Marine Le Pen Faces 3 Years In Prison For Inciting French Revolution

Marine Le Pen faces prison for inspiring French citizens to revolt against the New World Order

Marine Le Pen could face up to 3 years in prison for inspiring French citizens to reject the globalists of Europe and revolt against the elitists controlling France.

France’s National Assembly lifted Le Pen’s immunity from prosecution on Wednesday, voting unanimously to punish her for criticising France’s open border policy. reports: The leader of the National Front, who ran a failed campaign for president this year, in 2015 tweeted three pictures of IS atrocities, including one of James Foley, an American journalist beheaded by the extremists.

“Daesh is THIS!” she wrote in a post accompanying the photos, using an Arabic acronym for IS.

Faced with outrage on social media and from Foley’s family, Le Pen later deleted the picture of the American, saying she had been unaware he was the man in the picture.

French authorities launched an investigation into the incident but could not press charges while Le Pen had protection from prosecution.

At the time Le Pen was a member of the European Parliament.

That assembly voted in March to lift her immunity over the pictures but three months later she won it back after being elected to the French parliament.

Wednesday’s decision of the 22-member Assembly committee is the latest blow to the 49-year-old politician, who has appeared adrift since suffering a sound defeat at the hands of Emmanuel Macron in May’s presidential runoff.

After proving a formidable opponent, Le Pen lost to Macron with 33.9 percent to his 66.1 percent of the vote after floundering badly in a final TV debate between the pair.

The party also fared badly in June parliamentary elections, taking just eight seats out of 577 — too few to have much of an impact on lawmaking.

In September, tensions between rival party factions — one led by anti-immigration hardliners, the other by anti-EU nationalists — burst into the open with the resignation of Le Pen’s right-hand man Florian Philippot.

Philippot devised Le Pen’s strategy of detoxifying the FN brand and her unpopular promise to pull France out of the eurozone if elected president.

  • Andy C

    So, France is a freedom loving place, unless you are not on board with “the consensus”. How much longer is an international roman senate tyranny going to control things? This was supposed to have ended with the sack of Rome. Guess the same families from then are still around now.

    • Sherman David Demoleas Cheung

      nah, it’s the Jews.

  • Roberto Deramo

    France had their chance…. now, do not dare to cry to the Freedom fighting West for help when you all become slaves to the invading mob of muzlims.

    Viva Macron? Viva EU???

    You made your bed, now, you’ll get screwed in it!

    • Bertha


      • Lawrence Lief

        Exactly. The “democracy” shell game racket.

    • chris

      again,muslims are not the problem. they are the current facade.

  • Jan Franskmann

    Why is there no discusson on who is behind it all? Bla bla bla… what about the banksters? Oh no!! You are stepping on the wrong toes, god forbid.
    The elefant in the room my ass, get on with it. We are the problem, we don`t act. We just get along to get along, fucking amatures that is what we are.
    Don`t complane, do something

    • Andy C

      We all have to do more than we are if this can ever be stopped. Too many are too quiet and waiting, for someone to follow and then are too timid to be seen following. The reality is this doesn’t need a leader. It just needs people to openly talk in the world. Do we need to feel free enough, safe enough to talk? Do we (most) need to realise we no longer do feel safe to talk. That it is getting worse. That it is leading some where very dark if it is not stopped?

      • Angela Davys

        election 2022 will see a change around we have a new party coming on board veterans unite peoples party made up of all our ex military that realise the uk position and do not like it any more than the rest of us .they are going to stand 650 candidates covering all of the uk it will then be up to all our people to give them the support and put a stop to this 2 way parties .look them up they took on 8000 members in their first month there will be millions more that will go for them in the mean time if people start firing up it not only would mess getting brexit finished it would also mean the government would no longer be responsible for uk citizens safety .not a good place to be .you only need to take a look at the other countries ..a controlled and legal way by professionals is the best way to go .

  • Black Swan

    ” Its just as difficult and dangerous to try to free a people who want to live in slavery as it is to try to enslave people who want to live in freedom.” Nicolo Machiavelli

  • Eric

    France, Sweden, Germany, England.
    You’re ALL getting ground under the sandal wearing feet of your Muslim invaders that you’re afraid to stop because of political correctness (The bane of our times). Where is your courage? Where is your determination? Where is your dignity? You need to find them all yesterday and fight like mad to take back your lands or those of you that they leave alive will wish that you’d died. It may already be too late but where there’s a will there’s a way. Do you have the will to do anything but capitulate and surrender? Pray to God for strength and for his sake as well as your own FIGHT!!!!!

    • chris

      wrong ,you are clueless. muslims/islam are not the problem but like all good little sheeple you follow the leader even when its an obvious lie.

  • disqus_1VhMJcA5Yv

    thank you Marine

  • Brett Nordby

    So they are so scared of her that they have to become the Nazi party again by limiting free speech? Now they are raising a globalist army, will they be wearing brown shirts as they already have limited free speech and we all know what happened after the Germans raised a army last time, they start by bulldozing smaller countries through whatever means necessary including getting citizens to turn in their neighbours!!! Heil Merkel!!!

    • bobfairlane

      Frenchmen had more freedom under NS Germany by far, than they do under ZOG. Merkel is a communist. The All-Lies fought for communists to annihilate Europe.

  • Tim Gileo

    France is going tonhave their revolution oneway or another. She still is the head of a political party with a good percent of the countries nationalist as followers.
    I think the palace will once again have its occupants finding their way to the guillotine. No harm as only the french would elect a known pedophile couple.

  • PeterLT

    So much for freedom in France. If you want to know who’s really in charge, see who you can’t criticize.

  • bobfairlane

    Semitism is anti-European.