Fire Dept: Room Full Of Servers, Hard Drives Destroyed In Clinton House Fire

A room of servers and hard drives was destroyed in the Clinton house fire in Chappaqua on Wednesday, according to a fire department source.

A room full of servers and hard drives was destroyed in the Clinton house fire in Chappaqua, New York, on Wednesday, according to a Chappaqua Fire Department source, raising fears that incriminating evidence against the Clintons has been destroyed just days after a White House insider warned that Trump was preparing to prosecute their crimes.

“I saw smashed up hard drives, melted memory cards and the charred remains of paper scattered all over the room and immediately knew the fire must have started there,” a Chappaqua Fire Department source told local news reporters, explaining that the house fire was “put out by Secret Service agents” before the Fire Department arrived.

“I immediately called it a code 10-41 and requested a Fire Marshall.”

Code 10-41 is firefighters’ code for a suspicious fire.

According to QAnon, the infamous White House insider, President Trump’s recent announcement that he is going after high profile child traffickers is directly linked to the Clinton house fire.

Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate whose notorious “home-brew” server sparked multiple FBI investigations and eventually one very controversial exoneration by former Director James Comey, has long been known to keep classified and illegal information in the less-than-secure domain of her New York household.

The Clinton house fire represents another astonishing prediction come true for QAnon, the White House leaker.

According to QAnon, who has predicted the future with remarkable accuracy in the last month, the Clintons are running scared and attempting to cover their tracks. The calm before the storm has ended. Trump has hit his stride in 2018 and the Clintons not fear him. They are also fearing for their freedom.

Time is running out for the Clintons

Earlier this week, after Trump warned “high-profile child traffickers” that he was coming for them, QAnon, posting from the White House, pointed followers to to an elite pedophile ring investigation at the State Department in 2013 that was shut down and covered up by Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Posting from Q’s official Twitter account, @kill_rogue, the anonymous insider posted a video of an NBC news report which contained explosive revelations about an investigation into a child abuse and human trafficking network that was operating in Clinton’s State Department.

The NBC investigation was broadcast at a time when they were a real news organization rather than a branch of the Democratic Party’s PR department, and provided leaked internal State Department memos to back up claims of a massive Hillary Clinton elite pedophile ring cover-up.

However, according to NBC, the investigation into the elite pedophile ring was whitewashed by Hillary Clinton in order to protect high-ranking officials, including an ambassador.

“Serious allegations concerning the State Department,” the NBC anchor announced, before launching into the disturbing details that mainstream media would be unable to report on in 2017.

“According to internal State Department memos the agency might have called off or intervened into investigations into possibly illegal, inappropriate behavior within it’s ranks allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Roberto Deramo

    Well, I’m sure surprised….

  • OliverF

    Hillary? No waaaaayyy….

  • Max Miller

    Well, amazing…
    Servers catch on fire…hard drives melt…people fall to their deaths, commit suicide, burn to death, are shot in robberies gone bad or assassinations gone good.

    Bill and Hill–the penicillin is on the way to erase your diseased existence…

    • Bob Gibson

      LOL, don’t forget the suicides with two shots to the back of the head!!!!

      • Hollis Caruthers

        Common delivery method of suicides. The Ol’ Double Tap to the back of the head. Fairly successful and rarely is a third needed.

  • You’ve been TRUMPED!~AKA/ION

    Hard to run away from the fire with that Broken Toe Boot on her foot! It’s getting better every day!…..LOL

    I can’t wait for the good ending to this freak show movie! ; )

    • Michael Riley

      Haaaaaa, What Ending? It will just disappear, As usual, but the Trump investigation goes on. Who is running this Country!?

      • Bob Gibson

        President Trump needs to fire Sessions and get a barracuda like Gowdy to take over!!!

        • Hollis Caruthers

          HELL YEAH !! Gowdy IS the man ))

      • Nancy Rice

        Right! It will just disappear because they are all going to be judged in a military court at Gitmo. You won’t see any perp-walks or Hillary or Obama in courtrooms with lawyers. You won’t see them in handcuffs. Because Trump knows the only way to get a grip on them is to freeze their money and assets in his Executive Order in December. Then quietly pick them up and take them to Gitmo for crimes against humanity. It’s happening now but you won’t see any reports about it. That’s the way it has to be.

    • GooseandGander

      And Bill Clinton never had sex in the whitehouse with an intern according to him either. Quit protecting pedo’s.

  • HWR
    • David Earl

      /Fire,,, Does what Bleach Bit just Can’t Do!!

    • Ernest Risiott

      She obviously has forgotten about Wikileaks, temporarily!

  • You’ve been TRUMPED!~AKA/ION
  • Brian Diffenderfer

    Ill bet those who were doing it had to make a “donation” to the Clinton Foundation….

  • billwhit1357

    Why does it not surprise me that the Clinton’s were running a child pedophile ring? The Clintons and all the scum who are close to them need to be in prison! Or save taxpayers a lot of money and just execute the scumbags!

    • carol

      yes, would save taxpayer’s money, ald also much sorrow and many, many other problems as well as lives…..

  • David Earl

    Fire,,, Does what Bleach Bit just Can’t Do!!

  • David Earl

    is this the building they built for the Secret Service and rented to Secret Service for $10.000 a month, tax payers expense ?

    • Michael


      • Lorna Visvader

        IF this is the Secret Service “rented” why would not the SS have known about what was stored in that bedroom.

        • Thomas Pawlenko

          Ah, you are asking the right question. This was not a part of the same building as the house. And is the Secret Service offices. Consider the source of the story – a long known click bait “news” source. Note there are nothing more than “anonymous” sources, even the Fire Dept person. The Clintons were not even at the home at the time but the Sec Service staff was and they put the fire out.

  • Truth

    Well , here we go again. A nice little fire to cover up incriminating evidence.. How convenient ! Usually its a person who has committed suicide , when things get to hot for them. They have gotten away with every Crime in the books and have been protected for over 30 years. Our Government has become a bed of Corruption and Money Greedy good for nothings. Our Government under Obama was allowed a free hand and nothing was done to stop the Corruption and Violence. Hillary was ready to drop dead when she ran for President. They were hoping she would make it so Obama and his co-conspirators could take over. Hillary even had a body double who stood in for her when she was so ill. What a Massive Cover Up for her , Obama who used the Power of the Pen to steal our tax money, to provide for illegals and help our enemies. yet no one said a word. President Trump is attacked every time he says or does anything the Media and News can use to make him look bad. They are in a frenzy to destroy him so the truth will never be revealed about the Evil that had infiltrated our Government and Cities. That is why illegals were never stopped and the border people were told to look the other way. Our Military was depleted on purpose to weaken us. Men and women who fought were told to stand down. and Generals who would not go along with Obama were retired or gotten rid of. Our Country is finally getting back on its feet ,Thank God and the wonderful President Trump who took on Obama’s Mess. Obama is a Phony and a Traitor and always has been. He never was legally our President just a bad nightmare to be forgotten.

    • norinco

      I hope they grabbed what was left….a lot of times info can still be taken off of the drives….hope so.

      • Susan

        Julian Paul Assange’s WIkileaks probably have most of the important stuff. Perhaps he will share.

        • Ricky Zimmer
        • Rebekah

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          • CONAN da RONIN

            Come on Eileen.

    • Ed

      Amen, you hit the nail on the head! It’s nice to see other, wise people in this world. The Liberals have their heads so far up where the sun don’t shine that they can’t figure out what’s going on. And it is very sad.

      • reeblite

        You think you don’t have yours as well up yours? Think again. Your leader’s in denial mode.

        • J G

          denial about what? your pathetic party cant come up with anything on Russia that doesn’t mention your hag of a presidential candidate.. so they wont talk about that.. Washington post just discredited its self on the possibility of going to war with North Korea so there goes that argument.. You cant prove he is a racist, liar or a bigot like your party claims.. Infact all your party has is the garbage they keep saying.. NO PROOF of anything.. sooo Who is in denial????? You and Killary that’s who..

        • Norman Henk

          Reeblite, Hillary lost

        • Michael Livezey

          Are you suggesting that because many (if note most) wildly wealthy and successful politicians are crooks; that we should back away, or halt investigations into the mountain of stench surrounding the Clinton clan??? Is that what you are suggesting????

        • Phil Yarbrough

          Hillary said to Satan. “you said I would win, Satan said to Hillary, “you said you had a soul”.

        • MJRAWL

          You need to change your diaper.

        • Ronald Olson

          Click on her name and look at her postings on other subjects as that’ll tell you that she’s a Liberal trolling for trouble.

        • Trump Is MY President

          Stop being a little pansy a$$, your side lost and continues to lose like you in life

        • Nabi Rasch

          ‘As well’. At least you’re trying to be honest by accepting where your own is–a start.

        • Steve Kalmbach

          You do know this is an adult group don’t you? Go peddle your nonsense elsewhere. As per the liberal playbook, if you can’t defend your position, resort to the third grade tactic of name calling.

        • georgesteele

          Firing squad time. Line up the traitors, liberals, and “intellectuals” and level out the landfill with their carcasses. Make America America again, instead of a crooked socialist totalitarian third world country. Clintons first.

          • Bjonga

            WELL SAID—- THANK YOU

        • Pamela Richardson

          Right wing, Left wing…two wings on the same
          bird. Don’t be fooled… Or, perhaps you already know this and just need a reminder… Pam&Punky

        • Bjonga

          Like I always said: HILLARY FOR PRISON

    • Voiceofreason1

      thank you – very very well stated. I concur.

    • paintinggeorgia

      It’s fake news. There was a fire near their house but has nothing to do with the Clintons, their servers or anything.

      • Steve ChenRobbins

        Actually, it was on their property; on their estate but not in their house. I assume this article is satire, though. Even Hillary Clinton isn’t stupid enough to use such a weak method of disposing of evidence again.

        • badactor

          Not intended as satire. It’s the stuff of fools and idiots. Who needs the NYTimes when you have gems like this site?

          • Pamela Richardson

            In spite of the perpetual array of b.s. that we are being inundated with 24/7 badactor…I’m really enjoying this craziness. I see it for what it is… ‘entertainment’. Thank god SOMETHING
            is happening…

        • Trump Is MY President

          She used bleachbit with a cloth

        • Nabi Rasch

          What about the NBC report?

        • GooseandGander

          It’s stil thier property and their servers/ computers. And the fire marshall DID rule it as suspicious. What more do you need to know.

        • George McCarthy

          Again – “I saw smashed up hard drives, melted memory cards and the charred remains of paper scattered all over the room and immediately knew the fire must have started there,”

          What part of ROOM isn’t in their house?

      • Bjonga

        Big fire without a permit on the property— yeah- like forest fires start all the time in the woods in a 10F winter in NY/ New England
        More server bonfires!!!

        • George McCarthy

          “I saw smashed up hard drives, melted memory cards and the charred remains of paper scattered all over the room and immediately knew the fire must have started there,”

          Would this ROOM be the cow field or the one with the putting green?


      Comrades, don’t you know Obama looks at us as useful idiots just like the Clintons?

    • Nina Flora


    • Pamela Richardson

      They’re all crooks, Truth… All of them…and most of them are friends. They travel and attend dinner parties together, their kids know one another…they play and attend ‘event’ together. They see us as the ‘outsiders’, and they have to be compromised via pedophilia in order to be completely controlled by the powers that run this place… It’s nothing personal…it’s strictly business. The Presidents after Kennedy have all been ‘powerless’ ‘puppets actors’ and ‘middle men’. This President is just another one. Trump has also been compromised and does what he’s told to do within the established ‘limits’ that are ‘determined’ and ‘set’. It’s not just here in the U. ‘SS’. A where the 4th Reich is alive and well. This entire planet is f***ed up. Thank god I’m as old as I am… I’ve just about had enough….. Pam&Punky

      • George McCarthy

        Yep, this is happening right across the 5 eye’s nations and their vassals.
        The Zi oni sts are pushing their Agenda for One World Government.
        It was the Zio ni sts that took over the Nazi’s, up till then they didn’t want war.
        Don’t people find it strange; 1. we are never told about Germany or their people pre war 1932 – 1939 and 2. much of post war 1944 – 1949 after Germany surrendered, is hidden. 3 How did Hitler manage to deceive a whole nation. 4. Then mesmerise another, Austria? All these people willingly followed him. What is being hidden from us??? America have had 13 Presidents since ww2 and not one could garner more than 40% of the population?

    • Ancient Mariner

      “If that SOB is elected we’ll all hang”- Hillary Clinton on election eve.

  • Jim Rockford

    Fire…when a hammer just won’t do.

    • Bob Gibson

      Not sure a fire will erase the data from servers or hard drives – some of the evidence may still be recoverable by our experts!!!

      • carol

        I pray their fire plan fails and that the servers are preserved….

  • john taylor

    These two are lawyers , they know if you dont have proof,then it never happened, that is why they destroyed the evidence.

  • Pam

    This means there’s s few more for the hit list

    • Pamela Richardson


  • Anne L Hilliard

    Fake news. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it really were true. The Clintons are getting nervous.

  • Lindy

    What despicable people …. elite scum whose roots go back to AR trailer park deplorable…..

  • Maggie Gisonde Faltskog

    Hope they were hacked!! Wouldn’t that be perfect! We can hope!

  • Rob

    Looks like they were hiding much more than what everyone knew about. Why aren’t these two in prison yet?
    As for the servers, the hard drives if any inside them can be salvaged.

  • Barbara

    They better take their passports before they flee the country!!!!

    • AzLadyJ

      Or just let them flee and we never have to hear from them or about them ever again! And if they flee.. guess what? NO Secret Service protection.. and NO Presidential Pension…

      • Marlene Carlson

        Would hope they would take the Obama’s and even some of the Bushes with them.

    • Tom Plate

      Right after Hillary lost, the Clinton’s sent $3M of the Clinton Foundation $$ to Qatar.

  • Barbara Leone

    Can’t it be investigated?They would know if it was arson.

  • Livewirer

    Fake news people!… I want the Clinton Crime Family brought down more than anyone. But stop with the fake news and anonymous sources!

    • ace

      Agreed! This is NY. No assumptions! There could be firefighters on both sides here. Even if, all you have to do is use fake old computers already scrubbed as a cover and then a firefighter could help remove something needed as evidence and the burnt hard drive is the throw down piece. Dirt on both sides of the aisle and Gitmo and Diego Garcia await. Sources and evidence please, otherwise be patient and help with obvious fake news distraction, not something somewhat plausible that the rest of us have to sort through…

  • GrnBeretVet

    Get a warrant, and pick up the servers and anything else affiliated with them. This could provide crucial evidence in Hillary’s ongoing investigations. Failure to secure these items will certainly give her the advantage to escape justice.

  • Broos

    AN0THER Burning BushWhack !

  • Sydco
  • T.A. Parnell


  • High Ranking Official
  • Yvonne Kay

    What I’d like to know is why the Clinton’s received warning? Why didn’t the
    The FBI just show up in the middle of the night with a battering ram like they do for common citizens?

  • Phere

    I wouldn’t doubt this leads straight to Hollywood!
    Meryl, your boy friends are on those drives, better hope Hil’s torcher did a good job!

  • Dan Crocker

    To News Wire: Other agencies are claiming that your story is fake in regards to the alleged physical destruction of hard drives. Care to elaborate and perhaps identify this fire department source?

    This one says you are fake:

  • reeblite

    Fake news. It’s been debunked. So much for this site.

  • Norm Ash

    Insufficient volume.

  • Norm Ash

    These were probably the Clinton Foundation servers and emails

  • Larzz

    Smdh…….seriously? The minute this was reported my self and I’m sure everyone familiar with these criminals knew this was an intentional act and was a cover-up of some kind. Whenever these God forsaken monsters are being investigated or remotely looked at witnesses, colleagues and known associates end up dead of mysterious circumstances and/or evidence destroyed. My God these two act like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Their actions are those of mafia king pins who’ve been ratted out c and are about to be arrested. ANYONE on Earth can see these crooks are doing things that are clearly unnatural and extremely suspicious to put it mildly. There just comes a time when even her staunchest supporters can no longer ignore the overwhelming evidence pointing to these pigs attempting to cover their tracks like only criminals being hunted down would do.

    • Pamela Richardson

      Absolutely Larzz….Absolutely!

  • Susan Nichelson

    I wonder what is in the house next door, that Hillary bought when she got the Chappaqua house. She bought it allegedly for Chelsea. I think it should be checked out, for tunnels, to and from the Big House! Could be storage for things they’ve stolen over the years, it would be fun to see inside!

  • Fart’n feathers

    This looks to be a fake news site. One of the featured headlines is,
    Really now.

  • Lee Alan Bartholomew

    nothing more silly than conspiracy BS. zzzz This is a hoax flat out. There’s more to the Foster Suicide than this silly idea. So I guess that means the crazies on the right (on the left too) don’t like the secret service?

  • Thomas Pawlenko

    BS. This report is wrong, & creating much hysteria.
    Yes, a small fire broke out in the Secret Service facility today on Clinton property, in a building not connected to their home. Fire was put out, local FD responded. The Clintons were not home. No reports of any computers or “servers”.

  • Hollis Caruthers

    Just so tired of hearing what should have already been done to these and other scum politicians. Let’s just do it already, you know? Not arguing, just tired.

  • strongbuilt

    we already have enough information to put them away for centuries – this story is fake – why would they even store that information at home?

  • RamBam

    The pics are from a data recovery company’s site. PLEASE interview someone who was really there and find out if this is true or not.

  • paintinggeorgia

    This is fake news…Room Full Of Servers, Hard Drives Destroyed In Bill And Hillary Clinton House Fire Is Fake News

  • katalina DeVine

    fake news

  • Fletcher Wilson

    Hey Arson can hold a long prison time lol like that will ever happen

  • EyeOnFashion

    How convenient! if the FBI Wanted to come to ANY OF OUR HOMES, Regardless of Fire You bet your Sweet you know what THEY’D SERVE PAPERS AND GET IN! NOT BUYING THIS CRAP OF “SMOKE AND MIRRORS!”

    • Pamela Richardson

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for that ‘laugh out loud’ Eyes! (smile) Pam&Punky

  • bsum1

    I’d like to say we are seeing the fall of the House of Clinton, but until the stake goes through the both of them I have my doubts….

    • Pamela Richardson

      I gotta’ agree with you bsum1… I don’t ‘just believe’ anything anymore…I want to see some results…some REAL results ..Let me see something for myself… Critical thinking and common sense have become my 24/7 norm…

  • Gc Gcc

    The fire will not cover their hideous crimes they have committed. Everything will be opened and revealed, thus everyone will see their crimes in the very near future. Their crime is beyond one’s imagination. The Clinton’s will be judged, not only physically, but also eternally as well!

  • Benny Alminde

    The emails are still on the yahoo main server all you need is the email name & pass word.

  • Lisa Hawks

    JC, why didn’t they take her computer for possible evidence before this “fire” happened? they had to have known there would be evidence on it…f’ing Clintons get off again

  • Angelina Marie

    Ah, if only Trump were going after child sex predators IN HIS OWN PARTY. He would have seemed more credible.

    Scum and criminals, as far as the eye can see. I’m sure that the Clintons were covering up billions in theft and bribes, there’s also no end to what scumbags they are. But, Donald Trump is not the solution to their crooked bullshit.

    • Bjonga

      Yeah? Keep watching- Trump May Be not what you like but he is the antidote to the Hillary Barack Commie takeover financed by the Jewish Hungarian Hitler Youth Jew Spotter for the Nazis -George Soros

  • Steve Forsyth

    Apparently, Bleach Bit is combustible

  • George Allen

    Nice thing about it tho is EVERYTHING in that room and possibly the HOUSE is NOW EVIDENCE since it was called in and classified as suspicious (Arson). That means unless those hard drives are TOTAL ash some info can be recovered, and some evidence can been found during forensics in the paper ash.

  • Mack C

    Are there no wet-work enthusiasts in their ranks who could just lead-implant all these scumbags over a weekend so that the rest of us can just be done hearing about their bullshit forever? Better yet! Take them all for a ride and drop them into the shark infested Indian ocean, then tell us that they all evaded capture. We promise to believe you!

    • Pamela Richardson

      Excellent! Thanks Mack. ( smile). Pam&Punky

  • Art Hock

    My only wish is that the Clinton crime family and Obamas spend the rest of their days in prison for treason!

  • GooseandGander

    And it’s also True that Bill Clinton never had sex in the whitehouse. Well, with Haglary anyway.

  • Glenn Hamilton

    The Clintons are the biggest organized crime outfit since the Mob. Got to give them credit. Democratic party members were included in this crime family.

  • Glenn Hamilton

    Randal the candle at work. Bill’s cousin.

  • Susan

    It was Seth Rich’s 39th Birthday and candles on his cake that just happened to get out of control in the computer room.

  • Awaiting moderation

    The Clintons don’t need to destroy incriminating evidence as long as Jeff Sessions is Atty. Gen.

    • Pamela Richardson

      Excellent! Thank you! (smile). Pam& Punky

  • Cyndyrenee

    Well I would consider her guilty just because of the fire!!

  • Thomas Reidenbach

    Why do I not find this surprising? Oh that’s right, I have common sense.

  • Nino2

    So the real question is will the forensics investigator commit suicide before testifying on his findings?

    • Pamela Richardson

      Yes…and his official death by suicide will be from him shooting himself in the back of the head twice just before he ran himself over with his own car… Wow…now that’s some serious suicide action!…amazing…

  • Susan

    Other news organizations say the fire is said to have started in the bathroom fan.
    Oh, wait, didn’t Clinton’s IT company keep servers in the bathroom?
    What an interesting way for the Clintons to celebrate Seth Rich’s birthday!

    CNN was right on top of it, though their crystal ball was a bit cloudy.
    They reported it as occurring at 3:17 a.m. Christmas Day 2015 in Hope, Arkansas.…/arkansas-bill-clinton…/index.html

    When Bleach-Bit doesn’t work, try fire.
    What the heck, the house is insured!

  • Leland Whitehouse

    Numbers of dead bodies directly related to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation and now this fire. Is the legal world deaf and blind. ?

  • ctwatcher✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    They said it wasn’t in the house and secret service were there which would mean they were in on it.

  • Rebekah

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  • Harold Swift


  • Gravity

    yournewswire, I can never share your info. as you have lied too many times!

  • Donna Dakin

    Covering theoriginal Asses Evil and corruption should have alreadybeen prosecuted Corruption still in Congress must cleanup now to save America and take it back Trators and yes they know it for years

  • This is fake