More Evidence Trump Is A Secret Clinton Operative

Donald Trump is a secret Clinton operation designed to get Hillary elected.

More and more people are beginning to believe Donald Trump is a secret Clinton operation designed to get Hillary elected. Trump is, after all, the only Republican nominee who was a lifelong Democrat and Clinton donor. He is also the only Republican running who called his friend Bill Clinton to discuss running before he entered the race.

It is the political rumour that won’t go away. In an interview with The National Review, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) talks about rumors she’s heard that Trump is a secret Clinton plant — and she can’t dismiss the idea entirely.

There are some theories on the internet that this is Bill Clinton’s best political deal,” says Kaptur, who supported Bernie Sanders in this year’s Democratic primary. “That he [Bill Clinton] and Donald are buddies, and they have a lot of similar friends in New York, and he has masterfully selected a friend who maybe by October will say, ‘You know, this is very boring. And I’m going to get out.’ Do I believe it 100 percent, do I believe it 2 percent? You know, you really wonder.” reports:

During the eleven years I ran RedState, I worked to actively squash a lot of conspiracy theories. From President Obama being a closet, sleeper-cell muslim Manchurian candidate to Hillary Clinton killing Vince Foster to George H. W. Bush flying on an SR-71 in 1980 to keep Iran from releasing hostages to George W. Bush actually orchestrating 9/11. I reject them all.

My friend Donald Rumsfeld once said that there really are no conspiracies out there because no one can keep a secret. I tend to think he is right.

But there is one conspiracy theory I’m starting to embrace. I’m really coming to believe that Donald Trump is a Bill and Hillary Clinton operation to get Hillary Clinton elected.

A Republican candidate running for office would spend this entire week attacking Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information.

Instead, Trump has attacked Republicans and praised Saddam Hussein.

A Republican candidate running for office would spend lots of time in swing states. Instead, Trump is focused on New York and Scotland.

A Republican candidate, when asked by the New York Times about serving if elected, would mock the reporter and make it clear how he will serve instead of play golf like Barack Obama. Instead, Trump would not commit to actually serving.

Donald Trump managed to get the Republican nomination in a very crowded field by galvanizing only 33% of the Republican vote, a good bit of which was not even Republican, but disaffected, pissed off voters coming into the GOP to support Trump.

Even after all the other candidates dropped out, Trump could not even clear 44% support in the primary.

Trump ran a primary campaign playing to the worst fears and prejudices of a certain set of Americans and was able to consolidate them against 17 other candidates.

Having spent an entire primary on offense, Trump has not spent a single day doing anything other than defense.

I am beginning to believe Trump is a Clinton operation designed to get Hillary elected. Trump is, after all, the only Republican who ran who was a Clinton donor. He is also the only Republican running who called Bill Clinton to discuss running before he even got into the race.

UPDATE: If you need more evidence, consider the latest from Trump.

He relishes attacking the GOP. Just today he went into a closed door meeting with Republican senators and attacked several of them for not kissing his ring. But he doesn’t like to attack Clinton. He’d rather do something else.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Bill

    Thats Fucking Bullshit

    • Lucretius Laskaris

      Cognitive dissonance is tough beat, eh?

  • zuzumamu

    Sure looks that way

  • lantanalenoxx

    This is pure horseshit speculation. Not a whit of evidence to support it. Just more GOP self-flagellation. They get off on conspiracies.

  • Peter Biorn

    If anything.Clinton is being used to get Trump elected and I hope it works. Bill and Donald are friends but neither of them like Hillary.

  • jeffreytrvlr
  • Lucretius Laskaris

    Only three people would need to be in on this world-class con: Bill, Hillary, and Donald. No need for anything elaborate. Just set Trump loose to do his thing: Be a sociopathic blowhard who lies strategically for a set purpose.

  • Lucretius Laskaris

    Trump is an old friend of the Clinton’s. If you watch old interviews with Trump his politics are more like the Clinton’s; just left of center. He gave a lot of money to Hillary’s ’08 campaign, and to the Clinton Foundation. In May of ’15 Bill C. called Trump to suggest that he run for the Republican POTUS nominee, presumably to throw a wrench into the their primaries and to divert attention from Hillary’s shortcomings (He’s done an awesome job, obviously). He has used reality TV game show tactics as a campaign strategy, and continually puts his foot in his mouth. This has had the effect of riling up not just his supporters, but those who oppose him. There have literally been violent altercations perpetrated by people of both sides of that divide against the opposing camp. To more “level headed” Americans, Trump’s calculated antics make any of Hillary’s transgressions (Off the top of my head: Emails, Benghazi (granted, congressional Reps are as much to blame for cutting funding embassy security shortly before the incident), Whitewater, obvious speeches of condescension, taking huge sums of campaign money from the energy and financial sectors, etc.) look like a Sunday picnic that they’d love to be a part of.

    Concerning the Trump/Clinton connection, there are simply too many indicators that some shenanigans are going on. I too believe that Trump is a Clinton plant. What we are witnessing is the greatest bait and switch con-job in American history.

  • Andres Rives

    Could be. But, the author, “compassionate about truth” – yet doesn’t recognize 9-11 INSIDE JOB – hahaha – ridiculous fraud.

  • Mumbo4444

    Anyone listening to Rumsfeld is useless. He just also happens to be correct, Trump’s a plant and we’ve always known it.

  • hammerstamp

    Well… that theory turned out to be a load of horse biscuits.