Melania Trump: ‘If ISIS Lay A Finger On Barron, I’ll Scratch Obama’s Eyes Out’

Melania Trump has warned Barack Obama that if ISIS terrorists "lay a finger" on Barron Trump, she will "scratch his eyes out."

First Lady Melania Trump has warned former president Barack Obama that if ISIS terrorists “lay a finger” on Barron Trump, she will “scratch his eyes out.”

Melania Trump’s warning comes days after ISIS terrorists used social media to call for the assassination of Barron Trump.

The terror group is sharing personal details about the 11-year-old boy on social media channels, including the private address of his school, and Melania Trump is pulling no punches, laying the blame for the rise of ISIS firmly at the feet of Barack Obama.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translated the mass calls for the murder of President Trump’s youngest son on the popular “Telegram” app.

Using the hashtag ‘handle the son of the mule of America,’ the supporter, who uses the name ‘Dak Al-Munafiqeen,’ Arabic for ‘striking the hypocrites,’ wrote: ‘Barron Trump goes to this school in Washington,'” according to MEMRI. “The post was followed by a photo of Barron Trump. To widely disseminate the call for assassination, several pro-ISIS Telegram channels have shared and forwarded the post.”

The rise of ISIS, funded and supported by Barack Obama, is viewed as another Obama-era failed project in in D.C., and Melania Trump has warned Obama that “if his chickens come home to roost in my house, if anything happens to my son, I will scratch his eyes out.

Supporting terrorists anywhere in the world can have serious and long term consequences,” Melania Trump said, “and if any of these psychopaths so much as lay a finger on Barron there will be hell to pay.”

Explaining that death threats from Islamic State terrorists have “already had an impact” on her son, the First Lady said “This is all on the head of Barack Obama.

I have always found it hard being polite to that man, considering all of the things he has done, but it will be even harder now.

The influence Barack Obama had over the world was profound and deeply disturbing. Once you start looking at trouble around the United States and the world, you realize that Obama’s hand is in everything.

But as Melania Trump says, while Obama may be traveling the world as though he is still president, attempting to operate a shadow government to undermine President Trump’s presidency, Obama’s influence is steadily waning, and the terrorists he helped rise in the Middle East are in retreat.

We are on the verge of taking our country back.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • hiphop

    Really sad with what these people have had to put up with.

  • Paul Stewart

    “and the terrorists he helped rise in the Middle East are in retreat.”

    Obama is responsible for the birth of ISIS/ISIL/IS. Absolutely true. And Reagan is responsible for the birth of Al Qaeda, IE Charlie Wilson’s war, absolutely true as well.

    The point here is that her husband, our current POTUS has steered a course to protect ISIS.

    President Trump deserves zero credit for whatever gains have been made in the destructon of ISIS/ISIL/IS, that honor goes to the Syrian Army, Iran and mostly Russia.

    This is all BS. There is a one party system in this country masquerading as two, it’s been that way for nearly 100 years. The Deep State (CIA/NSA) controls both parties through unlimited powers to collect information and blackmail. The one’s they don’t have any dirt on, they create it and then blackmail them as well. This is the stock and trade of the CIA and NSA. And the American people have their head in the sand allowing things like the Patriot Act and the NDDA.

    This is all theater for those who couldn’t find their ass with both hands and a flashlight.

  • Jackie Costa

    Bitch please….is Obama the reason your stupid ass married for money? If your orange POS daddy warbucks got rid of ISIS in 30 days your coi tard kid wouldn’t be a target. Take yo ass back to Slovenia