NASA Finally Discusses Sept. 2015 Comet/Meteor/Asteroid Doomsday Prediction


NASA has finally commented on the rampant theory that a comet/meteor/asteroid will strike Earth this September.  The theory originally came from “self-proclaimed prophet named Rev Efrain Rodriguez”, who said the comet will strike earth sometime between September 15 and 28, 2015 and will cause earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanos.

According to Guardian LV [1]:

The final prediction is that the experiments being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will go beyond our control. This will cause the eventual destruction of Earth and wipe out humanity from the face of our planet. He further confirmed that the entire U.S. east coast, Latin American nations, Mexico, and some countries in South America will be completely destroyed. He advised NASA to issue a warning about the comet strike so that people presently living in the areas that will be affected, can be relocated to safer places [2].

The claims made by Rodriguez have gone viral creating an atmosphere of panic among many people. The radical claim of many biblical theorists is that a massive asteroid or comet, large enough to spell the end of the human race, is about to collide with Earth. Although the details are still a little fuzzy and the claims lack credentials, the massive popularity of the prediction has forced NASA to respond.

The agency has clarified that the world will not end in September 2015, and humanity will not be destroyed. It has also been stated that the possibility of such a major collision with a comet or a large asteroid is negligible. NASA has addressed the latest prediction of apocalypse by an approaching comet strike in the month of September 2015 and dismissed the theory as unfounded [3].  

A spokesperson from NASA said that the agency is not aware of and is not tracking any comet or asteroid which is on a collision course with Earth in the month of September 2015. In fact, the spokesperson went on to say that as per the tracking information available to NASA at this moment, no large comet or asteroid is expected to strike Earth for the next several hundred years [4]. However, many theorists are claiming that governments of many leading countries around the world have information and knowledge about the comet strike.

They claim that a contingency plan is being prepared, which will make sure that the elite ruling class is protected. It is believed that the governments are keeping the information about this comet strike secret, to allow the more affluent class to be ready and to prevent mass panic. Claims are being made all over that the U.S. government could possibly form an alliance with other Western powers, and that all industrial nations will come together. Some suggest that the secret world government will finally reveal itself. Connections to an all-powerful group named Bilderberg Group are also suggested by many. Other accounts of such apocalyptic theories are being shared online and are gaining a lot of traction with many people agreeing that the event would bring about a climatic catastrophe.

Some people have claimed that the actual doomsday will be caused due to Cern’s LHC. They say that the logo of Cern is the number ‘666’, which is the sign of the devil. Others say that it is the sign of the beast in the circle. They go on to claim that the Cern collider looks like ‘stargate’ or ‘the all seeing eye’ that they find in many places around the world. For now, NASA has addressed and contradicted the prediction of apocalypse by an impending comet strike in the month of September 2015. 








  • Andrew

    Wow… That must be some AWESOME Kool-Aid they’re drinking! And I normally AM a conspiracy theorist….

  • Skiff

    Why no mention of Brian?

  • Charles Anthony

    This is one problem with Religion. It can only predict when catastrophe will strike. Never have I heard a preacher predict that peace and love will take over the planet and people will live in harmony with each other. 666 is a reference to Caesar Nero who burned Rome and blamed it on the Christians. These “prophets” need to get a life. I get sick of this Christian Crap.

    • Kevin Lee

      First of all your wrong on several points. First preachers (and The Bible it’s self predicts) that peace and love will take over the planet and people will live in harmony , read Revelations and the Book of Isaiah. That’s part of Salvation (blessings) connected with being a believer in Jesus Christ. Christ delivers us from all of that but most important Christ delivers us from things connected with references of 666 or the evil one or sin which is the cause of bad things or catastrophic things. Also Christianity isn’t a religion it’s a relationship.

      • patric

        christ died for us he gave us grace are sins are forgiven believe him its finished

      • Fat Daddy

        Very well said Kevin. Amen. God bless you.

    • Noesome

      Those that “predicted” these things do not represent all Christians or the religion itself. They are called “false prophets” and it can be anyone, not just a pastor, priest, etc. Because from what the Bible says, no one knows when the world will end. Only God does, not even those priests, pastors, reverends, or anyone else.

    • Converted Christian

      You haven’t been paying attention then…. Thousand year reign of Christ ? I get so tired of people who only know bits and pieces they heard from corrupt churches and the put sweeping generalizations on Christiananity . Study what you condemn. The bible also says people will be willfully ignorant. I’m sick of all this atheist crap.

    • vladislav

      sorry f**ktard . but this is more in your realm ! christians are`nt this stupid ! muslims on the other hand , well they believe muhhamad (rapist , murderer ,tyrant, pedophile , and goat f**ker ) to be the perfect man ! maybe you, like most of your jack ass type should be braying at the gates of mecca !

      • Dhillon

        First if the world was going to end then it will we won’t be able to change it .
        Second Death is Death no one has control over it not even God that’s what makes life and us so special because life is so fragile and like us life us not perfect so God won’t let us suffer .
        Third this so call new world order is nothing new . If individuals conquered a country then they would be the new order. Even country I think has been invaded once if not more
        Fourth sometimes dreams can mean something else then it seems
        Fifth with all the hate in the world,wars,famine and pollution we are the comet/meteorite and our own demise.

  • Dave Lawton

    Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will go beyond our control. And this will happen.

  • drno

    a asteroid finally ending racism? not bad…….

  • Maubus

    CERN has already opened a portal to hell I saw lucifer today driving around in a burgundy rolls Royce I looked right at him/it and said hey lucifer and he winked at me and we laughed and laughed

  • Maubus

    If white is white and black is black then if there is a father a son and a Holy Spirit would the other side not have the same? You have satan lucifer and…………

    • Erika

      Antichrist, false prophet and satan

  • Maubus

    Do you really think there would be any sort of announcement if cern did open a portal to hell? In June we were told they were done the “upgrades” and they were going to fire it up on a Wednesday……….but that was it we never heard anything else about it…… it even still there?

    • Perparim Sopjani wouldent it be awsome thought if they actually did open a portal to hell…dont be afraid though we have a giant burly badass spacem arine named tagart with a bfg in arm on the issue…just get some popcorn hide your bunys and enjoy

  • Dimitrije Jovanovic

    Total misuse of religion!
    Religion is based on love, not hatred and evil things!
    “Love God” , not “Fear God”!

    • JohnnyFreeze

      The bible says to fear God

    • patric

      believing God on calvary he came down here and saved us asking forgiveness wont get you to heaven but if you dont believe that your sins are forgiven on calvary then you are calling God a liar its not by works anymore but by his Grace(giving us something we dont decerve and we didnt decerve calvary) that shows his love right there

  • Prince Elias

    new world

  • Tango57

    That’s just embarrassing. It’s not like there aren’t enough real problems to focus on.

    • Sean Dylan Cormican

      you realise that this is true and the earth is going to get hit

      • micheal

        To any one who thinks this is real read your bible agin it takes about a new heaven and earth $144,000 of kings and priests with Christ and a great crowd that no man good number representing the humans that would remain on earth after the thousand year reign when Satan is let loose for short time to mislead any remaining wrongdoers. on that note willing to bet a $100,000 that the world will not end in September anyone willing to put their money where your mouth is?

    • Deanna Clark

      Absolutely…”the world is ending…send money…here I am with the Pope…send money…”

      • jenny

        Catholosism is not real Christianity. It is one of the best tricks the devil has ever played. Real Christians KNOW it is the truth and don’t believe you need to confess to a priest or pray with your rosary… That is why we tell everyone about it. We don’t want you all to go to hell. It is a hard pill to swallow because the satanic media brainwashes people into hating the true and living God and creator of everthing. By the way, I used to believe all the new age philosophy but God opened my eyes. I hated Christians but now I am one. Praise God!

  • James

    “The radical claim of many biblical theorists is that a massive asteroid or comet, large enough to spell the end of the human race, is about to collide with Earth.”

    Yes, we Christians are all on board with this. Down here in the Bible belt it’s asteroid this and asteroid that every Sunday when were not waging our wars on the gays, the women, and the kneegrows…

    • Kevin Lee

      Yes it’s true that a lot of so-called Christians judge people and that’s wrong but that doesn’t give us an excuse to harbor ill feelings ourselves as a result of what believers do. If we do it will spill over into our representations of Christ because didn’t he say forgive our enemies? And certainly we’re not for judging others because wasn’t it Christ’s grace , and mercy that drew us to Him in the first place? We need to respond the same way and no matter what believers are doing or saying. We have to keep our spirits clean of those types of attacks on our spirits and keep moving forward and letting God’s spirit in us reach out to those hurting.

    • Deanna Clark

      Christian is as Christian does…you may be meeting the wrong Christians or even people paid to discredit God or Jesus in comment sections with ugly judgements of others. Any fool can wear a cross or write mean things online.

  • the logo.

    cant deny the 666 on the logo though.

  • Rob Robinson

    According To The Biblical Timeline; A Catastrophic Comet Will Not Strike The Earth In September, 2015

  • Deanna Clark

    If anybody with clout believed this there would be no need for taxes or churches to take up collections any more. The Pope would tell everybody to keep all their money for giving parties and buying presents, right? That’s what the captain of the Bismark did when he knew it was sinking. When that happens…listen up.

    • Converted to Christianity

      The pope is a satanist. Catholicism is luciferianism. That’s not to say Catholics are. There are many saved Catholics that are devout and saved but the religion itself is that old religion Cain created way back when with a Christian veil over it. And actually yes many churches are shutting down taking contributions after this month.

  • Angela

    OMG the blind leading the blinder…

    • Fat Daddy

      The MEEK shall enherit the earth.

  • Rick

    If NASA knew about an inbound asteroid,would they let the public know? NO,NO,NO! It would cause PREMATURE panic.

    • Raphael

      And the rabbit hole deepens lol. So what exactly do people plan to do if they know an apocalyptic meteor is going to hit earth hide under a rock? Funny stuff, see if said meteor is out there in all likelihood whomever is offering safety for millions to the “elite ruling class” is just making easy money as no one is likely to survive that shit or the aftereffects.

  • Anthony O. Henshall

    Come on people.. you really think NASA would admit to a comet being on its path to earth?

  • who, what ?

    you do know this so say jesus is meant to be dead right ??? couldn’t even save himself yet alone mankind….

    • Fat Daddy

      He lives!

  • Dane Tito

    And now, the end is near, and so we face, the final comet. My friend, ill say it clear, why don’t you blast it, with a nuclear warhead? :3 :/

  • I’m awake…your turn

    This article is disinformation. I’ve been following this for a long while now and I’ve never even heard mention of the person they are saying started this. Some believe there is a comet or whatever but the bible leans more towards it being an economic collapse. If you don’t understand why then look it up. And listen. This article is just another attempt to demonize true Christianity. (Please don’t confuse the term christianity with the term church, very few churches teach directly from the Bible Word for Word. They cherry pick to push their agendas)

  • Seeker of Truth

    God spoke to me last night as well.
    He said, “Don’t worry I’m just messing with him”

  • Bob Hoskins

    The article seems to make fun that the LHC has connections to the devil with rubbish evidence. I find it more interesting that the LHC is built on an old temple dedicated to the god Shiva… the god of destruction and recreation and that they performed the dance of destruction on the site with LHC workers and that the have a giant statue on the site of …Shiva! seems very strange that theyd use Shiva energy in their experiments.. They even stated that the LHC could destroy the universe, it will open a portal and they dont know what might come through… sounds risky to me. Anyway we will see.

  • Atmos

    I’ll be back on the 28th. Can’t wait to hear all the crap those idiots have to say.

  • Mark Koltko-Rivera

    The Blood Moon Prophecy and the Shemitah Cycle theories also create an atmosphere of panic surrounding the latter half of September. I dispose of these in my latest book, _The End Is Not Yet_, available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions.

    • Atmos

      Give it a rest already. Let God do his thing. What do you get putting fear into the hearts of the gullible?

  • alexis buchanan

    yep we really died (again for the 50000000000000th time XD)