NASA Claim “Dozens” Of Advanced Civilisations Existed Before Us

NASA claim dozens of ancient civilisations existed before us

A new NASA study reveals that dozens of ancient advanced civilisations much like ours once existed on Earth, but they all came to an abrupt end. 

The study suggests that humanity as we know it could come to an end in the next few decades based on the patterns observed with these previous civilisations. reports:

If we look back in history, 3000 – 5000 years, we will find a historical record that clearly shows us how advanced and complex civilizations were just as susceptible to collapse as we are today. This ongoing pattern has led researchers to question the future existence of society and civilization as we know.

If we were to look back further back in time, over 10,000 years, we would encounter evidence of advanced civilizations that possibly predate the Pre-Inca, Olmec, and Ancient Egyptian civilization, not to mention other advanced ancient civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia.

It is difficult to overlook the repeating patterns identified by scholars in most of these civilizations and the NASA funded study is clear evidence of the path ancient civilizations on EArth have taken for thousands of years. This is considered by many people as a sign that clearly states that ancient civilizations have reset a number of times.

These factors have kept on repeating themselves and have been the culprit for ancient civilizations before us.  In the report, applied mathematician Safa Motesharri and his “Human and Nature Dynamical” model claims that “the process of rise-and-collapse is actually a recurrent cycle found throughout history.”

“The fall of the Roman Empire, and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent.”

The study came to the conclusion that there are two key social features that contributed to the collapse of every single advanced civilization from the past: “the stretching of resources due to the strain placed on the ecological carrying capacity”; and “the economic stratification of society into Elites [rich] and Masses (or “Commoners”) [poor]” These social phenomena have played “a central role in the character or in the process of the collapse,” in all such cases over “the last five thousand years.”

Even though our civilizations is at a very advanced technological stage, this does not necessarily mean that we are saved from imminent chaos. In the study we find that “Technological change can raise the efficiency of resource use, but it also tends to raise both per capita resource consumption and the scale of resource extraction, so that, absent policy effects, the increases in consumption often compensate for the increased efficiency of resource use.”

One of the best examples of advanced ancient civilizations disappearing can be found in Mesoamerica.

If we take a look at the ancient Maya who were an extremely advanced ancient civilization we find that several factors played a crucial role for this once great empire to crumble eventually. While most researchers would agree that Deforestation, Famine and Drought where some of the key components in the failure of the ancient Maya, we find a similar pattern in other civilizations, not only I the Americas, but around the globe.

Motesharrei and his colleagues conclude that under conditions “closely reflecting the reality of the world today… we find that collapse is difficult to avoid.” In the first of these scenarios, civilization:

“…. appears to be on a sustainable path for quite a long time, but even using an optimal depletion rate and starting with a very small number of Elites, the Elites eventually consume too much, resulting in a famine among Commoners that eventually causes the collapse of society. It is important to note that this Type-L collapse is due to an inequality-induced famine that causes a loss of workers, rather than a collapse of Nature.”

This article was originally published in 2016 and is frequently updated

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    “abrupt” not “uprubt”

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      Seems the article was written before ‘spell check’ was introduced.

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      Fitting, I thought.

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      That’s how you spell it in real English, not American English. Though both are used in the article when the Fabweb section is added.

  • Matteo Wilcox

    The key concept missing from this article, especially being from NASA, is the cyclical recurrence of certain asteroid train bombardments,.. every several hundred years.

    • raythemixer

      Thsi article is not from NASA.. the title is very misleading… the is all supposition from a few people doing guess work. In other words…Crap

      • AgTip

        … right about the title.
        … wrong about a “few” people. It actually has been quite a few people, and not all of them reading tea leaves. Some of our brightest are not academic but self-starters who read, write and study with rigor.
        …True there has been a lot of hypothesizing — people trying to make something out of the plethora of evidence scattered around us.

    • AgTip

      This is interesting. Listening to others I hear that Nebaru or whatever is due to pass by in August. Wouldn’t it be interesting if that large body were not a single body but a tight cloud of rubble? Judging by the number of underground cities, perhaps a bombardment lasted for years.

    • ozlanthos

      Don’t I wish! HAHAHA! Most societies keep going right up until they have killed so many of the “work-force” that the “elites” start finding reasons to kill off other elites because there aren’t enough of workers to keep everyone pampered. This process continues until there aren’t enough of them to hold off the hordes of starving maniacs, and then “society resets”.


  • Joshua Tree

    Forgot about God. The Bible already tells us all this and in more detail.

    • Lowrider

      The Bible was a fantasy book written with the intention of keeping the common man in his place. Much like the way religion has been used to control people by using the threat of some supernatural force.

      • Joshua Tree

        Foolishness. The Bible is a collection of historical documents. The life and death of Jesus Christ are confirmed facts that no serious historian disputes. His resurrection was witnessed by over 500 people, many of whom were willing to die rather than deny this. Jesus Christ offers us freedom from both evil and judgement, and a new chance at life.

        • Awakened

          Any serious historian will tell you Jesus never even existed. There are no confirmed facts about his life or death. The only foolishness is your whole statement.

        • Greg Shogren

          If Jesus was of virgin birth it would make God a rapist. Unless he’d asked for consent. Also, she’d only have X chromosomes if her only parent was Mary, so Jesus would be a she.

        • Steve Ascott

          Are you siting near some sort of solvent, because you appear to be having some sort of hallucination. There is NO contemporary evidence for your jesus , NO “witnesses” and any “historian” who claimed that these events happened would be laughed at.
          If you have any actual evidence for your statement I would be very interested to see it.

          • Joshua Tree

            It was not until recently that anybody even began to question the existence of Jesus. The vast majority of historians between then and now agree this is not in question. His crucifixion is a historical fact. Maybe you think Pontius Pilate never existed too?

            Oh the denial twist we engage in when we refuse to believe the truth.

          • Steve Ascott

            Ok show me the proof of the “historical fact” . As for Pilate there is one piece of contemporary proof of his existence but none of Jesus-he only starts being mentioned scores of years later.

          • Helen Duffy

            Why should you be shown the proof?????

          • Joshua Tree

            You could have even looked at Wikipedia to realize yours is the outlying opinion on the matter.


          • AgTip

            Too bad you, @steveascott:disqus won’t be sitting around reading in, say, 50 or 100 years. If the history books are written by Republicans or some other reactioinary bunch (yes, the churches are OFTEN in this position) you will not find a single reference to Fidel Castro, although his story is the most heroic in the past century. Heroes from the “rabble” are not in histories written by the elites and their tame minions.

          • Helen Duffy

            See `A last minute guide to the Bible`

          • Steve Ascott

            I am sorry but you are quite mad!

          • AgTip

            Steve, you should read a little wider. Look up the Apocrypha. Read about Nag Hamadi and the documents found there.

        • DogmaDestroys

          No, any serious and HONEST historian will tell you that Jesus Christ is nothing more than bad plagiarism of a very ancient myth going back millennia before Christ’s alleged birth. The earliest appearance of this myth seems to be the ancient Egyptian tale of Horus – and it was adapted my several other cultures BEFORE Christianity ever emerged.

      • Pamb Strickland

        I looked it up and found this. Very interesting information that predates Jesus.

        • AgTip

          Saying the same thing over and over … that does not disqualify the message. If I were to send a message to strangers living in strange cultures, I would be certain to send it in several forms, configurations, languages and I would send it multiple times.

      • AgTip

        You’ve misread the book, Lowrider.
        Despite the mess the translators and most of the interpreters of the book have made of it, don’t you hear the DEEPER VOICE SUSTAINING?
        Well, “voice” is not quite the right word, since the message is not translatable into the common tongue.

    • Grace Holmes

      Christianity was an amalgamation of all the pagan religions at the time, this is why people relate to it so well. The Virgin birth comes from the Zodiac sign Virgo which is Latin for Virgin. The Acropolis in Athens housed the statue Athena Parthenos in the Parthenon. Parthenos means Virgin. So is it a coincidence that this statue was stolen by the Roman Empire and then suddenly we get Christianity later from them? I think not. Check your facts, Educate thyself. The Virgin birth of “Christ” was a study of the stars that many interpreted and created their own mythology for.

  • Cardinal_br

    I’m just wondering where this evidence of “advanced civilisations much like ours” is being kept hidden and why the author is the only one who knows of it.

    • khalil Aliy


    • christophersudlik

      Not in a direct sense, that is misleading. Advanced, in this context, refers to well developed social structures with business entities and markets representative of anything. NASA is not the only group to do these studies. Literally dozens of civilizations going back more than 14 thousand years collapsed in essentially the same way, as we can see in the fossil record of the people there. Gradually the later generations are thinner, smaller, with fragile bones with many breaks, etc. Essentially, they begin to starve to death as the rich do not loosen their grip on the populace they control. Once the lowest groups start to die from the malnutrition, and their children don’t grow well enough to take over soon enough, the society collapses.

      It isn’t a statement about technology, but about social structure. Human markets and systems follow the same pattern as evolution: consolidate, optimize local energy minimums to optimize profits, ignore changes in the environment and market conditions, and then collapse. Just like extinction events in nature. It’s innate to the system, and we can choose to regulate to prevent the consolidation and theiving that forces the collapse to happen, or we can just sit back, get more poor until we die, and die.

      • Tony

        “Just like extinction events in nature. It’s innate to the system…” If this is the case, then there’s nothing that can be done about it. It’s beyond human control. Am I correct?

        • PhilmanX

          It is not beyond human control, but for the most part beyond most humans motivation to want to control themselves. Weak wills and complacency abounds.

        • AgTip

          We are on the crux of such a collapse. You can see the signs everywhere. Bernie Sanders is a voice in the wilderness. Public awareness is at a pitch and right along with this cry for sanity and civil justice we get raving reactionaries such as Trump. We also get plenty of voices like Hillary who will try to maintain the status quo.
          Look at the world around us. We are being smothered with petrol and petrol products.
          Sure there are some reasonable uses for petrol, but we use it EVERYWHERE and for EVERYTHING. And the money in the pockets of the oil kings buys governments and countries.
          I never suspected that the fall of our civilization would be a GLOBAL EVENT.

          • Tom Billings

            “We are on the crux of such a collapse.”

            As worldwide human poverty drops to the lowest percentage in the history of our species, …sure we are.

            “You can see the signs everywhere. Bernie Sanders is a voice in the wilderness.”

            Bernie is another would-be Chavez/Maduro, who would be as paranoid about a society that will not submit to his guidance in the last few circlings around the toilet bowl as Maduro is showing himself to be in Venezuela.

            “Sure there are some reasonable uses for petrol, but we use it EVERYWHERE and for EVERYTHING.”

            It is strange, then, that humans generate more electricity with coal than with anything else, not oil. Also, if you dislike oil so much, then where are your pleas for developing 4th generation inherently safe nuclear reactors, like the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors that Nixon suspended development of?

            “I never suspected that the fall of our civilization would be a GLOBAL EVENT.”

            Since industrial society lives through its worldwide networks, this is something that should have been visible to you throughout the last 60 years. Whether they are physical networks (i.e., shipping lanes and ports), political networks (i.e., NATO), market networks (free trade), intellectual networks (i.e., science journals and the internet) and spiritual networks (i.e., worldwide churches and religious groups), they are the life and breath of industrial society.

            Industrial society will only collapse when one or several reactionary groups is able to sufficiently restrict other people’s freedoms of action, in regards to participating in these networks, that these networks are no longer productive, and fall apart.

          • AgTip

            Are you conflating technology with civilization?

            “…As worldwide human poverty drops to the lowest percentage in the history of our species” — source? By what system of measurement?

            There have always been incidences of starvation, but not on the scale we see today. Not everyone starves to death, but we see plenty of evidence of malnutrition right here at home. And the number of homeless is appalling … have you seen the acres of genuine squalor around some of our larger cities? Esp foreign cities.

            Surely you are not defending nuclear power? We have been reassured upon reassurance and that industry has never learned what to do with its own waste. They try to hide it. It took billions of years for the surface of the Earth to be made habitable by weather (mostly water); in its raw state the whole thing is somewhat toxic. Concentrating radioactive materials and then either scattering it far and wide by nuclear accident or hiding it, is no genuine solution.

            Global networking is part of the cause of failure … the more remote and abstract the financial/industrial machine becomes, the less it tends to the base line of viable environment. An industrial society may be the ceiling of human sapience and it certainly is corrupt and of limited use. Abstract rational materialism is deadlocked.

            Squalling for “freedom” is one of the biggest arguments put forth by those who practice greed as a way of life. It’s an excuse, not a reason. Those who have no self-mastery may feel that extending respect to others is an imposition on their freedom. The entire argument is fallacious. Self-mastery means stopping at a certain point, not killing the last shrimp in the Kodiak beds or the last Passenger Pigeon. Ethics, morality and even law are often seen as “unfair” strictures upon those who vociferously whine for “freedom”.

          • Tom Billings

            “”…As worldwide human poverty drops to the lowest percentage in the history of our species” — source? By what system of measurement?”

            World Health Organization

            “There have always been incidences of starvation, but not on the scale we see today.”

            Starvation in the 20th century has mostly involved government intervention, such as the Great Leap Forwards, with 30 million+ starving, or the Ethiopian Famines of the 1970s-1980s. You forget our descent into the Little Ice Age. Europe’s population drop was as much as 25% before crop changes allowed recovery. You forget the Younger Dryas Event during the Neolithic. During the great Toba eruptions of earlier times we nearly went extinct, with DNA evidence showing the population all humans are descended from dropping into the mere hundreds.


            Industrial society’s highly productive worldwide networks have moved us away from that sort of event. When we complete the ability to fabricate tasty healthy food in the next generation, rather than grow it on ground exposed to weather that can turn cold again in a season we will be far better off.

            “Surely you are not defending nuclear power?”

            Surely I am. Most certainly in the new 4th generation plants with ATW to rid us of actinides, which are few enough as is, if we are smart enough to use Thorium in the molten salt.

            “Global networking is part of the cause of failure”

            Only if you see interdependence as failure.

            “An industrial society may be the ceiling of human sapience”…

            Certainly its freedoms have allowed us to be more productive than ever before in our species’ history.

            “Squalling for “freedom” is one of the biggest arguments put forth by those who practice greed as a way of life.”

            Indeed, intelligent greed is the best motivator for productivity. The belief that other peoples’ freedoms of action are the cause of your own grief is what ails you, not their freedom.

            “Ethics, morality and even law are often seen as “unfair” strictures upon those who vociferously whine for “freedom”.

            *Your* ethics are for *you* to pursue. Try to use law to take away others’ industrial freedoms of action, and we will know you for the would-be tyrant you sound like.

            The coming collapse in Venezuela could not be timed better to give Bernie Boy the lie. Now, if the FBI can just finish the job with indicting the other progressive would-be tyrant, we’ll only have to deal with the progressive conman.

          • Cory N Jamie Gilliam

            in other words, you have done nothing but shown yourself to be a shortsighted little twat spewing junk science or pure misinformation. You live in an objectivitist technocrat fantasy with little consideration of the attrition that wreaks havoc when our systems run dry of natural resources. Your idea of productivity as some magic measuring stick for an overarching measurement for health and happiness is also fallacious given that soft peddled,ubversive atrocities such as slavery, human trafficking and purposed income inequality under cut the well being of the “worker bees” building the Great Network you itch for. Also, obesity (especially belly fat) is not an indicator of health and wealth since many times poor people end up being obese because they are they are forced to eat the cheap fat laden, overly salty, vitamin deficit garbage that corporations market viable food stuffs. Generic snack cakes, off brand potato chips and value packs of sandwich meats are laced with highly addictive additives, carcinogenic preservatives and have zero nutritional value. Also, the chemicals used in Nuclear are not any safer than any other source we have right now. Disposal and plant safety are a nightmare no matter which way people try to cut it. Solar, Wind and Hydro electric will be our best bets given the fairly safe track record they have combined with a low carbon foot print. But you do show that no source is perfect but we have to invest in something that is not going to poison everything in mass effect if something goes wrong.

          • Tom Billings

            My, my, …your invective seems to occupy almost all of your post. Trying to sieve that to find points at all, much less tecnically competent answers to my points, is, ….challenging, given your seeming invention of new adjectives. Let’s see, …

            “…the attrition that wreaks havoc when our systems run dry of natural resources.”

            Since we don’t use up material resources, but do use up energy, then it is energy resources that are critical to all resources. That is why the use of the millenia-long reserves for sources like LFTRs (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors) assume so much importance for the future.

            “soft peddled,ubversive atrocities such as slavery, human trafficking and purposed income inequality under cut the well being of the “worker bees” building the Great Network you itch for.”

            OK, …”ubersive”???????

            I’m only guessing, but are you referring to info-matching-ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft???? If so, what in the world are you trying to talk about slavery and human trafficking in relation to them for? They do nothing to coerce one customer or one provider.

            Also, …”purposed income inequality”???

            The idea of income equality is a standard socialist trope that is *not* a norm anywhere outside N.Korea and a few similar societies, and college campuses, even as a concept, much less a reality. The idea that anyone has a “purposed” income inequality requires that income equality be a previous norm, and it never has been that.

            Also, ..” “worker bees” building the Great Network you itch for.”

            i don’t *itch* for worldwide networks of industrial society, because they already exist, and have been growing in strength since the 17th century, if at a lower growth exponent than I would like. They are physical networks, political networks, market networks, intellectual networks and spiritual networks. The extent to which humans are allowed to participate in them generally is the strongest long-term determiner of the wealth they command as individuals.

            “Also, the chemicals used in Nuclear are not any safer than any other source we have right now. Disposal and plant safety are a nightmare no matter which way people try to cut it.”

            Only for those who specialize in implanting nightmares in other people’s heads.

            “we have to invest in something that is not going to poison everything in mass effect if something goes wrong.”

            Mass effect poisoning is precisely the illusion draped in front of people’s eyes by those hoping to obliterate the accelerating growth of industrial society around the world. You cringe from artificial nightmares, while refusing to open your eyes to the realities of living amdist a species of large obstreperously violent primates. Allow them the freedoms of action to participate in industrial society’s networks around the world, and you will see far fewer real nightmares from their actions, such as happened again and again from socialism.

          • Cory N Jamie Gilliam

            Also as for Venezuela, they didn’t have a body politic to offer the democratic counter balances. I am sorry but we all think Bernie is a great guy but no one leader can do it alone, just like he has pointed out. It takes pragmatism in decision making and workable compromises to get to the grand solutions. No one is asking for a folk hero but are just looking fot a system that operates in reality with the best interest of everyone involved. The Corporate model initiated by T artier Libertarians is worshipkng it’s own narcissistic reflection why Rome burns. Exhibit A and B for the GOP/Libertarian failures are Wisconsin and Kansas. Both states embraced the politics pushed by Koch Brother lap dogs and are paying for it now.

          • Tom Billings

            “Also as for Venezuela, they didn’t have a body politic to offer the democratic counter balances.’


            The people of Venezuela would beg to differ. Yes, Venezuela has suffered throughout the 20th century with the corruption so common to oil-rentier-States, but that does not mean representative government never did exist, nor could not exist there in the 21st century. Your insult to them is grievous.

            “No one is asking for a folk hero but are just looking fot a system that operates in reality with the best interest of everyone involved.”

            Well, by all the evidence to date, you will not get that out of a socialist government.

          • AgTip

            Socialist government are beset on every side by greed-driven systems, still they exist and succeed, although small. If a clear-eyed history that is not agenda-driven were written, it would identify Fidel Castro as the hero of the last 100 years. A social genius.

          • Tom Billings

            So, you are reduced to using Stalin’s old excuse for his “socialist camp”, …”they’re trying to kill us off!” When that was what Stalin was in fact doing to any imagined opponent. Not too surprising. Fortunately, you don’t have his resources.

      • Tom Billings

        “It isn’t a statement about technology, but about social structure.”

        In short, the authors want people who think as they do to have the power to force others into some different social pattern. Interestingly enough, like this article. The idea that others should have the freedom of action to make their own decisions to a massive extent really freaks out those who like the “orderliness” of a college campus.

        We’ve seen this movie before, many times.

        The justifications were first aristocracy (people who aren’t born in a family mansion have no chance to educated into making proper decisions), then race (people who aren’t born with the right skin color have no chance to make good decisions), then “education” (people who don’t get the right certificates of graduation cannot “understand” what good decision-making is), then religion (people who don’t do what the right preacher tells them cannot make society work), then “the environment” (people who do not abase themselves before Gaia and cut their consumption to the bone are killing the Earth), then, …………

        All of these are excuses to destroy the freedoms of action *for*other*people* that let the population build and maintain the highly productive worldwide networks of industrial society.

        • AgTip

          Nice linear argument. Wrong, however. It takes no imagination to look at the wreckage our industrial society has made of the environment. Poisoned land, water and air. The oceans are losing oxygen and the cause is not hard to fathom. Species are going extinct because commercialism knows no limits. It is plaint to see that capitalism is, as far as maintaining a civilization, failing.

          • Tom Billings

            It takes no imagination, but a lot of ideology to see what you do. I see industrial society moving its heat/power sources from wood, with massive pollution from the burning resins, to coal, with a bit less, but sulfur oxides thrown in, to oil, with still less sulfur thrown in, to natural gas with none, to nukes, with none at all, to 4th generation waste-burning nukes with ATW that won’t leave any actinides behind. Of course, if you go to “the socialist camp”‘s old stomping grounds the pollution was much worse, and continues wherever people don’t have the freedom to make things better.

            Maintaining what *you* call civilization is not my worry. WHO says fewer people every decade are in the extremes of poverty, and are healthier, and have more to eat. Indeed, there are more people today who are obese than starving, according to WHO. These are the problems an intelligent species *wants* to have, since we are still in the midst of a 2 millions years long ice age. If we could break out of *that* pattern, and clear the poles of ice, we’d be in far better shape.

            Since we are in the transition, as a species, of moving from evolution by death (“natural selection”) to evolution by our own individual design, such a change in climate opens wonderful possibilities


      Stone tablets and writings the only record of history that lives on. Also see the Georgia Guide Stones a project designed to leave a record of our day far into the future.

    • AgTip

      Cardinal_br your reading and study matrix must be somewhat narrow. Mass media is full of such references. Although it is easy to scoff at the context of many of the messages, if you, or I, or anyone with some curiosity, investigates the photos, the stories, the RUINS, the often startling analyses of archaeologists and paleoarchaeology. We are surrounded by ruins of ancient civilizations. And if you listen to the myths/stories of the indigenous peoples, you find references to the previous 3 worlds … from indigenous peoples all over the globe. It’s everywhere. But…
      Like the eyes themselves, much of the mind NO LONGER SEES what is not directly useful … and as the culture narrows, the mind grows sharp as a laser but the blinders grow in direct relation.

    • MCDuguesclin
    • ozlanthos

      Yes, there is. The Smithsonian, and the Vatican both have collected, and stashed plenty of evidence that what we call “history” is a loose framework at best, and a complete and utter fabrication at worst. Every time someone discovers something that does not mesh with the “narrative” it is quickly bought or stolen from it’s rightful owner, and then it gets absconded to places beyond the view of commoners… The Smithsonian recent was forced to admit that they destroyed “thousands” of skeletons of persons matching the description of “Giants” in all of the ancient lore from around the world…


  • Phalguni

    Mayadhyaksena prakriti suyate sa caracaram — In the Bhagavad Gita the Lord Sri Krishna says, “The material natial is working under My superintendence.” Thus many civilizations have been mentioned in the Scriptures which were very famous and very powerful and they exist today in only their name and sometimes that is also forgotten. Knowing this the intelligent devotee of the Lord, takes complete shelter in at His Holy feet and in His holy message.

    • Phalguni

      Some error, It should be… “The material nature”

    • ikoihil

      Taking shelter at your Christian lord’s feet didn’t seem to help the citizens of the civilizations which predated Christianity (or those after the advent of Christianity, for that matter) very much…

      • Greg Shogren

        That’s not Christianity he’s talking about. It’s Hinduism. Like, what?

    • VD65

      I didn’t read anything above speaking of religion? Religion is faith based and sometimes there are so-called prophets but that doesn’t mean anything they have said is correct. People choose to believe it so it is better left unquoted.

  • Arby
  • barbeque

    The third reason is moral decay.

    • AgTip

      Grows with the separation of the upper and lower castes. When success is measured with money and greed is the quickest way to the money, corruption is rampant.
      Look at our culture right this moment.

  • Heather Rex

    This is not about the article.. It’s about the video at the end. Watch it. Do something.

  • Larry Brickey

    The Persian prophet, Baha’u’llah, alludes to this in the Summons of the Lord of Hosts. He asks a current ruler if he realizes that other, greater, kings have fallen and their kingdoms lost to history.

    • Xxian

      The Atheist Prophet Lalaland professed that Baha’u’llah picked his nose and ate the boogers and is therefore not believable.

      • AgTip

        Oh, you’re the guy who takes the easy shot.

    • AgTip

      Ain’t that the truth!

  • Bobby LaSalle

    It literally says “A soon-to-be published research paper ‘Human and Nature Dynamics (HANDY): Modeling Inequality and Use of Resources in the Collapse or Sustainability of Societies’ by University of Marylandresearchers Safa Motesharrei and Eugenia Kalnay, and University of Minnesota’s Jorge Rivas was not solicited, directed or reviewed by NASA. It is an independent study by the university researchers utilizing research tools developed for a separate NASA activity.”

    “As is the case with all independent research, the views and conclusions in the paper are those of the authors alone. NASA does not endorse the paper or its conclusions.” Like it VERBATIM says NASA doesn’t endorse this paper or the conclusions it makes. Why then is your article titled “NASA Claim…”???

    • AgTip

      Title is misleading.
      That’s not fair.
      But I agree with the position of this paper. It doesn’t take much of a scan of our condition to see we are on the crux of such a collapse.

      • Rod

        Indeed, the Bible says people will be ‘throwing their money in the streets’, that if God doesent step in, “no flesh would be saved”, and that Jehovah ” will put to ruin those ruining the earth”.

        • Xxian

          Beings that are a matter of faith and not fact are completely irrelevant to the conversation. I could as easily say that spider man will save us all, if that’s what I ‘truly’ feel in my heart. How about we keep articles of faith to ourselves?

          • AgTip

            Interesting use of “faith”. I believe that faith is the center of an economic system, or it believing in leadership.

          • ewaynepearce

            If I told you that I am an ordained minister and that the bible supports this article what would you have to say then?

        • TemperedBlade

          And in the Bible, God tells people how to manage their slaves (Luke 12:47), promotes the rape of women (Judges 19: 24-25) and the dashing of babies against rocks (Psalms 137:9 and Isaiah 13: 15-16) and that’s just to name a few. Not a moral book, not a moral god. Time to stop basing beliefs on a bronze age book and start basing them on reality. Oh, and let’s base our morals on actual morality.

        • Doc Lemm

          Jehovah was a bit of prick and most certainly a space alien, himself…

  • Jonathan Plaster

    The Aztecs and Mayans didn’t even have the wheel (or more importantly the axle). Our technology is better than magic and has already prevented the Malthusian crises predicted in the 1970’s that were going to destroy the world in the 1980’s, except for disco.

    • AgTip

      Ever look at the carvings of Ahura Mazda?

    • Zajac Wendy

      Ego is what will destroy our species. We think we’re “all that and a box of rocks” when we are just humans. We may be good at technology but the greed of our species is way stronger than our caring and compassion for the world. We want more and more and history shows that we will do ANYTHING to get MORE, including destroying our own world. For a species being so damn smart, we are so very damn stupid.

  • AgTip

    This hypothesis has come forward in several unrelated discussion groups and in quite a number of books. The evidence is mounting for a global collapse of civilization. One remarkable feature of this is the swelling of an effort by people of good intention to put a halt to tyranny. We see evidence of this world wide.

    • Michael Christopher

      to halt tyranny…..abolish religion

      • dwpittelli

        Yes. Because the government telling everyone what to believe is the very antithesis of tyranny! (In Bizarro World.)

      • fgvyti

        Zionism…remove it and free the world

        • richard

          Religion,elitism and god worshiping religions

      • richard

        and elitism

    • Zajac Wendy

      The truly sad thing is that, yes, the evidence is mounting, but we refuse to look at the past and learn from it. The evidence will continue to mount and we will continue to destroy. I wish we could learn from our past and see what we are doing and actively take measures to change our destiny. Being such an intelligent species, why can’t we “get” this????

      • ozlanthos

        It’s not in the interest of the “elites” for you to “get it”. If you “got it” you would stop doing about 99.999% of everything you are doing now, and start planting food, raising chickens… You know, the kind of thing you will need to do after society has collapsed.


      • Robert Sydenstricker

        Because not everyone thinks for themselves, and the reason why they don’t is that they have been discouraged not to and trained to agree with a perceived “authority even unto their own detriment.

        All that really needs to happen is for everyone to just…


        Step back away from it all, and take a good hard look at what it is that we have been living all our lives.
        Then it will become clear what needs to be done moving forward.
        But EVERYONE must do this, before any meaningful change takes place.
        Unfortunately, it can not happen all at once.

  • montex

    Complete and utter BS. Note the lack of sourced NASA links to verify these claims. And I thought Americans were the only ones who believed everything they read.

  • A.k. Blake

    With the collapse of the Maya, i wonder if colonial devastation might have played a role? Definitely not a compelling article. No facts, no supporting evidence at all. It’s unfortunate, because this is such an interesting topic, but articles like this just make the idea seem like bullshit to people with a scientific outlook.

  • Adm Tech

    Talk about glomming onto one piece of information and interpreting it out of context “Collapses of even advanced civilizations have occurred many times. in the past five thousand years, and they were frequently followed by centuries of population and cultural decline and economic regression.” They don’t mean “Mu” or “Atlantis” – they mean the ones we already know about. Put on your critical thinking hat, hell, just put on your thinking cap as a start. No news. Disinfo. Unverified…

  • Toby Nixon

    And what study are you referring to?

  • dwpittelli

    The NASA article is from 2014. It is mostly computer modeling, not an historical look at the causes of prior civilization collapses. Its assumption that “equitable” distribution of resources can prevent collapse is an ideological position which ignores that the most brittle and collapsing economies of the recent past have been the ones which promised equity over freedom, and relied the most on central planning to do so.

  • vernita

    If these country are spraying the air, in this weather control warfare. its affecting them too. So why do it.

  • 348wby

    what if we have a 3500 year reset switch that just turn the world literaly upside down in just a few hours and by the time its ready too happen again its called a myth or a fable passed down thru the ages….

  • UncleB

    The U.S.A. was phoqued over 40 years ago. The Nixon Shock 1971 (You Google, You See) marked the time when the Uber Rich took over completely, decided to rob the huge pile of “Capital Assets” reserved as “The Workman’s Stake” in America and build China into what it is today. They did this (treasonous act) for fast and high ROI from exploitation of cheap labor there. The after effect of their greed: a decimated America, and a strong communist opponent for America to now deal with. Fact: U.S. cannot get the F-35 off the ground until at least 2018. Meanwhile Chinese mass production technologies (mostly robotics) produce J-31 Fighters, Chengdu J-20 fighters, Sukhoi SU-35 fighters, and also a new but not so secret bomber?
    Russians have evolved also, and mass produce engines for the Chinese fighters as well as Sukhoi PAK-FA, SU-35 fighters, T-50 “stealth” fighters, and more.
    My Question: How many American Investors are invested heavily in the Chinese aircraft industry?

  • Ichabod America

    How odd such information is being revealed now when Socialism is overtaking the world.
    Funny how with the same “problems” they faced and destroyed these ancient civilizations , ie. ecological disaster and income inequality!!?? Today we have “climate change” and the forever present rich/poor paradigm!!
    This is the exact same scare being fed to the world today and it is peddled by the Elitists who wish to subject the world to their NWO, their One World Government.
    It is much more likely that if any of the civilizations mentioned (I do believe in more advanced civilizations prior to our present world).
    It is more likely that these ancient civilizations were destroyed in the Great Flood as described in the Old Testament (the story of Noah)..
    One of the blatant ways to see the subterfuge is how the title attempts to use the prestige of NASA in the headlines of this article, while in the text of the article, it sates that NASA has nothing to do with this study, nor does it endorse it.

  • Doc Lemm

    It’s just one more time around the wheel…

  • Andrew Meyer
  • realteruchan

    I wasn’t aware that advanced societies older than Egypt or Mesopotamia (5000 years or so) were even accepted by mainstream scholars, but now we know all these details about them?

  • Jonathan Mark

    There is a warning on Mars, which our government is covering up.. so yes.. we may go the way toward extinction especially since all the toxins we produced in such a short time on Earth. But there is still time for truth to set us free..