Obama Summoned To Court – Uses Secret Service To Illegally Dodge Lawsuit

Obama ignores court summons sent to his D.C. home

Former president Barack Obama has ducked a court summons requiring him to respond to five lawsuits being issued against him. 

The founder of Judicial Watch, Larry Klayman, says that Obama has ducked the process server on five occasions, in order to illegally avoid appearing in court.

Intellihub.com reports:

Process servers are licensed by a court and have the right to serve legal documents and if you impeded them it is Obstruction of Justice.

Most recently, in late-April, the former President managed to dodge process server Tony Snesko who showed up to his D.C. residence by having the D.C. Police and the Secret Service intervene.

“Good morning,” the Snesko said to a local cop guarding Obama’s residence. “I have got a summons that needs to be delivered to Barack Hussien Obama or someone on his behalf.”

The police officer, still sitting in his car, replied, “A summons?” The officer then picked up his phone to call someone.

“Sir, there you go. Walk down this sidewalk all the way to 2446,” the officer told Snesko.

Seconds later Secret Service agents came down the stairs in front of Obama’s residence to question the process server.

Secret Service agent Bukin then spoke with the cop briefly before telling the process server that “a team” would come out and take a look at the paperwork. The agent accepted the documents but would not provide a signature.

Obama was thought to be in French Polynesia at the time of the summons which is a non-extradition country.

  • freeman

    Haha a loser making a loser look more like a loser. Losers alaround,in every gov in the world.

  • Doreen Giesbrecht

    Why does this not surprise me… always knew he was a criminal!

  • Ron Wheeler

    He is not at his pad because he is meddling in French elections. link: http://www.everyjoe.com/2017/04/22/politics/obama-meddling-french-election/

    • http://no-ruler.net/ Tasine

      And avoiding the process servers.

    • Gloria D.

      Exactly!!! He’s helping that Centrist otherwise known as Communist cheat. Makes me sick!! Who the hell does he think he is??? He tried doing that in England but it backfired on him. Brexit evolved! Same thing should happen to France. The French are signing their own death warrant if they elect that man!

  • Mike W

    I can’t wait to see that stupid arrogant smile slapped off of his face.

    • rex ames

      He not stupid, he gets paid 400K for flapping his big lips.

  • ruth

    the slime will hide for ever just to keep us from learning the truth about him and all the shit he did to the USA — hang the asshole — he did nothing to make this country great — all the destruction is going to come out and everyone will see what a creep he was/is –hope the hell they finally have the evidence to get the creep put where he belongs–back to africa and maybe they will love him– cause we the people dont

  • blue

    the judge can provide alternative means for service. the former, “creep in chief”, will do he can get away with to avoid being accountable, but Judicial watch does not go away, ask Hillary

    • Mike W

      They should serve him while he is on stage giving his $400,000 speech.

      • blue

        he would just claim he is not Obama, just his other lost brother. Creep would do anything to avoid the law.

        • Mike W

          I can’t believe that they don’t keep DNA samples on all presidents – for identification purposes. They sure said they had Bin Ladens – and that would have been a whole lot harder to get.

          • ChaznGwenie Gugins

            Bin Laden died in 2001 just before 911 happened. He had a medical condition. Obama did not have Bin Laden killed.

          • Mike W

            Bin Laden reportedly had kidney problems and had to have dialysis treatments regularly. That’s why they couldn’t believe he was hiding in caves, because they didn’t think they could have the needed equipment available.

      • Jim H.

        Or catch him at the golf course.

      • rex ames

        He gets a free pass, like Clinton, he’s above the law.

        • Mike W

          Used to get a free pass. Now he can be held accountable. It’s going to be funny watching Obama, Rice, Holder, and Lynch lining up to play the race card when charges are brought. For 8 years anyone who said anything at all did not meet the liberal agenda about Obama was called a racist. Maybe now they wil be called “right”.

          • rex ames

            Well, now that he out of office, maybe he can give flying lessons for 400K with his big ears.

          • Jimbo

            And trump hasn’t pardoned anyone.

    • Gloria D.

      Love Judicial and Freedom Watch!

    • rex ames

      It does not matter ! Even Trumps own people are against him, and the Democratic Federal judges. There’s no end to the fire walls. Know current or X president will ever go to jail, they know to much.

  • Fortuneless

    Just shop shoot that Marxist muslim

  • http://no-ruler.net/ Tasine

    Obama is America’s enemy, always has been, always will be……and the worst part of that is that lots of people LOVE the damage he has done and continues doing. That says America, for all intents and purposes, is being “led” and thereby being destroyed by a bunch of criminals who belong in prison. Unfortunately our government is so corrupt that it will imprison patriots trying to save it by knocking a few heads together. Tyrants do not want their heads knocked together. Tyrants will stoop to any level to remain in total power ……the tyrants consist of the democrat party, wimps in the RNC, and ignorant and self-serving voters.

    • panchoVilladeltren

      Don’t forget the Gay perverts.

    • Munge

      I think it’s more that they don’t feel or realize he screwed up our country.

      • http://no-ruler.net/ Tasine

        I respectfully disagree. I think they KNOW everything the rest of us know and are merely determined to have their own way, no matter what damage it does.

        • rex ames

          Well one thing is for sure, Obama gave his people change, but very little hope.

          • Munge

            Change in all the wrong most screwed up ways.

        • Munge

          You could be right but they’ll never admit it.

  • spaceweasel

    Lock him up!

  • Larry Brule


  • ltbrown

    Just more of the same illegal acti0ons the Democrats like Obama and Hillary are similar criminals who think by gender or race they are above the law.

  • Doris Belanger Frazier

    He thinks he is beyond the law as always. If need be they need to arrest his butt and put him in jail till court date or do something.
    He is as corrupt as the rest I have no doubt. He needs to account for the 500 million he stole from housing and development too that Ben Carson has discovered. Stealing from Americans to give to Muslims no doubt.

  • Susan Short

    How long, oh Lord, will it take for the American people to realize what I have known for years?! Obama is an EVIL man, and the law does not apply to him!

    • Munge

      Or so he thinks.

    • Tony

      It will only change when the people decide to change it. Not the Washington big wigs.

  • panchoVilladeltren

    Time to send the U.S. Marshals after his Criminal Black ass, and bring him back , kicking and screaming. Time that Kenyan Muslim faced some heat.

  • VirgoVince

    ARREST the ugly fukin’ african sob pos and HANG ‘im HIGH THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!!!

  • Melody Tice

    When you can be elected POTUS twice without being born here I guess you feel you can do and get away with anything.

  • Jim H.

    What would anyone expect from the career criminal elitists?

  • vladilyich

    If he was not in the country, it was not illegal or obstruction. Obvioously there was no one present with power of attorney to sign for the papers.

  • Rita Lustig

    This joke of a former president will get his due – he was the biggest snake in ‘The Swamp’! There is only so much slithering he can get by with!

  • MarioSalassa

    The liberals were absolutely naive to support this Muslim president Barrack Hussein Obama that all what he was doing is destroyed America financially and politically bay enriching all the states hostility to America and feeling the country with millions of Muslim refugee that openly declare to kill us all. He is a treacherous and should be in jail.

    • Ron C

      agreed he should….but its not going to happen, he uses a Connecticut social security number and has never lived in that state…that is illegal…the so called authorities don’t even bat an eye over that!

  • Ron C

    This isn’t the first time ole jug ears Obama has told the court’s to pound sand…he is above the law and the court’s know it…period!

  • practicedcynic

    He is part of the world’s biggest scam, perpetrated by the democrats and the leftie scrum they are involved with.

  • albany le

    Slimy BA@TARD

  • Joe Field

    Why should this surprise anyone with half a brain, It kind of proves the point that what the Demwits and some Repubs are working with.Just proving the point the american people have nothing to say or do with what is going on in that nut house called the government.Very sad and frustrating.Nothing will ever get done with this insanity.Better get ready for armageddon it’s around the corner..

  • peteyone

    What’s next, an arrest warrant for failing to appear?

  • Moe

    He unfortunately is above all and any laws he violated, he answers it no one, he has the legal powers of a dictator, he makes law, violates laws, and decides which laws suit his agenda. Two good things about this sneaky devil, one a good thing is his winning the seat made it possible for an honest decent black president to be elected in the near future, second his violating laws band being allowed to openly break laws to cover up crimes pretty much shows his corrupt and dishonest Washington DC politicians in our federal government sure, his corrupt law enforcement federal level is, and accepting lies as the truth for a new world order ideology is an accepted norm. We even accept the majority of major media media lying to us and covering up facts that do not suit their agenda of destroying one man to protect their man a pathological liar as proven by film footage.

  • armyisnumber1

    Trump will send the HEAD OF THE SECRET SERVICE to intervene this in a heartbeat. Those agents could possibly be punished for sticking their noses into something that is none of their business and not giving their names. Maybe they will be fired for NOT FOLLOWING PROTOCOL.

  • gdhdcx

    They won’t do a damn thing to this pinhead, pimp. The FBI, and the secret service are as crooked as he is. Sessions needs to issue a body attachment on him, along with an APB. And haul his crooked ass into a cell for deportation to the federal courthouse and have the warrants read to him and his lawyers.

  • 1American1st

    Maybe he will finally pull out his Kenyan birth certificate to avoid prosecution & lawsuits, claiming he is not a U.S. citizen. And if we are real lucky he will flee back to his homeland & STAY THERE!

  • arch

    President trump can fire the agents or get the hesd of secret service 2 hand it over.

  • April Stoner

    Pick his stupid ass up and throw him in jail. This Muslim terrorist is not above the law, and doesn’t Aline with American values, he should be deported. What is it that makes him think he is so damn superior? He might not agree with law and order, most thugs that can’t be up front, and honest about the lies they try to convience other to believe, but the country he tried to take over is a country of law and order, he’s the top terrorist parading around as a civilized intelligent American, and with all the indoctrination of our youth, creating leftist followers that have not been educated about the country that belongs to them, not obama, are so willing to ignor the decline in humanity, incuraging our miss led youth to support the decline of their own future, and ingage in resisting the demise of the one party that is for America her citizens and all she stands for, including a president that will protect them from the terrorist they are ignorantly supporting, obamaisums are the lies he needs them to protect and fight for so he can gain the wealth of our country, the very country that every other country’s citizens want to live in, because of the American values, and the opportunities not available to them in their own country, and the obama wanna-be rich and admired, for every idiot with no identity of their own, to idolize and worship him. These anti American indoctrinators were essential for the infiltration of the terrorist brainwashing obama needed to get level headed, civilized, peace loving, fair, compassionate, generous American citizens, to support the demise of they’re own inherited rights and privileges afforded them by being Americans. The same civilized society that creates the openness needed to be world leaders, leaders in education, and a roll models for the third world, suppressed communist citizens that already have an obama mantality as their leader, to give hope that one day, they will to be able to have the ability or right to think for themselves and make decisions that will allow them to live their life in a way that supports who they are, not politically, citizens are not politicians, we’re citizens, with the right to be educated to be strong, independent, self supporting, educated individuals, with the ability to decide for yourself, who you want to be, what morals you imbrace, how violent, racist, bigoted, or hopicritical you want to be, or not be, what spirituality means to you, what morals you imbrace, what is socially acceptable to you. To minulate students belief systems and realities of the world, are insuring you will not know what the hell you really think, or who you inherently are, the true you, dictators need ignorant citizens to create the chaos and confusion, to allow hate, bigotry and hypocrisy to become the norm, and eventually have a country of trapped poverty stricken deceived citizens to do the low life dirty work of the big world losers that don’t have the balls to do their own dirty work! These are people that do not have America’s citizens or country best interest at heart, they are wanna-be greed and power addicts, not willing to work for it, but are more than willing to sacrifice they’re own citizens future and life to support their sick addictions!

  • Richard

    I hope he gets what’s coming to him ASAP!

  • Jimbo

    Send the dag an his family to git him

  • shawshank09

    Yeah he’s gonna pull a lot of his slick shit, and now America will see what they had voted for. idiot’s

  • TEA

    Glenn Beck had Obama figured out in 2009, I listened and
    watched everything Beck said, came true about Barry!
    By the way James Clapper, is shadier than an old oak tree.

  • rnsr4Trump

    Crazy a “Russian” working for OBAMA one would think MSM would start rumors but they love Obama so only did it to Trump! Shameful how long they made you wait, and WTF with taking down your drivers license? Retaliation maybe?