Mandatory Vaccine Act 2015: Spine-chilling U.S. Legislation Proposed

A Florida Congresswoman is introducing legislation which, if passed, will require all children to receive every single shot that the CDC recommends on its vaccine schedule.

The spine chilling legislation named, H.R.2232 – Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015, says the following:

REQUIREMENT.—For a State or a political subdivision or other public entity of a State to be eligible to receive a grant under this section, the applicant shall demonstrate to the Secretary’s satisfaction that, subject to paragraphs (2) and (3), the State requires each student enrolled in one of the State’s public elementary schools or public secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

This is the list of the current CDC vaccine schedule:

vaccineschedule reports:

That’s right: once Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986, the number of vaccines on the schedule increased dramatically.

And it will continue to grow. There are currently 271 vaccines in the development pipeline.


This bill is essentially an attempt to blackmail states into abandoning any vaccination exemptions they currently have in place.

Oh, and adults aren’t going to be immune from forced vaccinations for long either, if the government gets its way:

CDC has already made plans to begin to include adults in the same coercive net in which children are now becoming bound by using the Affordable Care Act and employers to vaccinate adults according to their National Adult Immunization Plan currently being drafted. This schedule adds 114 doses of vaccines to the list of an individual living the average American life span. Cradle to grave vaccination.

To emphasize, Americans born into this program, even if not one more dose is added to the schedule, will receive 184 doses of vaccine in their lifetime under this plan.

Wilson’s tyrannical bill was referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Let’s hope it dies there.

  • Mash

    Is this not a great thing? More vaccinations means we are safe from more diseases and making them mandatory will make sure no kid whose parents deprive them of health can fuck up everyone else’s health. Vaccinations are a great thing. Since the government is making it mandatory it should be publicly funded too which is perfect, a way better way to spend the governments money than war and destabilizing countries for geopolitical reasons.

    • BillyBlogger

      ummmm…….. Mash……… Just a question.
      If I have Hepatitus because I didn’t take a vaccine, and you have been vaccinated……… wont you be safe? How can I be f#cking up everyone else’s health?

      • Chris Whitney

        Go look up herd immunity dumbass.

        • BillyBlogger

          Is that a hint of aggression I am sensing there from my Neanderthalic friend?
          If you are attempting to upset or anger me, sorry to have to report your epic fail.
          Perhaps you are a member of that herd to which you refer?
          Definitely sounds like herd mentality to me.
          On a positive note you can always upskill from your present position.
          I’d be happy to mentor you if you like.
          Somebody needs a hug methinks.
          Have a nice day 🙂

          • Chris Whitney

            I’m just tired of idiots like you risking the lives of countless others by refusing to vaccinate.

          • BillyBlogger

            Who said I refused to vaccinate?

            That is an assumption on your part.

            I’d learn to make sure of my facts before you go off down the aggressive path.

            I see you have taken up my offer of mentoring.

            Let us begin:

            suppose to be the case, without proof.
            “topics which assume detailed knowledge of local events”

            So who is the idiot?

            The way I see it, people on both sides of the debate are fed up with the “idiots” on the other side.
            You caught my attention because of your obvious aggression toward me.
            Not that it upset me. It didn’t.
            Just get your facts straight and you wont have a problem with me.

            I still think someone needs hug 🙂

          • CATRYNA49

            Some of us are refusing to get shot up in order to safeguard our lives. Some of us have been harmed by vaccines, in the past, or loved ones have been. We never intend to go there again.

          • Abigail Garay
          • Abigail Garay
      • Katrina

        Certain vaccines can only be given at certain ages.. For example, at birth the infant will get a Hepatitis B vaccine. But if you are infected with Hepatitis A and somehow spread it to the baby then you will be fucking up their health.

    • CATRYNA49

      Medical procedures should never be mandated by anyone, especially the government. You can bet I will never roll up my sleeve for these syringes or death.

  • 4liberty

    Mash, your ignorance is astounding. While we are at it let’s make sure the government denys you your favorite ice cream and fast food because we wouldn’t want you to become obeist and have heart problems. No, if that happened you may become a threat to society. Vaccines cause disease, they help diseases mutate into worse diseases and they are ineffective. But I suppose since the government has reccomened this it must be a grand plan, and what better way to do it than with our tax dollars. Do you research. Even if it was for the “common good” it is a violation of individual rights. Period, end of story.

    • Chris Whitney

      You are a colossal retard. Period.

      We’ve been vaccinating for 300 years, and it’s the most important medical advance in human history.
      Remember that time you got polio and it crippled you for life? No, you don’t, because that never happened because vaccination wiped it out in the first world.

      • CATRYNA49

        When I developed Polio it was shortly after the 3rd dose of the oral vaccine. That’s why the oral Polio is not given in the USA, anymore. It’s dangerous, as are all vaccines, at least to some and who knows if it’s more than some.

    • Jake Young

      As Chris said, vaccination has wiped out many deadly diseases. it’s thanks to vaccinations that we don’t have to worry about polio, smallpox, and the bubonic plague (the black death).

      if you want to start criticising for the mutation of viruses, then tell that to the livestock farms. mutations in viruses are not caused by vaccinations, they’re caused by antibiotics. 70% of all antibiotics produced are used on animals being intensively farmed to prevent disease in the cramped spaces.

  • openeyes

    Just as retarded as it gets! . A bad batch off 100 vaccines being sent to one location might murder 100 kids, but wait… what a great idea if we divided up all batches and sent to different locations. That way if a young child shows adverse reactions to the variety of metal it can easily be explained away . I’m not here to argue…. but challenge your doctor to look at tge batch he has in stock , you will notice they are different lot #S . A bunch of us have challenged local drs … 22 participated , 16 of them found the truth the other 6 claimed that it was not possible to see stock.
    Take 2 of your children to get vaccines, ask to see both vials. .. I guarantee they will be different.
    Now you can troll away … I care less I make the choices for my son.
    Sleep well !

    • openeyes

      This was in regards to the unnecessary vaccines the expect you to give your children … how ever when he reaches 4 maybe 5 I will consider the polio vaccine. I use to believe in vaccines but the garbage they are claiming to prevent illness actually causes it . The navy ship with 100% vaccinated crew yet 100% of them got sick . Countries that .ake it mandatory (china) look at those statistics

    • Katrina

      I’m not trying to change your opinion on vaccinations, especially when it comes to your children.. I agree that it should be the persons choice whether they get immunized or not because of the different opinions on whether they’re safe of not.. But I work in a doctors office and I give shots every day. We get boxes of vaccines and every vial in a box has the same lot #. A lot of times we’ll get several boxes all with the same lot #. It might be by chance that when u asked to see the vials they just happened to be from a new box. We go through certain vaccines like candy and I’ve personally given a shot to one child but had to open another box for their sibling and it was from a different lot. It happens. BUT if for whatever reason every single time your kids get shots they’re from different lots then that’s pretty weird.

  • Wesley Renfroe

    DUMB AND DUMBER- by some of the comments made you can tell most people are dumbed down badly. go to u-tube and do some research before making stupid comments. forced vaccination is legalized murder.fact. in india gates gave out the polio vac. over 50,000 either died or our maimed. in Africa the number is way higher. the company that made the influenza vac. just paid out over 56 billion here in the states to victims. many scientists got together and said by 2025 50% of children will be autistic because of vac. I could write pages on it. this is part of an eugenics program to soft kill and dumb down all peoples and also part of it is fake fluoride in the water ( industial waste) gmo’s ( which cause huge tumers and all kinds of illnesses in rats after one year) chemtrails which sprays toxic chemicals and nano toxic metals and nano bots which when breathed breaks threw the blood brain barrier and forms into mind control chips, now they have an advanced chip put into water-food and the cabal can put out a certain frequency it will kill mass people. pay attention to our world, evil on a scale unknown in history. now we hav the military seting up in fifteen states taking over walmarts and its growing. people filming trains a quarter mile long with military equipment. scientists killed and murdered in the hundreds in the last five years. wake the hell up. and WHY?? in a free country would youFORCE another human being to do this against the will. oops one person died of the measles in the last five years now its an epidemic.