Lethal Cocktail Of 13 Vaccines Leaves Baby Dead

A six month-old baby was recently vaccinated 13 times against a mother’s wishes, and died shortly after receiving the vaccines. 

The mother, Alisa Neathery, said she felt blackmailed into allowing the doctor to give her daughter the lethal dose that she believes led to her death.

Prior to the shots being given, when the doctor was discussing the pros of getting vaccinated with me, he explained how he was from a village in Africa. That we were lucky in America to have the opportunity to receive vaccines because where he was from, the mothers had to have like 11 kids each, since most would die off from disease because they were not as fortunate to receive vaccines like we are here in America. He really pushed them on me hard. He spent a lot of time convincing me to give Bently the vaccines, but when it was done, we never saw the doctor again”, she told the VacTruth website.

Vactruth.com reports:

According to Alisa, the doctor spent a long time deciding exactly which vaccinations Bently should receive and told Alisa that they shouldn’t give him too many. The doctor eventually decided on a total of 13 vaccinations, which Alisa now believes led to Bently’s death just five days later.

If this were not bad enough, the hospital then decided to blame Alisa for Bently’s death and called child protective services (CPS), who immediately removed her two year-old daughter from the home and gave her to the grandmother to care for her.

Fortunately, her daughter was returned a few months later.

Dr. Offit Says Babies Can Tolorate 10,000 Vaccines In One Day

In 2002, Dr. Paul Offit wrote a paper entitled Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm or Weaken the Infant’s Immune System? In his paper, he explained to parents that an infant can theoretically tolerate as many as 10,000 vaccinations at any one time and that a neonate could develop the capacity to respond to foreign antigens before they are even born.

He wrote that:

“A more practical way to determine the diversity of the immune response would be to estimate the number of vaccines to which a child could respond at one time. If we assume that 1) approximately 10 ng/mL of antibody is likely to be an effective concentration of antibody per epitope (an immunologically distinct region of a protein or polysaccharide), 2) generation of 10 ng/mL requires approximately 103 B-cells per mL,3) a single B-cell clone takes about 1 week to reach the 103 progeny B-cells required to secrete 10 ng/mL of antibody (therefore, vaccine-epitope-specific immune responses found about 1 week after immunization can be generated initially from a single B-cell clone per mL), 4) each vaccine contains approximately 100 antigens and 10 epitopes per antigen (ie, 103 epitopes), and 5) approximately 107 B cells are present per mL of circulating blood, then each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10 000 vaccines at any one time (obtained by dividing 107 B cells per mL by 103 epitopes per vaccine).”

And he continued by adding:

“Of course, most vaccines contain far fewer than 100 antigens (for example, the hepatitis B, diphtheria, and tetanus vaccines each contain 1 antigen), so the estimated number of vaccines to which a child could respond is conservative. But using this estimate, we would predict that if 11 vaccines were given to infants at one time, then about 0.1% of the immune system would be ‘used up.’” [1]

Dr. Offit used the words estimate and predict throughout his paper, which leads many to believe that this paper was based upon POSSIBLE outcomes and contained very little scientific fact.

Sadly, it appears that Dr. Offit’s words were taken seriously by Bently’s doctor when he decided to vaccinate this previously unvaccinated baby with a total of 13 vaccinations in one day, in what can only be described as a bid to catch up.

The vaccinations included:

  • Two doses of the DTaP – diptheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine
  • Hib – haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine
  • IPV- inactivated polio vaccine
  • Pneumococcal vaccine
  • Three doses of oral rotavirus vaccine

Bently was also given three other vaccinations, which appear to be unidentified on his vaccination card, plus the hepatitis B vaccine and oral polio vaccine.

Little Bently died in his mother’s arms just five days later.

  • km

    Sadly, vaccine makers have no incentive to change their ways. They make huge profits but are totally protected from lawsuits because Congress granted them immunity in 1986. We the taxpayers are paying for the damages they are causing. Sound familiar? Privatizing profits while socializing risk!! If you want to change this, please sign this petition on Moveon.org.


    Kindly pass this on to everyone you know. Together, hopefully, we can make a difference!

  • SamN

    NOT TRUE! This story is not true, it is all lies. There was never a 6 month old given 13 vaccinations so this 6 month old didn’t die! This is whats wrong with the internet and most of you will completely believe anything that is online without vetting it. And shame on the so-called writer of this story, you are a LIAR!

    • Amber Ramirez

      Mother’s name is Alisa neatherly. I can find her story on dozens of other sites and told on video by her and other news outlets.

      • SamN

        Just because you find it on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s TRUE! The computer is a tool and it is not a TRUTH machine! IDIOT

  • kaseyyeah

    While fucked up, if she had properly vaccinated him from the beginning instead of being an anti-vax dumbass then ‘giving in’ the kid would have lived.

    Looking at the schedule for vaccinating in Nova Scotia (http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/…/immunizationresults-eng…), ALL of those should have been done over the first six months, some at 2, 4, and 6. He was trying to play ‘catch up’ because of her stupidity.

    So, shitty deal, but ENTIRELY her own fault.

    • buffalowings

      You are fucking shit head.

    • AKS

      Yeah, right. The presumably well educated doctor she put her trust into had absolutely nothing to do with it.

  • SickSadWorld

    Does Dr Offit have a young child? Why doesn’t he prove it and inject 100,000 vaccines at once into his own child’s arm and prove how safe it is?

    • Fern

      I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if there is any way we could ask him to do this as proof to his theory.

    • http://www.ACIMessentials.com Patricia Robinett

      Why not just inject Dr. Offit himself with the vaccines? Anyone who advocates anything that might be anything less than loving and safe oughta be the first one to test it on… wars too. If bankers, politicians and the top military brass want wars, then let them do the fighting. “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” – Mama Rothschild

  • Ralph Romano

    Heart CRUSHING !!!