Nova Scotia Ran Out Of Gasoline – A Sign Of Things To Come?


Halifax, Nova Scotia has had the lowest gas prices since winter.  But, drivers wanting to fill their tanks over the weekend are having trouble finding a gas station that stocks… gasoline.

According to CBC News:

Several Halifax gas stations are running out of fuel.

Wayne Pace, who owns an Esso Station in Tantallon says the shortage has nothing to do with gas prices.

“The bulk plant out in Dartmouth is out of supreme and they’re out of regular so until they get replenished by the tanker that is supposed to come sometime today, fuel is going to be in a shortage,” he said.

Pace says because it is a weekend and there are a limited number of distribution trucks, he believes it may take until Monday for stations to again be fully restocked.

Most gas stations are still selling diesel and premium-grade gas.

  • Cape Bretoner

    As a Nova Scotian, I am disgusted that you would drag our name through the mud to feed your bullshit. If you had half a clue about what’s going on in the world, you’d realize that we have an overabundance of oil, with millions of barrels sitting in warehouses, hence the low prices. Just because one refinery had some difficulties, doesn’t mean the world is running out of oil/gasoline. I used to think that this was a legitimate alternative news website, but now I realize that this is the same fear mongering bullshit that you’ll find anywhere else. Congratulations for perpetuating hate and fear, you self righteous fucks.