NATO Warns Europe To Prepare For War With Russia

NATO is planning its biggest build-up in eastern Europe since the Cold War to counter what the alliance consider to be a more aggressive Russia.


NATO’s top commander has warned Europe to beef up its air defenses over the Baltics in anticipation of a Russian invasion.

Tensions between NATO and Moscow has gradually worsened since the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation on 18 March 2014.

Currently there are just eight jets patrolling the skies over the Baltics and NATO commanders think that the numbers are not sufficient to deter a Russian attack in Europe.

The alliance is asking its European allies to prepare as a deterrence against a possible conflict, even though the preparation itself might be construed as an aggressive posture by the Russians, looking at it from the other side of the fence, that could lead to war.

The Daily Express reports:

NATO is planning its biggest build-up in eastern Europe since the Cold War to counter what the alliance consider to be a more aggressive Russia.

That could include a permanent presence of battalion-sized deployments of allied troops across Eastern Europe.

At a press conference in Lithuania, the country’s chief of defence Jonas Zukas said: “We no longer want multi-national forces to be present only as a measure of assurance or for political visibility.

“We want forces of deterrence, with a clear understanding that they would engage in case of a conventional attack.

“The air defence problem is real. It is obvious that in case of a military conflict neither four nor eight jets would be enough.”

Among the countries requesting beefed up defence are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Baltics are also benefiting from around 600 US troops who have been present there since April 2014.

Moscow denies any intention to attack the Baltic states but its recent annexation of Crimea in 2014 fuelled worries that Moscow is planning further land grabs.

Philip Breedlove, outgoing NATO’s supreme allied commander in Europe, said: “I think that the alliance does need to be ready for the air defence mission, and of course we as military men and women are looking at that capability.

“Air policing and air defence are meant for two different situations. The Baltic air policing is a peacetime mission.”

Thinking about war, leads to talking about war, leads to preparing for war which leads eventually to violence and war, which neither side wants, unless they are crazy or fanatical. Thinking about peace, leads to talking about it, which might not bring about peace, but prepares the ground, hopefully indefinitely, where crazies and fanatics will have a slippery job justifying their war like violent aggression by pointing away from themselves to the big powers and the bigger bullies.

Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
Assistant Editor
  • michaelrivero

    Russia did not annex Crimea. Following the US-backed coup in Kiev, the Crimean people held a referendum to secede from Ukraine, which is their right under the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Then the Crimean people held a second referendum to merge with the Russian republics. They asked for membership, and Russia agreed.

    • Roger Thomas

      THANK YOU!!! It’s sickening seeing the same lies and propaganda to make Russia look bad regarding Crimea.

    • freddifish

      It pisses me off to no end that they keep referring to Russia annexing Crimea when they are looking for an excuse to rattle the sabers. If these idiots want to continue provoking Russia maybe we should let them know that they’d better dust off their rifles and bone up on their skills because we the people are not going to be fooled into fighting another war while they continue robbing us blind at home. The banking industry is waaaaaay beyond saving and it’s way past time for the money loving war-mongering assholes that demand our children’s lives to protect their way of life to hit the dust bin for good.
      We have a huge responsibility to make sure everyone we know and love knows the truth about banksters and war. Lots of people know something is not right and it takes very little to show and convince these people of the truth especially if it’s coming from a loved one. Just remember to go slow as mileage may vary as to how much truth a person can handle at a time.

      Mr. Rivero, please keep up the great work. I always hit your site first thing every morning as I drink my morning cup of Joe.

      • Valhalla

        1 million upvotes to you sir! We need A LOT more people like you around. These idiots are taking us down that long road toward WWIII. They will be in their bomb proof DUMBS executing their continuity of gov’t. plans while our sons and daughters fight & die..for WHAT?? So sick and tired of these pieces of shit!
        Why can’t the human race see this for what it is and stop these bastards! NO! NO war with Russia or Syria or Iran.

    • DMahler

      The global so-called elite acted in a similar way with Hitler before WW2

  • James Leonard

    Why in Heaven’s name would Russia want to attack Europe? Shouldn’t there be a pretty good reason to do something like that?

    Don’t forget, 95% of Crimeans VOTED to join Russia in a referendum monitored by international observers and EU members and two years later, Crimeans say they are still happy to united with Russia again. There was no invasion and no shots fired, just a ballot box. For those who believe there was an invasion by Russia, can you tell me the date of that invasion? It’s a trick question. No one knows the date because it never happened.

  • doodaa

    Shouldn’t Europe decide if it wants to go to war? F*ck NATO. The UN is another false front. Buy food and ammo, babies, here it comes.

    • Tim Burrows

      Way ahead of you doodaa. Got my stash. Couldn’t care less what people think. Family first.

  • Tim Hadfield

    Dear NATO – Fuck Off.
    You are a much greater danger to us in Europe than Russia is.
    You should be ashamed of your warmongering.

    • Tim Burrows

      I agree Tim. NAYO should have gone bye bye a long time ago.

  • yep

    ah yes, the isrelai firsters in governments in europe and the usa are screaming for ww3, and do you think any jewish children will fight this war, HELL NO, they want the goys to fight this war, period

  • RJ O’Guillory

    ..what a BS article…what clear propaganda…Russia did not “annex the Crimea”. After The US Government spent 5 billion dollars to destabilize The Ukraine and create a civil war…The Crimea voted for, and were re-accepted into Russia…or The Russian Federation where they had been a part of Russia for centuries. The writer of this piece of garbage should be charged and convicted for aiding in Crimes Against Humanity..and then hanged.
    RJ O’Guillory

    • freddifish

      Hear, hear!

    • doodaa

      Calm down there RJ, Not a bullshit article, We are one.

  • James

    NATO please f””k off, we’re pissed off listening to your propaganda, anyone with a brain in their head knows that’s a load of crap.

  • kinky

    While Muslims have been good at killing each other, Christians aren’t stepping into Zionist trap. So, there has to be some way to make Christians bomb each other. For Zionists, there are many of those Righteous Gentiles in Europe and America who are more than willing to serve their masters. We might see some deranged orthodox Russian stabbing someone in Europe and declare that Putin made him do it.

    • Valhalla

      Definately will be “false fagging” going on-i see US, British & Israeli intelligence being the matches that start this fire.

      Do some still know of Black water? Or has their name changed yet again?

      • Kinky

        Blackwater > Xe > Academi. They’re currently in Iraq controlling ISIS.

  • forthurst

    If it’s Europe, then it’s the Brzezinski Doctrine; if it’s about the ME it’s the Project for a New American Century. Only warmongers want wars and the State Dept and the Dept of Defense contain more warmongers than the rest of the world put together.

  • Occam’s Razor

    We The People warn the corrupt international bankers: We’re not fighting any false flag wars. And, we know all wars are bankers false flag wars.

    So, if you’re going to wage war, git’ u and ur family suited up, let’s make some vids, send us a postcard. And please, don’t embarrass us with anymore war crimes.

  • Angel Talarico

    In other words, NATO is preparing a mass ‘gay wedding’ for all of its commanders and troops. Anyone refusing will be put into the brig.

  • Dewald

    I wonder if WE are paying for the apparently good sh!t that these NATO commanders are smoking.?

  • Ted

    World War 2 made the US the world hegemony because Europe, Russia, China and Japan were trashed, while not a single enemy bullet landed on American soil, save the permitted attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

    Nothing would reset the US economy like .a war that destroys Europe and Russia again. Western Europe has remained US occupied turf since WW2. Russia was completely controlled by the US Empire after the fall of the Soviet Union until Putin betrayed the NWO and organized resistance through BRICS.

    Are Europeans smart and worthy enough to liberate themselves from US occupation before they are thrown into a massive slaughter with Russia?

    I personally doubt it; but their future demise is just a function of Natural Selection. You can’t argue with the Laws of Nature.

  • Tim Burrows

    Let the political flip flopping begin

  • Tim Burrows

    Merkel imports Syrian in the guise of refugee’s by at least a million. The rest of Europe basically follow suite (all but Poland and a few others) Europe is already in turmoil from this. Russia are refusing to play the game aren’t they? So, NATO can’t afford the Russians talking to us now, that wouldn’t be Kosher. A nice war should do the trick!

  • Helge sæther

    The biggest threat to Europe is on the inside of NATO. Russia is not a threat, but Turkey and their 76 million citizens with Islamic ideology is dangerous. Of course the Russians respond to NATO’s aggressive stance on increasing its military moblisering closely to the Rusiske border. The US has become a weapon in Georges Sorel visions on the free trade of goods services and labor. I’m Glad Muslim lover Obama time is soon over, and Trump gets new president

    • kinky

      What utter BS. Muslim lover Obama. He’s as Jew loving as Trump is