One Million Europeans Call For Ban Of Deadly Monsanto Products

Millions of Europeans rise up and demand a ban of deadly Monsanto products

Over one million Europeans have demanded that the EU completely ban Monsanto weedkiller glyphosate over fears that it causes cancer. 

As of Thursday, one million people had signed a petition that asks the EU to withdraw is license of the controversial best-selling herbicide Roundup. reports: “In less than five months, more than one million EU citizens have joined our call for a glyphosate ban,” said David Schwartz, coordinator at the European Citizens Initiative, which is behind the petition.

“European citizens aren’t fooled by the pesticide industry’s lobbying efforts or the faulty science it’s peddling,” he added.

The group said it had attained the signature threshold to require a formal response from the European Commission — one million names from at least seven countries — in record time.

“Our politicians need to hear this message loud and clear,” Schwartz added.

The 28-nation EU will formally decide in December whether to extend the licence for glyphosate, amid deep divisions over its use.

In July last year EU member states approved limiting the use of glyphosate during an 18-month extension for further research.

In March the EU’s chemical agency said it should not be classed as a carcinogen. The European Food Safety Authority made a similar finding in 2015.

But the findings are challenged by a range of scientists, environmental groups and a number of members of the European Parliament who point to evidence from the World Health Organisation that the chemical may cause cancer.

The petition is due to be formally submitted next month.

Greenpeace said the five-month signature campaign was the “fastest growing… since the EU introduced this tool in 2012.”

  • John C Carleton

    They better watch out, Washington DC might send ISIS to attack and invade them.
    Wait, Washington DC has already sent ISIS to attack European countries, and to invade, rape, murder, rob the Europeans.
    Wonder why the European countries put up with this?
    OH, blackmail of their sold out zionist prostitute politicians eh!

  • mary

    the portugese farmers are spraying this deadly stuff at 3 oclock in the mornings o their oranges.My neighbor couldn’t breathe as she had her doors open due to the very hot there anything we can do about this

    • Mollie Norris

      Monsanto GM crops are destroying agriculture in the Ukraine since the US-CIA-Chabad Lubavitch coup to depose the elected Ukraine government.

      • Poupon Marx

        There is SOME, perhaps little, benefit to GM seeds and crops, used wisely and with prudence?

        • Mollie Norris

          I don’t have time now to look up the ref for this right now, but I was surprised that I’d never thought of the fact that pest-resistant GE crops containing both plant and animal DNA can be metabolized very differently from natural crops and produce toxins when digested.
          RU-related tumors, here;, are a different subject, but still pretty scary.
          Study on genetically modified corn, herbicide and tumors reignites controversy