Officials In Los Angeles Are Seizing ‘Tiny Homes’ From Homeless

Officials In Los Angeles Are Seizing 'Tiny Homes' From Homeless

Los Angeles City officials have started seizing the tiny homes built by a local man and donated to homeless people in the city to give them a place to sleep.

Los Angeles city council member Curren Price recently requested that sanitation officials confiscate and destroy a number of tiny homes.

Elvis Summers a Los Angeles builder, set up the compact housess, which are the size of a parking spot and come with solar-powered lights, over the past year after receiving more than $100,000 in donations from around the world.

Expressing his outrage in a video on the tiny house Facebook page,  Summers said that he plans to take legal action.

“I will not quit and I will not turn my back on these people,” he said. “I will still fight this all the way.”

“I build tiny houses for the homeless because it’s the right thing to do. We are all human beings and nobody should be homeless,” he told Inside Edition back in December.

A petition has been launched requesting that authorities stop seizing and destroying the tiny houses. Click HERE to view and sign

RT reports:

However, the City of Los Angeles considers the compact buildings a blight. A new city ordinance calls the structures “bulky items” that are subject to immediate confiscation, according to the Los Angeles Times.

As part of an effort to clean up the streets and stamp out homeless encampments, the LA Bureau of Sanitation seized the houses. Summers himself was required to take away seven of them on Wednesday and Thursday.

“I just had to evict an elderly woman whose veteran husband is missing in the city,” Summers told the LA Times. “It’s really frustrating that I seem to be the only person actually doing something now to help people, and the city is still claiming that they are helping people when they are really not. They are wiping out camps all across the city.”

Summers said he erected 37 tiny homes with $100,000 in donations in an online video campaign.

Councilman Curren Price says that the houses are disruptive to the South Los Angeles neighborhood that he represents.

“I’m getting complaints from constituents who have to walk in to the streets to avoid them,” he told the paper.

Authorities found drug paraphernalia and a firearm in at least one of the houses seized during an earlier cleanup.

The miniature homes “can be hazardous to the individuals living in them and to the community at large,” Connie Llanos, spokeswoman for LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, said in a statement.




  • Judy

    just disgusting!

  • Ellie Clinton Issa

    Heartless act done without coming up with a good solution! Why couldn’t these homes just be relocated? They are shelters for the homeless and the homeless who have been fortunate to live in them are residents. There has to be a better way handling this matter.

  • frodo67

    Good old liberal tolerance.

    • Shari Peterson

      There are no liberals or conservatives anymore, just Talmudists, Talmudist tools and supporters and the rest of us fighting them.

    • kim dyer

      Try conservative bigotry.

      • frodo67

        Oh so LA is run by Conservatives?……..I see you are drunk again.

        • Chris

          Come on, Frodo… You know that Christians are never wrong. They never owned slaves, did they? No, they simply ‘educated those poor heathens in the message of the lord’… by using chains and whips after they’d carried them away against their will from their homes across the seas.

          • frodo67

            I would remind you that it was the liberals who brought slaves here.

      • Kathleen Redman

        Its the conservatives that are the ones involved in community events in helping people. Most of the churches are made up of conservatives. Churches have soup kitchens and feel the homeless on the streets, until the liberal govts come in and use made-up stupid laws to strip them of their ability to do so. Church ministries build community centers and care for the disabled. These ministries set up homeless shelters. I do believe you don’t know your history. Slavery and communism have always been promoted by the democratic liberal affiliates ever since Andrew Jackson started it. Christians and conservatives have always been the ones helping the people. You got it totally backwards. Don’t listen to what they say….watch what the do!

        • dragonemisis

          Dream on Kathleen.


    i think a plot of land should be bought then have these tiny homes. and maybe a soup kitchen come by. and maybe even some guidance for some sort of income??? lots of donations pouring in; might have to divert it. pray for a soulution

    • Robin Martz

      I wish I could come there and help!! There is NO reason for this!

  • Shari Peterson

    Are homeless people lying on the city’s streets a “blight” – why is one blight OK but another, safer “blight” not OK?

  • S. Keene

    SAD Just trying to give someone down on their luck a new beginning showing them someone cares enough to give them some shelter other than a box.. to get into and maybe feel a little safer. . Prayers for a piece of property to be offered to the HOMELESS.. It may be you or me some day… PRAYERS….

  • Kufar Wright

    well the poor do not vote or pay taxes soooo Phuck them………. taxation is theft govt emolooyee just doing this job are thieves

    • dragonemisis

      “I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization.”―
      Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

      If you don’t like taxes; I hear Somalia has none. They also have no fire departments, no street lights, no education,no police or army and bad roads. But they do have pirates and war. You should be right at home.

  • kathys

    So does the city get to keep them and then resell them, money never to be seen? Someone is willing to offer a solution, and they slam the door on them. As another commenter was saying, I am sure they could find a spot for these people, that would not interfere with businesses and bother those who never think that, as Phil Ochs sang, there bit for fortune, could be you or I.

    • dragonemisis

      They destroy them.

  • Laurie Alexander

    You will find firearms and drug paraphernalia in million dollar homes too.

    • marc zimmerman


  • kim dyer

    Bodies lying on the street are a worse blight.

    • Sophia Keenesburg

      They would step over them ……………………………. )-

  • Marcella Smith

    Well, when someone tries to do good and help others who are in need then there are those snuty nose people who care only for themselves and think they won’t ever need help. God bless you sir and keep up your blessed good work.

  • Robin Martz

    So really they just want to get rid of the PEOPLE!!! They can go home and crawl into their warm beds in their warm cozy homes. This is an OUTRAGE!!!

  • Kathleen Redman

    Why doesn’t the city set aside a large piece of land to give these people for a little house community? It would look so nice. Then the citizens and missions would set up a kitchen to serve meals to these residents and the city would be cleaned up too. Seems everything the govt. is doing in this generation is so harmful, neglectful, uncaring and even criminal.

    • Joshua Brennig

      Yes! There are communities elsewhere that do this. They even put in a central bathroom facility with toilets and showers. It’s wrong to trash the hard work of someone who was trying to help. The city needed to come up with a better solution that made use of these dwellings.

      • Benita Moore In Olympia WA which just happens to be the capital city of WA State, just in case you forgot. 😉

    • medbob

      Nope. Not a good idea. You have to think deeply about these things.
      Was it a good idea for Governments to create huge housing projects and concentrate the poor all in one location? If people do not succeed, how do you teach them to succeed? The best way to be successful is to watch someone who is successful. To emulate someone who does it right.

      If you dilute the poor population among normal, hard-working people, they have the opportunity to learn from their neighbors. “They” have proven that they are incapable of making a difference in the lives of the poor. We have spent the years since 1965 in a war on poverty that has been fought by “them” with dollars that they extract from us. Along with extracting those dollars, they also extract OUR responsibility to care for the poor.

      “We” are the solution. It has been proven that “they” have only made matters worse. Government is completely impotent to make the lives of poor people better. All they can do is dispense money. They cannot teach. They cannot mentor. If you have a small house next door, invite the occupant over. Give them a meal and a good conversation. Make friends with them and help them with what they really need. Perhaps your lawn needs more attention than you can give. Perhaps your windows need washing. The journey of a thousand steps starts with the first one. YOU need to be the difference. It does not work for Government to extract your money with a gun to your head, and then pour it out on the poor. Money feeds them today, and keeps them from feeding themselves tomorrow.

      Don’t be a sap. Understand that it’s all a system of control. They control the poor, and they control you. All in one transaction. Wake up!!

      • AS1124

        i think you are either a paid troll , very mentally delusional, or simply drinking the neoliberal free market kool aid. Get a grip on reality dude.

        • Barbara Welch

          you are the fool if you think all the money thrown at the poor did any good it has created the slums that is what they are brand new building went up in 1960 while i was there and in 6 months they were trash heaps they need to DO SOMETHING to retain self respect and if you dont the criminal element is what you get

      • dagent

        So do not put them all in one spot. I managed large housing projects during the 80’s and 90’s when all the H.U.D. properties were ending their Government contracts and switching to condos. Don’t put a thousand in one block, scatter them throughout the city, on state owned properties that are vacant. A dozen here, a dozen there, and offer them transportation services to agencies that will help them,like bus passes etc…

        • Whydoyou Wanttoknow

          worked for HUD in Boston for from 1979 too 2003. you are totally wrong.. and if you had brought this up at any meeting.. you would get laughed at.. if you worked for HUD.. you know that as well as i do.. quit your B/S

          • dagent

            Really?? I did 5 property conversions from Section 8 housing to market rate rentals as soon as the HUD loans were paid off. First property was 1,000 units in 250 buildings, next was 460 units, then a 324, then 134 and a 150 unit. 15 years later, only 2 of those properties still exist.

          • Levon McCutcheon

            “if you had brought this up at any meeting.. you would get laughed at.”

            Who doubts that? Those are the same bastards that are stealing these homes.

          • Whydoyou Wanttoknow

            LOL.. i always get a reply from some idiot who knows nothing.. get back to me after you finish 7th grade then… lol ANONYMOUS

      • Rhiannon Edge

        the best and only way to succeed is to be given the opportunity to succeed. if it was just a matter of seeing “successful people” then you’d have to have a blanket definition of what “success” is. if your way is correct then how come all those butlers and maids never became rich?

        • medbob

          Some have.

    • John Coles

      Again, your genius shines. Is “the city” not government.

    • Christcomingsoon

      All about control and money

    • Benita Moore

      They will, they will finally put them in the FEMA camps and surround them with barb wire fences.

      • Kyle

        And what exactly makes you think FEMA would put people in camps surrounded by barb wore fences?

        You’re an idiot.

        • ladonichais

          She is not an idiot the majority of people in authority don’t care what happens to the poor.

    • katansi

      Well in the city of LA there aren’t really large pieces of land, especially not the size of entire cities. There is essentially a whole smaller city, like almost 100,000, worth of homeless people in Los Angeles. To compare, in my town of 150,000 there are around 700 homeless people on any given night so one building could easily accommodate as a city sponsored shelter. In a town just south of me about 2% of the population is homeless which is around 2,000 people. That can fit in a building the size of a high school.

      Something needs to be done but you seem a little unaware of the scale of the problem in this particular location.

      • Ricefan14

        So they have to live like rats on the streets and scrounge for food and shelter? We need to do better as a society.

        • katansi

          Really? That’s what you got from that? I say that there’s a problem with the physics of trying to make two objects made of mass trying to occupy the same space at the same time and you think that means I believe people should live like rats on the street? How would YOU fit 100,000 people in ONE area inside a city with millions of people? What sort of space time bending technology do you have that makes that a feasible solution? Or, who do you think deserves to be kicked out of their homes and be homeless so that currently homeless people have a bed? Should it be on a rotating schedule? Seriously don’t do that shit.

          • Ricefan14

            No, I apologize! I didn’t mean you at all! I meant the cruel people who take these things away. I think idea of building housing was fantastic. I am sorry I offended you. I just want more for these people.

    • Margaret Stringer

      No can do, sweetheart. We have to pay off all those wars that we started on a credit card, you know. With very high interest. Nothing left for the less fortunate in this wealthy country.

    • Charlotte Johnson

      Great idea. Being they’re homeless, they are probably jobless too. Why not use them in return to help clean up city streets, volunteer some hours and get paid some hours (paid so they can have food and clothing and necessary utilities). Every city should have them. Tax payers pay for a lot of things that are totally useless to them. All cities own unoccupied land. Surely some of it could be used to help our homeless. We advertise for money to send to other countries, but we don’t advertise for our own. What kind of people are we? Some of these people, used to be the brightest and best somewhere. They deserve to live with dignity.

      • pistolpacking_grandmaUSAUSAUSA

        The unions probably wouldn’t let them work!

    • Ricefan14

      They don’t really want to solve the homeless problem. That’s the reality. They would rather human beings live like rats in the street than let them live with dignity. Yours is a great idea. Maybe a Hollywood millionaire could stand up and give some land or money to buy it.

      • marian hyde

        you are right, The homeless are something to hold up as a feared possibility. Be afraid, you too might become homeless, and there will be nothing to help you……. so don’t rock the boat.

    • Absentman Designs

      You are making too much sense and showing way too much compassion- the city of LA obviously has neither.

    • ladonichais

      Because they don’t give a damn about their own citizens, just look around the western World at the way everyone is making such a fuss about immigrants whilst ignoring the needs of their own.

  • Kevin Victorian

    This is just Terrible, there is to many abandoned buildings and land in LA for them to be doing this. Tear dow n some of those building that are true blight and place these God sent blessings on that land!!!!

  • Ami Spears

    oh my goodness drug paraphernalia and a firearm in ONE of the tiny houses!! those things should be out on the streets!! just like these people! *sarcasm

  • Brian Keith Smith

    Burocrats blame the homeless on the homeless themselves. But homelessness is a symptom of bad governing leading to a harsh economy. We need to quit voting for black hearted psychopaths.

  • Jamie Terrin

    how strange they still fly the usa flag…

  • Sophia Keenesburg

    “can be hazardous to the individuals living in them ”

    No sleeping under the big blue sky is not hazardous ….
    More and more homeless people ….. USA land of the FREE
    One of the richest countries on the face of the planet

    Please explain this to me … your homeless problems?

  • James Hartzog

    the government does not want the community solving any issues, thats what government is for. if people solve their own problems there would be no need for government. government doean’t like it when you threaten their worthless position in society.

  • medbob

    BS. If you find drugs and guns in a house, that is not the problem. The problem is the PERSON who has those guns and drugs. Put the perps away. Stop making apologies for people who break the law. Despondency does not create crime, perps create crime. When we get serious about locking up the criminals and keeping them in cages, when we become serious about making prisons places that you really don’t want to be, when we make it about punishment of wrongdoers, the system will work.
    There is no way to convince someone that they are responsible for their own actions. If they shirk responsibility, the only thing you can do is lock them up until they learn to take responsibility.

    • AS1124

      again, you are disturbed. I suggest you seek medical treatment for your delusional thinking.

  • Rich John Hodsdon

    Another example of government getting into our lives.

    • Janice Rael

      Clearly the homeless are in need of intervention and assistance, and American government was established in part to protect the general welfare of its citizens. This actually means ALL citizens, isn’t that cool? Helping people is one of this great nation’s founding principles, and when we fail to help “the least of our brothers,” then we are failing to do our duty as citizens and patriots. Worse: we’re failing to do our duty as humans.

      We’re all human. In the wealthiest nation in the world, all humans deserve housing, shelter, safety, food, and whatever other help they need so they can live fulfilling lives as members of a community.

  • SHTFgirl

    Try getting a job or getting things done living without sleep, having to carry all your stuff around, not having a phone or access to the internet, not having an address or bank account and having to be constantly in the ‘flight or fight mode’ caused by the dangerous conditions you are living in, as it is in a shelter or on the streets, makes for a very distracted, desperate, edgy, tired, unfocused, haggard-looking applicant wouldn’t you say? Does not take too much brain-matter to understand this logic. So please enough with the comments that all they should do is get a job…it is nearly impossible in these conditions. And the few that do get hired are by wolves who take advantage of their desperate situation.

    These small homes were a huge step in the right direction for these ‘human-beings” and the Los Angeles community cried to police to take them down because it inconvenienced them and most likely by the same people who callously say “homeless people are lazy, good for nothing people who just don’t want to work”…this whole thing makes me sick. Shame on you Los Angeles and anyone that stereotypes disenfranchised people this way.

    there are 80 million empty homes in the country and 3 million homeless. you do the math.

    The world belongs to the Khazarian Mafia System of Cartels – Poor people do not bring profit so the cartels use the media and education system to propagandize about them and people repeat what the hear and see on tv and in the newspaper not realizing they are just puppets and slaves of this evil matrix created and controlled by the mafia.

    ‪#‎losangeles‬ ‪#‎LAX‬ ‪#‎hollywood‬ ‪#‎breaking‬

    • Benita Moore

      I agree with this post. There’s a housing program called ‘housing first’ and it’s proven to be the way up. Give them the roof over their heads FIRST, not as a carrot to dangle at the end of a stick, The old way of approaching the situation is NOT working. Next, do not vote Trump or Hillary, as they will keep the opium business in Afghanistan going and thus creating new converts.

    • Lainy

      Well said, thank you!

  • Ima_Speakonit

    So what did they do with the people that were living in them? Just put them back out into the streets with nothing?

    • Tonette123

      Exactly! Shame on them! There were other alternatives and they know it. They like the homeless situation. More government $$$ in their pockets.

  • Babi Chellz S Fly

    This is some real bullshit La so you dont want to help no one in your city not even the ones who needs it gtfoh that man did an amazingly wonderful thing and you just made it into something bad how sick can one country get

  • cordelearts

    More proof the government is designed to protect the rich and steal from the poor.

    How the city has any authority to steal is beyond me, but they are homeless so they don’t have lawyers.

  • djtorchMusic

    This heartless country we live in.

  • San

    That’s just effing DUMB. I’d rather walk in the street then step over people. I see enogh sidewalk for a body to pass by WITHOUT walking in the street. I’d rather look at these cute efficient little homes then an old blanket or tent. I mean WTF is wrong with our local city/state gov’t??? Just left VEGAS main street & owens??? Was so shocked at how many homeless people that were actually camped on the streets. Sure it gets filthy…BUT if they had. somewhere to put there things, like the houses this man has built it WOULD make a big difference!!! City should get with him on his idea (I believe Sacramento allows a tent city for the homeless)

  • darlene1waters

    Living outside the tiny homes on the streets is hazardous to the homeless individuals, too.
    What is the city doing about that hazard?

  • Maxey Ross

    builder should of bought a half acre of land to place the houses on.

  • Susan Foster-mcclain

    But they want to Boycott N.C. because of the bathroom situation..What hypocrites!!!!

  • marc zimmerman

    what I dont grasp is…why is a person homeless when they have family? SOMEWHERE…typically, the person’s behaviors are amking it so family wont take them in. I personally have had a homless family member, who refused psych meds, AND the doctors wouldnt deem her a “threat to herself” even though she was clearly speaking to people not there…the early 20s aged “psych evaluation drs” never deem people threats..and actually say “we are reluctant to take the rights from someone”. so they are about civil rights of a person to be homeless and get arrested? Its illegal to sleep ANYWHERE in a city on the street. THAT makes them a threat to their own health. But of course this is about money. And for those not mentally off? there is issues of drugs. or behaviors making it so family wont let them back in the house. Its complex. more than just building mini homes. And these people taking them with no answer is even worse.

  • Steven Michael King

    how bogus…..give them a place to go where they can be safe…..and live peacefuly….Drugs and guns are in multi-million dollar homes too………and people deserve safe places………disabled people and people making minimum wage cant even afford a space in a camp ground……its not like there are affordable options…..

  • Scott Gary Wojcik

    he should of took half that money to get property outside the sity to put them , then LA officals can go fuck them selves in there nice homes in nice neighborhoods , i fucking hate rich and power play , people suck sometimes in this case its /LA county 🙁

  • joyfuljoy

    THis is a sad day for the homeless there who now will have to sleep on benches in the public parks.

  • Michael-Jaun Wolfe

    I would far rather be looking at these beautiful little homes than at dirty bums laying all around the streets. Idk how this could possibly be hurting anyone for the dumbazz authorities to confiscate them, what is the point? Why is there not a team out there helping these folks into a job, or putting them through meaningful education, or help them get SSD or SSI? If they can’t manage their money well, what’s the point of renting them a home? These little houses are perfect, and done paid for by donations, the real blight is the sorry state these homeless live. But the worse blight of all, is deep in the cold hearted government gone corrupt, and the people who allow them to continue to hold office. Yes, I mean you, the voters! I’m gonna let that sit there for a minute, let it sink in. What are YOU doing to cause this problem in the first place?

  • Margaret Stringer

    They found a firearm? I thought having a firearm was strongly encouraged by the illustrious NRA. Is the NRA going to fight for the gun owner now?

  • Christine

    Nobody has mentioned that any one of us could be homeless in a matter of days. Rent, food, fuel, clothing prices are rising, and paychecks are not. At some point the bottoms falls out and you’re on the street or in your car, maybe with kids in tow. It could happen to any of us at any time.
    Just because somebody is homeless doesn’t make them bad, drug users, or dirty. The only way to fix it is to provide a safe, clean place to live and give them a chance to get back on their feet.
    Housing first, then support.

  • Vince Travis

    the city say’s it’s helping the homeless, well if this is the way you help, stay away and leave them alone,

  • Wolf Fogarty

    The officials are only creating more of a problem than there was before while trying to make these tiny houses sound like they are creating other problems. I call BS.
    One man saw a deplorable situation and came up with a solution to give at least some of the homeless a roof over their heads. It’s more than the city has done.
    As I read this article it only made me more angry at the audacity of town officials reasoning for taking these tiny homes.
    I mean really (!!), “blight”, “bulky items”, “disruptive”??
    When I read “constituents have to walk into the streets to avoid them”, I couldn’t believe the insensitivity and complete lack of caring. (TOTAL SARCASM >) It must be such an inconvenience for someone to wake up in bed, shower and eat breakfast in the comfort of their own home, then drive to work and have to walk into the street to avoid a tiny home that means the world to a homeless person.
    There are solutions to homelessness in every city across this country. If our state and federal gov’ts won’t help with homelessness, that makes them part of the problem.

  • Ron Pagano JD

    If the homeless were voters, these hypocritical elected officials would change their tune. All the reasons put up by the city are bogus and without substance. It certainly is not safer for a person to live in a cardboard box or under a bridge, than in a wooden structure. In our community, my organization, From Roots To Wings, has convinced our elected officials that a Housing First program is the correct step to take. We are also looking for funds that will allow us to build these Tiny Homes on a piece of property that the city will provide to us. The key is that there are solutions to the homeless problem, but there needs to be 3 parts to make it happen: 1) Community awareness and support; 2) The political will to make it happen; and 3) the resources to make it happen. If you have these 3 things, you can accomplish anything!!

  • WeAreNotAmused

    Pure evil

  • Whydoyou Wanttoknow

    imagine 100,000 of those on the streets.. it would climb drastically.. is a nice gesture.. but everyone has to pay for land to live on basicaly.. or at least rent to pay the tax’s inside a city like that.. not really to fair to most.. i would rather give those people jobs instead.. most won’t nock it because.. they don’t live near or see these thing’s other than on the net. let them surround you on your sidewalk out front.. see how that works out for ya.

  • applepiefaced

    There has GOT to be a better solution than this!!!!! What a ridiculous waste!

  • Andrea Ros

    ‘The miniature homes “can be hazardous to the individuals living in them and to the community at large,” Connie Llanos, spokeswoman for LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, said in a statement.’ ??? and living without shelter is NOT?!!! wtf?

  • GonzoG

    The law won’t let them chuck the poor into trash compactors yet. They’re waiting for The Donald to win in November for that.

  • Dennis Michelsen

    Apparently this concept of “People Helping People” interferes with the politicians ability to say they are the champions for the homeless. Just find a place for these homes and it sure would be better than having these folks with no shelter at all. The man who built these made them very attractive.

  • Gradynini

    Councilman Curren Price is a democrat.

  • Lainy

    “I’m getting complaints from constituents who have to walk in to the streets to avoid them,” he told the paper. I would have told them try being homeless, then you will have something to complain about! I am sure it is so much safer for them to be sleeping in the street with no protection!

  • MaatMachina

    eventually whats going on in syria will be the “solution” over here. One whaling “cleansing’ and a new land grab for the reptilians. Get ready,you just may qualify for an extermination

  • Aviva Miriam Patt

    Same thing happened in Chicago about 20 years ago. A group calling themselves the Mad Hutters created wooden huts that gave homeless people a safe place to sleep and a place to lock their belongings when they went out. They were nowhere near as nice as today’s tiny houses but they provided shelter and safety, something the people didn’t have once the city went in and tore them all down one day. It is maddening how the government will not house the homeless but won’t let anyone else do it either.

  • Mary

    Hazardous??? As in the government isn’t getting their fair share????



  • tangledvine

    These days, it seems, an angel rises up to help and government strikes him or her down. What kind of a world is this?

  • GaryL
  • J.J. Brawley

    The solution is really quite simple. For every tiny home that is seized and destroyed, we should destroy two police cars and two pieces of city property. An eye for an eye….SHAME ON YOU LA CITY PEOPLE…YOU ARE DESPICABLE!

  • Levon McCutcheon

    “Authorities found drug paraphernalia and a firearm in at least one of the houses seized during an earlier cleanup.”

    So what? That is much better than drug paraphernalia being found in the STREET, and every home should have at least one firearm in it. We all have a RIGHT to keep and bear.

    “in at least one of the houses ” Lol! What does that mean, anyway? The reporter is too lazy to count past ONE?

  • farmermick

    The city need to allocate land for these huts,can’t really just put them anywhere,could cause an accident. Great idea but…..

  • Charles

    Perhaps the officials don’t want people to get the idea that people can live cheaply. They need all of their hamsters running!