Lindsey Graham, Who Called Trump Racist For ‘Shithole’ Comment, Called Mexico ‘Hellhole’ In 2013

Lindsey Graham who called Trump racist for shithole comment called Mexico a hellhole in 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham, who called President Trump a “racist” after he allegedly called African countries a “shithole,” made a sneering comment about Mexico – referring to Central American countries as “hellholes.”

Hypocrite Graham, in 2013, said during a Senate panel discussion that people who migrate to America from Mexico and other countries in Central America are doing so because their countries are “hellholes.”

Graham said at the time:

The people coming across the southern border live in hellholes. They don’t like that. They want to come here. Our problem is we can’t have everybody in the world who lives in a hellhole come to America

There are 11 million people coming through the southern border ‘cause they come from countries where they can’t find work, and life is miserable. So it seems to me that if you can control who gets a job you’ve gone a long way in controlling illegal immigration. Because as long as the jobs are available in America you can’t build a fence high enough to stop people. reports: Then-Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) — a long proponent of immigration policy that serves the interests of the American people — corrected Graham, saying, “It’s not a hellhole, it has great things going on in Mexico, we’re proud of the people in Mexico.”

Graham responded to Sessions, saying, “You’re right. I wasn’t slandering Mexico, I was just talking about all the places people want to leave, for whatever reason.”

On Thursday, a leaked discussion at the White House on immigration alleged Trump asked Senators why the U.S. was not prioritizing immigration from prosperous nations like Norway, rather than mass immigrating foreign nationals from Haiti, El Salvador, and other turmoil-ridden nations. The report claimed Trump called those turmoil-ridden nations a “shithole.”

Graham jumped on the comments on Friday, using the language of the open borders lobby to promote more “diversity” in the legal immigration system while claiming he reprimanded Trump for making the remark.

Graham said:

Following comments by the President, I said my piece directly to him yesterday. The President and all those attending the meeting know what I said and how I feel.  I’ve always believed that America is an idea, not defined by its people but by its ideals.

The American ideal is embraced by people all over the globe.  It was best said a long time ago, E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One. Diversity has always been our strength, not our weakness.  In reforming immigration we cannot lose these American Ideals.

Trump has denied using the word “shithole,” but did say he used “tough” language in the discussion about the large numbers of foreign nationals who arrive in the U.S. from under-developed regions of the world.

  • Ella Prejsler

    Always an ambivalent Politician with double standards…One for himself, another for somebody he does NOT like! Pathetic! I guess he really does not want to continue his political career, afterall…

  • nothingtoseetherefolks

    SO trump called the shitholes …shitholes…wtf…. where is the news in that?…move on people…NOTHING TO SEE HERE…

    • Noor Aza Othman

      What if I called you that, SH*Thole?!!!

      • General Apathy

        Liberals name call all the time. We are all use to it. lol

        Even if Trump didn’t say this, its the truth. These people live in 3rd world toilets. no wonder they want to escape. Doesn’t mean we have to accept them. Maybe they should focus on fixing their own country instead of acting like liberals and looking for a handout.

        • Noor Aza Othman

          What a PSYCHO ZioNAZI u r!

  • Noor Aza Othman

    This Zio DEMON beast, Trump and his fascist Zio collaborators , forgot that they are all immigrants on the INDIGENOUS Native American-Canadian NATIONS of US-Canada!

    • General Apathy

      Name calling and BS is the best you can do? So much for taking any of your posts seriously. lol

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