Nepal: 500,000 Children To Get Emergency Measles Vaccinations

Nepal: 500,000 Children To Get Emergency Measles Vaccinations

Emergency measles vaccinations are to be given to more than half a million children who survived the Nepal earthquake.

The vaccination campaign which is  supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), is to be launched as a protective measure against outbreaks of measles in the informal camps housing victims of the April 25 earthquake.

The Star Online reports: Unicef representative in Nepal Tomoo Hozumi said in a statement on Monday that the lack of shelter and sanitation following the earthquake are big risk factors for the spread of diseases, especially in densely populated areas.

“Measles is very contagious and can potentially be deadly.

“We fear it could spread very quickly in the often crowded conditions in the improvised camps where many children are living,” said Hozumi.

He said that according to data collected before the earthquake, one in 10 children in Nepal remained unvaccinated.

“We have been working for decades to eliminate measles in Nepal.

“Unless we act now, there is a real risk of it re-emerging as a major threat for children, a setback for all of our collective efforts,” he said.

He said that Unicef is working with its partners to mobilise vaccines and the cold chain facilities needed to store the vaccines at the right temperature to ensure its effective.

He said that for the first phase of the campaign, teams will be sent to vaccinate children under the age of five in informal shelters in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Lalitpur, which are three of the most crowded districts in Kathmandu Valley.

He added that the campaign would then cover the other 12 districts worst hit by the earthquake.

  • Budhita

    Next up: “Measles Outbreak in Nepal”

  • Una Wendt

    … what a load of U.S. bullshit. grrrrr

    • bwahaha!

      why is it bullshit? because they are trying to save children’s lives. the bullshit is stupid parents that think letting their kids contract deadly diseases is a good thing. I guarantee you the Autism rate in nepal does not change after this, either.

      • Una Wendt

        Get informed bwa – you need to stop thinking that our governments only have people’s best interests in mind … THAT SHIP SAILED DECADES AGO =/

  • arakelian

    these children need a house, food, water and their mother, no more chemicals.

  • None

    good lord – it’s a cyclical disease … comes and goes every few years. you get it, you’re done. high rates of shingles now among older folk are due to THEIR lack of exposure to children with measles. so – get ready for that looming misery you pro-vaxers. idiots.