Hundreds Arrested In Huge Los Angeles Pedo Ring Bust

Hundreds arrested in massive pedophile ring bust in Los Angeles

Hundreds of people were arrested as part of a huge pedophile ring and human trafficking bust in Los Angeles on Saturday. 

Over 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies participated in “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild,” which saw dozens of sexually abused children rescued. reports:

In total, 474 arrests were made, including 142 males on solicitation charges, and 36 males on suspicion of pimping, according to figures provided by the Sheriff’s Department.

Additionally, 28 commercially and sexually exploited children and 27 adult victims were rescued.

“You are worthy of more. And we will work tirelessly with our partners … to provide you services and help you rebuild your life,” Sheriff Jim McDonnell said, addressing the victims during a news conference on Tuesday.

The minors who were recovered during the operation were being cared for by various children and family services agencies across the state, according to sheriff’s officials. The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking and the Saving Innocence organization were coordinating efforts to help victims in L.A. County.

“Operation Reclaim and Rebuild focused on rescuing victims of sexual slavery and human trafficking, providing victims with much-needed services, identifying and arresting their captors, seeking successful prosecutions, and disrupting the demand for vulnerable victims by targeting their customers,” the release stated.

“Police agencies and other trafficking task forces throughout our state joined in the enforcement operation to send the clear message that California law enforcement shares a unified mandate: Human trafficking must not be tolerated in our state!”

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  • Black Swan

    Indictments of Wealthy Elite Politicians, Celebrities, and Members of the Judiciary?

  • mike

    keep arresting these scumbags – search in every corner of USA

  • John C Carleton

    They are not through. Bill, Hillary and Pondesa are still not arrested.

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    Does this yellow brick road lead to the Clinton’s?.

    • Marta J

      I suspect that yellow brick road may well lead right in the door of the Clinton Foundation if they don’t avoid looking in that direction.

      • Cara Metherell

        NZ Prime Minister had just donated $13 million of tax payer money to the Hillary foundation, pizzagate came out and he resigned just like that, no real reason why. He is a shady guy, has a fetish for pulling little girls and woman’s ponytails.

        • Marta J

          Fishy tale tale signs, like the Clintons cutting ties with Haiti just before they had a big child trafficking bust there. There’s a lot of things like that. Enough to tell us it’s going on, but not enough to prove anything… or if there is nothings being done about it! Lots of countries involved.

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    Why hasn’t this been a bigger news story? I haven’t seen much about it on the national news.

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      Don’t hold your breath waiting for it on the MSM either!

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    Was Charlie Sheen in the bunch?

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    Give them fair trials completely fair not bought and paid for types, find them guilty, put them in the general population of the prison, problem solved forever.

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      Bobbit them (casterate pedophiles)

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    This is so awesome. Take them all down. President Trump should make crimes against children a hallmark of his vengeance.
    The country will hail him to unseen heights if he just rolls all these sick phuks up.

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    The scary broad way law enforcement defines what human trafficing is will have most speechless.

  • islandwoman2

    God Bless allaw Enforcement involved. Praying for healing for all the victims. May they be lifted in light, self-love and the Love of God<3

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