Lawsuit Finds Millions Of Uncounted Bernie Sanders Ballots

Masses of uncounted provisional Bernie Sanders ballots found in Santa Clara County alone
Masses of uncounted provisional Bernie Sanders ballots found in Santa Clara County alone

In view of the information from polling place workers about Sanders winning by more than a 2 to 1 margin and in view of the removal of 2/3 or more of his votes from the official results, Your News Wire declares Bernie Sanders the landslide winner of the 2016 California Primary Election.

An historic lawsuit has been filed after the widespread cover-up of Sanders’ landslide victory at the primary election earlier this week.

The lawsuit will require the counting of all the provisional ballots, millions of which have been left uncounted, which Sanders says gives him a huge win in the state.

Make no mistake, Bernie Sanders supporters lost their ballots, their democratic rights, by the millions on Tuesday.  Now proof is starting to emerge.

The California primary wasn’t an election, it was a coup featuring shady and downright illegal tactics usually associated with dictatorships in undemocratic states – media collusion, voter suppression, fraud, and a system fundamentally rigged in favor of the establishment choice.

Mainstream media fix

Another red flag for undemocratic practice was the odd treatment of the press. While Correct the Record and reporters/hackers from other organizations and media groups promoting Clinton were treated like royalty, members of the press who had gone on record supporting Sanders were often treated with contempt by certain members of the team running logistics at the rallies.

Correct the Record (the PAC paying a million dollars to hackers who put child pornography on Sanders facebook pages and then got them closed down) was given the best filming location in San Pedro after that same prime filming location had been denied to news teams favorable to Sanders.

On election night, several reporters favorable to Sanders commented on how rudely they were being treated. Reginald Hubbard and Jesse Cornett who reportedly threatened some of the mild-mannered, more loyal press with loss of equipment, removal or confiscation of their press credentials (which they had brought with them) and removal of the actual reporters from the event in response to polite questions about the sound arrangements.

Most of the pro-Sanders reporters were placed on a riser near distorted speakers and denied access to the event’s sound boxes they had been promised and which were provided for other media.

One reporter, a very sweet woman, who had been traveling on a bus following the candidate, seemed to disappear from the event after she reported that she had been rudely treated by these same staff people prior to the speech.

The fix was in before the primary. An instructional video for poll workers told them to give provisional ballots to NPP voters, official conduct that would have been illegal in California. AP joined in the effort to try to fix the election by calling the nomination for Clinton the night before the election when AP knew or should have known that Clinton did not have enough pledged delegates and would not have enough on June 7th to be the nominee. This appears to have been part of the overall attempt to suppress the vote. As Sanders has repeatedly pointed out:

“If there is a large turnout we will win. If there is a very large turnout we will win huge. If there is a low turnout, we will lose.”

In spite of AP’s false call, the actual turnout was very large and, but for the suppression, the evidence supports the theory that Sanders would have won by a very wide margin.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • SeaSix

    I watched the #ExitPollGate unfold along with every other incident of fraud & suppression, coast to coast. When it came to Cali, we knew something was up… Hillary is in cahoots w/SOS’s, governors, and mayors in every damn state. Then came the first article out of Cali ” THE DEAD ARE VOTING ” . And in favor of Hillary of course. If ever you come across a Hillary supporter that actually will acknowledge that suppression and shenanigans have occurred in several states they claim they same thing: ” THIS DOESN’T MEAN EVERY ONE OF THOSE Disenfranchised voters was for Bernie ” >To which I say:
    1) Voting Machines are 12-20 yrs old (formerly of Diebold) It is proven they are not secure and have been hacked. Moreover, George Soros is affiliated with the software that is used for machine programming. The media mogul is a TOP DONOR to Hillary Clinton.
    2) Hillary is Notorious for getting the elderly to VOTE EARLY if their state permits. So when OTHERS are disenfranchised through methods of suppression, they mean little in the vote equation compared to the former. Most of the suppression affected newly registered voters and/or independents.
    ) Many people had unknowingly & by no fault of their own, their Voter Registrations SWITCHED. This caused people in California yet another hurdle to jump, amidst the new registration structuring adopted, that was confusing in itself. Bernie Sanders supporters were targeted. HOW? Millions of registered voters donated to his campaign and that information was used to flip/switch/alter registrations. It was discovered a few months ago that the Hillary campaigners were CALLING Bernie Sanders supporters, ‘leaners’ &or contributors. These ‘Hillary callers’ were LITERALLY telling voters: “Bernie DROPPED OUT OF THE RACE” . This was a sure indication they had Sanders lists.

    ‘I joined this Democratic Party and assuredly expected to come out of it in support of WHOMEVER was selected as the nominee. Regretfully, THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS UNJUSTLY DISENFRANCHISED MY CAMPAIGN, PERIOD. Considering there are lawsuits for Election Fraud and such, AND Hillary Clinton herself is under FBI investigation, I CANNOT promote such a candidate just for the sake of this party, nor in ANY good conscience. If she is your nominee and my supporters, by a landslide, will not vote for her, forgive me but I respectfully must exit! I choose to join Jill Stein.’ ****WOULDN’T THAT BE THE SHIT!

    Imagine…. ALL of his supporters STAY WITH HIM. If Hillary is only running, she LOSES Independents AND a swath of them may even vote for Trump. A DOUBLE downer for the dems to win. I also imagine Bernie is running, he would draw in a percentage of republican and libertarian leaning folks that WONT vote for Trump, just like the democrats that WONT vote for Hillary. People would no longer be picking the lesser of two evils and go for progress goals, antiwar stances and a true revolutionary, Bernie Sanders. #UnidosConBernie! JUSTICE FOR ALL OF US!


      If she is nom she will steal the general as well. Guaranteed. thats y they treat us like crap! they dont need our damn votes to win General!

    • niknar

      There are quite a number of Republicans who would vote for Bernie. But half the independents would vote for Bernie, & they form nearly half the electorate. So with Bernie’s slightly under half of the Democrats, altogether just under 40% of the US electorate prefers Bernie, while neither Clinton nor Trump can reach 30%. A 3rd Party Sanders run, accepting the offer of the Green Party to head their ticket, would be a landslide victory for Bernie.

      • Shane Carlson

        Far more than half of independents will vote for Bernie. Its more like 80% of indies.

        • niknar

          I didn’t want to overestimate, but it does seem to be a solid majority. Anyway, the more the better, because he’d win in an even bigger landslide then.

      • Jeff Burton

        Bernie ran as a Democrat for a reason. He doesn’t want to be the Ralph Nader of 2016. The Bernie or Bust movement is filling that position quite nicely though.

        • niknar

          Bernie is no Ralph Nader. A more apt comparison is Teddy Roosevelt, but I believe Bernie would win. He has the support, the cause, the favorability, the integrity, the trust to win. His only impediment is the corrupt, rigged system he faces, but I think he has to do it to show us all. Until we see the problem clearly, we won’t be able to fix it. His candidacy will hurt Trump at least as much as it will hurt Hillary.

    • Kathleen Lake

      Good lord there is no end to their ugly is there. She has got to go to jail.

    • Donk

      I’m in AZ and was unregistered even though I had been with the same party for years. Just got a thing in the mail to declare my official party. Election Fraud on many levels.

  • passing by

    I’m not very familiar with the elections process in the U.S and I wonder if Bernie could still run as an Independent? Is it possible?

    • BH

      Yes it is, but time is limited to get on the November ballots for each state.

    • nottellin

      Yes he can, there is a blank space also on the ballot you can write a name in that’s not listed. The problem with that is 60 million republicans will vote for their party (trump) and 65 million democrats will vote for democratic (hillary) and independent (bernie) so you see where the issue lies.

      • Briar Patch

        problem solved.

        • 89&*q

          You are naive at best. Bernie running splits the blue vote. Trump wins lots of the blue states on your map.

          • tracy

            The millions of independents who were not allowed to take part in the primaries, but showed up by the 10’s of thousands in every state, will go for Bernie. The millions of newly registered democrats who weren’t allowed to vote because of voter suppression (12,000,000 in CA alone) will vote for Bernie. The weighted voting that happened for Clinton during the primary will be much harder to pull off in the general.

          • 89&*q

            Please check your numbers. The total number of registered voters in California is a little less than 18,000,000. Go to the Secretary of State’s website. Lots of good information there. In the 2012 primary, about 31% voted. So, assuming 34% this time around, about 6,000,000 will vote in California. I think the numbers are on track to be close to that. AND that’s assuming Bernie motivated 3% (a LOT) more people to vote than last time. BTW, I voted for Bernie too.

          • tracy

            Most of the State officials are on Clinton’s side. l don’t have the details on CA, yet, but I won’t just take some official’s word either. What ever number you want to say, only a fraction were on the lists of new registered voters for the predicts, so they had to vote provisional. It did end up to be around 6,000,000 new votes getting through, after the DNC database was hacked again. Just like AZ. People with paperwork showing they registered as dems, but in the system as republicans or not at all.

          • 89&*q

            The DNC does not maintain the voters’ database, the county elections office in each county maintains it. Like I suggested elsewhere on this thread, go to your county’s election office tomorrow and ask to monitor the counting of the ballots. Ask to see the vote by mail and provisional ballots. Unless you live in a small county, they will still be counting tomorrow. We all have a right to do this. And I assume Bernie had monitors in all 58 CA counties. He’d be foolish not to. BTW, I voted for Bernie, took a tour of my elections office before the primary, AND volunteered and worked the polls last Tuesday.

          • tracy

            The county is the first stop for records, the state also keeps a database. The dnc has access via local and state reps. Obviously someone is hacking the files as there are many reports of the experiences in multiple states, by poll workers as well as voters. In Rhode Island several poll workers came forward to report excessive irregularities. Same for NY, City of Chicago, AZ, and CA….these are just the ones I know of and with law suites filed.

          • tracy

            …and oddly enough, always benefiting Clinton.

          • Jeff Lewis

            I think you are absolutely right, and the naysayers here are just scared Hillbot types. It is absolutely astonishing the degree to which this dying party, Dems, has gone to nullify the huge engagement of new and younger energy that Bernie has led. And the elections, state after state, were NOT for everyone, just for establishment dems primarily. So, yes, in a REAL election where everyone has a vote (and the provisional ballot ploy cannot be played), Bernie suddenly has the huge advantage.

          • Briar Patch

            not true ALL the polls shows Bernie comes out on top in a three way race. Bernie beats them both individually, annihilating trump and together in a race against both. Indy’s will decide this election. do some research

          • Briar Patch

            wow, the map is a general interpretation of how the country vote is split up between parties, it’s not literal. have you ever seen a pie chart? this is basically a pie chart where the pie is shaped like America
            43 % Indy
            23 % repub
            26 % dem
            Bernie gets most of the Indy votes, part of the dem votes and part of the repub votes. Bernie wins!

        • bernieunelectableloser

          DINO Bernie LOST you brain dead piece of chit.

      • passing by


    • 89&*q

      In 2000, 97,000 people in Florida voted for Nader. Bush was awarded Florida by the Supreme Court with less than 600 votes. Nader supporters got us Bush. Trump is a thousand times worse than Bush. Bush is not racist or misogynistic.

      • NSNY

        The Nader myth has been debunked time and again now. I recommend researching this. Three primary things happened that supersede and make the Nader votes irrelevant:

        #1 – A significant enough number of Democrats voted for Bush! Yes, they did!

        #2 – The famous butterfly ballot that confused tens of thousands of voters.

        #3 – It has already been proven that Florida was stolen by the GOP. The voting machines were hacked, Gore outright had won. If he had stayed-in to battle Bush, he might have been given the Presidency. But Gore decided to instead of tearing the country apart, to not battle.

        Please stop promoting the Nader myth. It is a detriment to our society that hinders democracy from taking place and people thus making a change in our broken system.

        If this is an issue you are passionate about, then I recommend finding a productive way to help fix it – like working on the issue of election fraud — holding state BOE’s accountable and fighting for a paper trail that makes it harder to steal an election than with the electronic machines where numbers can be flipped behind the scenes with no one knowing. Because THAT is what we faced left and right in this year’s primary.

        • 89&*q

          If you disagree with my number of 97,000 voting for Nader in Florida, give me a new number AND tell me where you got it. The reason it went to the Supreme Court is that less than 600 people voted for Bush over Gore. If a few thousand of the Nader voters had voted for Gore instead, it never would have gone to the SC. And the debate was not over hacking, it was over “hanging chads”. Those are punched ballots, not electronic ballots.

          • NSNY

            It is not your number that I’m am arguing, it is the flawed logic related to 1 – the assumption that all of those votes would have gone to Gore, and 2 – that it’s more important than other numbers.

            Here you go! 308,000 Democrats voted for Bush. So yell at your own.

          • 89&*q

            All 97,000 didn’t need to go to Gore. If even 1000 went to Gore, it would have given Gore Florida and thus the country. Do you really think over 96,000 Nader supporters would have voted for Bush over Gore?

          • NSNY

            OMG, please, stop arguing about this. Did you even read the article I shared that is full of other factors that took place? There were 5 other factors in this and you’re going to put everything on a few people that may have voted for Gore, voting for Nader? I’m done this conversation. Best of luck.

        • Eleanor LeTourneau

          The Nader myth is one of the reasons its hard to get people to vote third party because its a lie and is used to stop people from changing their vote cause they think why waste my vote and it could hurt my party even if don’t care for the guy they nominated and could get another Bush guy elected instead.

      • tracy

        Not so sure about that. Bush, Clinton, and Trump have very similar beliefs and lifestyles.

        • 89&*q

          PLEASE. Neither Bush or Clinton is an unbalanced racist misogynist. Trump is the last candidate who should have access to our nuclear codes.

          • tracy

            Unbalanced or not, they share many qualities. I think all 3 are crazy.

      • Eleanor LeTourneau

        Watch Hacking Democracy, Nader wasn’t at fault. Gore should have faught more for those Florida votes he was screwed. The fraud started about then.

  • Alan Wescoat

    How have all zero of Clinton’s non-existent supporters managed to vote millions of times across numerous primaries? I am having a lot of trouble understanding how someone with absolutely no supporters is winning out against someone with tens of millions of supporters. It might be my old-school arithmetic, but tens of millions seems to be greater than zero. Maybe I need to go back to school for that new-fangled Common Core stuff, but I sure would appreciate an explanation.

    • 89&*q

      I voted for Bernie. Having said that, I think the answer to your question is, yes, Bernie had thousands at his rallies, but Hillary had many thousands more voting for her who were going to work and going about their lives. I will vote for Hillary. Not to do so is letting a fascist, racist, misogynistic narcissist who is unfit to hold our nuclear codes WIN.

      • tracy

        Hillary is a war hawk who supports big oil and big Pharm she will harm the country and the environment no less than Donald Trump.

        • 89&*q

          She may support big oil and big pharm; and may be more of a hawk than I would like. HOWEVER she is not an unbalanced narcissist who has no business having our nuclear codes (like Trump is).

          • tracy

            Now, see, that’s where we differ, I think she is narcissistic. Trump does his foolishness openly, for the most part, Clinton does hers secretly. She takes credit for other’s hard work and blames her faults on other’s.

          • Jeremy Parks

            You are a fucktard. Go vote for Hillary you maniac.

          • kilby1

            Some choices….Sad.

          • John Carr

            Hillary is not only a covert narcissist, but also shows signs of being a psychopath. Not all narcissists are in your face about it like Trump. If you’re a person that hasn’t studied personality disorders, all you have to do is compare what she says to what she does (like her voting record) to see that what comes out of her mouth is completely irrelevant.

        • Eleanor LeTourneau

          What gets me is that both parties have worked to keep out a third party by manufactured rules in states and costs of a lot of money to due so, so they keep their monoply. The Green Party has an intelligent compassionate woman running who agrees with many of Bernies policys who I will support if Bernie somehow doesn’t get the nomination. I have abandon, no, make that the two parties have abandoned me and the people of this country for money and power so I own them no allegiance. Do what you want I will vote my conscience for a better country and world, I at least will try and do something many keep saying can’t be done for they don’t even try. I think of our forefathers starting this country, the wars we fought, going into space and landing on the moon and many more things that were said couldn’t be done and were because they tried and did not give up. So go for the same business as usual, me I will try for a better country and a place were we really care about each other for many of you forget that this planet is our home for billions of lives not only the people of the United States for if we screw up we can loose the whole world and of course us with it.

      • wildmother

        Hillary is intent on war and always has been. Hillary equals death. Trump is a 1000% jerk but more genocide is guarantee with Hillary. No Win. Trump would rather make a deal and not very interested in global war. Clintons are criminals. People can handle Trumps idiocy better than the deeply globally organized criminality than Clintons. Trump essentially wants to be popular and adored. Clintons wants Full Spectrum Dominance. I don’t want Trump, but I think the good people of this country can call out his bullshit easier.

        • 89&*q

          Google “psychologists interviewed about Trump”. He has classic narcissistic traits and could easily evolve into a Hitler or Mussolini.

          • Jeremy Parks

            The cunt Hillary already has caused deaths.

          • pm61

            Unacceptable. Discuss her policies all you want. Criticize her personality traits even. But that kind of language is not acceptable and in fact has provided fodder for her campaign. Knock it off.

          • Jeremy Parks

            I dont give a flying cunt fuck shit drip what you think is acceptable. GO FUCK YOUR SELF…..and god bless.

          • Helen Wheels

            Hillary’s narcissism is worse. She’s a psychopath of the highest order because she cares zero about human life, which she proves over and over by her warmongering. She also worked to silence her husband’s rape victims. She’s a monster. He can’t be any worse. We know what she can do and she’s said the first thing she will do is invade Iran.

          • Mickey Mouse

            Ah, its google you fool. They’re on board the Hillary Scooby Bus.

          • 89&*q

            Then don’t use google. But look for the article – I think it was in Psychology Today.

          • mark gill

            Hmmm.l was thinking there was something in this until a few posts ago..u bozzos are fluffing here arent u..!!!..trump voters..??..hehehe..good one…my mind was open but u guys blew it..cya.

          • mark gill

            Paid trolls..??..

      • Sue Zee

        It doesn’t make sense that Bernie had 10s of thousands rally behind him in open forums and Hellary had next to no one in staged gathering in high school gymnasiums. Hellary was boo’d at debates on national tv. Exit polling in multiple states that she fraudulantly won show Bernie was the leader. Her votes are obviously fraudulent. A vote for Hellary is a vote for corruption.

      • Ted

        What most good, honest, American voters can’t seem to wrap their heads around is that we are on a path to lose with either candidate Trump or candidate Clinton. It is the classic “heads you lose, tails you lose” coin.

        I will not vote for Trump, but I’m under no illusions that Hillary will be much better. She is a hawk and will get us into at least one war and be in Wall Street’s back pocket (who profit handsomely from war). Everything she has done to date suggests this.

        Bernie is far from perfect, but the USA had an opportunity to change our course with the energy and vitality of the generation that he attracted. Now we are left with a pact with the devil of sorts.

        “We stand today at a crossroads: One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other leads to total extinction. Let us hope we have the wisdom to make the right choice.” —Woody Allen

        • Eleanor LeTourneau

          Then why doesn’t every one go third party if the main two party nominations are so dam awful that you all are so scared of and are worried that we might go to war or worse. At least the two others talk sane (that’s the Green and the Libs.) Now if you all got together you might get a new party and scare the hell out of the two main ones who thing we are nothing but sheep. Let them know you know how to think for yourselfs, there is enough of you or us.

      • Frank

        You would want Hillary to have the nuclear codes? They’ll be all over Facebook in a week. You Idiots don;t understand the seriousness of what she did. It’s not just a case of bad judgement. It’s a case of none at all. She’s a Moron.

    • Kathleen Lake

      Its all in the statistical concept called “error” the man collecting the exit poll data turned in his results, DNC people “adjusted” his data to fit how many “votes” they needed to fake in order to win and how many votes they needed to hide (Sanders) in order to win each precinct by just enough (not too much not too little). The presented the “adjusted” or falsified data as varification that they had won. Wel… in statistics, any time you see a discrepancy in expected error you know instantly that something is off. But, what these fools did was keep repeating these discrepancies in precincts accross the country. When you look at them together all statisticians yell FRAUD because that amount of “error” repeated that many times all across Americad (and always benefitting Clinton is impossible. Similar to the coin tossing event where she won 7 times in a row, it is something that is possible in theory but never seen in real life unless someone is lying, there are physical things un accounted for such as one face of the coin being weighted. In any case a cheat.

      The racketeering comes in when over two of these instances are identified and people collude to keep it hidden. That is why the media is being named as co conspirators in the cover up. Everyone knew, everyone kept it secret. CNN paid for the exit polls, but the researcher is clean, well respected. So…

      Also, when the story brike that was pursuing a racketeering lawsuit and had hard evidence. …CNN immediately cancelled the exit poll for California and one other state.

      What you are seeing now is the impact of this orgs. lawsuit. They have evidence of elections fraud nationwide.

      • Eleanor LeTourneau

        Also if people would watch a HBO Documantary called Hacking Domcrocery by Bev Harris that would help people understand what is going on. Also look up an investigative reporter Greg Palast. Here are a few more Jane Mayer and Abby Martin and Richard Charin. Also go and look Congressional hearing on voting machine programer changing machines to the voter someone wants to win, they do video the hearings now and have for many years.

    • Linda Leonard Hughes

      Flower Power
      It is called the “Power of Wall Street” That is how the Clintons are pulling this whole thing off! Bernie has the peoples votes and all the millions of folks across our Nation. Hillary is not winning this election when she can’t even fill a room with people! Her backers have so much money that in itself is enough to steal an election! You asked how she is winning and this the answer!

    • Kathleen Lake

      If you look at the original exit poll data… then look at what the DNC presented (after plaing with it) you will see that the fudged it just enought to make sure she wounld win the precint but not so much that it would draw a lot of attention. Do this thousands of times and you have a huge noumber of faked votes our as we are seeing in California, boxes of “misplaced” provisional or mail in ballots for Bernie (this is definately what they did in California because toe total number of votes is now close to 50% (of eligible voters voted). When Clinton stole CA on the 7th the percentage of votes was around 18%

    • Kathleen Lake

      Nixon and the Goldwater girl… match made in heaven

    • Vertigo Shtick

      There are a lot of people you don’t know.

  • Peggy James

    Hang in there Bernie supporters! A law suit has been filed.The AP and the media did not tell the truth to the American public. So called Super delegates are known to change their mind and the AP and media are aware of this. They do not vote until July. They also reported Hillary won California and 100% of the vote was in, which is another false statement. It was another method of voter suppression practiced in one way or the other in every primary. Experts have the proof and the facts. Both the DNC and RNC are allowing corrupt public servants to get by with their shady pay to play schemes and scams while using our government as a money making operation for self interest. Is this why so much disagreement takes place during legislative proceedings? Are they really thinking about what is best for America or how to stuff their own pockets more? Senator Sanders is an honest man and public servant who does not take bribes and is trying to destroy these ugly practices before they destroy our country. Research each one and vote out the pay to play con artists. https://richardcharnin.wordpre… I hope everyone who is concerned about the election fraud occurring in our country go to this experts site and read his statistical facts. This is well documented. My own statistics as I previously posted has Hillary Clinton receiving 32% to 38% of the true vote. This election was rigged for Trump to win also. Senator Sanders has been leading Clinton for a while. Please go to this site and share this post with others.I have been blocked from posting to Bernie Sanders groups by someone working at Facebook until the day of the last state to vote. I understand this is happening only to many of Bernie Sanders supporters. What will they do next to Americans while they outwardly continue with their pay to play schemes and while using our government for their shady deals. I doubt the owner of facebook even knows someone is violating our freedom of speech rights.

    • Kelly Kellogg

      I am Canadian and it was happening to me. I don’t have the problem now. I posted this statement on one of Bernie’s posts today,”Vote in the wrong person and the War IN America will only get worse. Perfect opportunity for the powers that be to promote their own agenda. You are at a crossroads America, I hope and pray that you choose the right path.

      • Ted

        “You are at a crossroads America, I hope and pray that you choose the right path.”

        Most U.S. Americans don’t pay that much attention. The latest “biggest mass murder” is just a blip in the news cycle.

        If you are Canadian and still living in Canada, the best you can do is 1. stay there, and 2. urge your Prime Minister to start divesting from U.S. interests as much as possible and strengthen your borders and immigration policies against the USA. It has crossed my mind to flee to Canada at times, but Canada would do well to resist being assimilated by the USA any more than it has been. Trust me, whatever disease we have down here, you don’t want!

        • mysteryjesus

          Our Prime Minister and all the people in office are doing the exact same stuff as in your country. The gap between the rich 1% and the rest of the population is exactly the same. We also have election fraud. We are living under governments that we didn’t vote in with the exception of Trudeau who was legitimately voted in. If anyone thinks its better here they are mistaken. The greed knows no bounds. We are struggling here too but Canadians haven’t a clue. The Sask Party in Canada for one is corrupt and they are doing everything they can to make themselves and their friends rich at the expense of the rest of the people.

      • Frank

        You Canadians are on the road to your own troubles. Your illustrious Prime Minister is letting in thousands of Muslims just like our Muslim in Chief. It will catch up to you. You’re not immune to the violence they will bring with them. Just a matter of time. Tick, tick, tick…

    • highcourt

      since when was sanders leading?? when he was far behind since 15th march..he was NEVER able to overtake hillary

      • Eruanion Nolaquen

        If you look at the exit poll data, Sanders should have been ahead of Clinton the whole time. America points to exit polls in foreign countries as evidence of rigged elections. The polls are designed to have a 2% error of margin. Anything above that is considered “unusual” and a sign that something being done to shift votes. It is why they weren’t going to have exit polls in the last few weeks, because we had states with margins of error @10%, which is way off.

        • Kathleen Lake

          You dear have a great stats oriented mind!

        • Vertigo Shtick

          There were no exit polls in California

          • Eruanion Nolaquen

            there were no official ones in California. Now, why is that, do you suppose

          • Vertigo Shtick

            They’re expensive and it was the end of the primary so they wouldn’t have been that useful

      • Helen Wheels

        Since all the election fraud started. And isn’t it nice that of those votes Clinton got they’re mostly in red states in the south that dems won’t win anyway in the national.

      • Kathleen Lake

        Election fraud. The gift that keeps on giving

      • jan

        The question is would it really matter to many of HRC’s supporters if this could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Her supporters think that dirty politics is just how the game is played. There has been enough garbage that the Clintons have hoisted upon this country but the lack of concern is beyond my comprehension. When you have a President who is as sleazy as Bill and lies to the American people and we were still not willing to throw him out. I am not impressed with they have to offer and I can’t believe other are willing to accept the same old same old.

      • Gailsunday

        behind only because Hillary is running a fraudulent campaign………..where have you been?

    • sanduchi

      I appreciate so much what you said but I also really think it’s not just Bernie supporters this is something that one day will be on a Bernie supporter and the next day it will be on somebody else’s candidate. It’s wrong and has to be stopped for the good of all even if they are the opposing candidate to my candidate it just isn’t fair it just isn’t right and it needs to stop.

      • Kathleen Lake

        You are so right ALL Americans should be angry about this.

    • sanduchi

      I am sure you are as happy as I am Peggy to know that the law suits are now in place. I pray this will bear much fruit and indict Wasserman, HRC and whatever low lifes were connected to all this ca ca.

  • Abitomaine

    Bet Bernie supporters could have found fraud in every state- but now it would be how to prove it unless you could find another room or rooms of ballots in each state.

  • 89&*q

    This is ridiculous. Do you think election workers have the time to separate the Bernie ballots from the Hillary ballots to purposely not count them? If you do, and you’re in California – go to your county elections office tomorrow and ask to monitor the process. You have a right to do this. I’m sure Bernie has monitors at all 58 county offices in the state AND has had them there since last Tuesday!

    • tracy

      Why are the exit polls so far off from the results? Why in states with electronic voting with no backup? Why always in favor of Hillary Clinton? Why did the media decide not to do them for California?

    • wildmother

      They has two boxes and two different ballots with codes. One for Straight Democrat and one called Provisional. hey know ahead time because of your donations or FB who you are voting for. They tried to give me a Provisional ballot and put it in the Red Provisional box. I REFUSED. I asked them to give me a Straight Democrat ballot and when they told me to put it n the RED Provisional box I refused. But they also have codes on the ballots so the computers can pick it up two. It is easy to pick up your Red Provisional Ballot box and put it in the storage unit down the street. Bush came up with this idea in Florida and would give the lack communities in the South PROVISIONAL BALLOTS. Thousands plus were found in dumpsters.

      • 89&*q

        Go to your county elections office tomorrow and ask to monitor the counting of the votes. Unless you live in a really small county, there are still votes to be counted. I’m sure Bernie has monitors in every county, but, as citizens, we have a right to watch too. Just be sure to follow their rules: be quiet and don’t touch anything. Ask to see their provisional ballots. They are usually the last ones to be counted. Below are the estimated ballots still to be counted, by county, from the Secretary of State’s website.

    • dBunk

      Why has my vote not been received? Just checked. Dropped it off to an election official personally.

      • 89&*q

        See my answer to dBunk, above. Also, in my county, there is a website to go on. You can check the status of your vote by mail ballot there.

  • William Carr

    SNOPES has debunked these claims.

    There is no proof of any kind.

    This site panders to Bernie Conspiracy Theorists because they PROFIT off your web traffic.

    • Moosecrackers

      You are wrong about Snopes – nearly 180 degrees wrong. Snopes rates them “mostly true.”

    • kladinvt

      Are you a HillTroll? Do you work for “Correct the Record”?

    • Spawn is my bitch

      Snopes lol liberal idiot

  • sanduchi13

    I am 67 years old and have seen a lot in my life. I have never in my life here in America seen a more successful crime family than the Clintons. I grew up and lived in largely Mafiosa neighborhoods. worked for Mafiosa businesses and I must say that America is totally stunad. Look at all the Mafia that murdered, ran drugs, prostitution, gambling, all sorts of racketeering and for years did not get caught. Now look at the Clintons, drugs, drugs running, racketeering in their use of their money laundering bank and now their “foundation”. Wake up and smell the canoli! Just because someone has not been indicted does not mean they are not corrupt. The level of denial is astounding. This last example of California is the elephant in the living room and all her supporters are just walking around it. What do you people need to see to acknowledge that there is something corrupt going on and it has HRC written all over it. I’m not saying to vote for this one or that one. I am saying to clean up our house before we invite anyone in. As a decent human being, who do you want representing you? Why would someone who is naturally a good choice to vote for have a need to do so many underhanded things to win??? These are the questions to ask ourselves. I had an old woman friend who has since passed. She was very wise. When I was young I told of a situation I was in where a bunch of my friends where gossiping about someone. I told her that I did not add anything to the conversation. I thought how great I was. She said to me, “did you sit there and listen to the gossip and give them some place to put that gossip”? She went on to say it is not enough to just not li9sten you have to stand up and take a stand for what you believe and that I should have done that and told them I did not want to hear their gossip and I should have left. Life lesson for me. I never did something like that again. I have had many life lessons. What life lesson can we learn from what is transpiring now. Just because we are not perpetuating the corruption are we just standing there letting it happen and listening and doing nothing? Sometimes life lessons are hard. My lesson was hard and embarrassing but it was needed for me to evolve as a human being. .

    • Katherine Gullett

      we see it. the real question is what do we do about it.

      • wildmother

        keep exposing it.

      • sanduchi

        God bless you Catherine I love you. That is a great question and unfortunately I don’t know the answer but I do know that the more and more of us to get together and talk about it the more and more will get close to what we need to do. So let’s talk about it. Big hugs to you and thank you

      • Kathleen Lake

        The racketeeing lawsuit is the deal breaker for this election these are the Harvard law people who had the FBI in the attorney general’s office last election and saved Obama from a Romney fix (this is the same incident that led to Karl Rover on air melt down because nobody told him they had been caught). They are filing after the California ballot count because this is evidentiary and important. You can volunteer, donate or sign up for classes.

        • Helen Wheels

          Thank you for this!!!

        • Helen Wheels

          BTW… their site needs a lot of work. People don’t take sites that don’t even have grammatically correct writing in them! And it looks like it was built in 1990. Sigh. Who should i contact to offer my help bringing them into the 21st century?

          • Natural Revolution
          • LoveAmerica

            Voter integrity project.. It’s a big movement in CA. It started because the Republicans have been the victims of this kind of voter fraud. The organization is nonparty it’s all about voter integrity , to many votes have been stolen that effect the smaller races too. please look them up it is a growing organization,we need everyone to get involved. We were the people you may have seen watching your precincts to report this type of behavior. Believe me. We saw. A lot. The only Way we are going to stop folder from all of us to become involved and reported we can do this people this is our country and our vote.

          • sanduchi

            I so agree. How can I get involved in Pal.? Just moved here from NY

          • LoveAmerica

            Just follow the link I provided it tells everything about the Election integrity Project and at the bottom of the page it tells you how to get involved. They offer training and everything
            Good luck and think you for wanting to become involved.

          • Margalo

            Democrats have been equally the victims of election fraud for decades. In the primaries, it is usually Rs to Rs and Ds to Ds. In the general, it is about professional fraudsters who are paid. Neither party is fair and both work actively to suppress the other small parties’ votes.

          • Peggy James

            Most American’s are aware of obvious voter suppression or election fraud. Senator Sanders has received more individual contributions than anyone in history, police in California said one of his rally’s drew approx 60,000 people, there are numerous marches or parades in his behalf, Bernie signs are plentiful, Telephone calls reveal that out of 200 people called 145 voted for Sanders, the DNC’s actions and that of some of our elected public servants makes one wonder why they want to push someone on Americans who is under criminal investigation. They know by now we know the truth So their false statements repeated on media only cause more lack of trust for them while they openly disrespect naive Americans by pushing untruths. Millions of republicans, democrats, and Independents are wise enough to know that Senator Sanders is the honest leader and role model we need to inspire the next generation! 86% of citizens in his home state voted for him based on his integrity. character, competence, and wisdom! He will put an end to the shady pay to play and other schemes going on among our so call public servants! They need to step down and out of our government affairs before they destroy our country! Support Bernie!

          • Mickey

            .-HRC will get the nomination. You need to decide where your vote will go. Bernie’s folks in VT like him (although look at some opinion columns in Vt newspapers- a little different tone

            He did not win when he ran for Gov. The poor Hispanic community in Texas did not like him when he supported the shipping of nuclear waste to it from VT even though they fought it for 4 years, it still went through. They will not destroy the country– but if Republicans win the Presidency, the Congress– they will have the Supremes for a generation– and we know they are not shy about voter suppression, etc.

          • roneo1

            You mean you would rather have the biggest crime family of the century as our president who is the same as obama , it’s clear what kind of mess he has made of our country. If we don’t get a supreme court justice appointed that will defend our country and constitution,which the democrats are firmly against, then you can flush our country down the toilet and say goodbye to your Independence because the NWO will be your master. NWO (New World Order) as Brussels is to the EU.

          • Cherschill

            Fake news. Learn how to tell the difference. Clintons a crime family, give me a break!

          • sanduchi


          • Earlene Hammond

            Please use the term election fraud instead of voter fraud, because it makes it sound like the voters did something wrong rather than the actual perpetrators. Thank you.

          • ccaffrey

            Thank you!! They are indeed 2 different things!

          • Mickey

            Check out snopes.

          • James Paul

            I would ask my dog before looking to snopes.

          • Gail Hoover

            You appear really dense!

          • nmgene

            When I wnt to vote in Santa Ana clif in the 80s they let a man who had not registered and had no ID on him vote anyway. They found 6000 fraud votes that year !!! But the lib judge would not remove them and we ended up with loretta sanchez and complete leftie loonie idiot !!!!!!

          • Kathleen Lake

            Lmao I admit I thought the same thing. I know they have some bigger fish to fry so yes, please help our design challenged amazing lawyers. You would be a great asset

          • tanabutler

            This website is worse than the National Enquirer. Help it die, please. We don’t need more disinformation in this world. Go, Bernie! (And Bernie deserves better than fabricated bullshit stories.)

          • Gailsunday

            Where’s Your Evidence of this? If its true, which I expect it is, saying you’re a Bernie “supporter” I should think you would WANT this known,

          • tanabutler

            Are you unfamiliar with the desire for TRUTH in journalism? How about that for a novel idea?

            You know who LEGALLY makes up shit and has fucked up this world? FOX “News,” that is who. Their lies are LEGAL. (Google it. Google “Fox news entertainment not truth lawsuit” for starters.)

            I support the truth. I don’t go for bullshit like this, as much as I am determined to see Bernie Sanders in the White House.

            I can’t believe you would support bullshit.

          • McNally

            WHAT’S TRUE: On 8 June 2016, counties in California published updates about outstanding ballots versus counted ballots, and a significant portion remained yet-to-be tallied.

            WHAT’S FALSE: The announcements were public and lagging results didn’t constitute a coverup; most of the delay involved rounding up and certifying mail-in and provisional ballots.


          • Margalo

            snopes is not an expert in everything. They are generally establishmentarian and frown on uncomfortable truths as false conspiracies. They are a small group of people with their own biases.

          • george

            So you make a feeble attempt disqualify Snopes when it gives an answer you don’t agree with.. okay..
            And nothing bothers you abot the misleading title of this article that the article does not even quote the lawsuit, or even state the lawsuit data, which would be public domain, provided it really existed, which it does not.
            And the photo proves nothing. It is a bunch of boxes of [we can assume] ballots, there is no proof that these are counted, uncounted, or thay they are actually for Bernie, or for other contestants. They could be all for Trump for anyone knows.

            On your feeble accusation “They are generally establishmentarian and frown on uncomfortable truths as false conspiracies. They are a small group of people with their own biases.”
            What? They frown on uncomfortable truths? Where is your data to back that up? How do you you know the size of snopes and what makes you think they insert their own biases? All their data is out there in the open and is backed up by fact, I have yet to find an inaccurate finding, and have been reading this site for over 10 years. So… Ms Establishmentarian, nice try to impress people with big rods but … FAIL.

          • sanduchi

            HRC declared herself the winner. Why???? Because she knew the fix was in!!! Do you think HRC said oh look at all these uncounted ballots they have flipped at least three counties to Bernie, I say stop the crime. This is criminal. Not good for anyone. You want to know why she has a bad rating like Trump??? Helloooooo!!!

          • Linda Park

            Haha, Google just got busted for cheating on their algorithms. They fixed it so nothing criminal came up against Hillary!
            The media, celebrities, polititains, high tech company excs, etc, corrupt discusstingly dishonest.
            You have to pick and choose very carefully who you can believe.
            Check things out on Daily Mail and Bing, so far they seem to be honest.

          • Daniel Thompson

            So are you saying this is by Fox News? Your anecdotal evidence is confusing. I take every bit of news with a grain of salt, however, I cannot definitively disprove this site without more information. In my honest opinion this news isn’t far-fetched enough to be readily thrown out either. I am highly skeptical of the Clintons. I know what the Bush’s would do to win but the Clinton’s have far more pull and are far more relentless when they act.

          • Crownseeker

            So like Dmitri you believe that the queen of england is a lizard? Putin is putting up the good fight vs the Illuminati?

          • TRStrunk

            Yea, use Google to look up fax. You are every part of stupid. No wonder you want Sanders as President. Socialist and communist thrive on stupid people such as yourself.

            OBTW, that lawsuit against FOX has no merit and is being done by George Soros affiliates. You know Soros. The guy who’s father had extreme ties to Hitler and the Nazi Party.

          • Allison Trevor

            Evidence? How about an article claiming Queen Elizabeth is a lizard? “Your News Wire” is nothing more than an online tabloid. I’ve supported Bernie since the start, but falling for conspiracy theories helps no one but the Republicans. Always always always CONSIDER THE SOURCE, even if it’s telling you exactly what you want to hear.

          • shaun h

            “I’ve supported Bernie, but” the rallying cry of the paid shillbot.

          • MaryRC

            Maybe it’s true! There is a confidant of Princess Diana who reportedly told her about the shapeshifting also.

          • Crownseeker

            you are right this is a KGB disinformation site i believe…dmitri praises putin’s battle vs the Illuminati and complains he has been kicked off twitter because he talks about the Rothschilds==so a russian anti semite asshat i believe.

          • GStorm

            By calling itself unfiltered, it’s crap. I was a journalist for 20 years and there is no such thing as unfiltered news unless your website is infinite and includes everything ever written. No professional would claim such although the world is filled with this idiocy. Although I still agree with the basic premise that election fraud is occurring.

          • Rickie Matthews

            you’re are only pissed because it goes against your liberal ideas

          • tanabutler

            No. I’m interested in the truth, which I know goes against your “Fucking Idiot” credo that knowledge and education are somehow snobbish or suspicious.

            Go bite your toenails.

          • Rickie Matthews

            kiss my ass lady and go vote for a criminal maybe they will lock you up too

          • Michael Hoppe

            Yeah. This is the biggest crock of bullshit I’ve seen in a long time. It reminds me of the story that they found 5 million uncounted votes on Hillary’s server. And the idiots believe it.

          • mona19595

            What do you mean about the website being worse than the National Enquirer? What website are you referring to?

          • sanduchi

            How nice of you

          • kafkette

            it’s not the grammar. it’s just the fonts.

          • ccaffrey

            They would welcome help I am sure but they also need contributions. The attorneys are working for free on this but there will be court costs and filing fees and there may well be charges filed against officials, particularly in CA where poll workers were deliberately told to give No Party Preference (NPP) voters PROVISIONAL ballots rather than the Democratic Crossover ballots–in direct contradiction of their own poll workers training manuals. This is going to be big…ah, YUUUUGE.

          • Scott

            That’s awesome of you to offer your services. I was thinking the same thing about the site. Needs a revamp.

        • Louis Tash

          I love it!

      • Louis Tash

        We bury the DNC is corpse and we move on!

        • Mickey

          Good luck with the Supremes– influence your life and the lives of your children and perhaps grandchildren.

      • KansasPatriot

        Elect Trump!

      • riversideCA

        Less talk more revolution

    • wildmother

      I’ve been actively exposing Philadelphia corruption for 10 years and suffered severe , almost dead, retaliation. I know a lot of whistleblowers of public corruption. They really get roughed up. The best thing people can do is keep talking and SUPPORT your local whistleblower. Like Bully Intervention.

      • sanduchi13

        Wildmother, I just moved to the area.. We should meet and talk sometime.

    • amysterling

      With what I know – I have thought for several weeks we would be better off with someone actually from the Mafia or any other crime organization. I know those in other types of crime organizations. They would not sell out our country to foreigners.

      • sanduchi

        You just might be right. This country is really being thrown under the bus. Terrible and making me angrier each each new day.

    • Jeff Burton

      There has been NO connection between the Clintons and drugs, drugs running, racketeering and money laundering. I think you must have them mistaken with the Reagan Administration.

      • kafkette

        i [very] personally KNOW a connection between at least one of them & drugs.

        • Jeff Burton

          I’m calling bullshit on your ‘personal knowledge’. Please, provide me the facts of this serious allegation so I can pass it and your name on to the Clinton campaign so they can address it directly. If you are unwilling to do that you should do the honorable thing and retract your statement.

      • sanduchi

        they have never been indicted but neither were many Mafia. I believe they are the most successful crime family in America. It’s amazing how they set up the phonetic bank in Arkansas to bothlaunder the drug money and give phony loans to people who never paid them back so they could have them indebted to them. Better than any Mafia family I have observed. So many stories, not one indictment

        • Jeff Burton

          You must be insane. If the Clinton’s are such criminals why in the In the 8+ total years of republican led ‘investigations’, not bound by the rules of a court of law, costing the American people 160+ million dollars and counting, have they been found guilty of NO CRIMINAL WRONGDOING WHATSOEVER? What this is is CHARACTER ASSASSINATION and if you buy into it says more about you than it does the Clintons.

          • sanduchi

            Again just because they have YET to be indicted does not mean they are innocent. Let’s not even visit the Haiti fiasco. Do u know how much the government spent on the mafia???? In the end we pay for all. Do you know how many corrupt peoplego unindicted. They r not the only ones, they r the most successful.

          • Jeff Burton

            And the Mafia has ‘been indicted’ out of existence, btw.

          • Dumb

            Keep dreaming ~ They still own everything

        • Vince Miller

          I love how people feel free to type made up shit and spread it around like they know something we don’t know. It’s called being a conspiracy theorists. It’s also called mental illness.

      • Rickie Matthews

        bs there a trail of bodies behind both Hillary and Bill

    • Surly Curmudgen

      I try to never let the left’s lies go unchallenged.

    • Blondebomber

      Love the use of stunad…it says it all.

    • mike schwarzer

      If you want to defend your vote and the democracy, make some noise, some very loud noise, and open your wallet to a class action lawsuit. Go for blood and get everyone you know to do the same. Without your vote you are nothing.

      • sanduchi

        Hey Mike, You are preaching to the choir. I am the noisiest bitch around. Am I going to see you in Philly?

    • rabbit

      What a wonderful story! I agree with you completely.

    • onebyland

      The Bush family is extremely crime ridden. Many millions have died, education went into the toilet, the economy collapsed while bubble wrapped billions are given in bribes and the citizens lost rights through the patriot act. Worst dynasty in US history and W gets to paint birds pictures in his hidey-hole. The whole Bush cartel are now billionaires and none blink an eye at the suffering it caused. The Clintons are lightweights in comparison and Bernie has his own baggage.

      • sanduchi

        And they have not been indicted and neither have the Clintons . Totally shows that if you have not been indicted you can be totally guilty

        • onebyland

          The Clintons didn’t steal elections. The Bushes did. Provisional ballots are never counted unless it is a close election. That’s my point.

          • sanduchi

            Do u have a log in you eye. Dead people voting . Changing rules just because they want to. Ballots found in the garbage. Brooklyn, California, people who r new voters have their affiliation changed. U talk provisional as America is going in the crapper. Just because u happen to be in the side that is doing this do not think for a moment that it could not be done to you . Corrupt is corrupt

          • onebyland

            Dear 67 year old, the reason I don’t like these comments is because people hide behind a blank avatar and offend others. Dialogue is tainted by this. It’s not worth a conversation. But I will say that I have investigated this topic for many years and no news organization will cover it. The GOP has a Ballot Integrity Program that has been taken over by CORPORATE and some foreign interests. Hence, what you are upset about. I didn’t do it. But I can prove that it is occurring and by whom.

    • Tufjuice

      how about the bush family…rockefeller family..mellons etc?

      • sanduchi

        All good names for corruption but nobody, i say NOBODY is as successful as the Clintons.

        • Tufjuice

          nope…the clintons work for them…theyre the owners….the clintons wish they had that much money.

          • sanduchi

            Well I personally don’t think the Clintons work for anybody I think they are autonomous. I also think they are the most successful of any of the corrupt people were talking about. That said, you might know more than I do.

          • Tufjuice

            sure they do….dont confuse operators with owners. study up on the council on foreign relations and the bilderberg groups they belong to

          • sanduchi

            Tufjuice I was wrong. They are influenced by the Bilderberg family.

          • Tufjuice

            Now u know what to look for…cause its not just the Clintons

          • sanduchi


          • Dumb

            Clintons = Bonanno Family…..

          • Mickey


    • Jack Dick Tator

      If you’ve seen so much, you probably would know that this is not the work of the Clintons. This is the MIC, and the Clintons are just another pair of puppets, like Obama, the Bush family, and Reagan before them.

      Keep aiming at the wrong target and you’ll find yourself and your nation lost.

      The presidency is, quoting the late great Douglas Adams “a role that involves no power whatsoever, and merely requires the incumbent to attract attention so no one wonders who’s really in charge”. This goes double for divisive candidates.

      • sanduchi

        Could you elaborate Jack.

    • Mike

      Indeed you’re right that just because someone hasn’t been indicted, doesn’t mean they’re not corrupt. But the fact that she hasn’t been indicted means that the evidence to support that claim is sketchy at best. And in this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. Hillary has not been proven guilty of anything illegal yet. And I’m sorry, but your insistence to the contrary, as though it should just be accepted as common knowledge, isn’t enough to go on.

      • sanduchi

        Good morning Mike. I hear what you r saying and that has been the consistent response on that.. When I say The Clintons are the most successful crime family in America I mean that. No crime family has been able to perpetrate what they have done. Let’s not even talk about the past let’s talk about Haiti where billions went into the Clinton foundation coffer. Small little half hearted projects most unfinished. The brother gets one of the few permits to extract Gold and I did not know this until I spoke with two friends, men from Haiti who are RN’S working here who both told the same sad story( and neither one knows the other ) of what I told you and then each added how the Clintons were buying all the waterfront property. Billions missing just like when she was in the state dept. So my dear Mike they might not YET be indicted but I do not need an indictment to know I NEVER want to see this family in the White House. Nor do I want either in any place of power and control. I do not need an indictment to see who they are

    • B David Ferrel

      The Clinton AND the Bush Criminal Cabals leave me with little hope. Currently, I am going back and forth wondering whether Obama is a Manchurian Candidate, or a great actor (in the wrong industry). Ànd you are right that the Clinton Crime Syndicate prompted the CIA big-time to more consistently feed the Mexican Drug Trade. Your point of inactively watching is also spot-on. If the masses had tuned-into what has been going on (me included; I started digging in not until around 2008, due to an ex-college professor–my old college adviser, too), especially what was happening in the 1990s, as Bill Clinton was establishing all those bizarre laws and passing bills that not many of us understood anyway, then maybe George Dubya (surely more his wicked administration than that bumbling stooge!) would not have conjured the courage to pull-off that 9/11 farce. (Don’t get me wrong, though; this is exciting to see the abundance of people digging in and pointing the blame at who is really at fault here; but are we too late?).

    • mona19595

      You have just said everything I have been thinking about during this Primary election process. I have never seen so much corruption, BLATANT corruption in my life. And NO ONE from the Obama Administration, the Attorney General, Board of Elections has done anything about it. Not one thing, they turn a blind eye. Wow and we thought Teflon Don was slippery. The #ClintonMafia at it’s finest! I am one PISSED OFF American and now know I am not alone!

      • sanduchi

        I know and I wish neither of us had to speak about this but awareness is good . Then we can do something about it.

    • Mickey

      Evidence? I want a democrat to nominate the next 2-4 Supremes. I want a Democratic Senate to confirm. I do not want to see the court continuing like it was…more Citizens’ United; more gutting of the Voting Acts; more gutting of women’s rights, consumer rights ( check this court out before Scalia died- ruled pro business most of the time). The Supremes will influence policies, through your lifetime, your kids, and your grandkids. Your analogy about the Mafia and Clintons is false. Back that up with evidence coming from reputable sources.

    • Ian Davis

      Sorry, I got bored after the first sentence…. The GOP has been trying to nail the Clintons for 30 years now, and have failed to do so. Either the GOP just doesn’t know how to do legal work, or they are just making it up. I’m not saying the Clintons are angels, they are politicians. But after Reagan and Bush II it’s okay to have someone in office (like Obama) that actually seems to give a rat’s **s about someone other than rich white people. That being said, Clinton won’t be much different than Obama, who as a commander in chief was not a whole lot different than Bush. So I really don’t get the abject whimpering.

      • Tom Cloyd MS MA

        Well said, Sir. Pretty much my thoughts as well.

      • sanduchi

        Wow Ian, from a counseling standpoint this is so revealing about you. First of all you say you got bored but found the need to read through, then you found the need to answer me. Then you talked about me whimpering but you are whining all through this talking about how you will accept so little just because we had worse. And if you think that Obama( who I voted for 2x’s) or Clinton give a rats ass about you or me unless we are rich and powerful and can do something for them you then appear to be delusional and probably require medication. How low maintenance you are. How easy you are to accept scraps. You are one of the reasons they can pull so much crap on us. The reality is that all this crap is rigged and until we rise up and move as one we will become more and more oppressed. Obama rapped a great amount of ca ca but what he DID is more telling. Pushing the TPP which is horrid for us, letting Monsanto poison our world just a peek of the iceberg and Clinton could even care less about Obama but she needs him and they are all owned by the extremely rich and really powerful who REALLY are running this show buddy. So tell your story walking as it is truly you who is the whimpy boring poor excuse for a human being who accepts so little and obviously loves to be lead by the nose.

    • terribletwos

      You can count Trump in on that mafia, also

    • Joy Meadows

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • Anthony Barcellos

    The article’s title is rather misleading. Lawsuits had little or nothing to do with “finding” uncounted ballots. As has been the case in every election, California’s Secretary of State publishes a daily list on his website that reports on the uncounted ballots being processed in each of the state’s 58 counties. There’s nothing secretive or unusual about it. Anyone can look at it and follow it as the local registrars work through the backlog.

    • pm61

      What is unusual is the sheer number of provisional ballots that were forced on NPP voters and the fact that the MSM never hinted that 43% of the vote remains uncounted. News outlets said 100% of precincts reporting but the SoS website says 100% of precincts “partially reporting.” Misleading, that. The MSM has been reporting that CA pushed Hillary over the needed number of pledged delegates. In fact, that is not the case. She does not have the pledged delegates needed to win the nomination. The votes may not be counted for another month.

    • lisa

      The headline is referring to the lawsuit filed by the Sanders campaign, forcing the provisional ballots to be counted. In California, provisional ballots are often not counted at all.

  • wildmother

    They did it to me. I change to Straight Democrat in early March. Then after election I looked up my registration and they dis not change it from “no preference” from 2014 when I moved back to CA from Philly. I called election board and they told me to ask for Straight Democratic ballot at poll. I did, but I had a code next to my name and the poll workers tried to give me a Provisional Ballot. I said no. They fussed around and finally gave me one. I voted and then they tried to make me put it in the RED PROVISIONAL BOX. I said no. I put it in the Straight Democrat Green box. I have pictures and some videos of this process. Even though I asked for the REAL ballot and put it in the GREEN box, my ballot still has a code on it. Different names got different codes. I pray to God, this fraud is busted all to hell, no matter how long it takes, even after the election. I was forced to leave Philadelphia because of the corruption. The corruption of the most powerful Democratic Establishment was centered in my neighborhood. I had interactions with Rendell regularly. The political machine in Philly dug up a contaminated site next to my house and poisoned me with led and mercury another hazmat. They have been brutally retaliating against me for over 10 years. Many crimes and injuries. In hospital so many times. Finally got back to CA after 13 yrs n Philly because they were intent of killing me because I dug up so much corruption on them. They are brutal. I’ve connected withs many who are targets of public corruption. Lives destroyed and death. Philly is expert at voter fraud. Rendell is very close to Hillary.

    • 89&*q

      I agree. It sounds like your County Elections office needs to be investigated. Write a complaint to your Civil Grand Jury. Every county in California is required by the state constitution to have a grand jury. I volunteered at the election poll last Tuesday. IF a person had “No Part Preference” printed next to their name, there were four printed parties and boxes too. We asked them which of four ballots they wanted: Democrat, American Independent, Libertarian, or No Party. We checked the box they named and gave them that requested ballot. After they voted, there was only ONE sealed box for them to put their ballot in. There were NOT different boxes, green for Democrat, whatever. But I still don’t know what you mean when you say your particular ballot has a code on it. They would have no idea when you would show up so they could give you your specially coded ballot……

      • tracy

        There is, actually, an independent exit poll being put together because the media will be involved in the lawsuits being filed. The media was informed that their exit poll info would be subpoenaed so they decided to stop having them. Since the money was already available for the polls an independent was hired to do it.

        • 89&*q

          Are they going to call people, after the fact, asking how they voted? If so, let’s hope they call cell phones as well as landlines…..

    • Eleanor LeTourneau

      Yah he certainly is.

  • Lonerwithaboner420

    So Correct the Record is actively promoting the spreading of child porn? Why are they not in jail?

    • Sean Anomie

      Because this newswire site is just rumors and propaganda. If any child pornography had been used someone would have an example of it to point to.

      • Lonerwithaboner420

        A quick Google search will yield results

      • Lonerwithaboner420

        A quick Google search will find your answer

  • dBunk

    Just checked my vote by mail status, which I dropped off at the polling place so I got my sticker. Not showing being received.

    • 89&*q

      If you live in a large county, they may not have processed your vote by mail ballot yet. That same website shows, as of Friday, how many estimated ballots, by county, weren’t counted yet. There were over two million.

      • tracy

        So why was the election called way before all votes were counted?

        • 89&*q

          I can only hypothesize: because the media has been against Bernie from Day One? IMHO, we have the media’s constant coverage of the reality star and the Republicans’ eight years of negativity against Obama to thank for Trump. “Be careful what you ask for……you just might get it…..”

          • tracy

            That is what I keep telling Hillary supporters. The planet cannot take another decade of wars and fossil fuel pollution without irreparable damage. Progressives cannot afford to accept either candidate, where does that leave us? Even if Hillary makes all concessions to progressives with her words, she will never follow through. Smh

          • Helen Wheels

            All she wants is money from frackers and big oil and big phrma and goldman sachs. She doesn’t even hide it that well.

          • niknar

            We didn’t ask for either. They were shoved down our throats. We asked for Bernie, but the corporate powers that be won’t have it, so they repress voting, flip votes & rig the elections in Hillary’s favor.

        • Helen Wheels

          Because it was fixed.

      • Bob Phillips

        As of today, 7/5, there are just 70k votes still to count, and Bernie is behind by 362k votes. Do you THINK it’s finally time for the angry old bastard to concede?

    • Helen Wheels

      Even if it doesn’t say counted yet, it should say received. I would call them.

    • kidkeenan

      Check this out.

  • eric

    may the nwo burn in hell.

  • Donato

    This lawsuit needs to expand to include ALL of the previous ballots from EVERY state. This is obviously not the first state this has happened in.

    • Helen Wheels

      AZ, IL and NY were horribly fraudulent. And of course since the exit polls expose that, they stopped doing them.

    • Helen Wheels

      Puerto Rico was a HYUGE mess too.

  • Donato

    C’mon, America! We all need to rally and do something about this! This is NOT supposed to happen in this country. This a country for the people, by the people. We need to rise up against corruption and oust it! SHAME ON YOU, HILLARY CLINTON, for deceiving the people when you are fronting like you have our interests at heart!

  • Mitch Powell

    Is anyone going to provide a verifiable source for this?

    • Helen Wheels

      It’s difficult when the sites get taken down.

  • Helen Wheels

    They’ve been stealing the primaries using Rovian techniques. The same ones that have been in use since 2000. I would say both parties are in collusion, but they are only inasmuch as they are both the parties of corporate fascism. However, they still hate each other, because GOP and Dems both want to control the corporate power. And Clinton’s enemies go way back. The FBI wants to indict Hillary, but Obama made a deal with her and has told Loretta Lynch not to move forward with indictment even though the evidence is there to convict Hillary on a huge assortment of charges, not least of which is exposing military secrets and exposing intelligence. In any case, since Hillary emailed Obama from that server, and he responded, he’s implicit now. Tom DeLay has said that if Lynch doesn’t indict he will leak Comey’s findings to the press. So unless Bernie is the nominee you can expect a President Drumpf.

  • chetnapier

    and these guys


    How did they know what candidate press supported? Y arent all press in same place? I’ve never heard of separation of press by candidate support. I dont understand.

  • Mark Chapman

    If you were favorable to ‘Sanders or Clinton, you were not a reporter, not a journalist, and had no business expecting to be treated as a member of the press. You are not Mainstream Media. Breitbart is not mainstream media. the jerk who dummied up the videos attacking ACORN and Planned Parenthood are in no way reporters, mainstream or otherwise. And post like this one confuse the issues for people who have been manipulated into believing otherwise. Real journalists report facts. Real journalists do not favor one side or the other. And yes, there are many out there claiming to be real, mainstream journalists, but they are not. You are not.

  • Rachman Cantrell

    It is a sad day when a sitting president endorses someone under investigation by the FBI and even sadder when a prominent ‘progressive’ like Warren does the same! We just saw the worst voter suppression tactics yet by the Clintons and their stooges and it unfairly changed the California vote in her favor! In addition to voter fraud, purges, vote flipping and suppression, announcing a win before California and other states even voted is underhanded and deceitful, especially since super delegates cannot vote until the convention! Some Hillary supporters claim Berners are ‘abandoning the party’ but I say the party is abandoning us! I have been a Democrat for over fifty years but after what I have seen of the party establishment’s tricks and the underhanded way they stole the ‘nomination’ the word ‘democratic’ does not fit anymore with this organization! If Bernie is not the nominee I hereby give notice that, after over fifty years, I will be resigning from the Democrat party! I cannot continue to support an organization that treats corruption, fraud and voter suppression as normal operating procedure and there are many thousands more like me who feel the same way! We may be witnessing the death of the Democrat party and the ascension of a viable third party which may be a good thing!

    • Eleanor LeTourneau

      Been saying the same thing and we do need another party. My whole family have been Democrats too. Will be changing to Indepentant or Green.

    • Cawaynus

      The Democrat Party died with John F. Kennedy sir. It is purely Marxist/communism and why you would vote for socialism/communism as your choice with Bernie Sanders, is beyond my ability to comprehend. Every nation in history has failed under a socialism/communism government. Venezuela is just the latest failure, and now the socialist leaning European Union is beginning to break apart. Socialism is never the utopia that socialist always believe it is. It will always fail, as soon as they run out of other peoples money!

  • carnoclast

    “The revolution will NOT be televised”…and evidently will NOT even be allowed by the establishment to happen. Here’s another timely quote: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” (JFK)

  • Robert Mull

    How many people remember when al franken won by someone supposedly driving around with ballots in the trunk??? You can bet they were dead people that voted..

  • John Davis

    Ok what government agency are they buying to get away with the election fraud in all the states? Who or what supposed to be watching the elections and doing something about it all??? They should be fired and replaced right away and charges filed. Give the nomination to the peoples choice not the DNC’s, corporations and banks. Tell them OUR PRESIDENCY IS NOT FOR SALE!! WE WANT OUR GOVERNMENT BACK AND WE ARE TAKING IT!!!.

  • Occam’s Razor

    It’s about time. I’ve been in California since 84′. The voting system is rigged badly, the politicians corrupted to the core. It’s ironic a communist is trying to fix it. It’s even more ironic the more they try to rig the election, the more voters Trump gets. By the time the election rolls around, Trump will win by a historical avalanche vote!

  • Texxtyn

    I have been banned from Alternet for posting about the cali election fraud. Ive been blogging on there for years but without warning I was banned. No, I wasn’t cussing etc. If fact, my posts were very tame compared to most. But since they weren’t covering it. I posted about this election theft on everything about Hillary or Sanders. They banned me!! I knew Alternet was a gatekeeper but I didn’t know they were going to censor me like that.

  • tanabutler

    Yeah, you know it’s a suspicious news day when you Google (this site) and find it’s just a bunch of completely fabricated, certainly uncorroborated, bullshit. Congratulations, “yournewswire,” on achieving a low level of professionalism that even Donald Trump cannot match. Anyone who shares this without confirming it is as big an asshole as Hillary Clinton.

  • tanabutler
  • Rick Wilding

    The Clinton “involuntary assisted suicide” list:
    1 – James McDougal – Clinton’s convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.
    2 – Mary Mahoney – A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown. The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House.
    3 – Vince Foster – Former white House councilor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose Law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide.
    4 – Ron Brown – Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman who had a serious disagreement with Clinton. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown’s skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors.
    5 – C. Victor Raiser II and Montgomery Raiser, Major players in the Clinton fund raising organization died in a private plane crash in July 1992.
    6 – Paul Tulley – Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock, September 1992…after a serious disagreement with Clinton. Described by Clinton as a “Dear friend and trusted advisor.” 7- Ed Willey – Clinton fund raiser, found dead November 1993 deep in the woods in VA of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey died on the same day after his wife Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House. Ed Willey was involved in several Clinton fund raising events.
    8 – Jerry Parks – Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team in Little Rock. Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock. Park’s son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton. He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house.
    9 – James Bunch – Died from a gunshot suicide. It was reported that he had a “Black Book” of people which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas. Although the book was seen by several persons, it disappeared.
    10 – James Wilson – Was found dead in May 1993 from an apparent hanging suicide. He had ties to Whitewater.
    11- Kathy Ferguson, ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, was found dead in May 1994, in her living room with a gunshot to her head. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases, as if she were going somewhere. Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Kathy Ferguson was a corroborating witness for Paula Jones.
    12 – Bill Shelton – Arkansas State Trooper and fiancÈe of Kathy Ferguson. Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiancÈe, he was found dead in June, 1994 of a gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the grave site of his fiancee. There were no powder burns.
    13 – Gandy Baugh – Attorney for Clinton’s friend Dan Lassater, died by jumping out a window of a tall building January, 1994. His client was a convicted drug distributor.
    14 – Florence Martin – Accountant & sub-contractor for the CIA, was related to the Barry Seal Mena Airport drug smuggling case. He died of three gunshot wounds.
    15 – Suzanne Coleman – Reportedly had an affair with Clinton when he was Arkansas Attorney General. Died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide. Was pregnant at the time of her death.
    16 – Paula Grober – Clinton’s speech interpreter for the deaf from 1978 until her death December 9, 1992. She died in a one car accident. She told a friend that Clinton made advances.
    17 – Danny Casolaro – Investigative reporter. Investigating Mena Airport and Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He slit his wrists, apparently, in the middle of his investigation. Before his death, he claimed to have found a shattering story involving Clinton.
    18 – Paul Wilcher – Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport with Casolaro and the 1980 “October Surprise” was found dead on a toilet June 22, 1993 in his Washington DC apartment. Had delivered a shocking report to Janet Reno three weeks before his death.
    19 – Jon Parnell Walker – Whitewater investigator for Resolution Trust Corp. Jumped to his death from his Arlington, Virginia apartment balcony August 15, 1993. He was investigating the Morgan Guarantee scandal.
    20 – Barbara Wise – Commerce Department staffer. Worked closely with Ron Brown and John Huang. Cause of death unknown. Died November 29, 1996. Her bruised, nude body was found locked in her office at the Department of Commerce.
    21- Charles Meissner – Assistant Secretary of Commerce who gave John Huang special security clearance, died shortly thereafter in a small plane crash. The plane had been tampered with.
    22 – Dr. Stanley Heard – Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee, died with his attorney Steve Dickson in a small plane crash. Again, tampering with the plane. Dr. Heard, in addition to serving on Clinton’s advisory council personally treated Clinton’s mother, stepfather and brother.
    23 – Barry Seal – Drug running pilot out of Mena Arkansas, death was no accident.
    24 – Johnny Lawhorn Jr. – Mechanic, found a check made out to Bill Clinton in the trunk of a car left at his repair shop. He was found dead after his car had hit a utility pole. Apparently he was dead before the car hit the pole.
    25 – Stanley Huggins – Investigated Madison Guarantee. His death was a purported suicide and his report was never released.
    26- Hershell Friday – Attorney and Clinton fund raiser died March 1, 1994 when his plane exploded. This happen two days after an argument with Clinton.
    27 – Kevin Ives and Don Henry – Known as “The boys on the track” case. Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the Mena Arkansas airport drug operation. A controversial case, the initial report of death said, due to falling asleep on railroad tracks. Later reports claim the two boys had been slain before being placed on the tracks. Many linked to the case died before their testimony could come before a Grand Jury.
    28 – Keith Coney – Died when his motorcycle apparently slammed into the back of a truck, July 1988. No one saw the accident and the bike was not damaged.
    29 – Keith McMaskle – Died stabbed 113 times, Nov, 1988
    30 – Gregory Collins – Died from a gunshot wound January 1989.
    31 – Jeff Rhodes – He was shot, mutilated and found burned in a trash dump in April 1989.
    33 – James Milan – Found decapitated. However, the Coroner ruled his death was due to “natural causes.”
    34 – Jordan Kettleson – Was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup truck in June 1990.
    35 – Richard Winters – A suspect in the Ives / Henry deaths. He was killed in a set-up robbery July 1989.
    36 – Major William S. Barkley Jr.
    37 – Captain Scott J. Reynolds
    38 – Sgt. Brian Hanley
    39 – Sgt. Tim Sabel
    40 – Major General William Robertson
    41 – Col. William Densberger
    42 – Col. Robert Kelly
    43 – Spec. Gary Rhodes
    44 – Steve Willis
    45 – Robert Williams
    46 – Conway LeBleu
    47 – Todd McKeehan
    All had said to friends that they had seen too much.

    • Eleanor LeTourneau

      Knew a few deaths surrounding the Clintons but not that long list. That list is scary and after reading how they died would not want to cross the Clintons or get them pissed at me.

  • sandra1947

    I’ve read this story, read the comments from Bernie supporters and am amazed at their ignorance of how a polling place is run. I hope the judge in these suits throw them out and laugh in your faces. Every piece of paper has to be counted and recorded. Totals have to match what the area election officials issue to each polling place. The vote counters must match the logs of people voting. No one can tell who is voting for which candidate, that’s a figment of your imagination. GOD How frustrating to read the conspiracy theorist posts you people are posting her and know that you haven’t a clue about what you are talking about.

    • Briar Patch

      papers haven’t been counted and a large # won’t be, the totals haven’t matched in 6 or 7 States already and the numbers were adjusted to match the computer totals not the paper trial. turn off the media and open your eyes, this election is being stolen from “we the people” and every American no matter their party or candidate preference should be absolutely outraged. why aren’t you?

  • cewing2301

    then recount ALL of the votes. not just what is allegedly in the boxes. do a complete recount. even if Bernie had won CA, he still wouldn’t have what was needed to actually win. enough with gop type propaganda. the dem’s are better then this #stayblue

  • Jeff Jones

    I guess the crooked Hillary name fits like a freaking glove! They are going to need that fence they put around the Democratic convention center!

  • Marie Devine

    IF we want a godly government, we must head toward it; then all things will change. The political conventions in the USA begin July 18 to select their candidates for president. IF we pray and lift up Yahuveh-God of Israel’s Word to be our leader, He will give us His prepared leader to vote on. Ninety percent of world leaders and also of the American people believe in a creator God. Be registered to vote and vote for the Kingdom of God now while we still can. IF we do our part Yahuveh-our Creator and Savior can “cut his work short in righteousness.”

    Our culture is built on what Yahuveh-God of Israel warned against: debt, interest, insurance, seeking wisdom and honor and bondage to one another. All holy books guide to living off the land for an abundant life, true beauty and freedom, good health and joy with families nearby, and true riches.

    No candidate for president of the United States in 2016 knows how to transition us in peace to our Creator’s Garden Paradise lifestyle in the face of the many problems we have created around the world by ignoring our Creator’s laws. The God of the whole earth has a prepared leader for us to vote on when we want HIM to rule our nation with His laws for the government of the Promised Land, as written in the Bible, not as taught.

    The planned New World Order with the United Nations and NATO etc. would continue to enslave people around the world; we call it education and employment; this system is the devil’s lie that produces glorified slavery, separation from our families almost daily, inequality, injustice, government control and taxes, corruption, conflicts and wars, disease, health insurance bills etc. and death. This is not the freedom and abundant life our Creator has for us. Organizations that do not use the written laws and wisdom of the Creator of the whole world etc. as written in the Bible to govern must end in failure, and they have.

    Our God has power over the plans of evil men. HE will be victorious when WE want Him to save us by His written wisdom in the Bible.

    • P.Brain

      Do you live on a different planet ?

  • KMWP lies to the people

    Looks like the Sanders voters finally feel the Bern. Pun intended. lmfao so funny!!!

  • barry1817

    somehow I am glad that Bernie lost, and now has the problems with voter fraud/lost ballots/uncount ballots, because it is showing the depth of the corruption of the system that Americans rely on to be fair and apolitical

  • Chris Vollmer

    Does it really matter anymore? I honestly believe that either clinton could kill someone in the middle of the street in broad daylight and still come out of that like they did society a favor. And all these other politicians getting busted is a scheme to keep people from realizing whats happening in front of them. (Look Hillary is innocent look at all these other politicians we busted for corruption we couldnt find any wrong doing in Hillary Clintons affairs.) pshhhhh

    • Eleanor LeTourneau

      But also look at all the really high ups who got away with not being convicted of wrong doing. When an average citizen would have either been hanged or had their jail key throw away.As much as I liked Obama think he sold his soul for a second term with the Clintons coming to bat for him and the finding out of Ohio’s threaden election fraud, thats why Karl Rowl went bananas when the numbers for Ohio came in, the FBI had stopped the election fraud program from being used. Both parties have used it, think its the parties and big money combined. The voting machines made by Diebolt have been involved came across that by accident, something about them being fined for doing somthing illegal. Lost the site were I was reading about it not very computer wise since my son got me this laptop, still learning how to use it and make a lot of what I call boo boos.My grandson can’t understand why I have such a hard time learning but he’s not 76.

  • cindysteve

    6/12/2016 AN UPDATE ON THE LAWSUIT: In the video of the Institute, we mentioned that the election integrity lawsuit would be filed on Monday, June 6th. This has been delayed because of our desire to include election data from California where over 2.6 million votes still need to be counted. Following is an exact accounting, county-by-county of the uncounted votes in California.
    We also want to be able to include the results from the citizen exit polls we have done since Edison had decided not to do exit polls in California. We are currently totaling the data of the 5000 private exit poll ballots we collected in Alameda, Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties,Additionally, we are waiting for the final results from Democracy Counts ( )which conducted the open source election audits that happened in San Diego, Los Angeles and Alameda County.
    In other eleven states besides California, there has been noted a significant difference between the Edison Research exit polls and the electronic vote totals presented on the morning after the primaries. These totals do not include anything from California. These differences show votes appear to be shifted from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton. The chances of this kind of shift happening are considered to be statistically impossible between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in these eleven states. Please scroll down to see the chart of the exit poll data on the states which Edison Research did cover.
    Our very preliminary results in California appear to show significant electronic vote shifting as well. Please stay tuned for the final results.

    • Sean Anomie

      So in other words, the headline claiming that a lawsuit ‘found these uncounted ballots’ is false, because the lawsuit has not yet been filed. So, there is (as yet) no lawsuit, and you’re publishing a story that says there is. Could these accusations with nothing to back them up be why Bernie lost? Also to the readers: ALL California elections take 4 to 6 weeks to count. So if this imaginary lawsuit has turned up some uncounted ballots, that’s hardly astonishing. It’s normal.

      • lisa

        There are two different lawsuits. What the headline is referring to is the lawsuit filed by the Sanders campaign forcing California to actually count the provisional ballots (which often is not done.) The other lawsuit referred to in the comments is the RICO lawsuit filed in Ohio by Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis. They are two different suits.

      • cindysteve

        With all due respect,
        Polls show clearly that most people do NOT want HiIIary. Whether you want to admit it or not, a majority of citizens have had more than enough of establishment candidates, of whom almost all answer to the special interest groups, lobbyists or corporate donors. We, The People, have had it. Its now up to Superdelegates to either direct our nation down a path of doom and gloom, or side with the people and our candidate. Even after the deck was stacked completely in Hillary’s favor, and even though there are sketchy election issues all over the nation, Bernie isn’t going away. Hell, Clinton still DOES NOT have the required number of PLEDGED DELEGATES to secure the nomination, in spite of what the mainstream media has people believing – through their irresponsible, bought-and-paid-for, so-called journalism. She can’t even clinch if she won every delegate today in DC.
        So, it’s on to the convention, where Supers will have to decide. If they care about political game-playing and favor-exchanging? Or do they care about the direction of the planet, the country, the party and quite frankly- the way the world will view the USA? Their choice is an easy one to make, if they have a little bit of courage and if they truly care about the people of The United States of America. #BernieOrBust!!!!!

  • Terry Tibando

    Corrupt American politics and candidate fraudulant balloting practices! This is why America is doomed country!!!

  • tmaddison

    How can someone who supports any candidate be called a “reporter”?

  • MrsFlorence Tulloh Ferguson

    Bernie Sanders will be the 45th President of the United States of America, Amen.

  • Briar Patch

    is hillary still in the race? I thought she withdrew already…

  • Sean Anomie

    Who filed this lawsuit?

    • Eleanor LeTourneau

      Go to

  • Jeff Burton

    There is nothing in the text of this article that corroborates the sensational and derogatory headline. I’m really sick of having to check crap out like this to find it is NOTHING. This IS IRRESPONSIBLE and I can’t call it journalism because that term doesn’t apply. The U.S. has become ‘The Little Country that Cried Hillary’.

  • Cynthia Davis
  • Fritz Miller

    Clinton still leads and will be nominated as she is by far the best

  • Surly Curmudgen

    What was done to Sanders will be nothing compared to what the left is planning to do to Trump nationwide. That is why Obama and others keep saying Trump will never be the president.
    Governors in some states are well advised to call out their national guard to man every polling place to thwart the lefts voting fraud efforts. In states where this is not done the voters will have to develop a solution to counter the problem. The left will be more open with their fraud this time as they know winning means no action against them.

  • Allison Trevor

    Bullshit. You may as well write an article about Clinton secretly being a lizard, because I’m about as likely to believe that story when it comes from a garbage “news” site like yours. Do you *want* to help Trump become president, or are you just a troll who doesn’t give a f*ck? “Passionate about the truth”, my ASS.

  • Marshall Dearman

    So what is done with this info, nothing? They should be put before A firing squad.

  • Manny Being Manny

    And after 500k of the 2.6 million votes have been counted so far, Clinton has won 54% of them. Keep on dreaming, just because you lose elections doesn’t mean its “rigged”, it means your candidate is less popular.

  • huecityvet1968

    If you think this is bad wait for the general election there will be millions of trump ballots that will never be found. THe fix has been in for years.

  • Margalo

    Ballot counting fraud is standard operating procedure in CA. After the election, everyone wants to forget about it and is all surprised and angry the next time ad nauseam. I learned about the methods in 1992 after running for an L.A. County office, then warned others. Retired State Senator Diane Watson, after there was massive fraud in her election for County Supervisor, went back to the State Senate and held 3 state-wide hearings of the subcommittee of the Rules Committee she chaired. That info still exists in the state archives. Several groups have been trying to stop it CA and nationwide. They have lots of data, but the elected officials, having won on the crooked system, are never going to change it. The average American cannot deal with the truth of ballot counting fraud; really pulls the rug out from the belief in the great democracy here. However, besides hiding ballot boxes, closing polls before the elections and other local ballot counting fraud methods, the big one is that the 3 main companies that voting software and paper ballots to most US counties are crooked and will use their access before, during and after the election to the ballots and machines and software to make sure that the chosen & paid-for candidates win. Elections officials are prevented from checking the software by the Supreme Court’s ruling that the software is “proprietary.” All the fraud should be exposed, elections challenged, everywhere until it is stopped. There has been fraud in American elections since the second presidential election, so we cannot take fairness for granted and must be eternally vigilant.

    • Eleanor LeTourneau

      So true, if you dig you will find.

  • Louis Tash

    I have seen third-world banana Republic’s, do a better job of covering up their election fraud. The DNC has utterly, destroyed their credibility. This is a terminal mistake ! You cannot rigged an election and ever be trusted with the citizens vote again. The youth who so bravely ran towards the DNC. Will now turn their back! Instead of embracing them as the youth and vitality of this party. The DNC decided to give them a lesson and disillusionment. Don’t just stand there pretending you’re not dead DNC! Just fall down! Would somebody please bury this Walking Corpse.
    Remember I said this was a terminal mistake. There is no correcting this! You can’t say you’re sorry! This is the end of the party. This is the reason the Republicans did not rigged or gerrymander their elections this year. They knew that if they did they would never be able to recover from it. Like a cardsharp on a gambling boat. You have been caught! You will not be allowed back on the boat.
    For some reason the DNC thought they could smugly embrace retardation instead of progress! You will now be relegated to the dustbins of History. This is the beginning of your last breath! Registered Democrat from August 30th 1986 until June 6th 2016 delegate to the state for Barack Obama 2008. The DNC flushed 40 Years of loyalty down the toilet when they stole my vote. They will never be trusted with my money, or the most valuable possession I own as an American. My vote!

    • Eleanor LeTourneau

      No one who is voting for Hillary believes any Election Fraud, they believe we are cry babies, and that we knew the rules and should not expect them to change them even when you write about how there was a Congressional Hearing on voter machines being programed to change the vote. They even had the programer testify that he did the program and it worked and no knew it was there. Still won’t believe won’t even watch Bev Harris’s documentary for HBO called Hacking Democracy missed it on HBO but caught it on YOU TUBE. When they do they then called it conspiracy theories and do I believe in little green men too.

  • MarlboroStan

    lol….So none of these votes are for Hillary? All of these MILLIONS of votes are for Bernie? lol…I just pissed myself at how ignorant the Bernie supporters are.

  • MarlboroStan

    PS…the people who keep filing all these lawsuits are Trump volunteers.

    • iamli3

      and the people inflicting physical harm on others at rallies and protests are anti-trump rioters….

  • onebyland

    For various reasons, they never count provisional ballots in the US unless it is a tight race. Try to show up at the polls, folks, and check your registration in advance before the deadline. Candidates should urge supporters this. Being excited to vote is not enough. “A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there are questions about a given voter’s eligibility. A provisional ballot would be cast when: The voter refuses to show a photo ID (in regions that require one) The voter’s name does not appear on the electoral roll for the given precinct.” wikipedia

  • Anthony Barcellos

    No lawsuit “found” any Sanders ballots in California. Rather, the Secretary of State posted the usual post-election report on the number of ballots (provisional, mail-in, etc.) remaining to be processed. This year it’s 2.5 million. A lot of those are Republican ballots that won’t affect the outcome in the Democratic primary. Unless Sanders wins a super-majority of the remaining ballots in the final count, Clinton’s election night half-million vote margin will survive, although narrowed. Chances of Sanders flipping the California result: practically zero.

    Follow the process yourself on the Secretary of State’s public website:

    • Eleanor LeTourneau

      California Sec. of State is a Clinton friend and delegate. Maybe wrong about delegate because her being a friend but she also is friend to a head official in New York’s voting mess who got fired for plurging 150,000 voters from Brooklyn.

  • John England

    This article was written to enflame people. Where’s the proof? I see a lot of accusations and nothing more…

  • joe

    I will write in Sanders. I would rather see Trump win fairly than anyone win dishonestly.

  • NDMA

    Don’t worry, one carefully timed accidental fire and all that is resolved instantaneously! 🙂 We know how the monetary slaver peasant pirates operate 🙁

  • davidfromengland

    Millions? Get real!

  • Robert Breisch

    Contact President Obama directly with any complaint of voter fraud by filling in the form at the White House!

  • george

    This is a bullshit article on a bulshit site.
    The article does not quote any actual lawsuit, nor provide data from any actual lawsuit, for it does not exist. Bernies campaign also has not filed anything, nor contested anything.
    the photo is just a photo of a bunch of boxes. It proves nothing. Prove they are not for Trump, they are RED not blue, or when this was actually taken?

  • unhappygrammy

    Of course they were! No surprise here!!!

  • tyson

    How come your only reference is yourselves? Hmm…

  • rennaemarshallchristman


  • Priscilla Freeman

    I am also 67. born in California, raised in the southwest and I also have never seen such out-right fraud. Next time a Hillary supporter whines about Bernie not getting in line, ask then why should he? Who is Hillary to have this privilege? Our right to a fair vote trumps Hillary’s desires. Pardon the pun.

  • Lana

    So what’s the law going to do about Hillary and her band of thieves ????

  • JC

    It’s not the votes that matter. It’s those who count the votes. The oligarchy decides who it wants and that’s who wins. We the people have nothing to do with it. Voting is a complete waste of time and effort.

  • Jane F. Lawler-Savitske

    This also happened with Republican voters in California, as some of my FB friends said that their “party status” was changed to “unaffiliated” from Republican and they were NOT even offered a Provisional Ballot!!! Just WHO made those unauthorized changes!?!
    As an Election Chief here in Virginia, that made “my blood boil,” because CA now allows Non-citizens to act as PAID Election Officers?!? This should be Unconstitutional, but the state where I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s is just NOT the same place of my Idyllic childhood!?!

  • Signz Work

    After Researching the Clinton’s, these are my Thoughts and Research Links: Simple fact if you’re voting for Killary you’re a complete IDIOT…Period

    A True Clinton supporter=Dumber than a Rock…

    You’re either Trolling for Bucks or Dumber that a Rock, take your pick….my guess is you’re Dumber than a Rock, no one in their right mind would vote for a Clinton..

    Larry Nicholes admits to killing people to protect the Klintons, he’s got throat cancer and been spilling the beans for few yrs..

    I suggest copy and pasting this to all News Media sites and the Commentators sites on FB and Twitter…..

    Finally with Trump the Clinton Machine is being exposed for what they are…..

    A lot of what he says can be found in the below Video from yrs. starting back when Bill was Governor of Arkansas

    Kick back grab your favorite Beverage and Meet the Klinton’s!

    Bill & Hillary Clinton TOTALLY EXPOSED – The New Clinton Chronicles
    Clinton Lies
    Clinton, I Try not to Lie

    Clinton’s Lies
    Clinton Scandals
    ISIS Explained

    Clinton Email Server

    Clinton University

    U.S. and Russian uranium deal?

    CROOKED HILLARY takes millions from Goldman Sachs and Wall Street.

    Hillary’s 22 Biggest Scandals Ever!
    Clinton on Immigration
    Bill Clinton Strong on illegal Immigration

    Bill Clinton at 12:15 – 4 to 7 million illegals crossing the border a yr. and a Fence would work…

    Hillary Clinton against illegals

    Clinton agrees with Trump on Boarder Issue

    Hillary against Gays, Blacks and Flip Flops

    Clinton is Racist, trying to deport Mexicans
    Tax benefits for companies moving out of the country, 6:15 in the video listed:
    Clinton on 2nd Amendment
    Clinton-the Supreme Coutyis Wrong on 2nd Amendment
    Hillary Clinton Supports Australia-style Gun Confiscation
    Hillary Clinton Vows To Outlaw Guns In Secret Recording!
    KKK Claims $20K In Clinton Donations

    David Duke – I Never Endorsed Trump
    The only reason he was viewed a succes was because of the Internet Boom which he had nothing to do with. He didn’t even invent the Internet, Al gore did.

    For the Clueless on the Sub Prime Mortgage Loans, NAFTA and Immigration

    Sub Prime Mortgage Loans

    The Housing Bubble Broke Down

    Community Reinvestment Act

    Barack Obama pushed banks to give subprime loans to Chicago’s African-Americans

    Dangers of the Market-1990s

    Illegal Immigration
    Bill Clinton Strong on illegal Immigration

    Hillary Clinton agrees with Trump on Boarder Issue

    Clinton lets Make America Great!!!

    • iamli3

      BLOODY HELL DUDE your comment is actually to big! my computer can barely handle loading it , but we for sure gotta get a more condensed version plastered at the top of the comments for this article so people can see first the mountains of evidence before they see all the stupid shills crying that there is no evidence…..

  • Darren Wilkens

    “F” hillabeast and brain dead sanders! We don’t need either one of those fools in office. All they’ll do is cause more destruction than obummer ever has.

  • Vertigo Shtick

    Did you literally just make all this up? Sheesh

    • KatieIL

      If only, huh…

  • KatieIL

    If only, huh.

  • Crownseeker

    This guy Dmitry is a totally unreliable source of any information—this article is BS pure and simple…to believe this is beyond ridiculous….when you get to this baxter fella facebook page amd related articles you find his numerous articles about the brave vlad putin campaign to defend russia from the Illuminati and complaining about being barred from twitter “because they don’t like me talking about the Rothschilds”. So you can figure Dmitri is a raging anti-semite and with the praise for Putin and his avoidence of identifiying his nationality I think the guy is a KGB Russian Disinformation Officer….stop believing this crap

    • iamli3

      >stop believing this crap
      it’s a good thing i already don’t believe crap posts like yours and i go to actually look for the evidence….

      • Crownseeker

        What are we talking about? i acknowledge there are still votes to be counted in Cali but it is not “millions” (most provisional ballots) and it is certainly not enough to win Cali for Bernie….what i argue is that anyone believing the crap from this Dmitri Baxter is deluding themselves because this guy’s published work is ludicrous and very often offensively anti-semitic and krazy….maybe that does not bother you, but to my mind Baxter is an anti-semite for the reasons stated before (defending Putin for his war on the Illuminati, losing twitter privileges because of his talking about the Rothschilds, reports that the Queen of England was actually a lizard, the US gave Parkinsons disease to Muhammid Ali to silence him, etc, etc,etc.)…Honestly I can not understand how anyone can give this Russian who refuses to id where he is a “journalist”…no he is a KGB disinformation dude in service of Putin….sorrry bottom line: Bernie got beaten badly in Cali and this primary race is over despite those still uncounted Cali votes which will be counted.

        • iamli3

          >What are we talking about?


          >i acknowledge there are still votes to be counted

          good , that’s 1 piece of evidence , of which there are many shown in the video i linked


          unsubstantiated buts are unsubstantiated

          and that’s where the reply should have ended , but you kept going on about character assassinations which are irrelevant to the evidence presented in an attempt to muddy the waters indicating that you are likely to be a shill

          >maybe that does not bother you

          correct assassinated characters do not bother me , small minded people such are yourself focusing on character assassinating rather than the evidence does bother me however….

  • PatrickMonkRn

    JOIN THE:-

  • brendaHere Are 6 Ways Drone Ta

    This article is dated June 12, 2016, two weeks ago If all of these are Bernie ballots then what’s been the problem in counting them, publicizing the findings, and then imprisoning whoever stashed these Bernie ballots. Now not later!!!

  • Rickie Matthews

    its been rigged for Hillary to win -if Obama’s DOJ gets involved Sanders will lose because they will find in favor of Hillary -why you ask ,because she knows where most of Obama’s bodies are buried starting with the 4 from Libya ,she MUST NOT be elected President ,vote for Trump or anybody but her ,she would destroy this country if she was elected

  • orionth51

    It is undeniable that the DNC stood behind Hillary even before the campaign began. As such, they would do anything in their power to get their anointed candidate elected. Allowing Bernie to caucus was a sham and the biggest mistake in this race.

    Some examples of the shenanigans involved:

    In California, Florida and Ohio there is ample evidence of steering Independents (unaffiliated voters) away from Sanders. For instance, they were automatically given “provisional” ballots that they KNEW would not be counted. Only when a voter asked specifically for a “crossover” ballot–that does count–one would be provided.

    Exit polls where cancelled when they showed a discrepancy between the vote count and who voters claimed they voted for. Edison Research and the Media Consortium have a monopoly on this and cancelled polling on remaining primaries prior to the California vote. About 6 of the previous primaries showed discrepancies higher than the 2% allowed in order to declare a fair vote. Some were as high as 7%.

    There is also reason to believe that some ballots were flipped. For one thing, these machines are OBSOLETE. They are not allowed in Europe because of security concerns. In fact, if you have physical access, it is fairly simple to hack into them and alter the counters. I remember a story on 60 Minutes where it was shown how it can be done. These machines are still in operation today.

    The Media, the Special Interests, the super-rich all are firmly in Hillary’s camp. Why? Perhaps because she has already been paid handsomely to carry forward their agendas? Conspiracy theory you say? Well, let’s see:

    When the Clintons left the White House they were essentially broke. In the hock for millions of dollars in legal fees alone, spent defending themselves for trickery, shady deals and such. Now, their wealth is estimated to be about a quarter of a billion dollars. What? They really must be some hard workers! Putting their noses to the grindstone. Extraordinary achievement to be lauded and not criticized! Yeah, right.

    Actually, there are 2 sure-fire scams that can be perpetrated with complete impunity in this country: charity and religion. Doubtful ol’ horndog Bill would be credible as a preacher, so he opted for the next best thing: a charitable organization! The Clinton Foundation. It is genius. He pays virtually no taxes, and gets around with the aura of the quintessential do-gooder. “Donations” are accepted for influence trafficking (Saudi Arabia is a big contributor) and disappear promptly into their own coffers. Out of $110-million of these donations only $5 million actually went to charity. And, of course, there are those illuminating and inspiring speeches for which they are paid very handsomely, to the tune of $300-thousand a pop. Of course, none of this had ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Hillary installing a mail server in her home.
    You evil-minded, dues-paying member of that “vast Right Wing conspiracy”! Shame on you!

    There is an expression used by lawyers and shysters everywhere that I simply love: “Plausible deniability.” It is not a matter of concern that you do wrong or commit crimes, it is about not getting caught.

    Some quick reasons NOT to elect “Billary”:

    She has done nothing noteworthy, or meriting praise. Just declaring “victory” or “success” does not make it so.

    There are no wars that she does not like. Among the most belligerent and hawkish persons ever to serve as Senator or Secretary of State. She endorsed enthusiastically the so-called Arab Spring that deposed the leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and has lobbied hard for the removal of Assad in Syria. I have little doubt that she colluded with that supreme imbecile, Robert Ford–former ambassador to Syria–who incited rebels to the regime that accredited him and paraded publicly with them on the streets. A more disastrous and destabilizing effect after the Iraq war is not possible.
    Now, she is threatening Iran, and appears only too willing to send American troops to fight proxy wars for Israel.

    She has consistently flip-flopped on issues like healthcare, banking regulation, trade agreements, gay rights, etc. Clearly her principles and policies are up for sale. The real danger with her as President is that she represents the Establishment and her policies du-jour would probably be not effectively opposed in Congress.
    In that regard, Trump who does not have hardly any friends either in politics or business would be effectively reined in. Yes, the guy is a clown, an incompetent and a big-mouth, but not nearly as dangerous as Billary.

    She is the fracking queen. She is, or was actively promoting the technology worldwide. She is a friend also of coal and big oil. The environmentalists are sure getting duped royally!

    She was a strong supporter of NAFTA and we all know what a blessing this has been. There is virtually no trade agreement nowadays that she is not in favor of. TPP, CAFTA, some dozen others and undoubtedly, for TTIP.

    Make no mistake, if Billary is elected, it is the virtual equivalent of planting a “For Sale” sign in the front lawn of the White House.

  • Edfish Walsh

    California is a closed presidential campaign you would ha b e had to register as a dem all independent voters were givin provisional ballots and were never intended to be counted. They should have been more aware of the process

  • Valdoria

    Seems like all states need a recount to likely find an increase in Bernie count probably an average of 25%

  • Satan

    This is every single election people are just waking up to it now.

  • Michael Hoppe

    This is total, utter bullshit. You people are fools personified if your believe this.

  • Jay Hubbard

    Citations needed.

  • WTHella

    Read some of the other crazy stories on this site people. This is stupid and reposting them makes Bernie Sanders supporters and Clinton haters look stupid as they are becasue most people arent dumb enough to fall for this….on second thought, please proceed. Repost them all you like.

  • Tom Cloyd MS MA

    This article has zero credibility. No sources of any kind cited. It would be turned back for a rewrite in a high school sophomore English class.

  • Timmy Hogan

    This bullshit amateur news aggregator again… did y’all hear, chemtrails are just coke lines for Jesus!

  • Timmy Hogan
  • Bob Phillips

    As of tonight, there are still 350k votes to count, ( Should be finished by early next week, if not sooner.) and Bernie is still 399k votes behind Hillary, in California. The ratio is currently Hillary 53.6 to Bernie’s 45.6, a difference of 7.9%. Obviously, with 350k votes still to count, while being 399k votes behind, means that it will be impossible for Bernie to even tie Hillary, let alone overtake her. By the way, as reported by Rachel Maddow, a day or two after the election, it ALWAYS takes 3 or 4 weeks to count ALL the votes in California. Here’s a link to the ongoing count, which changes almost hourly:

  • wizzzio

    Trump will win in PA

  • Verdad

    I voted for Bernie in the primary and I shall proudly vote for Hillary if the wins the nomination. We are so fortunate to have two so very qualified people running for the Democratic nomination. The only way we can lose this election is if the Koch propaganda machine splits up our vote. This article and others like that are all part of their plan to not allow the Democrats to unite behind one candidate. Wake up and smell the roses people all of the articles you see like this are Republican inspired propaganda.

  • AngelFive

    Hillary=The Whore of Babylon,
    Rev 9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

    Rev 18:9-19 The mourners had shared Babylon’s sensual pleasures, and gained by her wealth and trade. The kings of the earth, whom she flattered into idolatry, allowing them to be tyrannical over their subjects, while obedient to her; and the merchants, those who trafficked for her indulgences, pardons, and honours; these mourn. Babylon’s friends partook her sinful pleasures and profits, but are not willing to share her plagues. The spirit of antichrist is a worldly spirit, and that sorrow is a mere worldly sorrow; they do not lament for the anger of God, but for the loss of outward comforts. The magnificence and riches of the ungodly will avail them nothing, but will render the vengeance harder to be borne. The spiritual merchandise is here alluded to, when not only slaves, but the souls of men, are mentioned as articles of commerce, to the destroying the souls of millions. Nor has this been peculiar to the Roman antichrist, and only her guilt. But let prosperous traders learn, with all their gains, to get the unsearchable riches of Christ; otherwise; even in this life, they may have to mourn that riches make to themselves wings and fly away, and that all the fruits their souls lusted after, are departed from them. Death, at any rate, will soon end their commerce, and all the riches of the ungodly will be exchanged, not only for the coffin and the worm, but for the fire that cannot be quenched.

    Mark 10: 24 The disciples were amazed at His words. But Jesus answered again and said to them, “Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! 25 “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” 26 They were even more astonished and said to Him, “Then who can be saved?”

    Rev. 20:1-3 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, and cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more.

    Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

    Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

  • iamli3

    lots of shills crying about no evidence , well here’s some for you , 40 minutes of people working in the pools telling you election fraud is abound…


    This article is unclear as to why Sanders should have won. Assuming for the moment that there were millions of uncounted votes (doubtful, and you’ve provided no evidence of this short of a picture of some boxes with paper in them), there’s no reason to think that the uncounted votes were somehow different than the counted ones. You think every single polling location pulled out Sanders votes? If you think that, you’re not so much concerned with government corruption as you are for citizen volunteer corruption. Whether or not all the votes were counted (I stipulate that they were, but let’s play pretend for the moment), that has NO effect on turnout, and thus has no effect on the COMPOSITION of those who voted, which is what Sanders were referring to. To conflate (imaginary) systematic vote-ignoring with compositional changes in turnout (which is what Sanders was talking about, and is your “smoking gun”) is the work of a very simple brain. And again, every volunteer of every precinct would have had to have been in on it, which only a brain in delial could believe. Bernie lost. Instead of casting aspersions about the system (like many other dumbasses who are running for president) why don’t you try to find an avenue to affect positive change that also doesn’t help push open the door for megalomaniacal populists whose whole campaign rests on the idea that the government is corrupt (by every measure we have one of the least corrupt governments in the world, and have for a long time now).

  • Don Byham

    I see stacks of red boxes without any distinguishing marks to indicate votes for Bernie. They could be anybodies votes.

  • TRStrunk

    Seems everybody on the Right knew Hillary was going to be the Democratic Candidate and why Republicans weren’t going after Bernie.

    Bernie supporters not surprising though proved their stupidity by supporting Sanders not realizing that the Democratic Candidate had been chosen years ago by the wealthy old white guy’s who run the Democratic Party. That’s how a Communist system works. The elites make all the choices for you.

  • jaydee

    If this was exposed in CA then how much of this went on in other states? These ballots cannot be just for Bernie, but for others. If they were not counted, how does the Bernie campaign know how many votes he gained or lost? Were they opened and then stored because the did not fit the narrative for Clinton? We know that the media is corrupt, but since when is there media for Clinton and media for Bernie etc. Of course when Clinton marched in local parade here in NH she roped off the press that was following her. Must have been Bernie Media.

  • James Houston

    You are a complete idiot. YES! Tens of millions of ballots apparently sequestered by the aliens to Area 51! Tin foil hats! Woo woo! Don’t you have anything better to do? You’re also a very crappy writer – so don’t quit your day job (if you have one).

  • terribletwos

    What will our so-called democratic-republic leaders do about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  • an american

    Hillary Clinton should go to prison along with husband Bill CIinton!

  • Marie Malanczyn

    So I am just Curious….How many Bernie Supporters are voting for Hillary? All? Is voting democrat more important than a Republican President?

  • jeff4justice

    Suspicious CA Election Means CA SOS Should Be “Out On His Ass” Says Greg Palast

  • Mike Lashewitz

    You KNOW when the Clintons are involved so is CRIME. Hi LIAR Y and her husband the meat and two veg himself are filthier than a Greek Sailor’s willy.
    What is even worse is when a political party has to resort to multiple instances of voter fraud across a primary just to get in the running, that party should be disbanded for the crime syndicate it has become.

    The dirty tricks were started in every instance by the opposing team. While I agree Trump did not have to follow with a back lash, at least he did with actual facts. Not so in most of the other instances. Like the Hildabeast and her Zionist owned propaganda machine who made things up out of thin air and twisted other things into falsehoods.

    But the Republicans were not any better with the falsehoods and twisted claims from Cruz and Rubio, then there was the whiner Kasich who has not stopped his idiotic poor me, “I am going home to pout!” reaction regarding the RNC.

    The saddest part of that is the fact Kasich BELIEVED he had more than a snowballs chance in hell and even today the Bush conspiracy team still thinks they can get another war criminal into the White House.

    Any IDIOT who does not think American politics are rife with crimes against all Americans, any one who still believes the Hildabeast is the best Democrat for the future of America has the mental capacity of a man who believes he can find the best wife available at the local crack house.

    Trump appears to have the best for America in mind and I pray he does not turn out to be another Manchurian Candidate like Obama who said what he was REALLY going to do, but most mindless Americans only read the first line about “CHANGE” and not the paragraphs that followed that clearly indicated the destruction of America as we knew it. We did get that change, including a Muslim government, a severe increase in racial division, illegals running rampant in the US and crime gangs from Mexico. What else did we get besides gross lies about unemployment and prosperity? The Cloward – Piven Strategy for turning American into another doomed to fail communist state. Obama is equally responsible if not more so than Bush regarding the Criminal SUPER DEBT they have encumbered all Americans with.

    Obama, like Kim Jong IL warned us that if we did not believe him we were going to have trouble. Well, I posit the fact as promised he did give us trouble.

    Now all of this is plain to see by anyone with a few brain cells and thinking capability as to how criminal the majority of American Government has become and it is a fact that those who swore to uphold and defend the US Constitution and chose to break their oaths are culpable under the law and should be held accountable. With “extreme prejudice,” a catch phrase in the lexicon of American “spy” agencies.

    Around most every corner we have the likes of the Clinton’s and the Reids as well as lesser criminals operating within the auspices of our government and it is well past time these traitorous dung balls are fettered out and punished with the kindness they have given to the thousands of persons who committed victim-less crimes and are spending decades in prison. That includes all those persons employed within the many three and four letter agencies of our oppressive government who also have committed crimes against Americans, like the Bureau of Land Management and the FBI who have incarcerated American ranchers without proper legal proceedings and the EPA and FDA without proper legal representation, and without the supposedly guilty actually having committed a crime. In this I include the likes of judge Grasty who colluded with the BLM to flood and burn ranchers off their lands and out of their homes so the natural resources underneath could be stolen from them.

    Oh and do not forget the meaning of the Clinton’s selling 1/5th of Americas uranium resources to Russia which has already taken place…. Now sit there and act as if this is the first time you have heard of this! Stop being stupid Mr and Mrs America.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Whenever you have a “secret ballot” system, it will be rife with voter fraud because you seconds AFTER casting your vote cannot verify in the days and months following whether or not your vote was actually counted as you intended.
    There is no process to do so and as long as you cannot verify your vote, as long as there is a process where actual recounts cannot take place, as in “digital machine voting” the “system” is easily circumvented as was proven in a court of law by the programmer who was paid to write the program that switched votes and was actually used to do so.
    Any fool who believes another country can properly and legally count American votes in this instance SPAIN without bias has obviously forgotten the many decades of voter fraud and graft that has taken place in EVERY Hispanic country since THEIR beginnings.

    Our electoral system is BROKEN.

  • Andy Miller III

    It seems to be the practice of Democrats to call the elections and proclaim themselves the winners before all the votes are in.

  • Todd Browning

    The Clintons and the Obamas certainly know how to rig elections.

  • Rat Race

    Ok I’m not a fan of Clinton and voted for Bernie. But if you’re going to do an article like this, can you at least link to more information about these “hidden ballots”? You kind of blew that part off….

  • Sebastian

    Hi! Croatian guy here, following election from abroad and still hoping for the best. I’d like to believe this to be true and there’s some way to get Bernie in the race, but this news is not really covered in any other media and it does sound a bit conspirasysh. Is that lawsuit really on? Can anyone link some sources?

    Also regarding claims that “Correct the records” hacked Sanders’ pages with child pornography – such claims should also be sourced, you write it as a fact but I can only see allegations and rumors on the web, is that confirmed?

    No hard feelings, just looking for facts in a turbulent world.

  • Jeff Manning

    Wow, Holy frigin wow….

  • Jeff Ostroth

    Choose what you are: Vile slimeballs for Bernie; vile slimeballs for Trump; or vile slimeballs for Putin. Whatever, you’re vile slimeballs who dishonestly twisted the news to rile up gullible, pathetic people and ultimately help Donald and Vlad.

  • Eric Lilly

    Who’s votes cost the election to Trump again???? One would hope that we learn from our mistakes, but guess who’s out there making “political action groups” (slush funds) again.

  • foodforthought

    This story is fake news from ‘Baxter Dmitri’, if that really is his name.

  • Chuck Johnson

    Literally the first word of this “article” is a grammatical error.

    “An historical event” really?

  • Ronnie Jones

    Fake story