Nostradamus Predicted Trump Presidency, Warned WWIII Would Follow

Nostradamus predicted Donald Trump would become President and that World War 3 would follow

Nostradamus predicted the inauguration of Donald Trump which would then be followed by World War 3, according to a rediscovered Quatrain.

According to the 16th century French seer, Trump’s win over Clinton was predicted in Century III, Quatrain 81:

“The great shameless, audacious bawler. He will be elected governor of the army: The boldness of his contention. The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.”

According to experts, the reference to “shameless, audacious bawler” is Donald Trump’s bold style of campaigning.

Also, “governor of the army” refers to Trump’s role as commander-in-chief of the U.S. military. reports:

Nostradamus pronounces dire warnings of economic collapse in Century 1, 40, according to his followers.

“The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws,” according to Nostradamus. “From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.”

The word “trumpet” is a reference to Trump, according to the prophet’s followers. And although Byzantium was an ancient Greek state, Nostradamus uses it as a coded reference to the U.S. because Byzantium was also a major attraction for immigrants from around the world, like the U.S. in modern times.

Proof that “Byzantium” is a reference to the U.S. under Trump is indicated by the fact that the problem of illegal immigration has been the major focus of Trump’s campaign platform, Nostradamus’ followers argue.

According to Nostradamus’ fans, the prophetic statement in Century 1, 40 that Trump would “go forth [as] a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards,” means that Trump’s economic policies would plunge the U.S. and the world into economic recession, as several economists have predicted.

Further evidence that “Byzantium” refers to the U.S. comes from Quatrain 50, where, according to his fans, he describes “Byzantium” as the “Republic of the big city” that will enter into foreign military operations on the order of the “trumpet.”

The “trumpet,” once again, is a reference to Trump. The ordering of a military operation refers to President Donald Trump giving orders in his position as commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Nostradamus’ fans then go on to claim the seer predicted Trump would lead the U.S. and the world into nuclear war after his election, possibly by mishandling the nuclear codes.

“I am pretty sure this is the start to Nostradamus’ prediction of the Apocalypse,” a worried Facebook commented, according to Express.

“Nostradamus predicted this outcome,” another said. “Nostradamus predicted after the trumpet wins, there will be a Great War! He predicted this 400 yrs ago!”

“[Nostradamus’] predictions have all come true! I’m afraid America is going fall,” a third, alarmed social media user stated.

Nostradamus’ followers are unanimous that the seer’s prophecies assure that Trump’s presidency will end in failure.

“Overburdened he will not pass the gate; he will speak with such great fury and rage; to fire and blood he will consign the entire sex,” Century V, Quatrain 60 allegedly foresees Trump’s failure.

Fears that Trump could trigger a catastrophic nuclear war come after he defeated Clinton in the 2016 general election on November 8.

But skeptics have dismissed the claims that Nostradamus, who lived in the 16th century, more than 400 years ago, predicted major political events in the 21st century.

“Load of tosh, you can read anything into Nostradamus’ predictions,” one skeptic said.

“Nuclear war was not in Nostradamus vocabulary back then…,” another skeptic protested.

“Nostradamus predicted everything and nothing. You can twist his words to mean anything from the end of the world to your Uncle Fred’s bunion operation,” a third skeptic said.

But before Trump’s general election victory on November 8, other followers of Nostradamus had argued that the reference to a “masculine woman” who “will exert herself to the north” in Century VIII, Quatrain 15 appeared to predict that Hillary Clinton would win.

According to some followers of the medieval seer, the phrase “masculine woman” refers to Clinton’s reputation as a foreign policy hawk. Others suggested that Clinton’s pantsuits make her a “masculine woman.”

Century II, Quatrain 67 also proves that Clinton, referred to as “the Blonde,” would defeat Trump, described as the “Fork-nosed One,” a few fans argued.

“The blonde one will come to compromise the fork-nosed one. Through the duel and will chase him out,” Century II, Quatrain 67 declares.

  • mike

    people are coming out of the wood works with all sorts of nonsense & twisting predictions in hindsight to match their own thinking, especially liberals who wish Donald Trump to fail. I give this article a big zero

    • Karen

      I think it’s funny that leftist liberals are making references to the bible now, “warning” people about a “Tump apocalypse”.

      Same people who called all Christians bible thumping racists.

      • Cooper

        I can’t argue with any of you… I will never accept the Bible as an indisputable law. Nor can I agree that it has no standing.
        What I DO know is that (as an equivocal atheist) there are many things that I cannot understand, and can subsequently not pass off. And I realize that this epiphany will never be something I can convince another person of.

        I will also say that Christians have never been referred to as “bible thumping racists” as far as I know… but that the weight of our divisiveness is what has brought me to this site. My views are not shared by a single person I’ve met here in FL, and it makes me feel very sad and alone. I just cannot imagine what comes next.

  • Wayne

    NostraIDIOT predicted nothing to do with TRUMP , zilch , zero . GOD did it through a fireman !!!! dont compare this idiot with GOD

    • Mira

      agreed, no human being can predict anything, as only God knows what will happen, also you need to ask yourself where his knowledge came from- God or the devil. Personally I think war was averted by electing Trump not Hillary, She could have been that great shameless bawler.

      • Timo Maas

        for the record, God does not exists. Its a big story to control the people! dont fall for it

        • Mira

          He DOES exist. As an atheists you would say that. I am a Christian and a believer.

          • Timo Maas

            Why did he create wars?

          • Mira

            He didn’t create wars, MAN did through his stupidity and greed. God gave man free will . That is an age old argument by an atheist.

          • Timo Maas

            what a stupid thing to do! Anyway, thank god he made me an atheist!

          • Flu Game Jordans

            But there is no God? So who do you thank?

          • Robert Stever

            Atheism is the blind belief that no high power exists. At least try and think for yourself. Currently there is no evidence to prove/disprove a high power is at work. At least keep your mind open about the possibility. Atheism is the religion of disbelief.

          • Anon YMouse

            Most atheists are agnostic atheists. They believe there is no God but cannot know for certain.

          • L R

            There is no god. After man developed the ability to reason, he developed the ability to ask “why?” With that, he wanted to explain the world around him. So, how does an ancient Persian or Egyptian explain earthquakes, coma, eclipses, drought, floods, thunder etc???? Think about it. They have no comprehension of plate tectonics, no comprehension of electricity, astronomy, medical sciences or climatic patterns. So, how would you expect them to explain it? Easy…to make them feel more in control, they attributed it to a divine presence. Then they felt they could control these happenings by appeasing these beings. Over more than ten thousand years, these gods changed form, function and names. When the first man figured out he could control the masses once he could convince them that he could talk to these gods, you had the rise of religion. The rest is history.

            So, there, I’ve PROVEN there is no god. That is an explanation that makes SENSE.

            That is aside of the fact that the bible has been PROVEN to be full of errors, falsehoods and contractions not to mention what was omitted because it didn’t fit the narrative of the day (Constantine’s day). The universe is not 6000 years old. That is something that we can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt with science…yet you will go on with “but it’s in the bible.”

            For god’s sake…the idiots that wrote it didn’t know that you could age a rock! Didn’t know that the stars in the sky are light from stars that was emitted millions, even billions of years ago.

            The simple fact of the matter is that, as the quote goes, I assert that we are all atheists. Once you understand why you reject all other gods, then you’ll understand why I reject yours.

          • Amaris

            I am sorry you feel that way, you may not share my beliefs but I don;t share yours either, not matter how much you think you have an argument to DISPROVE the existence of God. Belief in God defies all logic, so you can’t argue that one. As for me I will continue to believe in God the creator of all things and in his Son Jesus Christ.

          • Anon YMouse

            I want to start by saying I agree with you when you say you can’t prove there is no creator. It’s impossible. But you can use reason and logic to say that it’s very unlikely. We can tell that the God of the Bible is very unlikely. For the God of the Bible to exist he would have intentionally had to put in contradictions and errors in the Bible. It doesn’t make sense, so why believe it?

            You’re shutting your mind down when you say belief in God defies all logic. You’re using your mind to come to that conclusion. It’s all logic. Everything we do is based on logic. You can’t shut it down when you want to, it always exists. To explain this, I could say “Belief in Allah defies all logic. I will continue to believe in him no matter what because I just know Allah is the one true God.”

            You can’t just say, “no, I believe in the one true God. My religion is the true religion.” Why? You can’t BOTH be right, so what makes your position better than the other one? God would have created you with reasoning capabilities, he would want you to use it. The Bible even says to test your faith. Now you should realize that logic is indeed needed in order to arrive at the most logical conclusion. Now you should realize the need to put forth an argument for why your God beats out Allah. Once you realize this, then you test your arguments. You keep asking “why?” until you arrive at a conclusion you are comfortable with with the information you have. When new information is presented you decide if it has merit, you re-examine your position and decide if it needs to be changed and you keep doing that your whole life.

            That’s the journey logic will take you on.

          • Sharon Whetzel

            Both (most all) of these arguments cite the Bible with the assumption that the Bible, as now written, is the original Bible, written as told by God, by the people writing the various books. I will not say there IS or IS NOT a God because you have already made up your minds about that. I WILL say than man is man and no matter how carefully you copy something, there will always be differences. In the original languages it was written, one small line or a misplaced dot can change the entire meaning of a sentence or even a paragraph. Just changing “the spirit” to “a spirit” is enough to change the entire interpretation of a whole passage or even a book based on that passage. Therefore the Bible, like a mountain spring, is pure and good at its base, but tainted as it flows by the little things added or subtracted along the way. That is not to say it isn’t “the good book” but it isn’t EXACTLY the book as God intended. You will all have to look elsewhere for your “proof”. Religion is based on FAITH, not proof. Faith is the belief in without proof.

          • Anon YMouse

            Sharon, I would kindly ask you to re-read my comment. You focused on the first paragraph while disregarding the second and third one.

            Blind faith is the same as superstition. People will continue avoiding walking under ladders and wearing lucky underpants even though we know they don’t offer any benefits just because of “it’s tradition” and “it can’t hurt” and “you just have to have faith” and “not everything is based on science”.

          • Anon YMouse

            Faith is not belief without proof. That’s just what con artists try to tell you. Would you believe someone if they told you to give them $1000 as a loan but don’t worry, you’ll get $10000 in return? No. There’s currently no evidence that you’ll ever lay your eyes on that money ever again. Would it change anything if he said, “just trust me, you need to have faith”? Of course not. It doesn’t change the fact that there’s no evidence.

            Con artists would try to tell you that they are somehow different and you should believe them because they are different, but they still don’t show you why they are different.

            Faith and trust is earned through acts and evidence. It is that way for everything else and the supernatural is no different.

          • Daniel M

            It’s called faith for a reason, and there is no way for you to know he doesn’t exist either. At best what people should be claiming is being Agnostic (they can’t know one way or the other) not atheist.

            Using logic works to point–how do you know God didn’t set in motion everything including errors in the modern Bible (yes modern because there are apocrypha that were not included in today’s version which was compiled by various men–and even modern versions of the Bible are varied such as Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, etc., which in turn differ from the similar JewishTorah (old testament of the Bible), so as to lead us to the current events of today (playing out as originally intended)? There could also be metaphors and allegories deliberately used so that ancient people would have an understanding of concepts they would have no way of understanding the way modern society does with modern science and technology.

            You just can’t say God is a fairytale (as well as angels, demons, etc.) when you have no proof to the contrary. Did you know that science and religion were once one and the same? Modern astronomy and physics for example derived most of its initial concepts (ellipses, planets, sun, moon, stars, perihelion, etc.) from astrology. Astrology and astronomy were once one and the same–the Mayans, Sumerians, Chinese, Egyptians used both astrology and astronomy to coordinate their planting seasons and harvests (and the Chinese still base their Lunar Calendar on the phases of the moon–always beginning with new moons meaning new beginnings as opposed to full moons which signify endings). Even the farmers almanac still uses some of these concepts. At one time astrology was taught at all major European universities as a serious science. Even Isaac Newton was a deist who tried to make predictions based on Bible literature (and he is today regarded as one of the most intelligent physicists to have lived in any time).

          • Anon YMouse

            “It’s called faith for a reason.” That reason is to con people into not using their critical thinking abilities.

            Most atheists are agnostic atheists. They believe there is no God but cannot know for certain.

          • Daniel M

            You didn’t really argue an intelligent argument against anything I said. “Faith” for some is just that. I think what you are getting at is that there are people in history who have used religion for their own personal gain, whether it was the Inquisitions, the Salem witch trials (as well as others throughout European history and that of the Americas), kingship power, the Crusades, megachurches, power, etc. Yes, that has existed.

            However there are were also genuine historical figures who were trying to understand the world around them, and the meaning of what this life is and perhaps beyond, and observed the natural world, as well as the actions and reactions to living a certain way (Siddhārtha Gautama aka Buddha, Christ, Mohamed, Moses, etc.–these are only the well known ones, there are countless people who have followed similar paths). They also gained followers for a reason–why would Buddhist monks for example or Christian nuns and monks give up all earthly possessions away, live a celibate life, no family, etc.–major life altering decisions–to enrich whom? No one, they are seeking a higher purpose or perhaps found it. Again it’s no coincidence that many cultures around the world developed similar deities, with similar attributes, or that they developed their own version of the “Golden Rule” (as described in my previous comment).

            Yes science, math, and technology are important, it’s propelled humans to great heights (with the hindrance of classical religions), but we are also clumsy machines who cannot possibly fathom the complex processes that are happening every millisecond around them, nor comprehend the mathematical complexity happening all around us. It would take a supercomputer to be able to process every minute movement down to the subatomic level. Even quantum physics is too clumsy, too basic a description of what possibly is the natural world. You really have to open your eyes to the world around you–and so many other atheists as well (you can’t be an agnostic atheist, you either are agnostic, deist, or atheist, but you can’t be more than one).

            Let me give you some homework–if you follow or understand statistics, it should be easy for you to notice patterns in the natural world–and I’m not talking about the golden ratio. I’m talking about patterns that affect events and individuals themselves. You just have to know where to look and what you are looking for. One day people will rediscover that science and philosophy/religion/spirituality/faith, are one and the same (and gnostic mystics, as well as Jewish mystics understood this, as well as the Sumerians)–the end goals are the same, they just have different approaches to getting there.

            I would like to believe in God, and I tend to think there is One, but I don’t have all the answers, I don’t think anyone does, what I do have is an awareness that there is more here, than the here that people are looking at everyday, and there is very likely more than this universe as we see it. As mentioned before there are many faiths, many beliefs, many observations. You can’t prove or disprove the existence of God (there is no theorem or proof that renders him false), and the Bible (which version?), can be accurate or it can be filled with errors, allegorical, or all of the above. You just can’t claim or prove there is no God (suffering might have a purpose, so you can’t use that argument), and I can’t prove there is. In this case, I think most people are agnostic. Until someone proves it one way or another resolutely, you can’t attack deists (nor deists attack atheists) as being wrong. The best way in this, is to just observe, be quiet (unless someone is being abusive of another), and stay out of the way, because almost no one knows for sure.

          • Anon YMouse

            Faith is about believing in something despite there being any evidence of it, or sometimes even if there is evidence to the contrary. NO rational agent has faith in anything. Faith is code-word for “shut your brain off”.

            Would you give someone $1,000 if they told you to have faith it will bring you riches? You’d rightly think that’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard. Yet that’s exactly what religious people do when it comes to their religion.

            You sound like an agnostic theist.

            Here’s a neat info graphic to explain agnosticism and gnosticism:

          • Daniel M

            That graphic reinforces what I’ve been arguing. Most people (some will argue everyone) are pretty much agnostic, because we can’t know (or prove) one way or another whether a God/s exist.

            Being a definitive atheist or theist/deist (usually in the form of organized religion, born into) IS a way to really shut off your brain and say “this is the way it is” when we can’t know if it is or isn’t.

            Your argument about giving someone $1,000 is also a non-sequitur because in your example the person asking for the money and promising riches is A)likely unknown, lack of trust, lack of familiarity, but even if we knew the person B)we would have to vouch their history and see if they have a track record of making people rich if they gave him $1000.
            Likewise with faith, belief, etc. more discerning people don’t put BLIND faith in a stranger/person who argues for the existence of God or gods, and other worlds apart from this one (which I am not doing, as stated earlier I said I don’t know, but I would like to believe there is), but they would put faith in someone they trust who was most likely wise (and in history prophets, sages, priests, saints, gurus, oracles, etc. filled that position), and they were wise because they improved the lives of people around them and could help people make better choices to improve their life, in what some would say were prescient ways, and helped make more than mundane choices, but rather more important choices. It’s a bit more complex than that (and history and spirituality is complex), and the reason for that is that you truly have to open your “eyes” and be aware and conscious of elements you perhaps are not aware off.

            People’s basic mistake–especially those who suffer so much and repeat their mistakes–is that they fail to see patterns and they fail to see that others make the same mistakes, and go on about their lives without self-examination of where they got where they are (and the patterns that follow them and others). It’s subtle for sure, but if you are too focused on what modern pop culture tells us what is right, what defines success, etc., well things can get lost in translation very fast.

            Now one might dismiss pop culture and disregard it altogether, but the biggest danger is misplaced blind trust in authorities that smart individuals have been conditioned to trust and believe in, who might be wrong, authorities such as teachers, parents, professors, and/or educated professionals whose (well meaning) purpose is to educate young minds in the world around them. It’s very easy to dismiss the rantings of an uneducated redneck, a fundamentalist evangelical (who more often than not suffers from no self-examination and observation), a celebrity, etc. and even pastors/priests (as their credibility has been shot for various reasons from greed, to abuse scandals,etc.). What if however the esteemed physicist is only looking at a small pixel (problem/solution) of a much MUCH larger picture? Same for biologists, doctors, chemists, engineers, mathematicians, etc.? Sure doctors can be wrong (not news), but so are scientists, and so are other professionals, who may be learning only small portions of the natural world in their professions or have it wrong altogether as it has happened in the past. Like I said, human brains are clumsy machines (even high IQ individuals have very defined mental limitations), and it is very difficult for us to comprehend the subtleties of the invisible (or too small to see) world around us. Science is a tool to help understand the world, the problem is human brains don’t have the natural capability to understand it all at once and how we are affected and where it comes from or directed from (if), or even how it functions (are atoms in matter small vibrations at a subatomic level? is light made up of matter-like, but matter dissimilar particles? etc. physicists are having a very difficult time presently answering many questions). The ironic thing is that we are coming full circle where once science and religion parted, they may meet once again:


            That’s not even delving into multiverse or multiple universe theories.

            The point is the possibilities are endless the questions mind blowing and the answers even more exotic. Spirituality has in the past helped humans navigate some of these same basic questions, science is now seemingly delving in that direction again.

          • Anon YMouse

            Glad you liked the infograpic.

            Your assumptions about people trusting others too much I feel is correct. That’s why most religion is inherited. You trust your parents too much. When I was young I pretty much thought my parents were infallible. It was only after I started to question my parents that I began to question my religion and I became hyper-focused on trying to learn the truth based on facts and evidence and no longer relying on other people. Even what seems like someone trustworthy can be a liar or a dunce.

            I suppose this is why cults are formed. You exalt someone so high that you will believe whatever they say. I bet most celebrities could get away with starting a cult and having a few thousand members straight off the back.

            I believe most people are susceptible to this, maybe because critical thinking isn’t taught in schools, in fact, the opposite. You’re taught to memorize answers an authority figure gives you and not think through why you came to those conclusions. School is just a memory contest. So how can it surprise us when we see nations ever more divided based on labels? There’s no nuance to their ways of thinking.

            You’re a Republican? *Insert authority figure here* says you’re evil and I’m not evil so why would I even listen to what you have to say? They say you’re un-American and want to destroy this country, that you’re stupid and unintelligent; you don’t have the faculties to understand anything, so why bother listening to you? Furthermore I can berate you in public because you’re not on my side.

            You’re an illegal immigrant? *Insert authority figure here* says you’re here to take away my job, my livelihood, they say you expect everything to be given to you, that you’re lazy, and you’re here to steal everything we worked for. They say you’re breaking the law, and this is a country of law and order, breaking the law is always immoral. Furthermore, they say you’re here to take away our culture and make us a minority, to be treated like how we treat you, and we can’t stand for that, you’re a threat to our way of life.

            No thought goes into why they believe the way they do, or if there is any evidence to back up that logic.

            But I digress. The concept of faith is often used to shut down any inquiry into logic. All an authority figure has to say is to have faith, and the conversation is done. This is not a rational argument period, it’s the opposite of one. Like you mentioned, if someone has a track history of delivering on promises, you can trust that person more, but that’s logic based on evidence. At least you’re taking the position that we need to use reason. After all parties agree to that notion, we can then talk about if our positions is reasonable. We can talk through the logic and facts that made us arrive to our views. That’s great, that’s what we want. But all too often faith is used as a weapon to block that discussion.

            Yes, I tend to believe there’s more to this life/world. For instance, I’ve seen a lot of evidence for aliens and Bigfoot (not sure if those are related) which makes me a believer in those things (80% sure). It’s not too wild to predict there are other things out there which boggles our mind. I’m currently 50% sure this is a simulation, it depends on if we can create simulations and how much energy that would require, and if that simulation can create a simulation and how much energy would it require if they did that. Even at that point, it’s more likely we are in a simulation. If those assumptions are true, I would be much higher in certainty, but we can’t currently prove it. Even if we create a simulation we would most likely not think of those as living things, much like video game characters. But some scientific theory states that all we are are basically highly complex programs. If that’s true, we were never truly living to begin with, which is a weird concept. (Elon Musk talked about that a few years back.) Of course I hope that’s not true, and in that case, it may require some “supernatural” element such as the concept of a soul, which like you said, can still be science we just haven’t uncovered yet, and there have been plenty of scientists who have tried to go about finding evidence for the soul.

            Where I draw the line is believing in things I have no evidence for, or even calling it likely. It depends on the evidence. If I have enough evidence to say it’s likely, such as Bigfoot, I will say it’s likely. But I have not a single piece of evidence of a soul, or a afterlife, or a simulation, so I have to put them at 50/50 odds in my mind. I do hope for an afterlife and a world full of wonder. I hope I don’t ever stop existing. But I can’t say one way or another. That hope is enough for me, without believing it.

            There’s at least some evidence for reincarnation, with people remembering their past life, and coming up with accurate details of other people’s lives they’d know nothing about. I cannot rule out the possibility of an elaborate hoax, and there’s no real physical evidence like there is for Bigfoot.

            Even if we say reincarnation is likely, we can’t assume anymore than that. We don’t know if it happens to all of us, or if it’s a fluke of nature. If it has to do with something more supernatural. Do we get a choice, or what those choices are? Why the hell do some people remember their past lives and others don’t? If it’s true, it seems much more like the product of a fallible entity such as nature (e.g. mutations can be good or bad, nature doesn’t care) or technology prone to bugs. Not something infallible which is so often attributed to the spiritual realm.

            Unless the universe, God, or these infallible entities somehow want to leave nuggets of truth for people to find. For what purpose? That would be stupid, according to the logical faculties we have and the information we have available to us right now. It’s almost as stupid as creationists thinking God created dinosaur bones to test us.

            So all I’m left with is a bunch of questions and no answers. But perhaps this makes life worth living. It’s like watching a movie or playing a video game, if you’re hooked on something you always want to see what happens next. And I can’t wait to see what happens next in this world and in my life.

          • Joe Smith

            You the dumb one they did have electricity is messed up but they did somehow

          • RB

            What does God look like? Full description please.

          • Amaris

            Question: “What does God look like?”

            Answer: God is a spirit (John 4:24), and so His appearance is not like anything we can describe. Exodus 33:20 tells us, “You cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.” As sinful human beings, we are incapable of seeing God in all His glory. His appearance is utterly unimaginable and too glorious to be safely perceived by sinful man.

            The Bible describes God appearing to people on various occasions. These instances should not be understood as describing exactly what God looks like, but rather as God revealing Himself to us in a way that we can understand. What God looks like is beyond our capability of understanding and describing. God gives glimpses of what He looks like to teach us truths about Himself, not necessarily so that we can have an image of Him in our minds. Two passages that powerfully describe God’s amazing appearance are Ezekiel 1:26-28 and Revelation 1:14-16.

            Ezekiel 1:26-28 declares, “Above the expanse over their heads was what looked like a throne of sapphire, and high above on the throne was a figure like that of a man. I saw that from what appeared to be his waist up he looked like glowing metal, as if full of fire, and that from there down he looked like fire; and brilliant light surrounded him. Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him.” Revelation 1:14-16 proclaims, “His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. In his right hand he held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.”

            These passages represent Ezekiel’s and John’s best attempts at describing the appearance of God. They had to use symbolic language to describe that for which human language has no words; i.e., “what appeared like,” “like the appearance,” “he looked like,” etc. We do know that when we are in heaven, “we shall see Him as He is” (1 John 3:2). Sin will be no more, and we will be able to perceive God in all His glory.

          • Joe Smith

            Jefferson Bible is a Wanker joke cut and paste the real Bibles atleast the Devil is real

          • Robert Stever

            In my religion God the Father and J.C. both have a body of flesh and bone. And this is where I think religion was created by man, they can’t all be right, and none of them can be proven right/wrong.

          • Me

            Good point but if i every meet any of you weirdos, i will tell you to look up the word bible in the internet because God does exist and nostril knucklehead DOSEN’T.

          • zona14

            Ezekiel 1:26-28, “And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone: and upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness as the appearance of a man above upon it,”

          • Alvie Campbell

            Go look in the mirror.

          • Joe Smith

            How can you prove God is real?? The Devil is real we all know that

          • zona14

            News flash… if the devil is real than I’m thinking that God is real as well. It’s always been good and evil since the beginning of time. You really can’t have one without the other.

        • zona14

          I think God does exist. I also believe that God intended the earth to be a totally ‘happy’ place without sin. He made Adam and Eve, put them in a beautiful garden and expected them to carry on the idea of good . Enter the devil who also was lurking and put out the apple.. making it look completely awesome. God’s plan was ruined when stupid Eve took a bite of the apple and therefore things were out of God’s hands. He now had the devil to deal with and therefore the start of good and evil began. It wasn’t God’s plan- so he doesn’t really have much he can do with the devil’s presence- which I think is way greater than God. Celebrities and pro athletes who thank God for where they are and for their rewards in life are naive. It was you who got yourself to where you are and you alone. Thanking God is ridiculous.

          • Anon YMouse

            There’s no proof God exists and therefore no reason to believe it.

      • boyscout

        Man can in fact predict a possible outcome of something by seeing the actions and dialog that over time represent a pattern and a path. That is a fact. Trump the gop and the religious right represents danger in many ways whether or not nostradamus predicted him specifically or not

    • Robert Potts

      Don’t blame God for Trump.

  • Timo Maas

    The blonde one is probably Le Pen in France!

  • Sj Fickets

    False religion will not lose its power gradually and then disappear. The harlot will continue to be powerful and try to make kings do whatever she wants. But soon God will “put it into their hearts to carry out his thought.” (Read Revelation 17:16, 17.) Jehovah will cause the governments of Satan’s system, as represented by the United Nations, to attack false religion. The harlot will no longer be able to control these governments, and she will lose all her riches. Twenty or thirty years ago, most people thought religion would always be respected and powerful. Now this is starting to change. But the harlot will not lose her power gradually. She will be destroyed suddenly.—Revelation 18:7, 8, 15-19.
    After false religion is destroyed, the wild beast, Satan’s governments on earth, will attack God’s Kingdom. The kings of the earth will not be able to attack God’s Kingdom in heaven, so they will try to fight against those on earth who support it. This results in a final battle with God. (Revelation 16:13-16; 17:12-14) Daniel told us something about that final battle. (Read Daniel 2:44.) The wild beast mentioned at Revelation 13:1, its image, and the wild beast with two horns will be destroyed. Jw ORG

  • rick

    This site is a complete joke – coulda been something good when it started but it has turned out to be 90 utter shite.

    Just needed to get that out….

  • Tommy Toothbrush

    Overlooked: Century VI, Quatrain XCVII: “The sky will burn at 45 degrees (Trump is the 45th President). Fire approaches the great New City (Trump has said that he wants to spend most of his time in New York rather than the White House). Immediately, a huge scattered flame leaps up when they (Muslims) want to have proof of the Normans (upcoming elections in France favor conservative Le Pen, who has also advocated tighter control of Muslims).”

  • Truth Teller

    It was the genius of Nostradamus to write his quatrains in a manner in which can bare many interpretations;
    their meaning can be as diverse as the perceptions of the individuals who read them.

    As the discussion of Nostradamus’s quatrains has some reason morphed into a question of God’s existence, I like to give my opinion on the subject.

    Atheist consider themselves to be more logical than believers, as they claim
    that a world filled with violence and inconsistency should not be able to exist
    in a world in which a divine God has created. The Atheist does not consider all
    of the things they list as failures in the world are the result of human
    imperfection and ignorance. The creator which is called by many names by many
    people; has blessed humanity with free will. A person has to choose God, that
    is why evil exist, this why atheist exist; I am in no way equating being an
    atheist to being evil, but I am merely attempting to explain why there is so
    much dissention in the world. God is perfect; it is humanity that is flawed.

    It has been proven by science that all the forces of nature follow certain laws
    of physics; the force of gravity on earth, and the speed of light can all be
    explained by equations. It is my belief that science proves not disproves the
    existence of God; nothing organized is created in chaos. Even the big bang theory
    requires a catalyst; God is that catalyst.

    As we learn more about our world and the universe it has become more apparent
    that a divine creator is the architect of it all; every question of the
    universe we answer, we discover many more we have yet to decipher. We may never
    answer solve the mystery of life, we just have to live on faith, or not, it is
    our choice.

  • Eddie Lim

    The usual Nostril Nonsense…the end of the world has been predicted by this Nostril Nonsense every year for the past few centuries.

  • eloivsdiablo

    Trump does not bawl, a brawler yes but a bawler, no way… A Great Shameless Audacious Brawler. Yes Sir..!

  • Springcanyon

    Both clinton and trump are planning on running for next term and clinton will then win if you believe the nostrodamus quatrains

  • Bryan See

    Edgar Cayce predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would become a force of light in stopping the threat of the third World War, which is warned by Nostradamus, and Donald Trump is one perfect fit for this. It would be like me suddenly publishing that Nostradamus made a prediction hundreds of years ago, “The 45th Man would be orange, with false hair, and he would sell his soul to the Red King.” OH NOES, TRUMP IS PUTIN’S PUPPET, NOSTRADAMUS SAID SO!!!

    Donald Trump cannot be the hope of the world. The man is a lost soul. I have never seen anyone so separated from the truth. There are many psychologists and psychiatrists who say that Trump is in some kind of fight with reality. How can Russia and Putin be the hope of the world and a “force of light”? Under the latter’s leadership, the former has been involved in atrocities all over the world, lately, especially the Ukraine and Syria. Russia would like to take over more land, such as other parts of Ukraine, Caucasus, Belarus and the Baltics, which would also involve the destruction of even more people. What some soothsayer said 80 years ago does not matter…

    And Bulgarian blind seer Baba Vanga’s, whose predictions of Russia are apparently upbeat.

    “Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world.”

    In fact, the phrase “Everything will melt away like ice” is something that is warned about by many, including SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Noam Chomsky and filmmaker Michael Moore. Particularly, Moore said that “Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump.”

    Sure, Trump has indeed began the declaration of war against Earth, and the end result is that everything melts away like ice when the permafrost thaws and floods come, and nothing will survive but Russia.

    In conclusion, both Trump and Putin are ingredients for the perfect disaster recipe. They will be responsible for laying waste to Earth and Trump will fulfill prophecy that he will be instrumental in the extinction of human life on this planet – something the Internet and conservatives (including SJWs and alt-right such as BatteryIncluded, the Wikipedia administrators, etc.) have cheered upon. That’s why the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists pushed the Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight.

  • Nathaniel Williams

    this has been set for over 500 years lets take look into the deep reason this was written……