Marine Le Pen: ‘New World Order’ Will Be Overthrown From Within By 2018

Marine Le Pen says New World Order is being dismantled from within

Marine Le Pen claims that the New World Order will be overthrown by rogue members within the organization by the year 2018.

The leader of France’s National Front Party said at a conference in Prague that globalist institutions such as the European Union will be overthrown from within “very soon.” reports: Leader of right-wing France’s National Front party Marine Le Pen urged the European anti-immigration parties at the conference in Prague to “liberate the European nations from the chains of the European Union” and said that the bloc has entered a period of decline.

Earlier in the day, the conference of anti-immigration parties of Europe took place in the Czech capital and was attended by Le Pen, leader of the right-wing Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) Geert Wilders, member of the EU parliament Lorenzo Fontana from Italy’s Lega Nord, among others.

“The European Union is losing its breath. I hope that we will overthrow the European Union from within. We must behave like conquerors … European nations must free themselves from the chains of the European Union,” Le Pen said at the press conference following the gathering.

At the same time, Tomio Okamura, the leader of the Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy party, noted that the future of Europe lies in the political and economic decentralization, while Brussels is currently trying to turn the continent into a “single totalitarian state.”

“We are interested in a close cooperation between the sovereign European countries on the basis of mutual benefit and we reject the dictate of the current supranational structure that parasites on the unification of the European nations,” Okamura said.

The parties’ meeting in Prague was run under the theme “For a Europe of Sovereign Nations – a model of cooperation for a better future for the Peoples of Europe.” The event is organized by the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENL), which is a part of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group in the European Parliament.

  • Djago

    What a fantastic lady Marine is . Wish her all the luck.

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        Libtard much, fucknut?

      • Ferdinand

        Well said . very well said. We applaud you for your honesty.

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        What are you another muslim sucking off the teats of the EU?? Go the hell back to the sand pits.


    France will have another chance to choose the right candidate. Miss LePen is a voice for truth.

    • Andy C

      I sure hope so. I sure hope she is and sees the extent of the danger. and stops it.

  • Andy C

    If they don’t decry the mass murder regime that is 5G technology this is mere ego stroking.

  • all in all

    where do these morons get this shit from.. what a stupid thing for her to say… she didn’t say that…that’s bullshit…surely she is not that fucking stupid…

  • Merle Trembath

    Marine Le Pen can be the savior of France if only the French people will wake up it is encouraging to onow we have leaders like Austria Hungary checz repub and others who see things as they are anre fighting back against this evil UN lead new world order keep u0 the good work Marine Le Penn

  • George Marijanovich

    World has 7 Continents and Europe is only but 1 of 7 Continents there for i have no idea why they call it New World Order when it should be New European Order. Vladimir Putin would never allow N.W.O to mature.

    Marine Le Pen has a brain and unlike most uses hers. I wouldn’t put a date to it but otherwise fully agree with her.

  • Elena Mraz

    great lady

  • Robert Mull

    They lost England, and now the only funding they have is Germany and I cannot see that lasting long…