Madonna: I Tried Witchcraft To Make Trump Lose

Millionaire heretic Madonna has revealed that she practiced Jewish mystical witchcraft on election night to make Donald Trump lose.

Millionaire heretic Madonna has revealed that she practiced Jewish mystical witchcraft on election night to make Donald Trump lose.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Madonna described focussing on Trump’s image on the TV screen while “lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives” as her agent and friend recited verses from the Quran.

She goes on to say that her agent knew someone who worked on the Clinton campaign, and that early in the night they heard that things were not going as expected for the Democratic nominee.

It was just like watching a horror show. And then she was reading from the Quran, and I was reading from the Zohar,’ said Madonna, referring to the collection of stories about Jewish mysticism that is central to the Kabbalah.

‘We were doing everything: lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives to God forever, if only,’ said the 58-year-old, seemingly puzzled that God wasn’t interested in answering the prayers of a woman who earlier in the campaign promised oral relations with anybody who voted for Hillary.

In the end, Trump defeated Clinton, and months later Madonna is still struggling to accept that her mystical witchcraft was not enough to overpower the will of the American people.

Explaining that she “always gets what she wants”, Madonna said she is unable to accept what has happened: ‘It’s like being dumped by a lover and also being stuck in a nightmare.’

This is how she feels every morning now, she said, waking up sad and heartbroken and devastated.

The singer also said she finds herself saying each day: ‘Wait a second. Donald Trump is the president. It’s not a bad dream. It really happened.’

Making the past two months more difficult no doubt is the fact that Madonna was also a big supporter and fan of President Obama.

On Tuesday night, she posted a photo of herself greeting the President after the two met during his time in office ahead of his farewell speech, which he delivered in Chicago.

Good-bye Mr. President! There will never be another one like you!‘ she wrote in the caption.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • SpidermanVitamin

    she should practice witchcraft to fix that nasty mouth of hers…or a toothbrush.

  • freeman

    just another scum bag.

  • Tommy Prince

    I’m pretty sure I saw a video of her promising all males who voted for Clinton that she would give them a blow job. She said something like slow, deep, maintains eye contact and swallows.
    I can’t believe she has already made good on that promise.

  • Dave Lawton

    What a stupid and dumb witch not realizing Trump is a Coyote Shaman.

  • Highland26

    She’s always been a sicko.

  • Ed Pate

    Read from the Koran prayed to Allie,still didnt work.
    She’s one stupid Nasty bitch. Her misery makes my day.

  • MAJohnson

    Dear Madonna, I had prayed one 20 decade Rosary with the intention that Trump not only win, but be inaugurated successfully! On a different occasion, I offered 20 decades that Satan be bound with the chains of the Rosary and cast into Hell and that his powers on this earth be nullified. On another 20 decades, I prayed the truth that the elites have been hiding be revealed to the world. All of it is coming to fruition. God is more powerful, Madonna. You are an apostate to the Catholic Faith, a Judas Iscariot, and a traitor to the one true God, Jesus Christ. Your power is broken!!!

  • MAJohnson

    Madonna, to Whom are you offering your lives? Know there are souls in a State of Grace offering themselves as victim souls to GOD to counter your prayers. There are souls in a State of Grace praying the Rosary, offering Mass intentions to counter your prayers and meditations and candles. There are souls praying against the Spirit of Antichrist. A tidal wave is coming and God will win. You need to ask yourself whose side you want to be on when that day comes, because if you’re not in a State of Grace during the Three Days of Darkness, you will die. (Google it). Anyway, you were raised Catholic. That was the correct house to be in in the first place!

  • David William Reid

    I tried Jesus and guess who won? Oh and Madonna, you’re a queen whore amongst woman. Sadly those like you today are a dime a dozen. Pretty sad and pathetic.

  • Godot

    She’s such a wretched woman. Her and the majority of the Left.
    This campaign really brought their ugliness to the surface.

  • sweetwulf

    I guess even the devil did not want a blow job from this skank…

  • Amy

    Bahahaha, I’ll be honest I had a good laugh… no surprise, I knew she is an idiot… Not sure why do they mention Jewish, Quran is Muslim, isn’t it?

  • Mike


  • Mike

    They were doing Jewish witchcraft and reading from the Koran at the same time!? Stupid bitch, that shit canceled each other out and caused Clinton to lose!! She’s caused it! Nasty Skank!

  • daledor

    Practicing Kaballah and probably follows the Babylonian Talmud and probably does not know the Torah at all.
    Jesus talked about such and how such made others twice as fit for Hell as themselves. Jesus called them blind guides and said that they were of their father Satan/Lucifer.

    I am not Jewish that I have any knowledge of and a Christian not a practicing Jew. Know that theTORAH is the only thing that came from God and is in the Bible. DO NOT LABEL all Jewish people as practitioners of mystic art given by Satan. THe Kaballah has some of God’s Word in it that is used with mysticism as supposed white witchcraft. If anyone chants God’s Word as an incantation or with mysticism they defy God’s will and ways. I pray all the time against evil but never against a person. That evil is in me and others and is of a spiritual nature from Satan and the fallen angels and demons — all lying spirits hell bent on controlling or destroying mankind.

    Madonna is truly a witch if she tries to control the precious God given free will of people. She might as well have an upside down cross and worship Baphomet/Lucifer and do animal and human sacrifices. If she does not repent/change path to God she may think she will go to Heaven — she serves the wrong god not the Creator but the deceiver/liar — which many socialist liberals serve thinking it is God. The are deceived, deceive themselves, and deceive others.. God gave us and respects our free will giving us the right to choose and anyone that violates that free will sins. Raising a child – instructing in right thinking and godly ways and correcting the child- is the responsibility of a parent. They set parameters, just as civil law sets parameters, and if the child violates those parameters then the child was told not to do something or this would happen – as long it is not punishment driven by rage doing what the parent promised then the child must receive the consequences and then be told why they were punished — this is not mind control but loving guidance. To go beyond guidance and correction and training a child good vs evil and promoting good – that child can rebel and do it anyway and learn ways not to be caught. You can lead a horse to the water but can’t make it drink.

    Making anyone do anything against their will, save for violation of law and rules laid out is against God’s will. We are individually the only one responsible for our destiny.

    MK Ultra and other mind control techiques used by some in government as as devilish as praying to God and expecting Him to do what you say against His will, not realizing/maybe that your god is Lucifer/Satan not the God of the Bible.

  • Don

    Yes with witch craft reading from the Zohar and Quran and offering your life to god forever … sound to me like she was running around desperate and getting nowhere … god and whitcraft in the same sentence is a oxymoron…


    Madonna, the side you are on was already defeated 2000 years ago. Your spells didn’t work because of Christians were breaking all your little Kabbalah curses in His name.

  • fishing4truth

    I wouldn’t have Madonna’s mouth on my private member for all the tea in China. Keep your blowjobs witch-woman! Oh… and Jesus Christ sits on the throne of the universe – not Satan or Moloch who HRC prays and sacrifices chickens to. Repent Madonna for Jesus still sits on a Mercy Seat. Harden your heart, and you’ll burn in eternal flames of Hell.

  • 728

    Madonna certainly is entertaining, but even her kids think she’s crazy. Problem is, her tremendous wealth permits her to live in a fantasy land where she never has to confront reality.

  • BB2.0

    Like a virgin….ugly and pathetic ho.