Man Sets Up Camera To Catch Ghost, Scary Video Ensues

YouTube user KaelinSpeaks had suspicions his house may be haunted and so decided to  install security camera’s in order to figure out what was happening.

At around 9am the family, who were all asleep upstairs, heard a loud noise downstairs. Nobody was there apart from the dog.

On the video below you will see what the security camera picked up, and how the scared the dog behaves in the presence of what Kaelin believes to be an angry ghost.

What do you think the dog was running away from? Is this just a case of a naughty dog, or is there something more supernatural at play here?

  • Robert Jones

    u can see the dog has her leg in the top part of the bin and pulls it out and runs away

  • Tanjo

    Dog having a run around knocked the bin over and just like my dog does, looks anxious when the object he wasn’t expecting to follow him and clattered about, keeps rocking…..People are so desperate to see a ‘ghost’ they throw obvious logic out the window in favour of a mystery!

    • Muhammed-Khalid Jordaan

      Agreed @tanjo. The guy who posted it is a chop.

      • Guest

        Yeah, because a belief in the Jinn is so much more rational than a belief in ghosts. Get real, chop.

        • Muhammed-Khalid Jordaan

          And so is your mother. Jou dom naai

  • ali

    dont add creepy music for effect if you wanna be taken seriously..

  • Insight

    Some people believe in ghosts, some don’t. Ghosts do not exist! However, jinn do. They are male or female. We cannot see them, unless they take on a form. Sometimes they take a form of a dead person, and then people think the person is a ghost. They usually don’t bother humans but they do inhabit this earth. Usually they stay away from humans in deserted places, forests, islands or derelict places. Some cultures/peoples worship them, and can invoke them.

    If you’ve never seen one, then this is knowledge that you simply do not have, and you can’t base your beliefs on lack of knowledge. Although not everyone can see them all the time. Once I was in a car with 4 people, 2 could see this thing and 2 couldn’t. There is so much about this earth that people simply do not know. And that is from my own personal experience. In the end, people act according to their level of understanding. Not many people around today with true understanding.

  • SkyeV

    Lay off the pipe dude.

  • Guest

    Are you fucking dumb in your entire head?

    As someone else said: lay off the damn pipe.