MH370 Pilot Resurfaces In Taiwan, Two Years After Flight Disappearance

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the pilot of the disappeared MH370 flight, has resurfaced in a hospital in Taiwan

The missing pilot of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that disappeared in March 2013, has mysterious reappeared in a Taiwan hospital on Monday, suffering from amnesia. 

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was transported to the Taipei Adventist Hospital by villagers after they claim to have found a man lying unconscious on the banks of the Tangshui river. reports:

He finally woke up almost 16 hours after arriving at the hospital, but couldn’t remember his name or how he arrived in Taipei. He was rapidly identified, however, thanks to his fingerprints, instantly attracting a lot of attention from the media and from various Asian governments.

The doctors who have been treating since his arrival believe that he may be suffering from regressive amnesia, caused by a major stress or life-threatening situation.

The patient seems to have undergone a lot of stress lately, and the amnesia is probably an unconscious self-defense mechanism,” claims Dr. Syed Boon Sulong. “The patient is still very weak and sick, and his brain seems to be blocking access to a certain part of his memory, in order to protect him from pain that these memories could generate. His health is too fragile for the moment, but over time, he should able to remember everything.”

Many people hope that Captain Shah will now be able to bring answers concerning Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777-200ER, that disappeared on 8 March 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Despite all the efforts of the international community, the fate of the infamous flight remains unclear, almost 2 years after the events. Hopefully, as Mr. Shah recovers his memory, he should be able to bring answers to many questions concerning the 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations that were on board.

  • John Cook

    WTF!!! This could get Very interesting when/if he starts ‘remembering’ what happened.

  • Sandra Hetherington
  • Steve Wayda

    The hollow earth Agarthans said that the passengers would resurface; at the right time of “disclosure” of many. <3

  • Noorlia Asad

    wth…the plane was missing for very long time and he still alive?? this things must be investigate, hopefully he get well soon so he can tell to the world what is exactly happened!

  • Anthony23

    Wrong date! The plane didn’t disappear in March 2013, it was March 2014. And we’re expected to believe this article when it can’t even get the year right???

    • Eric Gruarin is probably under a huge stress EVERYDAYS … So MISTER antony you can see by your “own” the text below the main title says : ” 08 March 2014″
      You’re so small !

  • S, Islam

    Even if this news is true, one cannot say for sure, if Captain Shah would be allowed to live to spill the beans.