Man Killed By A Robot At German Volkswagen Plant

man was killed by a robot

A man was killed by a robot while working at a VW plant.  The man was crushed to death while working on the set up of a robotic system at a Volkswagen factory near Kassel, Germany.

According to NBC News [1]

Heiko Hillwig, a VW spokesman, told the local newspaper Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine [2] that the man — who worked for a contractor and was identified only as being from the German state of Saxony — was killed Monday at a plant in the town of Baunatal, north of Frankfurt, where VW is starting a new production line for electric motors.

The robot grabbed the man and pressed him against a metal plate, crushing his chest, Hillwig said. The man was resuscitated but died a short time later at a hospital, he said.

The Kassel regional prosecutor’s office said it’s investigating whether negligence may have been involved and, if so, who was culpable. The contractor, not VW, operated the facility. 

“Then we’ll see if — and if so, against whom — charges are to be made,” a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office told the German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur. 

Hillwig said all contractors are required to adhere to VW’s workplace safety regulations. 




  • Lorraine Carey

    I don’t see why they feel the need to make these robots so scary. Can’t they come up with a design that is more human-like? This is just a tool to create terror in the workers. Not every new tech invention needs to look like it came from a Scfi movie.

    • Imigo

      ummm, you do realise that the picture literally DID come from a sci-fi movie, right? This is not what car manufacturing robots look like :/