Lord Rothschild Feared Dead After Plane Crash In Buckinghamshire

Lord Jacob Rothschild feared dead after plane crash over his estate in Buckinghamshire, UK

Lord Jacob Rothschild and four other people are feared dead after a plane and helicopter crashed in mid-air over the Rothschild estate in Buckinghamshire on Friday afternoon.

Wreckage from both aircraft fell from the sky after local residents reported hearing a loud bang shortly after midday. According to authorities, the pilot of the helicopter and its single passenger, as well as the pilot and a passenger of the plane all died in the crash.

A local resident, speaking to reporters, said: “My father heard a loud bang. My mother said a man, who I think was someone who had been out walking nearby, then went running up to the manor to say there had been a crash.”

“It didn’t happen directly over the grounds, but in woodland nearby. My father ran up to the scene. Everyone is helping the emergency services.”

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, is a member of the powerful elite Rothschild banking family.

The Rothschild’s are commonly believed to have engineered WWI in order to force the British government into creating Israel by getting them to sign the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

Lord Rothschild also boasted that the New World Order, which his family heads, would be in place by 2018.

Daily Mail reports: At least seven fire engines and three search and rescue vehicles rushed to the scene after the first 999 call came in at 12.06pm.

Police vehicles arrived at the crash site and officers have put up evidence tents in the woodland. Crash experts are attempting to piece together what happened.

Rescue workers had launched the fire brigade’s drone over the fallen wreckage in a bid to locate any survivors, but it is understood no one was taken to hospital.

Flight data shows a two-seater helicopter was flying at 1,025ft in the area at the time, but suddenly went of radar shortly after 12 noon. It had only been in the air for 15 minutes.

The plane that crashed is believed to be a Cessna 152, a popular training aircraft which has space for only one pilot and one passenger.

A Cessna 152 took off from Wycombe Air Park around the same time as the helicopter. It disappeared from radar at the same time as the helicopter.

The plane thought to have been involved was made in 1982. The helicopter feared to have crashed was built earlier this year.

Staff from the Waddesdon Estate, which is managed by a foundation set up by the eminent Rothschild family, helped direct emergency vehicles to the scene of the tragedy as police threw up a massive cordon around the area to preserve the scene.

The grand country manor house, which was used in the filming of The Crown and The Queen starring Helen Mirren, is understood to have been hosting a Christmas Market at the time of the crash.

Staff from the Air Accident Investigation Branch have been drafted in to begin an inquiry into what led to the mid-air collision.

A spokesman for the AAIB said: ‘The Air Accidents Investigation Branch is sending a team to investigate a mid-air collision involving an aircraft and a helicopter near Aylesbury.’

RAF Halton, which is around 10 miles away, said no military aircraft had been involved.

A spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that neither of the aircraft concerned has a connection with either our air force nor the military, and this is as much as we know at this time.’

  • Sven

    NWO by 2018?? I don’t think so.

    • Andy C

      Try 1917. Its been here for a while. The idea that it ‘is coming’ was to distract from ‘its here’.

      • Lynn Ulrich

        Sad but true

      • Seth

        Not for long .!!! the so called new world order is in its death throws, as the world has awakened to their evil plans and is being hunted down this very moment like the rabid inbred dogs they are !!

        • Andy C

          No its not. Its in a race for people to see the distracting but entertaining faux ‘death throes’ for what they are, and for people to start seeing what they are really doing to us all right now. Otherwise, they have won. The belief they are defeated is so far their greatest present weapon. To aid the depopulation stuff they are presently doing.

          I don’t mean the obvious mass migration stuff, that is obvious, its the less obvious stuff that is sneaking around the flanks, excitotoxin damage (which has been getting worse, as more and more things contain more and more of those sweetner chemicals), 5G and smart meter radiation, pesticides and other fertility suppressing and destroying chemicals that we are charged to consume in near everything. Most bodies of water are contaminated and domestic water supplies are badly contaminated. (the literal cause of falling fertility and birth rates from around 3 in the 60s to under replacement under 2, most of the west is now around 1.7 or less).

          Have you seen swedens petition to charge their gov with genocide btw?

          • Seth

            yep im informed about all that..the GMO the nano aluminum they spray in the air ..today over Austin was a shit storm of chem crap grids so bad you could see a halo around the sun, the glyphosate .. i do everything to combat the effects of all that, i take Nascent iodine, and put my water through a 300 dollar Alexa Pure water filter..and take selenium and Oxy Powder to detox on a regular basis ..sweden has always been a turd sucking country,,,bunch of cucks there ,,Stockholm syndrome began there ,,,thats why it and germany and the other EU cucks are all lost to muslim invaders

        • Andy C

          Although, I do like your spirit. Have you seen that some swedes started a petition to do their government for genocide? Pass it round bud. Help make them pay. http://blueshift.nu/the-government-of-sweden-reported-for-genocide-against-its-own-population/

  • http://lambright.com/ wayne lambright

    The richest man in the world is taken down by a student flyer. That is a security breach.

  • Patrick J. Herbert

    “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.“

    – Mark Twain

  • Dr. William Richard Pabst


    • Marc Rein


    • Geddy Lee

      I do not fear MY God. No one should ever “fear” one’s god. if your god is worthy of fear, he/she/it is NOT a god. You have the wrong god. Sorry. Try another god. You’ll be much happier.

      • Dr. William Richard Pabst

        Proverbs 9:10
        The Way of Wisdom
        …9Give instruction to a wise man and he will be still wiser, Teach a righteous man and he will increase his learning. 10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. 11For by me your days will be multiplied, And years of life will be added to you.…

  • Andy C

    One of the Knights of Malta has fallen, interesting. Will the Prince release a talk on this too?

    • Marc Rein

      I think the Kingdom will do this for sure!!


    I doubt very much it was he on the Helicopter

  • clarioncaller

    I thought he was living underground. His death at this time is just way too convenient.

  • Kat Broek

    If this is true, what a great day for the world. Couldn’t have happened to a more evil person.

    • Richard Einstein

      Hopefully we can get all of these thieving scumbags! Just pray this is only the beginning of the extermination of the Rothschild Mafia cockroaches.

      • Marc Rein


  • Truth hurts.

    Disqus is shit. Always will be shit. They deff don’t like free speech yet all the crack head sites use it. Lol puppets will always be puppets no matter what site it is.

  • vics_toew

    Sucks to be a cock.

  • Eileen

    Check real not fake news…
    not exactly the same…
    May the nwo be stopped.

  • JOhnR

    Sure doesn’t look like the wingspan of a Cessna 152 to me. True news? Or more Fake News?

    • Janet Bensler

      He and four others. 2seater plane and s helicopter with one passenger….2+2 is not 5

      • nnss

        Common core math

  • robinrosenblatt

    His family help rebuild Israel in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s

    • Ed Ullman


    • wakeupwanker

      his family created a fake Israel,, this is not the Israel of the Bible…these so called jews are “khazarians” from sth Russia… do some research …you make yourself look like a wanker… lol

  • https://cynthiarous.wixsite.com/mysite-1 cynthiarous

    It’s probably one of his clones. Even death is now fake. If it’s real, it’s a very huge coup going down. Huge.

  • Mortimer Snerd

    It looks like something happened on the way to his New World Order.

  • Jeanette Dagger

    No fear here!

  • Carol Woolf

    Names not released. Wishful thinking so far.

  • Kevin J Lankford

    Now where will soros get his orders from??

  • Richard Einstein

    We need to declare the Rothschild Mafia to be a terrorist organization.
    Then we can hit them anywhere they may be using Hellfire Missiles and Bunker Buster Bombs! Kill em all and let Satan sort em out!

    • Marc Rein

      better Satan mmm no Satan will earlier sort people out like u want Idiot

      • ifyoucouldshutthefuckup

        Could you shut the fuck up with your poor command of the English language?….. Thankyou dickhead…. now shut the fuck up… ffs

        • Marc Rein

          go shool again biatch

          • Marc Rein

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  • MJD

    Was there not enough sky for both aircraft?

    • alwaysdriveonthecorrectsideof

      the pilots demons flew the aircraft into each other..there was plenty of sky to go around…lol

  • m.Karim

    Some mortals think they are invincible!


    Do you think the ghoul is really dead? Or has he “disappeared” to Argentina?


    Lord Rothschild is feared dead? He was much more fearful in life — than death.

  • rt

    Change Feared to hoped!!!!
    Let’s hope it’s a trend.

  • Marc Rein

    Man, some People are to stupid to realize Reality

  • Haut

    Pity the whole family were not in that chopper!
    The Millions of lives that these scum have cost!

  • satangoestohellsoon

    its just satan having a little fun…he does stuff like this to remind the power elites to continue doing his bidding…. satan will join them all in hell along with the beast and the false prophet at the allocated time,,

    Revelation 20:10

    And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

  • Liberty88

    Huh…. that’s a bummer.


  • Joseph Kinard

    Won’t be missed. If it’s true. Corrupt family of greed.

  • Stephen Persaud
  • Brian Brewer

    I’m confused about the term “feared dead”, does anyone really fear this man dying? I don’t wish death on anyone generally, but this man is responsible for a lot of world suffering and the deaths of many.

    • Geddy Lee

      Yeah, the headline should have read, “hoped to be dead after the crash”. Cross your fingers, everyone!!

  • Mtpage

    Come on… there is currently war between loyal trump forces and deeps state (NWO) forces. I doubt this was an accident. Could be faking his death.

  • https://cynthiarous.wixsite.com/mysite-1 cynthiarous

    The tail number on the Cessna would immediately ID whose aircraft it was. Very easy to fake one’s death amid this world Coup going on, especially for a trillionaire. They have not released the names of the people on the Cessna. They have reported a helicopter pilot and student were killed on the helicopter. They have not reported on the occupants of the private plane.

  • Gus Armstrong

    Don’t worry, the scam will continue unabated!

  • Susan Johnston

    The headline should read “People the world over pray Lord Rothschild was killed in helicopter crash”, but most likely this is all a stunt and the scumbag went into hiding because he can feel the rumble of the people rising up against luciferian scum trying to rule the world!

  • Holly Bell

    Satan probably revived him

  • Freespirit

    Let’s not “jump the gun”, so-to-speak.

    We don;t know who were on the aircraft and further it would not be the first time Zionists and/or Freemasons parasites and/or their “useful idiots” would fake death to escape their “comeuppance” when all hell was about to come down on their heads

    • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org/ Jeffrey Wilens

      You forgot the Illuminati

      • Freespirit

        I never do

  • Alex Knight

    Likely fake news, but wouldn’t it be sweet?

  • http://blog.lotusopening.com/ Madison Reed

    Sad news. I hope all survived, and that Lord Rothschild is safe.

  • Ally

    It a false flag I bet . Gone into his luxury underground bunker awaiting the extermination of us bottom feeders as these elite bastards like to call us .

  • Winobie

    “Feared dead”? How hard can it be to establish weather or not he was on one of the aircraft, weather or not hes dead? Is he “missing”?

  • Paul Higgins

    Jewish-leftist shit – Rothschild mafia – they have Hitler the power

  • Swapster_com

    People are waking up to the technology that quietly and assuredly undermines the central banks and war mongering governments… it is called Bitcoin. If you’ve made up your mind that Bitcoin is a fad or a scam without doing a lot of research, you are a fool. Bitcoin is completely decentralized, the network is massive, and the market cap is growing at a rapid pace. If you are complaining about central banks and the like and are not on board with crypto currencies, then there is no helping you.

    • Sunny

      Do your research Bitcoin was started by pedophiles to buy smutt on the internet with out getting traced….. The owner of bitcoin is a Hollywood pedophile producer director who has a criminal record-just sayin.

  • Rob Ward

    Please let it be true

  • Drifty

    How convenient
    …no one taken to hospital..no sight of any survivors being moved…This is a set up to get him out of the country safely..like they did with Hitler…

  • Apparition

    If so, it’s a good start. But not nearly enough.

    There’s still plenty of venom left in that snake.

  • Charles Crosby

    Let’s hope all five are Rothschilds.

  • Black Swan

    Highly Doubtful, he has at least 3 body doubles and it was recently reported that he had re-married and had relocated to the State of New Jersey in the U.S.

  • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org/ Jeffrey Wilens
  • David McGuckin

    Hoorahh! Thank you Trump! Fuck the NWO

  • John Robie

    He is not dead but likely faking his death to vanish from what is coming! He lies as much as his father “the father of the lie”
    The Rothschild family has caused more war deaths and printed more fake money than any counterfeit gang in history on earth.
    $500 Trillion in wealth stolen with fiat currency and Central Banks from every nation . Financed every war since Napoleon and profited handily from both winners and losers in conflicts. The family owns your senate, house, media, military industrial complex and Hollywood. Hint: They are all of the same Cabal Tribe that rhymes with News but spelled with a “J”. If he is dead maybe the constant Chemtrailing will stop. The endless “Greater Israel Project Wars” will stop in the middle east. The UN will be dissolved. The Rothschild’s killed JFK, RFK, Lincoln and did 911 and blamed their enemies to start a war with them, Look up the Georgia Guidestones. Look up the USS Liberty. They plan to kill 7 Billion Goy! Why does the US give Israel $38B in aid a year and starves Vets and Seniors? WTFU!!! I will be banned with this comment if this site is owned and controlled by them.

  • lost in the desert

    Good start, what about the other fifteen thousand or so?