North Korea Has An H-Bomb Capable Of Wiping Out Entire U.S. Population

North Korea has developed a Hydrogen Bomb capable of wiping out life on Earth

North Korea says it has successfully developed an ‘advanced hydrogen bomb’ that can be fitted on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

The hydrogen bomb (H-bomb) is a thermonuclear device which some scientists claim is capable of wiping out life on earth.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced on Sunday that he inspected the loading of an H-bomb into the ICBM during his visit to the Nuclear Weapons Institute, according to Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

“The institute recently succeeded in making a more developed nuke, true to the strategic intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) for bringing about a signal turn in nuclear weaponization,” the KCNA said. reports: Scientists “further upgraded its technical performance at a higher ultra-modern level on the basis of precious successes made in the first H-bomb test,” KCNA said, boasting about the progress of the domestic weapons program.

“The Nuclear Weapons Research Institute has recently achieved a higher level of research and production of nuclear weapons,” in accordance with the country’s strategic plan of nuclear weaponization, KCNA said.

“Our hydrogen fuel, which can be arbitrarily adjusted from tens of to hundreds of kilotons depending on the target of the nuclear strike, not only exerts enormous destructive power,” but can also explode at a high altitude, producing a “super powerful EMP [electromagnetic pulse] against a vast region,” it said.

“It is a multifunctional thermonuclear combat unit,” KCNA said, adding that all of its elements are “100% localized and all processes necessary for the production of nuclear weapons are integrated.”

The US considers a potential EMP attack a real threat to the nation, capable of inflicting “catastrophic” damage.

“The electromagnetic fields produced by weapons designed and deployed with the intent to produce EMP have a high likelihood of damaging electrical power systems, electronics, and information systems upon which American society depends. Their effects on dependent systems and infrastructures could be sufficient to qualify as catastrophic to the Nation,” the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack, said in their report.

An electromagnetic pulse attack on US soil could inflict major damage to vital electronic systems, according to a 2008 report from the Heritage Foundation.

“First, the electromagnetic shock disrupts electronics, such as sensors, communications systems, protective systems, computers, and other similar devices. The second component has a slightly smaller range and is similar in effect to lightning… [and can cause] potential for damage to critical infrastructure. The final component… is a pulse that flows through electricity transmission lines-damaging distribution centers and fusing power lines,” the Heritage Foundation explained.

For years now, the North has been relentlessly pursuing a program to develop a nuclear weapon small enough to be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). In January 2016, Pyongyang claimed it had successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb.

In July, North Korea, claimed it tested two ICBMs which could potentially strike continental US. However, Russian Defense Ministry data classed both missiles as Intermediate-Range Nuclear Missiles, while the rhetoric between US and North Korea has intensified.

On August 29, tensions on the Korean peninsula reached epic proportions after North Korea conducted its 14th missile test this year in response to the joint US-South Korea Ulchi Freedom Guardian drills which concluded this week. Pyongyang’s intermediate range ballistic missile flew over Northern Japan, sparking worldwide criticism and a statement of condemnation by the UN Security Council.

US President Donald Trump said “all options are on the table”regarding North Korea, later adding that “talking is not the answer.”

Amid the warmongering, Russia and China continue to insist that a military solution to the conflict is not an option. On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that further escalations could lead to an armed regional conflict.

“The situation on the Korean Peninsula, where tensions have grown recently, is balancing on the brink of a large-scale conflict. Russia believes that the policy of putting pressure on Pyongyang to stop its nuclear missile program is misguided and futile,” Putin said Friday.

  • HWR

    Would you believe North Korea Has An H-Bomb Capable Of Wiping Out Entire U.S. Population?


    Would you believe North Korea Has a conventional bomb that could wipe out California?


    Would you believe North Korea has bottle rockets that can hit Hawaii?


    How about fire crackers that can be set off near Guam?


    • James Willy

      You better give yur head a shake there buddy and wake up.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Russian, China, Pakistan and Iran have all shared nuclear technology with North Korea for decades.

    North Korea is their mutual creation, …er, their abortion actually.

    >> This is what needs to be said…

    Any nuclear or biological missile attack by North Korea SHALL be considered a direct attack by Russian, China, Pakistan and/or Iran subject to a full retaliatory response by the United States at a location, time and method of our choice.

    • rcwarbirdbuilder

      I comrade Charlie deep state tool has spoken.

      • CharlieSeattle

        Thx for not disagreeing with my comment.

    • James Willy

      You die first yankee.
      Russia will incinerate you mister exceptional POS.

  • amewjoricancowardshaveagoFFS

    North Korea Has An H-Bomb Capable Of Wiping Out Entire U.S. Population…
    and lets hope they fucking do……. and fucking soon

    • James Willy

      Just have to wait for exceptionalistan to attack first. The retaliation will be so funny. Kim aint joking. He can and WILL fight back. Just wait N see. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Didja ever notice how each Nork advance in nuclear technology is dismissed by our military, but always with the slightest ever increasing degree of overall acceptance?

    I will now propose what the LAST dismissive remark our US military will make about North Korea, for you to ponder.

    >> Breaking News Flash – US Pentagon – Approved for public consumption. <<

    "The 4 EMP attacks, delivered by North Korea by satellite in a sothern polar orbit, Gulf of Mexico freighter or Cuban bases, observed to explode above Portland, LA, Atlanta and Washington DC were deemed to be 50% less in severity and only knocked out 65% of the nations infrastructure, not the 100% threatened."

    "As a result of their abject failure to achieve their goal, only 45 of the 60+ active US nuclear power plants will lose power to cooling pumps resulting in Chernobyl style core melt downs in the next 24 hours to 3 weeks."

    "Spare parts on order from Communist China may arrive in 24 to 36 months."

    "Mexico and Canada have closed their border to all radioactive US refugees."

    Have a nice day!