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown both attempted to steal guns for the purpose of killing innocent people – BLM formed – infiltrated with racist violent supremacists.

    Maybe if they would just STOP shooting people (and sometimes just themselves) their political party would grow in size on its own. But, if they can’t stop all their murderous acts I don’t see their party increasing in numbers any time soon.

    Now, the Democrats have come out with another violent hate group … Anti-fa … like the other 30 weren’t enough.

  • MEL

    Jesus people …. MSM is Main steam Media …. and MSN is Main stream News …. the same but, different. Okay? Facebook vs CNN etc

    But, I’ve heard MSN used for Microsoft as well.

  • Ed Betterley

    Misinformation and fear got Trump elected and it continues.