NASA Caught Using Green Screen To Fake Astronaut Footage

NASA caught faking astronaut footage using green screen technology

A video has been leaked featuring George Bush Sr. visiting NASA which inadvertently shows British Astronaut Tim Peak standing in front of a blue screen with a grid pattern on it. The screen appears to be between him and a film set showing the ISS. 

This appears to be the first “behind the scenes” look at how the green screen is used when filming the “experiments” on the ISS, such as the water CGI shots, and other CGI overlay shots. A grid, or key points on a green screen is one way to do motion-overlay/image overlay in after effects.

In order to have a correct reference on the 3d environment in the background, either grids, or key spots are used, and the software then uses that as a reference in which to overlay CGI images on a 3d mesh. Without the reference points, only a single vantage can be used to film (such as what we see when weather people do the nightly news).

Because this is such damaging information, I have a feeling NASA’s only recourse at this point is to release the original footage, with Tim Peake in front of the grid, and the ball, and say it was some sort of “experiment” and the grid and blue screen are there as a way to “Track the ball’s course” or something like that. Even that would make you beg the question why this particular footage hasn’t been released to the public yet. What are they waiting for?

In my opinion, this shot was intended to be edited later for some sort of “space demonstration” but now can only be used in it’s original form at some point in time, and will then be used as an attempted straw-man against the use of Green Screen being used.

Either way, it is very strange that the footage shown on the background hasn’t been shown to the public.. and it appears to be exactly what it looks like- an AstroNOT in front of a green screen, the very same technique many have speculated is being used, and is constantly used in Hollywood to create convincing videos of “space”. The Big Bang Theory created more convincing CGI of space than the stuff NASA has been showing us recently.”

  • Unknown

    Not surprised really…

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    WTF would the have to Green Screen the inside of spaceship or space station???
    Why not film inside of an actual one in a hangar?? Or even a fucking cramped room made up to look like one??? Makes no goddam sense to go through the trouble of green screening… You fucking idiots lol

    • PEI MAN

      If you are not in space to begin with, its awful difficult to make water drops float around isn’t it?

      • Carlos the Dwarf

        Lol dudes playing with a tennis ball in the vid…wtf are you talking about??? Show me the video of THIS astronaut & floating water drops?
        Stop talking out your ass___it’s a bad look.

        • John Galtius

          His name is Tim Peake, a Major in the British Military. He went to the ISS on a Russian rocket, and spent a lot of time up there. There are a lot of videos of him, and he did quite a bit for kids and classroom style experiments.

          • Carlos the Dwarf

            Exactly. He went to space. End of story. Green screen my balls.

        • clockworkelves

          The ball is to assist Tim Peake to have something to focus his eyes on so that the final deception is that much more convincing. The ball is a bright green which is a color that is easily tracked by algorithms written-into video post-production applications like Final Cut Pro or Davinci Resolve. The application can much more easily remove the ball from the scene if the color of item to be removed is bright and contrasts strongly from its’ background.

          • Carlos the Dwarf

            Where’s the video of the “water drops”?
            Without that your first point is negated thereby making your second point mute.

          • Kai Heydrich

            “A chroma key subject must avoid wearing clothes which are similar in color to the chroma key color(s) (unless intentional e.g. wearing a green top to make it appear that the subject has no body), because the clothing may be replaced with the background video.”

            I suspect his shirt will cause a serious problem with the chroma key process.

    • Paul Chach Mcarthy

      Stop sucking nasa satans dick.

      • Carlos the Dwarf

        Stop sucking some Tin-foil wearing, adult-diaper shitting dude’s dick. Lmao

    • Ryan Scott Mozert-

      to make the ball seem like its floating.

      • Carlos the Dwarf

        You don’t need a green screen for that

  • marc

    Logicaly… Why would they be doing a video (with blue-screen) on the MAIN CONTROL ROOM TV ??? so do they also show Nasa Adverts and un-cut interviews on the SAME HUGE TV in the main control room ?
    seriously… this type of background chroma-key work is done on computers.. (and then the FINAL PRODUCT is then displayed on large screens for people to view.
    as much as I dont trust things from NASA, this video looks like it has been ‘Doctored’ by someone trying to make a story.
    to me, this looks like the video has been superimposed on top of the original footage. (ie: replacing the real image on the TV with this new blue screen video).

  • Paul

    Um… Bush Sr. was president until ’93 and the ISS wasn’t launched until ’98, so no experiments would have been done on the ISS when Bush Sr. would have been visiting as the article suggests.
    Besides that, they would have been using a green screen since the astronaut is wearing a blue shirt. When doing chromakey, it is critical to not use the color in any shade on anything that will have an edge touching the surface. That’s why movies use a green screen.
    Interestingly enough, the article mentions a very likely explanation for the grid sheet to be up. In fact, notice how the sheet is wrinkled up a bit as you would expect a not perfectly taunt sheet to do in space.
    The reason other shows have more convincing CGI is because they are artist renditions and not real life.

    • FedUp

      Bush Sr also wasnt in a wheelchair in 93…almost like it was a recent visit

      • John Galtius

        Considering that Major Peake is in space right now…

        • clockworkelves

          Wake up retard. He’s not in “space”. I understand that you’re smart enough to realize how BIG of a LIE this implicates.. but easier to face the truth now than to delay until the last moment.

    • Day Man

      You obviously know jack shit. Another know-it-all twat. Typical. Watch the video I’ve posted above in response to John Galtius, and then tell me again how Orad’s Virtual Set Technologies work… Asshole.

      • Paul

        What’s with the name calling?

    • Day Man

      Bush Sr. wasn’t in a wheelchair in 1993 you goddamn mental midget! That’s recent video! Dummy.

  • Casey Sierhuis


  • John Galtius

    First, the screen is the wrong color. FX guys abandoned bluescreen about 30 years ago. Look at any bluescreen imae and you will see a line around the person, and the blue distorted the lighting too badly. Also, there is no reason at all for there to be a grid on the fabric. It’s not needed, and looks stupid. They don’t us grids on blue OR green screens. If they need to map something, then they do it to the person using registration marks. I searched the internet for the image, and the only mentions are with THIS website. Which, sadly, is also the website that brought you the cube from space that looks surprisingly like a missing block of the image.

    So no, calling bull puckey on this one.

    • Day Man

      why do you talk shit like an arrogant twat:

      • Paul

        This video you posted brings up a wonderful point and help argue against you.
        Notice what it says…. the gridlines are like a barcode. It isn’t an evenly-spaced grid like the one the astronauts use to perform science in space concerning the movement of objects. Don’t forget the blue shirt with chroma key. Even your video shows that… notice nobody in front of the blue screens are wearing anything blue.

        I suppose it would be pointless to also bring up the visibility of the ISS across the night sky and that you can actually talk to them via HAM radio during times that it is passing overhead, but only with an antenna directed up? Maybe it’s aliens that we can talk to.

        Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me if you believe me. Your own evidence is against you.
        I will not be posting in these comments again. I’m not saying you people have won, but simply that neither of us will ever agree.

  • hoopsmessiah

    Idiots if the were using blue as the chromo background his torso would have disappeared like a weather person that wears green to do the forecast. Conspiracy idiots.

    • Spannl

      Green & Blue Screen both are used and both works well .

  • Blake

    That screen (blue with white hatches) would be unable to be chromakeyed against. Also, it’s a vector map used for tracking movement visually, as seen in film footage as far back as Edison’s early motion film tests.

  • Paul Chach Mcarthy

    The most telling thing is the bemused look Tim permanently has on his face. It’s as if he can barely contagion his laughter at the bad script and props that fall apart.

  • chloe

    Of course its fake. They did a movie about something like this called Wag the Dog. Except it was about international politics instead of space flight.

  • Dogmeat

    NASA are the biggest liars going, no human has went into space its all faked. What are NASA really doing with the $18.4 billion they get every year. Tim Peake and all the other actors are nothing but lying frauds. The sooner they scumbags are exposed the better.

  • Mikey

    FAKE NEWS at it’s finest (shittiest)

  • Richard Taylor

    NASA has dozens and dozens of videos that prove to be fake and using wires and green screen to do anti-gravity flips aboard the ISS. Someone explain why of all of the thousands and thousands of elementary schools in the U.S. does NASA choose SANDY HOOK Elementary school to give a fake question and answer session with? This is unbelievable how NASA is faking their presentations. If they are, indeed on the International Space Station as they claim why do they need to fake their demonstrations of zero gravity for elementary school children and how did they choose “SANDY HOOK” the one elementary school where it is claimed that dozens of children got murdered by an insane gun man. Fake Space news and Fake Gun violence to have our second amendment rights taken away. The dots get drawn together more and more.