Lindsay Lohan: Pedos Run Hollywood And They Murdered Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was murdered according to Lindsay Lohan, who says he became a problem for “the pedophiles at the top of the Hollywood pyramid."

Heath Ledger was murdered according to Lindsay Lohan, who says the “Hollywood bad boy” became a problem for “the pedophiles at the top of the Hollywood pyramid” after his performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight propelled him towards superstar status. 

They couldn’t trust him anymore. They knew he had a big mouth and big balls. He liked to rock the boat,” Lohan said.

He knew a lot of industry secrets and he wasn’t afraid of speaking out.”

Lindsay Lohan caught the world’s attention this week after a tweet in which she defended President Trump and his family went viral.

The London-based actress was asked about her tweet calling for people to stop bullying President Trump, but Lohan, speaking in her puzzling new “international accent”, instead began shedding light on Heath Ledger’s 2007 death.

It wasn’t a suicide. It wasn’t an accidental overdose. Everybody in the industry knows the truth. He was taken out. He was an example to the rest of us to stay in line.

“He was the last of the Hollywood bad boys.

Former child star Lindsay was close to Ledger in the year before his death, spending time with the Australian actor in his Manhattan apartment between shoots.

Describing Ledger as “a player, a troublemaker, some kind of dark horse” Lindsay Lohan said, “we agreed that anybody with a soul just can’t exist in Hollywood. You have to get out. You have to find a way out or you’ll be eaten up from the inside out.

Heath cared about acting, he cared about the art and the legacy he was leaving. He was disgusted and so, so disillusioned with what Hollywood really is. He was just so repulsed by the money hungry, power crazed elite. The pedophiles and their networks.”

He was plotting his way out. He liked explosions. He wanted to blow the whole shithouse up in flames.

Among the qualities that most attracted me to Heath was his transparency, which was illusory, of course, and his equally illusory sense of being almost immortal.”

Following the recent spate of pedophilia related arrests in California, which prosecutors warn is “the tip of very rotten iceberg”, Lohan’s claims about the dark side of Hollywood come as no surprise.

The grip held by the rotten Hollywood elite over the actors working the system has becoming the stuff of legend. Speaking about the actors and actresses in Hollywood, Lohan said, “We all know that if you want to make sure reporters can’t report on anything you say at a press conference, you just start talking about how Hollywood is run by perverts and pedophiles. The oligarchs that run your media companies won’t print a word of it.

Ledger died on 22 January 2008 from what the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of New York called an “accidental intoxication from prescription drugs”, just a few months after filming his performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

While the prescription drugs found in Ledger’s system were all well known prescription drugs, the lethal combination of drugs would never be prescribed by a physician.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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  • John C Carleton

    Seen trump taking out any big name Hollywhore or Washington DC pedos?

    • carrie

      yes, duh

    • Nancy Reisiger Rice

      He is getting the lower-level pedos – you can’t just go after the top players first:

      • John C Carleton

        Sure you can. Could have McShame, Bill, Hill, Graham, for starters, sharing a scaffold. Taking out the top scum does not stop one from taking out the bottom scum. In fact hitting a force from two sides at once, say the front and the back, is good military strategy.

        • reese

          you obviously don’t understand how a good case is built. The point of taking out the lower level guys first is to amass as much evidence on the top of the pyramid as possible. Get them to snitch on their bosses. It’s a good strategy.

          • John C Carleton

            You obviously don’t understand cleaning up a country.

          • Doctor Moebius

            Re-read the Declaration, John. We are Authorized, Instructed, and Empowered by our Constitution (& Declaration) to THROW OUT the GOV’T Bums, who are stealing our tax dollars and committing TREASON by conducting false flags and illegal wars. Bush/ Cheney need to be tried for treason! Congress needs a complete clean-out and re-do (including all the bullshit legislation pushed by Texas Oil pervert executives, greedy, evil & violent to the core); if we don’t bring this agenda out, America will be drawn into another fake global war… or worse, a Civil one..

          • John C Carleton

            The declaration says you have a right to do away with a corrupted form of Government. The Constitution says they have the right to kill the hell out of your ass if you try, like the Southern States tried to be free.

            As a friend of mine points out, whole bunch of different people wrote the declaration than wrote the “constitution. The men who wrote the Declaration, believed in Natural rights, liberty.
            Ones wrote the ‘constitution”, believed in Salvery, forced taxation, forced association, and Empire.

          • Doctor Moebius

            That’s why THE PEOPLE must put aside their childish, petty ways – the materialism, the xenophobia, and the egotism. Once you realize ALL intelligent life comes in many shades, between “Super Cool Person” to “Complete Fucking Douchebag”, regardless of your ‘race’, planet, species, or belief system. I agree with Billy Meier’s so-called “Plajaren” who espouse the need to not need belief, because you have knowledge. Sounds ET.. So as long as the Lemming Americans stumble about in their corporate stupor and their over-priced materialistic prisons, the wealthy elite perverts will continue to enslave us. The real challenge is to know when the PEOPLE are pissed enough to go to DC and force the issue. It’s coming – I can feel it (unless they stop the illegal wars, come clean on everything from 9/11 Bush Cheney treason, Sandy Hoax, ET is here in multiple species, and Trump puts the pedophiles into prison). What can I say, I’m a dreamer…

          • John C Carleton
          • John De Herrera

            Friends of the Article V Convention:

            Learn about it, talk about it.

          • Anon Ymous

            Doctor Moebius, you actually believe tthat most people still judge by skin color? Then you are the brrainwashed one. Xenophobia? Are you talking about the United States? The majority of people here are not any of those things. As if, who is stupid enough to make decisions based on race color creed? Not as many as they want you to believe. And they want you to believe it.

          • Doctor Moebius

            You misunderstand me Anon. People in the US are cool in places like New York, San Fran, and a few others. I met a 30-something black man – really good guy, former veteran, and he said in Georgia, he couldn’t have a conversation like he had with me! Don’t forget how many fucking ahole cops have killed unarmed black guys out of fear. Time to replace fear with Love!

          • G Bailey

            Civil war has already been declared, apparently you’re not aware of it. Antifa/BLM is pushing Nov. 4 of this year for their all-out war against middle class Americans. Be prepared.

          • Doctor Moebius

            Horseshit. The “Antifada” bs is more Divide and Conquer mentality by the motherfuckers. Black/White, Christian/Jew/Muslim, Republican/Democrat, Gay/Straight – ALL LIES.

            UNITE With empathy & compassion, share love. Kill the motherefucking Cabal who pulls our strings.

          • ILUVUSA2

            That’s how it’s done.

        • Same as it ever was.

          You do know they flip up not down.

          • Doctor Moebius

            “They”, who??

          • Anon Ymous

            Doctor Moebius I think “Same as it ever was” is referring to snitches. It is the trickle up theory, not the trickle down.

    • Begging_the_Question

      Yes. They haven’t published names yet because innocent until proven guilty still applies in this country even if the media and the Democrats don’t apply it. But the last pedophile raid in California nabbed over 250 pedophiles, many of them said to be household Hollywood names. Hollywood stars like Lindsey Lohan, Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman are starting to speak out against the pedophilia in Hollywood.

      • John C Carleton

        Soros, MCShame, Graham, Bill, Hill Clinton, Suchumer, Bush,
        Washington DC Top Shelve?

      • ReggiesSteamyTaint

        Since when? They report arrest and names and faces on the news all the time. Where do you come up with this shit?

      • Carrie Barton

        Sorry, that is not true . They usually tell you there names.

  • Champagne Hangover

    No way those quotes came from Blohan. She’s barely literate. ‘Illusory, transparency, legacy?’ This is not Blo speak. Trust.

    • chet

      well maybe she found her voice when she decided not to play the game and tell the truth

      • Champagne Hangover

        Oh, please. Her voice is asking which Saudi business man will be first running a train on her for cash to support her habit. Get real. Like I said, Blo is barely literate. This is fake news x 10.

        • Anon Ymous

          Champagne Hangover the cavalier way you say that makes me want to puke. You sound like you were there….I hate champagne….

    • Barry Franklin

      Guilty conscience champagne hangover? Pedo sympathizer. Are you a part of the do what thou wilt crowd?

  • Lants Schtolz

    YNW, the kings of disinfo and a huge reason why people hate news on the internet. No sources or citations needed, YNW will publish anything, no matter how retarded and obviously false it may be.

    • gomurr

      Yeah, because we all know Hollywood isn’t run by pedophiles! LMAO!

    • carrie


  • Not pro Israel

    Donald Trump banned Jeffrey Epstein from Mira Lago long before any Scandal hit. He did it on his own when it came to him by the words of one of the girls fathers that Jeffrey Epstein was a troublemaker and doing you know things that you can’t really mention on Yahoo to girls. Donald Trump threw him out. All this media blackwashing of him is nothing more than the will of the people that Lindsay Lohan here speaking of trying to control the narrative. He is breaking up the networks of these monsters.

    • Omnicopy


    • Doctor Moebius

      Maybe. I hope so. But he is going to get impeached, and Pence is a complete tool.

      • Cheryl Favored Coutris

        Never gonna happen

        • Doctor Moebius

          The Dems are already filing for impeachment. Clinton was impeached and not convicted. Probably be the same for Trump. But hopefully, unless he broke the law, they’ll let him be.

          • G Bailey

            The difference is that Clinton was guilty of perjury for claiming he didn’t diddle Monica with a cigar in the Oval Office. Trump is yet to be proven guilty of anything.

          • Jorge Preciado


      • Alan Haywood

        Clearly someone without an original thought in his head, an industrial sized moron, spouting the DNC/Clinton mantra, a subversive, or perhaps merely a Saudi mole. Tell us ” Doctor” (LMFAO) what will be the charge for impeachment?? you dumb arse.

        • Doctor Moebius

          “Dumb arse?” I guess you didn’t read:

          Who’s the dumbass now?

          • Gorgon_Hilldusa

            you. dems don’t run congress right now. i wouldn’t be surprised if some of the RINOS in the republican party did finally drop their masks and come out against trump if they thought they could actually dethrone him, but it’d be at the expense of their rouse. they’d be outted as basically democrats once and for all. i don’t see them actually doing that. you probably have a small handful of people in congress actually wanting impeachment. that’s not nearly enough.

  • Unfettered Fire

    His character was so amazing as the Joker, the hunched shoulders, high raspy voice. I always wondered if it was based on a real person. It probably was.

    • Doctor Moebius

      Are you saying, you suspected Heath was a victim of child molestation?

  • Lance Garrison

    good for Lohan now you have balls

  • Omnicopy

    Way to go Lindsey! Get free!!!

  • AtomicMetroid

    I never thought it possible as I see Lohan as a Hollywood skank, but BUT BUT if she comes forward and names names then I will have respect for her. Its the only way she can redeem herself, IMO

  • Tracy Coleman Bjorklund

    I think a lot of kudos needs to be given up to Corey Haim and Elijah Wood for saying the exact same things, years earlier. Anybody with a brain got suspicious af after Brittany Spears and Amana Bynes very public MK Ultra breakdowns and commandeering of their personal fortunes.

  • vinagaroon

    I’ve always believed “Hollywood” was controlled by pedophiles and shit eaters, they ARE liberals after all

    • Doctor Moebius

      That’s so old, the last time I heard that, Hoover was fighting the New Deal (after losing his presidency to Liberal Roosevelt, who held office for 4 terms. Well, until he died..). In other words, partisanism is passe’ – join The People in common purpose to challenge the corrupt wealthy elite authority, which has been enslaving us, lying to us, and murdering us – with no penalty – for thousands of years. If you won’t stand up, then it’s YOUR FAULT..

      • vinagaroon

        Yea whatever chairman Mao

      • Nimadan

        Doctor Moebius, although the two-party system is 99% fake, there is a vast cultural gap between leftists and Patriots. We are NOT a single entity, “The People”. We are in fact
        so different that any attempt to force us to unite can only accomplished by genociding one (or both) of the opposed factions.

        The really radical position is that Fedgov’s freakzoid empire needs to be broken up
        into smaller entities that might have a chance of forming sane, culturally-coherent

        • Doctor Moebius

          The “divide and conquer’ paradigm has been going on for millennia. Time to replace fear (like fear of other groups, species, religions and thought systems – who cares?) with LOVE. I love ‘alien’ (international and interstellar) cuisine, clothing, really, there’s nothing to fear, and agreed the two parties are utter horseshit.

  • Doctor Moebius

    I worked in Hollywood for 10 years, 4 as a studio exec. I can tell you, pedophilia, narcissism, greed, megalomania – all ego-based fear-based, material illusions are the road to evil and annihilation, yet they run not just Hollywood (which is an extension of both Jewish and wealthy perverted elite power), they run the world. Until you wake up and introspect, you have no soul.

  • TinaKumley

    So proud of the uber talented Lindsay Lohan for speaking out

  • cg

    I am so sick of the left wing libs trying to bring the only MAN who is tying to help put the USA back on it’s feet after the last years that were a total disaster. There will be no impeachment and you all will be made to look like the asses you are.

  • Hermiticus

    Burn them all.

  • Pamela Lynn Price Gonzalez

    SHUT HOLLYWOOD DOWN!!!!! The world would be a better place.


    There was a huge cover-up when one of the olsen twins were mentioned as having been the source of Mr. Ledger’s prescription drugs.