Real Life Mermaid Filmed Being Pulled Out Of Lake

Mermaid filmed being pulled out of lake

An astonishing video appears to show a real life mermaid being dragged out of a lake in Minnesota. 

The footage, taken by a passer-by, shows two men in yellow suits walking towards a lake and slowly dragging what appears to be a mermaid out of the water.

The Sun reports: Whilst one deals with the mysterious mermaid-like creature, the other man brandishes a net.

The distinctive finned tail looks like something out of a Disney movie, covered in green scales which are clearly visible as the men lay the creature down on the shore.

The four minute long video abruptly ends when the men turn to face the person filming who hides behind rocks.

It is not the first time bizarre footage has emerged of what looks like a mermaid being pulled from water. In 2015, a merman was seen carried by men in bio-hazard suits from a lake in Poland.

Back in 2012, however,  the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association was forced to release an unprecedented statement, saying that there was “no evidence” that the  “legendary sea creatures” have ever existed.

Despite this, some mermaid enthusiasts have taken up the role as a full time profession. Women across the country battle it out every year for the Miss Mermaid UK prize, with the winner taking up a year long role as a mermaid for hire.

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