Monsanto ‘Roundup’ Herbicide Confirmed Carcinogenic (Full Report)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have released the full report on Monsanto’s Roundup, which concludes that the herbicide (made up of glyphosate) is cancer causing. reports:

There are more than 750 products for sale in the USA alone which contain glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide that has been selling since the 1970s.

The agency is comprised of an international review board which determined that glyphosate is indeed carcinogenic. Considering that more than ‘80% of the biotech-created GM crops’ throughout the world were manufactured to be used with this herbicide – it would logically follow that the majority of our food supply is now contaminated by a cancer-causing agent(s).

Following the release of the report, the country of Sri Lanka decided to ban glyphosate completely, and other countries are considering a similar move. Is this information just too much to swallow for more immediate action to follow, or have governments been infiltrated so completely by biotech that the announcement that most of our food is covered in poison will simply be ignored?

The National Pesticide Information Center has done nothing to update its website to inform citizens that the IARC has declared that this herbicide is carcinogenic.

In fact, they instead post the following, word for word:

“Is glyphosate likely to contribute to the development of cancer?

Animal studies have not shown evidence that glyphosate exposure is linked to cancer. Studies with people have also shown little evidence that exposure to glyphosate products is linked with cancer.”

This is an outrageous lie that should be removed immediately – but it won’t be because we are dealing with an industry which regulates itself. Unless people around the world take massive, grass-roots action, instead of waiting on their governments to respond, Monsanto and the biotech industry will continue to sell known cancer-causing agents.

  • Adem

    Please review EFSA Report, glyphosate is unlikely to pose a carcinogenic hazard

    • Aaron Aveiro

      That’s a lie and you know it

  • Bruce Markus

    That’s why they quickly sold Monsanto to Bayer. And the Germans where stupid enough to buy this crap. Get ready for the class action lawsuits

    • Aaron Aveiro

      Never thought of that. I thought it was to bury the name…not that Bayer has a great image…

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