Mysterious Clouds Over CERN May Be ‘Portal To Other Dimensions’

Mysterious clouds over CERN might be 'portal to other dimensions'

A mysterious cloud formation has been filmed above CERN, sparking rumors that a doorway to “other dimensions” has been opened by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

The epic clouds and lightning directly above the facility in Switzerland were filmed by Joëlle Rodrigue on June 24. reports:

Just in time for this month’s premiere of the new Ghostbusters film, the real-life sky show could be a gateway for spirits and/or aliens to start to pouring through.


The eerie clouds and lightning above the facility that discovered the “God particle” were captured on June 24 by Joëlle Rodrigue on the Swiss side of CERN.

“This is crazy. Just shut the thing down,” a representative from Freedom Fighter Times said in a video online, warning we should be “conCERNed” about the site where atomic-level research into the meaning of life is being conducted.

The pending apocalypse supposedly can be backed by another image taken at the site showing a double rainbow, which they say signify “not gay pride, but a promise from God not to flood this planet because he is waiting for his people to repent and return from their sins,” a message the world should take seriously, according to the fake scientist.

Then again, it could all be a promotion for Ghostbusters 3D, which is released in Europe next week and the US on July 15. The film can use all the help it can get after sexist trolls criticized the new female cast based on a single trailer.

Next week, RT will bring you part two of our exclusive interview with the film’s producer Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two Ghostbusters.

  • Mira

    they should just shut this infernal machine down. These scientists are absolutely crazy!

    • Dave Kinard

      Not as crazy as people who believe everything they read.

      In fact, for all practical purposes, there is zero risk from CERN. The criticisms are based on misunderstadings of the science. And random lighting storms which sometimes occur in the summertime are certainly not portals to other dimensions. Please, use a little bit of critical thinking here.

      • Amaris

        you are talking rubbish, ZERO risk right? Even Stephen Hawkings is worried, but no, not you because you have so much critical thinking right?
        Quote from RT-
        “The God particle found by CERN could destroy the universe,”
        Hawking wrote in the preface to a book, Starmus, a collection of
        lectures by scientists. The Higgs Boson could become unstable at very
        high energy levels and have the potential to trigger a “catastrophic vacuum decay which would cause space and time to collapse and… we would not have any warning to the dangers,” he continued.

        is not the only voice in the scientific wilderness predicting possible
        catastrophe if CERN continues in the atomic fast lane. Astrophysicist
        Neil de Grasse Tyson told Eugene Mirman on his Star Talk radio program
        that the experiment could literally cause the planet to “explode.”

        “Ask yourself: How much energy is keeping it together? Then you put more than that amount of energy into the object.” Tyson was confident of the result: “It will explode.”

        late 2008, when CERN was first firing up the engines on its
        atom-smashing machine, Otto Rossler, a German professor at the
        University of Tubingen, filed a lawsuit against CERN with the European
        Court of Human Rights, on the grounds that the facility could trigger a
        mini black hole that could get out of control and annihilate the planet.
        The Court tossed out Rossler’s request, but he nevertheless succeeded
        in generating heated discussion on the possible dark side of the

        These scientists working at CERN are all crazy as hell.They are doing this for money and fame or both, but it’s a dangerous game they are playing. Stay in your ignorant bliss. Yes this website can sometimes be really crappy, but sometimes they are spot on. Misunderstanding the science indeed pfftt

        • Dave Kinard

          First off, Rossler was not a physicist, and the objection he had has been covered ad nauseam. A blackhole that small would quickly evaporate due to Hawking radiation. Secondly, particle collisions occur at much higher energies all the time when random particles hit the upper layers of the atmosphere, and we’re still here.

          The other objection was based on the idea that the universe is in a false vacuum state.

          If this were the case however, reactions of incredibly greater orders of magnitude occur in stellar processes all the time, and again, we’re still here.

          Hawking’s “concern” was misunderstood and misreported by the press. It wasn’t that the experiment could destroy the universe.

          It was a comment about how the experiment was boring because it found the Higgs at an expected value range, which was what was expected. It would have been far more interesting if it had been a found at a different range. As it is, the experiment just confirmed what the standard model predicted, which pretty much all physicists were sure was the case anyway.

          What Hawking was talking about was the interesting result that was derived from the mass, that is, the value of the Higgs potential. That value supported the idea that the universe WAS in an “false vacuum state”, according to Hawking’s line of reasoning, which means the universe COULD Explode at any time. This wouldn’t be CAUSED by the experiment, it was simply something the experiment determined that we didn’t previously know before. Note that this is not a certain thing, other physicists have argued why the Higgs potential value may not mean that is true.

          Tyson was no doubt referring to the same thing.

          “These scientists working at CERN are all crazy as hell.They are doing this for money and fame or both, but it’s a dangerous game they are playing. Stay in your ignorant bliss. Yes this website can sometimes be really crappy, but sometimes they are spot on. Misunderstanding the science indeed pfftt”

          What’s far more dangerous is idiots like you who believe alarmist headlines and think they understand something they don’t. This leads to groups of people who think the smartest thing to do is stick their hands in the sand and have humanity remain in ignorance because it would be “safer.” People who encourage bad information to spread, because online rags like this one know they will get clicks by appealing to your confirmation biases.

          I imagine you’re probably the type who doesn’t vaccinate their children and thinks we need a borer wall to keep us safe, who thinks that climate change is a myth.