Orlando Smoking Gun: Nobody Died Until The SWAT Team Entered

Judge Andrew Napolitano has appeared on national TV and said that the official FBI transcript summary of the Orlando shooting shows that nobody in the Pulse nightclub died until 5:13am in the morning, throwing the official narrative peddled by the mainstream media into disarray.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has appeared on national TV and said that the official FBI transcript summary of the Orlando shooting shows that nobody in the Pulse nightclub died until 5:13am, throwing the official narrative peddled by the mainstream media into disarray.

According to the official narrative, Omar Mateen entered the club around 02:00am and began his killing spree. However, as Judge Andrew Napolitano points out in the video below, that story doesnt tally with what the FBI have in their official transcript summary.

“Here’s what is news in the summary – nobody died until 05:13 in the morning, when the SWAT team entered. Prior to that no one had been killed. The 53 that were injured, and the 49 that were murdered all met their fates at the time of, and during, the police entry into the building,” Judge Napolitano said.

This could be the smoking gun which unravels this entire mystery. Why has the FBI issued gag orders to local police, fire, and emergency medical personnel? Why has the 911 audio and emergency scanner archives between the hours of 12:00am and 03:00am EST been erased or physically requisitioned by the FBI?

It has been suggested that 5:13am is just the official time of death – they weren’t declared dead until there were police inside who saw the bodies. However this theory doesn’t hold water because it has been established that a group of five to six police officers had been in the club for ’15 to 20 minutes – could’ve been longer’ before the SWAT team burst in.

FBI press release Orlando shooting

FBI Tampa Shooting

So did Omar Mateen suddenly start killing people when the SWAT team entered at 5:13am? Or did the SWAT team execute 49 people at 5:13am? Listen to the entrance the SWAT team makes in the video below.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • ……

    The balistics on the bullets that shot the 49 people will tell the whole story…

    • Bengc

      Yes that will be very interesting.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Who exactly do you trust to not falsify this? The FBI? HAHAHA

      • ……

        I know, I know, maybe I was dreaming we’d get the real truth…..

    • http://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/ James Smith
  • David

    This is neither news, nor truth. It is, however, unfiltered conjecture that 5 minutes on google can dispell. The Pulse facebook page clearly indicates when shooting began, as do several verifiable witness accounts, complete with digital timestamps showing calls to family and friends during the shooting taking place between 2:03am and 2:15am.

    This “article” exemplifies why bloggers are not journalists, and you do great disservice to your readers by spreading such easily dispelled misinformation.

    • Steve

      There are verifiable witness accounts saying there was more than one shooter.

    • chris

      nm the fact that a judge stated this on the air on TV… why would he commit career suicide if it wasn’t true.

    • Davros

      Wake up David.

    • Renee LaChapelle

      you believe Lamestream? Then you are in the 6% remaining.

    • DonnyW

      I seriously laughed at that FB post from Pulse! C’mon man! Seriously? Your’e telling me someone would take the time to log into FB and write a quick lame post as shots were being fired and hell hell was breaking loose, the panic and adrenaline alone would be enough to for some people to shit or piss their pants or vomit or completely lose their composure, seriously, I have seen that happen. “Everyone get out of Pulse and keep running!” Its laughable man, seriously. Why don’t they mention “shooting” or “armed gunman” or “terror attack?” It doesn’t make any sense at all. Have we heard from the “owners” of Pulse yet? Have they made any statements? We deserve to know what the hell is going on, Im seriously getting completely distracted from work right now because of this.

  • c_chandler

    let’s hope the truth comes out.

    • kamanja karanja

      So the truth will be known?
      The truth according to who?
      Which doctor cures laughing problem… I think am suffering from one

  • http://www.medicinalmusic.org/ Richard Plunkett

    5 a.m. in the morning? As opposed to 5 a.m. in the evening?

  • Maciek Gutkowski

    Or maybe nobody got shot maybe the club that night was changed into a movie set and all the people that were there were paid actors; similar to what it looks like happened in Newton. I would not put anything passed the people that control the US; CIA, NSA. This is clearly all about making guns look evil again.

    • ignorance is lame

      you’re fucking sick… no, they weren’t paid actors. I wish they had been fucking paid actors, wanna tell that to my friend’s mother who had to bury him exactly a week ago? Want to help pay for his IMAGINARY funeral and body transportation costs? lmfao, so fucking stupid and sick.

      • suckmyass

        and if the content of this post is even true and this is how HE died, this is even more sickening than having to deal with the reality that he lost his life that night at that stupid club because he was just trying to have fun along with his two other friends, who by the way, one lived and the other died. so you can also go contact the children of the deceased friend and tell them all about your “false flag” theory. I’m sure her husband and oldest son will appreciate hearing that this is all a joke lmfao.

        • Harry Merkin

          WHAT ARE THE NAMES? What is the mother’s name? That way we can donate.

      • Kat Jongeward

        OK, he is dead. sorry. but, by who? the ISIS shooter? or someone else?

      • Ivan Pihama

        What I cant understand is those people carrying people past that donut shop than past the Pulse club? All on camera.

      • Mike Parks

        Just off hand, what’s your friend’s name?

      • DonnyW

        What is your friends name so I can donate to his funeral expenes?

      • Dan Sheppard

        That is right, paying for an imaginary funeral and body transportation costs, is so fucking stupid and sick.
        Also, what is so fucking stupid and sick, is that you would already know that over $6 million has been extorted from there sincere community of donators in the world through GoFundMe. There is even one that literally covers the imaginary funeral costs. Stop lying to us shill.

      • HMScotsman

        Who was your friend’s mother? Would like to send some money to help out.

      • Harry Merkin

        You’re probably just a paid shill. Here to say that you knew somebody that died. Where were all the bodies? Where was all the blood? Too many unanswered questions.

      • Philip Popenik

        The story has changed three times…This is actually a battle for the truth…Okay,,some people died…but they knew this guy…One report contradicts another,,Crisis actors where used..First he supposed to be a Homophobic who hates gays, then he turns into a terrorist with C.I.A. ties working for GS4-=–look it up.. They changed the story because they found out through Alt. News that he was gay….Therer’s no explanation for the guys carrying those wounded ..,especially when they put the guy down….There is something really wrong here..Definitely a False Flag… one shooter,????,2 shooters??? 3 shooter’s??? i mean come on..They can’t keep there story straight ….There actually adding some things that where reportedly missing that were reported by alt.News, and you think that nothing is unusual here??????? Im sorry you lost a friend, but its the people in power you should be concerned about…WAY TO MANY THINGS DON’T ADD UP!!

      • ggetaclue

        B. S. Name or piss off. So many of you plants come on and fake-cry about your fictitious “friend” who was killed bla bla bla and the real amazing thing is none of you can ever name anyone. According to your IP address, you don’t even live in Florida! *chuckle*

      • Ryan

        Actually they do use paid actors for many false flag attacks and paid actors were used for this event…do your research and use common sense, the acting is obvious with witnesses, they are bad actors….unless your a paid shill, then we know why your mocking others
        ….and if you do know someone that died, that’s unfortunate….yes, they do really kill people and then use fake actors to control the narrative…your knee jeek reaction is exactly how the elite want you to react and mock all others who can think for themselves and not blindly believe the narrative as you have.

      • Hal H

        Ignorance. …….you are now the 24th person I’ve seen state they directly know someone………who was “killed” that night!!
        23 of them…..were on my page alone!!!
        Pretty UNbelievable!!!

        Yes I would love to send her money……..whats her name??

      • Dan

        Stfu, im so tired of always someone who knew a friend of a friend that was there and his mom had to domthis or that, get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. It was paid actors , you can see as clear as day in videos them being carried , then when they thought they were off camera . Let down and walked away, one of many examples if you go research retard govt troll

    • Antodav

      In the name of all that is holy, stop smoking crack.

    • Joanne Fusco DeStefano

      BINGO! another false flag obama gun grabbing stunt or he orchestrated the shooting by the government

      • Keith

        You are one sick deranged bitch.

    • Jeff Thorpe

      So I think we’ve established that the government does not care about you. So why stage a false flag attack complete with 100s of actors that you now have to keep quiet forever, when you could just sift through the FBI database, find a disgruntled person that fits whatever your theme it is that your selling, and just give him a little push (the modern equivalent of a patsy)?

  • Former Marine

    It is all propaganda,see any dead people,or see the interviews with the paid crisis actors,carrying people around and putting them in trucks(no ambulances like Sandy Hook Hoax?)Fake crying,laughing(cop and others like Sandy Hook),evidence of green screen with Matt Lauer’s interview with supposed mother(previously aunt I guess) and people being carried then walk around like nothing happened.

    • DonnyW

      Oohrah brother, preach it. Its almost comical. Im not laughing at this at all in any way but I agree with you man 100% That “mother” who was giving multiple interviews, oh god, one day she had the dark glasses on, no tears, giving that fake cry voice which we all have seen at one point in our lives, then the next day she was laughing and smiling with Anderson Cooper! My mom would have had a nervous breakdown and been physically ill, like any normal parent would. Shit man I started freaking out today when my 1 year old daughter tripped on her leggo’s and smacked her face. I understand every person grieves in their own way but Jesus man, is she one stoic, cold hearted person with no human emotion, she doesn’t appear to be, not from this video clip of her auditioning for Wheel of Fortune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT3w2COPzoY

      Semper Fi man

  • Antodav

    I used to think Judge Nap would be a great choice for Attorney General, or maybe even the Supreme Court. Now, not so much. Not being illiterate would probably be helpful. The FBI report lends no credence to his conspiratorial claims.

    • http://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/ James Smith

      I believe the good guy closer war criminal Judge Andrew Napolitano would be a great choice for; a prison cell, waiting on his hanging for high treason and Christian genocide? I can thoroughly prima facie prove it too… https://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/

  • paulbraveheart

    False flag alert! The Libtard/left/socialist/communist democrats Gun grabbers are coming in force again! Brace yourselves for the onslaught, proud loyal legal patriotic gun owning Americans! You are the last pillar holding back the tyrants in America form enslaving the rest of us.

  • None


    • Dan Sheppard

      Interesting, thank you for sharing your findings.

    • HMScotsman

      And why was a new medical examiner hired a day or two before the shooting, with acting credits on IMDB

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    Look at the way this guy is dressed is this a one man army or what?. How come I don’t see pictures of other nationals dressed in this over the top fashion? That is what happens I guess when money is no problem and you can print your own money and export inflation globally.

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    A photo of the shooting site I saw a wall with a big hole in it with what appears to be bullet holes as I am led to believe.. The thing I looked at first is some of the holes looked like it was from a handgun since the holes did not go through the cinder blocks, while other holes went through the blocks indicating it was a higher power caliber 7.62? so what is going on here was it a single shooter with one gun? I smell a misleading lie.

  • Ed McDowell

    Mateem entered the club with a rifle, pistol and (bomb vest?) to do what if not to kill people? Instead it was the cops? Come on!

  • SleeveEye

    how many different narratives have they put out for this Orlando shooting so far. 5? I believe Judge Napolitano.

  • DonnyW

    Hello, I have some things to add to this blatant lie we have all been fed by the media. There are several individuals who claim to have been shot multiple times by the “terrorist” that night at Pulse. One person is named Angel Colon, he is a discussion for another time. The other is Tony Casiano. This man states he was in the club and shot by Mateen not once, not twice but four times in the back!!!!! Not only did all 4 rounds go “straight through” but they managed to miss every vital organ and spine and he incredibly survived! The weapon used that has been reported by the media and everyone else is an AR-15. Check out his interview from the hospital here! Its almost comical. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBk_mCOjZJ4

    Does anyone here know the damage a single 5.56mm round from an AR-15 causes to the human body? Its quite horrific, I served in Marines from 2008-2012 active duty, deployed overseas and all of that jazz. There is no way this man could have survived 4 rounds to the back. It would be considered one of the greatest medical miracles of our time. The round leaves the barrel 3 x faster than a handgun and is designed to inflict mortal wounds. It enters the body and turns on its side and creates a large cavity, usually bouncing off bone like a ping pong and striking vital organs. He said he was shot 4 times and they all went through? Those 4 exit wounds would’ve been massive, he would’ve needed immediate triage on the scene or he would have bled out in minutes. An experienced field surgeon with 2 assistants and and bags of medical gear would have had a difficult time stoping the bleeding alone plus keeping him awake and making sure he didn’t go into shock, which he would have been in 100% and quick clot only goes so far. As far as I know the club goers did not have quick clot to stop the bleeding. How is he moving and talking so well, with so much coloration in his face? My buddy got shot in his ass and it took him months to recover, and he looked like a ghost for 4 weeks, he got so skinny from the weight loss, weak, he could not stop shaking for another few weeks, and he was a combat Marine. This guy must be the most mentally collected person on earth who defies all known medical science. There would be physiological changes to his body as he retells this story. Parts of his memory would be cloudy and hazy yet he’s able to recall everything in great detail. If you have ever seen a person die in front of you its the absolute most horrible thing ever. Watching more than 10 people die in front of you takes time and time to talk about. (I know everyone heals differently and copes differently but as far as I know this guy is just a regular, everyday average citizen with no training on how to deal with such a tragic, traumatic incident.) The amount of pain he would be in would be enough to cause him to not want to move any muscle in his body, plus add the pain killers he would be on throughout the day to manage the horrendous pain. He would also be under strict supervision not to talk or move or do anything at all but heal. He looks like a kid playing sick trying to stay home from school. This is just one piece of of a bizarre puzzle that is so full of bullshit its almost comical, yet nobody wants to talk about it anymore. Thats it. The movie is over, the bad guy died, the unlikely heroes saved the day, roll credits. Please, will an experienced trauma Doctor weigh in on this.

    I have to also mention that 1 man, with no military training whatsoever, who was a fuckin security guard, was able to kill 50 and wound 53? Who was this guy, the John Rambo of ISIS? The gear and ammo alone would be so cumbersome to wear. And he did all of that damage a dark nightclub setting? It takes weeks and weeks of daily practice (for hours at a time) to build the muscle memory of tactical reloading while moving though the dark. Not to mention firing the weapon with extreme accuracy. How many people here fire weapons or have ever in their life been to a gun range and shot at targets? If you have, do you recall your groupings (where the shots landed on the target)? My first times were horrible, they were scattered like piss in the wind. And that is just a stationary target, try doing it on a moving target while standing, then try doing it on a moving target while moving, its fuckin hard. It takes time and practice and coaching. I call bullshit on the lone gunmen narrative we’ve been told. Pulse had 8 exits! WTF! 8! Thats quite a lot of exits at various locations throughout the building yet over 100 people were injured? How was nobody unable to stop him while he was reloading? it takes about 4 secs to reload an AR if you have your mag ready to go. Thats enough time for multiple people to rush him from every angle.

    I’m done, I have to go to bed now. My head hurts.

    • Dan Sheppard

      These lies are so transparent. Everyone that was ‘shot multiple times’ managed to somehow avoid serious injury, such as the bullet not striking vitals. Or the ‘X-men: Superhero’ Angel Colon who managed to stop a bullet from hitting his head with his hand.
      We need to get Shatner on this, stat !, these people and their magically superhero like abilities need to on the TV show “Weird or what ?” – =D

      • DonnyW

        I didn’t even want to get started on Colon, but yes your’e right. He has been exposed as well. He claims he was shot 6 times: in his legs, his hip, his butt and one of the rounds hit his hand! Here he is 2 days ago! WTF! His hand would be gone man, probably most of his forearm would be gone as well, but either way there is clearly no bandage, no wound, his arms are stretched out and he is wearing his own clothing! His hip bone would have shattered into hundreds of pieces, how can he move like this. Recovery for that type of injury from an AR-15 will take years that is if he’s able to ever walk again! Yet there are pictures of him already out of bed in wheel chair, it just doesn’t make sense at all. I’ve known people with the flu that look worse than him.

        Check out this video as well where he admits he was hit in the hand:

        Heres a basic ballistics test video of a single round 5.56mm, m193 ball round fired from an AR-15.

  • kamanja karanja

    So the truth will known? Hahaha
    Do the authorities world over tell the truth? Who will help me stop laughing.. I got a laughing problem …sorry laughing disease

  • LordTom
  • JJ

    this is bs evidence. there is so much more evidence that this was a govt hoax, that to use this claim is just a distraction and eventually this will be explained and everyone will be more convinced of the lie….yall are so STUPID!!!!

  • city zen

    Wow, I didnt realize psychiatric inpatients had internet access these days. It’s truly amazing how many people have paranoid delusions. It’s amazing that people think some 16 year old knows more about ballistics and police tactics than police.

    You people are positing a conspiracy that requires hundreds of people to lie and not a single one to blow the whistle. It’s totally absurd.

    get a life, wackos.

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm