Obama To Disclose Truth About Aliens Before He Leaves White House

The White House is due to reveal the truth about aliens visiting the Earth before the end of 2016, according to America's only official 'alien disclosure' lobbyist Steve Bassett.

President Obama has vowed to disclose the truth about aliens visiting the Earth, before he leaves the White House

President Obama will give an historic speech to the entire world in which he will disclose the truth about aliens. 

According to alien disclosure lobbyist Steve Bassett, the White House is due to reveal the truth about aliens visiting the Earth before the end of 2016.

Bassett, who also heads the Paradigm Research Group, has been campaigning the U.S. government to reveal the truth about aliens for over 20 years. And his campaigning, it seems, is about to pay off.

Express.co.uk reports:

There was an air of excitement about Mr Bassett as he arrived at the Daily Express offices in London during a visit to the UK and Europe to gather international support for a 20-year mission.

He was clutching a mock-up Daily Express front page he created with the words “We Are Not Alone” over the face of an alien as the top story.

He said: “This will be a reality this year and across the front pages of newspapers across the world. The most significant news story that has ever been broken.”

Mr Bassett is convinced his two decades of work are about to bear fruit.

So why 2016?

A media storm has slowly been brewing on both sides of the Atlantic.

The presidential hopeful pledged to send a task force into the mysterious Area 51 military base in Nevada, where UFO conspiracists believe evidence of alien technology is hidden away, should she win office.

Her campaign manager John Podesta also spoke publicly about their bid to release top-secret UFO files.

But, in the background before this Camp Clinton had been making other moves.

Twenty-two months after Bill Clinton left office Mr Podesta called for the release of all UFO files to the public on October 22, 2002 at the National Press Club and did the same there a year later.

In 2010 Mr Podesta restated his desire for disclosure in a foreword to the book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record by Leslie Kean.

In February 2015 Mr Podesta tweeted: “My biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the “disclosure of the UFO files.”

On September 29 2015 Mr Podesta tweeted about a reporter’s interview with Mrs Clinton, saying: “Ask her about aliens next time! #thetruthisoutthere.”

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    Now the alien card id brought out to put the fear in people to gain more traction for the One World Conspiracy to gain hold.

  • Justus Hattingh

    The fact is, it is not new. Aliens should exist, for Angel exist ! One is as the other are. If their where No Life out there, then yes we where alone and No God would have existed as well. We are because He YHWH God IS. and all the rest off all the things He made in creation too. Welcome to the fact that God does Live !!!

    • Al Parente

      Yhwh, God? Oh, you mean “Yhwh is no god at all”. I agree. In fact, if you read the Bible without clinging to any creed, you won’t take long before discovering that the entity they call Yhwh is most far from having the smallest hint a God is supposed to have. On the contrary: Yhwh has the worst attitudes a living being may have: he’s cruel, merciless, a liar, irrationally jealous, he seeks vengeance, commands to destroy and kill, etc. etc. No creator at all. No God at all.

  • Stu

    What the hell was that load of codswallop? If you wish to make your beliefs known on an English spoken page, for God’s sake (take your pick which one) get some experience with writing in English. At the moment it’s woeful, and then some. Perhaps Mr. Hattingh would kindly show us proof that angels exist and perhaps, if it’s not too much trouble also give us rock solid unequivocal proof that this character YHWH or any other God exists.

    Let’s not get into airy fairy discussions based on text derived from myths and legends from well over 2,000 years ago. I mean modern day concrete proof. Because at the moment we have only we’re told by people who have seen no proof themselves. No, on second thoughts don’t bother, it, like every claim of any Gods existence, is impossible to prove. In which case it simply proves how gullible sections of the human race can be.

    In other words, how can something we know can’t be proved also prove something else exists. I’m as agnostic about Gods as I am about aliens.

    Mr. Parente, it does sound very much as if you’ve given us the perfect description of a Muslim from 1,400 years ago, a Muslim who went by the name of Muhammad.