Leading Scientist Claims Antidepressant Drugs Are Deadly

One of the worlds leading scientists has claimed that most antidepressant drugs are responsible for over half a million deaths every year. 

Danish medical researcher, Peter Gotzche, told the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that long-term use of psychotropic drugs are “immensely harmful”, and suggested that people would be better off dropping all antidepressants, ADHD drugs, and dementia drugs altogether.

He claims that the negative effects of such drugs far outweight any positives the drugs claim to provide patients.

Mirror.co.uk reports:

Gotzsche analysed Danish perscription statistics for three types of psychiatric drugs: antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and antidepressants.

He says that he included people only aged 65 years or older and measured the death rates of those using the drugs. The number he arrived at was 3,693 which – when scaled up – leads to 539,000 in the USA and European Union combined.

Nearly 1.5 million people in the UK are now estimated to be addicted to drugs such as benzodiazepine – known as Valium.

“Because psychotropic drugs are immensely harmful when used long term, they should almost exclusively be used in acute situations and always with a firm plan for tapering off, which can be difficult for many patients.”

Gotzsche’s argument was part of a debate in the BMJ that also featured a counter-argument from Allan Young – a professor of mood disorders at King’s College.

“Psychiatric drugs are as beneficial as other treatments used for common, complex medical conditions,” wrote Young.

“Psychiatric drugs are rigorously examined for efficacy and safety, before and after regulatory approval,” he concluded.

  • caterpillar killer

    I been on paxil for years. I was pregnant last year and was told I couldn’t take them. The withdrawals are so horrible. I ended up having a miscarriage. Whether it was from the paxil withdrawals, im not sure. It’s still got to be horrible for your body to make you feel that shitty because you haven’t taken them. I tried to taper myself of them and the withdrawals are so bad. No one should be prescribed these. There has to be something else.

    • wdtony

      So sorry to hear that. I know these drugs are nasty. It should be illegal to prescribe these to anyone who might even become pregnant. To do otherwise is entirely irresponsible. I see commercials on TV all the time showing SSRI’s are responsible for lung and heart deformities in unborn babies. I’m sure many do not make it to full term. I am disgusted.

    • ang

      Yes if you wish to fall pregnant stay off them. The heartache of watching my newborn turn from happy and healthy to seriously ill and fits, was a horrific price to pay for taking zoloft 50mg, and tapering, in only the first 8 weeks or so of the pregnancy. These drugs are evil…….. but they are pushed, and pushed. I ended up on effexor for 8 years…. result? My life is now in tatters, I lost my marriage, my finanances, my home, career, my life, now on disability. I had never ever been suicidal in my life, now? I pray I will die each day, but I dont. The Pills kill. Now to find out they never, ever tusted these drugs on women likely to become pregnant, nor test them for longer than 6 weeks? Murderous bastards, one day I will meet these bastards in hell.

  • Sarah

    Every time I try to ween off my zoloft, I end up almost killing myself because of not only the withdrawals but also the huuuuge overdose of seratonin I end up getting. It definitely is a lifelong trial maintaining a chemical balance.

  • Tallones

    Years ago after 1 1/2 years on Paxil I decided the numbness and inability to cry was too much for me. Little did I know how awful the withdrawal would be but I managed to get through it. I still vividly remember crawling across the floor sick, dizzy, visions, suicidal to call my doctor and ask for help. All I got was the response that I was cutting down too slowly. When he told me to take more I just couldn’t and took to my bed for a month instead. I feel to this day that the use of Paxil has only damaged my brain and caused me more anxiety. You can do it people, you can get off this crap and come out the other side! Just know that one person out there (me) is thinking of you and praying you make it through!