Oliver Stone: America Is The Real Threat To The World, Not ISIS

Oliver Stone says that America is the real threat to the world, not ISIS

Oliver Stone has said that the real threat to the world is America, and not ISIS. 

His 2012  book and TV series “The Untold History of the United States” suggests that the U.S. governments destabilising influence in the world far predates ISIS. “We’ve destabilized the entire region, created chaos. And then we blame ISIS for the chaos we have created

Theantimedia.org reports:

His new series pinpoints moments of American intrusion in the region as far back as the 1930s and follows it all the way to the CIA-backed Iranian coup in 1953, support for Afghanistan-based, anti-Soviet Union militants in the 1980s, George H.W. Bush’s Iraq invasion of 1990, and present-day efforts in Iran, Syria, and other countries.

Stone etched his way into the hearts and minds of the American public in the mid-to-late 1980s with two films depicting powerful experiences from the Vietnam War. Platoon and Born on the 4th of July represent Stone’s confusion over his own service in the war, for which he earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.

Stone’s JFK famously questioned the mainstream narrative of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, endearing the filmmaker to conspiracy theory circles for decades with a fictional account of a lawyer bringing the U.S. government to trial for its role in the assassination.

In recent years, Oliver Stone has received less acclaim for films like World Trade Center, which failed to question the mainstream narrative of 9/11, and W., which gave relatively gentle treatment to George W. Bush’s presidency.

Stone’s 2012 series, The Untold History of the United States, is a return to the intellectual form of one of his earliest successes, Salvador, which was strongly critical of the U.S.-supported right wing military of the Salvadoran Civil War. The last episode in the series is called Bush & Obama: Age of Terror. It covers the following subjects:

  • The Project For A New American Century, a neoconservative think tank that called for a Pearl Harbor-type event to catalyze military action in the Middle East
  • The tyranny of neoconservatives who pushed us to war with Iraq using faulty intelligence
  • The rushing through of the Patriot Act, which stripped Americans of a wide variety of civil liberties while bestowing legal precedent to the new surveillance state
  • The national brainwashing and fear-mongering of the War on Terror
  • Invading Afghanistan to defeat some of the same terrorists the U.S. armed and trained two decades earlier
  • Unconstitutional torture and interrogation tactics at Guantanamo Bay
  • The mainstream media’s facilitation of war through propaganda and corporate collusion
  • Obama selling out to J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, General Electric, and Big Pharma
  • The $700 billion financial bailout paid for by workers, pensioners, homeowners, small businessmen, and students with loans
  • The rise of CEO compensation amid the collapse of the middle class
  • Obama’s failure to deliver hope, change, or transparency, his prosecution of government whistleblowers, his fortification of Bush’s national security state (though he repudiated the unilateralism of Bush, he doubled down on troops and, according to Stone, “lacked the courage of a John F. Kennedy”)
  • Obama’s targeted drone strikes on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia (includes a breathtaking clip of his remark to troops: “Unlike the old empires, we don’t make these sacrifices for territory or for resources….We do it because it’s right.”

Stone says his documentary series is an alternative approach to American history, one he hopes will fight the“educational crime” of exposing today’s schoolchildren to the propaganda of standard textbooks and television programs.

On this note, Stone doesn’t mince words:

“American exceptionalism has to be driven out of our curriculums. We’re not under threat. We are the threat.”

  • Samantha Beacon

    This isn’t a ‘new’ series. It’s been out for ages. Years even.

  • Larry Froberg

    What a load of crap, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Stone. If we are so very bad, he should just leave the country and give up his citizenship

    • barbaratodish

      Larry, are you by any chance a rich BANKSTER, or a wannabe 1%-er, etc?

      • Sheila5

        what do the conservatives think about their personal state of affairs? They are frustrated millionaires waiting for their millions to trickle down to them from the top.. lol

    • Gilles baudin

      Open yu eyes and dont be so blind…Stay out of yur ignorance and naivety…travel the world..educate yurself…and than you will understand and realize than American goverment is a monster powerfull machine
      Oue wealth is made on war and poverty of other country…
      Wake up!!

  • Jock Doubleday

    United States of Rothschild. Houston, we have a parasite.

  • Jim

    I admire your courage which may put yourself at risk – those that run the USA are not your elected officials they are the money controllers – they can wipe countries out, fund completely nonsense wars and in the end what you and I get as a reward for our input — in general this has shrunk for many to below a “living wage” where two even three jobs are needed just to stay afloat, utilities have increased charges beyond what was once called “reasonable” profits now counted in many billions. Fuels, utilities, income tax, food prices have escalated not by costs of production or materials but by greed for profits. WWlll is already under way in the middle east, instead of reconciliation the “good guys” are going for annihilation – North Korea is going to kick off at any time,nuclear proliferation has reached third world countries whose citizens are starving but we still give these countries “aid” which is just wrong. Money rules, people in power are abusing it, in the UK the NHS free at point of service is being eroded private enterprise are circling like shark ready to make profits from the sick and unwell. Capitalism can work but the greedy want the money irrespective. This is why on the 4th of July a national strike is being called for by all UK citizens – enough is enough.

  • disqus_31PjL6wSrI

    Ok, America did a lot of crap in the Middle East. However, I would like to know your point of view (and Stone’s point of view too) about Saudi Arabia’s, Qatar’s, Turkey’s and Russia’s role in Syria. Criticizing the USA is too easy, much easier than trying to analyse the whole situation in all its complexity. That’s why I would be delighted to know your point of view.

    • wakeuppeople

      this is not new, here is another link for you to explore, I was taken aback when someone suggested that Dick Cheney once again was involved in Syria, yes even now, with Israel. Remember when Putin went to Syria and made a lot of noise and one of their planes were shot down over Turkey? Well he was blowing the whistle on oil being stolen and driven through Turkey. If you really are interested in knowing start here and dig, it all goes through Golan Heights and a lot of the Muslims in that area feel that the US and Israel have and are funding ISIS. I had heard this years ago and discounted it, but,… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genie_Energy happy digging.

    • oldman67

      The only country invited into Syria was Russia by the Syrian government. the US is on its its mission to overthrown Syria and replace it with a puppet government loyal to the US as it has done in so many other countries.

  • Michael Hastings

    I agree, if people remember those nanny shows where the kids
    were out of control, then come to find out it’s the parents who are creating
    the negative vibe. Look at Michael Moore’s new film, In Norway the prisoners
    are very docile because they run a human prison system, unlike here in America
    where violence is rampant.

    America does this around the world, creates a hostile
    negative vibes through militaristic foreign policy, de-stabilizes governments, and
    supports covert military actions around the world.

    I know of a study done where local News stations reported
    stories of a false flu epidemic, shortly after people began showing up at the
    hospitals complaining of the same false systoms described in the phony news
    reports, people imitate other people’s moods and behaviors and what they see in

    It’s time that the U.S. tone it down and act civil and the
    rest of the world will follow the example.

  • barbaratodish

    Oliver Stone might benefit from getting Ward Churchill ( infamously and wrongly painted as a conspiracy theorist due to his “”The chickens have come home to roost” explanation for 9/11 that may have subliminally(?) influenced Oliver Stone (along with Oliver Stone’s personal reflection, questioning, etc., with having been used, perhaps, as a pawn in the military?)on board, perhaps as a film advisor, etc. Ward Churchill, et al (Bill Ayers and other academic whistle blower types (perhaps myself included too?) have been targeted and marginalized and freedom of speech is affected, when , as far as I can tell, there is intent to just raise questions about motivations. of leaders (puppets? of the 1% and all, even unaware perhaps 1% wannabes?)

  • Konan Igan

    Its the Talmudic and Ashkenazai Jewry running our Nations business ruling the rank and file agencies…and The Jesuits ruling our CIA and Intelligence. Time to CLEAN HOUSE…also get rid of the Jewry called DHS.

    • Aaron Pressman

      Its Rockefellers that run things. They created the CIA as their secret police. They control the Federal Reserve since 1963. Nelson gave the order to kill JFK. They now control 2/3 of the worlds corporations worth an estimated 700 Trillion. Read Rockefellerocracy. They are not Jesuits or Jews. They are Christian criminals who have misled you to hate everyone but them.

      • Konan Igan

        We agree just differ on who is in charge…the Pope is well above Rockefeller and it IS the Crypto Jews in charge. THEY pretend to be “Christians”…e.g. the Holy Roman Catholic Church and Jesuits are Ashkenazai Crypto Jews….all of them. Many are Aetheists…the highest ranks are Satanists. You dont get near the top of the pyramids eye with Satan if your not a Satanist !

      • Ab

        They are part of the zionist system . Rothchild owned banks finance all these . It started with the banks print the money out of nothing .

  • Zaidi

    That’s a serious tax audit coming; which isn’t as bad as having your head cut off. OLIVER!!

  • Mggie

    I wish other countries would realize that It’s not “The Americans” that are sleaze bags,it’s the AH’s that are in the govt.that causes all of this hate,discontent, & wars. The people don’t want this.

    • jerry hamilton

      Don’t worry. Most of us do understand exactly that.
      The people who take you to war are usually fed large amounts of zionist money.
      Your government is very corrupt but then so is mine and most other countries.
      We don’t think for one second that it is the American people.
      There is however one thing that has us totally stumped.
      Your election was between Clinton and Trump and people voted for them.
      One should already be in jail and the other should also go to jail.
      Like most of their predecessors really.
      Don’t get me wrong. I am not having a go at America.
      Winston Churchill is responsible for more deaths than anyone in history.
      The power of zionist money.

  • Egregore

    Ummmmmm……ISIS is America!!!! plus a healthy does of Israel. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service……at your service. The race and religion of the false flag dupes doesn’t matter. They all work for CIA and Mossad. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

    • RT Barshaw

      It’s hard for because to understand because it’s a lie you crazy fuck

  • josephlogston

    As we are arming ourselves at huge rates, by the profiting and spewings of the NRA, that will kill the USA from within our borders, are the real dangers We The People have, The GOP capitalist are the greedy perpetrators, with their controlled medias, and the profiting of NRA hate & racism spewers that love the murdering money to be had off of all the gun deaths!!

    • Bill Sanders


  • richard anderson

    And we have a free press? I mean we do have ways to get information it just that we are to lazy to act. It takes huge effort
    to change anything in this country. Frankly I am at a loss. We’re screwed.