Mandalay Bay Security Guard Jesus Campos ‘Not A Real Security Guard’

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos discovered to be a fraud

The security guard made famous in the Las Vegas shooter story – Jesus Campos – is not a real security guard according to official documents.

In yet another plot twist to the Las Vegas narrative, the guard credited with helping police locate shooter Stephen Paddock is not even registered as a guard with the State of Nevada. reports:  Every security guard in the state of Nevada has to register as an armed or unarmed guard with the state’s Private Investigator’s Licensing Board (PILB).  This entity’s records are publicly searchable at:

There’s no Jesus Campos licensed with the PILB.

Earlier this week we found out that Campos was shot before the shooter started firing on the crowd below at the music festival in Las Vegas. Before this revelation we were told that the security guard, Jesus Campos, stopped the killer from murdering more people when he approached the killer’s room in Vegas.

Now we find out that the security guard is not even a registered security guard in Nevada!

  • Eye4one2

    So nothing in Vegas is what it appears to be, not surprising!

    • Phil A.✓POTUS Trump

      I know right….been “fishy” from the get go!!

      • A1234567Z

        It probably is best to translate Gangster jargon into New York Financial jargon for the benefit if Joel Frank and say “Jesus Compos isn’t worth a continental.” and if you don’t understand the continental notes that appeared in 1776 were extensively counterfeited and were not taxed out of circulation and lost their value.

  • John Tanner

    It’s tough when facts get in the way of conspiracies. For the hundredth time – He does not need a pi license to work for a casino. He needs a registration with the Nevada gaming control board. Their records are not public like the pi board’s are. Only guards who work for an agency need a pi license. These fake stories do nothing but spin people up.