Luke Rudkowski Reveals Truth Behind 28-Page 9/11 Report

Luke Rudkowski revealed truth behind the 9/11 report

Luke Rudkowski exposes the truth behind the push by the establishment to release the 28-page classified 9/11 report in this excellent video. 

Luke discusses recent geopolitical moves around the petrodollar and how there is a much bigger agenda at play.

Luke examines why the U.S. have chosen now to threaten Saudi Arabia with information that everybody was already aware of.

Why is this happening now?

What else is the elite hiding if they’re willing to release this information to the public?

  • David Lee Smith

    Why can’t / won’t Nato demand the full report, uncensored and take an unbiased look ? Let’s have it proven how deep the rabbit hole goes because it’s pretty much common knowledge now anyway. Or are NATO’s strings being pulled too.