One Million People Rise Up In France Amid Media Blackout

Over one million people took to the streets in France this week in protest against an ever-increasing totalitarian French government, in some of the largest anti-government protests the country has ever seen.

Over one million people took to the streets in France this week in protest against an ever-increasing totalitarian French government, in some of the largest anti-government protests the country has ever seen. 

On Tuesday June 14, witnesses described “war zone” scenes in the capital Paris, as the mainstream media failed to report on the biggest revolution in France’s recent history. reports:

The Paris march was led by the biggest autonomous bloc that has been seen in the city for several decades, with a strong international anti-capitalist participation.

It was attacked repeatedly and brutally by police using all the militaristic weaponry at their disposal – not just the usual batons, tear gas and grenades but also two water cannon, used in Paris for the first time.

Protesters responded to the police attempts to split the march with much determination and hails of stones.

Near the Duroc metro station, scene of some of the fiercest fighting,  windows of the France’s overseas territories ministry were broken and its walls covered with graffiti – it was renamed the Ministry of Colonies.

Other buildings, from banks and estate agents’ to Starbucks were also targeted.

There were said to have been 58 arrests. The authorities ridiculously claimed only 40 people were injured, of whom 29 were supposedly cops and only 11 protesters! In reality, hundreds of protesters were hurt, many seriously, according to activist website Paris Luttes.

Levels of police violence and the cops’ utter contempt for the welfare of injured protesters are well illustrated by this shocking video.

After the main march, protesters regrouped in the evening for further unauthorised protests, which were again attacked by cops – notably the fascistic plain-clothed thugs of the “Bac” (“Anti-criminal brigades”).

This was the biggest turn-out yet against the Loi Travail, but still the state refuses to change its neoliberal course.

Instead it is now threatening to ban future protests if there is no “guarantee” that property and people will not be threatened.

  • seamus mcdermott

    It’s not football. If you play it like a football match, the side with the most resources will win. It’s politics, the most dangerous game. Play it wisely and leave the fooball on the pitch.

  • Brian

    It is doubtful that any of this is true seeing all the other tripe that you post.

    • Occams

      I find it doubtful that YOU are ‘true’, Brian. Your Profile is non-existent. Just another dime-store Obama/Soros/Jew shill or bot.

      • Kathleen Crandall-Masiuk

        Jewelry shill? Wtf?

  • Lojac Corry

    its a pity Aussies wont do this…capitalism is fucking the world over and something neeeds to be done to stop the top end hoarding $$ and bring some equality back to the world.
    FFS people work hard for nothing today and some do nothing and earn millions..and when the economy fails,who gets bailed out,,the people that caused the fail in the first place and the rest of us suffer is just plain fucked.

    • Ronald Lee

      Yes, it is not capitalism or any other ideology but an ologarchy hiding behind the facade of capitalism in the US, communism in the former Soviet Union in which they also operated, and behind every system in between as they operate central banking schemes and other forms of financial debauchery in almost every nation worldwide.

    • Ronald Lee

      Corruption is the word, coming from the same people in endless fashion while politicians come and go and remain hamstrung by their overbearing influence as well as their control of sensitive information, not only in the media but through intimate and corrupt activity in association with western networks assigned to provide this information.

      • Robadude32

        How is it that all media won’t report anything. There has to be someone out there with enough clout to get around this that isn’t tied to the very corruption which we despise?

        • Richard Hughes

          Not all media. The alternate media is working otherwise we would be hearing nothing. The ‘Corporate Media’ has hijacked what used to be referred to as the ‘Mainstream Media’

          • Robadude32

            Yes you are correct. The crooked media. One of the greatest conspiracies being committed right before our eyes. One really needs to study on how the Nazis and Mussolini controlled the media and it just seems like this is being mirrored again but on a larger scale than ever. Thank you for answering me. THis is really opening my eyes.

        • Keet Hensley

          Facebook, but they are eating away at that too.

    • Sir Derf

      Capitalism is fine, what these right wing extremists are engaged in against us is *not* Capitalism, it’s Oligarchy with extremist versions of Capitalism that have not been seen since the Zars were deposed.

      • Ben S

        Czars? You mean the Russian royal family that was literally shredded to pieces by an angry mob?

      • CharlaS

        Right and left wings are on the same oligarchy bird.

      • David Parker

        There is no such thing as an “extremist version of capitalism”.
        There either is or there is not a free market.
        Capitalism is nothing more than a market free of government interference, particularly from sold-out “statesmen” ready to betray the public for private gain.
        The good news that eventually the miscreants and traitors die.
        David Parker

    • Aaron

      It’s crony capitalism and corporatism that’s F’in the world up. If markets were truly free and we all weren’t forced to buy products from these enormous multi national corporations than these companies would collapse over night.

      • Ben S

        No one’s really forcing you to buy products from multi-national corporations, are they? I don’t know where you live, but Wal-Mart is optional in my neck of the woods.

        • Austin

          Public utilities aren’t publicly owned. R.B. Fuller wrote about this in “The GRUNCH of Giants” don’t fool yourself into thinking this is capitalism.

        • CharlaS

          Do you own a car? Unless it is an antique, you bought parts assembled by a multi-national corporation. Do you buy anything that is imported or contains imported parts or ingredients? You are supporting multi-national shipping companies. Take any prescription medicines? Pharmaceuticals are the biggest multi-national corporations; bigger than the war contractors. Own a house that is financed? You are dealing with globalist banksters who are affiliated with the central banks owned by the Rothschild cartel. Eat food? Unless you grow it or get it all from local farmers, you are most likely dealing with huge agro-businesses that are supplied by international chemical companies who apply toxic poisons to the seeds, soil and plants. Wear clothes that you didn’t make and spin the thread to weave the cloth? Multi-national companies who pay intro-level workers as cheaply as they can and infuse harmful chemicals into the clothes to make them ‘care-free’, including bromide that causes cancer by blocking iodine needed by every cell to prevent cancer. GETTING THE IDEA THAT MULTI-NATIONALS ARE HARD TO AVOID?

    • Patricia

      Socialism is what is ruining the world. Socialism teaches people to be lazy because somebody else will pay their way. Capitalism require effort and work ethic. You work hard for nothing because you have a society that depends on you to work your ass off for nothing so they don’t have to work.

      • Bruce Keller

        Socialism is all your grand children are going to have when there are basically no jobs for anyone without an advanced degree except for maybe the tourism and entertainment industries. Machines will take over the rest of the jobs, even, and especially, call center jobs. That’s capitalism for you though.

      • Stephen

        Capitalism has been hugely succesful in Britain of late, GDP has grown and big corps are making huge profits and paying less tax than ever.

        the number of foodbanks keeps growing
        10’s of thousands dead from benefit cuts
        More and more children being treated for malnutrition
        The return of scurvy
        All in Britian.

        Still proud of capitalism ?

        • David Parker

          There is NO capitalism in Great Britain! There is NO capitalism in France, Germany, the rest of Europe, Russia, the united States, Asia, China, any where in the world that there is a “government”!
          Capitalism does not exist anywhere in the world. It wasn’t in existence during the the life of Adam Smith who coined the term capitalism in his famous book on economics, The Wealth of Nations, it has not existed outside the printed page in the 350 years since Adam Smith. Capitalism is a fiction, it was a whipping boy for Karl Marx, but it didn’t exist in 1848 when Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto: Marx found it convenient to pretend that there was such as thing as a capitalist system that he could attack and gain credibility for his notions of class warfare and the pressures of history.
          There is no such thing as free trade anywhere in the world. Capitalism is an impossibility since the institution of central governments, central “banks”, and the inevitable fiat currency, government pretence that paper can be money.
          David Parker

          • Stephen

            Ok, so defining words seems important to you, but defining meaning is important to me.

            I guess both are really needed in order to understand things properly, however words are very mutable, and if inaccurate, my words have still been used in a way that allows people understand my point, even if they don’t understand the origional meaning of the word.

            Still, you have peeked my interest. So how do you define capitalism, and how do you define the economic model that we use in the UK?

          • whippitgood

            “Piqued” your interest ?

        • Patricia P. Tursi

          So, here in the US, Capitalism has an abundance of poverty. It is how these systems are managed and not the systems themselves. The US health indices is one of the lowest for Industrial countries. The infant mortality rate is lower in some third world countries. We have many homeless…children going without food. Veterans not getting treatment, committing suicide etc.

      • NOBs

        Patricia, get some education on political sciences and its application before you make childish comments probably parroting Fox News.

      • NOBs

        Try to learn your history too.

        • David Parker

          Pure fiction. Central government made “robber barons” possible. Restriction of trade and toleration of criminal activity on the part of the “robber” barons can be laid at the feet of sold out bureaucrats. There is an economy of scale and difficulty of organization that are natural limits to how big an organization can become before it is taken over by more agile competition. It is only when the robber barons get government protection against competition and government protection for criminal acts such as destroying the facilities and factories of competitors (such as Rockefeller’s Standard Oil did to their competitors) that misery ensues.
          It is when government statutes protect CEOs and other corporate officials from the consequences of what their corporations do that the problem arises. It is when corrupt invisible corporations such as Wackenhut can commit criminal acts and cannot be located much less sued that the problems arise. It is when we the people cannot sue a cop because we are blocked from identifying and serving him process that the problem arises.
          If corporate officials and government agents could be held liable for their acts, the problem would end overnight.
          Case in point, the drug war could end overnight by the simple act of bureaucrats ending the war and letting the people buy whatever they wanted. The government-supported “illegal” drug industry would collapse overnight, the stuff is essentially worthless, an agricultural commodity that can be cheaply grown and refined like sunflower seed oil or alfalfa hay. The cartels couldn’t afford to buy underwear with their “drug profits”, much less Gulfstream jets and submarines and cross border tunnels.
          Suffice it is say that it is important to correctly identify the source of their problem – international bankers controlling the front governments in an unending quest for absolute control over all people excluding themselves. Socialism, with its promise of free everything at the behest of government, has been an effective tool in subverting nearly all of the people in the world.
          David Parker

      • Nik Macve

        Ah, capitalist landlords and hereditary peers, you mean. Yes, they do very nicely out of our hard work. But I’d hardly call that socialism.

      • SwordofPerseus

        That’s an interesting perspective, although it is completely false and unsubstantiated non sense. Socialism is what humans are designed to do. The fact is that capitalism has been a failure everywhere it has been tried. The reason is simple, capitalism requires constant growth, which is impossible within a finite system such as the earth. Capitalism is impossible due to simple physics. It’s not rocket surgery.

        • David Parker

          Socialism is how ants and bees are designed to live.

          People are designed to live free of the coercive control of other people, people are intended to own property and governments are properly intended to protect life and right to own property.
          The problem today is that the scum that calls itself government is the biggest threat to life and property for all who aspire to own their own home and means of sustenance.

          David Parker

      • Richard Hughes

        Excuse me. Please enlighten us as to which Socialist countries and their governments are ruining the world?

        • David Parker

          All of them!
          There isn’t a “country” in the world today that is not “socialist”. Welfare is worldwide, paper currency is worldwide, government handouts are worldwide.
          The forced redistribution of wealth to augment fiat currency is another hallmark of socialism and it is everywhere in the world, rich “nations”, poor “nations”, all “nations”.
          David Parker

      • Andy

        I think you’re mixing up socialism with state controlled welfare handouts. Not the same thing.

      • David Parker

        You are too kind.
        You know that socialism aka collectivism, communism, fascism, etc., works fine until the scum that calls itself “government” runs out of other people’s money to spend. It is only when they have inflated their worthless paper currency to the point that it is only worth the weight of the paper itself that people finally catch on to the fact that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody had to work to provide that.
        David Parker

        • 4Peas

          ” socialism aka collectivism, communism, fascism” – how can you possibly expect anyone to take anything you say seriously when you basically state: Socialism, also known as Fascism.

      • Patricia P. Tursi

        So you disagree with FDR’s programs? With Bernie’s Democratic Socialism? I lived in Milwaukee and it was a great city with a Socialistic background. Capitalism teaches us that we are poor because we don’t work hard enough. Michael Moore’s new movie is a wonderful look at what other country workers have and US citizens don’t. I think Socialism can be wrong…like everything else, it depends upon the form.

    • Natural_Texan

      The Australians gave up their guns…

    • Brien

      Yep, Capitalism has been ruining the world since monkeys traded bananas for affection and attention and bartering.

    • David Parker

      There hasn’t been a “capitalist” country in over one hundred fifty years. There are no “governments” on earth that tolerate a free market, capitalism, where anyone can sell anything to anyone who will buy it. Tariffs, taxes, regulations, restrictions, the military industrial complex, etc., have shredded all vestiges of capitalism.
      What Adam Smith defined didn’t exist in his day and it certainly doesn’t exist today
      If you want to discuss the real problem, it is the scum that calls itself government substituting paper for money. Government sanctioned counterfeiters get real value for their valueless pieces of paper with numbers and designs printed on them.

      Gold and silver are the only two actual forms of money that have ever existed and in terms of which value can be exchanged. Gold and silver are internationally recognized by all people as money and gold and silver cannot be counterfeited: It either is gold or silver or it is not. Everything else can be valued in terms of gold and silver.

      Hence the real culprits, the real causes of poverty and inflation, are the owners of the printing presses that churn out inflated paper currency and the governments who use terror tactics to force everyone to give up their gold and silver for the government-sanctified counterfeiter’s paper.

      David Parker

  • nordicman

    so Europeans will riot over a game, but not against the muslim invasion of their continent, their women getting raped, their vets going homeless while non-European parasites get free accomodations, their government criminalizes them for even criticzing the invasion of Europe?

    • Sandstone Flats

      Vets? Fuck off with your horrid prejudice, Yank-wank

      • Ronald Lee

        Troll here to incite and discredit if possible. . . Or perhaps you didn’t take the time to see that he is in favor of vets.

    • Ronald Lee

      This protest is not about any game, but about their government doing its own thing regardless of what the people want. Read the article.

    • Sir Derf

      Christians are *far* worse when it comes to raping women, murdering people, invading countries. Christianity is a far worse terrorist cult than even Islam and Israeli terrorism are.

      • Patricia

        Gee, I don’t seem to remember Christians going around beheading non-believers. Even the Crusades, the most brutal of wars the Christians have fought, was fought against the MUSLIM HORDE who had been invading countries, beheading people and demanding conversion for over 400 years before the Christians rose up and fought back.

        • Dena Bo Beena

          Among common examples of violence in Christianity, J. Denny Weaver lists “(the) crusades, the multiple blessings of wars, warrior popes, support for capital punishment, corporal punishment under the guise of ‘spare the rod and spoil the child,’ justifications of slavery, world-wide colonialism in the name of conversion to Christianity, the systemic violence of women subjected to men”. In the view of many historians, the Constantinian shift turned Christianity from a persecuted into a persecuting religion.

          • Bob Franklin

            I agree with virtually everything you’ve said except the part about corporal punishment. I’m truly grateful to my parents for loving me enough to occasionally wallop my rear when I got out of line, lol! There’s a reason we’re the only member of the ape family with those big ol’ bulbous buns, & it has little to do with how we look in our jeans. Thanks to Mom & Dad”s strict set of rules & the odd switching here & there, I’ve been able to stay out of jail & be a happy, well adjusted & productive member of society. Just sayin…

        • Bob Franklin

          Do you have any IDEA what white Christians did to Native Americans? How about someone shares a blanket DELIBERATELY smallpox-infected with YOU some cold night? Know who STARTED scalping? WHITE SETTLERS, in order to prove kills so they could collect a bounty. I’m not even scratching the surface, here. There is so much more atrocity I could share with you, but I don’t really feel like writing a novel. & as far as the whole “Muslim horde” FARCE, my employer is muslim, & he’s done more for me than my closest friends & family – & THEY’VE been damn good to me in their own right. I’m so damn sick unto puking of hearing that PATHETIC talking point that it’s gone beyond even my ability to articulate. I’ve had Christian, Jew bosses & now a muslim , & now you know who’s only one who has never ONCE hosed me over, The other two groups? screwed every time, without fail!

        • SwordofPerseus

          Oh Patricia, you are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence and an education.

        • Bob Franklin

          I see the admin(s) of this page in heroic fashion elected to censor my comment from here. lets try again: have you any idea what was done to Native Americans by White Christian settlers? I sincerely hope no one ever decides to share a deliberately smallpox infected blanket with you. Do you know who really began the practice of scalping? White Christian settlers, in order to provide evidence of kills so they could collect a bounty. these two relatively small examples don’t even begin to scratch the surface of the centuries of atrocity, privation & general misery inflicted upon members of the First Nation – I could go on but I have no desire to write a novel here. Point is, this whole farcical talking point regarding the “Muslim invasion” is played out. I’m so fed up unto the upward release of my stomach contents with it that I find it well beyond my ability to articulate.

  • LeftNut

    Yeah, I’m with Brian. This guy has written a lot of sensationalistic crap lately. I honestly thought I was reading The Daily Currant. If even half of what this guy said was true, we’d need to seriously not go to work tomorrow and revolt.

  • WR

    Unfortunately, people think capitalism is at the root of these troubles. What is actually at the root is none other than central banking and fractional reserve banking. We do not have capitalism in the world today. Capitalism relies on a free market, but our markets are anything but: if say a plumber is consistently not up to the job, he will go bankrupt. Have you ever seen a bank go bankrupt? Take the example of Northern Rock a few years ago in the UK. When people discovered that Northern Rock did not not have their money in their cash reserves but had loaned it out, all that happened was that the Bank of England just wrote them a cheque; in other words, printed the money – created it out of thin air! That’s not capitalism, that’s fraud!

    Here, in a nutshell, is the way Central Banking works: say you’re playing Monopoly with some friends and the game has been in play for some time, various properties have been bought, some of the players are little short of money, you know how it goes. But then the banker remembers that there is another Monopoly set in the old games chest, so he goes to get it, gives himself all the money, then lends it out to all the players (at what is deemed to be favourable interest rates). What happens? As you might expect, enthusiastic bidding for more properties with the newly created purchasing power, but oh no! The property prices rise fast and look as if they might double! With double the money supply sloshing around the table it’s no surprise. But who’s the real winner here? The banker, for two reasons: he got first bite at the cherry because he got his hands on the new money first, and also he’s making interest from the rest that he loaned out. Central banking in a nutshell: print money = create inflation and make money from the people!

    • Sunwheel Knight

      That’s just one tentacles of the Jewish parasite’s reach. Political correctness, open borders, mass non white invasion, white guilt, non stop race mixing propaganda, the promotion of sodomy, feminism, censorship of speech, ridiculous “hate” laws etc etc, the list goes on, are some of their methods of nation wrecking and tools of white genocide.

      • Sawyer Bergeron

        Either you are a troll or a neonazi, either way please realize that those viewpoints you have expressed are OK for you to hold but will be highly criticized by a great many people who value genuine equality and fairness to every person regardless of race or creed. I for one ask you: how exactly does any of this relate to Judeism or ethnic and religious equality laws?

      • Patricia

        That sounds more like the MUSLIM Horde all our countries are being invaded by. They call themselves refugees but refugees come in all ages and sex. Why are most of these so called refugees males of military age? That is the parasite. Take your neonazi bullcrap and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

        • David Parker

          The Nazis are socialists.
          Islam is a system for world domination.
          Refugees are those people fleeing from murderers and oppressors, they are usually families driven from their homes by the threat of death and torture, not a bunch of welfare bums looking for a free handout.
          David Parker

      • Dena Bo Beena

        Fuck white people, and I am a white people.

        • David Parker

          You are inarticulate and I vote to bump you off this forum. You are not contributing any thought or information of value.
          David Parker

    • Roger Baldridge


      • Sir Derf

        Fuck hole could not point to anything that he said that was wrong.

        • Monique DC

          Sir, this is harsh comment from someone who cannot spell Czar.

    • missythemissmiss

      My question is why does the government print the money, then loan it to the banks at a low rate and let them keep the interest from the loans to “the people?” If it’s “the people’s” government and “the people’s” money in the first place, why aren’t “the people” making the interest from the loans to be used to supplement our taxes?

      Can anyone explain this to me? Does anyone know about Modern Monetary Theory? We’re not on the gold standard anymore, which has changed the game. I don’t see why we have bankers making profits off of our money and I don’t understand why we have insurance companies making a killing on our health care system.

      I do understand that to give the government so much power is dangerous, but it looks like the private industries are just as crooked. We will never have free markets, so we must let that theory go. It works on paper, but not in real life. We can argue until we’re blue that if it wasn’t for corruption and crony capitalism, things would work fine. That’s not going to happen without participation of the people. We want to sign off our votes to Congress, then we complain that they don’t do what we want. Like our government has three branches for checks and balances, I think so should business.

      1. Consumer Protection Agencies to represent the consumer.
      2. Unions to represent the employees.
      3. Chamber of Commerce to represent businesses.

      They must all work together, but unfortunately greed always undermines the system. We have to pay attention and we have to become more rebellious and less gullible.

      • Ben S

        The government (at least the US government) doesn’t actually print any money. The Federal Reserve (a central bank) does. The government trades bonds it creates for cash (which the Fed charges interest on), then the government distributes the money according to the budget voted on in the previous year by Congress and the President

        The Fed holds all the power my friend.

        • Bob Franklin

          Yup they’re about as “federal” as Federal Express, & there is no actual “reserve”. That word is also a lie. It’s original Orwellian doublethink! SMDH…

          • WR

            Yes, they took a very long time to come up with that name because they realised the strong opposition there would have been at the time regarding the creation of another central bank, so they decided that Federal sounded better than Central, and they thought that Reserve sounded better than Bank. In addition to this they created twelve branches to further the illusion of it not being a central bank.

          • Patricia P. Tursi

            which is incorporated and privately owned.

          • Robadude32

            Ponzi scheme for the rich and powerful.

        • missythemissmiss

          Yes, I know the story of Jekyll Island, but who gets the interest on the money? I’ve read that the US Treasury gets some of it, but why isn’t the government printing our money and putting all of the profit from the interest on the loans into the treasury? Seems crazy that no one has started a movement to change it.

      • WR

        William Paterson, a retired pirate, set up the Bank of England in 1694. He said the Bank “hath the benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing”. The Bank of England is sometimes known as the Grandfather of all Central Banks, and is the model upon which all others have been set up, including the Federal Reserve, the ECB, the BoJ, etc, etc. It is no surprise that the money supply has mushroomed following the abandonment of the gold standard and the gold exchange standard, which placed limits on the number of dollars the Fed could print. Nixon quietly uncoupled the dollar from the Gold Exchange standard on 15th August 1971, leading to the world recessions of the seventies and the roaring inflation of the eighties.
        As Rothschild said, “I care not who makes the laws, as long as I have control of the money supply”.
        I would highly recommend reading: A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind, by Stephen Mitford Goodson; The Mystery of Banking, by Murray Rothbard; The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G Edward Griffin.

        • Patricia P. Tursi

          Also fractionalization

      • David Parker

        That is not what happens.
        What happens is that people realize the scum that calls itself government can be used for private gain of power. These unscrupulous people buy politicians, as the European bankers and the American bankers did at the turn of the century, they create “silver scares” and “gold scares” to create the impression that silver and gold are no longer suitable as money, they patiently buy some senators as JP Morgan, Paul Warfield, Senator Nelson Aldrich, et al., did after they concocted the federal reserve system and got the federal reserve act passed in 1913, and basically manipulated the US federal government to force we the people to give up our gold and later our silver in exchange for their worthless federal reserve notes – their IOUs – and we are now increasingly impoverished by inflation as Con-gress “borrows” (raises the debt ceiling) more federal reserve notes and gets full value from them as the first spender, and reduces the goods and services that we can get in exchange for the federal reserve notes we hold.
        For example, in 1950 I could buy a house for 3,000 dollars, that is 3,000 ounces of silver or 3,000 notes redeemable for 3,000 ounces of silver at any bank. Nowadays, I can still buy that house for 3,000 ounces of silver. The notes today won’t even pay the realtor’s fee. So we are further impoverished all around the world by inflation, the hidden tax, the favorite tax of Con-gress, the tax increase they all support but don’t go on public record as supporting.
        The federal reserve system has enabled the US to enter WWI, WWII, and all the highly profitable wars since 1913. Highly profitable that is for those who manipulate world politics and create the wars but never fight in them, the Kissingers and Rockefellers and their European counterparts, the ones who “finance” the wars with their paper currency.
        David Parker

        • missythemissmiss

          I think the new Modern Monetary Theory makes sense. We don’t have to be on the gold standard, but my issue is that we the people aren’t benefiting from the profit made on our loans.

      • Patricia P. Tursi

        Read Creature from Jekyll Island by Griffin.

        • missythemissmiss

          I’ve read all about that meeting and it’s results. That’s why I’m asking questions. Why are we allowing this facade to continue?

          • Patricia P. Tursi

            Good Question

      • Patricia P. Tursi

        Corporations used to have limited life spans. Hamilton and Burr fought that out early on and Jefferson warned about Central Banking. I think it goes back to corporations. This country was founded on such with the East India Trading Company and the Hudson Bay Company. We aren’t taught that the Tea Party was against the East India Corporation. We need to eliminate corporations….

        • missythemissmiss

          I so agree with that.

      • Patricia P. Tursi

        When JFK asked who printed the money, he was told that the Reserve printed it. He said that was the governments role and ordered some printed. According to what I read, he was dead ten days later.

        • missythemissmiss

          Our monetary system shouldn’t be so secretive or complicated.

  • WR

    “Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, but give a man a bank and he can rob the world.” (Carter Glass, of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, repealed in 1999)

  • Thomas Brown

    This image is from a much small student and labor union Protest in March. Who is this Knucklehead writing this crap. Don’t he know in the age of cell phone camera and video, you can’t lie and keep a 1 million person protest a secret.

  • Rolling Stoner

    ‪#‎ElectionFraudUSA‬ ‪#‎ExitPollGate‬ ‪#‎TakeBackTheVote‬…

    It’s LONG past the time the USA wake up and get with the program. We need revolt and to take back our democracy and government and put it back in the hands OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. #BernieOrBust

    • Bob Franklin

      Bernie is just about 3 hairs from being a card carrying communist. Hillary is a murdering drug running serial sex offender who simply has never been convicted. Trump is a fascist corporate douchebag nutjob who likely has some or all of Hillary’s crimes under his own belt. All three are AIPAC pre-selected & pre-approved Zio-stooges. the only real contest between the lot of them is how far they can swallow Israel’s kosher Hebrew National down their throats without triggering their gag reflex (assuming they even have one). The ONLY revolt that can possibly save this country is an armed one, pure & simple.

      • Rolling Stoner

        That is untrue. Bernie is far from communist. While the other 2 most definitely are all the things you say, I believe you’d benefit from doing some more research on Bernie and not buying into the #LyingMedia’s bullshit narrative. I have spent time living in more than one socially democratic country and speak from first hand experience when I tell you communism and social democracy are 2 very different things.

        • Bob Franklin

          Wow, so we can be just like Germany? F*ck that. I see my country already turning into another Weimar cesspit. I see no reason to speed up the process. In fact I seek to halt it. Europe can do as it wants – I however have no intention of being subservient to Zionist Jew money mongers. Roll in their feces & revel in the lies of the Holohoax according to your own desires, but don’t for a minute expect me to get down there with you.

        • Robert R. Nettles

          Correct assessment, accurate logic applied. thank you for seeking knowledge and sharing wisdom.

        • David Parker

          You are completely wrong. “Socially democratic country”? Every country on earth today is socialist. Hallmarks are a welfare system, public education, a progressive income tax imposed by a central government.
          Read Marx’s Communist Manifesto, understand that “socialism”, “collectivism”, “fascism”, “nazism” (and whatever other flavors try to say they are different) are all about central government.
          There is no “left” and “right”, liberal or conservative: Those terms were invented by government medis solely to confuse an uninformed public, graduates of government fool systems.
          The actual political scale has total government at one extreme and zero government at the other extreme. Socialism, communism, nazism, fascism, etc., are all at the total government end of the scale.
          Another useful scale of measurement is to have statism, the notion that people cannot live without some elite masters, the notion that there must be some government, that people cannot freely associate with some elite directing them, at one end of the scale and zero state at the other end.
          Those are true scales, those are the only way to compare political systems, forms of government.

    • David Parker

      The federals are well prepared for a shooting war with we the people. Shooting wars kill the best and brightest of our young people.
      Do not advocate going this route, the inevitable result is replacement of the current scum with even more demonic scum.
      The way to accomplish freedom is much harder work, it calls for education and personal commitment not to “fight city hall” but to BE city hall, be your county sheriff, be the chief of police and end the war on we the people.

      Here’s a link:

      We take back our counties one by one, then we do not allow the feds to interfere with the people, i.e., block the IRS, BATF, FBI, DHS, from operating in our counties, allow the people in the counties to be armed with whatever weapons they can afford, allow their right to defend their families, to own land, i.e., end the collection of property tax, etc. That is the more difficult but proven way to get back our freedom, we go back to where we started, at the grass roots of civilization.
      Remember, the scum that calls itself government will always do the right thing when they have no other choice.
      David Parker

  • Michael Hoppe


  • Sir Derf

    Violent right wing fascist pigs are the same the world over.

    SOON we will start overthrowing our Oligarchies around the world.

  • frostbitblue

    Gotta love an unbiased article.

  • Jim Mooney

    Most Western nations now have “controlled” news. Stalin would be pleased with the NY Times and WaPo.

    • SwordofPerseus

      It would be the envy of Joseph Goebbels as well.

  • Kerast

    hahahaha what a great deal of bullshit don’t believe everything you read on internet (even when they say “it’s the true truth, we swear) 😉 (greeting from France)

  • Nicola Dymond

    they blamed the football fans for this

  • Kelly Wilkins

    Are there any personal videos of this protest? Any suggestions for finding some on fb or instagram?

  • Mark Filby

    Part 1




    Copyright© Mark S Filby. Aka ALF.



    ALF’S Bank is a totally radical
    alternative to current global economic platforms. A unique
    combination of free market and closed economic policies, coupled with
    total reformation of our traditional methods of banking and thinking
    towards money. ALF’S Bank recognises the fundamental errors in
    current economic policies which are collapsing globally.

    ALF’S Bank addresses the critical
    error of allowing a currency to become a commodity, which allows for
    manipulation from external forces, of which we may not know their
    agendas. It fully addresses the inherent problems with open economies
    and finally establishes total accountability from every sector of
    human endeavour, the legal and illegal activities of corporations,
    governments and individuals.

    ALF’S Bank utilises an intangible
    medium of exchange instead of tangible paper money, notes, cheques,
    cash or coinage. Electronic ‘money’ is available to all levels of
    society from government and business to consumer alike. Another
    method of classifying this means of accounting for commerce is a form
    of “e” currency. Meaning the actual currency is not material but
    electronic. Therefore ALF’S Bank, as such is an alternative to cash
    or money. ALF’S Bank is the only viable future reality for today’s
    electronic global economy. It is the new global currency available to
    everyone with access to the internet or telephone.

    The current structure of the global
    economy, has at its base, a critical error in the usage of money,
    which is debt based money creation and supply. With the
    tradability of the medium of exchange, money was allowed to become a
    commodity. Put in very simple terms this means that once money became
    a commodity it allowed people with an abundant supply to loan money
    at exorbitant rates, sometimes enslaving the borrower.

    This meant that current economic
    policies allowed people to become dependent off other peoples
    efforts. Whoever could create a shortage of money, and then supply
    the demand, with interest, actually became a non productive member of
    society and survived or even prospered at someone else’s expense.
    One only has to casually observe the current global economic policies
    and the resultant imbalances to observe this fact taken to its
    extreme. Resource rich third world countries are servicing impossible
    outcome debt scenarios, with the third world populations as virtual
    slaves to businessmen, bankers and their dictators.

    What’s wrong with money/

    There is a perceived shortage of
    money or capital, when in actual fact; there is no shortage but a
    creation and usage problem. We have allowed banking to create debt
    instead of governments actually creating sufficient money for society
    to function for the sake of its citizens. Capital flows around
    society often go undetected from country to country and bank to bank.
    There is no honest central registry to monitor the origin or
    destination of transactions. This allows ‘laundering’ of funds.
    This is how wars and all other illegal activities are financed.

    The fundamental error of
    globalisation without accountability. Overseas banks, diverse
    taxation laws and no common ground between financial systems. The
    ‘global village’ requires a ‘closed’ economy as opposed to
    the current ‘open’ economy. A system designed to be open to
    scrutiny and closed to fraudulence or crime. The elite use these so
    called individual ‘rights’ to hide their

    abuses of wealth.
    From fraud,
    forgery, theft, crime and the many abuses of wealth, the current
    economic platforms fall drastically short of being ‘smart’ or
    humane in today’s society. In essence, printed money and
    banking have reached their sensible use by dates. Cash money requires
    printing, handling and physically transporting which makes it
    non-competitive with an electronic currency. As a tangible product it
    also means it can be removed from circulation and laundered into
    other economies or utilised for illegal activities. This is exactly
    how and why our planet is being gripped by TERRORISM, drug usage and
    crime. Printed and coined money has been abused since its inception.
    It was the best thing available at the time, but today’s society
    needs accountability from every level of society, and will embrace
    the solution. Put in simple terms cash and the current banking system
    are obsolete. Only complete denial from the reader could
    dispute the current global situation.

    Why will we change?

    We will change when the system
    crashes completely, this will force the democratic majority to think
    beyond the current system. When we see that this system surpasses the
    current economic model and when we are prepared to accept the truth
    about how inadequate our current system is. When we as a society
    decide to take responsibility for our lives and decide to correct
    society’s problems. When we acknowledge that most of our crimes,
    poverty, fraud and inequalities are rooted in our economic policies.
    Economic discrimination is potentially society’s greatest problem.

    This new system will remove
    privilege and force some to become useful functionaries of society
    just like the majority. On the other end of the scale, it will also
    signal the end of unemployment. If we have the capacity to rectify
    many of our social ills and the only limitation that currently exists
    is our ‘shortage of money’ and the ALF’S Bank system rectifies
    this problem and practically removes any fiscal problems, then why
    would the democratic majority support a system for elitists or people
    evading their responsibility?

    What is this new system based on?

    A new system based on total
    accountability, will help work towards eliminating crime. The
    implications are incredible. The banking industry as you know it will
    be ELIMINATED by ALF’S Bank. The new system will have only one point
    of record for every transaction, globally. This will eliminate
    fraudulent activities. As a society we can fully trace every economic
    transaction on a global basis, we can then eliminate the so called
    tax evasion havens, money laundering and most illegal transactions.
    Accountability from the bottom right up to and including the record
    keepers. A system that is totally open to inspection. If there is
    nowhere to hide money, there are very few areas for lies.
    will be a non-profit banking system for the world.

    Why will it be non-profit?

    Our global village needs a new
    system to rectify the current shortfalls being experienced in every
    sector of our communities. We need a new way to address unemployment,
    poverty and crime on a global basis. We no longer are individual
    countries with our own internal economies. It is time we accepted our
    role in society beyond short term profit outcomes. In essence we have
    to remove our bankers for the democratic majority. We can no longer
    disclaim our knowledge of how severe life is for our fellow man, when
    we are presented with a solution. Can we tolerate people starving to
    death because of profit?

    There could be no justification for
    change, if ALF’S Bank was only changing the power base, not
    rectifying the problem. The actual ‘power’ should be within the
    hands of the democratic majority, not with some elitist minority
    group of bankers, dictators or people who accept a system based on
    keeping people as slaves by utilising economic principles which were
    forced on society many years ago.

    Nothing justifies this behaviour.

    Current economic budgetary controls
    hinder mankind from solving its problems. Therefore if we remove the
    banking industry and maintain the medium of exchange as an
    institution for the benefit of society, then society would never
    again have to play the existing banking game. The end of the current
    system. Current global economics prove that the current method is
    fundamentally flawed and failing pathetically. Imagine our global
    society with the ‘profits’ from banking being redistributed
    through all sectors of society. No longer would there be so
    many financial restrictions placed on society’s endeavours. Imagine
    a world freeing itself from poverty, starvation and “economic
    rationalisation”, all because we decided to make a change.

    Why did this problem arise?

    The answer is basic ignorance. “The
    way it is” mentality and the non availability of computers and
    technology meant that society was not ready, willing, or able to
    solve the problem. The current economic and monetary systems have not
    changed from the past. We still basically have the original system
    only modified for our times. Wealth was originally based on one’s
    ability to conquer or steal.

    Part 2 following

    NB: This system only replaces the
    banks. It does not give everyone $millions! OK

    The profits return to society in
    public works and eliminating TAXATION.

    • John

      The “road to rootA” plan might be better. There’s gold in them there hills.

  • Mark Filby

    Part 2. ALF’S Bank.

    Today’s society does not call for
    survival of the fittest anymore, but beckons us into the 21st century
    caring for each other. Whilst we have evolved on a mental level of
    compassion, we unfortunately carry our primitive past within the
    confines of our economic policies.
    The reality of today’s
    society says that whoever has the most money rules. Not much
    different from our primitive past, when the biggest club or sword
    ruled. Money is coined liberty. The masters control. Today’s
    economic platforms are based on feudal mentalities.

    Why should it change?

    We should change when it will be
    better for the majority; this is the essence of a democratic society.
    We have fallen into the false belief that society is functioning
    because of money. When in actual fact society functions because we
    decide within our minds to make things happen. Money transformed from
    representing actual material wealth in the form of gold or silver, to
    being a means of transferring value. ALF’s Bank is an advanced way
    of electronically measuring worth, a form of transportable barter.
    Society only requires accountability to function equitably.

    How could society exist without

    Society existed before money was
    invented. This new system does not actually eliminate “money”, it
    only changes what we perceive and accept the medium to be. In times
    gone ‘money’ has assumed many different forms. From teeth,
    shells, salt and paper notes to credit cards and ultimately to
    electronic credits registered within the confines of a computer
    system. Money has changed forms many times. We have here an
    opportunity to make real changes for ourselves. This is the first
    time we as a society are being presented with an opportunity to end
    the primitive ways of our past.

    How come people starve?

    Greed and ignorance……………..
    How do we justify telling our children that we cannot afford to feed
    people? We justify our actions because there is insufficient profit
    in the process, so we let real people starve to death. Every day we
    casually go about our own business and resign ourselves to the
    situation. We really have to look long and hard at ourselves and ask
    ourselves a simple truth, are we prepared to fix our system?
    Our governments and business leaders tell us that we don’t have
    enough money to feed people. So we let them die. Profit before
    life itself!

    Why do people fear change?

    Society has been plagued with fear
    ever since time began. Fear has been the ultimate control mechanism.
    Fear is still used today by all levels of society. There is no logic
    to fear.

    The people running our global
    banking system will attempt every method of ridiculing this system.
    They will attempt to tell you that it is impossible to replace them.
    They rule you with fear. They will always insist that money is not
    only necessary for survival, but that our society would be overthrown
    by anarchy if society lost its status quo.

    They are only telling you half the

    Our society needs checks and
    balances, rules and regulations, but it does not need such blatant
    imbalances between the haves and the have nots. This is the last
    bastion of prejudice existing within our society. In our society
    today, our friends, place of residence, lifestyle and future are
    determined by the amount of money we have. If you are born into a
    poor family, you will be prejudiced against. This is blatant
    discrimination equally as twisted as discrimination based on skin
    colour, race or religion. If you are continually fooled into
    believing that everything only happens because of money, then you
    will be held captive by your bankers from the cradle to your grave.

    The essence of this system is simply
    a non-profit banking system. How well is the current system
    working for the democratic majority?


    19 They shall cast
    their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their
    silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of
    the wrath of the Lord: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither
    fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their

    There are NO privileges allowed: ALL men are
    equal, soon. Love ALF


    WE, remove the psychopaths currently financing
    wars and death. I would like to give THEM a JOB cleaning OUR toilets!

  • Robert R. Nettles

    a rEVOLution doesnt ask for permission.. a declaration of independence from a broken and corrupted 2 party system of oligarchical control.. and WE the 99% around the globe will stand with ONE who stands to UNITE the 99% around the world to fight back. #BernieCRATS are the best of the BLUE team and the best of the RED team. As BSP said so well “Enough is Enough”.. an echo of a good friend of mine many of you on this highbrow thread probably know, ALBERT who said doctor “it’s not the 1% of Evil that’ll destroy the world” to which i exclaimed “then what is it?” “it’s the 90% of you good people who allow that 1% of Evil to exist that’ll destroy the world”.. Accountability and Responsibility is our call to action.. A recent international gallop poll over 100 countries asked “which country poses the greatest challenge to world peace?” The answer wasnt pakistan, north korea.. but United States.. WE can once again lead this great planet as Marcus Aurelius urged from the trenches 2000 years ago “always be Open to Learn and to do what is best for the common good, never what is popular or for personal gain”.. This is our call to MORALITY.. A call to SERVICE.. Our Declaration of Independence from Oligarchical Rule.. SuperDelegates NO MORE! WE will UNITE and march in Philadelphia to send a message to the 90% just like us that the time has come.. WE are REPRESENTING our VOICES loud and clear.. Bernie pioneered GrassRoots Politics.. Happy to serve. All great movements come from the grass up. Remember when the Constitution was originally written only 1% of “us” were college educated.. . The constitution protected against 2 tyrannies: 1- obviously, the monarchical government.. The 2nd not so known.. tyranny of the PEOPLE.. yes “us” 90% were mostly illiterate.. The “educated” “us” didnt want the unruly “us” to make a mistake.. Today, 90% of “us” are literate and educated.. WE would not CHOOSE these corporately profitable wars harming our foreign brothers and sisters.. WE would CHOOSE Living Wages and JOBS that connect to improving Life in America, not simply profits for International Corporations.. Remember also MAN made Words and Language, even that silly WORD CAPITALISM, the FACELess and LANDless monster that is a PeRSON, yet conveniently can’t go to PRISON.. What a farce.. 0.4 % of companies employ 50% of our people for under $9/hour yet attorneys to represent your interests charge $400-600/hour. HOW was that ever gonna make sense? Deep breathes.. WE simply inherited a world that our parents and grandparents “did their best”. WE can do better. (A longer post on FB about that ) . For those who continued, thanks for the read. This is a rare time in history and a critical time. As picasso wised “the Meaning of Life is to go out and find your gifts.. but the Purpose.. ah, that’s to give those gifts away” to do the most good for Others.. Thanks for the deliberation of thoughtful minds..

  • Michael McLaughlin

    The MSM ownership is the backbone of every oligarchy in the West. Breaking up that ownership is 75% of the battle.

  • Sunwheel Knight
  • jaydee

    It is not free markets, it is the government’s interference with capitalism that is the culprit. Too many crippling regulations cause free markets to try to save itself from the intrusion of government. Government thinks it can do everything better than an individual who has a self interest in his business succeeding. Self interest will eventually ‘spread the wealth’ in the form of more jobs for others and charity for those in need.

  • Trac Mila

    We need to rule ourselves. Only then will there be peace and harmony on this planet.

  • Husbandman

    David Parker: I too have played monopoly. I have watched the game come to a close as one player bankrupts the rest. So my question is, what method do You offer that limits the unbridled accumulation of wealth/power? It seems to me that what we call socialism and what we call capitalism must play nice together in creating a balance between the two that takes on the form of general prosperity. So too trade must be regulated as required to assure the prosperity of the trading partners.

  • Keet Hensley

    Find the bankers at their homes, cure the problem once and for all.

    Communism breeds Slaves, Capitalism breeds Ideas, creativity, Freedom and Opportunity.

    Unfortunately there is also Greed and lust for Power.

    The Bankers know, that only Solid collateral like Gold, Art, Jewels and the like things are the true wealth.

    So they create Wars to Steal them.

    Their written promises and Paper are as worthless as their word of honor, because there is no honor in them.

    1 <3

    • John

      I like the way you think.

  • David Cobb

    My question is, how do you think violence and vandalism, especially against private citizens that happen to own small businesses and franchises, is going to force the government, any government, to change its ways?