Leaked Video Shows US Apache Helicopter Escorting ISIS Into Syria

Video shows a US apache helicopter allegedly escorting an ISIS convoy into Syria without firing at them

A stunning video has emerged on Monday night which shows was appears to be a United States Apache Helicopter escorting a large convoy of ISIS terrorists across the border from Iraq into Syria. 

A user on a conspiracy forum posted the video, saying:

In an utterly stunning development, a video has surfaced proving once and for all that the United States not only created the so-called “ISIS” terrorist group, but the US military is now actively PROTECTING them!

Vehicles in the convoy clearly display the black ISIS flag . . . but the US attack helicopter never fires a shot.

Does this video prove, one and for all, that ISIS are an American creation and protected by the U.S. as part of a bigger agenda?

  • Wizard6x9

    the helicopter wasn’t protecting ISIS, but the Toyota trucks the American State Dept gave them.

  • Zeitgeisttruthteller

    There ya have it folks. Anymore questions about Barack Hussein Obama?

    • Juan Agustin R. Massa

      Its not Obama himself, its the government and beyond, no matter who is the president, this things are out of their control.

  • pigeonforge

    HOPING ALL AMERICANS WAKE UP!!! Our country controlled by big Criminal Organization NWO'”newworldorder’s group/SuperPACs. Obama’s SuperPACs funded almost all politicians & Candidates Democrat / Republican. They OWN all mainstream Media LIES, Propaganda and brainwashing us for a long time. ……….We all must united Vote for TRUM FOR PRESIDENT , he selffunding,smart,confident and LOVEamerica that SCARES all media,NWO and etc..

  • poppycockfuss

    How odd. I watched the entire video but far from seeing a single Daesh flag all I saw was gun barrels covered in black cloth. I love a good conspiracy theory but this isn’t actually any good, is it?

  • Aviation Expert

    That’s no Apache. That’s a Russian made Mi24 Hind (fact)

  • Ted Thomas Martin

    Didn’t Ronald Reagan help create ISIS?

  • Ted Thomas Martin

    How the US Helped Create Al Qaeda and ISIS – Counterpunch
    Loading…Sep 19, 2014 – The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan, General William … of Iraq created the pre-conditions for radical Sunni groups, like ISIS, to take root. …

  • TheBigCat (Steve)

    Who’s flying it?

    “One of the earliest major setbacks in the war against ISIS came last June when the U.S.-backed Iraqi army was routed by Islamic militants in the northern Iraq city of Mosul. Government forces retreated from the Islamic jihadists’ assault. They left behind a trove of costly military hardware, including U.S.-made armored Humvees, trucks, rockets, machine guns and even a helicopter.”