Matt Damon Goes Public On Illuminati And New World Order

In this video actor Matt Damon speaks publicly on the New World Order and the Illuminati in a powerful and brave speech.  

He mentions the “topsy turvy world”we’re living in where the wrong people are in jail and the wrong people are out of jail.

He also says that the wrong people are in power, whilst the wrong people are out of power.

Matt Damon – “Things Are All Upside Down” Speech



  • Nice guy

    At least Chaplin memorized his speech. He needs to go back to school….

    • SmoochySmoochy

      You will never accomplish anything nearly as interesting as he has many times over.

      • Naro Zakheim

        and what interesting thing has Matt Damon done? Hes boring as fuck… and how do you know what things people have done in their life…. and what the fuck do you know about it anyway? maybe you need to get a life… stop defending a person who is only pissing in your face and laughing about it behind your back… its a bit pathetic rly

        • SmoochySmoochy

          Same goes to you too.

        • Gail Lowery Briggs

          Lovely words . Your parents must be so proud .

      • Eddie Starr

        Youre wrong Smoochy Matt is evil demon pawn

    • sarojishana

      Nice guy, at least one person in the thread pointed out that this isn’t Matt Damon’s speech. He’s reading Howard Zinn’s speech from 1970. I hope that you & others will see the truth beyond your pettiness

  • Donald Askew Jr.

    He didn’t say anything about Illuminati… You should change that title unless you just want clicks. Make sure what you post are facts because otherwise this would be considered false advertising and that title could put you in court for slander…

    • iamhere

      Slander is spoken, in print it’s libel.

    • Naro Zakheim

      well people still cling to the idea that celebrities are really their friends…. instead of seeing them for the shameless whores of the system that they really are… so they make posts like this…. sad rly

      bottom line…. no one “rises up” in the entertainment industry…. positions are given from above… and they are given ONLY if you agree to do and say exactly what you are told… this is the price of admission… this is the price to keep it going… none of these celebrity activists are genuinely outside of the system… they are just reading the script that is handed to them.

    • Amanda Befree

      Can you not fucking take hints dude? You’re right, he didm’t come out and directly say “The ILLUMINATI” But if you listen to the speech and actually understand what he is saying, then you will get it. Fuck you’re ignorant

      • UKSteve

        You typed that, and you’re calling other people ignorant?

        • jules

          Criticising someone for their misuse of grammar is so puerile, particularly in light of the gravity of the subjects being discussed by Mr Damon, regardless of whether or not you agree with him.

          • UKSteve

            “Criticising someone for their misuse of grammar is so puerile….”

            Ahhh, the cry of the pig-ignorant and wilfully stupid. As probably 80% of Disqus will tell you, as will users of any other forum, that if someone can’t be ar$ed to formulate an opinion in at least reasonable English, why should anyone bother to read it? The piece to which I replied could be ripped to pieces by any 15-year old; profanity, etc…..

            “…particularly in light of the gravity of the subjects being discussed by
            Mr Damon, regardless of whether or not you agree with him.”

            So therefore, a more sober and measured response would have been appropriate, rather than the usual Disqus Rage & Rant Fest that it has become? I think so.

            What we have here is someone using “dude” and “Fuck you’re ignorant” (sic) in reply to someone with a perfectly reasonable point, and now you with your incredibly infantile squeal accusing me of ‘puerility’.

            Oh, the ironies of both!

      • Me

        Um, no. he’s a level 10 globalist supporter, idiot- you have no idea what your talking about.

    • Jay

      For something to be slander (or any other form of defamation), the statement has to be both false AND harmful to the person. Simple misattribution like the title above is not slanderous – Matt Damon’s life or career are not going to be harmed in any way by some random dude on the internet telling people he’s talking about the Illuminati when he isn’t.

  • Rob base

    I thought that I was going to hear something profound. Instead I received banality disguised as wisdom. He may as well have been reading for a part in his latest movie.

    • Naro Zakheim

      he is 😛

  • djhbutler

    Also if the wrong people are out of power isn’t that a good thing…may be you meant the right people are out of power…Damon is in the .01 or the top 1%?

  • Diortem

    It baffles me that people actually believe in this shit. It’s hilarious.

  • James R. Pannozzi

    Our problem is civil obedience ! Good one Matt !!

    Resistance ! Yes, that IS what it’s all about.
    And YES, a return to the fundamental directives and intent of the Declaration of Independence is vital.

    Well done Matt ! Next time, mention something about the dangers of coerced vaccinations and the rise of Medical Fascism.

    Thanks !



  • jerry

    does no once here realize that this speach is written by howard zinn

  • Hayuitsme

    Bullshit post, click bait headline. Damon is smarter than to believe in or talk about illuminati such BS 🙁

  • kneadles

    Here’s something well worth the time. Much more than a sound bite, actual answers:

  • Walter Harris-Demelo

    So many people in this movement (“truth”,
    “freedom”, “consciousness”, “awareness”, etc) have their
    priorities way out of wack. They’re looking for “Illuminati”,
    “NWO” and “evil” doers around every corner and under
    every rock – there’s no wonder why the vast majority of people
    don’t take reality seriously and why nothing is being done about the
    situation we find ourselves in. If you bring a message of love,
    compassion, and unity these “not sheep” people, who are
    supposedly “wake”, point and yell: “You’re Illuminati,
    shill, NWO, evil!” We need to get in touch with reality – we need
    to work together!

    There is a video of Matt Damon speaking
    about civil disobedience going viral right now across the internet
    but I believe it is being misrepresented by alternative media,
    conspiracy theory, and independent news organizations. There are a
    few important points that need to be understood in order to fully
    appreciate the video. This is my take on the viral youtube video
    “MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO – Amazing Speech On This Evil

  • Guest

    Why hasn’t this been taken down? The website has “truth” in their slogan yet the title is completely false in that he’s neither “speaking” his own thoughts nor expressing himself “bravely” in the least. This site wastes our time.

  • Just jo

    If he starts sharing his wealth and breaks the law then that’s a brave suggestion , just seems like another person being the front for another ditactor! Bad things happen in the world and so does good that will never change despite a new order or not x just strive to help in anyway everyday

  • gabolander

    Matt .. you are a fu**ing smurf !! XD

  • Katfish223

    Matt Damon is a typical Hollyweird elitist snob. Always lecturing on gun control. When he speaks about the wrong people being behind bars, he means people that hold a different opinion than his. Banish & boycott him. Damon is the NWO.

  • Me

    He’s apart of it, obviously.