Orlando Shooters Father Worked For The CIA

Evidence emerges that Orlando shooters father worked for the CIA

The father of the terrorist who shot dead 50 people in an Orlando nightclub on Saturday, has been revealed as a longtime CIA asset. 

Seddique Mateen, father of Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen, is a well known political personality having hosted a TV show and having been a former presidential candidate for Afghanistan.

Madcowprod.com reports:

This morning President Obama called him a “home-grown” terrorist.  In a series of phone interviews Monday morning, Donald Trump responded that “there’s something going on” with the President’s  reaction to the Orlando shooting.

I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

“It’s like calling Blackwater XE”

Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s father said his son was not motivated by Islamist radical ideology, but in a Facebook video posted early Monday he said, “God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality.”

My own suspicion was first awakened on Monday morning when U.S. news outlets uniformly reported that the father’s TV show aired on  “a U.S.-based Afghan satellite channel.”

That sort of circumlocution is typical when something is being hidden which the corporate media prefers we not ask questions about.

The name of the nameless Afghan satellite channel, Payam Afghan, is said to be widely-known in Southwest Asia as a CIA-Pakistani ISI construct, as this picture from Flicker shows.

The identification of shooter Omar Mateen also involved deception. He was said to work for a security company called G4S, which few have ever heard of. However, “G4S” is merely a re-branded “Wackenhut Corporation,” a name with a storied reputation for scandal in the U.S. and around the world.

Rohrabacher has stated that he sees radical Islam as the source of a major terrorist threat to the U.S. Calls to his office today to request comment on whether he views CIA assets relocated in the U.S. as a terrorist threat have not been returned.

  • Dan Jones

    Finally something that makes perfect sense…..

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  • http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/global-markets/larry-summers-100-dollar-bill-ban-and-westfalia-lost?post=86090&uid=4798 Gary Anderson

    G4S did war crimes for Israel against the Palestinians:

    So, what do we know or are pretty sure of?
    1. The Orlando shooter was in contact with the FBI for months.
    2. His wife knew he was mentally ill.
    3. The Fed likely knew he was mentally ill.
    4. The Fed looked the other way
    while a mentally ill Muslim was hired by a pro Israel company, G4S
    (Wackenhut), accused of war crimes against the Palestinians on behalf of
    5. Witness said someone tried to hold the door closed and keep him inside the Pulse club.

    6. It is likely that this, along with most of the events under Obama,
    have either been hoaxes or false flag violence or set up by the
    7. The Zionist globalists accomplished two things with
    this mentally ill shooter. They furthered the effort to disarm
    Americans. They furthered the effort to get Americans to hate Muslims.
    8. Americans are hoodwinked again.
    9. Confusion is made simple if you understand the plan.

    10. Zionism is not Judaism, but it is the cabal that rules the western
    world. It is imposing its will upon America through the Fed and through
    the neocons, and through the political parties.

  • wowlikewow

    wow, nothing is as simple as it seems.