Scientists Now Say That Mushrooms Are Highly Evolved Extraterrestrials

Mushrooms are highly evolved extraterrestrials

Cutting edge scientists are now claiming that mushrooms are highly evolved extraterrestrials sent to Earth by an alien race.  

The original concept was devised by psychonaut philosopher Terrence McKenna.

McKenna noted that the spores of mushrooms are almost perfectly suited to space travel. They can survive in a vaccum and extremely low temperatures; the casing of a spore is one of the most electron dense materials in nature, to the point where it almost akin to a metal; global currents are able to form on the quasi-metallic surface of an airborne spore, which acts as a repellent to the extreme radiation of space. reports: It is a mind boggling thought that something could evolve to be so perfectly suited to explore the universe.

If a civilization is advanced enough, then chances are their concepts and understanding of reality would far outweigh ours.

If they were advanced enough to be able to change their very genetic structure, then there would be a lot of merit in changing/evolving into a mushroom.

Mushrooms are highly resilient, non-invasive, practically immortal, full of neurotransmitters, and able to weather space.

It would be the perfect way to explore and colonize the galaxy.

Plus once mushrooms establish themselves, they create an underground neural network of mycelium that highly resembles the neural networks of the human brain or the internet.

  • Robert Sydenstricker

    Nooo, no, We can not evolve ourselves into becoming mushrooms.

    I don’t like mushrooms. ಠ_ಠ

  • Laura J

    no. Fungi are the cleaning of rotting organic materials.

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      • Laura J

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  • Ozzy Guy

    Are they from Uranus?

  • Steve S

    They didnt come here legally so they are illegal aliens. I hope the next wave of them comes with olive oil.