Mark Zuckerberg Builds Doomsday Bunker In His Backyard

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg builds a doomsday bunker at his home in California

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is planning on building a doomsday bunker next to his home in Palo Alto, California as part of a series of ‘security upgrades’. 

Zuckerberg purchased land and surrounding houses next to his $7 million fortress and has started the process of tearing them down in order to make way for the security upgrades.

A recently submitted plan to the Palo Alto planning department reveals Zuckerberg’s desire to build what he has called a ‘panic bunker‘ in his extended backyard. reports:

According to the plans, Zuckerberg’s panic bunker is described as having “white brick walls, dark steel doors and windows, dark gray siding and louvers where they occur above the roof line, and a dark gray standing seam metal roof,” giving the impression of a steel fortress for the Facebook CEO to hide in if necessary.

Mark Zuckerberg’s $7 million fortress in Palo Alto, California which is about to come complete with its very own 'panic bunker' or 'doomsday bunker'
Mark Zuckerberg’s $7 million fortress in Palo Alto, California, which is about to come complete with its very own ‘panic bunker’ or ‘doomsday bunker’.

Zuckerberg’s compound already has a perimeter of black panel walls in an attempt to stop both trespassers and snoopers. The Facebook CEO was slammed on social media after criticizing Donald Trump’s Mexican border wall plans and then returning to his fortressed mansion.

In April it was revealed that Zuckerberg had also spent $16 million on armed security guards at his mansion, while banning private gun sales on Facebook for the general public.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg also spent $1.25 million on security last year.

  • commonlaw

    Wow! I might do that too if I were him. Rockefellers grandson eh?

  • Juan Olivier

    Hy moet woonstelle agter sy jaart bou vir onwettige immigrante want hy wil mos hê die land se grense moet oop wees.

  • desert28moon

    I grew up in the first “bunker” era — bomb shelters! As a small-town newspaper reporter, I wrote a feature story about a man in my home town who sold life insurance, using his “bomb shelter” as his office until he got on his feet! As he put it, it was the first time he’d ever been inside the thing… My little sister, who was 2 years younger than me, remembers “bomb drills” in which elementary school children, who attended the nation’s first underground school, Abo Elementary in Artesia, NM, were taught to get under their desks in case of an attack. Being older, I only recall fire drills — nothing so exciting as that! Our parents pondered building a bomb shelter and finally decided along the lines of my grandmother’s reasoning about catastrophic events (having been through the Real Depression, having sent her sons to war in World War II and having survived innumerable tornado alerts in Oklahoma): If the Lord wants me, He knows where to find me, I’ll be sitting on my front porch rocking… My parents thought it truly wouldn’t be any fun to survive an atomic bomb if everyone else died!

  • Claude McGovern

    Isn’t it strange that he gave up his American citizenship to avoid paying taxes but is allowed to remain in his home in California.

    • gmatch

      He is a self proclaimed Jew! The chosen can do whatever they want. Facebook is a government spy organization it helps with profiling.

  • James Smith

    Mark Zuckerberg is 100% a front man for the cointelpro designed Facebook….