Mysterious Aircraft Leaving Bizarre ‘Vapour Trail’ Baffles Onlookers

The plane seen circling over region does not appear on civilian radar


A mysterious aircraft that left a bizarre ‘vapour trail’ has left some people baffled over what it was.

It was reported that the strange ‘vapour trails’ were spotted in the skies above North Wales but they were not from a civilian aircraft.

While it may have been baffling to some, many others have been aware of chemtrails for quite some time now.

The Mirror reports that the mystery aircraft circling the skies over a motorway in Wales has left drivers perplexed on Tuesday:

Bizarre streams of vapour trails were pictured scattered across the skies as baffled motorists drove along the A55 at Rhuallt near St Asaph this morning.

Another unidentified aircraft, possibly the same one, was also spotted over the Llyn Peninsula.

Some suggest the aircraft could be a commercial flight circling the sky while it waits for clearance to land at a nearby airport.

But a search of two real-time flight information websites found no sign of any aircraft flying over North Wales at the time, the Daily Post reports .

A motorist said: “The aircraft was flying in wide circles as I drove along the A55.

“It made a couple of wide circles and then headed off towards the west.

“I stopped in a layby at Rhuallt to take a picture on my mobile phone.”


Tweeting a photograph Sandra Barford of Nefyn said: “Weird.. flying in circles over Pwllheli .”

She added the picture was taken at about 9.25am and it appeared there were two aircraft.

Three Hawk aircraft were airborne from RAF Valley this morning but their flight paths were further south and mostly overland although one was seen flying north towards the Isle of Man.

Aviation expert Tony Simpson said commercial aircraft circling is unusual suggesting the normal explanation is that there may be a technical problem and is put in a circular holding pattern while the pilots try and sort out the issue.

He added: “But it may be the aircraft is approaching a busy airport earlier than expected and is marking time further away than the usual holding areas.”

Interestingly, searches for “chemtrails” on Google skyrocketed in April this year, reaching the highest point ever seen.

This supports the idea that people are researching chemtrails more frequently because they are seeing them more frequently, though according to Activist post, there seem to be seasonal peaks in the search statistics.

  • CJ

    The trails were left by F15s from 494 sqn

  • Andy Ziegel

    We see them all the time in Texas between Houston and Dallas. The trails start small in diameter but as time goes on become larger and larger. Eventually they cover the entire sky with a smokey like cover. At 80 years old and a pilot for over 60 years this is not one of nature’s weather maker’s. These are man made and occur almost daily during different times of the year. Bright sunny day at 8:00 A.M. and smog like cover of the sky by noon. We also get these long cigar shaped clouds that are gray and mean. These are not natural.