NPR: 25 Million Votes For Clinton ‘Completely Fake’ – She Lost Popular Vote

NPR admit Hillary Clinton 'lost the popular vote' as 25 million fake votes are discovered

A study published by NPR reveals that over 25 million Hillary Clinton votes were completely fraudulent, meaning that the Democratic candidate actually lost the popular vote by a huge margin. 

A study by the Pew Center claiming that over 800,000 non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton failed to take into account dead and fraudulent voters which totalled over 25 million “registered voters”.

According to reports, illegal aliens combined with dead voters and “multiple state” voters explains why Hillary appeared to have won the popular vote over Trump during this years presidential race. reports:

“A report by the Pew Center on the States finds that more than 1.8 million dead people are currently registered to vote, and 24 million registrations are either invalid or inaccurate,” NPR reported in 2012, which is ironic given how NPR is heavily controlled by Democrats.

And many of the dead, registered voters somehow keep voting Democrat from beyond the grave, most recently in Philadelphia, Penn. and Colorado.

It’s also worth noting that the U.S. population has increased since 2012, meaning that there’s likely more dead and invalid voters than before.

“…The Pew study found that almost 3 million people are registered to vote in more than one state,” NPR added.

That’s because when a new resident registers to vote in a state, officials usually never bother to tell his former state about the change in voter residency.

Under the “catch and release” immigration program by the Obama administration, illegal aliens were routinely given bus tickets to travel to other states by immigration officials, so it was theoretically possible for non-citizens to register to vote in a border country illegally, then register to vote in another state after their taxpayer-funded bus dropped them off.

Clinton won most of the 163 most populous counties in the US that account for half of the total votes in the election, including dense urban areas in New York and California, yet she only won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, which reveals the lack of enthusiasm voters had for her in comparison to Trump – and that Democrats would have depended more on illegal votes.

A portion of the 24 million invalid voter registrations combined with a portion of the 1.8 million dead voters and the over 800,000 known illegal voters could explain the difference of 2.8 million votes, and it’s worth noting that the 800,000 figure could be a low, conservative estimate.

That said, a popular vote victory is meaningless; if the president was elected by popular vote, then both Trump and Clinton would have campaigned in entirely different states because only densely population regions of the U.S. would decide who would become president.

Without the electoral college, the United States of America would be reduced to the United States of New York and California, with 48 other vassal states.

Yet notice how Clinton campaigned in other, less populated states.  They knew the popular vote was meaningless ahead of the election.

However, the popular vote is useful as a barometer for voter fraud since the most populous countries are also the most susceptible to election tampering by illegal, invalid and dead voters.

  • Restless Boomers

    The entire election process is a fraud. America is no longer a republic, but rather a fascist state controlled by elite Joo banksters and oligarchs. The rest is all a theatrical production.

  • fishing4truth

    Democrats Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes –
    Hillary Campaign Caught Ripping up Trump Ballots –
    Illegal Immigrants Caught On Tape Stuffing Ballot Box –
    Hillary Clinton Recieved One Million Votes From Illegal Aliens –
    Mathematician Uncovers Widespread Election Fraud –
    Hillary Voter Fraud (37 videos) –

    • Duhh

      unfortunately the 1st video is from the BBC and the Russians voting fraud! AND thats a Russian Flag on the left..

      • user_kp

        @harrypatkowski:disqus how many flat out lies do you have to debunk before people start to realize there is fake news on the Interwebs? Serious question. It has been non-stop fake news posted by my conservative friends. They don’t even seem to care when I prove that what they posted was a lie. They just latch on to the next ALL CAPS fake news article in their news feed. You can’t fix stupid.

        • trump blast

          First you must use reliable sources to debunk a fake site and snopes is not reliable !! As the owner is so pro obuma he called the truth a lie even though it was recorded by some twenty news venders when the event happened !!! So if you used snopes its nowounder they ignored you !!!

          • HenryJ

            This site is fake news. Simple as that.

          • Mark Choi

            Typing words into the internets doesn’t make them true. If you are going to claim Snopes is unreliable you need to cite EVIDENCE.

          • Jay Mooser

            Here’s your evidence on snopes. Maybe as many times as you told people to provide proof maybe, just maybe you should look into your own damn resources. When any media outlet won’t answer questions and essentially says it is a secret then it is not to be trusted source for ANYTHING.

          • Mark Choi

            First, you provide NO “evidence on scopes”. Yo merely cite a Forbes article that in turn references a Daily Mail article. Now, I understand why you chose to obfuscate the fact that your entire point rests on a Daily Mail article, as the Daily Mail is a known purveyor of unsourced, purely fabricated, obviously biased nonsense, but trying to remove the claims a step by using the Forbes intermediary is fooling no one.
            Moreover, the Forbes article does NOT help your case. Did you even read it?!?
            It makes NO claims that Snopes is unreliable, that it has EVER misstated the facts, or slanted a claim, and it most certainly did NOT support any claim that it is “fake news”.
            Second, what you are failing to understand (how surprising) about the case detailed in the Forbes piece is that the issue he wouldn’t answer questions about was NOT the affiliations of the people who submit articles. In fact, he answered them directly. The issue he refrained from answering questions about related to his divorce proceedings, an issue for which he had legal and moral reasons preventing his candor, not leas of which was a legally binding nondisclosure agreement.

            Nice try, but no participation trophy for you , snowflake
            Third, I “look into [my] own damn resources” just fine, thanks. You should try doing the same.

          • trump blast

            You mean like snopes denying liberal congressmen/women sat their biased buts down while the rest of congress gave a two minute standing ovation from a seal team member’s widdow ??? Or many others just as obvious fake debunking by snopes that I have no intention of wasting time to list !!! But you go right on believing every lie told you over the years !!! As Thomas Jefferson said those who don’t read the newspapers are better informed than those that do read the newspapers !!!

          • Mark Choi

            Why yes, exactly like that, since the pictures used to show that those particular members of Congress did not stand for Carryn Owens’ speech were form a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT part of the speech, and multiple videos and still pictures of the actual event show incontrovertibly that all those Democrats were, indeed, standing.
            As for your claims about Jefferson, it is not surprising that you cherry picked that quote, and furthermore, conveniently failed to repeat the full quote, or put it in context. First, he was decrying the very same type of media, like Brietbart today, that is causing the current raft of issues with fake news.
            Moreover, his full quote, that you conveniently mis-paraphrased and abbreviated, shows this to be the case”
            “The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.”

            But as to newspapers as a whole, this quote (complete and accurate) is far more informative:
            “The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”
            He furthermore went on: “But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them.”

            So, you were saying, snowflake?

          • trump blast

            As I was watching live that night I know they sat down during that part of the event !!! Now can you say otherwise ???

          • Mark Choi

            Yes I can, as I have seen actual video of that portion of the speech, from multiple angles, and those actual videos show definitively that you are not only full of shit, you are a liar.

          • trump blast

            I’ll take the live action over a mere video and I was watching as the event happen not some liberal news clip like you chose to watch and it was easy to see who was sitting down and who was standing !!! More noticeable was all those women democrats wearing white sitting down as one remained standing !!!

          • Mark Choi

            You can take whatever you want. Your claims are lies, which is why you can present ZERO actual evidence.
            And your claims about what you saw during the actual event are lies, as they did not happen.

          • trump blast

            Why should I lie about watching a bunch of hateful democrats sitting down when its obvious that they sat down throughout the whole time Trump was speaking !!! And I did not post links because I never post links to TV archives or any other item of discussion as someone like you can then say that its a fake site or not there so its not real !!! So now with that excuse ripped away you try to call me a liar with now way to prove your hypothesis !!! Thus you have made a fool of yourself without my input !!!

          • Mark Choi

            Why should you lie? Who knows, maybe because it is just in your nature. Or maybe because you are covering for an intellect incapable of ascertain actual facts from evidence.
            Or maybe because you’re just a liar.
            And how convenient that all of a sudden you “don’t post links”. You are fooling no one. You can’t post links because no such links exist because IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

            So, to be perfectly clear:

            And I can easily post links of the original speech to prove it.


          • trump blast

            As you obviously failed to watch it live what good are your links ??? As you continue to refuse to hear the truth !!! By the way live means there is no edited screens as you like to claim so as I am watching the standing ovation for two minutes the news crew has not jumped to another part of the speach from later on !!!

          • Mark Choi

            First of all, in 2017, live most certainly does not mean that. Even live broadcasts are on a delay.
            But I’m not climbing you saw an edited broadcast, I’m claiming you are LYING about what you saw. Because the only way you saw that is if you had a specially crafted feed direct to only your television.

          • trump blast

            You keep right on buying those liberal lies and I’ll keep right on telling the truth !! As that 3 second delay is for blanking out foul language and nudity and is not enough time to cut an in taped section of a live broadcast in to show the democrats being a bunch of boarish idiots while there’s a standing ovation for two min. That came before the section you claim that clip to have come from !!!
            You see I know all about that 3sec. Delay as well and why thy have it !!! And there was no tampering with the live broadcast that night and I tuned in at the beginning and watched the whole thing and can tell they had about 4 cameras focusing on Trump the congressman/women the visitors and the widow and surrounding personnel !!! So any cutting was from camera to camera front back and side views !!! But not one time jump !!!

  • Cordstreet

    Shiiiiit. What about lost or changed absentee ballots. How would ANYBODY know if their absentee ballot even got to it’s desired destination, never mind if it was tallied?

  • Billy S DuBose

    The average American is all about securing this Nation, and realizes we are under no obligation to accept anyone into this country, it is a privilege. Most of us would love to see a drastic reduction on all immigration as most that come here end up on Government assistance. Taxpayers need relief! Seniors and Disabled Vet.s need cost of living raises and improved health care at lower costs. It is time for Americans first ! We can no longer pretend to be financially able to support the world. and we shouldn’t put aliens needs ahead of our own American needs. The time is for honesty, not ignorance, and certainly not arguing! After so many years of our own citizenry being forced to make sacrifices for the common good, we should not be made to feel guilty for wanting to say it is our time to be considered. We need security, and economic growth. We need to heal as a Nation, and come to some common agreements on numbers of immigrants allowed in America. America’s Statue of Liberty stands for all, not just aliens wanting to come to her shores!

    • HenryJ

      The people that we were keeping out were already granted a “privilege” which granted them entrance into the USA by contract of a green card they were already using, a new green card or other type of visa to enter the USA. They had already been vetted to enter this country and had a contract with the US government to be able to do so. It was the office of the President who unconstitutionally broke our end of the contract. That is why the courts got involved and that is why Trump’s Executive Order was repudiated by the courts.

    • Shaudi Sardi

      Good post Billy! Very honest, thoughtful, and common sense statements! Mr. Trump is trying to ‘give us back our Country’ so, we need to step up and act like the owners that are ready to take back control!!!

    • Randy Sprague

      Totally agree with your comments.. But I’d like to see the authenticated NPR report on this — it seems out of step for Alt-Left NPR to make such a pronouncement. Does anyone have a link to the NPR-sourced report?

      • BoilerFan

        The links you inquired about are actually in the story, above.

        • raffaelecafagna

          Sorry ; you replied to a post that is 12 days old .

          • BoilerFan

            I’m well aware of when the article was posted. Just thought you might appreciate knowing the links were there…in case nobody else brought it to your attention. I was trying to be helpful.

          • raffaelecafagna

            Yes of course I do appreciate it . Thanks .
            No hard feelings .

        • Mark Choi

          No, they aren’t, which you’d know if you have bothered to check your facts. But since when did knowing WTF you were talking about ever stop you brainless sock puppets on the right from claiming things that had no basis in fact?
          The links above do NOT point to the original research, and that research does NOT say what the moronic author of this article is claiming it says, which is why Jesse RIchman or Old Dominion University, who wrote the first paper mentioned about, is telling both Trump and his fake news surrogates in the fake press, like that empty mouth piece Sean Adl-Tabatabai to STOP misquoting and misusing his paper:

          • Jusme

            You Muslim?

          • Mark Choi

            You stupid?

          • Tony
          • Mark Choi

            First, the idea that you post links to fake news sites like the Washington Times and InfoWars as citations to bolster your case is telling. And not just “fake news” like, “I don’t believe it because I don’t agree with it”, fake news as in repeatedly posting verifiably false stories.
            Furthermore, even if you did buy that nonsense, NONE of those links actually support your claims.
            Note that NONE of them cite ANY actual data, and make suppositions NOT actual claims.

          • Dennis Dumas

            So by your statement, do you suggest that we take the word of MSNBC, or CNN, both historically known to edit interviews, stage fake demonstrations, and contradict well established facts!
            The MSM’s loss of public confidence is very telling….

          • OliverBx

            Washington Times is not fake news. That would be the Washington Post. You consider anything not hard left as fake. Your “news sites” never take a magnifying glass to leftists like they do to Republicans. That is where the proof of fake news lies.

          • maddog2008

            He/she is a paid troll who uses many different names on many different sites. ~ He/she never changes his/her sentence structure, insults or “IT’S” tough guy threats which makes the scumbag easy to spot. ~ The best thing to do that really gets under “IT’S” skin is to ignore “IT” for three reasons: 1) “IT” doesn’t get paid when no one replies. ~ 2) “IT” lives to argue and threaten playing tough guy which is something “IT” will never be and hates to be ignored. 3) “IT” can’t spread “IT’S” anti-American lies if no one is challenging “IT’S” flat out lies and Marxist agendas.

          • Joe

            Woe are you a mouthful of communist feces. or just a sorry ass pink cup cake from the left who has no self respect or respect for others, don’t ask people to do your dirty work for you, which is typical of you left wing cowards, who our real American president keeps shutting you down with every word you squeeze from between your cheeks are lies.

          • Mark Choi

            First, learn English you moron. The word is “whoa”. And commas are not periods.
            Second, no one is asking anyone to “do [their] dirty work for [them]. If you are going to make a claim, it is YOUR “work” to support it with EVIDENCE. Evidence you don’t have because the claim made in this bullshit article is FALSE.

          • trump blast

            Mark whoa is stop !!
            Woe is fearfulness !!!

          • Mark Choi

            First, the word “woe” is not what the O.P. ,meant, and it makes no sense in the context in which it was used.
            Second, “woe” does NOT mean “fearfulness” you moron. Get a fucking dictionary, FFS!

          • trump blast

            Woe be to you who call good bad and bad good !!

          • Mark Choi

            You realize you’re not actually helping your point, right?
            Using the word in a sentence does not prove what it means, nor does your claimed definition even make any sense in the sentence you used!
            You know what does? A fucking dictionary!
            Here’ I’ll help you out:
            Woe (n)
            A great sorrow or distress.

            It does NOT mean “fearfulness”.
            Learn English, FFS.

          • trump blast

            Was that from Wikipedia ???

          • Mark Choi

            No, it’s from a thing called “the dictionary”. Clearly you have never heard of it. It lists words in alphabetical order along with their definitions.
            Here’s some specific examples:

            —used to express grief, regret, or distress




            1 Great sorrow or distress (often used hyperbolically)


            1. grievous distress, affliction, or trouble:


          • trump blast

            Deep trouble is the source of fearfulness !! But then you can’t think in those terms as its beyond your understanding !!! Just like facts !!

          • ValH

            You shouldn’t preach about dictionaries since you yourself do not appear to use one.

          • Olwen Sims

            mark Choi- Woe defined as distress- Synonyms for fearfulness
            noun fear
            so it would appear you are wrong Mark Choi- synonym , you know what a synonym is right? for fearfulness is distress- definition of woe is distress. I think you and your gutter mouth owe several people an apology as you are not as smart as you think you are.

          • ValH

            You are the only one here that is ‘pointless’. Say Goodbye. Troll.

          • oscar1939

            Anybody that has to use the big f word to make a point is a loser to start with.

          • N Parker

            not really

          • oscar1939

            maybe not in your hood but true in my civilized community.

          • N Parker

            sorry, but you’re wrong

          • dionsius john

            Yeah, really… The fact that you think not rather indicates your own lack of ability to formulate cogent arguments.

          • N Parker

            not really

          • Liz Litts

            Oh like you are helping yours with your potty mouth and uppity attude? NOPE!

          • Mark Choi

            It’s all but impossible not being “uppity” in the present company.
            But as to “helping” the facts are the facts, irrespective of the language of the person citing them or their attitude. Which is why no one here can support any of their misinformed nonsense. Because you’re all sock puppets, and unless your puppet masters make your mouths move and tell you what to say, all you can do is bloviate the same tired, misinformed talking points you keep repeating over and over again.

          • Debra Mulgrew

            funny i saw voting fraud and i do believe many illegals did vote because being an undocumented person is still illegal and they do vote

          • Gary

            You lost get on with your life. Try to win an election without the help of dead people for God’s sake.

          • Jeff Goe

            Wow you are such a stupid boy, I guarantee your a frail skinny boy type that is confused about his gender, a true beta boy mail. People like you are a disgrace to this country, thank god you are not the majority and that real men do exist, I would eat you for breakfast boy!!

          • YTInfidel

            VOTER ID !!

          • CaMaven

            They’d have to show up at the polls with death certificates 🙂

          • Jeff Goe

            Wow is this guy stupid!!

          • deb

            Mark, you are wasting your time with these people. So far not one of them has said anything of substance. Basically all they ever do is trash anyone (you) of caliber. They read click bait fake news sites, post them and never check out the sources. When we call them on their questionable news sites they lash out like children. Anyone who can possibly support Trump as a “good President” is beyond all help.

          • bluenoser

            Yeah like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC.. NYT, WASH. Post… ??? Fake news from the Left, thank goodness for the internet…

          • Tyler McCail

            Mark Choi seems like a pleasant fellow.

            By pleasant, I mean short tempered and ill-willed. By fellow, I mean Hillary shill.

          • OliverBx

            Obama encouraged illegal aliens to vote. Jail that dbag.

          • CaMaven

            You’re pathetic. Go back to Daily Kos.

          • Mark Choi

            You’re an idiot. Go back to kindergarten. Maybe you can graduate this time.

          • Aidan Little

            Mark Choi shut the fuck up. English enough for you mate?

          • Mark Choi

            Or what, pussy boy?

          • Gary

            The empty can rattles the most, is that not right Mark Choi?

          • Mark Choi

            No, it’s not, Gary. Care to offer any more mindless platitudes?

          • Jeff Goe

            id like to punch this stupid ass in the face! Mark Choi is a stupid ass, he’s one demential he cant see the layers of deception in this county because his stupid mind is small and cant process it. Wow your dumb!!

          • Mark Choi

            And I’d love for you to come try. I’d love even more if you could take a basic English class and learn how to spell simple, one syllable words.
            Hint: you can’t really call someone dumb when you don’t even know how to spell the word “you’re”.

          • Jeff Goe

            Here he goes again, wow what a stupid fuck you are, yes someone like you I want to punch in the face! please please please tell me you live in Florida as ill drive to meet you and show you want a little fuck you are. Its time you lefties get a good ass kicking, im tired of calm chat with these fuck tarts.

          • Mark Choi

            So quit shooting off your big, uneducated, sock puppet mouth and come do it pussy.
            Oh, and the word is spelled “I’ll”. And “it’s”. And “I’m”. Which first graders know.
            And while you’re finding a first grader to teach you how to spell, how about you learn how periods work?

          • Jeff Goe

            lol this pussy boy is pathetic, I guarantee he work an minimum wage job if that and probably live home with mommy, no I personally want to rearrange your face if I come up that way im coming for you.

          • Mark Choi

            Such a big mouth with nothing behind it.
            Wonder how your mouth got stretched so big.

          • Tom Schneider

            Gelatin head, Choi you’ve got nothing but gelatin in your cranium!

          • Troy Ellis

            Did you ever notice how liberals can only degrading scream and yell and call people names. Does it Irritate them to death to know that every liberal is always wrong.

          • thinkingforyourself

            its nice to be able to block these commie bitches. OOOOps, I mispelled oops.

          • Mark Choi

            I am supposed to care that you blocked me, coward?

          • Jeff Goe

            its time for lefties to get beat down im sorry my fellow rights but ive had enough of them

          • Mark Choi

            So come do it pussy ass internet tough guy.

          • chevalmarin

            Who cares except losers?

          • Mark Choi

            You, apparently, since you felt it necessary to comment.

          • OliverBx

            You do have a handle on grammar. Most of you leftists don’t. Go to the nearest housing project, you know, where most left wing voters reside. You’re aligned with the densest people on the planet. MAGA.

          • OliverBx

            Your vulgarity speaks volumes about you…

          • New granny

            Woe , pretty much describes the left’s emotional state these days .

          • CaMaven

            Mark doesn’t even realize he’s being made a fool of.

          • Mark Choi

            You CLEARLY don’t even realize that misinformed idiots can’t declare other people “fools”.

          • CaMaven

            You’ve documented your foolhardiness so thoroughly on this site that all we can do is laugh at you. Pathetic.

          • Mark Choi

            The idea that the worthless opinion right wing morons would bother me wis what is pathetic.

          • Skip Knittle

            Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.

          • Kalin Xhaos

            Stereotyping is the “effect” of a weak individual trying to appear strong.

          • Really?

            Unintended Ironic Post of the Day. lol

          • James

            Guess that’s why founding fathers used it so much …… BACK TO SCHOOL FOR YOU …. FEEBLE ONE

          • ValH

            Oh, so NOW you are also a mind reader. BE GONE! Troll!

          • Mark Choi

            “Oh, so NOW you are also a mind reader. BE GONE! Troll!”
            That would require you having a mind in the first place. Reading a blank sheet of paper is not an accomplishment.

          • JS

            Love how your but buddies spent 25 million dollars and lost to a woman that spent 3.5 million dollars. Does it hurt to be a loser?

          • Grambini

            Mark Choi” your perception for typo graphical error’s are telling. I have come to find that intellectual socialist/libtard’s like yourself, always find fault in someone when you cannot win a intellectual argument for lack of substance. I truly enjoy pointing out your Narcissistic personality disorder for the whole world to observe. Sincerely and most surely your’s, Happy Deplorable.

          • maddog2008

            BINGO, you nailed the cowardly troll with the overloaded mouth that thinks he/she is the sharpest knife in the drawer while he/she is the dullest. ~ He/she trolls using different names on other sites and I’m pretty sure he/she is a paid troll FYI.~ “IT” always uses the same insults, the same sentence structure and the same “tough guy” threats, he/she is a real A-H who will keep the insults flying so people reply to him/her as I believe he/she gets paid by the replies. ~ Again, “IT” is a POS that is a waste of time and oxygen. ~ Have a great day Grambini, stay safe and happy troll hunting. –lol–

          • Mark Choi

            WTF are you babbling about?!?

          • Jeff Goe

            Wow look like your getting beat down you stupid little shit!

          • Mark Choi

            By whom? You? What a joke, pussy boy.

          • JS

            Typical libtard response is to start swearing and name calling when they have nothing to say. They just like manure to flow out of their mouth.

          • JS

            Watch out when he starts saying blah blah blah he is on the edge of losing it.

          • Jeff Goe

            Yea you hit the nail on the head about this mark Choi, ill beat this guy physically and mentally, hows that make you feel Mark, basically your nothing. ohhhhhh mark I didnt capitalize your first name oooohhh you gonna ream me out for it, wht a stupid ass. mark your name don’t deserve a capital it dont deserve anything because your nothing.

          • Mark Choi

            “Yea [sic] you hit the nail on the head about this mark [sic] Choi, ill beat this guy physically and mentally, hows [sic] that make you feel Mark, basically your [sic] nothing. ohhhhhh mark I didnt capitalize your first name oooohhh you gonna ream me out for it, wht [sic] a stupid ass. mark your name don’t [sic] deserve a capital it dont [sic] deserve anything because your [sic] nothing.”

            Says the guy who can’t spell “yeah”, or write a single sentence without MULTIPLE errors in basic first grade level English.
            But you are welcome to come to Pittsburgh and “beat” me, any time you want, internet tough guy.

          • Jeff Goe

            I have friends in Shittssburg, give me your address so I can reeducated your face.

          • Mark Choi

            They are free to meet me any place downtown, any time (since you can shoot off your mouth but can’t fight your own battles, pussy boy; why is that not surprising?).
            How about the corner of Stanwix and First, Friday, 7PM? And tell your idiot friends that you called the city “Shittsburgh”. (How witty.)

          • OliverBx

            Akin to you leftist tools calling President Donald J. Trump orange man, real witty.

          • JS

            How do you know if he was using the word yeah or yea right? Using “yea” just means he was in favor of what Grambini said. Yeah and yea both mean yes. “Yes you hit the nail on the head.” Need anymore schooling today>

          • Mark Choi

            “Mark Choi” your perception for typo graphical error’s are telling” Your ability to make typographical errors in comments about typographic errors is what is telling.
            Also, spelling mistakes are NOT “typo graphical” [sic] errors.
            What is really telling is that the only argument you have is ad hominem. All the more hypocritical given your statement: “I have come to find that intellectual socialist/libtard’s like yourself, always find fault in someone when you cannot win a intellectual argument for lack of substance”.
            Also, you don’t appear to know that NPD is.

            Oh, and the word you are looking for was “yours”. There is literally no such word as “your’s” [sic]. Seriously, get yourself a spell checker. You people are such morans.

          • Jeff Goe

            Interaction Designer
            Company NamePhilips
            Dates EmployedJun 2014 – Present Employment Duration3 yrs 1 mo
            • Designed enterprise software for Physicians, Sleep labs, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to manage data driven patient care for people suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea
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          • Jeff Goe

            Your a little pussy boy, what a shame I cant give a beating to a little boy that has yet to grow up. Dont worry life is going to beat you down boy, you have allot to learn. Obviously I know who you are and where you live. Dont worry little girl with your wet ears, I dont beat up women. I have proven my point your a little girly boy and that is what you little lefties always are. Well my fellow righties its your typical one dimensional simpleton from a far left university, this is the garbage our school systems are producing. Get some testosterone boy

          • Grambini

            Mark Choi- the word i was actually looking for was “Ass-Hole” and feel free to spell that anyway you like. Bye the way, how did the last “five” special elections work out for you and your spelling bee butt buddies? Lol

          • Cal Melancon

            Grambini – Mark Choi misspelled “morons” he spelled it as “morans”. His spell checker is not working.

          • Cal Melancon

            Mark Choi – you misspelled “morons” you spelled it as “morans”.

          • chevalmarin

            Who cares? Way to derail an important topic.

          • Mark Choi

            It’s not an important topic, because there is not only NO evidence that the claims made here are true, there is AMPLE evidence that it is not, and the central claim made, that NPR stated that 25 million illegal votes were cast is a complete lie.
            NPR did NOT say anything of the kind.

          • OliverBx

            True enough, NPR, being fake news like the Wash Post, NY Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN et al….they would never state the truth.

          • Mark Choi

            Nothing you listed is “fake news”. You don’t even know what the term means!!!

          • Anthony Woods

            liptards can not win the argument so they …..change the subject to fking spelling. lol Hillary is such a criminal and compulsive liar. u fell for her crap over and over and over. LMAO. but u know what …it all boils down to proper English LMFAO.

          • Mark Choi

            How about you read the comments to which I was replying, you moron? I responded to EVERY point made, and then responded in kind to the moronic comments made.
            It does not “all boil down to proper English”, but the ability to spell basic one syllable words is indicative of basic levels of intelligence (or the lack of same).
            What it all boils down to is FACTS, facts like that NOR claimed NO SUCH THING and the claims made in this article are complete and utter nonsense.
            Again, the number of dead people registered to vote is NO indication of the number of fraudulent votes cast.
            YOU can’t win the actual argument, so completely fail to actually address it.

          • Nancy Christian

            Marc, thanks for fighting the good fight! Unfortunately, these people are too uneducated and/or stupid to follow a logical argument.

          • JS

            I guess you think the following people must have been really stupid because they could not spell?

            Benjamin Franklin
            John F. Kennedy
            Agatha Christie
            Leonardo Da Vinci
            Winston Churchill
            Albert Einstein
            Earnest Hemingway
            F. Scott Fitgerald

            So in your mind these people lacked intelligence.


          • OliverBx

            Ozero and Co. told illegal aliens to go ahead and vote, that nothing would happen to them. Hillary lost by quite a bit despite your cheating.

          • Anne

            woe is me!

          • Mark Choi

            Yes, and?

          • Bill Sutton

            …ultimately, the grammar war wrought woe for all warriors weary of the wavering weave, wherein they compromised at a euphemistic watering hole known as “Whoa” ! (believed to be somewhere in Wyoming)…^^!

          • Carol Wells

            Mark u need a dictionary to learn more productive language and quit being a potty mouth….u are obviously angry at the world….u immeidately started cussing and using swear words…i hope u dont kiss ur mother with that mouth…if so, she needs to use some soap to wash it out!

          • Mark Choi

            You need a dictionary to learn how to spell “you”.
            And um, no, I did NOT “immeidately started cussing and using swear words”. :Liar. How about you try rereading the thread again?

          • JS

            Actually the op did use the word right. “Woe” can mean a emotional response to something such as your silly comments.

          • Mark Choi

            I am fully aware what the word “woe” means. That is not the meaning the O.P intended, But nice try

          • Liekiller

            Don’t use a big word when a singularly unloquacious and diminutive linguistic expression will satisfactorily accomplish the contemporary necessity.

          • prolewoman

            You promised not to drink and post comments. You said you would do better. You lied again. And when did you join the grammar police?

          • Mark Choi

            Wake me up when you have something intelligent to say.

          • Clyde Simpson

            Yes Mark, pretty much like your leftist loser, “no evidence”, false Russian “collusion” claim. When is “your” evidence ever going to surface?????

          • James

            Investigation is ongoing of ORANGE FUHRER

          • bluenoser

            Interesting that NOBODY on the Left can tell us HOW the Russians interfered in the election… did they rig the voting machines owned by Soros? Or did they bus in illegals or vote in 2 different State’s like the Veritas video’s showed the Democrats organizing? Did they send mind altering subliminal messages thru the airwaves? Suggesting that Russia could do ANYTHING to rig the election is laughable at best… Killary’s lying about everything wouldn’t have anything to do with the results though…

          • golfguy

            I’m not on the left but no one said they were trying to “rig”the election… they were trying to “influence” the election by hacking the DNC and releasing the emails. 17 US intelligence agencies said unanimously that is what happened. I guess our entire intelligence community is either a liar or incompetent…

          • bluenoser

            I guess if there was nothing of importance in those emails there wouldn’t be a problem now would there? Wasserman-Smith resigned from the DOC committee for a reason, namely that the Dems. were screwing Bernie out of a chance to win… does it really matter if the Russians or the Chinese or NK or Latvia hacked the’s WHAT was in those emails that the US public should be concerned about… and I suppose the Veritas video’s were all fake too??

          • Sarge McVey

            I would choose Incompetent, based on the money they get from the taxpaying public, if they id not or could not prevent this then they are INCOMPETENT.

          • cdreeder

            clinton colluded to sell uranium. Clinton lied, 4 died. She lied about email, hillery laughed about getting a pedo out of jail. hillery and 0bungle sold wepons to our enimies. The clinton’s stole releif money that was to go to Haiti.
            So where is that justice at?

          • Kalin Xhaos

            Whoa, is also 90% of all Misfits lyrics..

          • YTInfidel

            Safe space participation trophied snowflake, what now, brown cow ??!

          • ValH

            Make your childish and uneducated self DISAPPEAR. NOW.

          • Mark Choi

            You are in no position to call anyone “childish and uneducated”, you anencephalic simpleton.
            And I don’t have to be a mind reader. That would require you to have a mind!

          • Gary

            The empty can rattles the most, is that not right Mark?

          • Jeff Goe

            No but I can, and your a waste of energy on all of us, your so stupid!!

          • Yu Ou Munny

            first be an American you America hating liberal scum wp

          • Mark Choi

            How about you first stop being a fucking moron?

          • Clyde Simpson

            Yes Mark, pretty much like your leftist loser, “no evidence”, false Russian “collusion” claim. When is “your” evidence ever going to surface?????

          • Jeff Goe

            Agreeeeeeeeed!!!! ops spelled it wrong mark come attach me you stupid left tart.

          • Mark Choi

            Come “attach” you? What?

          • Mark Choi

            Being that I never made a single comment here on Russian collusion, WTF are you babbling about?!?

          • Clyde Simpson

            I did not necessarily mean you personally claimed it. Never take things personally, unless,of course,the shoe fits. It was a reference to all the false, unsupported, BS claims that continually come from your side of the political divide. I was responding to your focus on the “EVIDENCE” in your response to Joe’s comment 3 months ago. Do you get it, now?

          • Mark Choi

            First, how is that MY claim? Second, it is WAY too early to claim there is “no evidence”.

          • Dennis Dumas

            You mean support it with evidence like the mountain of evidence supporting Russian collusion or obstruction of justice on the part of the Trump campagain! Give it a rest you double standard crybaby!

          • Tom Schneider

            O foolish man, give your tired typing fingers a rest, u can’t take it that u are beaten down good.

          • JS

            Need the dictionary to tell the difference between “woe” and “whoa”? I forgot to add you moron.

          • Gary Shaw

            You mean like actual EVIDENCE of Russian collusion within the Trump organization that we being hearing in the fake news for a year now? Mark, do us all a favor and shut the hell up!

          • Debi Lee

            And a period goes before the closing quotation mark.

          • Vince Rogers

            That was awesome. Mark Choi made valid points about the reliability of the source documents, and you replied by calling him a shit-mouth commie leftie pink cupcake coward. I guess you won the argument! Well-played, my friend.

          • carrie

            to both of you, mark and joe…… it is not about left and right anymore. they are the same.

          • trump blast

            Every red letters set of words is a link dummy !!!

          • Mark Choi

            I am fully aware of what links look like. What is your point? No one in this thread other than me posted any links.

          • trump blast

            Those links are in the very story you are trying to discredit !! And by claiming there were no links to follow you showed your ignorance of what the links were and how to find them !!! As for no one posting any links but you I saw one posts of nothing but links without your name attached !! So you can’t read as well !!!

          • Mark Choi

            Wrong. AGAIN, the links in the “very story” do NOT point to the original research, nor to ANY evidence that the claims made are actually true.
            Furthermore, I did NOT claim there were links to follow, I claimed that neither you, nor anyone commenting here, had presented ANY citations to back up their claims, and that the original article did not, either.

          • trump blast

            That’s not our task as you need to do your own research and stop depending on others to do your homework !! Our task is to discuss these items !!!

          • Mark Choi

            No, it is your task to do YOUR research, which, again, either you didn’t do or you were too stupid to understand, since, again, NONE of the citations even claim that there were 25 million illegal votes cast, let alone that they were cast by illegal aliens.
            And until you can post evidence, you can’t discuss any of it with any claim to informed discourse.

          • trump blast

            It is you who disagrees with the information given and refuses to understand those who have kept track of these things over the decades !!! But then that is the liberal way to call facts fiction and truth lies !!!

          • Lisa DeplorableMeep

            There is plenty of evidence out there. Each state normally posts audits of voter rolls and they show a lot of people registered to vote who are illegals, dead, registered in two states, etc… so the potential for fraud is their & democrats cheat like gangbusters. Project Veritas has an official on film talking about busing people around poll to poll to stack votes. Plus touch screen machines need to be chucked. I personally had my vote change when I hit Romney in 2012 to Obama. It was miscalibtated just for Romney not for Obama. I had to hit it just so. Fraud everywhere

          • Mark Choi

            First of all, voter rolls in “each state” show no such thing . Second, even if they did (and again, they don’t) that is not “evidence” of anything of anything other than bad procedure. What it is NOT evinced of is that anyone actually VOTED illegally. Third, having ineligible voter registration does NOT make the potential for voter fraud increase.
            As for the ridiculous claim that “democrats [sic] cheat like gangbusters” just because you type words into the internets does not make them magically true. You can present ZERO evidence to back up you nonsense claim. I can easily produce evidence that the converse is true. Republicans have made concerted claim for over three decades to Gerrymander districts, and have been sued in court countless times for doing so.
            The rest of your claims are utter rubbish, and have been discredited countless times.

          • Dennis Dumas

            The answer to this pointless debate is quite simple!!! National voter ID registration! No ID, no vote!!!!
            Anyone opposing this encourages voter fraud. Let me ask, what group opposes ID?
            Who ever opposes ID stands to loose votes by way of voter fraud! It’s really a very simple concept to implement, why would those who cheat oppose it?

          • OliverBx

            You lie like a rug.

          • JS
          • JS

            Not only are you uneducated looks like you cannot read a link. LOL

          • Waylon Scott Neese

            Wow Mark Choi! Thank you for inciting such an entertaining display of right wing Trump sucking, brain dead comments. The vast majority of these Hitler youth sock puppets could the poster child for why the Right need to deprive our children of basic education; specifically literacy, math and logic. Keep them stupid and they will continue be willfully obedient to their fascist masters. Hitler had the right idea just the wrong people: We need to fill up the box cars with Trump supporters and truly “Make American Great again”.

          • OliverBx

            Go to the nearest Democratic stronghold, a housing project, and do tell me how wonderful left wing “public education” is doing. Tool, just repeating what your leftist masters tell you. One of Stalin’s useful idiots, you and Mark Choi.

          • BoilerFan

            Wow!!! Looks like you’re simply another unhinged lefty. Can’t reason with obnoxious assholes like you. Go troll somewhere else.

          • Mark Choi

            You can’t reason with anyone unless you present actual FACTS.
            Note that you have none of your own, and can present NONE to challenge mine.

          • ValH

            you wouldn’t know a fact if it kicked you in the teeth… and MANY of us would love to show you how that feels.

          • Mark Choi

            Af for your thinly veiled threats, you and every other pea brained moron here is free to come and try. Big mouth, little brain.

          • Cheryl Cannon

            U are not the most brilliant one….stop pushing ur “superiority” because it proves nothing. Winning a spelling bee does not keep us safe or win wars, meaningless ….!!!

          • Mark Choi

            First, I the present company, I most clearly AM the most brilliant one (although that is not saying much).
            Second, the only things that proves nothing in the current context are the pointless citations in this fake article.

          • schistdigger

            Mark Choi, YOU are the liar and the fake. And what minimal intelligence you may have is mis-applied to the service of goals destructive to the USA. Get lost and re evaluate what you desire for this nation.

          • Mark Choi

            And yet you can not point to a single “lie” I have said.

          • schistdigger

            I can and I have, in my other posts under this article. You have said that there is no record of NPR citing the Pugh paper , In my other comment I gave links >from the NPR sitefrom the Pugh site< itself and links to a pdf containing the information. You then modified your objections in arguments with others who confronted you and either spouted MORE lies or simply used the standard leftist tactic of attacking and insulting the person rather than defending your position. Intelligence applied in willful service to an evil cause is morally criminal and indefensible. But … expected of a new Marxist such as you. I don't intend to waste any more time contending with the likes of you.

          • JS

            So your misuse of capitalization make you far more superior than a misspelled word? By the way that first sentence really did not make a lot of sense.

          • Gary

            Have you ever felt more alone?

          • Jeff Goe

            Yea lets finally speak up and tell these Left wack jobs where to go !

          • Mark Choi

            “Have you ever felt more alone?”
            On fake news sites among mindless sock puppets? Being “alone” is a badge of honor you moron.

          • Trump Is MY President

            Can you get us a deal on the FIdget Spinners that your grandma makes in a grass hut in China?

          • JS

            Time honored liberal response is to call people names. LOL

          • Jeff Goe

            You have none you stupid ass what are you talking about bring the facts please bring it like these studies have, you left always say dumb shit like this, you have nothing you never do and you never will. This entire forum thinks your a stupid dumb ass. The right is wining and you cant stand it just like the rest of you.

          • koldwindblows
          • Brian Murphy

            The ‘left’ hates to actually research!

          • Jeff Goe

            Your dead on Brian, the left are nothing but one level uneducated trash that refuse to educate them self on the deep issues this country face. Our country has issues many layers deep filled with deception and corruption which include the government, big pharma big main stream media and all in between. These entities use the left as armor to carry out the pathetic agenda the left is to stupid to figure out. The left mainstream hide it under garbage like LGBT or black lives matter or everyones a raciest with now proof. Its so so pathetic. They are children the right has to continue to be the parent to as they are to pathetic to have real critical thinking.

          • Brian Murphy

            Ugly, hateful people. I have lost all patience for the ‘lefties’ pushing their agenda. They lost, they can’t seem to live with it, so the incite violence, spread hate, agitate anywhere and everywhere they can. They literally have NOTHING worthwhile to add to any discourse. An embarrassment to America. I usually just give them something like this:

          • ValH

            I read the entire story, the links lead you to the place you need to go if you stop expecting someone else to do your work for you. Stop being a lazy arsehole and troll. Take a hike if you want to act like a spoiled baby.

          • Mark Choi

            I read the entire story as well, and moreover, I actually understood it, unlike you. The links don’t lead anywhere of the kind. First of all, again, links to bullshit fake sites like the Washington Times (not a real newspaper) and Infowars are simply NOT credible sources. Second, those “articles” on those sites don’t even say what you or the author claim they say.
            As for the rest, you are welcome to come try and show how tough you are, internet warrior.

          • alvaro fernandez

            The Washington Times is not a real newspaper? Wow. What are they then?
            Less than the millions alleged by Trump… more than the zero most Democrats assume. We do have a problem.

          • Stan Skaggs
          • Mark Choi

            That fact that you think that is even remotely relevant just serves as an example of how epically stupid you people are.
            Here’s a clue: being registered to vote does NOT mean ANYONE actually voted!
            You people are truly morons.

          • Elisa Lenz
          • Mark Choi

            How about you get an education before you read anything?

          • Wylie Henderson

            Mark your such a bad ass snowflake, lol, you got 8 more years to cry and lie. Suck it up pumpkin, GO Mr President Trump!

          • Mark Choi

            You called me a snowflake! How original. Did you make that up all by your little old self? And yet here you are crying and complaining, like the little bitch that you are.
            Oh, and the word is spelled “you’re”. Typical Trump supporter, can’t even pass third grade English.

          • Dennis Dumas

            Where is your picture? Why do you choose to be faceless, perhaps fearful of being recognized!

          • Todd Scofield
          • andre
          • Mark Choi

            I’ll assume you realize that that snipes link confirms what I have been saying.

          • BuckTard


          • cashills
          • Mark Choi

            The Washington Times is NOT a real newspaper. It is the definition of fake news. It is a site created for the sole purpose of disseminating fabricated stories. Furthermore, the “study” they cite is complete bogus nonsense.

          • Balzack

            You’re just a joyful and bitter piece of shit, aren’t you. I bet you drive everybody away at parties. 🙂

          • Mark Choi

            I bet you didn’t pass the 6th grade.

          • Anthony Woods
          • Alice Severson

            Mark Choi-4th paragraph, if you could read that far.

          • Mark Choi

            Um wrong. NOTHING in the ENTIRE article states that. The fact that you apparently DID read that far and still think that nonsense is telling. The data simply show that a number of voter registrations are invalid. This is a WELL-KNOWN fact, and stems almost entirely from local voter registration departments not getting death notifications from coroners, and other officials or the families of the deceased, because they have far more important things on their minds!
            This is NOT the same thing as these voter registrations actually being used to VOTE! Again, this is not a new story, has been known to people who actually research and understand the issue for DECADES, and ALL the data show quite clearly that actual voter fraud using these invalid registrations DOES NOT HAPPEN.
            Again, this is NOT a new story, and has been looked at by people who have actually been paying attention to the issues involved for decades. In fact, it was actually reported on my numerous media outlets many times over the years. Where were you?

          • Freeman

            The 2nd word of the 4th paragraph “report” is a link, I hear a lot of talk about do your research this can’t possibly be true, it can

          • lugians

            I guess you do not know how to click on the link above so I post the link here.


          • Liz Isabel

            Maybe reading this article will help you see clearly on who, what, where the fake news is coming from. Educate yourself!

          • teddylove

            Yeah, good one. Looks like your the brainless sock puppet………looser

          • clb45para

            LOOSER, LOOSER,LOOSER. Throw a fit, call names, have a temper tantrum, but you Liberals are still LOOSERS.

          • Trump Is MY President

            How does that dog and cat taste ?

          • Tom Schneider

            You’re rude & obnoxious, sir.

          • Really?

            Crybaby. You still lost, and for good reason. Perhaps you might have won if your Party wasn’t run by Globalist criminals intent on selling out your Nation. You idiots keep blaming everyone but yourselves for your loss(es). Wake up and smell the coffee already.

            Enjoy the next eight years.

          • George Rip Kucharo
          • Randy

            Are you one of those loving, compassionate, tolerant liberals that I hear so much about?

          • Darin Sunny McCullough

            Just bless its heart. You don’t know how to use hyperlinks? Just bless!

            “A REPORT by the Pew Center on the States finds that more than 1.8 million dead people are currently registered to vote, and 24 million registrations are either invalid or inaccurate,” NPR REPORTED in 2012, which is ironic given how NPR is heavily controlled by Democrats.

        • kathy m

          Seth Rich was killed because he uncovered a rigged primary dem. election with Hillary.

          in this video contains the reason why Seth Rich was killed….because
          he stumbled upon a discrepancy between the polling places listed on the
          government website vs the polling places outlined on Hillary Clinton’s
          website and how the election for the Democratic candidate was
          fraudulently obtained by Clinton instead of Sanders…..

          Breaking Look Who Was Just Found Dead While Investigating Fraud Wasserman Schultz District

          MAGIC METAL HERE- 35 min…

      • Mark Choi

        First of all, there is no such thing as the “alt-left”. Simply making shit up out of thin air doesn’t make it true.
        Second, you won’t find an “authenticated NPR report on this” because the claims made in this “article” are entirely fabricated. I.e., they’re lies.
        Neither Pew, nor Jesse Richman from Old Dominion University, the author of the first mentioned study, said ANYTHING even remotely resembling the claims made here. Because they’re nonsense.

        • Spacewarp

          There is no such thing as the alt right so if you asshats on the left can make up terms, then we can too. Now, you can also look at some simple facts.

          I hate to burst your bubble of leftist lies, but let’s get to some truth.

          From 2000 to 2016 Los Angeles County had a steady growth in population.

          From 2000 to 2012, each election cycle eas between 15,000 and 25,000 increase in voters.

          In 2015, California allowed illegals to get drivers licenses. The moter voter provision required they be automatically registered and the DMV to turn over the information to the Secretary of State’s office. The head of the DMV, in an interview, stated that because the Secretary of State’s office didn’t have proper procedures in place to handle the removals, they would not be forwarding them.

          The increase for 2011 to 2016? Over 790,000.

          Please explain to me how with no other demographic changes, the huge discrepancy happened without illegals voting in massive numbers.

          Combine that with Obama coming out on TV and encouraging illegals to vote…..

          • Mark Choi

            First, yes, there is such a thing as the alt-right. The term was coined by the people who started the “movement”. They coined that term to refer to THEMSELVES, and made it clear to whom it applies.
            There is no such thing as an alt left, and no definition to give it meaning. You are merely trying to piggy back on the fact that the alt-right has been universally panned, even by the right, as the “bad” right, and make a similar baseless charge about a section of the left.
            Again, the left “alt-right” wasn’t made up by people on the left, you idiot, it was made up by people on the RIGHT. In particular, the word was coined by White supremacist Richard Spencer in 2010 to define a conservative movement centered on white nationalism, racism, white supremacism, and neo-Nazism.
            You simply have no idea WTF your babbling about.
            This is also evidenced in your next idiotic comment.
            California did NOT allow illegal aliens to vote. In fact, the motor voter bill does NOT automatically register a person to vote, it merely crates an opt out system, where those who do not opt out, have their information automatically collated to be transferred to the Secretary of State’s office to begin the registration process. As Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State said:
            “The way automatic registration works is relatively simple: Eligible citizens are registered to vote when they show up at a Department of Motor Vehicles office to obtain a driver’s license or state ID. The DMV gives the eligible voter a chance to opt out if they prefer not to register. If the person does not opt out, the DMV electronically transfers their voter registration information to the Secretary of State’s office, rather than making election officials enter data by hand from paper registration forms…

            “… Automated voter registration is actually a more secure way of doing things,”
            Furthermore, potential voters “have to demonstrate proof of age, the vast majority of time people are showing a birth certificate or a passport, which also reflects citizenship. That’s arguably more secure than someone checking a box under penalty of perjury,” Padilla said.

            Moreover, IF the “head of the DMV” was refusing to to forward the applications, guess what, you’re automatically wrong, because if the applications aren’t being forwarded, NO ONE IS GETTING REGISTERED TO VOTE.

            Do you even pay attention to what your writing?
            Of course you don’t because you’re a mother mindless sock puppet with your masters’ hand up your ass telling you what to say and write, with no idea what it actually means.

            Moreover, even if everything you wrote are true (And again, NONE of it is) just because people are registered to vote does NOT mean they actually are voting.

            Also, Obama never encouraged illegals to vote.

            You’re not only stupid, you’re a liar.

          • Spacewarp

            Wow You are really stupid. The alt-right movement was coined to cover a whole segment who didn’t have their ideology to the left of Castro. Anyone who is not a leftist is automatically labeled “alt-right” because you can’t stand to have anyone disagree with you. The “alt-left” movement is just as real. The leftist fascists who loot, riot, assault and in general act like the brownshirts of Nazi Germany.

            As for the really stupid part, you state that something didn’t happen, and then literally post a link that shows the information that it actually did. Or are you just completely dense? Oh, wait. You’re a leftist, so yes, you’re really that dense. You don’t get it. There are two systems. One is for the registration. The second is the verification system. But, obviously, you’re too dang stupid to read.

            So, stop calling me a sock puppet, when you don’t even have the intelligence to actually beat out the ball of yarn require to create a sock.

            As for a liar? Nope. But, you go ahead and believe that. I don’t really care what leftist scum like you think of me.

          • Mark Choi

            Wrong. As I wrote, the term “alt-right” was SPECIFICALLY coined by white supremacist Richard Spencer in 2010. He made quite clear what he meant by it.
            You have no clue WTF you’re talking about.
            Moreover, the link I posted did nothing of the kind, you idiot, Sorry you have such a hard time with math, but 100,000 DOES NOT equal 25 million. Moreover, 100,000 is just an upper limit estimate. He has no data to prove that number as an actual number, and he has not attempted to do so, you ignorant sock puppet.
            Also, his estimates have NOTHING to do with California and its voter registration system.
            There is NO evidence it is being used for ANY significant registration of illegals, and the system is designed to make that next to impossible, as the numbers make clear.
            Finally, of course you care, snowflake, or you wouldn’t keep replying.

          • trump blast

            We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years….It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

            David Rockefeller – Bilderberg Meeting – June 1991 – Baden, Germany

            Thomas Jefferson said, “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor
            yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the
            principles of its Constitution.”

            Thomas Jefferson

            “The Jews control Hollywood and use it to promote their own agenda.”

            –         Marlon Brando, actor.

            All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident. –

            Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher, 1788-1860

            “In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.” –

            White Christian, George Orwell, 1984

          • Mark Choi

            II am a nazi sympathizer, a racist, and a child molester who likes to have violent anal sex with children under 4.

            –trump blast. personal communications – October 2015 – Phuket Thailand

            See how that works?

            You have NO proof Rockefeller actually said that, nor is it even remotely relevant even if he did.
            But thanks for outing your true racist, antisemitic agenda.

          • trump blast

            Actually my source can prove that Rockefeller did say it !! Along with many others who’s quotes I came across !! But by typing my handle onto your beliefs does not show that I typed it because it lacks my metadata that is not shared but can still be found by fact checkers !!! Unlike rubes such as you !!!

          • Mark Choi

            No, your source can’t. Which is why neither you nor anyone else has posted such proof.

            And you might want to add “metadata” to the rapidly growing list of English words whose meanings you don’t know.

          • trump blast

            Go to your search engine and type famous quotes just like I did !!! As Rockefeller has said many thing during his life it might take a dummy such as you a long time to find his quotes !!! And never tell a programmer what he may or may not know !!! As it is metadata that doomed Clinton when she used her private server to send and receive classified data !!! As it contains the originating addresses of all email and information packets sent over the internet !!

          • Mark Choi

            Going to a search engine and typing in quotes is NOT a “source”. That you think so shows exactly the type of poor critical thinking skills that allowed fake news sites to flourish.
            Also, first, I suspect I was writing code before you were born, starting with punch cards with assembler and FORTRAN on a PDP-11 running TOPS. Second, again, you used the term metadata incorrectly. bringing up Clinton is irrelevant to your original use which was, and I quote:
            “But by typing my handle onto your beliefs does not show that I typed it because it lacks my metadata that is not shared but can still be found by fact checkers.”
            Also, e-mail long form headers are NOT “metadata”.

          • trump blast

            Never bet on things you can be sure of !!!

          • Mike Thompson
        • Sunspot

          >First of all, there is no such thing as the “alt-left”.

          He’s right. It’s the CTRL-Left

          • Mark Choi

            Aside from the questionable attempt at computer humor, that doesn’t even make any sense.

          • Sunspot

            Of course it does! The left has a boner for “control” as in “control of your money, control of your kids, control of your business, control of your property.”

            There has never been a more fitting description in the entire history of human language, including the Greek golden age!

          • Mark Choi

            No it doesn’t and you whining that it does does not make that so, snowflake.
            And the left loves control? That’s funny, coming from a defender of the party that attempts to legislate morality at every turn, who can be with whom, who can marry whom , what chemicals I can put in my body, what I can do with my body, what I can and can’t say, what I can and can’t burn as an expression of my political positions, and on and on and on.
            The hypocrisy is monumental.

          • Sunspot

            I forgot to add that the left wants control of who gets which cakes baked for them and when.

          • Mark Choi

            You adding that does not substantially help your argument.
            Or address anything that was said.

          • Sunspot

            Crap, I also forgot to let you know that the left also wants control over people’s self defense. Does that clear it up?

          • Mark Choi

            No. And straw man arguments aren’t actually valid arguments.
            Especially since you haven answer to ANYTHING that is being said to you. Like the fact that the right want to legislate morality at every turn, who can be with whom, who can marry whom , what chemicals I can put in my body, what I can do with my body, what I can and can’t say, what I can and can’t burn as an expression of my political positions.
            There is a reason the word “liberal” is used, since it refers to LIBERTY.

          • Sunspot

            Well shoot… I’m a loss here. Since I’m surrounded by college educated people, I have trouble discussing things below a certain level. I didn’t think it was necessary to actually define terms down to this point, so let’s clarify before the argument can proceed:


            1. Control is word meaning to directly, forcefully influence people’s behavior.
            2. CTRL is short for “control” (taken from the abbreviation for the control key on a standard keyboard)
            3. ALT is also a key on the standard keyboard, opposite the CTRL key
            4. The comedic opposite of ALT-Right would be CTRL-Left
            5. CTRL-left is also a double entendre and appropriate because of the examples I have given above, of the left wing asserting control over very personal parts of private citizens’ lives.

            Now that we’ve clarified the meanings of words, there is no longer any grey area and you understand.

          • Mark Choi

            I understand perfectly. It does not make what you said correct. First, control is not the opposite of alt. Nothing is. So the only real opposite is the localized alt-left.
            Nor does it address the numerous factual, logical, and philosophical errors that continue to plague all your posts.

          • Sunspot

            Of course CTRL is the opposite of ALT! Look on your keyboard! CTRL is on the left, ALT is on the right!

            Nature has an incredible symmetry, doesn’t it?

          • Mark Choi

            No, it’s not, and simply repeating it over an over again does not make it so.
            Being on the opposite side of the keyboard no more makes it “opposite” than “S” is opposite of a semicolon, or 3 is the opposite of 0.
            Being on the opposite side of does NOT equal “opposite”.
            Moreover, I already spotted you this little juvenile attempt at humor in my very first post, so why you keep harping on it is a mystery. Maybe because you have no other point.

        • koldwindblows
      • Jane StK
      • Dennis Zonn

        I checked it out. Fake news. NPR actually said her popular vote margin was even greater than previously thought. Thank God for the electoral college.

      • Camille Hill

        Was wondering about that myself.

      • Mellowme
        • Mellowme

          This is OBVIOUSLY a fake article. 20 seconds of Google searching would have proven that but when the article feeds into the rabid partisan idiocy, they will bite. We need to be better and smarter than this, America!

        • Susan P

          Snopes has been caught and eventually confessed to covering for some liberal causes. Those who want the TRUTH never consult snopes.

          • Gary Ritzman

            It’s financed by a Soros funded organization.

      • Roger

        So would I but I have little doubt considering what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders, I don’t know if he would have won or not but they were apparently afraid he could!

      • Tim Korat (Science Teacher)

        The report was from 2012 so it has nothing to do with the 2016 election other than the claim that there is “likely” to be more voter fraud? No report whatsoever on who these people voted for?

      • urbanegorilla
      • Boothby

        When you go to theNPR site I was not able to find the report either.

    • John

      This will help you understand why we need to stop Illegals H1B and others it is called America has it’s own people who have worked hard and are getting cheated by Democrats who give Drunks and prostitutes free everything.

    • dodger4754

      Agree with everything you said. Check out

    • Samuel

      This kind of bait and switch has been going on for far longer than most people realize and it has been highly organized. Using immigrants, people without the language skills, without higher order educations, without a received cultural and intellectual heritage, that only comes from family and community, who can, thus, be employed as a means to subvert the established order and subject natural born Citizens to the rule of the masses (or the rule of those who cater to an ignorant mass) has been happening since before the “Civil” war (not “civil” because the Confederacy had already formed a separate nation). The Union “won” against the Confederacy because it “encouraged” mass immigration of European peasants from Ireland, Germany, Russia, Poland, etc., etc., which those nations wanted rid of and used them both as “cannon fodder” during the war, as police and soldiers after the war to “pacify” the newly conquered “South” and the Western Native tribes, and as rabble rousers to force the adoption of un-American and un-Constitutional changes in the laws or, where legal change could not be effected, changes in the culture and accepted ways of doing things. There is, for instance, no legal provision for the federal Congress to possess any lands, anywhere, except where necessary to carry out the specified duties of the federal government (i.e. the White House, the Supreme Court and the Houses of Congress, Embassies in other countries, Post Office buildings, etc.) The possession of lands within the States (such as “National Forests”, “National Monuments”, “National Parks”, and the possession of “territories” such as Puerto Rico and Guam are strictly forbidden. Yet, in keeping with being, at least culturally, like those nations these immigrants came from rather than in keeping with the newly established culture of national sovereignty of States of the Union and non interference with other, foreign, States, the United States, following that war, began an aggressive and criminal expansion across the continent and beyond and built themselves an illegal Empire that encompasses the globe. We will never be free or sovereign, at home in the States, so long as our government is actively engaged in building up a globe spanning Empire.

  • Grimcrotch

    EVERYTHING about this story is from a 2012 NPR release, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with trump or the 2016 election. this guy and news source is fake as fuck.

    • trump blast

      Where’s your proof as Trump did not run in 2012 ????

      • Grimcrotch
        • trump blast

          Again changing some dates does not make a fake story out of real facts !!! So your proof is some date has been changed ??? Not good enough where is the proof that the research is wrong ???

          • Grimcrotch

            what part of ‘they added trumps name to it because it wasnt in the original story from 4 yrs ago’ do you not understand you fucking numbnuts.

            1) the original story from 2012 doesnt have trumps name in it, as he did not run for president then.

            2) this is the 4yr old story, but has the date updated and trumps name added to it to make it look as if it is about clinton vs trump.

            i never said the research was wrong, it simply pertains to a different election that didnt have trump in it. this is a fake story because it has absolutely nothing to do with 2016 elections. polls, comments, dates, names, events, NOTHING in this story happened in 2016, you fucking idiot.

          • trump blast

            All names aside the facts don’t change THERE WAS VOTER FRAUD and they found proof of voter fraud while doing stein’s recount that favored Clinton !!!! So what if they added Tramps name it does not change one single fact !!! In fact the numbers from this year might even be higher !!!

  • Susan Windham

    Grimcrotch is STILL WHINING!#!#

  • PoliticalCorectnesIsARedPlot

    Your Article would read and sound more convincing if only you used correct nomenclature it’s voting blocks by counties not countries it perforce makes you sound like an illiterate boob and as an EDITOR you should at least be able to error check your own article otherwise YOU need a good proof reader.

    • Barbie


      • Steve Butler

        It’s from 2012 Einstein

        • trump blast

          And that changes the facts of voter fraud how ??? If it happen 4 years ago it happened last year the socialistic democrast keep playing the same CD !!

    • Freedom Rules

      Before You Moan About The Editors Spelling, Check Your Own User ID For Spelling Errors, Dope !!

  • Stephen B. Childress

    KILLARY & Obama for PRISON, Obama told Illegals to vote

    • Barbie

      And so did Hippie California Gov Jerry Brown.

      • Dukie

        That’s an insult us hippies tyvm…lol

    • Jane Long


    • Mark Choi

      First, you’re an idiot. Second, NO study EVER claimed Clinton got 25 million votes, and third, even the author quoted here is telling both Trump and his fake news surrogates in the fake press to STOP misquoting and misusing his paper:

    • Joe

      Yes he did, and when Sessions questioned him, he folded up like the sleazy coward that he is and said – “I never said that ” which he did and I saw it as it happened. Lying POS Muslim trash, needs to go back to where he was born, which btw was not Hawaii, because Hawaii is 5,000 miles from Africa.

      • Mark Choi

        No he didn’t. And you saw nothing of the kind, liar.
        Oh, and apparently you Trumpeters didn’t get the message. Even your orange, fascist, microcephalic, kewpie-headed shit-flinging macaque Donald Trump admits he was born in the U.S..
        Oh, and learn geography, you mindless sock puppet. Hawai’i is over 17000 kilometers or almost 11,000 miles from Africa, moron.

        • trump blast

          bout voter fraud.

          “I think there’s been studies.There’s one that came out of Pew in 2008 that shows 14 percent of people voting were non-citizens,” Spicer said.

          Richman tells News 3 that Spicer was not only confusing another study with his own from 2014, but also exaggerating the numbers.

          He says while his study did find evidence that some non-citizens do vote…it’s not nearly enough to make up the difference in the most recent popular vote !! “”

          This statement does not prove your point !!! But it does prove illegal immigrants did vote !!! And as the reviews are a few years out of date the numbers have grown quite a lot !! Add to that that brown did indeed allow those illegals to have drivers licenses and that they were registered to vote and Brown’s state Secretary did not forward the list of ineligible drivers for voting rights onto the election board !! Thus allowing them to vote illegally !!! Now are you up to date yet ????

          • Mark Choi

            First, no “study” showed any such thing. Moreover, it most certainly DOES prove my point.
            Second, Richman’s research had literally NOTHING to do with the claim that Obama told illegals to vote.
            Nor does Richman’s study “prove” anything, as he himself states. It merely indicates the possibility.
            Did you even read the actual study? Of course you didn’t you brainless sock puppet, because not only would that require mental acumen, and actual reading, but your puppet masters did not approve it as reading material.
            Third, your last bit has already been addressed as a false claim.
            And the “list” that the California Secretary of State purportedly failed to send was NOT the list of ineligible voters, it was the list of registrations, you idiot.

          • trump blast

            As you are the sock puppet denying things based on democrat lies and saying there there’s no studies and then you try to use a study to prove your point !!!

          • Mark Choi

            And again, repeating what was said to you and turning it around, the “I know you are but what am I technique) is not an argument, unless you’re four years old.
            And your utter ignorance about what you’re talking about is made starkly clear by claiming I was “try[ing] to use a study to prove my point”.
            No, I was using the study’s author to prove my point, when he demanded the Trump administration stop mischaracterizing his work and stop misusing his study to support points that it does not actually support.
            Take it up with him.

          • trump blast

            As you failed to read the articles with understanding you fell for the that’s not what I meant when I made this statement line but his numbers showed the truth and his deflection shows he is against Trump and for Clinton !!!

          • Mark Choi

            I failed at no such thing. Again, there is a reason, that you are either ignoring or are not mentally competent to understand, that the original study author has demanded that the Trump administration cease using his paper, since he keeps using it incorrectly, as do you. Not me making that claim, it’s the ORIGINAL AUTHOR.
            And the numbers are factual claims. You can attempt to refute them, but making character assassinations does NOT make the numbers any less true. If the numbers came from Hitler or from Gandhi, Stalin or Pope Francis, the numbers are no less true or not true.
            Logic hurts like a bitch.

          • trump blast

            And yet you deny the logic !!! That the number grow yearly as does the population both natural citizens of the USA ! And those who choose to come here without following the laws set up to keep that growth managable so that the newcomers can adapt to our customs and laws !!!

          • Mark Choi

            Logic? You wouldn’t know logic if it fisted you in the ass. Do you want me to list the various logical fallacies you employ in your arguments by name? Starting with ad hominem?
            And the numbers do NOT keep growing. Not that it matters or is even remotely relevant, as the “numbers” are of people who for whatever reason failed to be removed from voter rolls, NOT the number of people actually voting illegally. There is NO evidence this happens to ANY significant degree, a point made by the author as well.

          • trump blast

            Tell that to the relatives who keep getting their parents mail in ballots after telling the clerk of the elections board about the status of said person !!! And each year the population gets larger so the percentage grows with the population !! 20% of 10 is 2 20$ of 10’000 is 2’000 and the numbers in this election was over 125’000’000 out of 300’000’000+ possible voters so yes even 5’000’000 illegal voters is a possible illegal voters out of 26’000’000 illegal immigrants !!! And you refuse too see that fact because you believe the liberal lies who try to hide the truth !!

          • Mark Choi

            Again, yelling “I know you are but what am I” while running around with you fingers in your ears may have worked for you when you were 6 (and it may work now with the inbred morons you surround yourself with) but it doesn’t work with intelligent adults.

          • trump blast

            Who said I was dealing with an intelligent person ??? The fact that you keep calling people liars just because they watched the live broadcast instead of your video clips shows a lack of knowledge !!!

          • Mark Choi

            I am call you a liar not because you watched the live broadcast, but because you are LYING about what you saw.
            Nor does stating that show anything about my knowledge.
            But unless you have a rational explanation for the video clips, the only person with a “lack of knowledge” here is you.

          • trump blast

            Yes You keep right on buying those liberal lies and I’ll keep right on telling the truth !! As that 3 second delay is for blanking out foul language and nudity and is not enough time to cut an in taped section of a live broadcast in to show the democrats being a bunch of boarish idiots while there’s a standing ovation for two min. That came before the section you claim that clip to have come from !!!
            You see I know all about that 3sec. Delay as well and why thy have it !!! And there was no tampering with the live broadcast that night and I tuned in at the beginning and watched the whole thing and can tell they had about 4 cameras focusing on Trump the congressman/women the visitors and the widow and surrounding personnel !!! So any cutting was from camera to camera front back and side views !!! But not one time jump !!!

  • Chris Flum

    Please remind me when I am dead to cancel my voter registration and to Stop Voting.. I just know that when I am dead I am going to come back and vote democrat so Jesus will accept me..

    • trump blast

      Heysus may accept you then but Jesus will only accept those who have faith in him and are redeemed by his blood !!!

    • AngB

      Some states HAVE automatic drop off voter registration list after a death certificate is issued. I read a woman’s comment who said after her husband died she remembered this, checked with her states and sure enough his name had been removed!

      We need photo ID (which should indicate YOU ARE A CITIZEN) AND auto drop off voter registration after death certificate issued! Those two things would remove MILLIONS of registered Democrats!

      • Cat Carillo

        Not in Chicago

      • Jennifer Sands

        We already have this in the form of a SS card, all we have to do is add our photos. All could be done very quickly inside the SS office!

        Edit to add: Matter of fact the most important number in all of our lives has no photo – to prove it is you, and is asked for like it was a penny!

    • TAP True American Patriot

      I really cant tell if your being sarcastic or serious. But if you vote Democrat rest assured your not with God. Simply analyze Trumpers as comparied to the actions of Liberals.

      For a proper understanding read about Sodom and Gomorrah. They were debaucherious (liberal) cities.

    • DoraG38

      Took me two tries to get the state of Oregon to remove my husbands name and quit sending out the ballots. If I was a crooked liberal, just think how those two extra votes might have made a difference! I am only one of thousands of people who lost their spouses or moms and dads in our state. We need to get back to voter booths and stop all this by mail stuff where anyone can get a ballot and vote.

  • BobbyBarker

    This site should be renamed “yourfakenews dot com”.

  • truthseeker53

    Groan. Good article but POOR/NO proofreaders.

  • Occams
  • TheWild Webster

    This seems to be based on a Washington times piece that hinges it’s premises on a study in 2014 by Jesse Richman. Further investigation shows that Richman himself denounced the Washington Times article:

  • Cliff Love

    VOTER IDs NOW would stop or taper this WAY back!!! Also, I want a receipt for my cast vote!!!
    There is NO reason why we shouldn’t get a receipt report of our votes (just like from a CC machine when you buy a stick of GUM!!!) or maybe an e-mail option?!?!?!

    • HenryJ

      Voter IDs have been proven to suppress votes, mostly of Democrats. That is exactly what the GOP want. At the point of registering to vote is where the voter ID is currently required and needed. And voting IS a right — one of our most fundamental of rights. It is not a privilege like needing a license (ID) to drive a car. To infringe on that right is unconstitutional.

      Legally there is very little instance of voter ID fraud. Truth. And where it occurs it seems to happen as much or more in the GOP camps more than with Democrats.

    • trump blast

      As I can’t responto henryJ I’ll try indirectlyAnd why is that ??? Are those democrats afraid of being identified ??? Are they running from the law for some crime ??? A photo ID is not a bench warrant nor is it biased it shows that you are who you say you are legally and said ID could be your drivers license or any other government recognized ID that has a photo of the owner on it !!! And don’t forget you must show ID to claim insured packages sent by the USPS !!

      • dainz

        Dems are against voter ID…how would their illegals and dead people vote if they had to show ID!!

        • trump blast

          They would find a new way !! Just look how their rigged ballot boxes almost worked !!!

  • PatM

    Article is supposition. Pew research study was done in 2012! Talked about people who have died still on voter registration rolls, not that they actually voted. Also talks about people being registered to vote in more than one state like Trump’ s daughter Tiffany, son-in-law Jared and advisor Steve Gannon, not that there is any proof or facts to back this up. Using article’s logic, could mean Trump had people voting for him illegally! Also makes assumptions about illegals voting with no corroborating facts. They assume that since population has increased in last four years the approximately 800,000 dead people on voting rolls, people registered in more than one state and illegals that MIGHT have voted is now 24 million!!! Using that logic the 3 Trump family members and adviser that we know about as well as those we don’t might be 3 million illegal votes for Trump. HA, HA, HA! MORE FAKE NEWS

    • trump blast

      Are you sure ??? I’ll bet due to lazy state registering system operators I’m still registered in Fla. Even though I changed over to Tenn. Last year for easier voting with no middle man in the way !!! And if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone moving from state to state !! And I’ll bet further there are many registered I as many as four states for the same reason !!!

      • countvoncount

        It’s not illegal to be registered in two states, it’s illegal to VOTE in two states. Trump’s daughter Tiffany is registered in California (where she lives) and Pennsylvania where she went to school. Steve Bannon is registered in two states. Jared Kushner is registered in two states. As long as they didn’t vote in two states, they’ve done nothing illegal.

        Interestingly, every person I know that is registered in two places is a firm GOP voter. Maybe I should write an inflammatory fake news article about it and try to make broad generalizations that make it appear that Trump cheated.

        • trump blast

          I did not say it was !! But I did say it was due to lazy people in each state for not notifying a newly regesterd voter former state of the change of states for said person who might believe that this is how it should be done because doing the same when moving city to city or county to county the former voting precincts are updated each time you register !!!

  • Joe Lederhouse

    I’m not sure I want to believe something as badly proof read as this.

  • user_kp

    For God’s sake, you’d have to be a complete idiot to believe this for a second.

    • trump blast

      As do you if snopes is your only choice of fact finders !!! I’ve checked some of their so-called fake reports and found their call of fake to be false !!!

    • AngB

      Snopes IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED ANYMORE! All online “fact check” sites are compromised. At least 6 months ago people were warned to NOT USE THEM!

      • locomom

        By whom? Trump?

        • trump blast

          No by people like me who back check snopes and friends !! And find that they lied about many things

  • Freeman1776

    Got to this page because i saw a picture of Scotty Pippin on facebook with a weird headline about him becoming a car washer. When I clicked on it, there is no story, just spam to get me to click this page!

  • jerry tarkanian

    This is total bs. As fake as it gets.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Like always the leftists come running loudly proclaiming there is no proof of fake votes and again my response is “methinks they doth protest too much”.
    The left has been winning elections this was for over sixty years. What has their backsides torqued with this election is they had a huge effort this time and still failed to steal it.

    Just to rub it in Trump probably won the real votes by five million.

  • Charles Volcher

    She should go to jail for VOTERS FRAUD

  • Ron Hussey

    The election was rigged just as Trump said, Bernie’s own party gave him the shaft, and the billionaire socialist globalist moron that owned Obama, and Hillary, George Soros, just didn’t rig the election enough. Now the degenerate billionaire George Soros is on the warpath making sure America, and Americans pay for not electing a corrupted P.O.S. like Hillary that he controlled.

  • TimLong

    Total BS. Wingnuts will believe anything.

  • thatguyJMM

    It’s so adorable how you righties twist the Pew report to suit your bullshit agenda

  • HenryJ

    Fake news!

  • Shaudi Sardi

    Political science students at Columbia were taught a detailed plan designed by two former Columbia professors named Cloward and Piven to bring down “the system,” destroy capitalism, and turn America into a socialist state. We discussed it in class, wrote about it, and debated it outside class. It was a hot topic of discussion around the halls of Columbia for four years.The plan was revolting, but brilliant. Cloward and Piven taught that America could only be destroyed from within. Only by overwhelming the system with debt, welfare, and entitlements could capitalism and the America economy be destroyed. So the plan was to make a majority of Americans dependent on welfare, food stamps, disability, unemployment, and entitlements of all kinds. Then, under the weight of the debt, the system would implode and the economy collapse, bankrupting business owners (i.e. conservative donors). Americans would be brought to their knees, begging for big government to save them. Voila – you’d have a new system.

  • Henry Rearden

    Where exactly is this study? I am thankful that we aren’t referring to President Hillary; however, putting something unverifiable (false?) out there is wrong regardless of the motive behind it.

  • DoraG38

    Just as we always suspected and President Trump cited. The whole clinton thing with a rigged election was 100% right on. NPR surprised me with this, but now, maybe the rest of the liberal media will catch fire and realize Donald J. Trump is who we need to get our country back on track.

  • LJM

    This article is a pack of lies. Not one word is true

  • ken ware

    I have talked to thousands of Americans that are fed up with all the Treason that’s going on in our Country! They are wanting to fire another shot heard around the world! If the Democrats don’t stop all their Treason ,lying and fraud and screwing the American people there will be another Civil war, and that’s one thing they don’t want! A genocide in our own country! When people are willing to fight and kill or die for what’s going on it’s really serious! It will be the worse war in American History!Millions will die including a hell of a lot of politicians as the war will center around DC! I can only pray to God for his Divine Mercy from keeping this from Happening! America you can see what the politicians are doing. They were not voted in to get rich but to help the American people, not every Tom, Dick, and harry that crosses our borders illegally, which I might add is against the law in itself! The Governors of these states should be arrested along with the Mayors of cities and even the Sheriff dept. leaders! IT’S TIME FOR AMERICA TO BECOME THE LAND OF THE FREE AGAIN , ( FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS)!You had better listen to the people speaking Politicians or the Blood of Americans will not be on your hands but dripping from your bodies! It’s time to end this Obama Foolishness! We Elected President Trump because of your stupidity and I might add, without the help of the Russian Government, but your Ignorance! You had a Criminal running against Mr Trump to start with! What the Hell did you expect? We The People , (Your Bosses) have Had enough and you need to stop being babies before it’s too late! Before we let you win by crooked methods We will fight and while we do another powerful country will take America! Is that what the Democrats want? Well just keep doing what you are doing and find out! God help us from Tyranny!

  • Renee Amber Hollister

    The hilda-BITCH LOST..
    she Knows It
    and SO DO

  • Renee Amber Hollister


    What’s really appalling
    is The voting scum, who
    Will sell their very soul
    STUFF __

  • J. Nev

    Meanwhile: Thursday 12/15/16 after a 5 year investigation Obama birth certificate OFFICIALLY PROVEN FRAUD BY LAW ENFORCEMENT!!! 9 POINTS OF FORGERY….

    • E.L. Baldwin-Brown

      Fake news

  • jeremiahjoseph

    I agree that the Clintonista machine failed to steal the election, and that many, probably millions of illegal votes were cast for her. BUT your article headline is ridiculously over-the-top and misleading. NPR did NOT state what you stated. You diminish your credibility by doing this click-bait headlining. Are you too shortsighted to understand that? If so, you will find this exaggeration self-defeating.

  • Gerri Robishaw Ziegler

    We knew she was complicit with cheating in the primary but this is BULLSHIT. I can’t stand the woman but Yournewswire has just lost me as a follower. The general was fair. The bitch thought she would win. Trump and she come from the same cloth. Neither should have run for the presidency.

  • C.T. Dixon

    A fine example of fake news. The NPR report was not about fake votes cast, but about problems with the voter registration lists and was from 2012 before Hillary was on the ballot against Trump. And if you looked at it statistically and evryone of the 1.8 million dead voters and 24 million duplicate registrations had a vote cast they probably would have been cas in the same proportion as the actual vote results since I am damn sure that not all of those votes would have been for Clinton. The dead voters would have had votes most likely casr by next of kin or the current residents at the listed address and for the duplicate registrations i am sure they are distributed in the same proportions as the rest of the voting populace since both Demorats and Republigoons are equally likely to move and re-register to vote at their new residency address.

  • Broos

    As President Donald JUSTICE Trump has said.

  • dainz

    Democrat liberals are against voter ID….having to prove your identity before you can vote… would their illegals and dead people get to vote if they had to show ID??!!

    • frankcallender

      I have been voting for years and have always been required to show proof of identity. I don’t know where u live but that is the way we do it in Texas…no big deal.

  • Mark Choi

    First, the Pew Center said NO SUCH THING, liar.
    Second, neither did the author of the first study referenced here. In fact, Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University, who wrote the first paper, has repeatedly made a point of requesting that Trump and his surrogates, such as the sock puppet that wrote this hack piece, STOP misquoting and misusing his research.
    Third, these studies were about inaccurate voting roles, NOT fraudulent voters. Anyone claiming the contrary is either an idiot or a liar. Or both.
    Which one are you, Sean Adl-Tabatabai?

  • E.L. Baldwin-Brown

    I read through most comments on this discussion and I liked the ones that made sense to me that came from a place of rational thinking and good judgement For the ones I didn’t react to here’s why. First of all, I can’t believe that people are still talking about the election results based on this phony article up here. We all know that it’s the Electoral COllege(CONgress) who decides the election and not the popular vote. Killary as yall love to call her, definitely beat Prima Donnald by a wide margin in the popular votes. Now here’s some FACTS , not artificial or alternative and certainly not for stroking 45’s ego either. OUt of 50 states you have 28 that have laws that require their electorates to vote for who their constituents have voted for in the popular vote. Two of those states are New YOrk and my state California. The other 22 states do not have this law, which is a state law so perhaps federalizing it might have MADE the difference in this past election. So in these 22 states one being Texas and another is Florida, the electorate can legally defy the popular vote results and on their own volition choose the candidate that they want, even if their constituents voted for some one else, the majority that is. SO WHERE IS THE PEOPLE RULE AND DEMOCRACY IN THAT? NOWHERE. HE DIDN’T WIN BECAUSE HE GOT SO MUCH SUPPORT FROM PEOPLE, HE WON BECAUSE HE’S A BULLY A NARCISSISTIC ONE AT THAT WHICH IS DANGEROUS, AND IN THOSE STATES WHERE HE GOT MOST OF THE ELECTORATE SUPPORT WAS BECAUSE HE’S WEALTHY AND MEALY RAGGEDY MOUTH PUNKS LIKE PAUL RYAN are intimidated by him and what they don’t know, but secretly suspect that he did in collusion in with Vladimir Farting to win the election, but go ahead yall be proud of your new lameduck ass president Trump who has been a lameduck even before his inaugural. Hopefully that will be put in history books about him since he’s making it his mission in Office more so than making Amerikkka great again, to trash President Obama;s legacy, but much to his own unsuccess at the expense of his success and that of the US. His win was facilitated in those conversations and meetings with Trump Campaign Associates like son in law Jared, FLynn, Sessions and Schumer although he he trying to hold em before he fold em. With all this not fake news, but facts with supportive evidence, you people will still support 45 because of how much yall hated that 44 unlike 45 won his election fair and square, by the electoral and popular vote and is listed among the greatest POTUS’s and him being a mixed race Black dude doing this , just really have you folks looking beat red and butt hurt. IN my city White Nationalists and KKK members had a law protected RALLY AT OUR CAPITOL: without the white hoods and sheets covering. But they got dealt with by another group who was dressed in all black with masks and even the police didn’t get all of them , but they did enough damage to them hate groups that they won;t be having no more rallies there. See 45 can piss in yalls face and tell yall that it’s raining outside and yall would gung hoe believe him and exaggerate this unrealistic fear that he is giving yall about immigrants that work for pennies like slaves in fields so that you can have dinner on your table every evening , wash and detail your vehicles, and do your gardening , roofing, landscaping and laying the foundation of the homes your buying, that you don’t want them living next door as your neighbors because it will briNg down your property values. WELL SOUNDS LIKE TO ME TRUMP IS NOT MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, HE’S MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN!!!!


  • Donnie Lowe

    and all the media are silent! Wonder Why?

    These illegals must be taken off the voting roles before the
    next election.

    In California and other communist cities and states have been
    giving illegal’s driver licenses has been a top goal of PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS for the past 6
    years so they could vote in this past election and all the media is silent! This
    is the only reason Sanctuary cities exist and that is to allow illegal’s to
    vote for progressive socialist democrats. Dam the cost to society to house,
    feed, clothe, educate and provide health care from real citizens tax dollars.

    That means they can register to vote. It is illegal to ask if
    they reside here legally or if they are a citizen. That is why this state is
    solid democrat and in financial ruin.

    The progressives will
    try every crooked thing they can to get Senate and House to stop Trump’s
    progress! It is all about illegal’s voting illegally for communist Islamic
    socialist progressive democrats. They will get first priority on everything
    ahead of seniors and veterans! Dam the cost to the nation with the communist
    left its means is justified by end result legal or not. Write email you
    congressmen asking them to enforce current laws and put in place laws that WILL
    stop NON CITIZENS FROM VOTING! As we all know the only

  • Flick Yoli

    DNC = Jewish Oligrachy

  • Joseph Slabaugh

    “most populous countries” Throughout your article you used the word “country” in stead of “county”

  • Jusme

    Democrats struggle hard to keep their fantasy alive.
    Please do not bother them with the true facts.
    Their minds can not accept reality. It is our duty to protect these children that will always live in a bubble world of their own.

    Be sure to visit the website where Hillary is our president. It seems to help

    • frankcallender

      what a complete idiot. y’all are moronic by nature.

  • Thomas Faddis

    One of the few times I can believe npr?! …Amazing!

  • Diana Sloan


  • Rustyangel

    Hillary lost, that’s all that matters.

  • frankcallender

    So this was written January 29th. How come there are comments from that say they are from five months ago? It has not been five months since then. And really 25 million illegal votes…what a pure crock of caca.

  • BILL G.

    Not surprised, so typical of these cheaters. Time to have at least registered voters with picture ID addresses, otherwise too damn bad.

  • Yu Ou Munny

    had to be a bunch of illegal votes of fake votes the America hating murderous evil bitch didnt get that many votes

  • wewillneverforget

    Of course she lost. If it was a close election, with all her fake votes and millions in publicity, she would have won. Hell, she even got beyonce and half of Hollywood to turn out for her. Facts are, no one likes being told what to think and no one likes being lied to. The left thought they could get in our faces and tell us what to do? Pfft, hows that shock value going for ya’s? Hahahahahaha, so fuckin funny – the looks on their faces and the tantrums that followed.

  • Randy G.

    What is the surprise? Next go to California — the demoRATS can only win there by cheating.

  • oldfool

    18 million unemployed under age 24 doing what crime sex drugs breaking the law /// What is the cost/// and how dose this equate in to allowing yet more people enter the US/// THINK ABOUT IT .

  • oldfool

    this was on NPR radio today

  • Graham Wilkins

    Anyone who believes that the popular vote should determine elections, believes New York and Los Angeles should control our future. DeFacto!

  • baruchzed

    The article leaps from 1.8 million to 24 million with no substantiation. It’s “fake news.” There are no links that lead to reliable citations. Hack job. Pathetic.

  • disqus_y2rfjHWjYV

    Hillary Clinton LOST the Election by 10 MILLION Popular Votes?

  • Debbie Marshall

    This is a very disfuntuial family of the Democratic Party. . We all knew she would cheat in any way possible, face it if you got in C

  • One_Concerned_Citizen

    Please hot link the original study and/or the NPR article to lend some credibility to your article. It’s very easy to do.

  • giniajim

    This is pretty funny….. 🙂

  • Matt Valenzuela


  • Retired Chief Petty Officer

    IF this is true then the Pew Center should present the evidence to the Election judges in each of the affected states, and bring charges.

  • Jim

    In those states where votes come from inelligible people, people should file a class-action lawsuit against the state, resulting in punitive damages for violating the civil rights of those voters whose vote was cancelled by illegal votes.

  • Troy W.


  • marty l

    You mouth breathing Kool Aid Drinkers are so easily taken in.

  • April Kristine Pfrogner

    what are your sources? I can’t find any such study on the Pew Research website.

  • April Kristine Pfrogner

    I looked into your source – “Pew Center” – thinking it was the esteemed “” – it’s not. It’s a bogus website. Although I am a hard core Trump supporter, I am dismayed at articles such as this. Your sources are not credible, which means, what the Pew Center is saying lacks corroboration from other sources.

  • Rick Smith

    THIS needs to be PROSECUTED. JAIL TIME for ALL who subvert our election process. HARD TIME. LONG TIME. We need a National Voter Card as secure as technology can make it. There will ALWAYS be fraud, but we can make it SO COSTLY, SO PAINFUL that the fraudsters would think twice.

  • Matt

    Can you please grammar check this article? County and country are two completely different things. It’s just embarrassing when you are slamming the Clintons but have such obvious errors.

  • PursueJustice

    I guess the liberals were right after all, there was voter fraud. It just wasn’t where they were claiming it was. Again, if you want to know what liberals are up to, just listen to what they accuse others of doing and you will have a good idea what they themselves are up to. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

  • CORoadie

    Talk about BS. Nothing in the article shows that the votes were even cast never mind fraudulent. With all the people who move and die both of those numbers are pretty normal. If you move do you let your electors know you moved to remove you from the voting roles? If you die, it takes a while to remove you from the roles. Not only that, but people of all political persusions are in these counts, not just democrats. #tRumpanzees continue to follow the rule of D’s to be a #tRumpanzee. Decietful, dishonest, deplorable and disgusting are just a few of those D’s.

  • Arthur F. Wilson

    WITH NO EXEMPTION FOR BIGAMY — American voters should be given the chance on the next national Election Day to vote their mind on specific immigration policy, border security, and requirements for immigrants to gain citizenship. If Congress has sold its soul and can’t step up to do its duty on controlling illegal immigration, then the voters should be allowed to decide the issue. Immigration policy should be more an invitation for an alien to become a law-abiding American citizen — with a performance deadline. If foreigners come here, they must agree to abide by our laws and customs, leaving their failed isms behind. We must not flood our shores with hordes at our expense, give them thousands of dollars per month in Social Security and welfare dole programs. permit multiple wives and allow them to breed like rabbits, and permit them to hide their evil intent with a phony cultural revolution to take over cities and states — and ultimately to overthrow the USA. Any alien who refuses to honor and abide by American laws must be ejected forthwith.

  • Erin Anderson

    Now is the time to put corrupt Hillary in prison.

  • Richard Hitchings

    lol….that seems about right.

  • Raydar

    Some people are gullible enough to believe anything. There are so many logical holes in this story, it’s hard to know where to begin. “1.8 million dead people registered to vote” doesn’t magically become “Hillary lost by 20 million votes”.
    Trump lost the popular vote. Republicans LOST seats in the Senate and House. Own it.

  • Dan Belanger

    Does anyone proof read these “news reports?

    • StrawPoll

      They don’t need to proof them since it’s all BS. People will just read the headline, repost this insanity and then quote it as fact to all their feeble minded friends. This is how we got stuck with this moronic administration.

  • Dan Belanger

    This is all quite amusing since Hillary Clinton is not our president nor should she be.

  • Timothy Thompson

    Voter ID in every state no exceptions. Absentee votes should be clearly monitored closely in every state as well.

  • Ashley Pourciau

    As much as i would like to believe this info it is useless unless they can prove that a significant amount of these people actually voted or voted twice. This was a waste of time gathering since it cant be proved.

    • schistdigger

      Hey ! Here’s a radical idea ! How about we require a picture Id & proof of residence in that district in order to register to vote ?

  • Geoff Hansplant

    I would love to believe that this article is true, but unfortunately it is very poorly sourced. I went to the Pew website and there appears to be no such article of evidence supporting the claims that Clinton was benefitting from fraudulently cast votes. The link to the “Washington Times” is to a bogus paper. The second link to a Pew report is from 2012 and, while a valid assessment of voter registration problems in the U.S., can not be conclusively tied to events from 2016. Reference to “infowars” is to a far right organization which wants us to accept that NPR is a left-leaning media outlet, “so if they say that Clinton did such and such, it must be true.” The problem here is that NPR is no longer a left leaning media source. Since NPR was defunded by George Bush, they have had to rely on corporate sponsorship, like any other large scale media outlet. Theirs happens to come in very large part from the Koch Brothers and I think we can all agree that they are not left-leaning. Clinton may have won the popular vote, but that is absolutely immaterial. She lost the county by county vote (and the state by state vote) by epic proportions. She won New York City and Los Angeles with significant margins, but that is hardly reason to crown her or anyone else President. This is why we have an electoral college and why it is so brilliant; it ensures that every region of the country is significant in the choice of our President. Otherwise, the President would always be determined by the winners of the largest cities, and that in itself is not an accurate reflection of America. If you want to look for conspiracies in our election process, they are certainly there to be found, in the Democratic Primaries, which, by the DNC’s own admission (in the Fraud Case in Florida) were rigged.

  • tshimmy

    You people are so full of shit. Where the fuck do you get this? Grow the fuck up

  • José Frajtag

    Quem mandou pesquisar? Ferrou!

  • dougiefresh85

    No matter the evidence and facts, Liberals will never admit this or face reality. They will say it is a lie. Liberalism is a mental defect.

  • Virginia Watkins

    I’ve walked this story back and can not find any reference to this story. NPR doesn’t have anything remotely related to it. As THEY say, research on you’re own, as much fake news that’s out there, what you read is unlikely to be true.

    • schistdigger

      Virginia Watkins, you , Mark Choi and others saying you looked and couldn’t find links to this story are either lying or have woefully deficient search skills. There are several links links directly from publishing this , There are several links directly to the from the and references to this from numerous other sources such as , usatoday , justicegazette .org , and many MANY more. for actual links see my comment made 1 hour before yours.

  • schistdigger

    Mark Choi, Facts : NPR reported in 2012 that : “A report by the Pew Center on the States finds that more than 1.8 million dead people are currently registered to vote, and 24 million registrations are either invalid or inaccurate,”. NPR added that : “…The Pew study found that almost 3 million people are registered to vote in more than one state,” Also it is estimated that there were 800,000 illegal votes cast.
    Many of these figures overlap in one way or another. “Invalid votes may include combinations of dead voters, illegal voters, or multiple voters . It is safe to say that AT LEAST 20 million votes cast were questionable . It is interesting to note though that in regions which were recounted, the Trump tally went up, and the Clinton talley went down. Also significant is that, in those “densely populated centers” there were huge numbers of illegal voters and they were heavily against Trump because of his immigration stance. Which means that a large portion of the clinton votes in the very areas in which she claims victory – – were invalid. A point made, that both candidates understood the election process and the importance of the electoral college , and directed their investments and campaigning accordingly, with Hillary raising a $1.2 Billion war chest and Trump raising only $280 Million and adding in $66 million of his own, concludes that : despite outspending Trump by about 3 to one and having Air Force One often ferrying her around for free & being frequently aided by Obama in “swing” districts, Hillary could not overcome the message and enthusiasm. And every one knows that without the electoral college, New York and California would essentially be able to dictate election results all the time – for the rest of the nation. We won’t mention here the CRIMINAL aspects of Hillary’s campaign such as the DNC’s screwing Sanders out of several state victory’s such as California – Or the severely biased media’s coverage of the debates or the criminal collusion with Hillary getting questions beforehand. – – – She LOST ! And thank God she did, she has been a criminal by nature and Marxist since before she married Bill.

  • Kapil

    Open Borders – Voter-id = Illegal-Votes.

  • Susan Blanton
    • schistdigger

      snopes lies

  • Mya Norris

    Yeah and the sky is falling. It will on orange rigged pig splat

  • Mya Norris

    You all wish that she didn’t win 3 million more votes. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Sore asses from Obama’s foot in your asses.

    • PowerGrid

      I don’t give a rats ass if she had 3 million or 10 million more votes. It’s the counties as a whole in the Nation that matters. Have you checked that out? I bet not, not even close, Trump landslided her ass. Thank God for the EC votes that MATTER, so California and NY can’t dictate our elections

    • schistdigger

      Obama, his wife, Holder, lynch, Ayers, Hillary, Soros, all either avowed Marxists or toadys to the Globalist NWO B.S.
      & you street rabble – – the useful idiots – the true believers – will be among the FIRST erased if such a system is ever realized. The transfer of wealth / power / resources will NOT trickle down to you in some utopian equality. The foot will STILL be on the neck of the poor. There will ALWAYS be bosses or party aparatchik living in a sumptuous seaside dacha while the lower classes starve. – – Oh … that’s right, the NEW left will do it better – correctly -with justice and altruism. ….. Ri i i i i i ght … dream on idiots, as you destroy the BEST nation . . our home.

  • Mya Norris

    There’s your fake news.

  • corey2444

    Of course! All anyone had to do was look at her campaign rallies. Far more empty seats at all her rallies. Okay maybe the free Beyonce concert coupled with Hillary closing. I mean WTF! Who would think she really won the Pop. vote? Nuts!

  • Richard de Shazo

    They rigged the election and STILL lost. I can see where they would be pissed about it and such sore losers. Cheaters don’t lose………………………..Right?

  • D.Watson

    WHY are election signs in Spanish? To be a citizen, you must learn the language….anyone know the reason?

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    So much for all that NPR talk…. Let’s hear from NPR themselves:

    Trump also pointed to a frequently cited Pew study as evidence, which Muir pushed back on, saying correctly it showed “no evidence of voter fraud.” Trump said the author was “groveling again. You know, I always talk about the reporters that grovel when they wanna write something that you wanna hear but not necessarily millions of people wanna hear or have to hear.”

    THE FACTS: That Pew 2012 report does show that 2.8 million people are registered to vote in more than one state and that 24 million registration records “are estimated to be inaccurate or no longer valid.” But that is not evidence of fraud unless people vote in both states. And the author is not “groveling” when he simply pushes back because his report is taken wildly out of context and twisted into falsehoods. It is not a felony to be registered in two states — in fact, several Trump family members and advisers are registered in two states.…/this-week-in-trumps-alternative-facts

  • Eric Cassel

    snopes says false because npr did that poll in 2012 and they mixed in with 2016 and I think there was even more fraud than that dead people must be cleared from all voter rolls also non citizens and illegals a voter must be an American citizen not someone who identifies as an American citizen

  • Bastion

    Conflate two issues: dead people registered to vote, as well as illegal immigrants who MIGHT have voted, and voila! A conservative conspiracy!!


  • Patricia

    Here’s my “penny’s worth.” I think she lost because it was God’s will. He had other plans for this great nation than what she and Obama wanted./

    • StrawPoll

      Your god is a hateful god who isn’t concerned with the wellbeing of people, their education or the environment. AND he must love liars.

  • Rick Isaak

    So, this is the alternative to CNN and NBC being “Fake News?”” While you’re here though, I got some prime ocean front land in Nevada to sell you…..dirt cheap!

    • Rick Isaak

      dumb ass articles and ads for fake products….but a bastion of the truth! Give me a break!

  • Vince Rogers

    Not from NPR. Not accurate. and no, she didn’t. And cue the Snopes bashing…….

  • From Up North

    Watch Americas War on Drugs…. its a series on history.

  • Coby Randal

    Please get the sources links fixed. Reading further into the sources, I don’t see the 25 million that the title suggests, and NPR’s website claims there’s no evidence. I shared this article but now I am embarrassed because the sources don’t back it up.

  • Mercan

    Our GUTS already knew this. I’m surprised NPR would stick their necks out on this. I would like to know the motivation for going public.

    • StrawPoll

      It’s fake news. OBVIOUSLY! I could tell by the headline. A 20 sec Google search confirmed it. Stop believing lies!

  • Brian
  • Warren Price

    The headline is totally misleading. How did they know who the 800,000 illegal aliens voted for? With regards to the dead people, and people registered in more than one location, I have voted in 3 different jurisdictions in my life. Whenever I moved from one to another, I did not advise the one I moved from. When my dad died, we did not go to the local clerk and have his name removed from the voter rolls. I do believe that at least one of Donald Trump’s children was registered in both Florida and New York.

  • Andrew Perry

    This might be one of the blatant lies I’ve ever seen posted on the internet. Ever. I think there’s a good case for libel here.

  • Waylon Scott Neese

    100 percent of the articles on this site are fake with ZERO facts or data to substantiate them. Its basically just fodder for you right wing conservative Trump blowers to post on your social media pages to make you feel good about your 4th grade sock puppet behavior and viewpoints. I thank God every day that I am not a slave to Nazi masters who tell me what to say and how to think 24/7. Its such a luxury to possess critical thinking skills and have the ability to actually think and make decisions/ form opinions of my own free will. Not to mention having an IQ over 80; being functionally literate, and a science/ math aptitude
    beyond the 4th grade level.

  • Douglas Bruce
  • wcjohnson

    WOW ! I am so SURPRISED ! How could SOMEONE make such a MISTAKE ! Well HILLARY so WHAT’S NEXT ” Watch Pull a Rabbit out a Hat ! ” My apologies to Rocky & Bullwinkle ! It’s so hard to believe that there are so many LIARS in our Country ! Now who in GODS Name was able to put Investigation appointed to IMPEACH our President . Something REALLY STINKS in the UPPER LEVELS of our Government ? Why hasn’t the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT Charge Hillary Clinton with the ENORMOUS amount of Evidence while serving our country ,examples : Pay to Play , Benghazi , Clinton Foundation ,Hundreds of thousands of Emails Mishandled ,this is the tip of the ICEBERG ! This is WRONG ! What do you think Russia had to do with the Election ? Remember on Election Day ,Hillary is SCREAMING ” PUTIN and the RUSSIANS tampered with the Election ! Hillary this is coming for you get ready to keep SOAP on a Rope Handy in Prison !

  • GunKarlsson

    Securing the nation. Too late, the native americans missed that oppurtunity several hundered years ago. They got the europeeans as the worst gift ever….

  • Sarah Freeman

    fake. fake. fake. yawn. please people, don’t post links to this site’s garbage. Clinton won popular vote. End of story.

  • Discochip

    Not really telling me something I haven’t known for 20 years except for the magnitude of the fraud. They’re saying up to 28 million Hillary voters are fraudulent. That’s bigger than yuge.
    I’ve said for years that stories on the web of Dingy Harry busing in unionistas to vote for him were true. And we found out when Romney ran that places like Phily, CO, Mich, Boston had OVER 100% of Registered Dems voting, a mathematical impossibility. Some places were high as 125%. This study proves what we’ve always known.

  • StephenWV

    Illegals have been being registered to vote for well over a decade by ACORN and their spin offs. There were big movements to have illegals sign up to vote on line in many states. When obtaining drivers licenses in many states you just check a box to be automatically registered to vote. In fact the voter registration form only requires that you check a box that you are a citizen and sign the form with no proof of citizenship required. They trust that illegals would not lie and fraudulently sign the form. NO ONE EVER CHECKS!!! In 2008 and 2012 bus loads of people were driven to surrounding states, transferred to vans, given names to give at polls to vote, and were driven from one precinct to the next voting multiple times. In 2016, the busses and vans were followed and foiled in there attempts to replicate that voter fraud. And liberals run around attempting to deceive by saying where is the proof! Knowing full well that much of the “proof” is impossible to accumulate since it is illegal to ask anyone for proof of citizenship OR proof of who they are. So you idiot liberal deniers from the party of hate, divisiveness, and violence, go pound sand. YOU LOST!

  • Millie Kimmel

    Perhaps there is another organization called NPR. National Public Radio would not have been the source of this information.

  • Soothsayer123

    Trump’s popular-vote loss is really chapping your asses, eh wingnuts?

  • vasss

    Anyone who believes this is either delusional, very easily manipulated by false facts, or just an idiot.

  • vasss

    Snopes says it’s false. So fuck you is fake news.


    Citizens should get a voter registration number when they are born and be tied to it for life like they are with social security numbers. That way we could track and easily deactivate numbers for dead people and felons etc. We could also track who we voted for in a database to verify the vote and throw out votes that were found and proven to be disqualified. I would consider making the presidential election no less than 1 year before the day the current president is to leave office. This way, there’s no quickly sweeping the election results under the rug.

  • william g munson

    Here in Louisiana you can tell them for 20 years and they still have not taken them off I know been trying to for years and still on the book the last time i looked too

  • Big Rob Version 2.0

    Voter ID card now. Separate from drivers license, issued by the Social Security Administration

  • USAagainstGlobalists

    These are my personal thoughts. I did not find this on any “alternative news” site, and I can’t find anything like this in a google search( big surprise there). I have decided to post this around a bit sort of for Peer Review, so please let me know your thoughts and spread it around if you agree…

    Don’t listen to what they say, and don’t even look at what they do. Look at the results, then “Cui bono”. The government was daunted by the retirement of the baby boomer workforce. -And many of them, like me, would not mind retiring early. Imagine how MUCH revenue the government elite stood to lose from their precious budgets. Maybe a couple of trillion dollars over the next ten years? Maybe more? Those are some really huge stakes. But, if you mandate insurance (read: create a price-fixed environment), all of a sudden MILLIONS of Americans cannot afford to retire until they are told they can do so. Which for now, for most people’s practicable purposes, is when they reach medicare age. Problem solved! Trillions added to the federal budget, and the ‘constituents’ are our slaves once again. All you Demoncrats and neo-cons that voted for this: YOU ARE A DISGUSTING POS!

  • Dawn

    This article targets people without too much brain activities. If you just stumbled upon it and do not consider yourself dumb, good for you.

  • CanineCo

    Try to keep it civil, gang. We’re all still on the same team…
    “For words are magical formulae. They leave finger marks behind on the brain, which in the twinkling of an eye become the footprints of history. One ought to watch one’s every word.” – Franz Kafka

  • James

    So you mean the alt right is so dull that they don’t think crooks like Trump and the rest of the organized crime syndicate known as the republican party might have used these too?????????? WAKE UP DUMB WHITE PEOPLE LOL ….. your lack of brains is ….. STUNNING

  • James

    And mighty peculiar that the ….. ORANGE FUHRER ….. has no …. INTEREST …. or desire to …. GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT ….. so …… YOUR FULL OF CRAP

  • Kyeld

    Faulty and fraudulent votes don’t get counted in the official tally, retards.

  • Liekiller

    I helped a friend from China by sponsoring his uncle’s citizenship. He had to prove he was gainfully employed. I had to promise to support him should he fail to stay employed. The left’s refusal to enforce our borders is an outrage and an insult to everyone who went through the proper channels to enter this country and those of us who put our personal assets on the line to help them.

  • bluenoser

    I Googled looking for the NPR link and couldn’t find one…

  • Steve_o

    Ooooh, I see upset Leftists.

    All is well.

    Not a singe idea from the Left for the citizens. Just screaming, name calling and scenery chewing. Just like the last losing campaign. This bodes well for next year.

  • Beth Parr- Powers

    Exactly why voter ID is necessary.

  • Newfirelock
  • Jason Simpson

    What happened to all the links that were under this story? That was great proof of cheating by the DNC! Put them back or someone else post them please!

  • urbanegorilla

    This is ‘fake news’… The Pew report did not track or measure any such fraudulent voting activity.

  • TheSignofZorro

    Thank you for Telling us the Truth about Voter Fraud. We are Praying for Voter Fraud to Be Brought Down to Zero !!!

  • Tara Aparicio

    Why are people dragging this back up?

  • James Mathis

    The truth is finally starting to come out.

  • Matt Marriott

    Trump’s support reduced to one third within one month after the inauguration
    Trump in reality got 30 not 63 million votes.
    Clinton had her votes multiplied by EXACTLY 100 in the NY democratic primaries.
    So much for “polls” and “elections”.

    Apr 20, 2016, on Hitler’s anniversary: End Times Sign: 3 digits milestone for multiplying votes
    New York primaries: Clinton real votes counted 100 times each – milestone for converting real into official results.
    Contrast it with Trump’s results, generated, by BOTH a multiplier and a divider.

  • Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин

    So much for Trumps bunk theory that the electoral college favors the Dems. Clearly if the only two states that mattered in a popular vote was NYC and Cali, Republicans wouldn’t stand a chance

  • Ray Black

    This is why the “Dems” ( think GangsterPOLS ) were so damn certain that She was Gonna Win. The “Fix” was in, but knowing Hillary, not far enough.

  • PRB

    It appears that the NPR article talked in generalities and that the Infowars people drew their conclusions. This is nothing more than a conjecture piece. The underlying facts are disturbing, however.

  • Stephen Barraclough

    BUT HAD SHE WON….none of this research would have been carried out AT ALL! [And if it had been carried out ‘quietly’, the ‘perpetrators’ would have found themselves eating tree-roots long ago – as so many others who they think ‘failed them’ have ANYWAY!]

  • Billybob9

    Muy interesante ~ BTW, I track voting by ADULT CITIZENS ~ which is a separate figure published by CENSUS each year. (Sure, it’s an estimate but it’s not used in polling so it’s not under much pressure to be fudged)

    By my accounting about 4 million Republican voters disappeared in California starting in 2008.

    Just gone. They’d voted in earlier races, then in 2008 they just chucked it in and failed to show up at the polls. No, they didn’t vote for the Donks. The Donk voting figures continue to show a regular progression with population change, and come in at about 28% of the adult citizens in all Presidential races, which is near enough the national average of 30% that we can live with it.

    But 4 million Republicans disappearing ~ in California ~ all at once?

    What happened ~ did we have the RAPTURE? Gee whiz, guess that’s why we are all still here. Doomed to duke it out with the Donks for eternity.

  • beardisqusreport

    What else is needed to be said about illegal voting, illegal mexicans and illegal democrats???
    Dr BearClayborn -Political Psychiatrist ACB NEWSPAPER International

  • whoisjohngalt58

    Guys, if you want to be credible, please post a link to the original NPR article. Mind you, i have little doubt Trump won both Pop and Electoral vote. I want to have the facts, not a reference without the actual footnoted article.

  • Sharon Buck

    Amazing. Keep praying that all the truth about all the lies will be exposed! Eventually we will regain our dignity and be willing to stand up and move forward!

  • barry1817

    but dems/libs/media and grubers will fight to the death that no fraud happens, despite fraud happening all the time, people going to jail, dead peopl on voting rolls and the list goes onl.

  • Cookie0

    THey definitely do not want us to lose our guilt. Obama hasn’t given up his dream of becoming president of the world. If you’ve been paying attention he’s been traveling to other countries and speaking with their leaders. I believe he just left South Korea after meeting with their president. Another reason they hate Trump. Every piece was in place for Hillary to take over and the U.S. would become just another poor nation in the club of the New World Order. Our wealth and technology would have to be redistributed to poorer countries. The U.S. has been at the top too long and that would have been corrected under Hillary and Obama.

  • Russ Asmus

    We are a banana Republic.