One Hundred Thousand Attend Bernie Sanders Rally, Media Remains Silent

One hundred thousand people attend Bernie Sanders rally, amid a media blackout

Bernie Sanders had almost 100,000 people show up at a recent rally on Memorial Day in Oakland, a record breaking number which the mainstream press failed to report on. 

The media silence continued when a further impressive 10,000 showed up to another rally he gave at a campus at UC Davis, proving that a concerted effort by the elite is underway to prevent a Sanders nomination.

American Everyman reports:

Had Hillary and her sycophantic ladder-climbers in the DNC not been stealing the Democrat Party primary, it would have been over months ago. Bernie Sanders (like him, love him or tolerate him) should already be the nominee and if that were the case, Donald Trump would probably drop out of the race considering the fact that he trails Bernie in ever poll ever taken thus far.

Unfortunately, the MSM has already cancelled exit polling for Kentucky, California and New Jersey setting up yet another election fraud via electronic voting machines. They’re going to flip the switch in Cali and Jersey (they already did in several states Hillary “won” including Kentucky) we just have to know that is coming.

Chris “Sloshmouth” Mathews has already made public MSNBC will be announcing Hillary as the “winner” at 8pm eastern time this coming Tuesday while the polls are still open in California. He bases that erroneous conclusion on the fact that Hillary by then should have enough delegates to “win” the nomination… if you include the “superdelegates” who don’t actually vote until the convention, ergo, Hillary will not have “won” anything this coming Tuesday.

And in all likelihood if these sorts of numbers are any indication, Bernie Sanders would crush Hillary in California if her peeps didn’t hold a magic bullet in the form of access to electronic voting machines and the State Attorney Generals who regulate their usage (a little shout out to the Hillary fan from Kentucky)

Point is, the establishment doesn’t want too see a President Bernie. That might be a little too close to a President Jimmy for their tastes. And they know full well if Bernie is the candidate from the left, that’s what they will get.

By keeping a lid on the size of Bernie’s rallies, the MSM is helping to produce a narrative that the primary election will be close. I don’t think it will be. If Cali used paper ballots, Sanders would wipe the floor with Corrupt Killary, especially considering all the recent news about her email deception.

People wonder why it is that folks like myself say #NeverHillary. I don’t find it that hard too understand. She’s a war-criminal, a liar, a war-profiteer and a reactionary neoliberal ass-clown. Just like her husband, Viagra Willy.

In short, she’s a republican way to the right of Reagan, Nixon and Bush Sr. She makes me sick. She makes a lot of people sick apparently, that’s why they show up at Bernie rallies and hope against all hope she and her raving band of neoliberal billionaire worshippers don’t continue to steal the election… but they will.

So make yourselves ready folks. Killary will “win”, Mathews will drool, Maddow will squirt and all of them will start a campaign of hatred toward us “extremists” who want something better from the left side of our one party, Business Party, system.

But as they rant and rave at us for not coming together to support a proven war-monger, remember this: we really are the majority and it isn’t even close.

Folks think the Republicans are fractured right now? You just wait. Just wait til the Hillarybots turn on the majority of the real left in this country. See what that gets them. Talk about down-ballot races… lol. It’s be a slaughter.

The irony here is that the last time electronic voting machines were used to such a degree, it was for the benefit of a Bush, family friends and vacation partners of the Clintons. Says a lot when you think about it.

  • commonlaw

    Hill uses “hire a crowd!” And I heard there was 3000 at berns!

    • Holliday Smith

      Trump Troll

  • Janet Bensler

    60,000 rounded up or was it a different rally?

    • janine

      Oakland Police Department reported 60,000.

      • Holliday Smith

        different rally. First one had 60k this one close to 100k

        • francinefoster

          Really? Wow.

        • Gary Jones

          I live in Oakland and went to the rally on Memorial Day, it’s the same one. OPD estimated btwn 40k and 60k . This article cites no references as to where they got that 100k number. There was only one rally in Oakland so far, sorry. Bernie stands on his own Merits, no need to make things up.

  • onemanvolt

    The electronic voting machines have been proven to flip votes. It happens regularly. I wouldn’t expect any less from Diebold.

    • CBunny

      If anyone else gets cheated out of voting in anyway, they need to raise a ruckus right then, loud and clear. Violence, no! But loud yes! Yes!! Do not let them get away with anymore cheating!! Class action law suits are in order! Be loud, and the others being cheated will be loud with you and then youll have each other for support, and that class actio suit!!

      Stay the course, Berners, Stay the course!!

  • whitesoxed

    30,000 not 100,000

    • Leila Deurell

      60K per the police.

      • Holliday Smith

        different days.

        • Gary Jones

          Therre wasonly one Memorial Day this year. And only one Bernie rally in Oakland so far, what are you talking about “different days”?

    • Holliday Smith

      Trump Troll

  • James Spitzer

    Too bad you discredited yourself with using that bogus number in your title. You look like an Agent Provocateur trying to actually discredit the Election Fraud Awareness Movement by making it appear delusional.

    Hey everyone, do not share this “article”, it is foolish manipulation wrapped in some thinly detailed “facts”.

    • Monica V Lucas

      60k, which was the OPD’s summary number, is still more impressive than any other politician in history. I don’t know why they inflated the number so much, but the fact remains that Sanders’ popularity is being suppressed by the corporate media. That’s a fact.

  • nogod

    I am disappointed Chris Matthews will be announcing Hillary as the “winner” at 8pm eastern time on Tuesday night. After he said that on his show he then asked his guests on the show who’s numbers would be affected more, Bernie’s or Hillary’s. He knows calling the race early is going to keep some voters away from the polls. What matters is the outcome will be affected.

    • CBunny

      Email them!! Tell them what for!

      • Lannie Loeks

        Boycott MSNBC!!!

  • Peggy James

    According to my own statistics Clinton does not have but 32% to 38% of the vote in any state including California. Her negative ratings along with Trump stay around 65%. Some people are not telling the truth about the poll numbers as to convince people the race in California is close. Not true! Look at the size of her events. She employs close to a 1000 people and many of those attend her events plus a few hundred more. Bernie has more individual contributions than anyone in history. The many planned marches for Bernie Sanders are another clue that this election is being stolen. People must rise up against the dirty tactics used to suppress the votes of Bernie Sanders. Hooray for public servants wise decisions! I have lost all respect for the public servants who’s positions have gone to their heads. I can think of several reasons why they insist on someone under criminal investigation ending up president with one reason pointing to the fact that they do not want the corrupt system over turned by Senator Sanders. Very sad when the younger generation have to call out these “should have been booted out long ago” individuals for dishonest tactics. . Very sad when the young have to call out old cheaters for misbehaving while national concerns go unattended and while many public servants have their attention on who can most fill their pockets. It seems a decent public servant paid position is not good enough! Many of us think it is time some of them stepped down and out of our government! Have you checked your registration and are you ready to vote? Senator Bernie Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader! Bernie is fair, kind, honest, humble, energetic, authentic, intelligent, experienced, and passionate about helping all children succeed, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations! Check out Bernie’s long record fighting for Americans on you tube. There is a big difference in democratic (by the people) socialist (for the people). In one way or the other, every single person born in this country has benefited from this country’s social programs. Public schools, post office, our roads, utilities, national parks (which saved the buffalo) social security, etc etc. are examples of democratic socialist programs. 170 of the world’s top economists say Bernie’s plan will save the middle class and help more people reach the middle class by creating a fair min wage which is long over due. The average family will save approx 5,000 a year on health costs. Vote smart! Vote Bernie! To help go to and print out fliers, make calls, and/or donate!

    • heidi jo bean

      Preach it Peggy!
      <3 (y)

    • Anchor baby

      Exactly. .

    • micky muxwell

      Well said! Thank you Peggy!

  • Jason Argos

    The cops said 50,000

    • Andy Kerrigan Ⓥ

      Cops never lie

      • gmatch

        Cops can’t count.

  • Mervin

    The real Republican nominee? Hillary Clinton. They will never let Trump win. Proof? The Koch brothers, and Goldman Sachs funding the Clinton campaign.

  • scaupus

    Can anyone recall another instance of a sitting POTUS publicly claiming that a target of an FBI criminal investigation was not guilty of any wrongdoing? If that is not an effort to subvert justice, I don’t know what is. Here we have a coordinated abuse of power by establishment figures from corporate media right up to the POTUS to subvert justice and in effect, to steal the Democrat nomination for a person under threat of indictment, who in normal circumstances, would not be considered a viable candidate. It is in essence, a coup. This situation should leave us all shaking in fear for our republic.

    It was a grave error in judgment for Obama to appoint her secretary of state. She roped him into the very serious error of lynching Ghaddafi, and now, into subverting the legal process to cover up her crimes as his Secretary of State. It appears the FBI is also investigating the Clinton Foundation, it’s donor states and corporations, and actions Clinton took as Sec. State. She is an extremely dangerous politician, now more than ever because she is frightened and desperate.

    The FBI gave immunity to Hillary’s aide, Bryan Pagliano; the Justice Dept. does not grant immunity to lawbreakers promiscuously, or on speculation. They only grant immunity for testimony that they believe incriminates bigger fish. This leaves no doubt that the FBI is building a serious criminal case against Hillary Clinton. It is a near certainty, that under normal circumstances,an indictment would follow. But, Clinton is not a normal person.

    At the time, I thought it rather unseemly and desperate when Hillary pressed the case in an interview, that the nomination was a “done deal.” Now I recognize that ploy as essential to her simultaneous campaigns to escape indictment and to become the next POTUS. The MSM and establishment figures like Paul Krugman, incessantly trumpet the assertion that Clinton already has the nomination.This premature rush by the democrat establishment and the MSM to establish the illusion that the nomination is a done deal, is meant by Clinton and her elite backers to intimidate the Justice Dept into “not interfering with the political process”.

    Clinton has even managed to rope the President of the United States into the cover-up of her original criminal conspiracy, extending now to the effort to suppress the investigation and indictments.

  • Bothell Jewelers

    Here are the facts as I see them. Hillary will not have enough votes in the primary to win outright so it will be a contested election. Polls show Trump would likely win over Hillary in a general election! According to all polls Bernie is the only candidate that is sure to beat Trump by ten points or more! We need to convince the super delegates that Bernie is the only choice to avoid a Trump presidency! Their vote will determine the healthy survival or chronic death of the Democrat party! I have been a loyal Democrat for over fifty years but if Bernie is not the nominee I, along with many others, will be reluctantly leaving the party. Hillary or Trump are both unacceptable candidates and would be disasters for the country! We should not be forced to choose between them!

    • CBunny

      We will not be forced to chose between them! WRITE BERNIE IN IF WE MUST!!

      Note that rules governing write ins vary for each state. Learn yours before Nov. 4th if it co es to that.

      NEVER Hillary orTrump! BERNIE OR BUST!!

      • Sue D. Nim

        Why don’t you just vote for Trump and get it over with. This is such a childish attitude. Bernie hasn’t even been investigated or vetted by the GOP or the media. There would be a lot of questions about his tax returns, except he hasn’t provided them. I know why, do you? Like why his wife was being paid by the nuclear waste company in Texas in 2014. This was where Vermont was dumping it’s nuclear waste. There was a lot of protest and it seems a few shady deals over this. He has plenty of skeletons in his closet. Hillary has a lot of supporters. Bernie does too. Just because he doesn’t win, doesn’t mean anyone is cheating. Ask yourself why the media isn’t talking about his suspicious history. He’s not going to provide his tax returns until after California. If that were Hillary, they would be crucifying her over that. Before you vote in the General elections, do research on Bernie’s background too. I don’t get why people are content to stay ignorant on his background and they believe everything the GOP has come up with on Hillary.

        The same Republican activist has been suing the Clintons since the 90’s. He’s sued them 18 times and they have never been found guilty of anything. He is the one who sued over her emails last March. He is the reason she had a private email server, but that’s another story. It’s too bad people aren’t more informed.

        Hillary started working to stop the housing discrimination against African Americans as soon as she graduated from college. Bill started helping the African Americans get business loans. They have been hated intensely by the GOP ever since then.

        I’m so disgusted by the hypocrisy. Look up Sanders and nuclear waste and Sanders and fighter jets and Boeing and campaign donations. Look up Sanders and Castro, look up Jane Sanders and golden parachute, Burlington College. Look up Catholic parishioners want the U.S. Attorney for Vermont to investigate
        Jane Sanders, the wife of Bernie Sanders, for alleged bank fraud
        stemming from a land deal she secured as President of Burlington
        College. Look up Bernie and the Sandinistas. He praised them and went to a rally/protest where they were saying death to America.

        I’m not saying he is guilty of everything that seems shady, but if you haven’t vetted him and you’ve only listened to what you are told by the Republicans about Hillary, then you are not being intellectually honest.

        • Jim Sylvester

          Millions of voters have vetted him, carefully, and we never listen to Republicans. You do, though. Because Trump could defeat HER, but NOT BERNIE. Which is why they hate Bernie.

        • CBunny

          He has posted tax returns. You havent seen them so they arent there? Lol!

          YOU vote for trump and ‘get it over with’ if thats your choice. Stop telling others how to vote and what YOU think they should do!

          MY choice is to vote for Bernie. I will vote for him for reasons too numberous to detail for you, they are everywhere online anyway, since you are obviously ignorant of all things not your viewpoint. Good luck with that.

    • write in

      If Bernie does not become the nominee, then join others who will participate in a write-in primary which will be held after the DNC and RNC conventions. This will be the first write-in primary since 1789 and potentially the 1st time a write-in candidate takes the oval office.

      • Rebecca Walker

        I just hope that Bernie doesn’t give up. He will need to submit forms for each state that requires them to be considered a write-in candidate, otherwise any vote that writes him in will be ignored.

      • Peter P

        Dream on

  • Brian Brewer

    We no longer have true media. Our media reports on what they are instructed to report on. There’s no unbiased reporting anymore, it’s reporting based on what the corporate owners want us to believe. Bernie is scaring the shit out of them right now.

    • sfwm.son

      You think that article the way it was written is going to be seen by mainstream Americans? They missed a chance to be seen as a real writer, not a hack looking for clicks.

    • CBunny

      From what I understand that is Bill’s fault too. He did away wity the laws governing truth and limits in reporting. Thanks Bill!! Not!

  • AvangionQ

    I’ve heard 60,000 from the Oakland police department and 20,000 from the mainstream media … but 100,000 ?

  • sfwm.son

    Shame on you for writing this in that contemptuous tone. You had a great chance to show what a real news article could be and you sank to the depths of every other web site out there…name calling and insults turn people off. Do you ever want to be taken seriously or are you just writing for clicks? This article will never get seen in a as wide an audience as it should JUST because of the way you wrote it. You want to help Bernie? Re-write it like an actual news article and maybe it will get shared as it should,

    • sfwm.son

      “So make yourselves ready folks. Killary will “win”, Mathews will drool, Maddow will squirt and all of them will start a campaign of hatred toward us “extremists” who want something better from the left side of our one party, Business Party, system.” You cannot expect to be taken seriously if this is how you write.

  • arpedkedarki

    It doesn’t help when writers exaggerate. I was at this event and while there were certainly more than the 20,000 they expected (possibly 35-40,000?), there were NOT 100,000 people there. I’m a YUUUUUUUGE Bernie supporter and I think that the impact of real numbers are diminished when writers exaggerate. It was a phenomenal showing of support and didn’t need any embellishment. Honesty is still the best policy!

    • Debbie Tsujimoto

      I was there as well. I take it to mean that the 100 thousand people who supposedly turned out for the Oakland rally, refers to the number that were lined up wrapping around entire city blocks – of which, there were over 20 blocks…so this estimate does not indicate that all of them actually got INTO the venue itself. They just all came out and waited on the sidewalks for HOURS to try to get in to the rally. Still, the mere, sheer number of folks who waited to see him speak, is remarkable.

  • richard johnson

    this election has been bought and paid for by the ruling elite, Hillary will be our next pres, the ruling class in the “Capitol City” paid for this a long time ago, Trump has no class and does not play well with others, Bernie is my choice and I will do a write in vote for him, maybe the rest of the bernie supporters will do the same. it would be wonderful to see them both lose to him in a surprise victory

  • Ann

    Yeah ok. 100K people. Not buying it! LOL Show us!

  • coho39

    Would have love to see some drone shots from above the crowd.

  • Azstu

    if we let her cheat we lose. we need lawsuits for all past cheating events.

  • Elizabeth

    I loved a comment by Chris hedges in which he says we are the true conservatives supporting one person one vote. The cowboy neocons are the ones out in left field with their blatant disregard for the law. Manipulating voting machines and the MSM.

  • Robert Squires

    Because the number is a gross exaggeration, as usual. And was reported in the a with around 20,000. Rags like this on the web are a waste of mental and digital bandwidth.

    You all deny the real math and make shit up t suit your bias. Hillary has over 3million more popular votes that Bernie, which is a large percent lead – as well as regular super-delegates. Now that Bernie is so far behind he doesn’t seem to thing the SD is so bad and trying to use them to overturn the popular vote, how hypocritical.

    In addition you cherry-pick media polls that are either easy to manipulate or stuff form right-wing sources. Hillary leads Trump now by 11 points. Obama won in an EC landslide with just under 5 points over Romney. Hillary has contributed her entire life to progressive causes, and voted year after year as one of the most admired women in the world. She provided her emails to officials (the only one to do so) and over twenty years of taxes. Bernie and Trump haven’t even provided one complete year. So who has something to hide?

    This is a highly diverse country and that’s why democracy, as messy as it is, is the only sustainable way to govern. She has the majority vote, and that is what defines a democracy. Bernie is trying to over-turn it at the convention. So what does that make him. What would you say or feel if that situation were reversed?

  • Harris Glasser

    The Democrat Party, if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination he is entitled too, needs to be dismantled & destroyed for the fraudulent election they are running & taking the voting rights of people away

  • davejoson