Newsweek To Ship Thousands Of Clinton Victory ‘Special Edition’

Newsweek print thousands of Clinton victory special editions to ship to newsstands ahead of election

Thousands of copies of a Newsweek magazine claiming a Hillary Clinton victory have been printed in readiness to ship to newsstands and stores.

Stacks of boxes with the Special Edition ‘Madam President’ cover depicting Hillary Clinton winning the U.S. presidential race next week were secretly photographed by a Newsweek employee who says that there were no Trump versions made.

The find proves that the media, in collusion with the Clinton campaign, have planned for a Hillary victory all along.

Front cover of Newsweek's 'Madam President' Special Edition depicting a Clinton victory due to hit newsstands next week
Front cover of Newsweek’s ‘Madam President’ Special Edition depicting a Clinton victory due to hit newsstands next week
Back cover of upcoming Newsweek magazine declaring a Clinton victory
Back cover of upcoming Newsweek magazine declaring a Clinton victory

According to the Newsweek insider, printing large numbers of magazines declaring the winner ahead of the results is unheard of due to the high cost and risk associated.

Normally draft versions of both candidates winning would be made in a PDF (offline) version, with printing and distribution only happening after the results have been called.

According to author Jim Stone:

The fact it is already in print,COMPLETE WITH BARCODE when it should only be in PDF, or other computer file form SAYS IT ALL.

Your argument is “well They have both candidates in print as winning so they are ready to go.”

Here is the problem with that theory.  In 2012 the only candidate leaked magazine and tv polls showed winning was Obama. No one else! That kills that theory.

There are those who are saying this release of photos by a Newsweek employee is a Psyop to make people give up and not vote. I say take it as confirmation that you had better get out and vote Trump.

  • Arno van Harskamp

    The Huffington Post is another such disaster going into full Goebels-like propaganda overdrive. In fact, Goebels is made to look like an amateur compared to the level of bullshit the HP is spewing. Dismantle and expose these criminal syndicate member outlets! Effin’ Soros tabloids.

  • mike

    NEWSWEEK = a Has-been publication that marched to SOB Soros. Everyone get empowered and vote Trump, so that we can drain the stinking swamp

  • signals3

    Newsweek stopped print publication in 2012. FAKE

  • ICFubar

    Besides Newspeak, NBC declared the winner of tomorrows polling on November the 1st while one TV station is streaming tomorrows results today….now that’s what I call reporting…

    me thinks the elites are giving the rest of America the middle finger and having a rip snorting laugh at all the dummkopfs.

  • Nam Marine


  • Centurion13

    Too bad they had to recall them all. Oh, wait, no it’s not.

  • RRozsa

    Now that I can read the back of the magazine, I am appalled at the condescension and hatefulness of the characterization of the conservative electorate: “…even as a handful of Trump’s most deplorable supporters, seeing the wide margin Clinton held among female voters, called to repeal the 19th amendment.” That sort of skewed, arrogant, and intolerant narrative, shared by the majority of the MSM, as well as by Ms. Clinton’s campaign, was one of the largest contributors to her loss of the election. No one ever even considered the possibility that the majority of US states are not populated by the Globalist Elites that the far-left assumed we all were.